Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 05 May 2018

Date: 5th May 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & General Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.


Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 A boxed Lladro Figure: Ramos de Primavera. £55
2 A boxed Lladro figure: For a Perfect Performance. £85
3 A Poole Pottery Delphis vase. £45
4 Three Doulton figures including “The Orange Lady”, "Schoolboy Bunnykins”, “Cobbler” and two other items. £50
5 A mahogany writing slope and tea caddy. £40
6 Lladro: Young girl with baby, Young girl with fruit, Younger girl with cat, boxed. £55
7 A vintage 1960's Dansette Popular record player. £0
8 A quantity of Poole Pottery items. £45
9 A mixed lot of glass, silver plated items and boxes. £0
10 A vintage Morphy Richards Heat Controlled Atlantic iron from 1964 with original box together with a vintage 1960's Russell Hobbs K2R electric kettle. £0
11 A large Oriental blue and white jardiniere. £25
12 Five pieces of Dea Leach Pottery in blue glaze. £15
13 A quantity of Johnsons Historic American china to include Thanksgiving plate, Virginia, New Orleans and Massachusetts. £35
14 A late 1940's enamel Fallout Shelter sign. £100
15 Two barometers together with a wooden tray. £25
16 The residue of a Susie Cooper dinner service. £0
17 China and glass to include Wedgwood. £25
18 A quantity of china. £0
19 A Wade mid 20th century Mickey Mouse money box together with a bust and small wooden lion. £0
20 A large Chinese pot (no lid). £0
21 A mahogany and mother of pearl inlaid small cabinet. £30
22 A quantity of Poole Pottery BLA plates, some animals and other china/glass. £45
23 A Moccasin Agency metal plaque. £35
24 A late 19th century silver plated Art Nouveau centrepiece after W M F, resting on a mirror plateau. £0
25 A brass plant pot. £55
26 A Wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine. £60
27 A small quantity of Shelley and other china. £30
28 Lladro: Children, organ player, flower seller, milk maid, water carrier, boxed. £50
29 A quantity of Bunnykins: Doctor Bunnykins (af), Tourist, Seaside, Judge, Nurse, Firefighter, Mystic, Sightseer, Gardener, Fisherman and Lawyer. £65
30 A quantity of Poole Pottery preserve pots (af). £30
31 An Arthur Price of England cutlery canteen. £55
32 A collection of Royal Doulton Pooh Bear figures. £140
33 A quantity of pestle and mortars. £0
34 A china Lobster plate together with some umbrella handles. £25
35 Wade: Hare collectables with boxes. £65
36 Lladro: Nuns and girl with three other similar (not Lladro). £0
37 A quantity of collectables, Murano glass etc. £20
38 A pair of cream coloured jugs, embossed with flowers (9 inches high). £0
39 A quantity of Wedgwood items. £0
40 A quantity of Poole Pottery preserve pots and biscuit barrels etc. £80
41 A collection of wooden items. £20
42 A Regency Rosewood writing slope with mother of pearl inlay. £0
43 Five Poole Pottery animals. £50
44 A Staunton style chess set (one black rook missing) together with chess board. £30
45 Seven Poole Pottery animals including two dolphins and a whale. £55
46 Two pairs of early cased spectacles, a small leather purse and a signed print of a female lion. £0
46a China and glass to include Shelley. £70
47 A brass bowl together with two blue glazed plates in the oriental style. £0
48 A collection of brass and copper, lamp, coffee pots, etc. £0
49 Two sets of silver plated fish knives and forks, boxed. £40
50 Three vases decorated in floral design together with a red pattern design glass lidded pot. £40
51 Three Leach pottery brown glazed bowls. £30
52 A Mappin and Webb large wooden box of cutlery (some missing). £110
53 Six Poole Pottery animals. £50
54 The residue of a Paragon Rockingham tea set/ Susie Cooper residue. £100
55 A quantity of Poole Pottery. £80
56 A quantity of Wedgwood Jasper ware. £40
57 A quantity of green Poole Pottery animals and mammal. £25
58 Three railway/shipping lamps. £40
59 Five Barbara Linley Adams Poole Pottery animals. £60
60 Lladro: Girl with lamb in arms, boy in waders, young girl, two swans, no boxes. £50
61 Two pot lids (af), a silver pepperette, a pewter tazza and three other items. £20
62 Poole Pottery: An Eclipse dish designed by Alan Clarke, 10” diameter. £25
63 A Mauchline ware money box, a leather jewellery box and two other boxes. £0
64 A quantity of metalware with a writing slope and decorative box. £20
65 Two pieces of Sylvac. £30
66 A collection of Treen items together with a wooden rule. £30
67 A mixed lot of collectables including an oak book slide, two desktop pen holders, etc. £0
68 Two vintage telephones in cream and red. £0
69 An American style cast iron coin bank and a trivet. £0
70 Two amp meters and a microscope, in a wood box. £0
71 A quantity of knitting needles in wooden boxes. £0
72 A Howells stick with a copper coal scuttle and a metalware dog. £30
73 Beswick: Labradors, Black Scotty dog and Alsatian on stand. £40
74 Royal Doulton: Jane Eyre with Royal Doulton Samantha. £0
75 ROYAL DOULTON: Winnie the Pooh figures; Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Pooh and Piglet, Tigger, Christopher Robin and Rabbit, all boxed. £45
76 Lladro: Mexican boy figurine with a lady in period clothing doing embroidery, no box. £200
77 An interesting bronzed bust of Shakespeare after the model cast by A. TOFT. signed and dated. £0
78 Royal Copenhagen: Boy fishing ref 905, grapes and vine small glass oil pourer, with a metal candle holder. £30
79 A Chinese vase in the Ku shape with pink glaze and blue seal mark. £80
80 A Murano Glass mosaic jug with sticker. £20
81 Wade: Wind in the Willows collectables; Badger, Mole, Ratty, Ratty and Mole Weasel and toad boxed. £70
82 A Beswick Dachshund. £0
83 A collection of Edwardian postcards including Raphael Tuck Olivetti’s and other examples by Donald McGill,etc. £40
84 An 18th century wine glass with engraved bowl and facet cut stem and knop. (Two small chips to base). £0
85 A metal figure on marble base. £30
86 A Bavarian carved head of a stag, Minnie mouse toothbrush holder and a plated litre carafe. £20
87 Royal Worcester : Thursdays child: Only me: Wednesdays child, Woodland dance: Fridays child, Royal Worcester candle snuffers. £120
88 Lladro: Clown unboxed, Cascade clown unboxed. £45
89 A late 19 century cast bronze of a lion attacking a boar after Fratin. £150
90 A 19th century French devotional figure in Ivory. (4” high). £0
91 A Japanese Meiji period Ivory group depicting a merchant and his wares. £0
93 A collection of glazed Ushabti in various colours. £0
94 A quantity of pens. £85
95 A Conway Stewart fountain pen with a 14ct gold nib and another. £40
96 Three coins and two gold plated pocket watches. £45
97 A brass carriage clock and key. £20
98 A Yard O Led pen and pencil set in 9ct gold in original box, an Onoto 9ct gold fountain pen also in original box and two silver coloured medallions. £340
99 A collection of Egyptian pottery beads of various colours in a clay pot. £0
100 Basutoland. 1933. S.G. 1 - 9 mounted mint. Cat. £125+. £0
101 Br. Antarctic Terr. S.G. 16.23, 2 unmounted mint sets. Cat. £45. £0
102 Br. East Africa Co. 1890 - 5. Small stockcard of mint/used. Cat. £160+. £0
103 Br. East Africa Co. 1896 - 1901. Small stockcard of mint/used. Cat. £140. £0
104 Br. Solomon Isl. S.G. 60 - 72 and 75/76. Two complete mint sets. Cat. £100. £10
105 Brunei. 1907 - 1910. Eight mounted mint stamps from set. Cat. £206. £0
106 K.U.T. 1938-54. Eight mounted mint including scarce perfs. Cat. £200. £0
107 New Brunswick. 1860 - 3. S.G. 7 - 9. Three mint/unused shades. Cat. £225. £0
108 Pakistan. Stockcard of early mounted mint stamps. £5
109 Bermuda. Small green stockbook of mint/used. Fine cancels. £0
110 Three albums of mixed stamps. £25
110A A quantity of stamp albums £20
111 A box containing First Day Covers, commemorative stamp box, loose stamps etc. £0
112 A mixed lot of medals, pictures, etc. £45
113 A Waltham 8 day Military flight clock. Later mounted in an oak case with black face and white hands. £50
114 A collection of coins and watches. £40
115 A box of Winston Churchill crowns. £0
115a A box containing a single replica stamp in 22ct gold weighing 40.07 grams. Please handle the replica on edges only. £1,000
116 A mixture of coins. Half silver. £220
117 A small collection of silk cigarette cards. £0
117a Silver coin. (Possible style, not genuine). £0
118 Pale Celadon nephrite. brush washer Shading darker to right carved in the form of a kuei Dragon head handles incorporating loose rings below the beards 19th century. Riddett Adam Smith October 1977 £90.00 £0
119 A Soapstone figure of a seated Chinese official, possibly 18th century, unmounted A.C 1958 (Bristol). £35
120 A small circular jade cosmetic box with cover yellowish translucent nephrite with black flecks 18th century A.C. May 1972 (Wimbourne) £12.00. £0
121 A Celadon jadeite figure of a female attendant bearing a lotus branch. £0
122 A vintage film poster for “Portrait In Black” starring Lana Turner, Anthony Quinn, Sandra Dee, John Saxon etc. £0
123 Dinky Toys 28 Series Delivery Van and 3 x Corgi and Matchbox models. Together with two Merit Station Accessories figure packs: #5123 Public Services Personnel; #5124 Scouts & Trek Cart. £20
124 A box of slides of Winston Churchill. £20
125 Three First Editions of Biggles with dust jackets: “BIGGLES AND THE POOR RICH BOY”, BIGGLES BREAKS THE SILENCE and BIGGLES TAKES A HOLIDAY. £45
126 A quantity of dominoes together with a cribbage box. £0
127 A quantity of penknives with a small wrench. £0
128 A pair of WWII goggles, a flying cap with leads, one other pair, medals and photos, planes and a radio throat mike for No. 38 wireless M T L No. 2 ZA 13935 various Binoculars and Military items. £340
129 A quantity of Wade Whimsies. £30
130 Mevagissey:1932; black and white photographs postcards. £20
131 A box of collectables including a Georgian tortoiseshell and silver gentleman’s magnifying glass, a Tunbridge Ware stamp box, two small sadeli boxes and other interesting items. £150
132 Two silver salts with blue glass linings. £25
133 A Silver cheroot case Swizzle stick and a quantity of novelty stoppers. £40
134 Three small silver bowls. £60
135 A collection of silver wine labels and other silver plate wine funnel etc. £90
136 A silver handled cane topper. £30
137 A quantity of sterling silver items. £40
138 A silver caddy spoon in the shape of a leaf. £0
139 A silver cup. £50
140 Three small silver jugs. £60
141 A quantity of silver teaspoons together with a set of silver tongs. £20
142 A silver brush together with a quantity of silver topped glass bottles. £70
143 A large scrapbook containing images and diagrams of planes. £30
144 A quantity of silver plate and silver. £40
145 A quantity of costume jewellery including Scottish, Girl Guide badge etc. £130
146 A sterling silver Gents signet ring with large stone inset together with two other rings. £0
147 A silver spoons in case. £40
148 A silver overlaid glass stand and an ebony shoe horn with silver mount. £35
149 Four Gents watches, a Diamond Wedding Crown and a box of cuffs links and tie clips. £70
150 Three items of silver, sugar shaker, milk jug and a pin tray. £130
150a A silver child’s rattle. £0
151 A Silver cigarette case and small silver twin handled tazza. £65
152 Two silver cigarette cases. £45
153 A pair of boxed silver jam spoons. £40
154 A Silver inkwell. £150
155 Silver toast rack. £100
156 A three piece silver tea set. £200
157 An English circular silver embossed scent bottle box containing two silver and enamelled bottles. £0
158 A Victorian Silver engraved cigar case with hunting scene after Alkin or Surtees. £120
159 A Silver spoon and fork. £0
160 Silver spoons in case. £50
161 A quantity of silver and silver plated cutlery. £40
162 A quantity of plate and silver cutlery etc. £50
163 A bag of Silver cutlery. £320
164 A box of silver Replicas of The Stamps of Royalty. (482 grams). £0
165 Three Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Chipmunk, Sitting Kitten and Baking Day. £120
166 Royal Crown Derby: Royal Siamese Cat (never had stopper). £65
167 Three Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Marmaduke Cat (Limited Edition), Sleeping Kitten and Christmas Present Bear made for Harrods. £95
168 A Royal Crown Derby Limited Edition Pacific Angel Fish. £70
169 Three Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Meerkat, Sleeping Kitten and Country Garden Kitten. £65
170 Beswick: A West Highland terrier together with a Great Dane and a Rough Terrier. £0
171 A collection of three Beswick cats. £20
172 An acrylic perspex study of torn bank notes after Damien Hirst. £0
173 A tin containing a silver chain and other small collectibles. £0
174 Poole Pottery: five Guy Sydenham and Beatrice Bolton Atlantis Pebbles, originally from the base pool of The Guy Sydenham Water Feature at the East Quay Works. £60
175 A silver capstan inkwell. £30
176 WADE: collectables, Wedgwood mug, Smurfs Goebel Christmas tree decorations. £20
177 A Royal Worcester 1920's blue sponged and gilt highlights glazed bowl. £0
178 A collection of ephemera relating to the White Star Line in green envelope. £0
179 A swagger stick together with a gun and a knife. £25
180 Three pieces of Mdina glass by Michael Harris. £0
181 A WWI bayonet in scabbard. £60
182 An antique dagger. £55
183 An American metal porch light with opalescent glass panels £0
184 Medal:1914-1918 93505 G.NR. w. G.J DRYWOOD R.A.THE GREAT WAR CIVILISATION 1914-1919 with other. £40
185 Pilots Flying Log Book from 1939 to 1943, medals and other ephemera for Squadron Leader John MacDonald. £380
186 Brown leather trunk for Squadron Leader G. R. MacDonald including contents. £80
187 A Beswick model of a leaping trout. £25
188 Basil Matthews: two small dog figures together with a Madonna and child by Hertwig £40
189 Hummel: Wanderers (Boxed set) with Millennium stand all with boxes and large box, signed by Master painter. £130
190 A large conch sea shell and a piece of pink coral £35
191 A watercolour picture of a country scene by A. Moorse 1983. £0
192 Two self portraits of a lady and a gentleman. £160
193 A Canadian picture ‘The Three Sisters’ by EWART together with another. £75
194 A collection of four watercolours of boats by Morse. Peter Toms and Tucker £0
195 Selection of etchings by J.Morris Townley. £0
196 A large oil on canvas of a cityscape scene by Don Gadah 1976. £0
196a A Parker pen, ball point pen. pencils etc £0
197 A framed self portrait by Ruth Crawford. £20
198 A box of walking stick handles and other collectables. £50
199 Five erotic books. £0
200 Charles Horner silver and enamel entrelac brooch (Chester 1911) together with a Charles Horner Art Nouveau brooch in silver and enamel. ( enamel perfect on each brooch). £100
201 Bernard Instone silver and enamel flower bar brooch together with an Art Nouveau silver and enamel brooch. £0
202 An Art Nouveau 9ct gold turquoise and seed pearl brooch together with an Art Nouveau 15ct gold and turquoise brooch. £0
203 An Art Nouveau 9ct gold seed pearl and sapphire bar brooch together with a 9ct gold ‘Lovers Knot’ Brooch. £0
204 A gold gilt telescopic eyepiece. £70
205 Two rings with a quantity of gold coloured mounts etc. £80
206 A quantity of amber coloured jewellery. £0
209 A 9ct gold ring set stones. £30
210 A 9 carat gold QVC flower design ring set with blue stones. £30
211 A square pendant on multiple string necklace (pendant would have lit up but not working). £0
211a A box with two replica stamps in 22ct gold (The Penny Black and £1) ( 38.1 grams)Please handle the replicas on the edges only. £950
212 A boxed Fior choker together with a pair of clip on earrings and a handbag shaped mirror compact. £0
212a A box containing two Replica Stamps one in 22ct gold and the other in silver both weighing 26.4 grams each. Please handle the replicas on the edges only. £650
213 An emerald ring. £40
214 A diamond ring. £75
214a A box containing a single replica stamp in 22ct gold weighing 26.6 grams. Please handle the replica on edges only. £650
215 Two Emerald rings. £55
215a A 9ct gold Albert chain with compass attached and a silver fruit knife. £180
216 Three rings. £45
216a A Gents wristwatch. £0
217 Three 9ct gold rings. £90
217a A full sovereign ring mounted in 9ct gold. £320
218 A ladies Quarts Seiko wristwatch. £0
218a A 9ct gold fob watch and gold coloured chain, a ladies 9ct gold wristwatch with gold coloured strap and a gold cross. £940
219 A sterling silver locket and box chain. £20
219a A gold coloured fob watch and chain. £40
220 A gold locket and chain. £110
220a An engine turned cigarette case in 9ct gold together with a 9ct rose gold chain bracelet and a 9ct gold football medallion. (143 grams in total). £1,400
221 A gold ring with large blue stone and white stone surround. £20
221a A gold plated fob watch and chain. £30
222 A gold ring with large red stone and white stone surround. £60
223 A gold ring with purple stone. £0
224 A gold ring with white stone. £150
225 A gold ring with three white stones. £40
226 A gold eternity ring with red and white stones. £30
227 A small gold signet ring with inset white stone. £20
228 A gold eternity ring with white stones. (One stone missing). £20
229 A gold link bracelet. £180
230 Three 9ct gold rings (some diamond) Size P-Q. £0
231 Two 9ct gold rings (some diamonds) Size N-O. £0
232 Four 9ct gold rings (some diamond) Size N. £150
233 Four 9ct gold rings (some diamond) Size N-O. £0
234 A 9 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, 0.15 points, size M. £0
235 An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, approx. 0.33 points, size Q. £0
236 An 18 carat gold diamond 3 stone ring, 0.75 points, size L. £0
237 An 18 carat gold emerald and diamond ring, size L. £0
238 A new 9 carat gold topaz and diamond ring, size O. £0
239 A new 9 carat gold citrine and diamond ring, size N. £0
240 A new 9 carat rose gold pink daisy ring, size O. £35
241 A new 9 carat gold ring size N. £0
242 A new 9 carat gold ring, size O. £0
243 Six silver rings. £0
244 A 14 carat gold amethyst solitaire ring. £80
245 A Platinum 1/2 eternity diamond ring, size L. £0
246 A quantity of costume jewellery, purse etc. £30
247 A box of approximately 30 adult magazines. £45
248 A box of approximately 30 adult magazines. £45
249 A box of approximately 30 adult magazines. £40
250 A box of approximately 30 adult magazines. £45
251 A quantity of shells and fern coral together with related books. £20
252 A collection of hardback adult material books. £40
253 A box of silver and silver plated items. £30
254 A silver brush together with other metal ware. £0
255 A box of football memorabilia including a vintage World Cup Willie toy. £45
256 A Doulton Lambeth jug (af) together with an early piece of China and two ostrich egg shells. £60
257 A box of various silver plate, cheese warmer, Old Sheffield plated, chamber sticks, desk sticks, silver and enamelled desk candlestick, etc. £40
258 Box of silver plate, pictures, stamps etc. £0
259 A quantity of costume jewellery £35
259A A quantity of postcards. £0
260 A silver sparrow beaked jug together with silver plate, China, cutlery etc. £60
260a A pair of framed and glazed prints by Edmund Magrath: “Which shall it be “ and “A. Tennis Courtship” £20
261 A quantity of framed boat pictures. CAUTION: BROKEN GLASS. £0
262 A large box of postcards. £150
263 Dinky captain scarlet car and Spectrum pursuit vehicle with a small Thunderbirds 4 vehicle £20
264 A box of various metalware. casters, brass hooks, etc £0
265 A box containing beer mats and matches £15
266 A box of China and other collectibles. £25
267 A silver fronted bible, Onyx, dressing table set etc. £0
268 A quantity of silver plated photo frames together with other silver and silver plate. £55
269 A box of costume jewellery. £50
270 Two framed pictures of local interest: Stoborough, Wareham, signed by Eustace Nash, rural scene with other. £320
271 A quantity of pictures including Wareham quay. £40
272 Cello with case and bows ( needs attention) £0
273 A collection of fishing rods. £30
274 Royal Hampshire pewter locomotives x 3 per box £25
275 Royal Doulton Nina in 2347,Lynne IN 2329 Wade pottery Port, Sherry and Scotch barrel shaped dispensers, two egg cups and a Carlton ware haig ashtray. £55
276 Bronze lamp with a cast french brass tazza £20
277 A small hammered arts and crafts kettle stand in copper signed JP, either Pearson or Pengelly. £0
278 Large framed print of watercolour sunflowers , with framed still life of flowers on board £0
279 A resin shop display pig. £0
280 An Anna Florian watercolour of a lady, signed and inscribed. £0
281 A seated Roaring leopard A/F with s seated cheetah £20
282 A vintage bow with a box of arrows and accessories. £0
283 Vintage grey top hat male in box £20
284 Pirelli Woman of the World Calendars. Three in total. £0
285 A box of vintage world maps. £0
286 A long Indian watercolour of a elephant procession on linen. £0
287 An Indian painted on linen panel of a scene of a embracing couple £0
288 A framed oil painting. £0
289 A framed sketch print of Only Fools and Horses “Today’s Bargain”. £0
290 Terence cineo framed print 35027 Port line £15
291 Framed Asian pictures £0
292 A quantity of prints £0
293 A large lamp in the Egyptian style £130
294 Four various pictures to include three Chinese tapestries. £0
295 Three framed pictures. £100
296 Wooden box containing plate cutlery £45
297 A metal Bluecol advertising sign. £120
298 Bus stop sign Wylie Road £45
299 A Gentlemen sign. £30
300 Copper bed pan with a wooden barometer. £0
301 Local interest framed pictures of Bournemouth pier , gardens etc £0
302 A purple box containing 15 Charles Dickens books, Pick wick papers, Our Mutual friend, Great expectations etc. £50
303 Quantity of early 20th century games and puzzles, includes H.P.Gibson & Sons Dover Patrol or Naval Tactics game (boxed), Journet & Co. dexterity puzzle, Letter-Bags and Victory Winchester Castle jigsaw. £45
305 Two boxes containing mixed shopping boxes Fortnum and Mason, Christian Dior etc £20
306 Three enamel signs £60
307 A boxed watch maker lathe, including collets. £220
308 An engineers chest with Myford lathe tools and attachments. £130
309 A watch makers lathe by Wolf & John Co. in full working order complete with collets etc. £300
310 A Brenway clock/watch makers cleaning machine. £70
311 Three Fussee clock movements and one eight day leypease movement. £240
312 Singer sewing machine 221k in box with extra feet metal bobbin and manual £120
313 A pair of framed prints after Garmin Morris sailing boats £0
314 A box of approximately 20 French clock movements. £200
315 Two vintage cameras together with accessories, booklets, slides etc. £0
316 A triple striking clock movement on 8 becs and gong. £300
317 A box of mixed collectables including a clock and old curling tongs. £0
318 A small child’s chair with. caned seat. £0
319 Two boxes of watch glasses. £130
320 A walking stick together with a swagger stick. £50
321 A Wooden Mantle clock with one other £35
322 A Victorian black slate mantle clock. £35
323 JANS OF LONDON::Double sided wood cased hanging clock from a outside of a jewellers £150
324 A mahogany gun case. for pistols £25
325 Pottery clown and decorative Candle holder £20
326 A late 19C oak cased wooden writing slope inscribed ‘Jane’. £0
327 A large inlaid wooden music box (af). £95
328 Silver plate cutlery £85
329 A box of watch/clock spare tools etc. £220
330 An early lantern bird cage clock movement circa 1700. £90
331 Three Victorian footstools. £20
332 A box of die cast toys cars etc. £30
333 Mixed lot of collectables. brass lamp , cutlery,60s plastic toy etc £0
334 A papier-mâché gold sun. £15
335 A Holiday Magic, Ern Westmore’s Glamour Graph from the 1950s complete with three multi coloured vinyl records on how to apply makeup and instruction booklet. £45
336 A Storm Brass Light. £55
337 Milbro fly fishing rods and others. £20
338 Eight old books on Dorsetshire, China etc. £30
339 A ships propellor. £0
340 Two mantle clocks.oak cased £20
341 A metal German smokers compendium and pewter. £20
342 A box of first day covers. £30
343 Box of plated items including cutlery and napkin rings. £30
344 A box of collectibles to include Poole Bridge picture, watch, diarama of a boat etc. £0
345 Six various framed pictures. inc night and day , Provance, nudes £0
346 A box of collectables brise fan , tape measure ,rules spelter etc £0
347 Eight pieces of silver plate £30
348 A pear shaped mandolin decorated with pearl inlay in case £30
349 A large travelling trunk with hanging space, hat storage and drawer. £0
350 A collection of China, collectables, display cases etc. £0
351 A vintage gentleman’s dinner suit. £0
352 A collection of pictures. £0
353 Two vintage Bakelite telephones. £25
354 Frister & Rossmann boxed sewing machine £20
355 A quantity of prints £0
356 A large halbard. £45
357 A quantity of Antique books, magazines etc £0
360a Two ivory okimono figures of a Japanese man (h. 14cm) and a fisherman casting his nets on wooden stand (h.10cm). £0
361a An ivory netsuke together with two ivory okimono figures. £0
362a A Japanese ivory netsuke in the form of two frogs on a log. Length 4cm. £0
400 A chair together with a side table and two mirrors. £20
401 Two wood framed stools. £0
402 A Chinese carved and painted red laquered side of a bed canopy £55
403 An Indian hardwood coffee table made from old wooden doors. £55
404 A mod 20th century sideboard with two cupboards and four drawers. £0
405 a pair of 1920 His and Her’s chairs. in the queen Ann taste covered in floral printed linen £0
406 A chest of five drawers. £20
407 A dressing table with mirror and three drawers. £20
408 A set of Four chairs with red leather.seats £0
409 Two tall bar stools. £25
410 Singapore camphor wood chest 1961 with lamp stand and opeam coffee table. £120
411 A small corner shelving unit. £0
412 Two padded seated occ chairs. £0
413 A Victorian carved back oak hall chair. £0
414 A reproduction mahogany bow fronted sideboard. £30
415 A reproduction Adams design dining hall table. £0
416 A 12 arm brass chandelier with black plastic shades. £0
417 Two white leather 1970s style chairs. £0
418 A nest of tables to include a coffee table and two side tables. £20
419 An oak hall bench. £70
420 An oak extending hall table. £0
421 A set of Six Victorian rosewood dining chairs.with shaped backs £0
422 A long cherry wood bench. £0
423 A Victorian rosewood carved back dining chair. £0
424 A large silk rug on beige and green ground. £160
425 A large picture in large gilt frame. £40
426 An antique oak circular tilt top table on tripod legs. £20
427 Two Victorian rosewood with carved backs dining chairs. £0
428 An ornate black cast iron hall stand with original drip tray. £310
429 Two red carpets. £45
430 A Victorian display cabinet. £0
431 A half moon mahogany closet table. £0
432 A Victorian music cabinet. £0
433 Two 19th century eastern chairs. £160
434 An oak open top bureau. £0
435 A small light oak pot cupboard. £35
436 An late 18 c dough bin in oak resting on turned legs £30
437 A small mahogany footrest stool. £20
438 A set of wall mounted shelves together with a mirror. £20
439 A light oak dressing table. £20
440 A small silk carpet. £95
441 A mahogany swivel desk chair. £0
442 Two side tables. £80
443 A brass topped tiffin table. £0
444 A large brown leather corner sofa. £80
445 An outside garden set. £0
446 A modern pink sofa bed (bed unused). £0
447 A top section of a pine dresser unit. £0
448 An oak bedside unit. £0
449 Four bentwood chairs. £0
450 A reproduction desk. £0
451 Two dark oak dining chairs together with a low bedroom chair. £0
452 a oak Dressing table. £20
453 A circular mahogany style table and two chairs. £0
454 A walnut display cabinet. £20
455 A minty design sectional beech bookcase fitted glass doors £50
456 A mahogany mirror door wardrobe. fitted draws £20
457 A walnut storage cupboard. £35
458 A 1930s 1940s walnut wardrobe. £20
459 A large Gong with hammer. £50
460 A large dark wood dresser unit. £20
461 A dining table and six chairs. £40
462 A small carved Indian hardwood table. £0
463 A small mahogany bedside unit. £0
464 A circular occasional table. £15
465 A small oak gate leg table. £30
466 A teak tea trolley. £0
467 An oak gate leg table. £0
468 A small beach lyre back bedroom chair. £0
469 A small oak cake stand. £0
470 A small light oak bureau. £0
471 A small child’s high chair. £0
472 A mahogany glass fronted display cabinet. £0
473 An oak bureau. £0
474 An oak monks bench. £150
475 A mahogany umbrella stand together with umbrellas and sticks. £35
476 Three oak chairs. £20
477 A mahogany swivel desk chair. £30
478 A oak gate leg table. £20
479 Three chairs. £0
480 A small oak bedroom chair. £0
481 A small oak bookcase. £15
482 An oak sewing box. £40
483 Six assorted chairs. £0
484 A large commode disguised as a chest of drawers. £0
485 An arts and crafts style pine dresser unit. £75
486 An arts and crafts style shelving unit to match previous lot. £35
487 A mahogany inlaid bureau. £0
488 A large Indian hardwood dining table. £20
489 Two small foot stools. £15
490 A small pot cupboard. £15
491 a walnut drop flap Table and chair. £0
492 A chaise lounge. £40
493 An oak dressing table with mirror. £0
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