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Cottees Auction House, Dorset Middle Hall Collectables Tuesday 07 July 2015.

Viewing Saturday 04 July 10am - 12 Noon, Monday 06 July 10am - 4pm and Morning of Sale from 9am.

The Catalogue for this sale will be online and on sale Friday Prior to Auction.

CLICK HERE FOR A SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS (Please Note this will re-direct you to our online bidding site - please read all the terms and conditions if you wish to bid online).



1 Austria 1874 SG66 50K used, one straight side Cat £250. £12 £15
2 Brazil 1843/4 SG 5 unused and 11 used. Cat £395. £25 £30
3 A Romania 1865 SG49A 2p used 3 wide margins. Cat £325. £15 £20
4 St Helena 1876 SG21 unused Perf 14 x 12 1/2 Cat £85. £8 £10
5 GB 1866-9 SG94 Plates 8-11 Used, Cat £335. £20 £30
6 GB 1877 SG153 Plate 16 Used. Cat £275. £15 £20
7 Iceland, Stockcard of 8 mint stamps. Cat £100. £8 £10
8 Germany 1902 Stockcard of 7 mounted mint stamps. Cat £683 £35 £40
9 Germany SG400-412 complete mounted mint set Cat £120. £10 £15
10 Germany SG424-442 complete mounted mint set Cat £190. £15 £20
11 Germany SG513-521 complete mounted mint set. Cat £375. £25 £30
12 Germany SG513-521 Complete used set. Cat £400. £25 £30
13 Germany SG537-540 complete unmounted mint set Cat £200. £15 £20
14 East Germany SG MS29A Debria 1950 Mounted Mint Cat £200. £15 £20
15 Germany SG MS638 with over print x 2 MTD Mint and used Cat £190. £15 £20
16 A suitcase containing various stamp related items including albums and loose stamps. £0 £0
17 A folder containing a quantity of high value modern Decimal Great Britain stamps and postage dues (used). £20 £30
18 A folder containing a quantity of Great Britain stamps and postage dues. £20 £30
19 A folder containing a large quantity of mixed stamps, loose and packets. £30 £40
20 A red stamp album containing a quantity of World mixed stamps. £20 £30
21 A collection of various early 20th century Tuck's postcard sets and others including sets in original wrappers. £50 £100


The following lots will be sold after the Stamps

22 A late 19th century oak cased regulator wall clock. £60 £80
23 A 19th century two drawer oak desk, resting on shaped supports. £0 £0
24 An early, possibly 17th century, Welsh oak settle (later alterations). £0 £0
25 A 19th century mahogany chest on chest of two short and six long drawers, resting on shaped supports. £0 £0
26 An early 19th century flame mahogany corner cupboard on stand with brass handles to escutcheons with Eagle surmounts. £0 £0
27 A folding three tier oak cake stand. £0 £0
28 A small 19th century oak occasional table, resting on tripod support. £0 £0
29 An oak side table with single drawer, resting on shaped and turned supports. £0 £0
30 An oak side table with single drawer, resting on bobbin turned cross stretcher supports. £0 £0
31 A 19th century stick back ladies' Windsor chair, resting on cross stretcher turned supports. £200 £300
32 A brass tray top circular occasional table. £0 £0
33 A 19th century snap-top rectangular shape occasional table. £0 £0
34 A 19th century mahogany snap-top occasional table, resting on outstretched triple supports. £0 £0
35 A late 19th century gilt overmantle with three section mirror, decorated with a Roman Chariot Scene with flying angels and two column side mounts with gilded ball decoration to top. £0 £0
36 A pair of late 19th century French Empire style walnut glazed side cabinets with brass mounts. £100 £150
37 An inlaid mahogany dressing table mirror with three drawers under. £0 £0
38 A mid 20th century Poole Pottery tile top coffee table, inset ten tiles including Fisherman's Quay and Customs House. £0 £0
39 A mid 20th century Poole Pottery six tile Signs of the Zodiac coffee table. £0 £0
40 A 19th century oak framed country armchair with straw seat and turned cross stretcher supports. £0 £0
41 A late 19th century wooden child's articulated highchair with cut-out seat and ratchet mechanism allowing for conversion into smaller chair. £80 £120
42 A 19th century oak gentleman's shaving stand with adjustable mirror on brass support. £0 £0
43 A 19th century oak snap-top occasional table resting on outstretched tripod support. £0 £0
44 A small 19th century mahogany corner cupboard. £0 £0
45 A 19th century mahogany washstand with deep drawer and cupboard under. £0 £0
46 A French cast iron framed campaign bed with canvas sheet. £30 £40
47 A late 20th century set of seven American brass figures modelled as Musicians. £50 £80
48 A miniature apprentice piece style oak dresser. £0 £0
49 A pair of rubber relief plaster moulds for a Regal Griffin and Lion, reputedly used in restoration work on Highcliffe and Windsor Castles. £0 £0
50 A pair of Lucas car headlights together with a pair of german headlights.  £60 £80
51 A box of ladies' scarves. £0 £0
52 A large box of bric-a-brac. £0 £0
53 A school room visual relief world map by W. & A. K. Joston. £0 £0
54 A modern six string Chinese Martin Smith guitar. £30 £40
55 A large camel stool with upholstered leather seat and brass mounts. £0 £0
56 A box of china and glass bric-a-brac. £0 £0
57 A small leather seat camel stool with brass mounts. £0 £0
58 An early 20th century woollen throw. £0 £0
59 Robert Thompson: A Mouseman carved oak ashtray with carved mouse decoration. £0 £0
60 Robert Thompson: A Mouseman oak cheese board with carved mouse to handle (15 inches overall). £100 £150
61 A small quantity of various Royal Commemorative glass and china items. £0 £0
62 A Metamec quartz barometer and clock set. £0 £0
63 A Middle Eastern woven wool throw. £0 £0
64 An American leather Red Indian quiver and bow carrier. £100 £150
65 An unframed 19th century coloured print: A view in Hyde park. £0 £0
66 A Breitling watch yellow and chrome shop display stand. £0 £0
67 A miniature mahogany chest of three drawers with pillar supports and secret drawer. £0 £0
68 A miniature oak chest of three drawers with pillar supports and sliding top drawer. £0 £0
69 A collection of modern Chinese Famille Rose decorated rice bowls together with Wedgwood china leaf plates, two china pie funnels and a Bohemian glass powder bowl. £0 £0
70 EDUARDO PAOLOZZI: A rare Limited Edition moulded plastic Geometric Elephant, painted in white, designed for Nairn Floors Limited 1973. The cover lifts to reveal the space for advertising pamphlets, incised facsimile signature to lower right hind leg and numbered to base 1022/3000.   CONDITION REPORT:- Minor paint losses in parts, the lid appears slightly bowed and therefore does not rest completely flat to the top of the body. £300 £500
71 A Chenille green table cover together with a glass ashtray and two glass lustres. £0 £0
72 A brass bound mahogany writing slope together with a mahogany stationery box. £0 £0
73 A modern angle poise lamp. £0 £0
74 An early 20th century His Masters Voice oak cased record player, Model 103. £100 £150
75 A large quantity of various carved malachite ornaments. £0 £0
76 Various books including Shakespeare. £0 £0
77 A chrome plated Taittinger Champagne bucket. £0 £0
78 Blank. £0 £0
79 A 20th century laboratory microscope by Ambrose Shardlow & Co., Sheffield, Model M108240, in original wooden case. £30 £40
80 A large 19th century cushion copper framed mirror with all-over stylised leaf decoration. £100 £120
81 SNAFFLES (Charlie Johnson Payne): Framed and glazed hunting print; ''The glad throng that goes laughing along'', published April 2nd, 1913 by Messrs. Fores, 41 Piccadilly, London, the picture depicting a procession of huntsmen and huntswomen. £100 £120
82 Six various cased Folio Society books including William Cobbett: Rural Rides. £0 £0
83 A white glazed Lomonosov Russian china model of a Stoat. £0 £0
84 A collection of three cast iron American articulated money boxes, modelled as Dinah and two versions of the ''Jolly Nigger'' bank including one wearing a top hat. £0 £0
85 Geoffrey Teychenne: Framed and glazed watercolour; Stone column in garden. £0 £0
86 Seven various Wade china novelty ashtrays and pin trays. £30 £40
87 A pair of large white glazed Staffordshire pottery fireside Dog ornaments together with a smaller pair with copper highlights and separate legs. £80 £120
88 A small quantity of Royal Commemorative china items together with four silver plated items and a Shelley china scallop dish. £0 £0
88A A small quantity of postcards, collectors cards and a small stamp album and other items. £0 £0
89 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery figure group: Band of Hope, modelled as a Mother and Child waving a flag (af) together with a 19th century Staffordshire pottery figure modelled as a Young Girl in National costume holding a bird. £40 £60
90 A good quality brass and glass cased Anniversary clock with white enamel dial, decorated with swags of flowers. £100 £150
91 A Brevettato (Italy) tinplate clockwork estate car: green with 'wood' effect to sides and rear, white hubs, plated parts, opening tailgate with jerry cans to boot, steerable front wheels, circa 1948. G condition with working motor and key. Together with a Chad Valley (England) remote control car, red with tinprinted interior, includes wire and key, G motor in working order.  £50 £80
92 A 19th century black painted slate effect architectural mantle clock. £0 £0
93 Three 19th century horse brass leathers, mounted with various early horse brasses. £50 £70
94 The residue of a Royal Albert bone china tea and dinner service, decorated in the Old Country Roses pattern. £0 £0
95 A box of collectables including a 19th century silhouette frame. £30 £40
96 A pair of large 19th century Staffordshire Pottery spill vases, modelled as Cows and calves. £60 £100
97 A Chinese baluster shape porcelain vase, decorated with birds and flowers. £80 £100
98 A blue flash cut Bohemian glass basket together with a smaller clear glass similar. £0 £0
99 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery spill vase: 'Dog Tray' modelled as a Gentleman in Period costume and a dog together with a Staffordshire pottery flatback clock modelled as a Scotsman and his Wife. £40 £60
100 A pair of open twist brass candlesticks together with Eastern brass stirrups. £0 £0
101 An original Biba ladies' woollen Tweed double breasted Maxi full length coat, with original Biba label to collar. Biba was a London fashion store founded by Barbara Hulanicki in 1964. £50 £70
101A An early 20th century black cased telephone handset together with two receivers. £0 £0
102 The residue of a Noritake china teaset decorated in the 'Progression Mardi Gras' pattern. £0 £0
103 A pair of small oak framed oils on board: River Scenes together with a gilt framed oil on board; Mountain Scenes. £0 £0
104 Two leather briefcases. £0 £0
105 Various late 19th century and other china figures together with a Yardley English Lavender china soap dish. £40 £50
106 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery watch holder modelled as a Scotsman and his Wife together with a 19th century Staffordshire flatback bower ornament and two smaller 19th century flatback bower figure groups painted in colour. £40 £60
107 Four various Poole Pottery items including an Art Deco C57 glaze cigarette box. £40 £60
108 A glass topped wooden tray together with two Eastern copper salvers. £0 £0
109 Ten various white bodied Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
110 Withdrawn. £0 £0
111 A 19th century Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug, decorated with Soldier figures: The Handyman and inscribed with portraits of Captain H Lambton and Captain P M Scott (8 inches).  This Victorian jug commemorates the Boer War and the exploits of the famous Naval Brigades in the early months of the war, Lambton and Scott, Captains of HMS Terrible and HMS Powerful and since the British had no field guns that could match the Boer guns they suggested dismounting the large guns from their ships. £80 £120
112 A 19th century Doulton Lambeth stoneware tobacco jar inscribed with a long Motto about tobacco. £25 £30
113 A Doulton Lambeth salt glazed stoneware goblet, in the form of a leather jack, the body inscribed with the letter `CR` flanking a crown above the date `1646` representing the end of the British Civil war, impressed factory marks. Manufactured for Phillips, Oxford Street, London RD 84495.  £0 £0
114 A framed and glazed set of three early 20th century photographs depicting local scenes. £0 £0
115 I Kirkpatrick: A pair of gilt framed and glazed watercolours; Coastal houses at night. £20 £30
116 Two Continental Dresden style china figures modelled as Children together with a Beswick china model of a Pig and a glass scent bottle. £0 £0
117 A Carter Stabler Adams Poole Pottery square honey box, shape 941, decorated in the PE pattern by Lily Pedley. £50 £80
118 A large Royal Doulton china plate, decorated with Poppies together with a smaller similar (latter chip to rim) and a pair of African Series plates. £50 £80
119 A small cast iron cauldron with brass lid together with a pair of metal Art Nouveau twin handled vases (one a/f). £0 £0
120 Geoffrey Teychenne: Framed watercolour (no glass); Tree in field. £0 £0
121 A Cloisonne tazza, decorated with a Dragon and small stylised Flowers, resting on baluster shaped base. £40 £60
122 A very large oak cased chiming mantle clock. £0 £0
123 A hand built wooden model of a Swedish Galleon: The Wasa, a Swedish Royal 64 cannon ship, circa 1628 together with model details exhibited at the Model Engineer and Modelling Exhibition. £150 £200
124 A hand built wooden model of a WWII magnetic and acoustic mine sweeper (with electronic radio control). £120 £150
125 A collection of various brass items including two shell cases. £0 £0
126 A Lladro china figure modelled as a Young Girl holding a Dove (one finger af) together with a small Lladro china figure modelled as a Young Clown and Puppy and two other Spanish china figures. £40 £60
127 An Art Deco style bronze figure modelled as a Skater, after Ferdinand Preiss. £100 £120
128 A small Benin style bronze model of a Head. £20 £30
129 A Chinese porcelain vase with floral and insect decoration. £150 £200
130 J M Nicol: Framed and glazed watercolour; Sheep grazing in parkland. £20 £30
131 A WWII black painted metal Home Guard helmet together with an unopened Ration block, Type K breakfast unit, packed by Beech-Nut Packing Company, Canajoharie, New York in original cardboard outer (slightly torn). £60 £80
132 A shelf containing a large quantity of various silver plated items including a late 19th century three piece EPNS teaset, entree dish and other items. £0 £0
133 A metal bound grain tub. £0 £0
134 Four various miniature Eastern framed and glazed painted miniatures on bone: Scenes of Villagers and Musicians (all signed). £0 £0
135 A collection of five white glazed china Fluck & Law Spitting Image egg cups, modelled as members of the Royal Family including Charles, Diana, Andrew and two others. £0 £0
136 A bronze ornament on marble base modelled as Swimming Turtles and Fish. £0 £0
137 A Longwy style china bust modelled as a Young Female in floral dress and headband. £40 £50
138 An early 20th century inlaid mahogany bracket clock with chiming movement (16.5 inches). £0 £0
139 A Coalport bone china Tea-For-Two set decorated in a stylised leaf pattern in gold and grey on white ground together with three Dresden china small bowls. £0 £0
140 A 19th century Chinese porcelain Famille Vert vase with Lizard handles, decorated to front and reverse with panels depicting two figures in garden setting and a garden and bridge scene (af). £0 £0
140A A gilt framed triple dressing table mirror together with an Art Deco oak table lamp modelled as a Yacht. £0 £0
141 An Isle of Wight glass Lollipop vase, circa 1980's with metallic leaf greens and golds on cranberry ground together with a miniature Isle of Wight bulbous squat shaped vase and a Mdina bottle and stopper with blue ribbed decoration on mottled pink ground. £100 £200
142 A modern Wempe drum barograph. £0 £0
143 A six division silver plated toast rack modelled as Crossed Cricket Bats. £40 £50
144 A hand built competition standard wooden model of a Victorian Hearse exhibited in 1990 at the King's Lynn and District Society of Model Engineers and awarded a Certificate of Merit. £50 £70
145 A pair of large Doulton Lambeth stoneware vases with impressed Autumn Leaf decoration, impressed marks to base (16 inches). £0 £0
146 A novelty large ''LETTER'' silver plated letter rack. £40 £50
147 A framed and glazed set of four Victorian Carte de Visite portrait photographs. £20 £30
148 The residue of an extensive Royal Doulton bone china dinner, tea and coffee service, decorated in the Esprit pattern. £0 £0
149 An over sized copper conservatory watering can. £0 £0
150 An early 20th century brown leather Gladstone bag. £0 £0
151 Six various Poole Pottery vases including Aegean. £0 £0
152 An early 20th century Paragon china Wembley 1924 Exhibition souvenir lidded twin handled pot, designed by W Bradbury Pratt (some staining). £20 £30
153 A pair of Dresden porcelain figures modelled as a Scottish Shepherd and Shepherdess. £30 £40
154 A large velvet framed 19th century circular hand painted Dresden china plaque, signed to reverse and decorated with a Young Girl picking wild flowers in a field (13.5 inches diameter approx.). £180 £250
155 An early 20th century Imari china vase on wooden stand. £80 £120
156 D W Hillyard: Framed oil on canvas; Oast Houses. £0 £0
157 Four various silver plated items. £0 £0
158 Various collectables including two carved wood Anri Bar Tender figures together with a brass trivet, ivory backed hand mirror and other items. £0 £0
159 A green tinted glass carboy. £0 £0
160 James Hardy: A pair of 19th century circular gilt framed Gouache and watercolour paintings: Rifleman and Pedlar. £200 £300
161 An Art Deco bronze figure modelled as a Young Woman holding a Flower after Pittaluga. £100 £120
162 A hand painted china model of a Grotesque Bird in the style of Martin Bros. £30 £40
163 A framed and glazed print: Montserrat N.E.3 miles. £0 £0
164 A silver sugar castor (af) together with various silver plated items. £0 £0
165 Two angular Christopher Dresser style silver plated six bar toast racks. £80 £100
166 Withdrawn. £0 £0
167 A collection of various modern Wedgwood Jasper Ware items. £20 £30
168 Six various small plaster busts. £0 £0
169 A hand built model of a Regal ''Fairy Tale'' horse drawn carriage, the carriage modelled from a genuine ostrich egg shell. £0 £0
170 An early 20th century Roberts & Belk Romney Plate silver plated circular pedestal card tray in Garrard & Co. presentation cardboard box. £0 £0
171 An early 20th century Sankey & Bilston full size copper lifebuoy, numbered 17556.  A copy of a contemporary advert for a copper corrugated everlasting buoy states that it ''will float forever and carry 42lbs of iron.  You can't smash it with an iron bar'', (29 inches diameter). £80 £120
172 A collection of various early 20th century china items including a model of St. Paul's Cathedral, a band stand and a letter box. £20 £30
173 A 19th century framed and glazed watercolour: Studland (later frame). £0 £0
174 An early 20th century brass and metal miner's lamp by the Protector Lamp & Lighting Co. Ltd, M & Q Safety Lamps Type 6 together with a miniature novelty brass Davy lamp. £0 £0
175 The residue of a Paragon bone china coffee service, decorated in the Country Lane pattern. £0 £0
176 A pair of late 19th century glass candlestick lustres (examine). £0 £0
177 An Apprentice piece miniature model of an oak snap-top table. £0 £0
178 The residue of a Royal Albert bone china tea and dinner service, decorated in the Blossom Time pattern including a small hors d'oeuvre dish. £20 £30
179 An unframed Renaissance style Religious oil on canvas: The Holy Family. £0 £0
180 A stained pine planter. £0 £0
181 A 19th century Staffordshire Pottery plate with hand painted Masonic decoration to centre well and stylised leaf and fruit decoration to rim (minor hairline to rim). £30 £40
182 A Lladro china figure modelled as a Young Boy holding a hat containing Roses together with four other Spanish china figures by other factories. £0 £0
183 Five various Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
184 C. S. De Tejada: A pair of framed and glazed prints; Spanish Dancers. £0 £0
185 Three various Eastern brass door knockers together with other metal items. £0 £0
186 Three various tinplate and plastic school room globes. £15 £20
187 A pair of marble obelisks. £80 £100
188 A collection of various late 20th century Wedgwood Jasper Ware items. £0 £0
189 A Royal Doulton bone china dinner, tea and coffee service, decorated in the Pastoral pattern. £0 £0
190 An Art Deco style cold painted bronze figure modelled as a Female Dancing Flame Thrower. £150 £180
191 A mid 20th century Hornby tinplate O gauge model railway set with engine, tender and three carriages together with track in original box, the engine No. 50153 in green livery, Hornby train passenger set No. 51. £80 £120
192 Four various Queen Victoria Commemorative china items including a Cherry toothpaste pot lid. £0 £0
193 An early 20th century brass Brewers (brewery) advertising sign: Dudgeon & Co., Brewers, Dunbar.  H. O. Wills & Co. Agents by T. Cowell together with a small brass plaque inscribed ''Supplied by A. Brewer & Co. Ltd., Wilton, Nr. Salisbury. £40 £50
194 Seven various Queen Victoria related 19th century hardback books. £0 £0
195 Eight various NatWest china pig piggy banks. £0 £0
196 A box of collectables. £0 £0
197 Two white bodied Poole Pottery hors d'oeuvre dishes, decorated in the KUB pattern. £0 £0
198 A collection of ten various early 20th century china half doll dressing table dolls including some with legs. £40 £50
199 A canteen of cutlery containing a set of 24 carat gold plated cutlery. £0 £0
200 An early 20th century 8 string banjo/mandolin (banjolin) with inlaid oak case: The Bell-Tone in original carrying case. £100 £150
201 A Hornby M1 Goods train set in original box made by Meccano with engine, tender and two open trucks with rail circuit (box torn) together with another Hornby M0 Goods train set in original box with engine, tender and two open trucks and six curved rails (box fair).  £60 £90
202 An early 20th century Herbert Terry angle poise table lamp with gold and cream paint decoration. £50 £80
203 A mid 20th century cased Murano glass diamond cut vase (bruise to top) together with a similar glass vase. £0 £0
204 A collection of four various Eastern carved wood deity figures, decorated in multi colours. £0 £0
205 A Chinese blue and white porcelain stick stand. £100 £120
206 An oak cased canteen of Reliance Community plate cutlery. £0 £0
207 Howard Timmins: Tretchikoff; Large hardback coffee table book with foreword by Stuart Cloete;  publ. George G Harrap 1969, First Edition, fully illustrated with Tretchikoff's iconic artwork, original d/w (tears to d/w to edges). £100 £150
208 A gold and red painted wooden torchere. £0 £0
209 Two boxes of early 20th century postcards with postmark and philatelic interest. £60 £80
210 A WWII metal Home Guard helmet with original leather together with a leather cased kukri, dagger by G Wostenholm & Son, Washington Works, Sheffield, marked IXL in original leather sheath and a K55 Mercator German folding Cat knife. £0 £0
211 Two Jurassic Dinosaur footprint fossils in Portland Limestone, the stone slabs measuring 19 x 22.5 inches and 16 x 29 inches overall. £200 £300
212 A silver candlestick table lamp base. £0 £0
213 Nine various late 20th century Rupert Annuals. £0 £0
214 A composition table lamp base with Tiffany style leaded Dragonfly shade. £250 £300
215 A pair of Augustus Rex Dresden china candlesticks, decorated with Courting Couples in landscape on white ground with gilt highlights together with a 19th century porcelain vase, decorated with panels of flowers on blue ground. £0 £0
216 A Chinese style Cameo glass vase decorated with roses. £0 £0
217 Two early 20th century Public School/University felt Rugby caps with embroidered entwined P. H. S. symbol, one dated 1918 with wool and metal thread tassels. £0 £0
218 A 19th century postman's alarm clock. £80 £120
219 A heavy gold painted reconstituted Art Nouveau style figure after Carrier Belleuse. £0 £0
220 A pair of large Chinese baluster shape ginger jars and covers, decorated with exotic birds and foliage. £200 £300
221 An unmarked yellow metal (gold) Victorian turquoise and seed pearl set Fly brooch. £40 £60
222 An Indian brass Elephant shaped censer together with a brass figure of a deity.  £0 £0
223 An upholstered Art Deco walnut framed foot stool. £0 £0
224 A pair of Canadian snakeskin leather Cowboy boots (examine). £0 £0
225 An apprentice piece mahogany chest on chest. £0 £0
226 A large early 20th century Imari porcelain ginger jar on stand with Dog of Fo finial (af). £50 £80
227 An early 20th century Wigmore baby scale by Allen & Hambury (rusted). £0 £0
228 A Galle style Cameo glass table lamp base with mushroom shape shade, decorated in relief with Dragonflies and Foliage (damage to shade). £50 £80
229 A pair of framed and glazed Eastern watercolours: Kings and Courtiers. £0 £0
230 Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, 1965 film poster starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland, folded, UK Quad, printed in England by Stafford & Co., 30 x 40 inches, v. minor tears to edges together with a colour lobby card from the film, the Paramount Merchandising Manual and Press Book including a facsimile newspaper, 'The News Gazette Extra' ''Dr. Terror's House of Horrors Claimed as Fear of The Year'' (three tears to edges), (manual with tear to spine) and a colour booklet from the Company for Showmen containing a resume of the film, biographies of the stars and commercial press adverts. £100 £200
231 James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun 1974 film poster starring Roger Moore, Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland, folded, UK Quad, 29 x 40 inches, v. minor tears to edges together with the Exhibitors Campaign Book for the film by United Artists containing mock newspaper articles and advert block adverts. £80 £120
232 The Wicker Man, a 1973 film poster starring Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland and Christopher Lee, folded, UK Quad, 40 x 27 inches, printed by Leonard Ripley & Co. £100 £150
233 Star Wars: 1977 post Academy Awards original film poster, starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher printed in England by W. E. Berry Ltd, Bradford, folded, UK Quad, 40 x 30 inches. £200 £300
234 A double bill film poster: 'One Million Years B.C'. t/w 'She' starring Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress (1966 and 1965), folded, UK Quad, minor stain to left and right margins and v.v. minor tear to edge together with the original Warner-Pathe campaign advertising leaflet (latter poor condition). £150 £200
235 The Pirates of Blood River, a 1962 film poster, ''A daring swashbuckling adventure!'' starring Kerwin Mathews and Christopher Lee, printed in England by Stafford & Co., folded, UK Quad, 40 x 30 inches, v. minor tears and pin holes to margin. £100 £150
236 'Dracula A.D. 1972', a 1972 film poster starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, printed in England by W. E. Berry Ltd., Bradford, folded, UK Quad, 40 x 29.5 inches, sellotaped tear to lower left fold, possible trim to lower edge together with the original Press Book advertising and containing the synopsis of the film in mock newspaper headlines and advertising posters for the film together with the Colombia Warner Distributors advertising and publicity folder containing printed details of the Press Campaign for the film. £100 £200
237 The Terror of The Tongs, a 1961 film poster starring Christopher Lee, printed by Stafford & Co., Limited, folded, UK Quad (minor tears and pin holes to margin and minor holes to centre folds), 30 x 40 inches, together with a colour lobby card printed in the U.S.A. (small hole lower left margin and original lettering erased in red box) and the Colombia Films publicity campaign book including a flyer for the film (three tears to fold of campaign book). £60 £100
238 Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, three in one programme film poster, printed in England by Lonsdale & Bartholomew, Nottingham, folded, UK Quad, 30 x 40 inches, circa 1983. £100 £200
239 Dracula a 1958 Rank/Hammer film poster starring Peter Cushing (The Terrifying Lover - who died - yet lived!) and Christopher Lee as Dracula, printed by W. F. Clifford Printing Co. Ltd., Manor Road, London N16, folded, many creases and some staining to edges, sellotape and bad foxing to reverse, white paint marks on face of Cushing under right eye, UK Quad, 38 x 28.5 inches, overall condition poor. £300 £500
240 A set of twelve colour (colourised) original lobby cards from the film Dracula, a 1958 Rank/Hammer film starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, 9.5 x 11.75 inches. £300 £500
241 A four piece EPBM silver plated teaset by John Turton with engraved and chased floral decoration with Bird finials together with a pair of twin branch silver plated candelabra. £0 £0
242 Four various small metal boxes. £0 £0
243 A massive late 19th century glass dome containing a glass vase and red and yellow silk flowers and grasses on wooden base (32.5 inches approx. overall). £50 £60
244 Four various ledgers relating to a Bournemouth church, St. Ambrose, Westbourne. £0 £0
245 An early 20th century Mappin and Webb oak cutlery box with fitted interior and two drawers under (no key). £0 £0
246 A modern Jazzo clarinet in case. £20 £30
247 An early 20th century black and white family photograph album containing interesting photographs of 1920's Far East Naval/Military service and later photographs together with an early 20th century postcard album and contents (part complete) and including Shipping related. £50 £100
248 An early 20th century brass Peerless card dealer in original box. £30 £50
249 An early 20th century Dulwich College school sports cap with blue tassel inscribed to the interior J E B Cuthbert Won V Rosslyn Park 'C' dated 28-2-31 and the names of various team players all Circa 1931.. £50 £60
250 Three miniature Art Deco style china figures modelled as bathing belles. £30 £40
251 An unusual late 19th century Satsuma figure modelled as a monk wearing highly decorated cloak and holding a bowl (head re-glued) (4.5''). £30 £50
252 A miniature Royal Doulton china character jug: The Walrus and Carpenter (D6603) together with Sancho Panca (D6518). £0 £0
253 Two late 20th century Royal Crown Derby bone china pin trays decorated in traditional Imari colours. £0 £0
254 A pair of early 20th century opera glasses with white metal mounts decorated with stags and hunting dogs in original green leather case. £0 £0
255 A 19th century Cartridge maker with turned wood handle and brass mount. £0 £0
256 A Beswick china model of a ram. £0 £0
257 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre squat shaped vase decorated in the My Garden pattern, printed marks to base (4''). £0 £0
258 An early 20th century plated and hammered copper butter dish with glass liner in the Arts and Crafts style, Impressed marks HS to base. £0 £0
259 A Keswick (Keswick School of Industrial Arts) chrome metal cake slice with simple single stem flower decoration. £0 £0
260 An Arts & Crafts Newlyn angular shape copper hot water jug with wicker handle decorated to  sides with a large pelican bird holding a fish in its beak and to the front with a single fish, impressed Newlyn mark (7'' overall). £120 £180
261 A small Art Deco bronze figure in the style of Lorenzl modelled as a nude dancing female figure on turned marble base (10'' overall). £80 £100
262 A reproduction silhouette depicting a portrait of a female in period costume in bone frame. £0 £0
263 A pair of early 20th century mother of pearl mounted opera glasses in felt bag. £0 £0
264 An early 20th century crocodile leather wallet with silver mounts. £0 £0
265 An 1890 Victorian Crown. £0 £0
266 A cased set of 1902 silver Maundy money coins in original red leather presentation case. £0 £0
267 An early 18th century tortoiseshell oval snuff box with silver pique inlaid decoration to lid (af).  £0 £0
268 Two Georgian tortoiseshell miniature boxes (both a/f). £0 £0
269 An Eastern silver baton, possibly used as a camel whip, with spiral repousse foliate decoration. £0 £0
270 An early 20th century silver handled crumb brush. £0 £0
271 An Elizabethan style metal thread and velvet woven handbag on cord handle decorated with a star and crescent shaped motif and metal thread tassels attached in the Eastern manner. £0 £0
272 Two late 20th century silver plated metal models of a donkey and a fox, impressed makers marks RH within a crown to both. £0 £0
273 An early 20th century painted miniature on paper depicting a young boy in a sailor suit and another holding a bouquet of yellow flowers within Arts & Crafts style hammered silver oval frame. £0 £0
274 Treen: A pair of early wooden Scandinavian nut crackers, possibly early 19th century, with engraved foliate decoration together with an early 19th century circular mahogany framed mirror with painted seven section multi mirror to one side. £200 £400
275 Treen: A 19th century Fernware (Mauchline) covered bible with presentation inscription to inside front dated 1871, the bible containing various colour maps. £20 £30
276 A Chinese Republic ceramic figure modelled as a wood gatherer seated holding a cigar dressed in traditional costume, possibly a cigar cutter, impressed marks to base (minor faults to hand). £20 £30
277 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight modelled as an owl together with another modelled as a hen. £0 £0
278 S. S. TITANIC: An early 20th century black and white postcard depicting the S. S. Titanic in dock at Southampton, with flags raised alongside the quay with cranes and barges, postally unused. £0 £0
279 S. S. TITANIC: An early 20th century post disaster Titanic sepia tinted photographic postcard: The White Star Triple Liner ''Titanic'', 45,000 tonnes, passing Ryde Pier, April 10th, 1912.  Sank with 1,535 people off Newfoundland, April 15th 1912, postally unused, published by W. R Hogg, 3 George Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight. £0 £0
280 S. S. TITANIC: An early 20th century sepia tinted photographic postcard: The White Star Triple Liner ''Titanic'', 45,000 tonnes passing Ryde Pier, April 10th 1912.  Sunk with 1,535 people off Newfoundland, April 15th 1912, postally unused, published by W. R. Hogg, 3 George Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight. £0 £0
281 Three various silver lidded glass dressing table jars together with two lids. £0 £0
282 A pair of modern squat silver candlesticks together with other silver and plated items. £0 £0
283 A small glass claret jug modelled as a Bird with silver plated head and feet. £150 £180
284 A cased set of four silver salts with matching spoons. £0 £0
285 A silver cream jug (af) together with a silver spoon and fork, silver serviette ring and two unmarked salt spoons with gilded bowls (144 grams weighable silver). £0 £0
286 A pair of early 20th century weighted silver candlesticks with waisted stems (10 inches). £80 £100
287 A 19th century Dutch silver jug with repousse floral decoration, resting on four leaf shaped feet (310 grams). £120 £150
288 A cased Art Deco silver Christening set with engine turned decoration, comprising mug, egg cup, serviette ring and spoon. £0 £0
289 A heavy Chinese silver twin handled pedestal bowl decorated with trailing Dragon and Dragon handles, impressed makers marks to base (772 grams overall). £400 £600
290 A 19th century Pietra Dura micro mosaic inlaid shaped marble panel, the centre decorated with a basket of flowers (6.75 inches diameter overall). £0 £0
291 A turn of the century Art Nouveau French Spelter automaton desk pen tray modelled as a Dutch Girl holding a rake, the twin inkwells with foliage covered lids and one mounted with an insect which when opened operate a musical movement to which a Dragonfly moves its wings, residue of paper label to base,  Late Baker, Tro... Manufacturers Geneva (musical movement with later alterations). £150 £200
292 A heavy silver mounted mesh evening bag on metal chain with velvet lining. £0 £0
293 A collection of various silver tea and jam spoons (236 grams overall). £0 £0
294 An early 20th century good quality Indian silver dressing table set comprising powder pot, two brushes, hand mirror and comb mount, all decorated with Indian Village scenes and animals, impressed Sterling Silver. £200 £300
295 Two early 20th century silver cased dressing table hand mirrors. £40 £50
296 A collection of various silver items including serviette rings, spoons and Whisky labels. £0 £0
297 A silver model of an Indian Canoe. £0 £0
298 A large early 20th century postcard album containing an original collection from the period, of over 500 black and white postcards depicting British and German Battleships, Liners and Submarines, mainly postally unused, the collection has been in the same family for two generations and the majority of the cards are in excellent condition.  The album must contain a comprehensive view of the Fleets of the German and British Navies in the early part of the 20th century.   £1,500 £2,000
299 A Vienna porcelain plate decorated to the centre well with Leda and the Swan, signed indistinctly Latska (?), the plate highly embellished in gold with three panels to outer rim, painted with other classical scenes of people and three gold decorated medallions in the Chinese style, all on pale green ground, profusely decorated with stylised leaves and flowers, painted marks to reverse and titled ''Leda Mit Den Schwan''.   CONDITION REPORT:- the plate has been recently hung using wire wall holders and is in need of cleaning but appears undamaged (11'' diameter). £200 £300
300 A Vienna porcelain plate decorated to the centre well with Young Lovers, Cupid and Pan, signed Forster,  the plate highly embellished in gold with three panels to outer rim painted with other classical scenes of people including Leda and the Swan (replicated painting from previous lot) and three gold decorated medallions in the Chinese style, all on pale green ground embellished with gold stylised flowers and leaves, painted marks to reverse and indistinctly titled in red. CONDITION REPORT:- the plate has recently been hung on a wall with wires and is in need of a clean (11 inches diameter), the companion plate to previous lot.  £200 £300
301 A late 19th/early 20th century Chinese ornately carved ivory model of a River Boat (Junk), the open work decoration showing many figures at doors and windows and working on the top deck, a central mast and four flags mounted on original wooden base.   CONDITION REPORT:- the Vendor has recently cleaned the flags and mast which are now a distinctly white colour compared to the brown staining on the main boat.  Overall condition appears to be free from anything but the most minor chips.  The boat measures 13.5 x 7.5 inches overall excluding wooden mount. £300 £500
302 A large Japanese ivory Okimono modelled as a Traveller holding fish in his right hand and a hammer in his left carrying a basket, signed to base, the figure has been repaired but it is overall intact and complete (11 inches) together with two smaller figures modelled as a Man and a Boy holding a sack above his head and a Vendor and Boy (latter in need of repair). £200 £300
303 Two late 19th century Chinese carved ivory Okimono with gilded and painted wooden bodies (one lacking feet and hands and base the other lacking hands and base). £30 £40
304 R. LALIQUE: A shallow opalescent blue glass bowl decorated in the Bulbes pattern in a design of radiating flower bulbs, etched R. Lalique, France to centre (25cm diameter). £200 £300
305 James Fry: Unframed oil on board; Dancing Ledge (16 x 12 inches). £200 £300
306 Arthur Bradbury: Unframed watercolour; Potato gathering in the Isle of Purbeck, signed lower left A. Bradbury together with another (unsigned) Little Sea, Studland Heath (7 x 10 inches). £40 £60
307 A gent's Omega chrome cased Seamaster wristwatch on later expanding strap together with an Aureole wristwatch, a Sekonda quartz wristwatch and a Benson & Hedges quartz wristwatch. £100 £150
308 A 19th century bright cut steel belt together with a similar large belt buckle modelled as a Flying Bird with red stone eye. £80 £120
309 A 9 carat gold sapphire set rope design Cocktail ring. £60 £80
310 An 18 carat white gold emerald cut aquamarine and diamond set dress ring. £300 £400
311 An 18 carat white gold Marquise cut natural Ceylon sapphire and baguette diamond ring. £250 £350
312 A pair of white metal diamond drop earrings set with four graduated diamonds.  Size from 5 - 50 points with VS2 clarity and J-K colour (estimated). £800 £1,200
313 A Victorian gold articulated bracelet set with central carved Cameo depicting Saint George slaying the Dragon in original leather fitted case. £200 £300
314 A silver citrine set gent's ring together with another silver ring. £20 £30
315 An Art Nouveau gold seed pearl and amethyst set Suffragette pendant together with a pair of pearl set gold screw earrings. £100 £120
316 A pair of gold and amethyst set drop earrings. £80 £100
317 A small quantity of gold, silver and costume jewellery items. £60 £100
318 A 9 carat gold amethyst set dress ring. £60 £80
319 A 15 carat gold bar brooch modelled as an Arrow through two Horseshoes. £50 £60
320 Three gold and gold coloured cased glass pendants. £30 £40
321 An Art Deco white gold diamond set Henot ladies' Cocktail watch and strap. £700 £800
322 A ladies' Tissot 9 carat gold wristwatch and strap in original presentation case. £60 £100
323 A 14K white and yellow gold single teardrop shape diamond solitaire ring, approx. 1 carat, colour K - L with SI1 clarity (estimated). £500 £700
324 An 18 carat white gold diamond set half eternity ring. £60 £80
325 An 18 carat white gold diamond set dress ring (TDW 0.33 carats, estimated). £100 £150
326 Three various 9 carat gold ladies' dress rings. £100 £120
327 An 18 carat gold solitaire ring set white stone together with two 9 carat gold dress rings and another. £0 £0
328 A yellow metal carved Man in the Moon moonstone and diamond set dress ring. £250 £350
329 A 900 platinum sapphire and diamond set cluster ring. £1,200 £1,500
330 An 18 carat white gold pear shaped tanzanite and diamond set dress ring. £400 £500
331 An 18 carat gold five stone set Art Deco style diamond ring, 0.75 carat, G - H colour with SI clarity (estimated). £300 £400
332 An Art Deco platinum and diamond set cocktail watch with white gold strap. £200 £300
333 An 18 carat gold Wedding band together with a 9 carat gold bracelet with padlock mount (3.2 and 8.8 grams respectively). £100 £150
334 A three stone diamond set 9 carat gold ring. £30 £40
335 A 14K gold wedding band (4.7 grams). £40 £50
336 A silver gilt and cold painted bronze and enamel Asp Egyptian style headdress, the oval circular band with blue and white enamel decoration, each end mounted with a pair of entwined Asps (snakes), (tail of one snake a/f).  The Vendor claims a reputed association with the Actress Sarah Bernhardt who played the role of Cleopatra and a 1912 London Colosseum souvenir is included with the lot. £200 £400
337 A modern amber bead necklace together with two pairs of silver and amber earrings. £0 £0
338 A jewellery box and contents including a heavy silver bangle and various gold coloured and costume jewellery items. £0 £0
339 A small beadwork purse with gilt bar mounts on chain. £0 £0
340 A souvenir SS Arcadia brass egg timer together with a compass with folding binocular eye glasses. £0 £0
341 A Japanese Snaphance walnut shaped flintlock tinder lighter Netsuke with inlaid flower head decoration to lid in iron case, possibly 18th century. £50 £80
342 A silver backed hairbrush together with a silver handled shoehorn, mother of pearl button hooks and similar items and a Chinese mother of pearl gaming token. £30 £40
343 Five various small silver bowls and dishes together with a small 800 silver twin handled card tray (390 grams). £0 £0
344 A sterling 925 silver nut dish with fish finial and scallop shape trefoil base together with a small four bar silver toast rack (198 grams overall). £0 £0
345 A heavy silver single handle cup (175 grams). £0 £0
346 A small quantity of various silver cruet items together with a silver mounted glass swan and small elephant pepperette. £0 £0
347 A small Russian silver trophy together with coins and other items. £30 £40
348 An Eastern silver bowl decorated with animals and buildings together with a silver tea strainer and a miniature silver sofa (147 grams). £0 £0
349 A babies' silver rattle with mother of pearl teether together with a silver pusher and two other silver items. £0 £0
350 A silver lidded cut glass dressing table pot together with a pair of silver plated candle snuffers on tray, beaker and tankard. £0 £0
351 An early 20th century Continental silver and enamel powder compact, the lid decorated with Two Young Lovers in a Pastoral Scene, he playing the flute, possibly Swiss (138.7 grams overall). £200 £300
352 A Dresden porcelain model of a Lady seated in a Sedan Chair with floral decoration, crossed swords mark to base (two finials from top of coach broken). £0 £0
353 A heavy Scandinavian glass ice sculpture decorated with a Bird of Prey, indistinct signature to base. £0 £0
354 A B & G Copenhagen china model of a seated Cat (1876). £0 £0
355 A six piece Continental Bisque porcelain band of child musicians. £0 £0
356 An Art Deco Sabino opalescent blue glass model of a Bird of Prey, inscribed Sabino to base. £0 £0
357 Three Continental miniature china animal ornaments together with a green jade style miniature model of a Bear on stone base. £0 £0
358 A small bronze figure modelled as a Naked Warrior with sword to side.  £80 £120
359 A box containing a small quantity of various miniature china, glass and other items. £0 £0
360 A small Parian bust modelled as Beethoven. £0 £0
361 A 14 carat  gold (565) cigarette case, impressed assay marks and maker's mark KW with blue cabouchon stone inset to lid (128 grams overall). £1,000 £1,500
362 A collection of seven various 19th century and later Masonic silver and enamel badges and ribbons including a 9 carat gold mounted medal and a Victoria 1897 Jubilee Commemorative medal. £120 £150
363 A set of four Victorian electroplated serving spoons with chased and engraved scroll decoration together with a pair of plated grape scissors. £0 £0
364 An early 20th century bone spandrel fan with painted Classical French style decoration depicting Children on a log see-saw together with a mother of pearl mesh fan. £0 £0
365 An intricate Japanese bamboo carving in glass display case modelled as Pagodas and Trees with Flamingos in river. £0 £0
366 A quantity of various silver plated items and trophy cups. £0 £0
367 A Chinese tea tin, green painted and decorated with Chinese Characters on gold ground over No. 17. £0 £0
368 A brass Jupiter trumpet with Dennis Wick of London brass mouthpiece in modern fitted case.  £60 £80
369 A set of three early 20th century bowling woods in original canvas case. £0 £0
370 Three bowling woods in leather case. £0 £0
371 Withdrawn £0 £0
372 A split cane fishing rod by Milbro, Scotland, Model F49A in original canvas case. £20 £30
373 A Hardy Bros., Alnwick three piece split cane fishing rod with brass mounts, brass label engraved Hardy's W Fitting, Regd. 16.8.73 and Hardys Pat. Rings No. 2307 together with a modern Jarvis Walker part rod. £0 £0
374 A Native carved wood stick with carved Male head. £10 £20
375 A Native Grotesque carved wood mask decorated with large eyes, open mouth and tongue, small heads and braided hair (faults).  £10 £20
376 Two boxes of leather bound books including Scotland Picturesque. £0 £0
376A A Pietro Accordion in original fitted case. £0 £0
377 Two boxes of books. £0 £0
377A An electric Singer sewing machine model Y3659202 with case £0 £0
378 A box of Military and other ephemera together with a swagger stick. £20 £30
379 A large box of postcards. £100 £150
380 A collection of various pictures and prints. £0 £0
381 A Continental silver snuff box with gilt interior, the lid engraved with vacant cartouche, impressed maker's marks AK and head (92.3 grams). £70 £100
383 Robert Taylor: Framed Limited Edition WWII Aircraft print; Angels Three Zero, signed to margin by the artist and Bobby Oxspring (subject of the picture). £0 £0
384 A large box of postcards. £100 £150
385 A reproduction wooden Jack Daniels advertising picture together with a Weston's Cider advertising mirror. £0 £0
386 Basil Eden: A set of three framed and glazed artist's proof prints; Chinese Ring Necked Pheasant, Mute Swan and Red Grouse, signed and numbered to margin, all 4/25. £0 £0
387 The residue of a Johnson Bros. dinner service, decorated in the Snow White pattern. £0 £0
388 A box of china and glass. £0 £0
389 A small quantity of various gold metal items including miniatures and bracelets. £0 £0
390 A pair of Victorian lorgnettes with mother of pearl mount (one side mother of pearl missing). £0 £0
391 A 9 carat gold Masonic pendant opening to reveal Masonic symbols to internal segments (minor dent to base).  £80 £120
392 A silver wishbone with gilded pheasant mount together with a 19th century seal, a ring and two pairs of earrings. £0 £0
393 A late 19th century lustre Cloisonne bulbous shaped hanging vase decorated with Dragons and lustre stylized floral and insect pattern. £0 £0
394 A cased set of six 2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee gold plated teaspoons together with a set of silver metal menu holders modelled as animals and birds, two plated teaspoons, three mother of pearl teaspoons and a knife, a green stone elephant and a miniature set of Coronation jewels. £0 £0
395 A carton of collectables. £0 £0
396 A miniature bar of WWII medals including the Military Cross and a Ministry of Pensions Kings badge in original box (mint). £0 £0
397 Helen Bannerman: The Story of Little Black Mingo; publ. London: Nisbet & Co., Ltd. £0 £0
398 A box containing a quantity of various Military and Naval collectables including medals and a whistle. £50 £60
399 A silver mounted cut glass vase. £0 £0
400 An Eastern silver metal pill box with silver inlaid mosaic blue stone set lid. £0 £0
401 A leather jewellery box containing a quantity of various costume jewellery items including a rose cut diamond chick brooch and a beetle brooch. £100 £200
402 A collection of Military buttons tied together on one string with motto ''Ex Fide Fortis''. £10 £20
403 A square glass decanter with etched running Stag design and pierced silver metal mounts together with five glass tots in metal mounts and one other. £0 £0
404 Joan M Gulliford: A pair of framed and glazed mixed media paintings of Horses on wood; Hard To Find and Traffic Light, signed and dated 1938. £0 £0
405 An Arts & Crafts brass square shaped tea caddy with Sailing Ship design to front panel. £0 £0
406 A leather Gladstone bag. £0 £0
407 A pair of mid 20th century framed and glazed watercolours: Spanish Street Scenes. £0 £0
408 A late 10th century Josiah Wedgwood & Sons monochrome transfer decorated tile: April, decorated with a Girl and Boy sheltering under an umbrella together with a blue and white transfer decorated Josiah Wedgwood & Sons tile: December, decorated with a Boy and Girl, the boy holding mistletoe by a Christmas tree. £50 £100
409 A collection of various glass items. £0 £0
410 A shelf containing a quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham and other designs Oven-to-Tableware items together with Royal Crown Derby and Coalport bone china items. £0 £0
411 An early 20th century Rhino (rhinocerous) horn walking cane with 18 carat gold mounts, (possibly in two sections), gold hallmarks for 1915.  AHVLA pre-sale approval has been granted on this lot of ''worked'' rhino horn.  It would however be unlikely that a re-export certificate would be granted beyond the EU and customers outside the EU are requested not to bid on this item (33.5 inches overall). £200 £400
412 A shark's vertebrae walking stick with curved handle (36 inches overall).  £0 £0
413 A 19th century whale bone and mammoth walking cane with carved fist handle (examine), (32 inches overall). £0 £0
414 A 19th century marine ivory and tortoiseshell mounted walking cane with Eternal Turk's knot handle (examine), (31.75 inches overall). £0 £0
415 A late 19th century Chinese carved ivory parasol handle with all-over floral decoration, attached to wooden umbrella frame (36 inches overall). £0 £0
416 An eight bulb large ceiling chandelier with brass mounts and bag shaped drop lustres. £0 £0
417 A modern gilt metal framed tiered ceiling chandelier together with five matching wall lights. £0 £0
418 A collection of various pewter, copper and other metal items. £0 £0
419 A collection of various ornaments and other items. £0 £0
420 The residue of an extensive Noritake bone china tea and dinner service, decorated in the Greenbrier pattern. £0 £0
421 A mid 20th century autograph album containing a selection of various theatrical, stage and other autographs together with a selection of various Cricketer autographs including Victor Silvester, Cicely Courtnidge, Basil Radford, The Duke of Norfolk, Cardew Robinson, Max Miller and cricketers from various cricket teams including H Sutcliffe of Yorkshire, Tom Graveney of North Hants, David Sheppard of Cambridge University together with Clive Lloyd, John Arlott and E W Swanton. £200 £400
422 Kit Williams: Masquerade; a signed Limited Edition copy, 518/1,000 (slight foxing to inside of covers and browning to edges) together with the standard version of the book, publ. Jonathan Cape First Edition and a 1981 Mascarade calendar . £100 £150
423 Gerald Durrell: The Talking Parcel; signed First Edition, publ. J. B. Lippincott, signed to frontispiece ''For Nick from an elderly Uncle Gerry'' above a sketch in ink of two Owls, one asleep and one holding a mouse in its beak t/w Gerald and Lee Durrell: Durrell in Russia; signed First Edition, publ. Macdonald 1985, signed to frontispiece ''For Marg with much love from Gerry & Lee'' above a caricature of a long nosed animal by a bottle of Vodka entitled ''A Desman in distress''. PROVENANCE: Durrell family.  £30 £50
424 Beshlie: Romany Wood; signed Limited Edition 24/500 containing an original watercolour by the artist to front page in original canvas covered sleeve, publ. London: Gallery Five, 1974 . £150 £200
425 Gerald Scarfe (British, b.1936), satirical political cartoon of Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher, signed upper left in pencil, together with another similar and three coffee table books by Gerald Scarfe: Scarfe Face (signed), Line of Attack and Scarfeland.  £100 £120
426 Master Snickup's Cloak: Chronicled by Alexander Theroux and illuminated by Brian Froud; publ. Dragons World Limited 1979 together with Faeries, First Edition, by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. £0 £0
427 A small collection of children's books including Beatrix Potter; The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, publ. Frederick Warne, The Forest Peep Show, drawn by Harold Jones 1981 in original sleeve, The Juniper Tree and other tales from Grimm in two volumes, publ. Bodley Head and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland t/w Through The Looking Glass, a Random House publication in original sleeve, Special Edition 1946 and The Nutshell Library by Morris Sendak and two others. £0 £0
428 Leslie Thomas: Midnight Clear (a Christmas story); Limited Edition 242/350, signed by the Author and Illustrator Shirley Felts; publ. Arlington Books, London. £15 £20
429 Angus Wilson: As If By Magic; signed First Edition; publ. Secker & Warburg, London, 1973 with d/w. £20 £30
430 James Francis Danby (Danby Junior): Gilt framed and glazed 19th century oil on canvas; Two Masted Sailing Ship off Shore, unsigned, frame bearing title ''Danby Junr''.   CONDITION REPORT: In need of a clean and minor restoration. £400 £500
431 A collection of various autographs contained in two small autograph books together with Theatre programmes signed by Norman Wisdom, the cast of Dad's Army at the Shaftesbury Theatre, Eric Sykes and Jimmy Edwards in Big Bad Mouse, the cast of It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Tarbuck and Michael Barrymoore signed golfing programme and others, Robert Baden-Powell on Boy Scout Association note paper dated 1929 and another type written, signed in ink Baden-Powell dated 1930, the Bournemouth Football Team circa 1968/69, Queens Park Rangers Footballers circa 1970/71, West Indies Cricketers, Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd, Dick Emery and others. £300 £500
432 Queen Mary of Teck: Signed and inscribed Tucks Postcard depicting HRH The Princess Elizabeth dated 1928, inscribed ''With heartfelt thanks for your kind ''Floral Greetings'' and pretty calendar from Mary R'' in original post stamped envelope with accompanying card inscribed ''With best wishes from the Queen Xmas 1928''. £40 £60
433 Blank £0 £0
434 A 1928 Christmas Day family guest book with hand painted cover containing signatures of guests on Christmas Day 1928 at the Gillman Family home (General Sir Webb Gillman and Lady Elizabeth Gillman) including one signature inscribed simply ''Queen'' together with a fabric covered stationery folder with silk lined interior decorated with musical instruments, drapes and garlands of flowers and a desk blotter with hand painted corners on gilt wood base.  £40 £60
435 Lafayette: Gilt framed and glazed late 19th century pencil and watercolour full length portrait sketch: Mrs Catherine Rube (Mother of Lady Elizabeth Gillman and friend of Queen Mary). £30 £50
436 Two finely embroidered framed and glazed needlework pictures depicting Formal Garden Scenes, one with paper insert, inscribed ''From the Queen (Queen Mary) to Mrs Rube with best wishes Xmas 1916''. £30 £50
437 A small selection of letters from various Ladies in Waiting associated with Queen Mary (of Teck) on Sandringham, Buckingham Palace and Marlborough House headed note paper together with a small Greetings Card inscribed ''Mary R (Queen Mary of Teck) and grateful thanks for the floral greetings Christmas 1930'' (with original envelope and official stamp) and a signed card from Kensington Palace, London from Princess Alice Mary (Granddaughter of Queen Victoria) and Athlone (Earl) thanking the recipient (Mrs Gillman) for their kind thoughts on their Golden Wedding Day (circa 1954) with original envelope. £60 £100
438 A collection of six various Greetings Cards, all personally signed by Queen Mary (of Teck), circa 1920's and 30's together with a 1938 calendar personally signed by Queen Mary and dated 1938. £300 £500
439 An early 20th century silver photograph frame, possibly Sampson Mordan, inscribed 'Xmas 1916' to base with silver crown mount containing a signed photograph of Queen Mary dated 1917 and a small sheet of pale blue note paper from Sandringham, Norfolk inscribed in the Queen's hand ''So glad to hear you are better now'' and a small card type written ''With best wishes from the Queen'', the photograph card inscribed to reverse in the Queen's hand ''With best wishes from Mary R 1917 and grateful thanks for the welcome ''Greeting'' so kindly sent.  So sorry your Son-in-Law is not with you both''. £100 £150
440 A framed and glazed colour photographic print inscribed in ink and signed by Queen Mary (Queen Mary of Teck) with accompanying type written paper insert ''With best wishes from the Queen Christmas 1922''. £50 £80
441 A framed and glazed photographic portrait print of Queen Mary, framed to display at the reverse the signed dedication from Mary R (Queen Mary of Teck) dated 1934 with a section of Sandringham note paper inscribed in the Queen's hand ''and grateful thanks for the charming little calendar and pot of flowers''. £50 £80
442 Three Worcester china Menu holders from the ''Down-and-Out Men'' series introduced in 1874.  The series figures were based on down and out characters seen on the streets of London and at the table a menu card would be slung over the shoulders of each: Man with Peg Leg, Man in Top Hat and Unhappy Looking Young Man with hands in trousers (all three with faults). £120 £150
443 A Worcester china Down-and-Out Man figure Menu holder modelled as a Chinaman (see previous Lot description). £100 £150
444 A Worcester china Down-and-Out Man figure Menu holder modelled as a Man Wearing a Red Scarf, grey jacket with hands in pocket. (Ref. Lot 442) £100 £150
445 A Worcester china Down-and-Out Man figure Menu holder modelled as a Man Wearing a Hat and a Long Grey Coat. (Ref lot 442) £100 £150
446 Derek Jacobi: Framed and glazed signed Theatre poster from his appearance in Richard II by William Shakespeare at the Phoenix Theatre, inscribed ''To Anne with love Derek Jacobi'' together with another black and white signed photograph of him in stage costume. £20 £40
447 Joan Sutherland: Framed and glazed signed advertising poster, inscribed in felt tip ''Best wishes Joan Sutherland''. £20 £30
448 Placido Domingo: Framed and glazed signed publicity print together with a framed and glazed signed Royal Opera House Limited Edition presentation collage containing a genuine piece of curtain hung from the proscenium in the Royal Opera House from 1981 - 1997 together with other signatures of Opera and Ballet performers including Darcy Bussell. £30 £50
449 A pair of large French prints on board: Pupille de la Garde Imperiale: Cantiniere de Zouaves. £0 £0
450 Patrick Swayze: Framed and glazed signed and autographed publicity photograph together with a framed and glazed colour print of the Actor. £10 £20
451 William Whatley: Framed and glazed watercolour; Steam Engine and Coaches emerging from tunnel. £20 £50
452 A photographic postcard album containing railway related items together with an album of postcards. £0 £0
453 The residue of a Mintons bone china tea service decorated with flowers on white ground with blue leaf border. £0 £0
454 The residue of an early 20th century Copeland Grosvenor China pink and white glazed teaset together with glass and other items. £0 £0
455 Two ledger style school log books. £0 £0
456 Three photograph frames together with a Smiths battery operated carriage clock £0 £0
457 The residue of a Wedgwood bone china teaset, decorated in the Angela pattern together with other china part teasets. £0 £0
458 A small quantity of miniature items and cutlery. £0 £0
459 The residue of an extensive Ridgway bone china tea and dinner service, decorated in the Pavan pattern. £0 £0
460 A large framed and glazed display collage of Pheasant Feathers, other bird feathers and brass bird ornaments. £0 £0
461 A pair of modern metallic gold furnishing prints in the Art Nouveau style depicting Fairies. £0 £0
462 A 19th century porcelain dessert service comprising large tazza and eleven plates, all decorated with hand painted Pastoral and Country Scenes, painted red numerals to reverse (tazza with faults). £0 £0
463 Phyllis Sandeman: Limed oak framed oil on canvas; Still Life Fruit and Vase. £150 £200
464 Robin Davidson: Framed oil on canvas; Day Break at Ross-on-Wye, signed lower left and title to reverse. £150 £200
465 A WWI oak framed Fallen Soldier picture frame decorated with Servicemen and draped flags with angel over central vacant glazed cartouche. £0 £0
466 TAXIDERMY: Stag's Head on shield shaped oak plaque. £0 £0
467 TAXIDERMY: Indian Horned animal head on oak shield back base with brass plaque attached, inscribed ''I. H. Martin Atkins, India 1888''. £0 £0
468 TAXIDERMY: A Fox Head on circular oak plaque. £0 £0
469 TAXIDERMY: A pair of small horned skulls on shield shape oak plaques. £0 £0
470 TAXIDERMY:Impala Head on shield shaped oak plaque. £0 £0
471 A full size marble bust modelled as a Roman Emperor (damage to socle and some chips). £0 £0
472 A pair of massive cast iron Art Deco rain hoppers, dated 1939 with Royal Crown emblem to front above two scrolls (originally removed from Bovington Camp Army Barracks). £0 £0
473 A pair of 19th century cast iron roof finials. £150 £200
474 A framed and glazed Native painting on linen: Male Warriors (signed lower right). £0 £0
475 Francois Flameng: A large late 20th century framed and glazed furnishing print, signed to margin in pencil by the artist, circa 1985: La Revue. £0 £0
476 A tub containing various coins and bank notes including a 1923 American Dollar. £0 £0
477 A carton containing a quantity of various wristwatches and pocket watches including a 9 carat gold cased ladies' wristwatch on leather strap, Bulova yellow metal cased wristwatch with secondary dial, a modern Citizen Eco Dive watch and others. £0 £0
478 A Father & Son group of WWI and WWII medals awarded to Private R. J. Gwynne of the Army Cycling Corp 10818 together with two Army Cycling Corp badges, his wife's for Proficiency in Mental Nursing badge from the Medico Psychological Association together with the South East Asia 1945 - 1946 medal awarded to WO. L. R. Gwynne (1337924) RAF, in original box with presentation letter and ribbon, his dog tags and three General Service medals. £0 £0
479 A carton of collectables. £0 £0
480 A small quantity of various Military and other badges. £0 £0
481 A box of silver metal and cutlery items. £0 £0
482 A carton of costume jewellery. £0 £0
483 A tin containing three various whistles including ARP and a silver Albert. £0 £0
484 A box of coins together with badges, wristwatches and other items. £0 £0
485 A box containing various late 20th century Race Course enamel badges together with four cards of modern collector's badges. £0 £0
486 A box of lead farmyard animals. £20 £30
487 A box of coins. £0 £0
488 A carton of costume jewellery. £20 £30
489 A small quantity of various costume jewellery brooches including opal set gold coloured brooch. £0 £0
490 Four early 20th century gramophone needle tins. £0 £0
491 A lacquer box containing various modern amber jewellery items. £0 £0
492 A carton containing a silver Vesta case together with various cigarette lighters, a pair of cuff-links and a ladies' powder compact. £0 £0
493 Four sewing bodkins with bead decoration together with a button hook. £0 £0
494 A basket of coins. £0 £0
495 A carton of coins and badges. £0 £0
496 A carton of costume jewellery. £0 £0
497 A box containing various diecast vehicles including original Lesney Models of Yesteryear Series and later. £0 £0
498 A box containing various table cigarette lighters including a novelty Tiki Cricket Ball lighter. £0 £0
499 Four vintage Cricket balls. £0 £0
500 A box containing a large quantity of various tea and collector's cards. £30 £50