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Cottees Auction House, Dorset Middle Hall Collectables Tuesday 06 January 2015

Viewing Saturday 03 January 10am - 12 Noon, Monday 05 January 10am - 4pm and Morning of Sale from 9am.

The Catalogue for this sale will be online and on sale Friday Prior to Auction.

CLICK HERE FOR A SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS (Please Note this will re-direct you to our online bidding site - please read all the terms and conditions if you wish to bid online).



1 Baden 1852 6k used SG5 Cat £70. Stamp  £0 £0
2 Baden 1851 9k good used SG6 Cat £225. Stamp  £5 £8
3 Baden 1858 3k good used SG10 4 margins Cat £47. Stamp  £0 £0
4 Baden 1862 6k fine used SG30a Cat £100. Stamp  £0 £0
5 Canada 1889 5c mint SG106 Cat £85. Stamp  £0 £0
6 Canada 1893 20c used SG115 Cat £55. Stamp  £5 £8
7 Germany 1874 2.5g & 9k used SG29 & 30 Cat £765. Stamp  £15 £20
8 Grenada 1862 1d mint SG2 Cat £50. Stamp  £0 £0
9 Hamburg 1.25s mint SG24 Cat £130. Stamp  £5 £8
10 Hong Kong 1946 $10 2 shades fine used SG162 & 162a Cat £60. Stamp  £5 £8
11 Italy 1862 20c mint SG2a Cat £600. Stamp  £15 £20
12 Netherlands 1869 1c used SG53 Cat £70. Stamp  £5 £8
13 N Zealand 8d coil pairs number 10. Stamp  £10 £15
14 Switzerland 1862 used SG66 Cat £60,. Stamp  £5 £8
15 Saxony 3pf mint SG32 Cat £130. Stamp  £5 £8
16 GB 18802d used SG168 Cat £100. Stamp  £5 £8
17 Foreign Stamps in folder all pre 1900. Stamp  £10 £15
18 German used stamps in album. Stamp  £10 £15
19 Commonwealth 28 1981 covers wedding + 20 FDC's. Stamp  £5 £8
20 Stamp Album containing history of World War 2 covers. £5 £8
21 GB 1858/79 plates 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 (mint), 14, 15 Cat. £726 other 6 used. £50 £60
22 GB 1855/7 SG66 & 66a (4d) SG69 & 70 (6d) Cat. £470. £30 £40
23 GB 1870 1/2d set of plates (no plate 9) used except for 3 mint Cat. £700. £40 £50
24 GB 4d SG79 & 4d hairlines SG81 Cat. £240. £15 £30
25 GB 6d SG83 Cat. £120 & 6d hairlines SG85 Cat. £320. £20 £30
26 GB 1862 1/- used SG89 plate 1 Cat. £425. £20 £30
27 GB 1862 9d SG86 good used Cat. £500. £30 £40
28 GB 1865 & 7 6d plates 5 & 6 SG97 used Cat. £280. £15 £20
29 GB 1867 19d used SG113 Cat. £375. £15 £20
30 GB 9d light mtd mint SG195 Cat. £475. £30 £40
31 GB 1902-19 & 1911-13 light mtd mint Cat. £1290. £100 £120
32 GB 1840 2d blue SG5 nearly 4 margins used Cat. £850. £50 £60
33 GB 1847 6d used cut square SG60 Cat. £1000. £50 £60
34 GB 1873 6d plate 15 light mtd mint SG147 Cat. £500. £30 £40
35 GB 1883 3d u/mint SG191 Cat. £275.  £20 £30
36 GB 1883 4d light mtd mint SG192 Cat. £550.  £30 £40
37 GB 2/6 light mtd mint SG262 Cat. £550.  £30 £40
38 GB 1915 5/- De La Rue fine used SG410 Cat. £600.  £40 £50
39 GB 1854-57 & 1856-58 8 good stamps used Cat. £600.  £40 £50
40 GB 1d reds plate numbers used in folder complete except 77 & 225 Cat. £1250.  £80 £100
41 An album of world cup first day covers. £0 £0
42 A red album containing various Common Wealth and foreign used stamps. £0 £0
43 Germany - SG7 5g Used cat £140. Stamp £15 £20
44 Germany SG8 1k used Cat £85. Stamp £0 £0
45 Germany SG10 2K used cat £275. Stamp  £20 £30
46 Germany SG13 18k used Cat £600. Stamp  £50 £80
47 Germany SG14/15 10g and 30g unused Cat £225. Stamp  £15 £20
48 Germany SG21/21a 2 1/2g used 2 shades, 1 blunt corner cat £1070. Stamp  £50 £60
49 Germany SG27/27a 9K used 2 shades Cat £1450. Stamp  £70 £100
50 Germany SG30 9k unused foxing on back Cat £130. Stamp  £0 £0
51 Germany SG30 9K used Cat £700. Stamp  £40 £60
52 Germany SG 392-399 5 and 15pf mint the rest used. Cat £180. Stamp  £15 £20
53 Germany SG421-423 MTD mint Cat £70. Stamp  £0 £0
60 FRANK WOOTTON: gilt framed oil on canvas; Sussex Downlands, signed and titled to reverse in the artists hand, 1973 (21'' x 16''). NB.V minor paint blemish to tree on left of painting, possible varnish flaw. £1,400 £1,600
61 A silver painted Industrial Steel high backed chair with foot rest below. £150 £200
62 A mid 20th century retro modermist style metal and brass mirrored hall stand. £100 £150
63 A Continental carved oak glazed bookcase with shelved interior and cupboard under. £80 £120
64 A marble topped walnut chiffonier with mirrored doors and carved overmantle above (examine). £100 £200
65 A 19th century French walnut serpentine front Vitrine with ormolu mounts and inlaid floral decoration with red velvet lined fitted shelved interior. £650 £700
66 A massive 19th century gold framed overmantle mirror with acanthus leaf corners (examine). £200 £400
67 A mahogany framed button back upholstered ladies' chair. £100 £150
68 A massive 19th century Continental dark oak carved sideboard with winged beast and carved lion mask decoration, mirror back, drawers and cupboards below. £300 £500
69 A 19th century mahogany step commode with original lidded china bowl fitting. £180 £220
70 A large 19th century carved oak hall cupboard with carved panel door. £200 £300
71 A mahogany rectangular occasional table, resting on turned tripod support. £40 £60
72 A reproduction circular gallery occasional table, resting on turned carved supports. £10 £20
73 A 19th century circular oak bedside cupboard with marble top and shelved interior. £100 £200
74 A mahogany occasional table. £10 £20
75 A reproduction extending mahogany 'D' end dining table, resting on a pair of outswept turned supports together with a set of eight matching dining chairs. £150 £250
76 A 19th century marble topped mahogany washstand, resting on carved supports. £100 £200
77 A 19th century oak framed Gothic style chair, resting on cross supports, carved with a smiling face. £100 £150
78 A 19th century carved oak throne chair, resting on cross stretcher supports with carved mask decoration. £50 £80
79 A 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers with replaced lion mask handles. £150 £200
80 A 19th century mahogany buffet sideboard with three cutlery drawers and two cupboards under. £200 £300
81 J & E (John and Elizabeth) Gould: framed and glazed Ornithological Lithograph; Black Throated Diver, printed by C Hullmandel. £100 £200
82 J & E Gould: framed and glazed Ornithological Lithograph; Red Breasted Merganser, printed by C Hullmandel. £100 £200
83 J & E Gould: framed and glazed Ornithological Lithograph; Common Shieldrake, printed by C Hullmandel. £100 £200
84 J Gould & H C Richter: framed and glazed Ornithological Lithograph; Colymbus Arcticus, (Linn), printed by Walter. £100 £200
85 J Wolf and H C Richter: framed and glazed Ornithological Lithograph; Oidemia Nigra, printed by Walter & Cohn. £100 £200
86 A glazed oak corner cupboard. £0 £0
87 An early 20th century Arts & Crafts bamboo framed bookcase. £0 £0
88 Mark Adlington: framed and glazed pastel and watercolour; Pack of Wolves. £200 £400
89 A Chinese silk house coat, decorated with flowers by the Orient Silks Company, Singapore. £30 £50
90 A framed 19th century leaded coloured glass pane with painted floral decoration. £30 £50
91 A large Religious moulded Plaster panel, possibly from a church, modelled as the Virgin Mary praying over the Infant Jesus with Cherubs and a Crown above (examine). £50 £100
92 A large gilt framed and glazed 19th century Lithograph: Portrait of Napoleon (Abdiquant) after Paul Delaruche, printed by Goupil & Co. (some water staining to lower section). £60 £100
93 A framed and glazed 19th century print: Derwent Water together with another similar. £0 £0
94 An extensive Royal Doulton bone china dinner, tea and coffee set decorated in the Sarabande pattern (a lot). £40 £60
95 A large carved stone trough. £150 £250
96 A weathered natural stone staddle stone and cap. £150 £200
97 A large weathered natural stone staddle stone. £150 £200
98 A cast iron trough. £0 £0
99 A large quantity of rough natural stone paving. £150 £250
100 Three carved natural stone balustrades. £50 £100
101 A collection of various 19th century and later pewter tankards together with various German stoneware and other tankards. £50 £80
102 A small collection of Russian and other china animal ornaments together with a Bohemian cut glass decanter. £0 £0
103 A 19th century ebonised desk tidy with metal and brass studded decoration. £40 £60
104 A black painted plaster library bust modelled as Dante. £40 £60
105 A bronzed statuette modelled as a Young Girl Dancer in a Limited Edition by Ronald Moll, 219/750. £40 £50
106 A Poole Pottery Delphis vase decorated by Andree Fontana, shape 85 (16''). £60 £80
107 A late 19th century knife grinder by J T Weatherburn, London (one iron support missing). £0 £0
108 A large box of collectables. £0 £0
109 A life sized carved wood sculpture modelled as the head of a Red Setter. £30 £50
110 A Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear in red wellingtons with original costume. £10 £20
111 Two Beswick china dogs modelled as brown and black Spaniels. £0 £0
112 An early 20th century Crown Ducal tubeline decorated plant pot by Charlotte Rhead, decorated with oranges and other fruit and leaves (star crack to base). £30 £50
113 A white glazed Lladro china figure modelled as a Polar Bear together with another and three similar items. £20 £30
114 A collection of eight various Beswick china Staffordshire Spaniel dog ornaments. £0 £0
115 A Gien faience twin handled tray, decorated in the 'Italien' pattern together with a Gien faience decorated bulbous vase, painted marks to base and a Mosanic Pig pen holder, decorated with Playing Card Suite motifs (latter af). £30 £50
116 N Rolt: framed and glazed watercolour; Sailing Boats on Lake with mountains in distance. £0 £0
117 An early 20th century oak stationery cabinet with fitted interior. £0 £0
118 The residue of a Paragon bone china tea and coffee set, decorated in the Belinda pattern. £0 £0
119 An early 20th century plaster figure modelled as Venus de Milo together with two plaster busts modelled as Classical figures (one af) and a 19th century bisque china Faith, Hope and Charity figure group (af), a large Flow Blue, blue and white meat plate and a Staffordshire Spaniel dog ornament. £20 £40
120 A pair of Staffordshire pottery Dog ornaments, modelled as Spaniels together with another and two resin Spaniel Dog ornaments. £0 £0
121 A 19th century Gothic style oak country house letter box, inscribed 'Unanswered, Answered, Letters'. £80 £100
122 A Poole Pottery Delphis charger, shape 5, decorated in an Abstract pattern on red ground together with a spear dish, shape 82 in a similar pattern. £30 £50
123 A Poole Pottery Earthenware traditional vase decorated in the BN design together with a jug (9''). £40 £60
124 An early 20th century framed and glazed panoramic black and white photograph, taken from Constitution Hill of the view of Poole Harbour, an open top omnibus in the foreground.  £60 £80
125 A Smiths brass cased Astral ship's clock (AP160174). £50 £100
126 A gilt framed and glazed photographic portrait of a Young Woman together with five plaster busts and figure groups. £0 £0
127 A small collection of various Religious items together with a 19th century marble inkwell stand (af) and a hand bell. £20 £40
127A A Salisbury Cathedral Limited Edition glass goblet, produced by Stuart Crystal with certificate together with three china tankards, a Salisbury Cathedral book British Legion album and map of Poole. £20 £30
128 A small collection of pale blue Wedgwood Jasper Ware items together with an Art Deco china biscuit barrel, fruit bowl and glass fruit bowl. £0 £0
129 A pair of Chinese blue and white dishes, decorated with buildings and trees (one re-glued). £0 £0
130 An early 20th century oak framed foot stool with floral tapestry cover. £0 £0
131 An early 20th century hand built model of a Sailing Yacht together with a similar Motor Launch, four small wooden boat hulls and various accessories including model motor engine parts and a Brick Player Kit No. 4 in original box. £60 £100
132 F Bartolozzi: a set of four framed and glazed black and white prints after T Stothard: Eve, Morning, Pandamonium and Satan. £30 £50
133 Four various Poole Pottery Badger ornaments.  £60 £80
134 A Poole Pottery earthenware vase, traditionally decorated in the V design, shape 852 (8''). £60 £80
135 Three various Chinese porcelain items together with a Soapstone Monkey ornament and a framed and glazed Chinese embroidered silk. £30 £50
136 A framed and glazed map of the Isle of Wight, printed for R Baldwin Junior at The Rose in Pater Noster Row. £0 £0
137 A Victorian leather bound musical portrait photograph album and contents (af). £0 £0
138 Withdrawn. £80 £100
139 A Royal Doulton lustre china vase decorated with flowers together with a matching fruit bowl (D6224). £0 £0
140 Various Honiton, Poole and Portmeirion china items. £0 £0
141 An early 20th century carved oak cased barometer by Negretti & Zambra.  £40 £50
142 An early 20th century framed and glazed print of Durlston Head, Swanage together with related postcards and a framed and glazed watercolour: Rough Seas. £0 £0
143 A late 19th century plated EPBM teaset together with two coffee pots. £0 £0
144 Two late 19th / early 20th century Russian icons: Christ and the Virgin Mary with Child. £20 £40
145 A cast iron trivet/boot scrape. £0 £0
146 An early 20th century inlaid mahogany mantle clock. £0 £0
147 Three mid 20th century Argo Steam Railway LP records: Trains to Remember, The World of Stream and Trains in the Hills. £0 £0
148 An early 20th century Dunhill Caribe Jamaican cigar box together with four Havana cigar boxes and a Cadbury Three British Queens sweet tin. £20 £30
149 A collection of various silver plated items including cutlery and a six section toast rack. £0 £0
150 The residue of a Poole Pottery tea and dinner service decorated in the Desert Song pattern. £30 £40
151 Two minature models of bedside faux bamboo cabinets together with a small wooden songbird cage. £40 £60
152 A heavy brass column oil lamp base. £0 £0
153 A three piece silver plated teaset. £30 £50
154 A Poole Pottery Studio traditional Athens vase, decorated in the SK Persian Deer design by Susan Russell (8''). £120 £140
155 Three glass decanters. £0 £0
156 A set of four etched glass ale flutes with leaf and vine decoration together with other cut glass items including a sterling silver mounted vase. £50 £80
157 An early 20th century Tuscan china coffee service with enamel bird and flowering branch decoration, complete for six. £30 £50
158 A mid 20th century china coffee service together with other items. £0 £0
159 The residue of a Johnson Bros. china tea and dinner service decorated in the Indian Tree pattern. £0 £0
160 A cut glass lamp base together with a decanter, two vases and a vinegar jug. £0 £0
161 A Poole Pottery plant pot, 498, decorated in a stylised branch pattern together with an Alan White carved vase, decorated in tones of blue and green. £20 £30
162 A Poole Pottery Carter Stabler Adams red bodied twin handled traditional vase decorated in the HE bluebird design by Dorothy James (7''). £100 £120
163 A pale pink glazed Susie Cooper vase with carved line decoration. £20 £30
164 An ornately cast brass desk set comprising of an inkwell and letter rack. £0 £0
165 A pair of Royal Crown Derby bone china plates decorated in the Old Imari pattern together with a Masons Ironstone Chartreuse small jug and bowl and other china. £20 £30
166 Seven various David Winter model houses and buildings. £0 £0
167 Muriel Dawson: mid 20th century framed and glazed print of a Young Child in green top holding a ball from a Nestlé advert.  £30 £50
168 An early 20th century oak cased mantle clock. £30 £40
169 A collection of various china and glass items. £0 £0
170 A Chinese pale green celadon glazed vase decorated with leaves in relief (16''). £50 £80
171 A metal bound wooden barrel seat. £0 £0
172 A pair of Dorset ram horns together with a horn shaped powder flask and a rusted bayonet. £0 £0
173 A small green glazed Delphis vase together with a Poole Pottery Olympus Range vase and one other. £30 £40
174 A pair of brass vases. £0 £0
175 Three plated EPBM teapots together with a crumb scoop and a horn handle knife sharpener. £0 £0
176 A small Poole Studio bowl together with a small Chinese blue vase and one other. £30 £50
177 A 19th century mahogany tea caddy with fitted interior (glass bowl not original). £100 £150
178 The residue of a Copeland Chinese Rose pattern china dinner service (examine). £0 £0
179 A 19th century Vienna china teapot decorated with floral sprays together with various similar items including a matching twin handled bowl and cover. £0 £0
180 Three various oil lamps. £0 £0
181 A child's wooden wheelbarrow. £0 £0
182 An early 20th century papier mache child's toy modelled as a Cockerel with squeaking bellows together with a similar pull-along bear and a child's book. £0 £0
183 An early 20th century anniversary clock in glazed mahogany case. £0 £0
184 Three various Poole Pottery vases including Aegean. £0 £0
185 A small framed and glazed map of the Isle of Wight by H Moll together with two pictures and prints. £0 £0
186 Three Poole Pottery Robert Jefferson design condiment and herb storage pots. £0 £0
187 A Poole Pottery Earthenware traditional vase decorated in the V design, shape 598, by Mary Brown (7'') together with a planter (2). £60 £80
188 A Poole Pottery Map plate of Poole Harbour together with three other Poole plates. £0 £0
189 A Poole Pottery Aegean dish, shape 5 in the Owl design by Laura Wills (14''). £50 £60
190 A box of brass and other items. £0 £0
191 A 19th century Coromandel writing slope with fitted interior. £0 £0
192 W Reynard Hood: framed oil on canvas; Still Life Vase of Flowers. £0 £0
193 A Limited Edition bronze figure modelled as a Naked Female by Ronald Moll. £90 £120
194 A small gilt framed oil on board: Mountain Gorge. £0 £0
195 A silver mounted glass scent bottle together with a pair of squat candlesticks. £0 £0
196 Three Branksome china models of Dogs. £30 £40
197 Three Purbeck Pottery models: Badger, Fox Cub and Robin. £20 £30
198 Eight various Carlton Ware china Walking breakfast ware novelty items. £80 £100
199 A pair of early 20th century Japanese Satsuma vases together with a similar dish decorated with Female Figures. £0 £0
200 A collection of various silver plated entree dishes and tureens together with other plated items. £0 £0
201 Five various glass decanters. £0 £0
202 Three various china Toby jugs. £0 £0
203 A cutlery box containing various cutlery items. £0 £0
204 A late 19th century black painted metal cased American mantle clock with gilt brass dial. £40 £50
205 A modern British Railways cap. £0 £0
206 Seven various small Doulton and other china character jugs including Fat Boy.  £100 £150
207 Three blue glazed Poole Pottery items including a Leaping Trout.  £40 £60
208 A four piece Art Deco silver metal teaset on original matching tray. £0 £0
209 A pair of framed and glazed Royal Air Force Fighter Command caricature prints: Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Park and Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding, Limited Editions, signed by various WWII Fighter Pilots and Crew including Peter Ayerst DFC (last survivor of the Battle of France), John Keatings (Flight Sargeant) and three others. £30 £40
210 A painted Bisque Beswick china model of a Kingfisher together with four other Bisque china Birds. £0 £0
211 Five various Poole Pottery Barbara Linley Adams stoneware animals.  £40 £60
212 The residue of an early 20th century bone china tea service decorated in a simple enamelled floral pattern. £0 £0
213 The residue of an extensive Royal Albert bone china tea, dinner and coffee service, decorated in the Old Country Roses pattern (a lot), (three teapots af). £200 £250
214 A collection of various copper, brass and wooden items. £0 £0
215 Six various Poole Pottery items. £80 £120
216 A painted Bisque china figure group modelled as a Courting Couple. £30 £60
217 A 19th century white and gold glazed china coffee pot with animal head spout. £0 £0
218 A Poole Pottery Collector's Club Gala Day 1995 souvenir pedestal bowl, designed by Sally Tuffin together with a Poole Pottery in the 1950's Richard Dennis booklet. £40 £60
219 A wooden chess set. £0 £0
220 A small collection of various silver plated items. £0 £0
221 An unframed oil on canvas: Pair of Horses at Stable Door (badly torn). £0 £0
222 A collection of various china figure ornaments. £0 £0
223 A Chinese lacquer circular hors d'oeuvre dish box together with a Bakelite tray, six Charles & Diana commemorative glasses, a tray and a Chinese Prunus jar lid.  £0 £0
224 Lyndon Howells: framed and glazed watercolour; The Cathedral from the Bishop's Field 1985. £0 £0
225 A collection of various Art glass and other glass items. £0 £0
226 A No. 9. Mk I Bowie bayonet with 8'' blade together with a No. 4 Mk II spike bayonet. £100 £120
227 Four No. 4 Mk II Marine spike bayonets. £80 £100
228 An 1898 Mauser bayonet with wooden handle in metal scabbard by Simson & Co., Suhl. £80 £120
229 An 1885 Portuguese Guedes bayonet in metal scabbard together with another (no scabbard). £100 £150
230 A Royal Enfield 1856 Artillery bayonet with metal handle in original leather scabbard. £60 £80
231 A WWII related Military Service photograph album and contents, mainly Middle East related together with a small quantity of similar black and white group and portrait photographs. £0 £0
232 Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery Book and three other books. £0 £0
233 T E Lawrence: Seven Pillars of Wisdom: First Edition 1935, d/w (torn). £60 £80
234 A leather briefcase together with two leather Scout Association belts and a mid 20th century gentleman's shirt, collar and tie case. £0 £0
235 A large 19th century ivory inlaid Moorish work box in the Anglo Indian style, decorated with stylised leaves. £40 £60
236 A carved wood WWI walking stick, inscribed 'Souvenir Maginot On Ne Passe Pas' with entwined serpent decoration. £0 £0
237 An early 20th century bone and mother of pearl inlaid Eastern hardwood occasional table with carved Eastern decoration, single small drawer.. £0 £0
238 An American 19th century wooden handled heavy knife, impressed marks US 1850. £80 £120
239 A Moroccan dagger with turned brass hilt. £40 £60
240 A Chinese short sword in wooden scabbard with wooden hilt and brass mounts, decorated in the Chinese style. £60 £80
241 A WWII General Military issue folder containing photographs of German Service Aircraft in recognition form. £30 £40
242 An early 20th century WWI period folding telescope tripod stand, marked 'Sig. Tel. Stand Mk V No. 28638' with original leather and canvas carrying strap and leather cover. £0 £0
243 A violin in case. £50 £80
244 An early 20th century wooden and metal mounted surveyor's tripod. £0 £0
245 An RAF Officer's sword in soft leather scabbard. £150 £200
246 A pair of copper bound oak barrels inscribed 'Empire'. £0 £0
247 A pair of heavy 19th century pierced brass fire dogs and kerb together with a set of brass balance scales and other items. £120 £150
248 An early 20th century horn handled country house three piece carving set in original fitted case with plated mounts. £0 £0
249 A set of six early 20th century silver coffee spoons with bean finials in original fitted case together with silver handled bread and butter knives, a set of four silver plated salts in fitted case, two silver plated small salvers and other items. £0 £0
250 A collection of various cigarette card albums and contents. £0 £0
251 A large floor standing Japanese porcelain vase decorated with panels of birds in foliage and branches on red floral ground (27.75''), (base restored). £0 £0
252 A carved wood Tribal fertility figure with flat circular face. £0 £0
253 A set of early 20th century chrome plated cheese scales with original white glazed china plate. £0 £0
254 The residue of an extensive 19th century Ironstone china dinner service decorated in the Chinese Rose pattern (LB). £0 £0
255 A set of four early 20th century framed and glazed Hunting prints. £0 £0
256 A 19th century style onyx and brass oil lamp with glass well, painted with red and green flowers (converted). £100 £150
257 A large carved wood Tribal Fertility figure, carved as two conjoined male and female figures. £0 £0
258 A Verwood Pottery flagon (examine) together with two early 20th century wooden cow bells and a pair of 19th century plaster Religious plaques. £0 £0
259 A set of seven 19th century framed and glazed Hunting prints. £0 £0
260 A reconstituted stone model of a Horse Head. £80 £100
261 A 19th century scrap album and contents. £0 £0
262 A large antique style glass goblet with coin in stem. £0 £0
263 Four various early 20th century walking sticks together with two shooting sticks. £0 £0
264 A box of silver plated items together with an Indian carving knife and fork set in carved fish shaped wooden case. £0 £0
265 An early 20th century Walker & Hall mahogany cased canteen of cutlery, complete for 12 in fully fitted case (one teaspoon missing) together with a cased Walker & Hall pair of fish servers. £0 £0
266 A pair of silver on copper twin branch candelabra. £0 £0
267 An early 20th century Cauldon china coffee set in original fitted case, supplied by the Alex Clark Manufacturing Company, Fenchurch Street, London with pierced silver holders and six matching silver coffee spoons, all in original velvet and silk lined red leather case (one cup missing). £0 £0
268 A WWII German Military helmet with bullet holes to front and back and original lining. £100 £150
269 A WWII German Military helmet with original barbed wire attached (no lining). £100 £150
270 A mahogany framed 19th century postman's alarm clock (examine). £100 £150
271 A rare early 20th century Swedish fencing musket with ball-ended spring loaded bayonet, manufactured at Carl Gustafs Stads Gevars Faktori in Eskilstuna with Crown/C stamp, numbered 9134.  The bolt and receiver are one piece and non functional, following the pattern and heft of the M/96 Rifle.   £200 £300
272 An early 20th century fruitwood walking stick with gold coloured mount, inscribed 'En Souvenir De Georges De Montgomery' above a silver metal Dragon motif. £50 £80
273 A tin of collectables. £0 £0
274 A 19th century Williamson's corkscrew together with a small pocket corkscrew, a Columbus bottle opener by Otto Dreibholz and a small quantity of silver metal teaspoons and tongs. £0 £0
275 Two small pine boxes containing various collectables. £0 £0
276 A tin of collectables. £0 £0
277 A carton of badges.  £10 £20
278 Various fountain pens and propelling pencils. £0 £0
279 A carton containing various miniature china animals, a silver lidded glass hair tidy and other items. £0 £0
280 A tin of coins and medallions. £0 £0
281 A small quantity of silver plated cutlery items together with a silver handled shoe horn and button hook in case. £0 £0
282 A tin of collectables including crested china. £0 £0
283 A wooden box containing various pen knives. £0 £0
284 A collection of 17 lead flats - many repainted - 3 x hollow lead animals and 5 x fences. £20 £30
285 A carton of Wade Whimsies and other animals. £0 £0
286 A collection of various Wade Whimsies. £0 £0
287 A box of coins together with three bank notes. £0 £0
288 A lacquer box containing various Kensitas cigarette silks. £0 £0
289 A carton containing various pen knives. £0 £0
290 Two silver serviette rings together with other serviette rings and a plated tray. £0 £0
291 A carton of various wristwatches. £0 £0
292 A box of collectables including pocket watches and other items. £0 £0
293 Four various Royal Worcester Bisque china bird ornaments: Robin, Nuthatch, Blue Tit and Chaffinch. £0 £0
294 A Royal Doulton china Collector's Club Bunnykins figure: Partners in Collecting together with two others: Bedtime Bunnykins and Good Night Bunnykins.  £30 £40
295 A small Carlton Ware Noire Royale lustre china vase.  £40 £60
296 Five various painted Bisque china miniature figures.  £30 £40
297 A part set of four miniature china Cat Band Musician figures. £50 £80
298 A Rosenthal bone china animal ornament modelled as a Deer.  £50 £60
299 A Poole Pottery Atlantis small squat bulbous shape vase by Catherine Connett, decorated in multi coloured glazes.  £60 £80
300 A George V silver Distinguished Service Cross together with the Lloyds medal for Meritorious Service, awarded to Captain William Nisbet Oliver.  Captain Oliver was the Captain of the British Steam Ship Clan MacTavish which was part of the fleet of Merchant ships belonging the the Clan Line of Glasgow.    On the 16th January 1916 whilst carrying cargo from Australia to England the Clan MacTavish encountered the German Raider, the 'Moeve' (Seagull) near the Canary Islands.  The Moeve was disguised as a Merchant ship with her guns hidden and Clan MacTavish was ordered to stop, signalled that she was stopping but increased her speed to escape.  The Moeve fired across her bows.  The Clan MacTavish replied by firing her 6-pounder gun which had been installed in Dakar, Senegal.  Clan MacTavish was hit several times and was forced to surrender having lost 15 men.  She was later blown up by the Germans as she was sinking.  Captain Oliver was taken prisoner and tried and with the gun crew was interned as a Prisoner of War in  Germany.  The Captain of the Moeve pleaded for Captain Oliver's life which was granted.  Captain Oliver was released from Prisoner of War Camp in 1918 and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Lloyds medal for Meritorious Service.    Included in this lot with the two medals are a large quantity of contemporary newspaper clippings of the sea battle and of the life of Captain Oliver.  A book written and signed by the    Captain of the Moeve which was later presented to Captain Oliver being the history of the Moeve and of her conquests during the First World War, a copy of The Clan Line in the Great War by Archibald Hurd, specially bound for Captain Oliver is also included in the lot together with a later edition of the same book.  Contemporary photographs of the Clan Macquarrie and the Clan Sinclair are also included.  The Lloyds Corporation Certificate of Award dated 19th December 1916 honouring the acknowledgement of the 'Extraordinary Exertions of the Occasion of the Clan MacTavish encountering the German Raider Moeve on the 16th January 1916', signed by Order of the Committee by E F Inglefield forms part of the lot.  £1,500 £2,500
301 An early 20th century French brass cased jewellery box with painted lid insert, decorated with Dancing Figures. £0 £0
302 An early 20th century, possibly military, circular brass eye glass with rear view vision in original leather case. £30 £40
303 A small Cloisonne pin tray together with a jade coloured model of a Dog of Fo. £0 £0
304 A 19th century framed and glazed miniature portrait: Young Gentleman in Blue Velvet Jacket with Cravat together with another: Cherub's Head. £0 £0
305 A 19th century Daguerreotype style silvered glass portrait photograph with printed paper backing. £0 £0
306 A 19th century Bilston enamel pill box inscribed 'This Day By Day Shall Be My Care, Your Pleasures and Your Pains to Share' (examine). £0 £0
307 An early 20th century miniature silver model of a jockey cap by Francis Howard, Sheffield 1973. £50 £80
308 A WWI bronze name plaque, inscribed (indistinctly) William Hughes.  £40 £50
309 A small WMF silver plated bust on wooden base modelled as a Young Gentleman in period costume with tied back hair. £0 £0
310 A small Chinese porcelain side plate decorated in Imari patterns. Character marks to reverse. £0 £0
311 An Apprentice wooden model of a Chair. £0 £0
312 An early 20th century Rugby velvet cap dated 1921-2-3 with gold tassel. £50 £60
313 Two Meerschaum pipes. £90 £100
314 A Chinese silver plated box with Dragon decoration. £0 £0
315 A Kutani Japanese porcelain vase, decorated with figures of women washing linen in garden setting. £0 £0
316 A small 20th century silver plated toast rack, the bars spelling the letters T O A S T by T B Limited, England. £0 £0
317 A Sevres porcelain box, the lid decorated with a bouquet of roses (examine). £40 £60
318 An 18th century walnut barrel Flintlock naval pistol with brass mounts. £300 £400
319 A large early 20th century Walker and Hall silver plated sauce boat resting on four pad feet together with another. £0 £0
320 A set of four Tibetan metal singing bowls with painted Dragon decoration. £0 £0
321 A WWII period Military canvas belt, decorated with various German and English Military trophy badges. £100 £150
322 Five various silver napkin rings.  £40 £60
323 Three various picture frames including silver, plated and a 19th century miniature.  £40 £60
324 A 19th century square shaped Cinnabar lidded box with overlaid ivory decoration to lid modelled as a Grotesque Animal, all-over carved in a floral pattern (some faults). £0 £0
325 A WWI mahogany propeller shaped photograph frame. £30 £40
326 A large Beswick china grey glazed model of a Cart Horse.  £40 £60
327 An early 20th century cased set of eight silver teaspoons with enamel bowl decoration.  £50 £60
328 A framed and glazed 19th century Baxter print: Lord Nelson.  £60 £80
329 Mary Tourtel: Rupert and The Old Miser; publ. Sampson Low, circa 1927, book condition poor,  blue cloth spine with blue title, front illustrated paper covered board, the back board with three Rupert Little Bear Series titles, interior spine split and broken, no colouring in to pictures, some pages loose with creases to edges. A rare Rupert book. £0 £0
330 Mary Tourtel: Rupert and The Magic Toy Man; publ. Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Limited, circa 1925, fair condition with no wrapper.  The first book of six in the Rupert Little Bear series.  Cream decorative boards with pictorial onlay to front cover.  Brown cloth spine with black title.  Plain end papers, front with minor scribbling.  Titles of the first three books in the series on rear cover, interior spine loose but majority of pages intact with no colouring in.  Some slightly grubby.  A fair copy of a very rare early edition. £0 £0
331 A novelty Horse Racing related fabric bodied Jockey doll with five various mid 20th century Members Card Race Course badges attached including Ascot Races 1952 and Coronation Year 1953 Chester Races. £0 £0
332 Three miniature silver bowls together with various silver metal cased propelling pencils and other items including Sampson Mordan. £0 £0
333 An Art Deco silver twin handled Rose bowl, the handles modelled as Winged Naked Female figures, awarded for First Place at the New Forest Hunts Farmer's Race 1932, won by Mr Hunts Courteous (896 grams) on circular wooden stand. £200 £300
334 A small Georgian silver sauce boat (118 grams). £0 £0
335 Various small silver cutlery items including spoons together with a silver lid, silver mustard pot with blue glass liner and a toasting fork including Georgian (394 grams overall). £0 £0
336 A large circular silver Capstan inkwell. £0 £0
337 Three pairs of plated salad servers. £0 £0
338 An early 20th century hand printed ivory fan, decorated with a garland of summer flowers including poppies, daisies and a butterfly. £0 £0
339 A large French frosted glass statuette, in the style of Lalique, modelled as the Madonna and Child, raised letters G U L S to base. £0 £0
340 A framed Moorcroft Pottery Limited Edition tile panel decorated with a Peacock by Rachel Bishop, circa 2002, 52/200. £250 £300
341 A set of four rare Swanage related early 20th century postcards depicting the 1914 floods affecting Kings Road, Station Road, High Street and Institute Road, printed by G H Cox, Institute Road, Swanage. £50 £80
342 A postcard album containing an extensive collection of early 20th century and later Swanage related postcards including various sets depicting the Promenade North and South, the Downs and Pier, Durlston Bay, the Quay, the Great Globe, the Lighthouse and Tilly Whim Caves and others (800 cards approx.). £500 £800
343 A postcard album containing an extensive collection of early 20th century and later Swanage related postcards including sets relating to the Parish Church, Old Feld School, the Mill Pond, the Warwickshire Miners Convalescent Home including interior pictures, the Hotel Grosvenor, various local hotels and boarding houses, the Victoria Hotel, various street scenes including High Street upper and lower, the Narrows, John Wesley's Cottage, Durlston Castle and a selection of early 20th century novelty Swanage postcards (400 approx.). £400 £600
344 A postcard album containing an extensive collection of early 20th century and later Studland related postcards including sets relating to old cottages, Studland Rectory, the Knoll House Hotel, the beach, Parish Church, Old Harry Rocks etc. £400 £500
345 An early 20th century postcard album containing a varied selection of early 20th century postcards. £0 £0
346 An early 20th century postcard album containing a varied selection of postcards. £0 £0
347 An early 20th century postcard album and contents together with a collection of various loose early 20th century postcards including shipping related. £0 £0
348 Four various early 20th century Louis Wain postcards depicting Cats together with two similar other postcards. £0 £0
349 A postcard album containing approximately 200 early 20th century and later Cat related postcards. £20 £30
350 A small early 20th century postcard album and contents together with a box containing a large quantity of various early 20th century and later postcards in clear plastic collectors sleeves. £50 £60
351 A set of seven early 20th century mounted photographs of large Swanage houses before and during completion together with a mounted original photograph of the old Smithy, High Street, Swanage and two others. £50 £80
352 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (3.4 grams and 0.86 carat). £450 £500
353 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (4.2 grams and 0.56 carat). £260 £300
354 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (3.7 grams and 0.35 carat). £150 £200
355 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (2.5 grams and 0.42 carat). £170 £200
356 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (3.6 grams and 0.60 carat). £250 £300
357 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (2.8 grams and 0.15 carat). £80 £120
358 An 18 carat white gold and diamond ring (1.7 grams and 0.25 carat). £90 £120
359 A 14 carat yellow gold and diamond ring (2.4 grams and 0.36 carat). £80 £120
360 An 18 carat white gold cross pendant (2.1 grams and 0.20 carat). £80 £100
361 An 18 carat yellow gold pendant (1.5 grams and 0.06 carat). £50 £80
362 An 18 carat white gold pendant (0.5 grams and 0.15 carat). £60 £80
363 An 18 carat yellow gold and diamond set ring (3.1 grams and 0.85 carat). £450 £500
364 Six various gold gent's signet rings, 9 and 10 carat (44 grams overall). £0 £0
365 Three various 9 carat gold dress rings together with a silver dress ring. £0 £0
366 An 18K gold cross shaped pendant together with a 9 carat gold St. Christopher, 9 carat gold twist ring and a pair of opal set gold stud earings. £0 £0
367 A 9 carat gold horseshoe and whip design bar brooch. £30 £40
368 An Omega Deville quartz wristwatch (af). £0 £0
369 A 9 carat gold cased Rotary gent's wristwatch on later plated strap. £0 £0
370 A ladies' Avia marcasite set cocktail watch together with a Sekonda wristwatch and a Fortis Incabloc gent's wristwatch (286070/2217). £0 £0
371 Six various miniature medals.  £40 £50
372 Five various WWI and WWII German Military badges. £30 £40
373 Five various WWI and WWII German Military badges.  £30 £40
374 An enamel 1821 George III Crown with brooch mount together with an enamel Victorian 1887 Crown. £60 £80
375 An enamel 1821 George III Crown with brooch mount together with a Victorian 1887 enamel Crown (remnants of mount).  £60 £80
376 An 1887 Victorian enamel Crown with pendant mount together with a Victorian 1890 enamel Crown with brooch mount.  £60 £80
377 A pair of WWI General Service medals awarded to F E Weager Royal Engineers 55183. £20 £30
378 A pair of WWI General Service medals awarded to Driver F Gallacher Royal Artillery 725853. £20 £30
379 Three various WWI General Service medals awarded to three different servicemen.  £30 £40
380 A small quantity of red amber beads (37 grams approx.).  £40 £60
381 A strand of egg yolk butterscotch Baltic amber beads (35 grams approx.). £40 £60
382 An engraved silver metal locket on chain. £0 £0
383 A Kenneth Jay Lane decorative ladies' fashion metal belt, decorated with oak leaves and acorns. £0 £0
384 Four various pocket watches together with a gent's Cortina wristwatch (examine all). £0 £0
385 Various Military stop watches.  £40 £50
385A A jewellery box containing various silver and other items. £0 £0
386 A mid 20th century Tri-ang Minic Jack-in-the-Boat model rowing boat with figure and oars (examine). £20 £30
387 A box of collectables. £0 £0
388 H Z (Henry Zouch) Darrah: Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir; publ. London, Rowland Ward, Piccadilly 1898 (First Edition), (no wrapper, tear to inside of spine, brown edges and one map only).  £0 £0
389 Two telescopes.  £50 £60
390 Various compacts. £0 £0
391 A small collection of various 19th century sewing related items including a circular Mauchline Ware needle holder, decorated with the Bait Girls by W Fisher, Filey, three mother of pearl cotton reel holders and other items. £20 £40
392 A box of collectables. £0 £0
393 A carton containing various cased Crowns and other coins together with a tub of early assorted coins. £0 £0
394 A tub of various early copper coins £0 £0
395 A massive Limited Edition Moorcroft vase decorated in the Tigris pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, impressed and painted marks to base RJB Des. 6.4.93 and green signature J Moorcroft 3/150, 15.5'', circa 1993 (with unsigned certificate). £600 £1,000
396 A set of six silver coffee spoons together with a set of six silver teaspoons and a silver pickle fork (185 grams approx.). £0 £0
397 Four silver tongs together with two silver spoons (173 grams approx.). £0 £0
398 A French carved alabaster mantle clock with gold painted figural mounts together with another. £50 £60
399 A box of horse and animal related books. £0 £0
400 A walnut dome topped two section tea caddy. £40 £60
401 A pair of small gilt framed oils on board: Sea Views from above together with two miniature gilt framed oils on board: Country Scenes. £0 £0
402 A small quantity of books, two small framed prints and a quantity of ephemera. £0 £0
403 A box of silver plated cutlery and bone handled knives. £0 £0
404 A set of four Topographical framed and glazed 19th century prints. £0 £0
405 A framed and glazed early 18th century map of Sicily (Siciliae) by Matthaus Seutter (later frame). £0 £0
405A A collection of various 20th century fishing rods. £0 £0
406 A set of unframed prints of Oxford by Charles Broadhurst. £0 £0
406A Two leather bound volumes of Greater London together with Neale's Westminster Abbey and other various books.  £0 £0
407 A large china model of an Eagle together with a pair of silver metal Pheasant ornaments, Capo di Monte porcelain figure and one other. £0 £0
408 An etched and engraved water jug, decorated with Rabbits together with a set of heavily etched and engraved Royal Brierley glass tumblers, decorated with Wild Fowl, Rabbits, Foxes and Deer. £0 £0
409 A pair of etched and engraved Royal Brierley style wine goblets, decorated with Hunters together with a part set of wine glasses, etched and engraved with Wild Fowl, Rabbits, Foxes and Deer. £0 £0
410 A 19th century mahogany sewing box and contents. £20 £40
411 A shelf containing various 20th century china and pottery items. £0 £0
412 An Esso Petrol advertising sign. £0 £0
413 A box of costume jewellery. £0 £0
414 An oak framed 19th century oil on canvas: Child Praying at foot of bed. £0 £0
415 The residue of a Royal Doulton china dinner and tea service, decorated in the Burgundy pattern. £0 £0
416 An oak table top desk. £40 £50
417 A set of twelve leather bound volumes of Johnsons Works: publ. London 1816. £50 £60
418 A glass terrarium. £0 £0
419 Harold Macmillan: five volume Biography; publ. Macmillan, London 1972, First Edition with dust wrappers together with Harold Macmillan: Winds of Change, publ. Macmillan, 1966. £0 £0
420 Three pairs of cased binoculars. £40 £60
421 A 19th century Louis Lachenal Patent Concertina in original case (bellows appear working), (Serial No. 13787). £300 £500
422 A pair of Carl Zeiss (Jena) binoculars supplied by Negretti & Zambra in original Negretti & Zambra brown leather case. £40 £60
423 A Singer 222K sewing machine in original case with accessories. £80 £120
424 A Singer 221K1 portable electric sewing machine with original case and accessories. £80 £120
425 A box containing a quantity of various unsorted cigarette cards. £0 £0
426 Novels & Tales of the author of Waverley, 12 volumes; publ. Edinburgh 1822 together with other 19th century books. £30 £40
427 A box containing a large quantity of costume jewellery. £0 £0
428 A part set of The Works of Balzac: publ. London The Caxton Publishing Company together with eight other volumes by French authors. £0 £0
429 Lily Eversdyk-Smulders: a pair of framed and glazed charcoal sketches; Naga Chief and Wife. £50 £100
430 A WWII Military box kite in original case. £20 £40
431 A collection of various pictures and prints. £0 £0
432 Nine various late 19th and early 20th century classic novels including Baroness Orczy: The Illusive Pimpernell. £50 £60
433 Four boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
434 A pair of Spelter figures (af). £0 £0
435 A 19th century Naval Officer's short sword (Dirk) by Gieve, Matthews & Seagrove with engraved blade and wire bound snakeskin handle with lion's head pommel, engraved to hilt: F C Bradley RN, original leather and brass scabbard.  £100 £200
436 A 19th century Officer's sword by Hawkes & Co. with engraved blade and wire bound hilt in original metal scabbard. £60 £100
437 A 19th century Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers Officer's sword with wire bound snakeskin hilt and lion's head pommel in original brass and leather bound scabbard. £200 £300
438 A pair of Carl Zeiss (Jena) 18 x 50 Delfort binoculars (1271563) in original Carl Zeiss brown leather case (in need of a clean) together with a pair of British Military Taylor Hobson 1943 binoculars in leather case. £60 £100
439 K F Barker: Dog Days; publ. Heinemann 1938 (no d/w) together with Just Dogs by K F Barker; publ. Country Life, 1942 reprint and three other volumes. £0 £0
440 A black painted Herbert Terry angle poise desk lamp. £40 £50
441 A mid 20th century Coracle picnic case with fitted interior and Adams Coracle china. £0 £0
442 A box of children's books. £0 £0
443 A mid 20th century French Fortune Teller amusement arcade machine. £150 £200
444 A carved wood sign decorated with a Champagne bottle and lettering, marked Hermes. £0 £0
445 Roger Lowless: framed and glazed pastel sketch; Portrait of Bertie together with a framed and glazed watercolour, two framed photographs and a croquet print. £0 £0
446 Five large boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
447 A box of Militaria. £40 £60
448 Two boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
449 A small quantity of various pictures and prints. £0 £0
450 Three boxes of books. £0 £0
451 Various pictures and prints. £0 £0
452 Three boxes of records. £0 £0
453 Various pictures and prints. £0 £0
454 Two boxes of books. £0 £0
455 A quantity of various pictures and prints. £0 £0
456 Three boxes of books. £0 £0
457 A Vickers Model Duluxe hand sewing machine. £0 £0
458 Two boxes of books. £0 £0
459 A collection of various tea card albums and cards. £0 £0
460 A Tri-ang doll's house. £0 £0
461 A box of Victorian and later books. £0 £0
462 Four boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
463 A box of cutlery. £0 £0
464 A box of costume and linen. £0 £0
465 Two boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
466 A box of china and glass. £0 £0
467 A shelf of various early leather bound and other books and volumes. £40 £50
468 Three boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
469 A box of ephemera. £20 £30
470 A box of bric-a-brac. £0 £0
471 Four boxes of modern hardback and other books. £0 £0
472 A box of silver plated items. £0 £0
473 A box of china and bric-a-brac. £0 £0
474 A box of bric-a-brac and prints. £0 £0