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Cottees Auction House, Dorset Middle Hall Collectables Tuesday 28 October 2014

Viewing Saturday 25 October 10am - 12 Noon, Monday 27 October 10am - 4pm and Morning of Sale from 9am.

The Catalogue for this sale will be online and on sale Friday Prior to Auction.

CLICK HERE FOR A SELECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS (Please Note this will re-direct you to our online bidding site - please read all the terms and conditions if you wish to bid online).


1 Barbados 1879 used SG44 wmk large star Cat £60. £4 £6
2 Cape Triangular 6d used 3 margins one repaired corner SG7a Cat £450. £5 £8
3 Cape Triangular 1863 -4 1d 3 margins except 1 small corner SG18b Cat £250. £10 £15
4 Falkland Is 1/- mint SG158 light dull blue Cat £75. £5 £8
5 Germany 1872 unused SG14a & 15a few marks on back Cat £240. £10 £15
6 Germany 1874 2.5g & 9k sound used SG29 & 30 Cat £765. £40 £50
7 USA 1882 5c mint SG211 1 shirt perf Cat £160. £5 £8
8 U S A 1873 $20 mint SG0249 Cat £1500. £100 £120
9 Virgin Is 4d good used SG15 Cat £70. £7 £10
10 GB 1855/7 4d large garter & 6d emblems used SG66 & 70 Cat £230. £5 £8
11 GB 1870 1.5d used plate 1 Cat £90. £5 £8
12 GB 1969 6d plate 8 SG109a used Cat £140. £5 £8
13 GB 1872 6d plate 12 used SG125 Cat £250. £10 £15
14 GB 1881 1/- orange-brown used SG163 plate 13 1 short perf Cat £160. £5 £8
15 GB 2.5d 1875 used SG138 plate 1 Cat £90. £5 £8
16 GB 1881 2.5d blue plate 23 mint SG157 Cat £425 few marks on back. £20 £30
17 GB 1880 2d good used SG168 Cat £100. £5 £8
18 GB 1883 set (less 6d & 9d) all used Cat £744 + 4d perfin Cat £200. £20 £30
19 GB 1902-10 5 good used Edward Stamps Cat £125. £5 £8
20 USA 1870 3c mint Cat £46 SG208. £5 £8
21 Commonwealth u/mint 1973 wedding & 1980 birthday Cat £66. £5 £8
22 Commonwealth 2 albums u/mint 1981 & 1878 Cat £90. £10 £15
23 Commonwealth 28 wedding 1981 FDC's & mscf covers in album. £10 £15
24 72 FDC's in fine album special types 9 Concorde, 14 trains & Benham silks. £10 £15
25 A collection of various albums together with various First Day Covers. £0 £0
26 Three albums containing used World Wide and Commonwealth stamps together with Postage Stamps by L. N. & M. Williams. £0 £0
27 An album containing mostly used GB stamps to include Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V and a Penny Red together with a folder of loose. £0 £0
28 Royal Mail Millennium Collection presentation box with mint unused stamps together with Royal Mail First Day Covers and a Lighthouse album containing mint unused presentation stamps. £0 £0
29 A Stanley Gibbons Saints stamp album containing GB and Commonwealth together with another album. £0 £0
30 Lifetime of Service, the mint stamp collection, the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II album together with three others. £0 £0
31 Six various stamp albums together with a collection of loose GB stamps. £0 £0
32 Great Britain.  Four Victorian surface printed stamps.  Cat. £272. £15 £20
33 Great Britain.  SG141, plates 4-17 inclusive (2 x No. 6), mixed condition, Cat. £1,420. £30 £40
34 Germany Allied Occ. SG.925a (perf.) and 925ab (Imp), both mounted mint, Cat. £180. £15 £20
35 A box containing a large quantity of GB blocks, part sheets, Penny Reds, catalogues etc. £20 £30
36 A box containing a quantity of albums, stock books (mostly empty), loose stamps, presentation packs (£33 decimal mint), etc. £20 £30
37 A box containing a large quantity of stamp albums including GB used, Channel Islands, GB mint and used 1937-2011, Canada used, Commonwealth x 2 and other albums. £0 £0
38 Blank. £0 £0
39 Blank. £0 £0
40 An art deco articulated mirror door bathroom cabinet. £10 £20
41 A Georgian mahogany bureau with four drawers under, fitted interior and brass drop handles. £0 £0
42 A stripped pine bureau with four drawers under and fitted interior. £0 £0
43 A European pine wardrobe with single drawer under. £0 £0
44 A 19th century mahogany framed wingback armchair. £0 £0
45 A miniature pine pedestal desk. £0 £0
46 A large oak sixteen drawer chest of drawers with five column front. £0 £0
47 A large tilt-top Georgian mahogany dining table on tripod support. £0 £0
48 A 19th century revolving piano stool together with an ashtray stand. £0 £0
49 A small oak Arts & Crafts style dresser. £0 £0
50 A reproduction Venetian glass mirror. £80 £100
51 A mahogany Sutherland table. £0 £0
52 An oak framed Windsor chair. £30 £40
53 An articulated mahogany library chair. £50 £70
54 A mahogany framed tub chair. £70 £80
55 A set of four white Moroso Fjord designer chairs on chrome supports. £0 £0
56 An Ercol teak dining table together with six dining chairs. £0 £0
57 A G Plan Fresco coffee table with glass top. £0 £0
58 A late 19th century mahogany Davenport. £0 £0
59 A mother of pearl inlaid Eastern occasional table. £0 £0
60 A small mahogany Sutherland table with harp supports. £50 £70
61 A late 17th/early 18th century oak ladies' writing desk resting on bobbin turned cross stretcher supports. £100 £150
62 An early 20th century oak stool with straw seat. £0 £0
63 A mahogany commode. £0 £0
64 A light mahogany pedestal desk. £0 £0
65 A marquetry inlaid fruitwood bombe front Dutch chest of four drawers. £0 £0
66 A large oak coffer with plank top, carved front and two drawers under. £0 £0
67 An Arts & Crafts iron and copper floor standing oil lamp stand. £0 £0
68 A pair of late 19th century gilt framed oils on canvas; Sunflowers together with a framed oil; Sailing Boat by the shore. £0 £0
69 A Morlands sheepskin and leather overcoat. £0 £0
70 A Gaberdine Brook Taverner raincoat. £0 £0
71 A large lacquer fruit bowl decorated in gilt with Female Oriental figures in garden setting on orange ground. £0 £0
72 A late 19th century salt glazed stoneware barrel decorated with the Royal Coat of Arms, Knights in armour on horseback and Lions restant and Bowers of vines. £0 £0
73 A pair of early 20th century Continental china models of Cockerels. £0 £0
74 An 18th century large Delft faience bowl, decorated in the Chinese style with an Oriental figure in garden setting and large sprays of flowers (riveted and af). £0 £0
75 A pair of Chinese porcelain models of Cockerels. £0 £0
76 A set of four Vienna porcelain plates with reticulated borders and simple Famille Rose decoration (examine) together with two similar jugs with beak spouts. £0 £0
77 A pair of Italian Maiolica models of Cockerels by R Passarin Bassano (Venoto), (examine, some glaze faults). £0 £0
78 An early 20th century oak desk inkwell together with other items. £0 £0
79 Four various Poole Pottery magnolia backed Delphis items. £0 £0
80 A late 20th century Italian Limited Edition Capo di Monte Florence model of a stylised exotic Flying Bird by Giuseppe Armani. £0 £0
81 A 19th century Spode Ironstone china tureen and cover decorated in an Oriental style pattern with open mouth exotic beast handles, the lid with fir cone finial (hairline to lid). £0 £0
82 A small pair of patinated Spelter Marley horses. £30 £40
83 An early 20th century large Henriot Quimper twin handled flower trough decorated with panels to front and reverse of Flemish figures, HB painted marks to base. £0 £0
84 The residue of a 19th century porcelain dessert service comprising six plates together with the residue of a 19th century dessert and tea service decorated with pink roses and two other dessert plates, decorated with insects. £0 £0
85 The residue of an extensive Coalport bone china tea and dinner service, decorated in the Sherborne pattern. £0 £0
86 Four various soft toys including a large Golly. £0 £0
87 A twin handled Royal Europe hand painted porcelain urn decorated with flowers together with two pairs of similar vases. £0 £0
88 Three Beatles LP's: A Hard Days Night, Something New and The White Album. £10 £20
89 A 19th century leather bound Bible. £0 £0
90 An early 20th century WWI period Kukri with wooden handle in original leather scabbard. £0 £0
91 A set of six Duchess bone china cups and saucers decorated in the Jacobean pattern. £10 £20
92 A hand painted French Pottery dish decorated with flowers together with an enamel decorated pottery fruit bowl. £0 £0
93 A green glass decanter together with various coloured wine glasses and tots. £0 £0
94 Eight various Poole Pottery Delphis and Aegean items. £0 £0
95 Four various modern Oriental style china items. £0 £0
96 A small oak smoker's cabinet with glass fronted door. £0 £0
97 A large Majolica single handle jug decorated to front and reverse with a bird amongst foliage. £40 £60
98 An early 20th century heavy Bakelite inkstand with facet glass inkwell. £0 £0
99 A shelf containing a large quantity of various Pendelfin rabbit figures. £30 £40
100 A Marquetry inlaid walnut writing slope with fitted interior. £0 £0
101 A box containing various dressing table items. £0 £0
102 A large early 20th century Art Deco Royal Doulton stoneware vase decorated with fruit and flowers (13.5''). £100 £120
103 An original Art Deco plaster figure group modelled as a Nude Female figure and Alsatian dog. £0 £0
104 Five various modern T G Green Clover Leaf blue and white banded kitchen ware items. £0 £0
105 A Royal Worcester blush ivory vase together with a Royal Crown Derby bone china ewer (both af). £0 £0
106 Eight various 19th century and later china figure ornaments. £0 £0
107 A collection of early 20th century ladies' evening bags, scarf and leather belt. £0 £0
108 A mid 20th century West German pottery vase together with a small similar ewer and a Poole Pottery vase. £0 £0
109 The residue of an extensive Masons Ironstone china dinner service, decorated in the Strathmore pattern. £0 £0
110 A copper punch bowl together with a copper flask. £0 £0
111 A Winstanley pottery Kensington designed model of a Cat together with a smaller Siamese kitten. £0 £0
112 A small quantity of Wizard pewter ornaments together with other figures and two pewter plaques. £0 £0
113 Four Art glass vases together with a cranberry glass decanter (no stopper). £10 £20
114 Five George Jones china plates decorated in the Our Roses pattern together with a pair of Majolica vases decorated with raised roses and lilies. £30 £40
115 A pair of Doulton silicon ewers together with other china and glass items and a tin money box globe. £0 £0
116 The residue of a Limoges bone china Art Deco style teaset. £0 £0
117 A small quantity of various china and other items. £0 £0
118 A large leather Gladstone bag. £0 £0
119 An early 20th century plaster figure modelled as a Young Woman holding her skirt. £0 £0
120 Two early Poole Pottery items (af). £0 £0
121 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery figure group modelled as a Scotsman and his wife seated above a clock face. £0 £0
122 Two Aegean Poole Pottery vases together with a Delphis fruit bowl (latter af). £0 £0
123 A large triangular shape Rosenthal plate, designed by Dorothy Hafner in the Flash One pattern together with a large biscuit barrel (af) and a sugar basin. £0 £0
124 A small Wedgwood Best Composition pestle and mortar. £0 £0
125 A large Poole Pottery fruit bowl decorated in the S/WV pattern. £0 £0
126 The residue of an extensive Moorcroft tea, coffee and dinner service, decorated in the Powder Blue design comprising 100 different pieces (examine). £220 £260
127 An onyx mounted desk thermometer and barometer set made for the Nationwide Building Society 1972. £0 £0
128 A large brass lantern clock with striking movement and cherub surmount. £160 £180
129 Three various white bodied Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
130 A 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug (converted as a lamp base). £0 £0
131 A Poole Pottery Carter Stabler Adams Sylvan green glazed small flower bowl together with a similar vase and two other items. £0 £0
132 S G William Roscoe: a framed and glazed oil on board; Dartmoor Moorland. £0 £0
133 A pair of Aegean Poole Pottery spear dishes decorated with a stylised fish and abstract designs. £0 £0
134 The residue of a Coalport bone china tea service, decorated in the Montrose Pink pattern. £0 £0
135 A shelf containing a large quantity of various Pendelfin rabbit figures. £30 £40
136 A late 19th century Adams china Jasper Ware jardiniere decorated with a scene of Huntsman and Horses in relief together with a 19th century porcelain vase (latter restored). £0 £0
137 A carved ebony wood elephant lamp base together with five graduated wooden elephants. £0 £0
138 A large glass claret jug with silver plated mounts. £0 £0
139 An unframed late 20th century Hunting print in the style of Cecil Aldin with pencil sketch title and inscriptions to mount (indistinctly signed). £0 £0
140 A white glazed Dresden china model of a Polar Bear. £0 £0
141 Three various white bodied Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
142 Blank. £0 £0
143 Three Bossons plaster face wall masks together with six various brass items. £0 £0
144 A shelf containing a large quantity of good quality silver plated items including a gallery tray, three piece Art Deco style teaset, two fruit baskets with swing handles and other items. £0 £0
145 Two blue glazed Poole Pottery dolphin ornaments together with a Royal Doultonville collection Golfer small Toby jug. £0 £0
146 A collection of various Portmeirion china pots, storage jars and other items decorated in the Botanic Garden and Birds of Britain patterns.  £0 £0
147 Three glass paperweights together with a carved Delphis Poole Pottery small bowl. £0 £0
148 An Aegean Poole Pottery spear dish decorated with an Oak Leaf together with a white bodied spear dish. £15 £20
149 Ten various china toast racks including Carlton Ware. £0 £0
150 An Early Morning Poole Pottery tea service decorated in the NN pattern together with a Freeform ashtray decorated in the UFT pattern and an NN pattern posy ring. £0 £0
151 A pair of early 20th century brass candlesticks with Griffin bases. £20 £30
152 A Paragon bone china tea and dinner service, decorated in the Victoriana Rose pattern (complete for six bar one cup). £30 £50
153 A collection of various blue and white china items. £0 £0
154 Two mid 20th century Art glass dishes with metallic inclusions together with an Art Deco glass fruit bowl on chrome base. £0 £0
155 A 19th century oak framed tapestry picture: Young Girl and Boy (later frame). £40 £50
156 An early 20th century mahogany cased chiming mantle clock. £0 £0
157 A collection of six mid 20th century Pelham Puppets in original boxes including Bengo, Baby Dragon, SS Fritzl, SL Fairy and Cowboy (latter not in original box). £0 £0
158 A silver plated six bottle cruet stand together with an egg cup stand. £0 £0
159 Three solid brass table models of aeroplanes including Concorde.  £20 £30
160 A collection of various items including an inlaid marble plate. £0 £0
161 Various silver plated vases and other items. £0 £0
162 A collection of various plastic bodied miniature dolls. £30 £40
163 An early 20th century enamel advertising sign: Pure Milk Fresh Daily. £30 £40
164 An early 20th century Bakelite cased Bush radio. £0 £0
165 Five silver handled bread and butter knives together with a silver plated dressing table mirror and two other plated items. £0 £0
166 A Goebel china Hummel figure, (1947) Friends together with another. £0 £0
167 An early 20th century Wade Art Deco figure of a Dancing Girl, Pavlova (restored) together with two similar Continental china figures. £0 £0
168 A Cobridge stoneware red glazed dish by Anita Harris, circa 2005, impressed and painted marks. £0 £0
169 A modern green glazed Poole Pottery vase. £30 £40
170 A Poole Pottery Limited Edition dish from the Sun and Moon collection, 443/1000 (25cm). £0 £0
171 A Poole Pottery Delphis bowl, shape 4, decorated in an abstract pattern on orange ground by Cynthia Bennett. £0 £0
172 A Poole Pottery Eclipse dish (25cm). £0 £0
173 A large Poole Pottery Eclipse charger. £0 £0
174 A Poole Pottery Millennium dish (25cm). £0 £0
175 A Dunn & Co. felt Bowler hat. £0 £0
176 A graduated set of five Doulton Lambeth stoneware Harvest jugs. £0 £0
177 A Japanese Famille Noir plate decorated with an Exotic Bird and Prunus Flowers together with three Art Deco items. £0 £0
178 A mid 20th century Schramberg Art Pottery vase, decorated to the front with stylised multi coloured flowers on green and blue glazed ground with carving to reverse. £0 £0
179 A pair of National Trust Poole Pottery Kingston Lacey Servant's Hall blue and white Cat plates. £10 £20
180 A reproduction Coptic style set of Rosary beads. £0 £0
181 Two Art Deco oak photograph frames together with two others and two boxes containing hand painted Danish china coasters. £0 £0
182 A collection of various Chintz China tea cups, saucers and tea plates. £40 £60
183 A box containing various postcards and other items together with Topographical albums. £30 £40
184 A good quality mother of pearl inlaid rosewood work box decorated with a pagoda and exotic bird. £0 £0
185 A set of three modern shaped plywood filing trays. £0 £0
186 An Eastern cotton smock together with two embroidered cloths and a leather handbag. £0 £0
187 John V Emms: two mid 20th century framed and glazed watercolours; Lewes Crescent, Brighton, Sussex together with Black Rock, Brighton. £50 £60
188 A 19th century circular oak cased wall clock with fusee movement, painted metal dial and convex glass front. £0 £0
189 An early 20th century cream painted angle poise lamp by Herbert Terry on stepped base. £0 £0
190 An early 20th century French Spelter figure modelled as a Young Agricultural labourer. £0 £0
191 A carved oak three legged stool together with an oak torchere. £30 £40
192 A pair of early 20th century Chinese lacquer wall sconces, decorated with Imperial figures mounted with twin branch brass sconces (later converted). £40 £50
193 An early 20th century china jug and basin set decorated with daisies on pale blue ground. £20 £30
194 A Polish Art copper tray by KGHM Miedz together with a Junghans copper wall clock. £0 £0
195 A Meccano No. 1 Construction set together with another. £0 £0
196 A pair of French faience wall pockets in the style of Galle, decorated with flowers (both badly af). £0 £0
197 An Art Nouveau style brass fire hood together with a small cast iron kerb. £0 £0
198 A mid 20th century Terence Conran Mac wood and metal angle poise table lamp for Conran Associates decorated in pale green. £50 £60
199 An early 20th century Bus Conductor's ticket machine together with three pairs of ticket clippers by Setright in original case. £0 £0
200 A box containing a quantity of early 20th century and other postcards. £0 £0
201 Four various Poole Pottery Twin Tone shell shaped dishes. £0 £0
202 A mid 20th century Russian microscope in original metal carrying case. £0 £0
203 Three various modern Poole Pottery Living Glaze items. £0 £0
204 A large Dean & Co., London Bridge silver plated biscuiteer with hinged lid and wheat sheaf finial together with a horn handled three piece carving set in original leather case. £0 £0
205 A Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky china decanter by Royal Enfield modelled as a Flower Child together with a Royal Doulton liqueur jar modelled as a Grouse from Matthew Gloag. £0 £0
206 A Lladro china figure (1535) modelled as a Young Boy sleeping holding three puppies next to a dog together with a Royal Doulton white glazed china figure: Tenderness and a Royal Worcester white glazed figure: Minnie 1929. £0 £0
207 A set of three Keele Street pottery flying birds. £0 £0
208 A William Moorcroft flared pedestal fruit bowl (af) together with a small pedestal bowl decorated in the Black Tulip pattern (small chip to base). £0 £0
209 A small Moorcroft Collector's Club vase, decorated in a Wisteria pattern, printed and painted marks to base, circa 1998. £0 £0
210 A Moorcroft Collector's Club vase by Anji Davenport, printed and painted marks to base, circa 1998. £0 £0
211 A small Moorcroft vase decorated in the Fly Away Home pattern, printed and painted marks to base, circa 2005 (with original box). £0 £0
212 A Moorcroft Pottery lamp base, decorated in an Anemone pattern. £0 £0
213 Marion Harvey: framed and glazed etching; Seated Terrier, signed in pencil to margin. £0 £0
214 A late 20th century Lladro white bisque china bust modelled as a child's head on wooden base. £0 £0
215 A Franklin Mint china pewter lidded tankard: Weinlese by Rubert Schneider. £40 £60
216 An early 20th century snooker score board (in need of major restoration). £0 £0
217 A pair of hard wood native heads together with a set of scales and two brass wall lights. £0 £0
218 A basket containing a pair of brass candlesticks, cut glass biscuit barrel and other plated and glass items including a Japanese chrome jumbo cigarette lighter. £0 £0
219 A mid 20th century Wirek (electronics) Limited record player in carrying case. £0 £0
220 A copper framed mirrored fire screen. £0 £0
221 A re-furbished dolls house, fully furnished with modern and other dolls furniture in the antique style: The Chart House. £40 £50
222 Nine various Poole Pottery Barbara Linley Adams stoneware mice and rabbit ornaments. £0 £0
223 A collection of sixteen various Barbara Linley Adams Poole Pottery stoneware small dishes decorated with animals. £0 £0
224 A Poole Pottery Barbara Linley Adams lamp base decorated with an owl and field mice together with a fox, small fawn and a puppy on a slipper. £0 £0
225 A Poole Pottery Barbara Linley Adams model of a little owl together with six other bird figures (examine). £0 £0
226 A 19th century Rosewood tea caddy with brass handle (no jars). £0 £0
227 A 19th century style onyx and brass oil lamp with glass well, painted with red and green flowers (converted). £150 £200
228 An Art Deco chrome plated Ideal Standard water heated towel rail in the Art Deco style. £60 £70
229 Blank. £0 £0
230 Blank. £0 £0
231 A reconditioned early 20th century Ayres rocking horse on trestle base together with associated child's riding boots, hat, other items and a small leather suitcase. £700 £800
232 Blank. £0 £0
233 The residue of a silver plated cutlery set. £0 £0
234 A large black painted solid concrete model of a seated classical naked female figure. £20 £40
235 An early 20th century painted bisque porcelain figure group modelled as courtiers seated around a table drinking tea (examine) together with a green glass Epergne and two Eastern wooden jewellery boxes. £0 £0
236 Three various pairs of binoculars. £0 £0
237 Three glass dressing table jars with enamelled lids (af) together with a Bruton art pottery stoneware vase. £0 £0
238 A pair of early 20th century fruit wood and glass timers together with a copper British Standard rain gauge and a pair of leather cased Carl Zeiss Field binoculars, once owned by William E Renaut of the Royal Academy of Music. £0 £0
239 A small Collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden china items including tea bag rests. £0 £0
240 A pair of German Art Nouveau style porcelain vases decorated with daffodils. £0 £0
241 Thirteen New Century Library leather covered volumes of Charles Dickens together with a 19th century book of poems by Alfred Tennyson: The Holy Grail.  £40 £60
242 An early 20th century French musical revolving cigar dispenser. £80 £100
243 A large 20th century Chinese blue and white porcelain jar and cover decorated with flowers. £0 £0
244 A violin bearing paper label to interior inscribed Michael Ange Garini, Anno Dom 1760 in case. £30 £40
245 A silver painted Perspex female shop display mannequin. £20 £30
246 A large oak cased 19th century school room clock with Fusee movement (18.5'') (recently over hauled and renovated). £0 £0
247 An early 20th century circular oak cased Smiths eight day wall clock (minor paint loss to dial). £0 £0
248 An early 20th century silver plated and leather cased glass hip flask by James Dixon & Sons. £0 £0
249 A Christopher Dresser design silver plated toast rack on four ball feet with oval base extending to seven triangular dividers, the central one incorporating an inverted triangle handle, impressed HB 2558 (18.5cm). £80 £100
250 A concave engine turned silver cigarette case (146 grams overall). £0 £0
251 An engine turned silver ashtray together with a small circular silver pin tray (99.5 grams overall). £0 £0
252 A dome topped early 20th century silver cigarette box. £0 £0
253 A mid 20th century engine turned silver cigarette case (175 grams overall). £50 £60
254 An early 20th century engine turned silver cigarette case together with another and a silver matchbook case (270 grams overall). £0 £0
255 A French 19th century fruit wood (olive wood) needle case decorated with Courtiers in a garden setting. £40 £60
256 A miniature Clichy glass circular pin tray with pink swirl decoration together with a matching miniature carafe and beaker. £30 £50
257 A small Clichy glass scent flask/bottle with silver hinged lid decorated with stylised leaves and boar poincon (8.5cm). £70 £90
258 An early 20th century brass Vesta case modelled as a Boot. £0 £0
259 A fine Clichy glass desk set in Persian decor comprising dipping pen, seal and paper knife, the blade decorated with a dancing figure and gilt outline with internal blue swirl glass decoration in original velvet and silk lined leather case fitted with two nib compartments with gilt metal handles. £200 £250
260 An early 20th century French brass and glass cased carriage clock inscribed Camerer Kuss & Co., London. £0 £0
261 A brass and glass cased carriage clock. £0 £0
262 A rare French silver A (Andre) Aucoc (1875-1911) hip flask with engine turned and crest decoration, the cartouches with engraved coronets, with detachable gilded cup to base in original A Aucoc velvet lined leather case. £250 £300
263 A late 19th century French tortoiseshell and gilt metal mounted perfume bottle casket containing four small cut glass scent bottles (af). £40 £60
264 A late 19th century carved ivory Netsuke modelled as a crouching figure holding head between their hands (engraved marks to base). £50 £70
265 A late 19th century carved ivory Netsuke modelled as a grotesque bearded figure holding a staff. £40 £60
266 A large and heavy 19th century Chinese carved ivory figure modelled as a sleeping man with hair tied back (red seal mark to base), (10.5cm). £60 £80
267 A late 19th century Chinese buffalo horn and ivory carved figure modelled as a young man playing a flute seated on an ox. £300 £350
268 An early 20th century Chinese carved ivory small figure group, modelled as a man being carried in a rickshaw by two men, a dog peering from behind (signed to base). £40 £60
269 An early 20th century small carved ivory jewellery box, the lid decorated with a playing card featuring the King of Spades, the sides decorated with card suite emblems together with an early 20th century turned ivory opener. £10 £20
270 A group of WWI medals relating to HMS Invincible, awarded to William George Downer, comprising the 1914-15 Star and two General Service medals awarded to K18666 W G Downer, First Stoker, Royal Navy on HMS Invincible who was aboard the ship when it was sunk and includes his bronze Death plaque, a mounted souvenir of HMS Invincible being a piece of shrapnel from the boat, the base inscribed HMS Invincible December 8 1914 Battle off Falklands, a small silver HMS Invincible anchor shaped sweetheart brooch, a postcard of the ship ablaze in the Battle of the Falklands and a brass Queen Mary tin.  The Lot also includes the Victoria Long Service and Good Conduct medal awarded to Uriah Downer, Leading Stoker on HMS Victory and reputedly William's Father. ( The Lot also includes a book by Arthur J Marder: From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow, Volume III). £0 £0
271 A collection of various WWII German Nazi and other cloth badges together with a 1939 German Nazi War Service medal on original black, white and red ribbon. £0 £0
272 A Diecast Czechoslovakian model of an 8 ton German tank 'Praga' by TNHP. EX (Czech) together with another modelled as a German armored car (both on detached wooden bases). £0 £0
273 A silver rimmed Doulton Lambeth stoneware beaker decorated with wassailing scenes. £30 £50
274 An early 20th century Italian Molaroni Pesaro small three footed faience garland decorated bowl (two feet re-glued), painted marks to base. £0 £0
275 A 1960's Japanese desk cigarette lighter modelled as a Wago outboard motor. £10 £20
276 A facet cut glass paperweight inscribed 'The Salvation Army Blood and Fire' with Crest to base. £0 £0
277 Five various silver serviette rings together with a silver pin cushion and a ladies' black bead covered purse. £0 £0
278 A pair of early 20th century German porcelain figures modelled as Flower Sellers (examine). £0 £0
279 A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery pink glazed raised bead decorated jug with flower decorated handle. £0 £0
280 A Beswick china Beatrix Potter figure modelled as Mrs Tiggy Winkle (early silver marks). £0 £0
281 A Beswick china Beatrix Potter figure: Timmy Tiptoes together with another Appley Dapply. £0 £0
282 A French Art Deco Louis Dage signed pottery vase decorated with a blue branch of fruit and leaves. £40 £60
283 A miniature cold painted bronze model of two playful dogs. £0 £0
284 A small twin handled silver trophy cup (139 grams). £0 £0
285 An early 20th century silver plated ink stand with two glass bottles and central lift-top stamp box. £0 £0
286 A pair of small weighted silver vases together with a modern silver plated Highland Quaich. £0 £0
287 A small Japanese porcelain vase decorated with Mount Fuji, made for the NYK Shipping Line (printed red character marks to base). £0 £0
288 Thomas Hardy (autograph): Far From The Madding Crowd; publ. Macmillan & Co. 1913 (Wessex Novels Edition Volume II), signed in black ink to frontispiece: 'In the cause of our defenders.  Thomas Hardy.  August 1915', (pp. 476, with map and list of Macmillan novels to rear), original blue cloth binding. This rare inscribed volume most probably refers to soldiers serving in WWI and could have been offered as a prize. £0 £0
289 Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of The Baskervilles, publ. George Newnes, 1902.  First Edition. First edition in book form after the serial publication in the Strand magazine.  Page 13 printed with error 'Glad to meet you, Sir.  I have heard you name mentioned in connection with that of your friend'.  Original red cloth, gilt stamped design with black silhouette with the Hound, signed AGJ (Alfred Garth Jones).  Minor bumps and tears to corners of spine with slight fading of red to spine.  Slight foxing and dust covering to sides and top.  Complete with all illustrations. A good example of this rare book. £800 £1,000
290 An early 18th century small leather bound Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, newly translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.  By His Majesty's Special Command.  Appointed to be read in churches.  Publ. Oxford: printed by the University printers 1711 bearing ink written inscriptions of three original owners: Mary Ransom her book Anno Dom. 1711, John Warne 1724 and Mary Anne Brockway 1796, leather bound with metal clasps. £0 £0
291 A French Art Nouveau style pair of silver plate handled salad servers with floral decoration together with a matching carving knife and fork and a pair of matching fish servers. £20 £40
292 An early 20th century Art Deco souvenir butterfly wing compact, the lid decorated with HMS Dorsetshire together with another Art Deco powder compact, silver medal awarded in the Canal Area Winners Hockey League 1923 - 24 by the Egyptian Command Group Championship to BOR.CB Butler RFA, the reverse decorated with a sphinx together with a mounted Victorian silver Crown, British Columbia proof Dollar, silver dog tag, bracelet and a silver plated engraved plaque. £40 £60
293 An early 20th century Garrard & Co. CBE enamel medal on original purple and red striped ribbon in fitted leather case inscribed CBE.MILY. £0 £0
294 Two resin Scrimshaw whale's teeth decorated with the Royal George and the ship Tamar. £0 £0
295 A large antique style wine goblet with blown hollow stem containing a Georgian silver 3d coin. £60 £70
296 A pair of reproduction ale glasses with hollow blown stems containing Georgian silver 3d and 2d coins in the Georgian style. £60 £70
297 A late 19th century engraved Masonic wine goblet inscribed William Anderson Esquire, Brighton 1887 with fern, stag and swan decoration to bowl, the base inscribed TWA Newcastle on Tyne together with a square and compass with central C. £60 £70
298 A hobnail cut 19th century glass rummer on stepped square base. £40 £50
299 A French glass flask with painted Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus decoration to front and floral sprigs to sides and reverse. £20 £40
300 A large 19th century wood and horn powder flask with turned wooden screw handle and metal shot dispense. £0 £0
301 A 19th century leather and brass powder shot flask. £0 £0
302 An unusual animal claw handled button hook with plated mounts inscribed WVOH Pontrilas, 16.8.20 together with a leather and silver plate mounted riding whip with animal claw handle set with eyes to form a grotesque face. £50 £60
303 A Beswick china Whisky flask modelled as an Osprey for Beneagles Whisky with contents. £0 £0
304 A Royal Crown Derby bisque china model of a Robin in original presentation box. £0 £0
305 A hammered silver goblet together with two matching white metal goblets (unmarked and not tested) £0 £0
306 A plain silver photograph frame together with a novelty silver photograph frame decorated with a girl, crowned frog and castle. £0 £0
307 An Art Deco silver and faux tortoiseshell dressing table set comprising:- four brushes, hand mirror and comb. £0 £0
308 A mid 20th century ladies' presentation dressing table set comprising scent bottles, powder compact, lipstick container and other items bearing labels inscribed Cafe Society. £0 £0
309 A French gilt bronze three piece dressing table set with inset Sevres style plaques decorated with figures in period costume dress, inscribed Luger. £50 £80
310 A Sevres porcelain plate with Art Nouveau style female figure decoration to front of a young girl in blue dress laying among apple branches with gilt border on white ground. £0 £0
311 A 19th century three drawer wood and brass telescope by Harris & Son, London, Day and Night (examine). £0 £0
312 A heavily weighted Art Deco silver powder pot with hinged lid (marks rubbed). £0 £0
313 A twin handled early 20th century silver trophy cup inscribed with various winners of a ' Boy Scout' award. £150 £160
314 A small silver cigarette case together with other silver items (222 grams). £0 £0
315 A small quantity of various silver cutlery items including ladles, dessert spoons and teaspoons (589 grams overall). £150 £200
316 A silver cigarette case together with a Vesta case and a fob chain (186 grams overall). £50 £60
317 An early 20th century green enamel London Transport Green Line Bus Stop E plate, numbered 707/717. £0 £0
318 A London Transport enamel coach stop E- PLATE for Green Line Route 701. Excellent ex-use condition. £90 £120
319 A collection of various early 20th century and later bus tickets. £0 £0
320 A collection of various early 20th century and later Railway tickets. £0 £0
321 An album containing a collection of early 20th century and later Railway platform tickets (105). £0 £0
322 A box containing a collection of various Railway related books and ephemera. £0 £0
323 A pair of WWII General Service medals together with a Military whistle on leather strap. £0 £0
324 A carton containing silver bladed mother of pearl fruit knife together with another and other items. £0 £0
325 A silver cigarette case together with a silver gilt cheroot holder case, amber and gold mounted cigarette holder and a silver teaspoon. £0 £0
326 A small collection of various badges, watches and other items. £0 £0
327 A collection of costume jewellery including 9 carat gold cased watch and other items. £50 £60
328 A pair of Eastern gold earrings. £0 £0
329 A 9 carat gold Wedding ring (2.5 grams) together with a diamante set clasp. £0 £0
330 A pair of 9 carat gold cuff-links together with two costume pairs of cuff-links (14.7 grams). £0 £0
331 A 9 carat gold cased open faced pocket watch. £150 £200
332 An early 20th century West End Watch Company Sillidar Military wristwatch on leather strap (af). £30 £40
333 A collection of various wristwatches and pocket watches. £50 £60
334 A three strand pearl necklace together with a single strand necklace. £0 £0
335 A heavy 9 carat gold fob chain and bar set with a mounted 1894 gold Sovereign (79.6 grams overall). £700 £800
336 A 1914 half gold Sovereign in 9 carat gold mount (6 grams overall). £80 £120
337 An 18 carat gold bracelet together with a diamond set 18 carat gold dress ring (11.5 grams overall). £160 £180
338 A 9 carat gold St. Christopher medallion on 15 carat gold chain (14.3 grams overall). £80 £120
339 Four various 9 carat gold bracelets and necklace together with a 9 carat gold shield shaped fob (81.6 grams). £0 £0
340 A large gent's 9 carat gold signet ring together with a diamond solitaire set 9 carat gold signet ring and a ladies' 9 carat gold emerald and opal set dress ring (18.6 grams overall). £0 £0
341 A 9 carat gold ladies' Cyma wristwatch on 9 carat gold chain (18 grams overall). £0 £0
342 A small quantity of various 9 carat gold jewellery items (5.9 grams overall).  £0 £0
343 A 9 carat gold ladies' dress ring set solitaire white stone.  £0 £0
344 A pair of 10 carat gold cuff-links (5.9 grams).  £0 £0
345 An 18 carat gold ladies' dress ring together with a thin gold chain (6.3 grams overall). £0 £0
346 A pair of 9 carat gold cuff-links together with a signet ring and a tie clip (13.6 grams).   £0 £0
347 A 9 carat gold bracelet (6.7 grams).  £0 £0
348 A 22 carat gold Wedding ring (5.8 grams). £0 £0
349 A 9 carat gold bangle (8.4 grams).  £0 £0
350 A red amber style bead necklace together with two other necklaces, a blue enamel butterfly brooch (minor af) and other costume jewellery (amber not tested). £40 £60
351 A ladies' Art Deco bead work evening bag with plated mounts. £20 £30
352 A gent's Swatch chronograph wristwatch (Model SR936SW).  £0 £0
353 A collection of costume jewellery and wristwatches.  £0 £0
354 A box containing old watches and watch parts. £0 £0
355 A box containing a quantity of old watches and watch parts. £0 £0
356 A box of collectables including car badges. £0 £0
357 Various boxes containing a large quantity of pre 1921 silver and later coins. £0 £0
358 A 19th century Nanking porcelain blue and white china side plate decorated with an urn in garden setting. £0 £0
359 A tin containing various fountain and other pens. £0 £0
360 A small quantity of various Greetings cards. £0 £0
361 A carton of collectables. £0 £0
362 A Continental (Dutch) silver metal handbag holder together with a vintage leather purse and a pair of horn lorgnettes. £20 £30
363 A Dinky Toys diecast Conveyancer fork-lift truck in original box. £0 £0
364 A set of four early 20th century framed and glazed silhouettes by H L Oakley, The Pier, Llandudno. £0 £0
365 Blank. £0 £0
366 A jewellery case containing a small quantity of costume jewellery. £0 £0
367 An early 20th century Meerschaum pipe with amber style stem together with another with amber effect stem, two others and a leather tobacco pouch. £0 £0
368 An early 20th century china dressing table half doll with separate arms attached to original pin cushion with composition legs together with a small unframed Victorian engraving. £20 £30
369 A collection of various  Wade Whimsies china Disney, Nursery Rhyme and other figures. £20 £30
370 A large collection of various Wade Whimsies miniature china animals. £20 £300
371 A large collection of various Wade Whimsies china miniature animals. £20 £30
372 W Britain: a boxed set of five Britain's Crimean War Series cold painted lead soldiers and horses. £0 £0
373 A large leather jewellery box and contents. £0 £0
374 A collection of various miniature dolls, an Art Deco silk black and white checkered Pierrot scarf and other items including a bead work collar and purse. £0 £0
375 An early 20th century postcard album containing a large quantity of unsorted postcards including Topographical, WWI and others. £50 £60
376 A box of ephemera including early 20th century letters from Australia. £0 £0
377 A small quantity of miniature animals including a small Plichta rabbit.  £10 £20
378 A small tub of silver coins. £60 £80
379 A carton of wristwatches. £0 £0
380 A carton containing Parker pens and ballpoint pens. £0 £0
381 A collection of seven miniature carved wood models of Cattle. £0 £0
382 A carton of various Military badges and buttons. £0 £0
383 A small tub of costume jewellery. £10 £20
384 A box of coins.  £0 £0
385 A box containing cigarette lighters and other smoking related items. £0 £0
386 A box containing various silver topped glass jars and other items. £0 £0
387 A box containing drawing sets, pens and other items. £0 £0
388 A small collection of postcards. £0 £0
389 A carton containing fountain pens, pen knives and other items. £0 £0
390 A box of collectables. £0 £0
391 Five vintage glass marbles. £20 £30
392 A small tub of coins. £20 £30
393 A small tub of drawing instruments. £10 £20
394 A box of collectables including cigarette cases and Vestas. £0 £0
395 A box of collector's cards together with a pack of View of Swanage. £0 £0
396 A box containing a collection of various car badges and other items. £0 £0
397 A box of coins. £0 £0
398 A collection of various surgical instruments. £30 £50
399 A tin of brass and other metal items. £0 £0
400 A small collection of various model cars in original boxes together with three Weird-Ohs Car-Icky-Tures in original unopened boxes. £0 £0
401 Graham Clilverd: framed and glazed watercolour; The Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham Road, London.  The reverse of the painting has a card attached bearing a large number of signatures reputedly of staff from the Royal Marsden Hospital circa 1960's together with a framed and glazed black and white photograph of Queen Elizabeth II visiting the hospital in the company of Mr E F Simmonds, circa 1963, the reverse bearing a colour snapshot of the Queen at the bedside of a patient. £50 £80
402 A 1937 Coronation souvenir book together with a ticket to the Constitution Hill stands for the same Coronation, Price 15/-. £0 £0
403 A box of collectables. £15 £20
404 A stainless steel hip flask with combined cigar holder together with a bag of coins and collector's cards. £0 £0
405 A Crummles enamel pot together with other similar items. £0 £0
406 Hamish Murray: a pair of framed and glazed prints: Bird subjects together with an unframed black and white print. £0 £0
407 Four various Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
408 The residue of a Poole Pottery Desert Song coffee service. £0 £0
409 The residue of a Losol Ware blue and white dinner service decorated in the Shrewsbury pattern. £0 £0
410 Two Limoges china plates together with other items including two framed pictures. £0 £0
411 Six various Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
412 A Poole Pottery Waddington bowl decorated with playing card motifs. £0 £0
413 Sir Frank Short: framed and glazed etching; Bosham Quay. £0 £0
414 Six various Poole Pottery items. £0 £0
415 The residue of various china teasets together with a framed and glazed photograph of Young Children. £0 £0
416 A collection of various china items. £0 £0
417 A cased set of silver plated teaspoons together with others and a fish knife and fork set. £0 £0
418 A small collection of Royal Worcester china Fairy plates with certificates. £0 £0
419 A large white glazed Poole Pottery Dolphin together with two blue glazed Seals and a small Dolphin. £0 £0
420 B Morley: framed oil on canvas; Temporary Military lifting bridge and tank. £0 £0
421 A large Midwinter Rural England blue and white china meat plate together with a Delft style charger, Royal Doulton Dickens blue and white plate, two meat plates decorated with Sailing Ships and an Ivorex plaque. £0 £0
422 A 2004 British Airways Concorde calendar together with a Concorde New York to London menu, souvenir keyring, British Airways pen set in case and two other items. £0 £0
423 A small quantity of various Portmeirion Botanic Garden china items. £0 £0
424 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery spill vase modelled as a Male figure holding a flute with a young girl and two dogs to his side together with a Sylvac wounded dog (1433) and a pair of green glazed vases decorated with daffodils. £0 £0
425 A collection of various china items including a large vase and Imari china. £0 £0
426 Elementary Wood Carving: an illustrated folio by W H Batho. £0 £0
427 Blank. £0 £0
428 Six Poole Pottery beach hut plates together with a large matching fruit bowl, two other Poole Pottery plates and the residue of a Royal Doulton Sonnet bone china teaset. £0 £0
429 Two Poole Pottery Carter Tiles ashtrays together with three blue glazed flying bird ornaments. £0 £0
430 A collection of various modern bone china items in the antique style. £0 £0
431 A collection of various Portmeirion Botanic Garden china large plates and dishes together with a casserole. £0 £0
432 Seven various Poole Pottery shell shaped pots. £0 £0
433 An early 20th century Egyptian applique door frame wall hanging, decorated with ancient Egyptian figures. £0 £0
434 A fur coat together with a fur bag and hat. £40 £60
435 A Japanese Ibanez six string Spanish guitar in carrying case (with Capo). £0 £0
436 A vintage, possibly 19th century, farming hay fork together with another long handled farming implement. £0 £0
437 A pair of long handled butterfly nets. £0 £0
438 Two vintage ladies' blouses together with a dress. £30 £40
439 Three early 20th century child's cotton dresses. £20 £30
440 Sally Maltby: eight various framed and unframed original oil and watercolour paintings. £0 £0
441 Louise Roi: a late 19th century gilt framed oil on canvas: side portrait of a Young Girl with red hair wearing blue dress (pre-Raphaelite style), (original fame). £200 £300
442 B N (Nicholas) St. John Rosse: gilt framed mid 20th century oil on canvas; Young Girl in mini dress seated on sofa with Spanish guitar at her side. £200 £300
443 A box of late 20th century postcards and other items. £0 £0
444 Sally Maltby: a set of four framed and glazed modern watercolours; Gaudi, scenes from Park Guell. £0 £0
445 Sally Maltby: three large framed and glazed watercolours; Architectural subjects together with another; Spiral staircase by bamboo plants. £0 £0
446 A late 19th century American wall clock with painted glass door. £0 £0
447 J Grainy: framed oil on board; The Harbour Master's Point at West Bay, Bridport. £0 £0
448 Francis Russell Flint: framed and glazed watercolour; The Aged Lock Gates, Chatillon-Sur-Loire, signed lower left and inscribed in pencil with title and artist's signature to reverse (son of Sir William Russell Flint). £100 £200
449 Arderne Clarence: framed and glazed small watercolour; Seascape together with two other watercolours. £0 £0
450 A framed and glazed set of three early 20th century prints of Lyme Regis scenes. £0 £0
451 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century gilt framed and glazed oils on board: Dog portraits (unsigned). £0 £0
452 Francis Russell Flint: a large framed and glazed watercolour; ''Zahara-Southern Spain-Late Summer'', signed lower left and inscribed in pencil with title and signature on small card to reverse (son of Sir William Russell Flint). £150 £200
453 An early 20th century black crepe silk beaded cocktail dress with feather trim collar. £20 £40
454 TAXIDERMY: early 20th century glass cased Pike in naturalistic underwater setting. £0 £0
455 Johann Baptist Homann: framed and glazed 18th century map; Hibernia (later frame). £0 £0
456 Matthaus Seutter: framed and glazed early 18th century map; Sicilia and Insula Sardinia. £0 £0
457 A Thorburn: a pair of framed and glazed Bird prints; Great Bustard and group of Sea birds. £0 £0
458 Reuben Ward Binks: oak framed and glazed watercolour; Alsatian Celebrities 'Michael' and 'Helen of Kerne', signed and dated lower right R Ward Binks 1922. NB. Helen of Kerne was shown at Crufts in 1922 by Miss W Curtis. £0 £0
459 Reuben Ward Binks: oak framed and glazed watercolour; Ruth and Reflex of Addlestone (head portraits of two Afghan Hounds), signed and dated lower right R Ward Binks 1922.  £0 £0
460 A set of three large pale green glazed Italian jardinieres decorated with blossom and daisies together with another. £0 £0
461 R Mackey: a set of five late 20th century framed and glazed watercolours; Sea Birds and Wildfowl subjects. £0 £0
462 Six various Poole Pottery Delphis items including two shape 32 vases. £0 £0
463 A tray of various Wade Whimsies miniature china animals including tortoise together with six various leather bound books. £0 £0
464 Twelve various 18th and 19th century leather bound books. £0 £0
465 A 19th century brass and copper cased projector. £100 £120
466 A brass preserve pan together with a brass tray. £0 £0
467 A pair of gilt wood wall brackets together with a four branch brass candelabra. £0 £0
468 Nine various Pilkingtons calendar tile teapot stands together with two boxes of tiles decorated with country cottages. £0 £0
469 A pair of large carved African native hardwood busts.  £40 £60
470 A porcelain head Japanese doll and miniature folding screen in glazed cabinet. £20 £30
471 A pair of early 20th century industrial style ribbed glass ceiling light shades in metal frames. £0 £0
472 An album containing a quantity of RAF and aeronautical ephemera. £0 £0
473 A collection of early and modern Copeland Spode Italian blue and white china items. £0 £0
474 An early 20th century Japanese Katana with snakeskin (shagreen) and taut woven handle in original scabbard.  This Lot is accompanied with a Certificate of Retention, issued to LAC ED Clark (1698071) in 1946 as a legitimate souvenir, signed and dated. £0 £0
475 Five various Poole Pottery Delphis items. £0 £0
476 Seven various glass and resin paperweights. £0 £0
477 An early 20th century Remington typewriter together with four bowling woods. £0 £0
478 A box of china. £0 £0
479 A box of unframed prints. £0 £0
480 A brass Courage advertising fire screen together with various cast iron fireside implements. £0 £0
481 A box of china table ware. £0 £0
482 A set of three early 20th century framed Chinese reverse glass paintings: Young Females in interior settings with open balconies to rear, all contained in original lacquer frames. £0 £0
483 A box of stoneware and glass bottles. £0 £0
484 A box of china and glass. £0 £0
485 Two Boxes of books. £0 £0
486 A Pentax camera together with a pocket disc camera and other items. £0 £0
487 An early 20th century Singer 99K electric sewing machine in original case together with a portable typewriter. £0 £0
488 A framed and glazed 19th century pastel: Two Young Women. £0 £0
489 A leather suitcase containing a small quantity of books. £0 £0
490 Two framed and glazed sets of cigarette cards together with a reproduction metal advertising signs. £0 £0
491 A box containing a very large quantity of various buttons. £0 £0
492 A box containing various Citadel miniature figures and other items. £0 £0
493 A box containing a model racing car kit; Maclaren Super Car. £0 £0
494 A box containing a large quantity of modern Star Trek collectors items: The Official Star Trek Model Collection. £0 £0
495 Two boxes of good quality linen. £0 £0
496 A box of knitting patterns, sewing items, a large doll etc. £0 £0
497 Blank. £0 £0
498 Four various framed and glazed pictures including an 18th century black and white engraving. £0 £0
499 A large box of books. £0 £0
500 A mid 20th century Military 'The Army' oak trouser press by Stewarts Clothiers. £0 £0
501 A large box of silver plated items. £0 £0
502 A box of hand puppets. £0 £0
503 A large box of assorted cutlery. £0 £0
504 A box of metal cake moulds. £20 £30
505 A small box of silver plated items. £0 £0
506 Two framed oleographs. £0 £0
507 A large amount of boxed and other 78 rpm LP records. £0 £0
508 A box of bric-a-brac. £0 £0
509 The residue of a plant Tuscan china tea service decorated in a floral spray pattern. £0 £0