Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 18 March 2017

Date: 18th March 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

1 A set of three Royal Dux china Tigers, 1 large and 2 small. £55.00
2 A quantity of mixed Poole Pottery items - 10 pieces in all. £55.00
3 Three pieces of Poole Pottery including a marmalade pot, small bowl and a large jug together with four pieces of art pottery. £35.00
4 A Tuscan 1947 bone china teaset with green flowers consisting of a teapot, milk, sugar, six cups and saucers and six plates. £85.00
6 A small collection of Poole Pottery to include a crocodile and five different birds. £200.00
7 Seven pieces of Traditional white bodied Poole Pottery. £50.00
9 A reproduction metal piggy bank. £25.00
10 A box of china and glass together with a set of Mappin and Webb cutlery to include six dinner knives and forks, dessert knives and forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and tea and coffee spoons. £45.00
11 A Marianna de Tray bottle Vase with brown glaze and a celadon glazed dish. £15.00
12 Two Glyn College Denby jugs, glass fish vase and one other together with two Victorian bisque ornaments etc. £30.00
13 A Lladro figure of a young girl in green dress and a Nao figure of a lady in pink with a kitten together with another of ducks. £45.00
14 A large Barbara Linley Adams Poole Pottery otter, with a Barbara Linley Adams large deer and other Poole Pottery animals including a fox, a beaver, a squirrel and a falcon. All appear to be in very good condition. £170.00
15 A quantity of china to include a Concorde Wedgwood photo frame, a Minton plate, Coalport china and a Royal Doulton 'Dreamweaver' ornament. £10.00
16 A large Mirano glass vase 17" high with turquoise ground. £35.00
19 A George Jones jug commemorating The Voyage of the Titanic together with a transfer printed plate depicting a scene with Napoleon. £20.00
20 Five brass items. £30.00
21 Mixed china to include four pieces of Poole Pottery. £15.00
23 A Wemyss style pig 16" long x 11" high together with eight other pig ornaments including Sylvac. £30.00
24 A traditional small vase with impressed marks measuring 5 inches with a later Poole Pottery plate measuring 9". £10.00
26 A selection of Villeroy and Bosch fine dining plates together with a Crown Devon vintage hors d'oeuvre dish. £25.00
27 A static HORNBY Model of the LNER Flying Scotsman # 4472 and a £5 Medal showing the front of the Model on a Mahogany Plinth (98 of a LE of 1950) and 11 x Westminster Mint Legends of Steam Silver plated Pewter Locomotives mounted on Mahogany Plinths with Notes on each Locomotive. All Excellent. £15.00
28 Telescope Elidate Stanley London 1920 with lidded box. £15.00
29 A Poole pottery traditional pattern vase, baluster shape. 7.5 inches. £20.00
32 Fifteen Poole pottery mice with tortoise, a cat and a sleeping dog. £180.00
33 Thirteen items of Purbeck Pottery in brown and gold design by Robert Jefferson. £10.00
34 Cobridge: a Moorcroft company; a 10" trial blue flowered stoneware vase by Sam Johnson dated 14.12.01 together with a large brown pot with black leaves impressed marks to the base on both. £55.00
35 A Traditional Poole pottery jug and a bowl. £45.00
36 An Anita Harris Plaque of Penguins £40.00
37 A ceramic ginger jar decorated by Sue Pottinger depicting Snakes. £65.00
38 Two copper coal scuttles, one with a scoop. £30.00
39 A copper coal bucket with various tools. £15.00
40 A Lladro dog in a basket together with a musician, a small boy with a lamb and two Christmas balls. £80.00
41 A Lladro large dove diving together with a group of bears and a Lladro plaque. £80.00
42 Poole pottery animals: A stoat, hedgehog, baby deer, a horses head on stand with a rabbit, deer and badger. £90.00
43 Wedgewood Mimosa (yellow) a collection to include 2 x 8 plates, 2 square boxes, 4" & 5" vases and ashtrays. £50.00
44 Three items of Poole pottery. £25.00
46 A collection of Lladro: A girl with lamb, a girl with duck and a girl with basket. £70.00
47 A vintage His Masters Voice mid century radio in working condition. Some wear and tear. £15.00
48 A copper still pot 13.5" high x 19.5" wide. £50.00
49 A large Lladro Grez Senorita and three Christmas bells. £95.00
50 A Wedgwood Jasper Ware bamboo teapot 1970 together with a 6" wide and 4" high vase and a Mimosa basket 4". £75.00
51 A Cobridge 12" cat entitled "Bad Hair Day" impressed marks to the base. £90.00
53 Five pieces of Poole Pottery. £30.00
54 Midwinter: a retro coffee set in the Mexicana pattern by Jessie Tait with six cups/saucers and plates and a milk jug. £40.00
55 Five various brass lamp bases including a brass Corinthian Column and four others. £10.00
56 A black slate mantle clock together with a black vase (slightly damaged). £15.00
58 A group of five Bourne Denby electric blue glazed spill vases. £45.00
59 Eight pieces of pink Wedgwood: Miniature boxed mug, Miniature boxed caddy spoon, boat shaped vase, Grecian urn, 4" vase, large lidded box, 2" intaglio and a heart pin dish. £60.00
60 Four Lladro figures one with a chipped head with two Japanese pictures. £50.00
61 A large Barbara Linley Adams owl measures about 12 inches. Six small Poole Pottery plates,with a Poole Pottery lamp base. All appear to be in good condition. £80.00
63 A Lladro 1989 members boy with dog (boxed), girl with toddler on back, Juanita (boxed) and two boxed Christmas bells. £90.00
65 A Wedgwood Beatrix Potter potty together with a Beatrix Potter bunnies plaque and a large Jemima Puddle Duck. £45.00
67 A Lladro girl and two doves on hand together with a Lladro plaque, a centrepiece, boxed and a little dog, boxed. £75.00
68 Six pieces of poole Pottery. £15.00
70 Nine pieces of Lilac Wedgwood: a jasper 9" plate, a pair of candlesticks, clock, small box, cup and saucer, vase and an octagonal plate. £60.00
71 A Nao Lladro girl, a duck, a group of swans and four Christmas Nao snowmen. £50.00
72 Minton two boxed sets of 2 hand cut glasses. £25.00
74 Two coffee grinders and a box of vintage tins together with a box of paper play suits for children and a TWA Magic Board. £40.00
77 A Rosenthal 9" floral flat vase. £35.00
78 Four pieces of Poole pottery. £35.00
79 A coalport bone china Pumpkin designed by Jenny Oliver in 1999. £30.00
80 Nine Poole Pottery birds. All appear to be in good condition. £45.00
82 Glass knife rests (11) in original French box. £45.00
83 A box of green and cream enamel saucepans and trays and a pair of salter scales. £20.00
84 Crown Derby paperweights: Contented Cat/Spice Collectors Guild, Ginger Kitten (21 year Stopper) and Hedgehog/Hawthorn. £80.00
86 A Moorcroft Kapok tree vase designed and signed by Jeanne Mcdougall dated 22.04.00 signed and impressed marks to the base. £120.00
87 Crown Derby Paperweights: Lying Horse, Royal Cat Siamese, an Irish Blue Kerry for Sinclairs and an Old Badger. £150.00
88 Crown Derby: Three pieces - A Harrods Gift Bear, a limited edition Fawn and a Ram. £140.00
89 Royal Crown Derby: Four paperweights; Duckbill platypus signed. Aurora Polar Bear signed, a Tiger Cub and a Clock. £80.00
92 An oriental model of crayfish on a reed on mahogany stand (5"long x 6" high). £40.00
97 A Dennis china works a small lidded Polar Bear pot dated 2002 no 33 designed by Sally Tuffin with impressed marks to the base. £50.00
98 Lladro collectors club figure (School days) 1998 boxed. £65.00
99 Seven Beatrix Potter figures: Little Black Rabbit, Mother Ladybird, Mrs Flopsy Bunny, Ribby and Patty Pan, Old Mr Bouncer, Tom kitten and butterfly, Pigling Bland. All in good condition. £70.00
100 Lladro Summer on the farm figure. £100.00
102 Thirty one collectable lighters. £55.00
104 Dennis china works three 6" plates with Salmon, Elephant and Koala Bear, impressed marks to base. £70.00
107 A book of several roman coins. £35.00
108 A wooden box of mixed coins. £50.00
110 A bag of various vintage coins. £5.00
111 A box containing a large quantity of mixed coins. £40.00
112 A tin of coins and a selection of cap badges etc. £45.00
113 A box of commemorative crowns and other coins and Brooke Bond Picture Cards. £10.00
114 A carton containing 115 mixed metal coins £25.00
115 Carton containing 115 silver coloured coins £10.00
116a A box of mixed coins. £85.00
117 A box of mixed collectables. £25.00
118 A wooden box with keys containing 12 military medals. £30.00
119 Bramley Hedge figures: The bride and groom and the toy chest. £45.00
120 A number of 18th C wax seals, contained in three framed and glazed mounts showing various crests. £200.00
122 A miniature picture of Nelson 2.75" x 3.5" in a mahogany frame together with other related ephemera in a folder. £30.00
123 A boxed set of Guinness Buttons. £35.00
124 A quantity of pre 47 half crowns, copper pennys and a silver candlestick. £100.00
125 Lead tobacco jar with four pens. £55.00
127 A bronze plaque commemorating The Battle of Waterloo, 6.5" square together with a brass APMC badge and a Harrods of London silver plated and brass burner. £20.00
128 A dessert plate together with a snack plate. £15.00
129 A collection of lighters to include Zippo, Diamond and Ronson. £40.00
130 A collection of military items relating to Dunkirk including a file of sand from the 1949's £60.00
132 Two ornate arts and crafts handmade hat pins, two Deco double ended in Bakelite. A similar brooch and unusual African bean buttons. £30.00
137 A box of collectables including a selection of pen knives and Beswick cat. £10.00
138 A box of mixed collectables to include card games, soccer dice, radio etc. £5.00
139 Five Knives including a Sykes, Sea Cadets and an army issue BW knife in green case plus two others (5 in all). £130.00
141 A box of costume jewellery to include pearl necklace and bracelets. £20.00
142 A carton containing four early corkscrews. £70.00
144 A silver fish slice with pierced blade and shell motif to handle (216.5g) £95.00
145 A silver dressing table set with the name Dollie inscribed on it. £30.00
146 A Mappin and Webb sardine dish with silver style servers. £60.00
148 A set of four silver handled desert knives and forks. £15.00
150 Two cut glass perfume bottles with silver collars. £30.00
151 A Dutch silver cream jug. £105.00
152 Six silver Napkin rings £55.00
153 Two silver candle sticks. £170.00
154 A silver trumpet vase and an Indian silver cream jug decorated with flowers and a serpent handle together with two ivory turned teething rings from a rattle. £45.00
155 A pair of James Dixon and Sons silver plated candle holders. £520.00
156 A set of silver spoons and silver handled knives both boxed. £55.00
157 A Mah-jong set in a wooden case. £150.00
158 Seven silver medals, a key ring and a decorative glass bottle stopper. £30.00
159 A black marble Maltese Falcon. £35.00
162 Coins banknotes blue folders g b few silver red rollsccents etc £90.00
163 A mixed lot to include military medals, binoculars and a selection of pictures £55.00
164 A box of various silver plate with a bag of coins. £65.00
166 A late nineteenth century tobacco jar depicting a hunting scene. £65.00
167 A late nineteenth lead tobacco jar depicting a hunting scenes. £65.00
172 Moorcroft: Red Peony Vase marked trial 12.6.15 signed and impressed. £120.00
173 Moorcroft: A delphinium plaque signed with impressed marks (14" x 6"). £50.00
175 Moorcroft: 6" onion shaped vase in the Blue Rooster pattern by K. Goodwin impressed marks to base. £130.00
176 A flagon of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a gift from the QE2, boxed. £45.00
177 Poole Traditional Art Deco pot, painted by Marjorie Cryer 1927 -1940. £30.00
179 Dennis China Works: Three 4.5" plates: a cockerel 2000, Penguin 2001 and sunflower 1999 together with a 4" sunflower dish 1999. £75.00
180 Moorcroft: A 6.5" vase depicting various birds designed by Vicky Lovett (limited edition 8/166) impressed marks and signed. £120.00
182 Moorcroft : Four pieces: Anna Lily 5" Vase, green hibiscus bowl, Primrose vase and a Pansy vase. £120.00
183 A Moorcroft 12" vase in the mamoura patter. Impressed marks to base. £140.00
184 Moorcroft: Large pictorial vase with Swan Lake designed and signed by K. Goodwin (limited edition 53/75). £250.00
185 Moorcroft: A shirewood vase 11" high designed and signed by Phil Gibson Limited Edition 55/150) £180.00
186 Moorcroft: A 12" Vase in the illumination pattern (limited edition 86/125) Designed and signed by R. Bishop. Impressed Marks to base. £130.00
187 Moorcroft: Bolton Abbey Vase 11" high designed and signed by Paul Hilditch for James MacIntyre of Leeds signed and impressed marks. £160.00
188 A Dennis China Works Lions Head 7" Vase designed by Sally Tuffin dated 1998 impressed marks to base. £95.00
189 Dennis China Works: An 8" Globular Salmon Vase Dated 1999 No 38 impress marks to base. £95.00
190 Moorcroft: Poppies of Peace Vase marked Trial 2.12.13 signed and impressed. £130.00
191 Moorcroft: A Jubilee trial Vase dated 2001 with impressed marks and signed. £105.00
192 Moorcroft: A 14" trial Vase Major Mitchell Cockatoo designed by V Lovett made for the Australian market dated 28.1.15 impressed marks to base. £360.00
193 A 18th century brass trivet with pierced engraved decoration, two bed pans, a kettle and a copper tray. £40.00
194 Two bottles of Port Fonseca bin 27 port and Pauillac 1995. £35.00
195 A fish pottery bowl. £10.00
195a A pair of brass candlesticks copper kettle vase in glass and a copper hot water carrier. £35.00
196 Victorian majolica blue and yellow floral jarindere and stand. £60.00
198 A collection of ephemera from Bournemouth and Poole to include a Cruchleys map of Dorset, bank notes and programmes from the late 19th/early 20th century. £20.00
199 A card collectors society tobaccos series,etc reference book. £10.00
200 A box of black and white photographs including some postcards. £10.00
201 A Ladies 9ct gold Tissot wristwatch together with a Rotary 9ct gold ladies watch and a mixed lot of costume jewellery. £320.00
202 An 18ct white gold Diamond and Ruby necklace set with 3 Rubies and 11 Diamonds. Hallmarked for 1978.
203 A Russian 14kt gold Amber brooch £60.00
204 A Russian 14kt gold Amber ring. Size L. £115.00
205 A 14kt yellow Amber pendant. £55.00
206 Four pairs of Amber earrings including gold and silver. £80.00
211 A pair of 15ct gold Seed Pearl and Peridot earrings. £200.00
213 A Lalique silver mounted glass brooch depicting an Art Deco style nude. £110.00
214 An authentic Tiffany and Co silver bracelet in its original pouch. £50.00
215 A full Diamond eternity ring. Size T. TDW 1.00ct. £190.00
217 A 9ct gold Amethyst and Diamond cluster ring. £75.00
218 A links of London Silver bracelet £30.00
220 A fancy geometric style 9ct white gold ring set with black and white Diamonds. £100.00
221 An 18ct gold Diamond solitaire ring. 70 points. £600.00
222 A 9ct gold and Aquamarine bar brooch in original box. £40.00
225 A silver and Agate bracelet £45.00
226 A Tiffany & Co silver bracelet with heart shaped charm. £70.00
228 A Gucci silver bracelet. £50.00
229 A 9ct gold white stone set ring with a silver coin and an onyx Panther brooch. £60.00
230 A silver charm bracelet. £15.00
234 A small quantity of scrap gold jewellery. 22 grams. £230.00
234a A 22ct gold ring. £75.00
234B A freshwater Pearl necklace with silver clasp, two pairs or earrings, three bar brooches set with garnet, turquoise and plaited hair (gold unmarked, previously a clasp A/f.) £50.00
234d Audemars Piguet 2006 genuine stainless steel watch but with after market diamonds added to bezel and case together with a diamond 18 carat gold ring. £7,900.00
237 A box of loose stamps. £20.00
238 A red album containing stamps. £65.00
239 Two red stamp albums to include GB stamps. £20.00
240 A red album of stamps. £70.00
241 A red album of GB stamps. £90.00
242 Three albums of various stamps. £25.00
243 A large quantity of vintage postcards including some local Bournemouth. £85.00
244 First World War Postcards, Education committee book and other ephemera. £85.00
247 A Frasers auctioneers archive stock of photographs and prints of autographs, footballers etc. £25.00
248 Sixteen folders of world stamps. Large collection to include Romanian, New Zealand, and others. £20.00
249 Three boxes of photographic allsorts cameras accessories etc. £40.00
250 A Mamiya A RB67 PROS Plus 90mmF3.8 Lens plus five film mags in box. £180.00
251 Four slrs with std lenses seven varoius bayonet fit lenses, belloews etc. £30.00
252 A large collection of stamps and first day covers. DDR, Poland, USA. Romania, Hungary. Some loose stamps also included. £20.00
253 Two leica flex bodies plus speed graphic body plus two Bronica etrs film mags,Weston Invercone. £140.00
254 A box of photographic equipment £30.00
255 A box of Canon cameras with a Minolta and Canon speed lights. £40.00
256 A box of mixed items including binoculars coins etc. £15.00
257 A box of adult magazines. £40.00
258 A box of adult magazines. £40.00
259 A box of adult magazines . £80.00
260 A box of eight Nikon cameras, em+ std lens, f50 body, two f 401 bodies, mf21 control back etc. £20.00
261 An aluminium boat together with a box of binoculars. £20.00
262 A box of Olympus om101 + Lens, om10 +zoom lens AZ-1, Two Olympus trips, etc. £10.00
264 A box of twelve cameras including a Voigtlander, three vitos a vitoret a werra praktica ltl, Yashica 230AF plus zoom lens etc, £35.00
265 A large box of vintage comics to include superman, Jimmy Olsen, action comics etc. £35.00
268 India 1926-33 S.G. 214-217 and 219 used. CAT. £58. £5.00
269 Kelantan. Small stockcard of mint/used. £10.00
270 K.U.T. double sided stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat. Value. £20.00
271 Labuan. Small stockcard of mint/used. £5.00
273 Lagos. Small stockcard of mint/used. £5.00
274 Leeward Isl. 1902 S.G. 20-27. Mounted Mint. Cat. £50. £5.00
275 Leeward Isl. stockcard of mint/used. £15.00
277 Malaya (Brit. Military Admin. stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat. £15.00
278 A wicker chair together with a quantity of pictures (8). £12.00
279 Two leather pictures of a tree creeper and a long eared owl. £15.00
280 Two watercolours of mountains and lakes. Signatures indistinct. £20.00
281 A Thomas bush hardy watercolour depicting boating scene.The picture measures approximately 70.5 x 21.5cm (excluding the frame). It appears to be in good condition with a small watermark or similar. £400.00
284 A watercolour depicting a beach scene. £80.00
287 A scratch built model of wooden ship (Galleon). £10.00
288 A 19th century table top ironing board £15.00
289 A 19th century mahogany apprentice tripod table, 12" high together with a mahogany box and an inlaid desk top chest of drawers 8" high £50.00
292 An enamel Biggs Tobacco sign. £55.00
293 A guitar(valencia) with nylon case £10.00
295 An early 20th century Royal typewriter. £25.00
296 A pile of various pictures and prints. £15.00
297 A black forest style resin bear. Damage to left arm and branch not attached. £15.00
298 A vintage metal magnifying lamp on wheels. £170.00
299 A large quantity of pictures and prints (15) £60.00
300 Two retro coat hangers. £40.00
301 Two retro coat hangers. £50.00
302 Two watercolours depicting countryside scenes together with a oval mirror. £10.00
303 A mixed media painting. Signed 'R.Webb. £10.00
304 A Famos guitar with a strap. £10.00
306 A pair of reproduction enamel car signs. £15.00
307 Two banjo barometers. One in oak and one mahogany ( damage to face). £20.00
308 A Violin (C.A. Gotz Jnr.) model No. 106 made in West Germany 1974. In fitted case with bow. £20.00
310 A Diorama of a Galleon at sea together with a lithograph of A sailing vessel "Bluenose Ii" . £20.00
311 A large wall clock with Roman numerals painted red 32" across. £30.00
312 A Paragon Teaset in a Victorian rose pattern. Comprises 6 small cups and saucers, 6 large cups and saucers, 6 side plates, 1 teapot, 2 sugar bowls, 2 milk jugs and a sandwich plate. £30.00
313 A pair of wool works cross stitch and framed. £10.00
314 A wicker laundry basket and a house maids kitchen box. £25.00
317 A bronze model of a grissly bear and cub dated 1996 on wooden stand. Very heavy. £180.00
319 A bronze head (roman style) of a classical figure. £160.00
320 A Glockenspiel without mallets and a pair of drum stands. £15.00
321 Five various lamp bases and two glass shades. £30.00
322 A box of seven brass lamps. Two student lamps, a hallway lantern and others. £10.00
323 Three various pictures depicting boats and country scenes. £15.00
324 A box of prints including Corfe Castle and Poole. £12.00
325 A box of various brass to include eight candlesticks, fireplace fan, inkwell etc. £20.00
326 A pair of softwood oars with brass banding. £10.00
328 A box of old black and white family photographs together with a quantity of sheet music . £25.00
329 A tin of mixed stamps. £10.00
330 A box of motor related items to include a motorists metal first aid case. £10.00
332 Five radios Including Roberts and Sovereign. £30.00
333 Seven various lamps including cherub. £10.00
334 A Vienna Regulator wall clock in mahogany case and two slate mantle clocks (af) together with a box of clock parts. £15.00
335 A box of various ephemera. £10.00
336 A small oak drop leaf table. £15.00
338 Part section of a Maori ceremonial paddle. £20.00
340 A box of various mixed China and glass to include a piece of Wedgwood. £30.00
341 Vintage The Little Red Rocking Horse. £95.00
342 A vintage electronic contamination meter in case. £10.00
343 An Azimuth compass circle No 4. In a box. £25.00
345 A lead garden statue of Pan playing pipes seated on a rock 2 ft tall. £250.00
346 A slate mantle clock £25.00
347 Six various chrome lamp bases. £30.00
348 A brass compass on stand made from a brass shell case on wooden base.Together with an oak and brass bound lidded coal box. £30.00
349 A large wicker laundry basket with No 73 printed on side. £10.00
353 A pair of Marks and Spencers vintage roller skates. £10.00
354 A wooden glockenspiel with mallets. £25.00
355 Switch board operators telephone equipment with four vintage phones. £65.00
356 A vintage Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine in original wooden box. £70.00
357 A mohogany writing slope with brass inlays on corners. £40.00
358 Four various lamps. Only one with shade. £10.00
359 A mid twentieth century first aid kit with pharmacy items and a steel helmet possibly wwll. £20.00
360 A Benares brass oil burner of an elephant and a peacock surmount (damaged) £10.00
361 A large dome topped Art Deco style mirror with pink glass sides and engraved flower decoration and a lady in a crinoline dress holding a fan.(45" x 39") £60.00
361a An Art Deco style mirror with pink glass edging and shelf engraved with scroll motif and a dancer with top hat and cane. (31" x 18") £40.00
362 A selection of lead figures. £15.00
363 A French Spelter and marble mantle clock of The Cleric with enamel face. £95.00
364 A Memorette by Grundig tape machine with a playmaster fidelity tape machine. £15.00
365 A collection of silver plate to include a pair of candelabras, fish plate, four goblets, punch bowl, tea pot and strainer. £40.00
368 A suitcase of photo albums and ephemera. £20.00
372 A box of eight die cast corgis vehicles with a pelham puppet. £25.00
374 Otis Kings Patent Calculator and a set of brass scales in an oak box. £20.00
376 A Satsuma vase, ivory style glove stretcher with a pair of theatre glasses and a guiness pot. £25.00
377 A box containing a large quantity of stamps. £15.00
379 A map of Poole bay on canvas. £10.00
381 A box of mixed collectables to include china, Mickey Mouse book, card games, cameras etc. £40.00
382 Norman Wilkinson: steel plate engraving of a three mast sailing ship in harbour. £40.00
383 A White Star Line hand painted sign. 20" x12". £50.00
384 A box of china to include part teasets etc. £15.00
385 A vintage Bell & Howell Filmosound 16mm film projector. Model no : 8D 655. No leads included. £10.00
452 A Nathan dining room table with six matching chairs. £70.00
457 A reproduction mahogany circular top wine table resting on three turned and carved legs. £20.00
458 A reproduction mahogany console tale with frieze drawer to front resting on tapered legs. £15.00
459 A pair of 19th century Flemish oak hall chairs highly carved with masks and scrolls with solid seats and supports. £150.00
461 An early Victorian rosewood breakfast table with flip top resting on central column extending to three scrolling feet. £150.00
462 A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs with upholstered drop in seats. £20.00
464 A large 19th century mahogany chest of drawers 2 over three with tournedos handles and top frieze drawer. (4' 4" high x 4' 2" wide). £20.00
465 A Victorian walnut framed button back bedroom chair upholstered in blue fabric. £40.00
469 A large oak drop flap gate leg action dining table resting on barley twist supports. £40.00
472 A dark stained pine waterfall bookcase of five shelves 38" x 52" approx. £15.00
476 Two large modern canvases of galleons in gilded frames (34" x 44"). £30.00
480 A 19th century oak carved side table on outswept feet and a later carved cupboard standing on top. £40.00
483 A late 19th century shaped back and front drawing room sofa in brown Drayton resting on pad feet. £20.00
484 A large modern pine farmhouse table together with eight chairs including two carvers. £200.00
486 A large stripped pine bookcase with five shelves (44" wide x 80" high). £55.00
489 A Shreiber dressing table with three small drawers either side of a central drawer resting on bentwood supports. £25.00
491 A large Persian style carpet of red ground with blue medalians.(approx. 12 x 8 ft). £10.00
495 A beech framed elbow chair on splayed legs and two rush seat bed room chairs. £10.00
498 An Edwardian mahogany side cabinet with central mirror and cupboard and two side glazed doors with under shelf. (54"wide x 76" high). £500.00
499 A large reproduction mahogany bookcase with under cupboard and reeded columns.(42" wide x 7' high). £85.00
500 A1920's mahogany cupboard on ball and claw feet with two doors to front and shelving inside.(33" wide x 58" high). £10.00
506 A quantity of snooker cues some with cases. £20.00
511 A Bergere suite with a beech frame consisting of two open armchairs and a three seater settee all with barley twist supports. £240.00
513 A mahogany display table (28" x 15"). £10.00
516 A highly carved coffee table depicting natives and wildlife with a glass top. £20.00
517 A pair of early 20th century leather armchairs with carved oak detail to front and stretcher rails with upholstered seat and back cushions. £90.00
518 An ebonised and faux walnut pier cabinet with single door to front together with an oak carved side chair resting on barley twist supports. £30.00
519 A pair of French style bedside tables painted cream , two bedroom chairs and a small hexagonal oak table. £25.00
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