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Cottees Auction House, Dorset Middle Hall Collectables Tuesday 02 September 2014

Viewing Saturday 30 August 10am - 12 Noon, Monday 01 September 9:30am - 5pm and Morning of Sale from 9am.

The Catalogue for this sale will be online and on sale Friday Prior to Auction.

CLICK HERE FOR A SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS (Please Note this will re-direct you to our online bidding site - please read all the terms and conditions if you wish to bid online).



1 Baden 6K used P10 SG30 used Cat £42. £0 £0
2 Bavaria 1920 2.5M SG269 good used Cat £45. £0 £0
3 Canada 5c mint 1897 SG146 Cat £70. £6 £10
4 Canada 1897 8c mint SG148 Cat £85. £6 £10
5 Canada 5c mint 1898 SG157 Cat £110. £10 £15
6 Canada 6c 1898 mint SG159 Cat £100. £10 £15
7 Germany 1874 2.5g used SG29 Cat £65. £5 £8
8 Germany 1874 9k Cat £110 used/mint SG30. £5 £8
9 N Zealand 1898 9d light mtd mint SG256 Cat £50. £5 £8
10 GB 1d black used on cover black malt X pmk 4 margins 1841 pmk Cat £700. £70 £90
11 GB 1840 2d blue on part cover 3 good margins Cat £850. £50 £70
12 GB 1841 2d blue on cover 3 margins pmk on back Cat £350. £20 £40
13 GB 1848 10d cut square on cover several pmks cat £3000. £400 £500
14 GB 1d small crown SG24 Cat £70 used. £5 £8
15 GB 1865 4d plate 8 SG94 used Cat £70. £5 £8
16 GB 2.5d plate 5 SG141 1876 used Cat £60. £4 £7
17 GB 5d SG193 good colour heavy pmk Cat £200.  £5 £8
18 GB 1902 9d good used SG307 Cat £60. £0 £0
19 GB Wedgewood F D C strips Barlaston pmks 0.5p one with sideband Cat £110. £8 £12
20 GB 34 F D Cs 15 air mail letters in album. £10 £15
21 GB 40 F D Cs Feb 1993 - Aug 1997 fine used in album. £10 £15
22 Foreign used stamps in folder. £5 £8
23 Germany fine used in folder mostly Bundespost Cat £230. £10 £15
24 Blank. £0 £0
25 Blank. £0 £0
26 An early 20th century Arts & Crafts oak dresser with iron belt strap hinges and hammered handles to cupboard doors and drawers, the shelved top with two cupboards either side, one large and one small cupboard and two drawers under (this piece was made exclusively for the Vendor's family). £0 £0
27 Two heavily carved oak panels of 16th/17th century style decorated with trailing flowers and leaves together with a quantity of similar coving. £0 £0
28 A 19th century mahogany chest on chest comprising two short and six long drawers with later drop brass handles. £0 £0
29 A 19th century oak corner cupboard. £0 £0
30 A large early 20th century oak sideboard with column support back shelf, three drawers and three cupboards under resting on turned cross stretcher supports. £0 £0
31 A large Scottish line inlaid mahogany chest of two short and four long drawers with oval brass drop handles. £0 £0
32 Two large wicker baskets. £0 £0
33 A carved wooden Bavarian style four bear stand. £0 £0
34 A 19th century walnut framed ladies' chair with bead work and stump work floral fabric covering. £0 £0
35 A 19th century mahogany rail back dining chair with Bergere seat. £0 £0
36 A white onyx urn on stand with interior lights, decorated with brass banding and ornate brass handles. £40 £60
37 A small pine box with brass handles and black painted iron hinges. £0 £0
38 A 17th century style oak plank top table resting on turned cross stretcher supports. £0 £0
39 An oval mahogany framed dressing table mirror. £0 £0
40 A large oak and elm seat Windsor chair. £0 £0
41 A carved oak Jacobean style single bed headboard. £0 £0
42 A 19th century tray top mahogany washstand with single cupboard under. £0 £0
43 A modern framed and glazed furnishing print after Botticelli: Birth of Venus £0 £0
44 A reproduction red painted metal ERII post box £100 £150
45 A nest of four line inlaid mahogany occasional tables.  £0 £0
46 An art nouveau inlaid mahogany piano stool with lyre shape siderail and handles. £20 £30
47 An Arts & Crafts inlaid mahogany square corner chair with Bergere seat (seat af). £0 £0
48 An oak drop-leaf table with single drawer. £0 £0
49 A late 19th century mahogany coal purdonium together with a tapestry fire screen. £0 £0
50 A 19th century gilt framed oval needlework map sampler worked as a map of the counties of England and Wales with floral embroidered border. £80 £100
51 A Royal Worcester china figure: Garden Party High Society by Richard Moore together with a bisque Coalport china figure from the Age of Elegancy range: On The Balcony. £0 £0
52 An early 20th century Gouda china candlestick in the Lodien design together with a small Gouda cauldron shaped bowl and a small vase. £0 £0
53 Three various small Royal Doulton china figurines: Emma, Top O' The Hill and Debbie. £0 £0
54 Three various large Royal Doulton china character jugs: Merlin, The Falconer and Long John Silver. £30 £50
55 A framed Worcester porcelain plaque by Helen Taylor (circa 1880): A Scene on the River Avon (signed to reverse). £20 £40
56 Six various china dog ornaments. £0 £0
57 The residue of various Poole Pottery china teasets decorated with fruit. £0 £0
58 A small quantity of various antique copper and brass items. £0 £0
59 An Art Deco plastic desk set. £0 £0
60 A pair of small Whitefriars glass spill vases together with another. £0 £0
61 A Beswick china model of a Siamese Cat together with a pair of Kittens. £0 £0
62 An original Art Deco plaster figure group modelled as Two Dancers. £0 £0
63 A pair of brass framed early 20th century watercolours: Sketches of Bulldogs. £0 £0
64 Six various blue glazed Poole Pottery ornaments including Otters, Seals and Fish together with a penguin (beak af) and three other items. £0 £0
65 A small quantity of various Poole Pottery Twin Tone table ware items. £0 £0
66 A silver plated entree dish with revolving lid together with a three piece silver plated teaset and other items. £0 £0
67 A small bronze figure modelled as a naked Warrior. £0 £0
68 A small ship's compass on swivel base. £0 £0
69 Four various Lladro and other Spanish china figure ornaments. £0 £0
70 A collection of various modern Aynsley and Coalport bone china items. £0 £0
71 A quantity of various blue and white china. £0 £0
72 A Rosenthal Studio-Linie porcelain vase designed by Bjorn Winblad, decorated with small sprigs of blue flowers together with a pair of blue and white Royal Bonn vases decorated in the Flamand pattern. £0 £0
73 Four various Chinese bronze items including a footed bowl decorated with an exotic beast chasing a bird and a small temple bell. £0 £0
74 An Art Deco Shelley china vase decorated in a spun orange and brown design together with the residue of a Shelley china sandwich set decorated with blue and pink daisies comprising four plates and a bread and butter plate. £0 £0
75 Three various framed 19th century silhouettes. £0 £0
76 A pair of Dartmouth Pottery Plymouth Gin green glazed gurgle jugs modelled as Mermaids together with a glass Golden Eagle Malt Whisky bottle by Mohan Meakin Breweries, India, a Guinness tie, three LVA ties and a Carlsberg Copenhagen commemorative plate. £0 £0
77 Six various Crown Devon Fieldings china items decorated in floral garland designs together with a bone china milk jug and sugar basin set. £0 £0
78 A box containing a small quantity of various foreign postcards. £0 £0
79 A Poole Pottery jug decorated in the PB pattern by Ruth Paveley together with two other Poole items (examine). £0 £0
80 An Art Deco chrome plated desk calendar together with four various silver plated items. £10 £30
81 A Poole Pottery Ionian dish decorated in a heart design. £55 £65
82 An early 20th century postcard album and contents. £0 £0
83 A pair of small Belleek porcelain spill vases together with modern Leeds Ware cream ware items and other white bone china. £0 £0
84 Five various coloured glass items. £0 £0
85 Punch 1871, bound volume together with other Punch volumes. £0 £0
86 A white glazed Beswick china horse on wooden base: Spirit of Youth. £20 £30
87 An Art Deco French frosted glass panel modelled as a Roman Warrior fighting a serpent with a sword: (indistinctly signed). £0 £0
88 A Carlton Ware china pub advertising figure: Pick Flowers Brewmaster. £0 £0
89 A bronze figure modelled as an Indian on horseback in the style of Frederick Remington. £0 £0
90 A box containing a quantity of various early 20th century postcards. £0 £0
91 Three various oils on board: Still Life subjects. £0 £0
92 A Wedgwood china coffee set together with four Paragon bone china cups and saucers with butterfly handles. £0 £0
93 A collection of various china plates. £0 £0
94 The residue of a Poole Pottery Springtime breakfast service. £0 £0
95 A collection of five various 19th century and later miniature photograph frames. £0 £0
96 Three various Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge china figures: Lord Woodmouse, Catkin and Lady Woodmouse (latter af). £0 £0
97 Three various Staffordshire Pottery style ornaments. £0 £0
98 A collection of various blue and white china ornaments including a pair of Wedgwood candlesticks (latter af). £0 £0
99 Three various 19th century moulded Parian style china jugs including one decorated with medallion portraits of Tasso and Ariosto (Patent Royal Coat of Arms mark to base) together with another decorated with Naomi and Her Daughters-In-Law and a larger decorated with Roman figures in a garden scene, an Imari fruit bowl and a three piece china teaset. £0 £0
100 A collection of various Poole Pottery items including Twin Tone shell dish, large shell, pedestal fruit bowl decorated in the FNG pattern, a pair of plates decorated in the JYP Leaping Deer pattern on pink ground and other items. £0 £0
101 Three silver plated items. £0 £0
102 A Poole Pottery Aegean vase decorated in a Leaf design together Aegean and Delphis pin trays. £0 £0
103 An early 20th century West Country Pottery style green glazed jug modelled as an Owl, impressed marks to base, Harris Hand Made, Farnham, Surrey, England. £0 £0
104 A Poole Pottery black glazed purse vase together with a smaller similar. £20 £40
105 A Maling Art Deco lustre china vase decorated with flowers together with three Maling dishes (examine latter). £30 £50
106 A collection of various Poole Pottery items including a large fruit bowl decorated in the CD pattern (af). £0 £0
107 Eight various china pub jugs. £0 £0
108 A brass cased barometer together with various boxes and other items. £0 £0
109 Two green glazed Dartmouth Pottery Fish Gurgle jugs together with a Sylvac china fruit bowl decorated with Pixies. £20 £30
110 A Royal Copenhagen china figure modelled as a Young Girl and Goose together with another modelled as a Young Girl holding a Doll. £0 £0
111 An early 20th century Joyous Pottery candlestick and a circular pin tray, both decorated in bold colours together with three Carlton Ware china items. £0 £0
112 A collection of various china items including a Dog ornament. £0 £0
113 A copper panel: Cavalcade Proceeding to the Tournament by S Henning. £0 £0
114 Three various white bodied Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
115 A collection of various silver plated items. £0 £0
116 Seven various china pub advertising water jugs. £0 £0
117 A small quantity of various Stuart and Waterfords cut glass wine glasses and tots. £0 £0
118 A small copper ship's lamp. £10 £20
119 Three Royal doulton Bunnykins items together with a Sylvac dog. £0 £0
120 The residue of a Royal Doulton china teaset decorated in the Fire Glow pattern. £0 £0
121 An Arts & Crafts brass circular tray decorated with flying birds and stylised flowers together with other brass and metal items. £0 £0
122 Two glass light shades together with two decanters and a wooden table lamp. £0 £0
123 Two Bells Whisky decanters together with three modern spirit dispensers, various mid 20th century beer mats and a bar price tariff.  £0 £0
124 The residue of a Royal Worcester bone china tea service decorated with a grape and vine pattern (Vine Harvest) together with four ramekins. £0 £0
125 Four various 19th century Staffordshire pottery flatback figures and spill vases. £0 £0
126 A small circular gilt framed convex mirror with ball decoration. £0 £0
127 Two Wilkinson Pottery Clarice Cliff tureens and covers together with a meat plate, side plate and gravy boat. £0 £0
128 Seven various china pub advertising water jugs. £0 £0
129 The residue of a modern Royal Doulton china dinner service decorated in the Imagination pattern. £0 £0
130 A small quantity of silver plated items. £0 £0
131 An early 20th century silver plated 'Aladin' oil lamp together with a miniature silver plated photograph frame. £0 £0
132 An American style pressed coloured glass pedestal fruit bowl. £10 £20
133 A 19th century hard paste porcelain figure modelled as a male flower seller with rear bocage and gold painted anchor mark (af) together with four similar encrusted floral items. £0 £0
134 The residue of an Art Deco Grays Pottery hand painted coffee service in the style of Susie Cooper, decorated with brightly painted flowers. £0 £0
135 A box of miniature china items including Wade. £0 £0
136 A quantity of various silver plated items. £0 £0
137 A large Indian brass figure together with other brass ornaments. £0 £0
138 A quantity of various china and pottery items including a Crown Dorset pottery vase. £0 £0
139 A white glazed Coalport china figure: Music and Dance Staccato-White by Neal Welch together with a small Coalport Beau Monde Berenice figure by Martin Evans. £0 £0
140 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century Japanese Satsuma vases, finely decorated with fighting warriors and dragon handles (repair to top of one), both signed to base together with a matching lidded Koro (lid af). £200 £300
141 A doll's Rosebud teaset. £20 £30
142 A modern Villeroy & Boch Gallow design bone china dinner service. £30 £50
143 A framed oil on board: Snow and Lake Scene. £0 £0
144 An engraved Oriental brass bowl together with a tray. £10 £30
145 A box containing a quantity of various cigarette cards. £0 £0
146 A quantity of various silver plated items. £0 £0
147 A set of four early 20th century glass telephone kiosk panels inscribed 'Telephone'. £0 £0
148 A pair of early 20th century large French Spelter figures modelled as Agricultural Labourers. £0 £0
149 A large Poole Pottery fruit bowl decorated in the Body Art pattern together with a matching teapot, milk jug and four cups and saucers. £0 £0
150 A model of a Mangusta 108 power boat. £120 £160
151 An early 20th century bayonet. £0 £0
152 Various horse brasses and leathers together with other brass items. £0 £0
153 A wooden chess set and folding chess board. £0 £0
154 A Selmer Lincoln brass trumpet in case. £0 £0
155 A modern Yamaha YTS-25 brass saxophone in fitted case. £80 £100
156 British Battles by Henri Dupray with descriptive text by William Maxwell; publ. Charles Letts & Co. £0 £0
157 Two graduated Chinese hardwood occasional tables. £30 £40
158 An early 20th century flat back mandolin with painted faux ivory inlaid decoration. £50 £80
159 A photograph album containing a collection of colour aeroplane photographs. £0 £0
160 A modern canteen of Kings pattern plated cutlery together with a modern Chinese panel in box. £20 £30
161 An early 20th century tinplate Hornby train set in original box. £0 £0
162 A collection of photograph albums containing modern aeroplane photographs. £0 £0
163 A collection of mid 20th century Danish stainless steel table ware items. £0 £0
164 A pair of brass table lamps together with an onyx urn shaped table lamp. £0 £0
165 Three china M & M souvenir items including a boxed candy jar. £0 £0
166 A pair of model Knights in Armour. £0 £0
167 A Meteorological Office folio containing aerodrome weather diagrams and characteristics. £0 £0
168 A Carter Tiles four tile panel decorated with two geese. £0 £0
169 A late 19th/early 20th century oak cased chiming bracket clock, the movement inscribed R & C with silvered metal dial with Arabic numerals and two small dials. £200 £300
170 Four M & M china goblets together with a candy jar and a bowl. £0 £0
171 A large urn shaped glass vase together with a pedestal glass bowl. £0 £0
172 A set of six framed and glazed photographic views of Old Swanage. £0 £0
173 A mid 20th century Brother 100 portable typewriter. £0 £0
174 Gilbert White: The Natural History of Selborne with photographs by Richard Kearton (first Ed.). £0 £0
175 An Eastern brass kettle together with a brass coal box. £0 £0
176 An early 20th century brass bound mahogany writing slope with fitted interior and original ink bottles together with a leather box containing plated cutlery. £0 £0
177 An early 20th century cradle telephone handset on oak base. £0 £0
178 A pair of early 20th century French Spelter figures: Jeunesse after Moreau and another. £40 £50
179 An early 20th century brass bound walnut writing slope with fitted interior. £0 £0
180 Two mid 20th century cased amber Murano glass vases together with four other glass items (examine). £0 £0
181 A mahogany occasional table on twist three legged support. £0 £0
182 A late 19th century black painted cast iron fire kerb. £0 £0
183 A Swiss horn handled spiked walking stick together with another. £0 £0
184 Two Chinese vases. £0 £0
185 A red cased mid 20th century telephone handset. £0 £0
186 A cast iron wagon plate. £30 £40
187 A cast iron boot scrape. £10 £20
188 A 19th century brass three drawer telescope. £0 £0
189 A modern Chinese vase. £0 £0
190 A carved oak pair of bellows by Harry Tonkin, Cornwall. £0 £0
191 A pair of late 19th century Cantonese vases on wooden stands, the panels decorated with Courtiers and exotic animals in relief on Famille Rose ground. £0 £0
192 A collection of various printed ephemera £0 £0
193 A collection of various silver and other costume jewellery items together with a Knox style Pastimes clock and a Jasper Ware pendant. £0 £0
194 A miniature 20th century porcelain Cat Band comprising 14 different cats playing musical instruments. £0 £0
195 A bag of coins together with a 1981 coin price guide. £0 £0
196 A carton of costume jewellery and badges.  £0 £0
197 A white glazed eight piece white glass Monkey Band comprising various monkeys playing instruments. £0 £0
198 A small carton of costume jewellery. £50 £60
199 A carton of cigarette silks. £0 £0
200 A small carton of collectables.  £0 £0
201 A carton of coins.  £10 £20
202 A box of coins.  £10 £20
203 A tin of coins.  £10 £20
204 A carton of collectables including a Tunbridge Ware paper knife. £0 £0
205 A box of coins. £0 £0
206 A carton of coins.  £10 £20
207 A box containing a quantity of mid 20th century wooden doll's house furniture. £0 £0
208 A carton of collector's cards. £30 £40
209 A carton containing Lego and other miniature figures. £10 £20
210 A carton of badges.  £10 £20
211 A tin of badges.  £10 £20
212 A tin of coins.  £10 £20
213 A small collection of postcards. £0 £0
214 A box containing a collection of various harmonicas together with a leather cased set of two cut throat razors. £0 £0
215 A tin of coins. £10 £20
216 A carton of coins and foreign bank notes. £0 £0
217 A carton containing a small quantity of diamante and other costume jewellery. £0 £0
218 A carton of Eastern and other costume jewellery. £0 £0
219 Three miniature Royal Doulton china Toby jugs: John Barleycorn, Beefeater and Long John Silver together with a tiny Doulton character jug. £0 £0
220 A pewter hip flask decorated with a Golfer together with a ballpoint desk pen in Golf Club head holder. £0 £0
221 A pair of silver pepperettes together with a pair of silver salts and a mustard pot. £0 £0
222 A rare early 20th century cold painted bronze figure group entitled 'Pot Calling Kettle Black', in the style of Franz Bergman, modelled as two fighting figures with kettle and saucepan heads. £100 £200
223 A miniature framed oil: Terrier Dog (signed). £0 £0
224 A Royal Crown Derby Limited Edition paperweight: Lavender, modelled as a sleeping kitten, designed by Sue Rowe. £0 £0
225 A collection of various Cloisonne miniature items, a Cinnabar lacquer scent bottle and a tortoiseshell matchbox holder. £0 £0
226 A four piece silver and green enamel dressing table hairbrush and mirror set. £0 £0
227 A small four bar silver toast rack together with two serviette rings and a bangle. £0 £0
228 A twin handled silver sugar bowl together with a matching cream jug (246 grams). £0 £0
229 A 20th century silver pedestal fruit bowl (362 grams). £0 £0
230 An early 20th century silver tankard presented to E Sergeant Esq. Patron of the Slough Branch of the Old Contemptibles Association by the Slough Branch 1936 (253 grams). £0 £0
231 A small Dutch silver spill pot decorated in relief with figures in a tavern (69.9 grams). £50 £60
232 An engine turned silver ashtray together with a pair of squat silver candlesticks (latter af). £0 £0
233 A Goldsmiths & Silversmiths small silver circular dish (72 grams). £0 £0
234 A small silver rose bowl on circular base (194 grams). £0 £0
235 A set of six Jubilee silver teaspoons in original fitted case. £40 £50
236 A set of six silver teaspoons together with a Victorian silver shell shaped caddy spoon, silver bladed mother of pearl penknife and mother of pearl handled pickle fork. £0 £0
237 A Royal Air Force Ex-Prisoners of War Association car badge in original box, circa 1990. £0 £0
238 A rare family group of Victorian, WWI and WWII Military Service medals and awards, awarded to the Stammas Family (originally Stammers) to include the Indian Mutiny medal with Lucknow bar and ribbon awarded to Gunner Thomas Stammers Royal Horse Artillery, Turkish Crimea medal (unnamed), 1854 Crimea medal with Sebastopol, Inkermann, Balaklava and Alma bars awarded to T Stammers, Bombardier Royal Horse Artillery, a Victorian Long Service and Good Conduct medal inscribed 32521 Sergeant T Stammas Depot Brigade Royal Artillery and an Edward VII Meritorious Service medal inscribed Sergeant T Stammas Royal Artillery. A Victorian South Africa medal with Cape Colony and Driefontein bars and Long Service and Good Conduct medals together with an Edward VII Long Service and Good Conduct medal awarded to 4413 Sergeant Major T H Stammas RFA (Royal Fleet Auxilliary). A Mons trio awarded to Second Lieutenant T L Stammas 38998.  A pair of WWII General Service medals together with a St. Johns medal awarded to T M Stammas Hampshire St. John Ambulance Brigade 1953. The lot also includes a few odd medals including miniatures to the above, an Africa Star and a 1939-45 Star together with a WWI General Service medal awarded to 59403 Private R B Kyle Welsh Regiment (no relation). The above medals have been entered by the family by descent and are being sold on the open market for the first time.  £0 £0
239 An Irish 1921-1971 Survivor's gold coloured medal (IRA Truce medal) together with another both with original ribbons and bars together with two bronze Irish War of Independence Black and Tan medals with ribbons and bars.  This lot includes three boxes with spare ribbon bars and two small certificates inscribed 'Le Dea-Mhein An Uachtarain'.  (Translated as 'With the Kind Regards of The President'). £550 £600
240 A WWI General Service medal awarded to A Sister E Slingsby together with another awarded to L-28878 Driver E Wright Royal Artillery. £0 £0
241 Three Indian silver bowls decorated with figures together with a small Eastern silver lidded pot (436 grams). £0 £0
242 An Arts & Crafts cylindrical copper vase profusely decorated with fish and seaweed in the Newlyn style (24.5cm). £0 £0
243 Four modern silver photograph frames. £0 £0
244 An early 20th century engine turned silver photograph frame. £0 £0
245 A collection of four early 20th century Bavarian carved wood bear ornaments comprising a seated bear with painted mouth, an articulated bear wall ornament and two others. £80 £100
246 A Beswick Bisque china model of a grey Shire Horse. £0 £0
247 A Beswick Bisque china white model of a Horse. £0 £0
248 A brown glazed Beswick china model of a Horse together with a small Palomino Pony. £0 £0
249 A Sylvac china model of a Rhinoceros (5166). £0 £0
250 A Royal Doulton bone china model of a Boxer Dog: Warlord of Mazelaine (HN2643) together with a small flambe glazed model of a Bulldog and a framed and glazed dog sketch. £50 £60
251 Jessie Tait: a set of three Midwinter Stylecraft china hors d'oeuvres dishes decorated in the Mosaic pattern on original black painted metal stand in original black and white striped gift box. £0 £0
252 A pair of late 19th century Doulton & Slaters Patent vases of ovoid form decorated with blossom and leaves. £0 £0
253 An unusual Royal Doulton Series Ware Rip Van Winkle jug inscribed: Answered by a flock of idle crows, my very dog has forgotten me (restoration to rim and lip).  £20 £30
254 A small Carter Stabler Adams Poole Pottery vase decorated in the BZ pattern. £0 £0
255 A replica sterling silver James II Trifid spoon together with a matching fork as a Christening set in a presentation box. £0 £0
256 A Lladro china figure group modelled as a young Bride and Groom. £0 £0
257 A 19th century lacquer card case in the Jennens style decorated with a bouquet of flowers (af) together with a Kashmir pot, amethyst rock sample and other items. £0 £0
258 A 19th century bronze door knocker modelled as a fox laying on a bed of leaves (Registration No. to reverse). £40 £60
259 An early 20th century Crown Ducal china dish with tubelined stylised decoration by Frederick Rhead. £0 £0
260 A pair of 19th century Staffordshire pottery figures modelled as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. £0 £0
261 A Continental china figure modelled as a Pirate together with two Crown Staffordshire figures modelled as Dickensian characters. £0 £0
262 A Royal Doulton china figure: Babie together with another: The Rag Doll (HN2142). £0 £0
263 A late 19th century Miessen porcelain figure group modelled as two Putti holding flowers (crossed blue swords mark to base and impressed numerals 2991). £0 £0
264 A Royal Copenhagen china figure modelled as a Young Girl Sewing (1314FLX). £0 £0
265 An Art Nouveau metal cigarette box. £30 £50
266 An engine turned silver cigarette box. £30 £50
267 A Beswick china model of an L Driver Clown (LL14) together with two miniature Beswick china horses. £0 £0
268 A mid 20th century President travelling day date alarm clock. £0 £0
269 Collectables to include binoculars small silver items together with a distance finder. £0 £0
270 A 9 carat gold fob chain with shield shaped 9 carat gold badge (un-engraved), (57.1 grams). £0 £0
271 A 9 carat gold fob chain (42.3 grams excluding padlock). £0 £0
272 A pair of hand made gold earrings together with a smaller pair of earrings and a matching brooch (commissioned by the Vendor approximately 30 years ago), (presumably 9 carat), (24.3 grams). £0 £0
273 A two colour 9 carat gold necklace (16.9 grams). £0 £0
274 Two 9 carat gold bracelets (15.1 grams). £0 £0
275 A collection of various gold jewellery items including earrings together with a 9 carat two colour gold bracelet (af), (13 grams). £0 £0
276 A modern two colour 9 carat gold necklace and bracelet set (29.8 grams). £0 £0
277 Seven various gold mounted Cameo and other brooches together with a Cameo set ring. £0 £0
278 A modern Rennie Mackintosh Collection 9 carat gold bracelet together with another and a pair of Carrick Mackintosh inspired 9 carat gold earrings and a ring. £0 £0
279 A collection of various silver and other costume jewellery. £0 £0
280 A pair of two coloured 9 carat gold earrings together with three other pairs of quality modern earrings including pearl. £0 £0
281 A Victorian gold half Sovereign dated 1899. £0 £0
282 Four various pearl necklaces including one with 9 carat gold clasp together with a black bead necklace. £0 £0
283 A good quality 9 carat gold plated bangle with engraved decoration. £0 £0
284 A 9 carat gold Masonic fob modelled as a square and compass set green and black striated stone (unmarked) together with a silver and enamel Masonic badge for Ealing Manor Lodge 7337 with Founder ribbon. £0 £0
285 A small quantity of various Masonic Lodge badges together with a 1951 Festival of Britain Crown. £0 £0
286 A 19th century 14 carat gold cased ladies' fob watch with gilt dial and engraved decoration together with a gold plated Waltham Hunter pocket watch. £0 £0
287 An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond set ladies dress ring together with a 9 carat gold signet ring, small 9 carat gold diamond set Eternity ring and one other together with two gold coloured necklaces. £0 £0
288 A pair of 9 carat gold cuff-links (3.8 grams). £0 £0
289 A river pearl necklace on gold chain together with a green bead necklace and other costume jewellery. £0 £0
290 A cast silver brooch modelled as a Stag's head together with a large silver metal hair clip, two pen knives, a silver whistle and a Colibri cigarette lighter. £0 £0
291 A consecutive run of six 1982 £1 notes in unused condition (Somerset, Chief Cashier). £0 £0
292 A 9 carat gold Royal Engineer's bar brooch. £40 £50
293 A silver Port decanter label together with silver and other teaspoons and other items. £0 £0
294 Two silver mounted babies' rattles with whistle tops and mother of pearl handles. £0 £0
295 A pair of mother of pearl cased opera glasses. £0 £0
296 Four ladies' wristwatches including a Roamer Quartz on gold coloured mesh strap. £0 £0
297 A carved bone Stag brooch in gilt metal surround. £40 £50
298 A small quantity of silver and other coins. £0 £0
299 Two Victorian Crowns and one Georgian silver Crown (all af). £0 £0
300 A silver cased pocket watch awarded as a 2nd prize in a 1903 Lightweight Amateur Boxing Competition for the Birmingham Athletic Club together with two Military pocket watches. £0 £0
301 A silver cased pocket watch together with a plated pocket watch and fob chain (both af), chrome cigarette case and small quantity of coins. £0 £0
302 A 9 carat gold necklace (9.1 grams). £0 £0
303 A Triang Minic ship's set in original box: M.893 Carrier Task Group set together with a friction motor Space Rocket, Frog Supermarine S6B plastic aircraft kit, a Britains BMW racing combination with rider (examine) and two miniature motorcycles. £0 £0
304 A Lesney Matchbox accessory No. 4 Road Sign set together with six other boxed Matchbox vehicles. £0 £0
305 A Britains plastic Farm Models set (7153) containing seven various figures in original box (box af). £0 £0
306 An early 20th century celluloid and tinplate toy modelled as a young black boy playing a saxophone on a wheeled friction driven cart together with a tinplate model of a workman at a sharpening bench, Marx tinplate cart, two horses and a tinplate Navy Convair F-106 fighter jet. £0 £0
307 A small quantity of early Lego Systems bricks. £0 £0
308 A tin containing a quantity of various play worn diecast vehicles including a Corgi Toys Green Hornets Black Beauty and Dinky Toys Spectrum Patrol Car. £0 £0
309 A box containing a quantity of various play worn diecast vehicles. £0 £0
310 A small quantity of various mid 20th century collectable toys including a boxed Corgi Classics. £0 £0
311 A large quantity of various bronze and other coins.  £10 £20
312 A quantity of various bronze and other coins.  £10 £20
313 A collection of various black and white Motor Racing related photographs. £20 £30
314 Four various propelling pencils together with a Burnham blue marble bodied fountain pen, a Century receipt book and a paperweight. £0 £0
315 Two postcard albums and contents. £0 £0
316 A tin containing a small quantity of humorous and other postcards. £0 £0
317 An early 20th century Koppelsdorf bisque head doll, with open mouth and closing eyes, impressed marks 320-4, (approx. 13''). £30 £50
318 An early 20th century bisque head Dream Baby doll by Armand Marseille, impressed marks AM Germany, 351./4.K with blue eyes, painted lashes and open mouth with two teeth in an early lace dress and bonnet (15 inches). £50 £60
319 An early 20th century composition head doll by Armand Marseille with fabric body dressed in original Austrian outfit, impressed marks AM450, Germany 01/2.  These dolls were made to raise funds for the Hitler Youth Movement. £80 £120
320 An Armand Marseille German bisque head doll (Reg. No. 996), (22''). £0 £0
321 A large early 20th century Heubach Koppelsdorf bisque head character doll on composition body wearing white cotton dress (full impressed marks to back of head). £80 £100
322 An early 20th century Bisque head baby doll by Armand Marseille, 371/4, impressed marks to reverse of head. £0 £0
323 A late 19th century German Kalliope music box, original wooden case, print of five female figures to interior of lid together with 21 Kalliope metal discs, in working and playable condition with handle and box key. £150 £200
324 A collection of various Honiton and other pottery items. £0 £0
325 Five various pewter items. £0 £0
326 A collection of various bone china and other items including a QEII Wedgwood 1953 Coronation three piece teaset. £0 £0
327 The residue of a Susie Cooper bone china teaset together with the residue of a Minton bone china dinner service decorated in the Blue Delft pattern and other items. £0 £0
328 A collection of various bone china items. £0 £0
329 A collection of various boxed cutlery items. £0 £0
330 A collection of various African figures and a circular mask. £0 £0
331 M Holmes Pickup: framed and glazed watercolour; Moored Boats and Low Tide. £0 £0
332 A modern maple framed and glazed painting on glass; Dutch Windmill. £20 £30
333 A set of four inlaid wooden trays. £0 £0
334 Four various modern blue and white Chinese vases. £0 £0
335 A set of four framed and glazed miniature watercolours: Lakeland Scenes. £0 £0
336 Three Goebel Hummel china figures (examine) together with three Coalport Bisque china birds. £0 £0
337 A collection of various china and other items. £20 £30
338 Two boxed toy soldier outfit and equipment sets. £0 £0
339 A large quantity of Wedgwood bone china items decorated in the Hunting Scenes pattern. £0 £0
340 A brass Art Nouveau picture frame together with a Sweetheart traveller's book and two King and Queen Commemorative books. £0 £0
341 Various boxed cutlery sets together with Wedgwood plates and a plated fruit bowl. £0 £0
342 A box containing various collector's cards and other ephemera. £0 £0
343 A modern folio containing various tobacco and other advertising items. £0 £0
344 Three various modern Chinese blue and white china vases together with two rice bowls, three spoons and a 19th century blue and white Staffordshire pottery tureen decorated in the Chinese Marine pattern (af). £0 £0
345 Four various pub advertising water jugs. £0 £0
346 A 19th century leather bound photograph album containing various Carte de Visite and other photographs.  £20 £30
347 A pair of modern Chinese ornaments modelled as dogs together with a parrot (examine). £0 £0
348 A collection of various china items including Poole Pottery and Clarice Cliff.  £0 £0
349 A collection of various glass items. £0 £0
350 A collection of various miniature Crested and other china.  £0 £0
351 An oak pipe rest together with a small smoker's cabinet and a desk tidy. £0 £0
352 Two mid 20th century ladies' cotton retro style dresses. £35 £40
353 A pair of wooden skis. £20 £40
354 A pair of wooden paddles. £0 £0
355 A small teak Louvre folding door. £0 £0
356 A sewing box. £0 £0
357 A black evening suit together with a felt Top hat in a cardboard hat box. £0 £0
358 A heavy late 19th century Singer Industrial sewing machine. £70 £80
359 John Ruskin: Studies in Both Arts; publ. George Allen 1895 containing various illustrations, some loose leaves including a sheet of printed paper entitled 'A Theory of Art' signed in pencil by J W North ARA 1910 together with R P Leitch: A Course of Watercolour Painting; publ. Cassell & Co. (11th Edition). £30 £50
360 The Studio Library: English Watercolour with reproductions of drawings by eminent painters, complete in eight parts, edited by Charles Holme with introduction by Frederick Wedmore; publ. London Offices of the Studio 1902 together with four other Studio volumes and special numbers. £20 £40
361 A gentleman's Burberry Gabardine rain coat. £50 £60
362 A box containing a collection of various small brass items. £0 £0
363 A Poole Pottery Living Glaze vase together with an Alan Clarke glazed art elongated dish. £0 £0
364 A small quantity of various compacts together with a bedside alarm clock and other items. £0 £0
365 The residue of a Aynsley china tea and dinner service decorated in the Harmony pattern. £0 £0
366 A set of brass postal scales together with an egg timer. £0 £0
367 A set of steel fire irons together with two brass toasting forks. £0 £0
368 Five framed and glazed small prints. £0 £0
369 An early 20th century large umbrella/parasol with turned oak handle. £20 £30
370 Four WWII large black and white Admiralty official photographs depicting various scenes including North Africa, the largest seaborne exhibition in history. £0 £0
371 An early 20th century Fishtail tennis racket by A Gamage. £0 £0
372 A small quantity of various collector's cards and postcards. £0 £0
373 A box of 19th century children's books. £0 £0
374 Eleven various Beta Format videos to include Mighty Mouse and the Submariner. £0 £0
375 A modern canteen of cutlery. £10 £30
376 A collection of various carved wood African face masks together with an Eastern carved hardwood figure group. £0 £0
377 An early 20th century convex glass counter top display case. £40 £50
378 Four various Poole Pottery items together with a Wade china ashtray. £0 £0
379 A small collection of various cigarette card albums and contents together with a leather cigarette box and other items. £0 £0
380 Two modern violins. £0 £0
381 A bag containing a large quantity of costume jewellery. £20 £30
382 A box containing a large quantity of McDonald's free gift and toys in original packaging circa 1990's (a lot). £0 £0
383 A folio containing a quantity of various art student watercolours. £10 £20
384 A Bolex Paillard P4 hand held cine camera in leather case. £0 £0
385 A Spirit of St. Louis plastic cased battery operated wall clock with humidity and temperature gauges. £0 £0
386 A heavy chrome plated ice bucket. £0 £0
387 A Dr. Who Give a Show projector set together with a Meccano Highway Vehicles set. £0 £0
388 A wood and metal Tribal spear together with a hand held wooden tribal item. £0 £0
389 A quantity of various silver plated cutlery. £0 £0
390 Blank. £0 £0
391 An oak desk inkwell set together with a stationery rack, copper kettle, shaving set and glass hors d'oeuvre set. £0 £0
392 An oak framed child's chair together with a Chinese rug, two stools and a plastic doll. £0 £0
393 A box of ephemera. £0 £0
394 A box of linen. £0 £0
395 A box of books. £0 £0
396 An early 20th century black motor vehicle touring trunk together with a vintage leather saddle bag. £0 £0
397 A box containing Naval hat bands together with photographs and two presentation shields.  £10 £20
398 A large wrought iron ceiling chandelier. £40 £50
399 Two framed and glazed watercolours. £0 £0
400 An early 20th century iron ceiling laundry dryer frame with rise and fall action together with a Georgian cast iron boot scrape. £0 £0
401 A mid 20th century Collaro record player. £30 £40
402 A framed and glazed map of Dorsetshire by H Moll together with a watercolour. £0 £0
403 A box containing various Military Regimental wall plaques. £10 £20
404 A box of railway related books. £0 £0
405 A box of cutlery. £0 £0
406 Two brass fire guards. £0 £0
407 A box of books. £20 £40
408 Two boxes of Royal Commemorative memorabilia including Princess Diana, The Queen and The Queen Mother. £0 £0
409 A box of Sport and Classic Car related books. £0 £0
410 A box of various 19th century and other prints. £0 £0
411 A box of Motoring related magazines and pamphlets including Ferrari. £0 £0
412 Various pictures and prints including framed cigarette card sets. £0 £0
413 A box of bric-a-brac. £0 £0
414 Six framed and glazed early 20th century pictures and prints. £0 £0
415 Two framed and glazed watercolours. £0 £0
416 A box of books. £20 £30
417 A box containing various scarves and camera equipment together with a fur stole. £0 £0
418 A box containing a quantity of 78rpm records and later vinyl albums. £0 £0
419 A framed and glazed Limited Edition print: Blue Haze Lyme Regis. £0 £0
420 A box of china and brac-a-brac. £0 £0
421 A box of records. £0 £0
422 A collection of various games together with tennis racket. £0 £0
423 A tool box and contents. £0 £0
424 Two wood cased radios. £0 £0
425 Four framed and glazed pictures. £0 £0
426 An Indian throw decorated with sequined elephants. £0 £0
427 An early 20th century pine advertising crate: Libby's Salmon. £0 £0
428 A box of brass. £0 £0
429 Twelve various 19th century framed and glazed prints including a set of Topographical prints of London (later frames). £20 £30
430 Two Oriental modern lacquer boxes decorated with butterflies. £30 £40
431 A framed oil on board: White Bearded Figure in Astronomical Study. £0 £0
432 A box of cameras. £0 £0
433 Two boxes of books. £0 £0
434 A mid 20th century framed Van Gogh furnishing print: Sidewalk Cafe at Night. £0 £0
435 An aluminium Airways box. £0 £0
436 Two boxes of books. £0 £0