Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 02 September 2017

Date: 2nd September 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 Three Poole Pottery glazed animals together with other various items of Poole Pottery. £60
2 Two Sylvac Terrier china dogs. One large, one small. In good condition. Numbers: 1209 and 73. £45
3 A Vintage Hotpoint Electric Toaster with original box. Possibly 1940's. Serial No. 1F. Been rewired with new plug. £15
4 Two Oriental carved bamboo fans, both in presentation boxes, one with stand. £60
7 A collection of six pieces of Carter Stabler Adams Poole Pottery together with two Poole Pottery plates. £50
8 A Safari design Poole Pottery lamp. £50
9 Nine small Lilliput Lane models. £20
11 A Japanese Imari pattern plate with deity gold and floral highlights and 12 items of Wedgwood ware. £15
15 Five Beatrix Potter figures including Peter Rabbit and The Red Pocket Hankerchief, Old Mr. Pricklepin, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle and two others. £50
16 Three Sylvac tooth ache china dogs in good condition. Numbers: 1247, 3093, 2455. £45
17 Three pieces of traditional design Poole Pottery including a mug and two jugs. £35
18 A set of 12 Quimper oyster plates with a central serving platter and two other pieces. £120
19 A brass chestnut roaster, three copper saucepan lids and a large copper saucepan. £20
21 Various china to include two Lladro Dogs, Poole Pottery mug, Carlton Kids Bride and Groom, Beatrix Potter figure and other china. £20
22 Six china Sylvac dogs in good condition. Numbers: 2951, 2950 x2, 2938, 2421, 5296. £50
23 Five pieces of coloured glass to include two vases and three animals. £20
25 Five various modern 'Mabel Lucie Attwell' prints. £15
28 Mixed coloured glassware to include mainly animals. £20
29 Doulton Bunnykins figures including Mothers Day, Tennis, Romeo and two others (5). £45
30 A collection of 4 glass multi-coloured vases. £15
31 A 19th century brass desk stand with two inkwells and a candle snuffer (no lid). £30
33 A presentation maritime telescope on wooden stand by T. Cook & Sons, London. £40
34 Nine various coloured pieces of Sylvac depicting animals. £140
35 An American design metal silhouette of a horse and trap. £40
37 Ten various beige coloured Sylvac animals inc grinning cats 5298 dogs figures etc in good condition. £60
38 A large resin model of a pig. £25
39 Five Sylvac china animal figures in good condition. £25
40 A quantity of collectables including Depose Italian three dimensional figures in frame including a vintage Stratton compact. £15
41 A collection of various coloured glass paperweights. £15
44 A plated candlestick together with a libertys pewter Japanese frog candlestick. £30
45 A collection of various items of Poole Pottery to include dolphins which are broken and other broken pieces. £40
47 Various china and pottery to include Poole Pottery and Sylvac. £25
48 Seven pieces of green Wedgwood jasperware. £30
50 A collection of various china. £15
52 A very large collection of china to include Queen Elizabeth Commemorative cups, glassware and others etc. £15
53 Mixed china and glassware to include Tom and Jerry Wade Whimsies, Beswick horse, commemorative china etc. £85
57 A set of 9 boxed Limited Edition Hornsea Pottery Christmas plates from 1979 to 1987. £25
58 A mixture of china, glass and other collectibles to include a silver handled cake knife, some books, fishing reel etc. £20
59 An Edinburgh crystal glass decanter with box. £15
60 A large collection of china and some glassware to include character jugs, Oriental pieces and residues of china tea sets. £20
61 Seven Old Hereford kitchen tiles depicting fruit, vegetables and seafood. £20
62 Four Old Campbell tiles depicting pink flowers. £20
63 Two Poole Pottery Aegean shape 91 dishes. £20
64 A silver coloured cornet with mouthpiece. £18
65 Two green and beige Royal Doulton jugs. consisting of a egyptian slip ware decorated jug and a series ware monks in kitchen £50
66 Three Poole Pottery items 1 in contrast and 2 in calypso. £20
67 Two Beatrix Potter musical boxes: The Taylor of Gloucester and Tales of Tom Kitten, both boxed. £35
68 A large Royal Doulton green and blue glazed art nouveau vase. firing defect £25
69 A vintage paraffin lamp, two electrical lamp bases and 3 glass shades. £20
72 Various collectables to include 11 miniature Barbie figures, some Wedgwood collectable plates, some Disney toy figures and a vintage music box. £15
75 L Casellal of 147 Holborn bars, London 8887 compensated brass cased barometer in period morocan case £65
76 A Royal Doulton figure of "The Jester". £65
77 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: National Dogs - Pekingese, Old Snail (boxed) and Koala and Baby (boxed). £160
78 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Old Imari Hedgehog, Chicken and Squirrel. £120
79 A Royal Crown Derby thimble collection (15) complete with pin cushion and stand. £50
81 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Bluebell Calf and Daisy Cow. £160
82 Royal Crown Derby paperweights. A pair of Amazon green parrots Ltd Edition 336 and 975. £130
83 A Beswick Large ginger cat. £25
84 Four decorative glass decanters. £20
86 A stunning WMF Art Deco Dinanderie Ltd Edition 1/103. £70
87 Four various 1920's Dolly topped pincushions including "Hear all". £40
88 Five Beatrix Potter figures: Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, Aunt Pettitoes, Appley Dapply, Mrs. Rabbit and Hunca Munca together with a box of bookplates. £45
90 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Yorkshire Rose Daddy Bear with box and certificate, Chatsworth Coot, 25th Anniversary Rabbit with box and certificate and Scruff. (4). £140
91 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Lorikeet and Woodland Badge, both boxed. £110
93 An album of stamps together with two cards of Australia stamps. £40
94 Two stamp albums. (One album only has the first page with stamps on). £35
95 Nine cards of various stamps. £65
96 Twelve cards of stamps. £45
97 Seven cards of various stamps. £40
98 A quantity of postcards with a Doxford opposed piston oil ENGINE book with two cardboard working models of a diesel engine four stroke and two stroke. £20
99 A mantel clock with a perfume bottle, rogue pot, compact with compact and cigarette section. £25
100 NATAL. 1874 - 9. S.G. 72/73, 5/- x 2 used. Cat. £75. £40
101 NATAL. 1902. S.G. 143. £1.10s used. Cat. £130. £20
102 NATAL. Stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat. £20
104 NEW BRUNSWICK. Small stockcard of mint/used. High Cat. £20
105 NEWFOUNDLAND. Stockcard of earlies. Cat. £450+ but mixed condition. £25
106 NEW GUINEA. Small stockcard of mint/used. £25
110 SOUTH AFRICA. Collection of Fiscals/Covers with Tax stamps etc. £10
111 Blue Crest Stockbook containing Commonwealth stamps. £30
111a A card of three Canada stamps. £10
113 A box of pens. £30
114 Two R.A.F. Pilot's Flying log books dating 1943 with some ephemera of the pilot R. Woods. £900
115 A small tub containing various coins and an Omega style watch. £130
115a Three small boxes of coins. £20
116 A silver plated pocket watch with various coins £20
117 8 South African coins to include 1960 5 shilling unity 1952 5 shilling 300 years ;3; 1966 1967 1 rands and a St Christopher medalian. £45
118 Two containers of UK coins. £30
119 Two crumb brush dollies together with 14 pincushion dollies. £75
120 A box containing penknives, a knife with sheaf and a small quantity of pens etc £20
121 A watercolour landscape scene David Cox attributed 17x12cm. £50
122 An antique leather bound family album by Marcus ward and o containig welsh pictures £15
123 A Carter Tiles sample box £55
124 A mixed lot of glassware including a toddy lifter, knife rests and two glass French bulldogs, etc. £25
128 A small modern blue floral Moorcroft vase. 4 inches high. £50
129 A tall modern floral painted and slip glazed Moorcroft vase. 6 inches high. £60
130 Two Poole Pottery trinket boxes. One with a Beardsley design and one with a wren by Barbara Linley Adams. £20
133 A mixed lot of coins, a fob watch and cutlery. £20
134 WWI Medals (3) a belt buckle from the Fourth Cheshire Volunteers. £45
135 WWIi medals, long service medal and Red Cross war service medals and a quantity of silk postcards. £170
138 A Vintage Kodak camera in case together with a cased pocket watch. £55
141 A silverplated Sheaffer Fountain pen and twoWaterman pens £45
142 A collection of Golly Badges including motorcycle, Lollypop (8 in total and two others) £70
144 A mixed lot of costume jewellery. £75
145 A collection of silver chains, crosses earrings and a bangle. £55
146 Three pieces of silver jewellery by Rhiannon, a pair of gold earrings and a ring. £100
147 A 19th century french Bayonet with cut out in scabbard for a war grave. inscribed on blade £70
151 Avictorian silver plated toast rack and egg cup stand and a sugar bowl and cream jug £20
152 A cast metal model of a fox terrier attached to a marble base pin tray and another. £15
153 Four victorian silver backed brushes with Botticelli Cherubs. £45
154 A silver twin handled cup and another, a Christening set and a silver teaspoon. £60
155 A late victorian silver coloured white metal 800 stamped melon shaped teapot and cream jug (520 grams) £190
156 A silver commemorative pot purri bowl with Coat of Arms pierced lid with date mark for 1953. 276 grams £100
157 A modern adams design silver cruet set comprising two mustard pots, two salt cellars and two pepper pots , all with original glass liners. £160
158 A Victorian design silver butter dish in the shape of a shell.109 grams £55
159 A black enamelled and silver engine turned cigarette case/compact set with comb. London 1936 (gross weight 292 grams). £110
160 A plated sugar basket and a quantity of silver and plated spoons £25
161 A pierced silver bon bon dish with scalloped edge. £30
162 6 items of silver cutlery four spoons with two forks 170.4 grams £60
163 A silver plated harlequin candle stick, a small bedside clock in a silver case in the shape of an egg.and a sterling silver pin tray in the shape of a heart. £90
164 Pierced silver posy holder with blue liner and napkin Rings etc £80
165 A large amount of various collectables to include badges, cigarette lighters, razor etc. £40
167 A box of various silver and silver plated items. £40
168 A box of collectables to include some purses, a tin of dominos etc £20
169 An eighteenth century needlework sampler dated 1711, 'Trust in the Lord With all Thine Heart', features country house, baskets of flowers, stylised birds, swans and coronets. £75
170 Three various vintage boxed pens. £40
171 A Burleigh Indian Wall pocket £30
172 A sword bayonet £35
173 Coronet Midget bakelite camera in mottled green, together with two other cameras. (3) £85
174 two 18th century muff pistols with mahogany handles, flint lock action and percussion cap. £130
175 World War One British death plaque, 'William Alfred Gostling'. Together with two medals, contained in a wooden frame. £140
176 A reproduction German dagger, two pokers, a Mauchline ware box, scales and a post office savings box. £55
177 A early design Chinese black and green ground slender neck and bulbous shaped floral decorated peonies vase. old paper sticker kang hi rc 11 number62 £650
178 A art pottery Della Robbia of Birkenhead A sgraffito floral pattern Art Nouveau 'Isnic' shape Vase (Base chipped) £220
179 Royal Crown Derby plate in the Imari Pattern (6" diameter). £30
180 A Moorcroft 6" trumpet vase designed by E. Bossons. £85
181 A pair of Japanese Satsuma vases with gilded Greek key decoration with four panels depicting ladies in mountain landscape, chickens, birds on prunus branch, signed. (Possibly Kinkosan or Ryosan) £500
182 Charles Dixon: Two watercolours of The Homeric at sea and another of a large steamer off Cowes Roads. Both framed and glazed. (Each 15" x 6") £900
183 A Japanese Satsuma vase with gilding and two panels depicting figures with flowers and bamboo, signed. £140
184 A Chinese floral needlework section of part of a kimono. £15
185 A French poster print (Geo Dorvival) 4 eme Exposition de la locomotion Aerienne. £30
186 L. Alexis: Oil painting of Moulin Rouge. £15
187 A spray painting on canvas of a ship in distress. 24 x 36. £30
188 A 19th century portrait of a Lady on canvas (9.5" x 11.5") in gilt frame. £40
191 A French enamel sign: Raffigaz votre butane. £35
192 A double sided Rose and Crown sign. 36 x 24. £20
194 A box of collectables to include two small clocks, compacts, theatre glasses, coins, stamps, postcards etc. £15
195 A box of collectables. £15
196 Four stamp albums together with an album of BT phonecards. 5 in total. £55
197 A collection of small toys and collectables. £15
198 A mixed lot of silver and plate including a boxed boot hook and shoe horn. £25
199 A quantity of cased cutlery sets. £50
200 A box of collectables, medals, coins, cameras etc together with a Bush DEC 90A Bakelite Radio. £90
201 A large crate of assorted cigarette cards. £40
202 A box of mixed collectables including scout badges and a ever sharp gold plated pencil. £35
204 A box of erotic art books and other. £20
205 Silver tortoiseshell top inkwell, silver tea strainer, 6 x silver Japanese spoons, biscuit barrel etc. £70
206 A box containing a large quantity of postcards. £140
207 A quantity of modern bissue Britain's soldiers loose with associated boxes. £50
208 A box of mixed items, costume jewellery, badges, coins etc. £65
209 A small suitcase of cigarette cards and other ephemera with a carton of cigarette cards. £40
210 A tin of collectables. £15
212 Bells Whisky: five decanters including The Prince of Wales 50th birthday. £55
213 Four Bells Whisky decanters including 1990 Princess Eugenia.. £55
214 A bamboo table with green material top. £15
216 A ladies black fur coat together with two pieces of green glassware. £15
217 A quantity of wicker baskets together with a four tier wine rack. £30
218 Four various toby/character jugs. Happy John, Sir John Falstaff, Honest Measure, The Chef. Made by Royal Doulton. £25
220 Eight various Toby/character jugs. The Falconer, Robinson Grusoe, Robin Hood, Long John Silver, Sancho Panca, Porthos, Merlin, Smuggler. Made by Royal Doulton. £35
221 Four Poole Pottery bone china giftware items in the Ophelia design including a bud vase dish Bell and napkin rings. £20
222 A Poole Pottery tea storage jar together with six Poole Pottery Spice jars. £20
223 A large Melbaware shire horse. 11 inches by 15 inches. £20
224 Four Large Toby/character jugs. Capt Ahab, Izaak Walton, The Trapper, Neptune. Made by Royal Doulton. £60
226 4 melbaware animals including a goat, fox, ram and ewe. £25
227 A quantity of various glassware. £15
228 A Wedgwood sculpture of a lion by skeaping in Grey. A chip to front base and on tail. 8 inch by 13 inch £65
229 Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Limited edition bookends edition 1116 of 2500 with certificate. £80
232 Three Poole Pottery shape 42 delphis dishes in green, red and orange. £25
234 An old wooden trunk together with an old black suitcase. £45
236 A child material torso. £15
237 A torso mannequin. £15
238 A very large modern abstract style painting on canvas. £15
241 A modern anglepoise lamp. £25
243 A leaded stained glass panel 25'' x 17''. £15
244 Victorian mahogany pole screen on tripod Adam's feet and tapestry. £95
246 J. Backhouse barometer. £15
247 Bamana/Gang ngil- white painted elongated face mask with a terracotta figure of a grape collector. £20
248 A 1940's blue top bread bin and a quantity of Tetley tea folk. £20
249 A bronzed study of a semi naked woman in robes with a cherub. £35
250 An old medical aid chart. £65
251 A cast iron pig money box . £55
252 A German wall chart of sea creatures. £45
253 Three large models of Sages. £65
254 A German chemistry wall chart ATOMKERNSPALTUNG. £45
255 A large collection of various china etc to include two ringtones malingware blue and white tea caddies. £40
256 A Marconi tf144h 4 signal generator with a heathkit sine-square audio generator and one other. £15
257 A pair of concrete planters designed with floral leafed and acanthus decoration, in two sections. £75
258 A French design gilt metal Lyre Clock with attendant cupids carrying a rope of grapes, a pair of similar five branch candelabras decorated with cupids, resting on floral encrusted bases. £130
259 A white taxidermy bird in case. £40
260 Two mantle clocks together with a radio. £20
261 A large Satsuma Vase with bamboo handles on cream ground. £30
262 A country Made bow shaped container with with umbrellas and a straw hat. £40
263 French Spelter figures. £25
264 A Royal Worcester Vase depicting pheasants with rams head handles resting on a square base with cloven hoof supports (signature indestinct, possibly Harry Martin (af). A pair o blue and white jugs and a Doulton bowl. £40
265 A box of erotic books. £45
267 Quantity of assorted china and other items. £40
269 An oriental China teaset for 12 people by Royal Crown Derby. £70
270 An advertising display for "AC pressure cap and cooling system tester" £20
272 An 18 inch Dartington pottery charger of butterflies. £40
273 A large 16 inch studio pottery dish depicting a lobster. £20
274 A 19th century Ormolu French mantle clock with alabaster base, with hand painted Sevres style panels decorated with Puttis and Cherubs. £110
275 Five pieces of Poole Pottery including a Dorset Police Plaque. £55
277 Enfield 1861 rifle none firing replica (no licence required). £65
278 A Victorian silver mounted riding crop with stag horn handle and embossed mounts. £20
280 A mixed lot of china and books including Enid Blyton: The Secret Seven Library books. 1 -10. £15
281 A box of china including a pair of damaged Minton majolica salts. £110
282 A mixed lot of china and lampshades. £15
283 A retro adjustable factory bench stool. £30
284 A cast metal birdbath with fluted top. £20
285 A carved wooden temple in a glass case. £90
287 A collection of 8 Hummel figures and 1 Goebel figure. £55
288 An anglepoise lamp with one other. £40
290 A large vintage set of industrial weighing scales with weight. £60
292 A large cake stand with original case. 17.5 inches across on top. Together with two boxes of cutlery. £110
293 A collection of drawing instruments, all boxed. £35
294 A mixed lot of silver plated items including a pair of candlesticks, a decanter and crumb tray, etc. £20
295 An Anita Harris studio framed tile panels of penguins. £20
296 Wedgwood biscuit barrel of classical scenes with one other with a Sunderland jug (damaged). £15
297 A pair of silhouette pictures together with a blue and white cheese dish and tureen (no lid). £20
298 A Moorcroft year plate together with a Royal Doulton plate and Wedgwood plate together with a print, a painting and a tapestry. £20
300 A nephrite bangle, two necklaces and other pieces. £160
301 A 9ct gold pendant and chain together with an 18ct gold Victorian emerald and diamond ring and three other rings. £150
302 Scottish silver jewellery including a pair of malachite earrings, a silver bangle, necklace and two brooches. £80
303 A ladies 9ct gold wristwatch with mother of pearl face and 9ct gold strap. £50
304 Two 925 chains and a malachite pendant/brooch. £20
305 A platinum ring set with two diamonds in a modern style. £100
306 A gold Garnet brooch, a moonstone brooch and one other. £50
307 A 15ct Thistle brooch set with Cairngorm Citrines. £95
308 A Rotary 9ct gold Gents watch and another. £130
309 A 1905 Masonic 9ct gold medal. £135
310 2 silver Celtic brooches set with stones, a pair of earrings and a Celtic ring. £35
311 A 9ct gold identity bracelet ( 8.7 grams). £95
312 A silver Celtic bracelet and one other 925' Quartz bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings. £75
313 A Lagarmic 9ct gold bangle with bronze core. £15
314 Two pairs of gold earrings together with a gold and silver brooch. £40
315 A mixed lot of 9 carat gold including bangle, watches, chains, etc. £370
316 A 9ct gold ring set with Sapphire. £20
317 Tiffany & Co. platinum and diamond bracelet and earrings set. £400
319 A Rolex Tudor prince oyster date mid-size gents wristwatch. £650
321 A diamond pendant set in 18 carat white gold on a 9 carat white gold 18 inch chain. £180
322 A ladies 9 carat gold Tudor wristwatch. £70
323 An 18 carat gold ring set with three sapphires and diamonds. £180
324 A diamond and ruby ring set in 18 carat white gold the central stone being approximately two carats (Heavily included). £300
326 A silver vesta case and bracelet, an ARP badge, etc. £40
327 An antique Scottish citrine thistle kilt brooch, an agate brooch and two pairs of earrings. £60
328 A 9ct gold gents ring with inset ruby and engraved shoulders. £70
329 A 9ct gold gents gypsy ring with inset diamond. £180
330 An 18ct gold gents ring set with three diamonds. £240
331 A New Zealand RAF pin with other various smalls. £45
332 A heavy gold band decorated with scrolls and diamonds, designed by Patrick Hall. £240
333 A gold ring set with central white stone surrounded by small Turquoise stones. £40
334 An amethyst and seed pearl brooch, a silver stamp holder marked 'A. Bros.' Birmingham and three other pieces. £75
335 A Russian enamel Icon. £130
336 A 9ct gold necklace set with different coloured gemstones. £220
337 An agate brooch carved with the head of a classical gentleman. £60
338 Two silver bangles, a coral necklace and three ornamental rings. £15
339 A vintage silver pocket watch with Albertina chain. £45
342 A damaged French horn with six trumpets, no mouthpiece (John Packer Ltd, Mirage Mirage, Blessing, Sonara). £25
343 Various silver plate with silver plated bowl and silver plated goblet etc. £140
345 A box of cameras and an electric razor. £30
349 A large Holy Bible with leather cover, tooled and gilded. £30
350 A large ceramic cat. 15 inches tall. £40
351 An oak three bottle tantalus/ games compendium (not fitted out), with silver plated mounts. £100
352 A Royal Doulton vase with a large Chinese china cat, another vase and a resin model of horses. £35
353 An oak banjo barometer/thermometer. £15
354 An Anita Harris studio limited edition charger number 1 of 25 with a blue bell wood design. £40
355 A Royal Doulton teaset of 21 pieces. £40
356 Two small still life oils of fruit and vegetables, signed J.B with a print of mother and baby. £25
359 A ladies Boudoire spinning wheel. £50
360 A quantity of gem testing items including refractascope, Chelsea Colour Filter, Chance OX, gem stones, lapidary items, tumbler and related items. £65
400 A retro G Plan dressing table with mirror. £30
402 A complete china tea and dinner set. Royal Doulton 'Charade'. £55
403 An oval topped pine table. 63 inches wide, (china not included). £10
404 A reproduction partner's desk. 3ft by 5ft with inset leather top. £20
406 A reproduction swivel captain's chair upholstered in button back leather. £75
407 An Edwardian mahogany cabinet bookcase with carved decoration. £60
408 A large travelling trunk with metal mounts. 42 inches by 21 inches. £40
410 A large Persian design decorative carpet on red ground floral boarder central medallioned . 12ft by 8ft. £85
411 A narrow pine bookcase. 21 inches wide, 5ft high. £30
412 A pine bookcase 35 inches wide by 66 inches tall. £25
414 A large pine bookcase, 40 inches wide and 6 feet tall. £35
416 A three seater brown leather chesterfield (6ft x 3ft). £70
417 A small lacquered drop-flap table on bobbin turned support together with a turned standard lamp. £15
418 A small reproduction mahogany display cabinet. £15
419 A Bombe fronted side cabinet with metal fronted mounts. £35
420 A drop-flap Ercol dining table with four matching Ercol stickback chairs. £150
421 An Edwardian bobbin turned open armchair. £40
422 An Edwardian satin walnut chest of four drawers. £35
423 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table. £15
424 A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs and a Georgian wall mirror (af). £40
425 A Victorian double cast iron bedstead. No mattress included. £45
426 A retro G Plan rectangular glass topped coffee table. £55
427 A Lloyd loom style pink bedroom chair and matching laundry basket. £20
428 A 19th century pine blanket box on castors. £50
430 A G Plan style glass topped table with nest underneath. £20
432 A modern phrenology bust by L. N. Fowler. £30
433 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany display cabinet. £30
434 A mahogany hall table with drawer underneath. £15
435 An Edwardian upholstered armchair together with oak mirror and standard lamp. £10
436 A Regency style marble fireplace with fire basket. £300
438 A modern four branch candelabrum standing 31" high. £35
439 A French oak draw-leaf dining table on turned supports with X stretcher. £50
440 A set of six Georgian style dining chairs with over stuffed seats. £40
441 A 19th century pine dresser with glazed top and sliding doors. £60
442 A Victorian oak dining chair on barley twist supports. £10
443 An oak side table with two freize drawers. £20
444 A nest of three oak tables on bobbin turned legs. £65
445 Fourteen chapel chairs. £160
447 A mid 20th century mahogany bureau on cabriole legs. £20
448 A small coffee table with map top together with a small cane chair. £15
449 Two 1970's stools. £10
450 A reproduction Recency style dining table and six chairs. £30
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