Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors to include Alcohol 02 December 2017

Date: 2nd December 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 A large quantity of mixed stamps in various conditions. £40
2 A mixed lot of stamps including albums, loose stamps and related items. £55
3 Three stamp albums, a box of world stamps, a number of stamp mounts together with a large box of empty box files and folders. £35
7 Hong Kong. 1880. S.G. 24-27. Good used. Cat £370. £35
10 Newfoundland. S.G. 83-90 incl 85a. Complet mtd. Mint set. Cat £194. £15
11 Niger Coast. 1892-4. 4 oil rivers overprint stamps. Cat £55. £15
12 Niger Coast. 1894 and 1897/8 sets. Mint and used. Good Cat. £30
14 Nigeria. Small stockbook of mint/used from 1935 onwards. £10
16 An album of G.B mostly decimal mint. £140
19 A red stamp album containing West Indies. £15
21 A large glass lemonade jug with central reservoir for holding ice, with plated neck and handle. £35
22 Two Lladro bird figures (boxed). £65
24 A Mr Christmas 1992 Musical Holiday Merry Go Round with six horses. 21 Christmas carols. £80
26 A pair of Spelter bookends modelled as cherubs with dogs on a marble base. £25
27 A marine compass and a Bakelite telephone. £60
27a Seven blue glazed Poole Pottery animals to include three dolphins. £50
28 A Japanese bronzed ceremonial teapot with chi chi spout. signed £120
29 A Poole Pottery model of a leaping fish in white together with an Art Nouveau style brass table lamp with green glass shade. £30
30 Mixed collectables to include china, Beswick Jug, carved animals, Homepride Men, spoons etc. £25
31 Two Nao figures together with one other, a Beswick fish (damaged fin) and a Lladro figure, boxed. £35
33 Mixed collectables to include some dolls tea sets, Poole Pottery, soup plates, clockwork toy etc. £20
34 A large quantity of 19th century pewter measures. tankards, pint ,half, gill etc £55
36 A mixed lot including a flour bin, a ceramic model of a Carolina Duck, two wicker baskets, etc. £25
37 A quantity of various coloured include free form vases etc £20
38 Two green metal vases together with two china vases. £20
39 A quantity of pewter tankards etc. £55
40 A small antique circular brass and metal ships clock. enemaled dial £50
42 A collection of six Wade Nat west Pigs. £35
43 Mixed collectables to include a clock, unusual bartender set musical box and a lamp. £40
44 Two French railway lamps. £30
45 A collection of various coloured glassware. £25
46 A small quantity of various china. blue and white figures etc £15
47 Poole Pottery Delphis vase together with one other. £25
48 Five china horse ornaments together with a lighter, plate and metal horse. £40
48a Seven BLA brown Poole Pottery animals. £60
49 A pair of' Ralph Lauren table lamps in blue and white with cream linen shades. (20" high). £65
50 Various silver plated items to include candlesticks, jugs, tray etc. £50
52 A 1930s design china ornament of two horses and a trainer from Hurathulle. £55
53 A parian ware figure of a flower collector, a classical figure of boy with a thorn, bronze study of a roman emperor,bronze medal for Mozart, lead cast head of a roman god. study of Mendlessohn B M casts etc £120
54 A very large collection of various china and glass to include some Poole Pottery. £30
55 A quantity of Portmeirion. botanic garden to inc teapot, bowls, stand, vases,etc £70
56 A mixture of china to include three staffs figures of a religous nature possible r woods l boxed Coalport and Spode Commemorative pieces together with a Golly and other china. £620
57 An ornamental clock designed as a bronzed lady figure standing on a marble plinth. £65
58 A Lladro figure of children decorating a Christmas tree. (Examine). £45
59 A Wade Heath bowl, Bourne Denny Glyn College pottery together with another piece of pottery, Bursleigh ware Charlotte Rhead. £30
60 A quantity of pewter, Wedgwood and glass. £25
61 A canteen of Bergmann cutlery. £30
62 Items of silver plate to include a large tray etc. £35
62a Eight white Poole Pottery animals. £55
63 A pair of model Michelin men (6" high). £15
64 A quantity of mixed decorative glass. £20
65 A quantity of Toby jugs. £50
66 Seven pieces of floral patterned coloured luster after Tiffany glassware. signed Stuart Ware or Webb £170
67 A quantity of mixed decorative glass. £20
69 A Poole Pottery green bowl together with glass vases, glass bead necklace, photograph album etc. £20
70 Taxidermy: Turkey. £20
71 An adjustable table lamp in chrome on a painted base. £55
72 A quantity of Lilliput Lane, unboxed, no deeds together with a Cobridge jug etc. £20
73 A quantity of Royal Doulton Bunnykins , to include postbox .tally ho.wheelbarrow. swiming. seaside. to school.etc. £30
74 A quantity of mixed decorative glass ashtrays. £10
75 Oriental pictures together with wooden fish, plant pot etc. £10
77 A family Bible with metal mounts and an edition of King Albert's Book. £25
79 A quantity of glassware. £20
80 A canteen of silver plated cutlery for six place settings in The Kings pattern. £55
81 A Chinese tray together with brown china, marble horse, wooden boxes etc. £20
82 A French enamel sign for a Two Star Restaurant and a Great Western Railway Company sign in aluminum. £25
84 A small quantity of china and glass to include pottery shoes, Dutch girl, candlestick, coloured glass etc. £10
85 A pair of plaster boy and girl figures eating fruit. £15
86 A quantity of Goebel Hummel inc the swing .sweep lamp,skipping. skying.the fence etc £65
87 A large Royal Doulton china dog ornament. modeled as a lurcher/ Greyhound hm 3065 £230
88 A large B&G china model of a greyhound. number 2076 £50
89 Royal Doulton: The Old Balloon Seller (hn1315). £20
90 Three Royal Doulton Walt Disney Peter Pan Boxed Showcase figures. Tinker Bell (certificate), Tic Toc Crocodile and The Duel (certificate). £70
91 A Charlotte Rhead bowl. decorated summer fruits oranges and lemons flowers on a footed base £20
92 A Poole Pottery studio plate (8 inches) (af). £65
93 Four pieces of studio pottery and other collectables. £20
96 A Japanese blue and white flared and shaped neck trumpet shaped vase, Hiraldo. £15
97 A small quantity of mixed china including wade. £15
98 An rare Italian unusual large multi coloured glass vase. (Chips to rim). £260
99 Four Royal Doulton Walt Disney Peter Pan Showcase figures. Wendy, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Heading For Skull Rock. All boxed with certificates. £70
100 A Royal Doulton vase, raised bead design L and c mark. £25
101 A mixed lot of coins and bank notes. £35
102 A vintage cocktail plastic and plated mount £180
103 Four items including a pair of bullet vases ypyes Trench art. badges. u 581 submarine cigar lighter in chrome £45
104 A mixed lot of medals and badges,etc. £35
105 a Burma Star medal clasp two others ribbons and badges R E M E together with associated ephemera. silver pin cherub notecase in plate etc £60
106 a pair of engine turned 9 ct Gold pens in case. maker wh ltd £200
107 A small tin together with a plastic bag of mixed coins. £35
108 A box of mixed coins. £40
109 A collection of Commemorative Crowns and First Decimal Coin packs. £20
110 A carton of mixed coins. £40
111 A complete set of Austrian proof coins from 1974. £30
111A A carton of mixed coins. £40
112 A carton of mixed coins and 8 commemorative crowns. £20
113 Silk flags to include Union Jack together with a vintage scarf and one other, Pierre Balmain and a Daum Nancy glass. £25
117 A box of vintage pens including three in silver. £40
118A A 1956 Royal Christmas cad signed by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip together with a 1937 letter from Buckingham Palace. £200
120 A small quantity of collectables penknives etc. and a Golly marching band, three pieces. £20
121 A bottle of Hendrick's Gin together with a bottle of Rambla 41 Gin and a bottle of Old St Andrews Scotch Whisky. £40
122 A collection of 9 boxed Bilson and battersea design enameled patch boxes made by haycyon days to include a commemorative cup. £70
124 A picture by Padraig Paddy Macmiadchain local Purbeck artist provenance given in 1974 to V. Frater by the artist as a wedding present. Entitled 'Canary Dream'. £300
125 A silver bag, pencil and Vesta case together with a silver plated hip flask. £55
126 A mixed lot of collectables including two small silver napkin rings, a pocket watch and other items. £25
127A Three items of silver including an RMS Queen Elizabeth powder compact. £45
128 A boxed pair of cut glass butter dishes and silver forks. £20
130 A collection of blank badge plaques with some old military books, medal etc. £20
131 A boxed set of six dessert knives and a set of plated cake forks. £20
132 A mixed box of collectables including Goebel, egg cups sooty , Avon perfume bottles. £20
134 Three boxed bottles of Whisky. Dimple, Bells and Cardhu. £35
135 A quantity of Silver to include two cigarette cases, napkin ring, Vesta case and two bracelets. £140
136 Mixed lot of collectables including enamel cufflinks, EPNS and coins. £25
137 Three small white metal revolving pencils. £30
139 A James Dixon self pouring three piece silver plated tea set. £60
140 A collection of silver plate to include cutlery, egg cups etc. £35
141 An art Nouveau WMF dish of a girl by a pond and water devil (Examine). £300
142 A silver caster and Vesta case. £80
143 A silver twin handled trophy cup with two silver combs. £35
144 A collection of mixed decorative silver plate to include a piece from Viners of Sheffield. £30
145 A vintage 9ct gold ladies' watch and four other ladies' watches together with three Gent's watches. £60
146 Three Seiko gents watches with stainless steel straps. (Ref. 123617). £35
147 A mixed lot of 12 watches including Avia, Lotus, Taito and a pocket watch, various cuff links, two copper bangles and a retro lighter. (Ref 123617). £40
149 A mixed lot of wristwatches including a Rolex style watch, a gold plated gents signet ring ,a collection of military buttons and a retro lighter. (Ref 123617). £15
150 A box of costume jewellery to include some watches. £20
151 Two bottles of Drambuie Liqueur (2). £30
152 Three gold plated pens, a Sheaffer fountain pen and two Parker ballpoint pens. £85
153 A mixed lot of blue enamel and silver dressing table sets and a tortoiseshell pot overlaid with gold coloured metal. £150
154 A 1.75L bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey together with a 1L bottle of Austin Nichols Wild Turkey Whiskey (2). £65
155 A 1L bottle of Glenfiddich Special Reserve Scotch Whiskey together with a 1L bottle of Chivas Regal Whiskey and a small 35cl bottle of Old Scotch Whiskey (3). £45
156 A 1L bottle of Beefeater Dry Gin together with a 1L bottle of Lamb's Navy Rum, a 500ml bottle of Bacardi and a 75cl bottle of red wine (4). £40
157 A mixed lot of costume jewellery. £20
158 Two bottles of Glenfiddich Special Reserve whisky. £45
159 Two bottles of vintage port from Taylor's and W & J Graham's (2). £30
160 Four bottles of alcohol to include Drambuie, Marigo Rum, Cointreau and Grappa del contadino (4). £35
161 A Crummel enamel box with another, mixed lot include swarovski owl. £25
162 A Royal Crown Derby pin tray in the Imari pattern. £60
164 A copy of Rubaityat of Omar Khayyam with Illustrations by Edmund Delac bound in cloth with gilded tooling. £60
165 a set of 4 Royal Crown Derby bears £80
168 Royal Crown Derby Welsh Corgi (no stopper)bank vole and owl £50
169 Two pieces of blue glazed pottery together with four other pieces of high fired studio pottery. by B Kalan and other seal marks. £15
170 A quantity of Royal Worcester pieces including cabinet cups and saucers, a pair of small vases, etc. £480
173 A carved ivory study of Guan Ling holding flower heightened as black on wooden base (11 and half inches high) with a cites cert held in office to this lot £240
174 An ivory study of a Guan-Yin with basket of fruit and flowers, lotus buds and phoenix hair ornament with a cites cert to go with this lot . £110
175 Two blue and white Delft vases together with a Royal Doulton blue and green vase, small Chinese vase and some glass. £20
176 Three Karl Ens style figures of birds to include a parrot in various coloured glazes £140
178 Three ceramic Carl Ens China inc cockatoo and woodpecker £160
179 A quantity of mixed china including Hummel,Lladro,Nao,GoebelSylvac, £25
184 A framed watercolour painting of a circus with elephant scene 'Ringlands Circus' from 1943. signed huttam thuty / £100
185 A sampler dated 1849 by Louisa Lane aged 9. Poor condition. £45
186 H Hadfield Cubley: Oil on board of cattle in the water meadows with mountains in the background. £65
189 A signed poster from an evening hosted by Rolling Stone Bill Wyman 1989 £100
190 Two framed watercolours of farm scenes. one by Ian Armour Chelu Chickens by barn label reverso. the other signed Mailler of cattle on field £50
192 Butler smoking stand with a framed picture depicting men playing cards £60
192a A box of mixed postcards and cigarette cards £40
193 A silver dish with other plated items £80
194 A mixed lot of collectables to include some copper, wooden box, candlestick, paper banknotes etc. £45
195 Glenfiddich 1 litre,The famous Grouse 70cl and Bells Scotch Whiskey 1 litre £45
196 The famous Grouse 70cl,Glenfiddich 70cl,Whyte & Mackey 70cl £40
197 The famous Grouse, Jim Beams Devils cut 750 'll and Black cat £40
198 Bells Scotch Whisky 70cl,The famous Grouse 70cl,DYC Whisky £40
199 Boxed bottle of Glenfiddich 12 years old 70cl,Bells scotch whisky 1 litre with another 70cl £40
203 An 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire ring. £110
204 A princess cut diamond solitaire 0.50 point 18 carat white gold ring, size 'O'. £280
207 A gent's 9 carat gold heavy keeper ring. £200
207a A collection of gold and silver coloured jewellery including bracelets, necklaces and brooches and a compact. £90
210 A 9 carat gold ring (2.4 grams). £35
213 An 18 carat white gold topaz ring (2.1 grams). £75
214a A box of sterling silver charms (72 grams). £25
215 Costume jewellery: A gold coloured necklace of scalloped design with inset seed pearls and matching earrings together with a silver thimble. £15
216 An antique yellow metal ring set with a single citrine. £15
220 A diamond (approx. 1.00carat) 18 carat white gold ring, size 'M'. £360
229 An 18 carat white gold bangle set with rubies. £320
234 A seven diamond 18 carat white gold cluster 0.50 point ring, size 'S'. £160
235 A diamond three stone (approx. 0.75 point) 18 carat gold ring, size 'L'. £280
238a A 9ct gold brooch set with an oval moss agate stone. £30
240 A pair of 9ct gold and mother of pearl cuff links together with a pair of silver and enamel cufflinks and a pair of earrings. £110
241A Three miniatures in original boxes, one in military dress. £110
242 A Gents 9ct gold band and signet ring. £80
242A Compact horse bangle hat pin £30
243 A bag of mixed gold including chains, bracelets and rings. £520
245 A silver and marcasite cocktail watch and another gold watch. £35
247A A box of costume jewellery. £20
248 A mixed bag of gold including a pocket watch, a gold chain and other items. £340
255 Bells Scotch Whisky 70cl,Glen Garioch 1 litre,Bells Scotch whisky 1 litre £45
256 RAF Memrobelia to include a case of wartime love letters, Five wartime diaries covering the years 1941-1946, local hurn airport information and other ephemera. £300
258 A box of costume jewellery to include brooches together with five purses. £55
259 A collection of vintage cameras and binoculars together with a table lamp. £35
260 A small suitcase full of photographs and postcards including some taken by the press relating to the music industry including Diana Ross, Rod Stuart, Cilla Black., etc. Together with a selection from the film industry and sportsman and others. £130
261 A large box of postcards £110
262 Two boxes containing mixed postcards £20
263 A large collection of disney Wade Whimsies together with some other china animals. £35
264 A box of mixed costume jewellery. £15
265 A collection of 16 , 8mm cine films for adults only. £80
268 A mixed tin of collectables wade etc £20
270 A collection of wine books, some vintage corkscrews and a wine enhancer. £15
271 A mixed lot of first day covers, coins ,cigarette cards, and Victorian photo albums, (empty) £15
275 A collection of china flower bouquets together with three paperweights. £10
277 Multi coloured glazed Poole Pottery vase £25
278 A small quantity of Poole Pottery £20
279 A Micrometer binoculars,and a selection of glass £40
280 Hughes family scale with other vintage kitchenalia £20
282 Five pieces of Poole Pottery. One chip on I'm of jug and one piece cracked. £15
283 Four Beatrix Potter figures £20
284 A large limited edition David A.Fryer studio long eared owl 20/150 sculpture £20
285 A quantity of books on the Great war with others. £10
286 A travelling case with a tailors dummy £15
287 A ladies three quarter length fur coat and two stoles. £30
288 A 1980's Parker with various badges attached. £70
290 A large quantity of various Poole Pottery. £40
291 A watercolour by R.Baser 1908-1998 Isreal of Docks at Hafia along with a publishing book with an abstract painting , black and white sketch,238/400,Kosinski studio watercolour £20
292 Three pieces of decorative glass £10
293 A large portfolio of drawings and artwork. material design buildings £15
294 Seven pieces of Poole Pottery to include large blue vase. £40
296 Four boxes of china and plate £40
298 Two mirrors: one 1930's round with an easel back and gilded frame, the other square in a gilded frame and a Chinese picture of Sages, made from silk on a linen background (glass damaged) £10
299 An amateur painting of a ship and sea scene by C.V. Wright. £20
300 Kein table/mantle clock with one similar with a swan trinket box £15
301 A quantity of mixed china including carltonware Beswick £30
302 A Columbia Grafnola 109a Wind up gramophone from the 1920s with dealers plaque 'R.Kiltz & Son, Swanage' together with some 78's. £35
304 Nine pieces of traditional pattern Poole Pottery. £35
305 A watercolour of a seascape and an oil on board of a highland scene. £15
306 A small poster for "The Freddie Mills Night" February 6th 1966 Hosted by Billy Butlin together with a 1989 poster for the London Palladium. £20
307 10 pictures of local scenes together with 7 pieces of Poole Pottery. £45
309 A wall hanging clock ,mantle clock,hen egg container,etc £15
310 Two framed Horse related pictures At Hethersett races, The Horse fair £20
311 An oil on canvas of a french street fish market scene in the impressionist style. has E Boudin felt tip inscription to back £50
312 A Vintage wind up gramophone with HMV soundbox. £35
313 A framed painting of a rural countryside. £50
314 Six brass candlesticks, two copper trays and a copper vase. £30
317 7 pictures of various women to include some pairs from the 1950s. trechokoff style £55
318 A box of plated cutlery small quantity of watches £70
319 A large box of various clocks to include a 1960s metamec Sunburst clock. £10
320 A pair of French shutters painted green. £45
321 A ladies full length Khaftan in navy blue velvet with gold trim. £20
321a An extending French fruit picking ladder £30
322 A 19th century gilded cushion framed mirror 31' x 38". £25
323 14 pieces of Poole Pottery. £45
324 A quantity of glassware to include a set of six coloured glasses. £60
325 A victorian Diarama of a galleon at sea fitted clock part to back and a Victorian inlaid footstool. £35
326 A 7" TFT 730 colour TV. £10
327 A large quantity of Harmonica including a Hohner in its original box. £110
328 An early Bellarmine stoneware jug (12" high). £45
329 A Bullfinch light together with an anglepoise. £15
330 Clock parts to include a Westminster Whittington strike one other. a qty of brass skeleton clock sections a graduated set of bells etc £650
331 Two brass fenders. £15
333 A Violin and bow in case sold by A.J. Rowley of Coventry in 1904 made in Naples. £380
334 A rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid mandolin in original case. £50
335 Six pieces of Blue glazed Poole Pottery to include dolphins. £55
336 A box of transport related collectables to include pictures, photos, signs etc. £20
336a A cricket bat signed by Mark Ramprakash, framed, including photographs of him marking his 100 first Class Centuries , 2nd August 2008. £80
337 A signed and framed photograph of Dickie Bird at Lords 1996, five Vanity Fair prints and four others relating to cricket. £45
338 Six Poole Pottery bowls in the traditional pattern. £90
339 An early 20th century revolving table top bookcase in oak, with label to base stating it was made by disabled ex-servicemen at Lady Haig's Poppy Factory, Cannongate and Lower Colton Road, Edinburgh. £20
340 WWI Volumes I and II of L'album de la Guerre 1914-1919. £50
340a A large Koma carriage clock £15
342 An Art Deco chrome ceiling light and three other brass table lamps. £10
344 A central crystal chandelier together with two smaller bag lustre light fittings. £65
345 A case of camera equipment including a Praktica camera and an Ambica tripod. £20
347 A large 1940's composition Christmas "Bride" doll with open/shut eyes, original costume. Voice box and new elastic included. (3ft. Tall). £20
349 A box of metalware including silver plate £20
351 Four graduated bells on a moveable wooden frame. £45
354 Seven pieces of BLA brown Poole Pottery. £60
355 Tribal African lamp with four chalkware African figures/busts £15
356 A Mappin & Webb canteen of silver plated cutlery with bone handles in an oak box with carrying handles. £40
357 A mantle clock with a modern thermometer £20
358 A collection of oriental brass and china and a large copper table top. £20
359 An oil on board depicting fishermen on the beach and two maps of Dorset and Hampshire. £45
360 A mixed lot of cameras and lenses including a tripod. £10
361 A large quantity of of 12 boxed Lilliput Lane Models. Some with deeds. £40
363 Four boxes of German Steins plus three Oxo tins. £40
364 Three framed water colour pictures depicting the Norfolk Broads and Yorkshire Dales by Joseph West. £20
365 Two Gladstone leather bags. £15
366 A model of a human leg showing the muscle and tendon structure used in Physiotherapy. £35
369 Two pine boxes £25
370 Coto de Imax,villa antinori,duca del poggio,zinfandel with a bottle of mulled wine £15
371 A pair of brass candelabra in the French style on scrolling bases including snuffers.(24" high) £65
372 Cabernet sauvignon,Bordeaux Merlot,kendall Jackson collage, Brut,Merlot delle venezie £15
373 Four bottles of wine and one champagne £20
374 A collection of film star and TV celebrity photographs including Elvis, John Wayne and Laurel and Hardy, etc. £25
375 Two boxes of vintage Christmas decorations including baubles , celluloid fairy doll, fur animals, crackers, etc. £20
376 An unopened case of 12 bottles of vintage 1985 Port 'Porto Niepoort'. £440
377 An unopened case of Marques de Vargas wine. £220
378 Two bottles of liquor: Benedictine and Drambuie. £40
379 A bottle of Quart Benedictine (evaporation occurred, below neck). £10
380 A canteen of silver plated cutlery. £40
381 A pair of French style wall lights in brass. £40
382 Moulin de Sarpe Saint -Emilion 2001 Jeraboam(boxed). £160
383 1 case of Chateau Malineau Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2003. £260
384 13 bottles of various alcohol including three boxed. £55
385 Three bottles of various alcohol. Kahlua, Tia Maria Liqueur and Chivas Regal Scotch whisky. £30
386 Two Bottles of Gordon's Gin (2). £30
387 Eight small bottles of various alcohol together with a Corkscrew gift set (8). £10
390 A quantity of cigarette cards, Andy Capp booklets,collectable books etc £20
393 A green enamel central light fitting. £20
394 A box of books including Thomas the Tank Engine and The Boys own Annual and a selection if puctures. £35
396 Five bottles of various alcohol to include bottles of Liqueur. £40
397 Three bottles of alcohol to include Remy Martin Champagne Cognac, Pol Acker wine and a bottle of Lanson champagne (3). £30
398 Five bottles of vintage port to include three bottles of 1980 Taylor's with a Taylor's crate (5). £200
399 12 vintage bottles of red wine. (One lid rusted and two evaporated below the neck) (12). £60
400 Eight bottles of fizz to include a bottle of 1943 Moet & Chandon champagne (8). £45
401 A bottle of Bollinger champagne with a bottle of Coates du Rhone villages £30
402 A pair of unusual table lamps with a metal frame with faux velum shades. £20
403 A collection of six sealed bottles of wine to include four bottles of Merlot and two bottles of Californian Rose. £15
404 A collection of six sealed bottles of wine to include Brolio, Echo Falls, Banrock Station and others (6). £15
405 Six bottles of various wine to include Hardy's Crest, New Age, Navarra Rose and others. All sealed. £15
407 Twelve bottles of various alcohol to include five bottles of Martini Asli, Bottle of Sainsbury's 1995 Millenium Champagne, cava and others (12). £45
408 Four modern art pictures including mixed media signed Ursula white £15
409 Three fur coats £15
410 Two framed prints Regatta 40/350 Steven Dew, with another £95
411 Oil on canvas still life Victorian family portraits with a citation and two photo albums £15
412 A box of commemorative china with a box of brass and some ephemera. £20
414 Wmf overlaid vase brass candlesticks / entrance hall mirror/oak inkstand various items £30
415 A box of various collectables to include plated cutlery etc. £20
450 A 19th century low back yew wood and fruit wood Windsor chair with elm seat and crinoline stretcher (Repaired). £70
450a A large Spode China dinner service in rusted red colour together with some glasses. £40
452 An oak dining table measuring 1m 80cm x 1m x 74cm H. £10
453 A collection of pictures and a decorative fire screen with inset still life picture, all by Joseph West. £25
454 A French enamel low cupboard with drawer and doors under. £60
455 An Anglo-Indian Kashmiri inlaid table depicting vases of flowers and a chequer board top over an octagonal base and a Victorian rosewood balloon back chair. £850
458 A walnut veneer side table/desk with frieze drawer to front and two side drawers resting on cabriole legs. £20
459 An oval mirror and an oil on board of a seascape. £15
461 A walnut veneer side cabinet with glazed doors to sides and central doors and drawers. £20
462 A Victorian design turned hat and coats stand resting on square legs. £25
463a An early mechanical Singer sewing machine on a metal base. £20
465 A pair of Edwardian oak frame upholstered chairs and three pictures and a small mirror. £35
470 A full size Roulette Wheel and Croupier's stick. £460
471 A large Scandi retro design gate-leg dining table. £15
472 An Edwardian oak bookcase with glazed top and drawers and cupboards under with carved floral decoration to doors. £30
473 A walnut veneer glazed bookcase with two doors to front and standing on cabriole legs. £25
474 A modern pine chest of drawers. £50
475 An early 20th century Clerks' tambour fronted desk/rent table in oak. £75
476 An Edwardian smokers open armchair. £50
477 A Regency mahogany card table on central column with four outswept legs with brass caps and castors. £55
478 A small oak bureau bookcase with drawer and cupboard under. £35
479 A modern reclining chair in floral fabric. £20
482 An oak cased Singer sewing machine fitted two drawers together with a stick stand. £15
483 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers. £15
484 An antique carved oak overmantel carved figures. £80
485 An antique carved oak coffer with a fielded panel resting on square legs. £50
486 A late 20th century modernistic brass and glass cake restaurant trolley.fitted shelves and casters £30
487 A late 19th century mahogany framed elbow chair with upholstered seat standing on turned fluted legs. £15
488 A modern reproduction pine cabinet with curved arched doors with astragal glazing with two drawers and cupboards below. £45
489 A reproduction adastral glazed bookcase resting on cloth in 4 feet £30
490 A reproduction desk with lift up top and leather insert. £20
491 An oak cased folding organ. £20
492 A nest of three oak tables and modern teak sewing table with three tiers and sliding tray top. £15
493 A Victorian mahogany hexagonal table with under shelf. £15
494 A quantity of Aubusson style cushions, Russian cushion from Iosis-Paris and an Indian cushion. £40
495 A late 19th century stained as mahogany bijouterie table resting on square legs. £60
496 A large walnut veneered pie crust top coffee table resting on pad feet. £30
497 A Victorian carved mahogany prie dieu chair rested on swept out Spanish claw and ball feet covered in a rose floral linen material. £30
498 A set of four oak chairs with carved lattice backs ,hexagonal legs and tapestry seats £20
500 An oak barley twist framed long john foot stool with needlework top £25
502 A mahogany side table with leather inlay. £10
503 A pair of mahogany night tables on square legs a similar mahogany stool on pad feet and one other £20
504 A modern gilded overmantle mirror. £30
505 Six leaded light window in metal frames (approx. 4ft x 18") £40
507 Five needlepoint cushions and two others. £25
508 An oak sideboard with two drawers and two cupboards with a green leather captains chair and a podium. £90
509 A set of four small and one large teak danish floating shelves £20
510 Two persian carpets, one pictorial depicting figures and foliage and one other. af £50
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