Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 04 March 2017

Date: 4th March 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

1 A quantity of wicker baskets including dog basket, twin handled laundry basket, five miniature peacock chairs. 17 in all. £35.00
2 Thirteen pieces of Poole Pottery including white bodied 5.5" jug, twin tone shell, etc. £10.00
3 Three musical boxes one boxed together with a large Peter rabbit. £35.00
4 Eight Poole Pottery dolphins. £30.00
5 Two Lladro figures Magical Moment together with Follow me, both boxed. £55.00
6 An Anita Harris Studio glazed model of a bottle kiln and pottery building. £15.00
9 Six unmarked vases in various finishes the largest 9.5" and the smallest 3.5". £10.00
10 Eight Pottery animals including owls, badger and dove bookend. £40.00
11 A set of three jardinieres in black floral together with Capo Di Monte jardiniere. £10.00
12 A Lladro figure "What a Surprise" figure together with a butterfly and a mini cat. £70.00
13 Two Poole Pottery Bears. £30.00
14 A Lladro figure Angelic Melody together with A Summer Bell and a heart box with boxes. £60.00
15 An 11" Alan Clarke Studio vase entitled "Seasons Winter" number 1 of a limited edition of 6. £35.00
16 A set of 8 gilded napkin rings together with 4 Poole Pottery napkin rings and 6 rests for chopsticks. £10.00
17 A collection of Poole Pottery (four pieces). (Plate has a crack in it). £20.00
19 A pair of Belleek goblet shaped vases together a Bunnykins double handled cup and a china egg cup stand. £20.00
21 Booths Victoria Pattern soup tureen and 12 soup plates together with a small tureen both with saucers (17 pieces in total). £20.00
24 Four Caithness vases. £25.00
26 A Royal Doulton figurine The Old Balloon seller (hm1315). £25.00
27 10 items of Tremar including three money boxes depicting pubs, a money box cat a car and five figures. £10.00
28 An Anita Harris Studio hand painted ceramic car. £35.00
29 A Georgian copper coal scuttle and shovel. £40.00
30 An Alan Clarke Studio Vase in blue glaze. £25.00
31 An Anita Harris plaque depicting a ceramic fish. £25.00
32 17 Poole Pottery 6" plates of various scenes including nursery. £20.00
33 An 11" Alan Clarke Studio vase entitled "Seasons Autumn" number 1 of a limited edition of 6. £45.00
34 A large Poole Pottery vase 11" high x 8" across. (hairline crack). £20.00
35 An abstract Studio carved Lamp Base. £10.00
37 Eight pieces of Poole Pottery. £35.00
39 2 Caan pottery vases together with a 7.5" studio footed dish. £25.00
41 Eleven paperweights including Caithness. £20.00
42 A plated punch bowl and cups and 5 chess boards in onyx, resin and various woods. £30.00
43 Six coloured bowl wine glasses on cut stems together with six others. £65.00
45 A Lladro clown in good condition. Approximately 10 inches in height. £90.00
46 Two items of Honiton Pottery together with two early pieces of Purbeck Pottery - a jug dated 1958 and a tankard dated 1953. £15.00
48 A pair of Royal Doulton vases 13.5" high with lace background and scrolled over slip decoration.(damage to both vases on foot). £45.00
50 Two Barbara Linley Adams wall plaques from the Four Seasons series - Winter and Spring together with a fawn in resting position. £25.00
52 A quantity of glass items with an item of pottery and China. £10.00
53 Eleven Blue Delft items, exclusively made for KLM BOLS by royal Distilleries Holland. £25.00
57 Six items of Sibley Pottery (operating in Wareham from 1920's to 1960's) including a footed bowl (chipped) jug (chip to base) and four other items. £70.00
59 A bronzed figure of Napoleon on horseback approx. 15" high. £60.00
60 A Praktica LTL-3 camera with case and two lenses. In a carry bag with other accessories. £20.00
62 Five Poole Pottery Delphis vases 3.5", shape 31. £50.00
64 Mixed glassware together with a Newport Pottery & Co. pie funnel designed as a black bird. £10.00
65 Two wooden boxes one with the name Jes containing a clarinet and another box containing a fan with a wooden Jerusalem travelling compact. £10.00
66 A Doulton Lambeth unglazed vase 16" high marked Doulton Lambeth 1885 EDL B (restored on neck). £20.00
67 A Lladro figure Concertina boxed £45.00
68 Nine nursery ceramic figures including elephants, ducks etc. £10.00
69 A collection of glass to include Whitefriars and Murano. £40.00
70 Five items of Gouda Dutch Pottery including a vase, handled dish, ashtray and two dishes. £10.00
71 A set of four Chinese pictures painted on tiles. £35.00
72 Two carved wooden elephants together with a Poole Pottery jug. £20.00
76 Lladro: A tired friend figure, boxed. £40.00
77 A Lladro figure (SURPRISE) boxed. £60.00
79 Five Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh figures including the Limited Edition Tigger Loves Tiger Lillies with certificate. £30.00
80 Three Royal Doulton figurines: Daffy Down Dilly, Fair Lady and Valerie. £40.00
81 Five Royal Dux animals to include two pigs, a cockatoo, a penguin and a seal. £30.00
84 Clarice cliff crocus jug Poole jug with flowers and a knife shaped dish in green £20.00
85 A vary large quantity of Poole Pottery. A mid blue and white dinner service together with a twin tone dinner service. 1960s/1970s. £25.00
86 Box of silver plated items. £30.00
88 A selection of small frames containing various vintage paper notes. Also some without frames. £25.00
89 A collection of 30 paperweights un-named. £35.00
90 A Chinese gold fish bowl on stand £40.00
91 Winnie the Pooh ltd Figure going sledging with box and wood base Royal Doulton. £30.00
92 A collection of nine large vases. £40.00
93 Three camera tripods. £30.00
94 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Old Badger together with Coot and collectors and Collectors guild duckling £85.00
95 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Partridge.Wren and Majestic cat. £75.00
97 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Macaque and Sky Blue budgie with certificate with an American Spaniel. £110.00
98 Tiffany & co small presentation clock. £15.00
99 Royal Crown Derby paperweights National dog Scottish Terrier and a Woodland Badger £100.00
100 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Marmaduke cat ltd edit 1229/2500 certificate, Fairy Wren and Snowy Rabbit. £60.00
101 A Lladro Fawn and friend together with a 1993 limited edition egg only available in the usa both boxed. £65.00
103 Royal Crown Derby paperweights royal Siamese cat together with Holly foal and Molly dog. £85.00
106 Wedgewood jasper three blue xmas plates together with a black olympic 1972 plate boxed and a pink valentine plate boxed and two pin dishes. £20.00
107 Royal Crown Derby paperweight exclusive for Goviers of Sidmouth Mythical unicorn ltd 53/1750 boxed with certificate £120.00
109 A Royal Doulton bonechina figure MIMOSA limited edition modelled by valerie Annard and painted by Valerie Annand. £30.00
110 A quantity of Beatrix Potter figures to include Hunca sweeping, old woman who lived in a shoe, Mr Jackson,Old Mr Brown,Tomassina tittlemouse. £40.00
111 Royal Crown Derby: Crown Namestand and a Wren both with boxes. £40.00
113 A Poole Pottery Yacht. Some restoration to the top of the sail. £45.00
114 Royal Crown Derby paperweights of Harrods Great Panda ltd 69/200 signed Jane Jones with certificate with harvest dormouse and dove. £130.00
115 Royal Worcester candle Snuffers Little owl snuffer together with a connesseur collection Post box commemorating the queen. £40.00
116 A pair of 1920's china Bulldogs and a crested ware Bulldog together with a celluloid model of a Bulldog on original brush. £25.00
119 A Royal Doulton miniature vase 1.5 " high depicting a Dutch scene. £15.00
122 A selection of Ensign Limited Magic Lantern Slides to include The Big Bad Wolf, The Pied Piper, Three Little Pigs and others. £30.00
124 A collection of vintage coins and banknotes. £45.00
125 An album of English hammered coins £240.00
126 15 Stampex medals of various metals. £30.00
127 A reel film of Chaplin. £15.00
128 A tin of mixed coins and bank notes. £35.00
129A William and Mary 1692 half crown. £60.00
131 A Lachenal & Co concertina with mahogany fretwork ends and bone buttons. (Bellows been repaired) £85.00
132 Two boxes of marbles. £20.00
135 A box of various vintage coins. £55.00
136a A box containing a collection of pen knives. £30.00
138 A gold Masonic medal and five others. £220.00
141 A bronze model in the form a a koi Carp with character marks to base. (Approx 11" in length). £40.00
141A Two French art lighters with Gun Dunhill style and a surveying level £44.00
142 A small collection of three pipes in boxes. £55.00
142a 4 ceramic animals Copenhagen wave mark made in Denmark including a set of three bears in different poses and a monkey.no31635 2743320187 £45.00
143 Three early sets of Happy Families playing cards, together with Express, Cinderella and Speed card games. Not checked if complete. (6) £10.00
145 A mixed lot to include playing cards, nail kit and two autograph books. £10.00
146 A collection of book pages illustrations prints. £10.00
148 A small quantity of medals including 1939-1945 defence medals. £20.00
149 A set of 6henry Taylor wood carveing chisel in box £30.00
150 A Gian French quails egg Casket. £50.00
151 A troika 1960s design circular and black line decorated spherical vase. £40.00
152 A troika vase decorated with stylised sunflowers troika Cornwall £130.00
153 Three glass drinks bottles with labels. £40.00
155 A pair of glazed Royal Doulton vases. £90.00
156 A collection of Bourne Denby blue runny glazed pottery consisting of an owl jug with black eyes, a long handled jug designed for thermometer use, three pottery jug with ribbing and a flower vase. £110.00
157 Heron glass : 11 pieces including four swans, three pears, three apples and a mushroom. £30.00
158 A box of costume jewellery including a Bobbin shaped gold coloured needle case two hip flasks and a plated cigarette case and two watches. £20.00
159a A tin containing a large quantity of watches. £25.00
160 A box of silver hall marked mall collectables including salt cellars, silver thimbles etc. £50.00
163 Three Japanese Swords and two sets of meat carvers. £40.00
163A A sterling silver dressing table set. £40.00
164 A jewellery box of semi-precious stone and silver items. £60.00
165 A White metal dress table set. £60.00
167 A box containing a quantity of silver items. £25.00
169 A toast rack with a chambers candle stick holder. £80.00
171 A mahogany fitted jewellery box with silver top embossed with ribbons and roses. £65.00
172 A mixed lot of silver items including a tortoiseshell backed brush. £35.00
173 Mixed lot of silver items including a glass perfume bottle with silver top. £40.00
175 A box of collectables. £40.00
176 An oriental censor resting on three outswept feet with three Koi Carp above holding the bowl (6" high) £30.00
177 Six Mappin and Webb silver dessert knives and six berry spoons both boxed. £30.00
178 A silver plated beaker double dish and a pewter trefoil plate with embossed decoration. £10.00
180 A mixed lot including silver topped dressing table pot a clock in case, silver plated flatware, Swarovski ornaments, and a Beswick model of a swan. £30.00
185 A silver vase, spoon and two cigarette holders. £30.00
186 Five silver condiments £75.00
187 Two silver dishes. £30.00
188 A silver plate potato ring. £40.00
189 A Russian cigarette case. £280.00
190 Two silver candle sticks. £30.00
191 7 pieces of silver including two bottles. £35.00
192 A Mustard pot and a silver box. £100.00
193 A silver dressing table set. £60.00
195 Royal Doulton two figurines Melissa(Hn2467 )and Fragrance( Hn2234) with a coalport lady of fashion yvonne signed by H.Willie 19.5.99. £35.00
196 Moorcroft Florian Nymph vase (8"). Designed by P .Hilditch. £150.00
197 Moorcroft Goldfinches vase designed by Vicky Lovatt ltd 8/166 impressed marks and signed. £120.00
199 Lladro The picture perfect figure(1991) £20.00
200 A Moorcroft Anna Lilly 9" bottle vase designed by Nichola Slaney signed and impressed marks to the base. £120.00
201 An antique 9ct rose gold twist bangle. 5.4grams. £95.00
202 An 18ct yellow gold wedding band (4.4 grams) with a 9ct rose gold child's bangle and a 9 ct rose gold wedding band (combined weight 6.4 grams) A/F. £150.00
203 A 9 ct gold padlock clasp curb bracelet. 20 grams £220.00
204 A rose gold coloured ring set with five pale blue Sapphires. £190.00
205 A bag containing various costume jewellery items, a Terra watch and some 9ct gold earrings £50.00
207 A group of Chinese Jadeite Jade items including a 9ct gold ring with a central rose cut Diamond, a pair of gold mounted stud earrings, and two gold mounted pendants £190.00
208 An antique Art Deco square Emerald and Diamond cluster ring. £350.00
209 A ladies 9ct gold Tissot watch in original box £40.00
212 An antique Victorian 15ct gold Turquoise set bracelet. £240.00
213 An antique Victorian 15ct gold Turquoise set bangle. £140.00
214 Various 9ct gold items including a gents knot ring (11 grams) and a silver band ring £120.00
215 A silver and Marcasite Pheasant brooch. £30.00
217 A heavy Mexican silver collar necklace. 142grams. £100.00
222 A tribal head rest with a royal Doulton plate and a watch. £380.00
223 A Bresser nv night vision photography scope with case. £65.00
224 A Nikon D300 Digital SLR Camera with accessories and a carry case. £260.00
225 A crocodile skin travelling case of superb quality measuring 17" x 13" x 8" high, including protective case. Together with a jewellery box and "The Home First Aid Case" from Boots. £600.00
226 Three pairs of Figurines (6 in total). Two Poole Pottery, Two Lladro and two Tengra. £35.00
228 A Moorcroft vase entitled Black eyed Susan designed by Ang Devonport part of the Thaxed collection limited 1/30 signed and impressed marks to the base. £90.00
229 A collection of Wedgewood jasper items to include two early pieces, a jasper Brighton Pavilion oval plate and three others. £25.00
230 Royal Crown Derby paperweights white swan together with the visitors centre imari Ram and Scruffy puppy. £70.00
231 Two Moorcroft items deco fleur a 5 inch vase and a deco fleur round box. £110.00
232 A Moorcroft ginger jar Travellers Joy 2003 made for the ceramica exhibition in Stoke on Trent impressed marks and signed on the base £130.00
233 Royal Crown Derby paperweights consisting of Posy Spaniel,Old Imari hedgehog with mother and baby monkey. £80.00
235 A Lladro figure Little unicorn together with a performing seal both boxed £60.00
236 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Royal Egyptian cat together with a puffin and a contented cat. £95.00
237 A Moorcroft vase Tribute to Rennie Mackintosh designed by R, Bishop 2003 and impressed marks to the base. £120.00
238 A Moorcroft Queens choice Trumpet 14 inch vase made for the 25 th Anniversary open weekend with butterflies designed by Emma Bossons impressed marks and signed to the base. £360.00
239 A Moorcroft designer trial strawberry tazza dated 12.10.04 never put into production impressed marks to the base. £170.00
241 Royal Crown Derby paperweights visitor centre exclusive 2001 Nanny goat. £60.00
243 Wedgewood Jasper black a collection to include 7" vase /small vase /round box/heart shaped box/vase/ with a Tutenkhman box. £25.00
246 A album containing black and white postcards. £20.00
249 Hong Kong. Sm all Stockcard of Q. Vic stamps. Mixed condition but good Cat. £25.00
253 Kenya and Uganda. Small stockcard of mint/used. £15.00
257 Germany 1935/36. SG 597-599 and 606-613. Mint. Cat £223. £15.00
258 Crest black stockbook with fine range of commonwealth stamps. £40.00
261 An Edwardian ammunition booklet describing all the rules and regulations for packing percussion caps 'electrical ,and wired ,aircraft forms ,and ammunition including fuses tube wireless direct action no 17 mark three and other booklets from the 1940. £30.00
262 A collection of English and Scottish banknotes Isle of Man .Canada .Bermuda .Belize .Falklands Guernsey United Arab emirates sent Helina .Charleston cheques .et cetera £240.00
264 A Stockton on Tis 5 pounds banknote cancelled to Dartmouth bank notes for 1821 1819 and a Maidstone bank note for 1 pound for 1824 five in total and a Lisboa 200 realms note for 1805 £85.00
265 A good collection of nineteen twenties to forties German banknotes Hong Kong Portugal Greece Jamaica central-bank oh man Malta Kenya Thailand Greece et cetera £50.00
269 A Sony HVR-Z7E Professional Camcorder with lenses and accessories in a carry bag. £850.00
270 A Nikon HE-4 600mm lense. With some accessories and a carry bag. £500.00
271 Two postcard albums with mainly black and white postcards Berwick on Tweed,Edinburgh, The Loganlee valleyLoch lomond Inveray wells cathedral,Glastonbury, Bath,Oxford etc,with and a scrapbook. £20.00
271A A quantity of stamps and stock books (15) and a box of postcards. £80.00
272 A large box of several albums and loose stamps. £30.00
274 A Sony DSR-PD150p Professional Camcorder and large 400mm lense. No battery pack. £500.00
275 A collection of vintage photographs to include an album. £10.00
277 An raf camera target calabrateingtype g w 1 mark 1c 1044 ,57 Deco camera 28 volts model no 2295 and other cameras. £150.00
278 A box containing a large quantity of coins. £140.00
279 Yashika cine camera bolex zoomin leather case cameras box hallna £60.00
280 A 9ct gold Accurist watch and strap. £90.00
282 A Chanel (No: U22203) Diamond bracelet set in 18ct white gold. £1,300.00
287 A Diamond and 9ct gold bracelet. £80.00
289 A Diamond and Ruby ring set in 9ct gold. £165.00
290 A Diamond seven stone cluster ring. Approximately 70 points on an 18 ct yellow gold shank. £460.00
291 A Diamond and Topaz Rhapsody ring set in platinum. £200.00
291a A hall marked silver ring with a tigers eye inset. £15.00
292 A Georg Jensen silver sphere bracelet £140.00
293 A box of mixed costume jewellery including a large branch Coral necklace, marbled Bakelite Amber beads (barrel shaped 41grams), Lapis Lazuli beads and hand painted Chinese ceramic beads. £130.00
294 Two boxes of mixed costume jewellery, mostly beads. £60.00
295 A bag containing mixed costume jewellery including a silver gilt filigree heart necklace (A/F). £60.00
296 A 935 silver gilt naturalAmber panel bracelet. £45.00
297 A German 333 8ct gold Amber cabochon ring. £40.00
297a 2 boxed Rotary watches and three others together with a piece of B.C. Jade. £60.00
298 Two 18ct gold mounted Amber heart pendants. £65.00
298A A carton of silver charms and other items £15.00
299 A Daniel Swarovski Paris Sterling Silver and crystal tropical bird brooch in its original box. £20.00
299A Silver filligree thimble cards cameo costume jewellery etc. £35.00
299B A large box of costume jewellery with a musical box etc £45.00
299c A box containing mixed silver items, some costume jewellery, a vanity set a Royal Doulton Bunnykins dish etc. £65.00
300 H. E. Goodricke: Pair of oils on board of harbour scenes with cottages framed and glazed 18.5" x 15.5" together with a still life of flowers signed D Perry (37" x 27") £60.00
302 A large Victorian guilt framed mirror with candle holders. £55.00
303 A lamp,a gong,with three lamp bases roulette,wooden plaque and a table. £25.00
304 American school watercolour of Palm Springs done for mr Drayton f and g pastel family and hauling island water colours etc £20.00
305 A good collection of glass ships in botttle inc clippers hind Mary rose etc £20.00
306 A scratch built model of a civil war gun and carriage with side shot angle brass mounted £35.00
308 A collection of blue and white Cornish ware. £120.00
309 Three Poole items, two spear dishes and traditional vase £25.00
310 An apocathers jar with Magnesium Sulphur on the .label height 10" £20.00
311 A large wooden 'Chance' box. £10.00
312 A brass benson kettle on stand. teapot plate brass box Indian vases etc £25.00
314a Four various theodolite stands of pull out sections £25.00
315 a pair of modern oils on canvas of boats at sea f and g £35.00
315a A green rug depicting 11 Chinese figures. Slightly moth eaten. £10.00
316 W.L. Wylie: sketch of a steamer. Not signed but certified on reverse by john Wylie ( grandson of W. L. Wylie R.A.) 12.5" x 10.5". £30.00
317 A large collection of prints and pictures together with a bangle. £15.00
318 Quantity of mirrors, two gilded frames and a Cupid lamp. £25.00
319 A art deco mirror and another mirror. £15.00
319a Two sets silver spoons cultery daggauatype photos brass cultery etc £45.00
320 A model of a sailing boat. £25.00
321 Walnut writing box measures 17" x 10" £25.00
322 A carved wooden figure of a Chinese fisherman converted to a lamp. £10.00
323 A Madonna Plaque. £95.00
326 A scale model of a class 2 submarine in gray with tower gun battery once radio controlled £90.00
327 A Rotaflare lamp from a boat £15.00
329 Three boxes of binoculars and cases. £130.00
332 A limited edition Sandbanks Change at Ferry Print with two car signs. £25.00
334 A box of wooden items. A clock, gong, barometer etc £10.00
335 A mixed lot containing a box of chess pieces and a small Corona typewriter. £70.00
336 Mixed China. Lamp, vase, plate and two 'bocarge' flowers. £25.00
337 Nine woodworking planes. £55.00
338 A box of books to include Rupert books. £65.00
339 A Mohogany banjo barometer with shell inlay. £30.00
339a A modern led Red Bull sign. £50.00
341 An oak case barometer with thermometer level and mirror. £40.00
342 Nine various barn stored pictures in varying conditions. £180.00
342a A large collection of barn stored pictures £10.00
342b Qty of barn stored pictures. (Viewing in specialist hall by request) £10.00
343 An antique mahogany banjo barometer with thunder, dry/damp and level by dixey. £60.00
343a A small artists pottery table £110.00
344 A box of various collectables to include brass door handles, a nutcracker modelled as a dog and others. £40.00
345 A quantity of silver plate with two pictures by O'Klein. £20.00
346 Various plans and blueprints for the Eden Project in Cornwall. £15.00
347 Four schoolhouse pictures. 'The Train', 'A Cotton Field', 'The Fishermen' and 'Aeroplanes'. £10.00
348 Five various posters. Pulp Fiction, Arri Arriflex, Concarneau, Naval Review May 20th 1937 and Navy Week. £10.00
349 Four various posters. The Man Who Shot Garbo, Danny Lyon:Photo Film 1959-1990, DLM 1948-1998 and Short Cut. £10.00
350 Mein campf a book Adolf Hitler,d day magazine with a pair of binoculars Diensiglas 10x50 with case. £90.00
351 A Russian balalaika together with a piano harp sold by The Oxford Academy of Music. £10.00
352 Two vintage bottles of Port : Sandeman & Co 1945 and Warres 1966. £180.00
353 An Edwardian. mahogany Perdonium together with a set of oak wall hanging shelves. £10.00
354 A vintage electronic Scalextric 200 racing set with original box and instructions together with extra track. £25.00
355 A 19th century walnut and Tunbridge ware inlaid writing slope with fitted interior. £50.00
357 Two vintage cameras in cases, a Nikon camera case and a retro Sony Trinitron Portable TV. £10.00
358 Four ships plaques. £20.00
359 A nineteenth century black slate mantle clock. £35.00
360 Two silver topped walking canes measuring 3' and one other. £100.00
361 A Second World War brass and black sight no 51 lomk1s ask and s s 1165 ga no 9179 and a similar sight ps 2 5318 no 2400226in green £10.00
362 A tantalus containing three vintage whisky bottles with another bottle separate. £10.00
364 A box of various mixed silver plate. £30.00
365 A large Pentacon Camera lense with a small tripod and half a tripod. £10.00
366 A collection of brass items and spoons together with a wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine in original box. £70.00
367 A Lowry print of the pond and a watercolour of a mountain landscape £10.00
368 A Frank Aris oil on board "Still Life Nude" (105cm x 62cm). £10.00
370 A a kershaw and sons telescope sighting no 30 mark 2a no 4208 1939 and a and a similar cts no 57 x3. Ml my 1 is 155 ga no 2641 £10.00
371 A chieftain tank my 3 view. Sight periscope vehicle 59 no 734 ,64in green £15.00
376 Two cartons full of chemist jars with original labels. ( 30 in total of various sizes). £160.00
377 A cast metal hearth ornament of the Greek God Hercules 19" high. £10.00
378 A complete collection of State Trials, London 1730: The trial of Joseph Dawson, Edward Forseith, William May, William Bishop, James Lewis and John Sparkes at The Old Bailey for Felony and Piracy dated October 19 1696; five large 17th century leather bound volumes. £45.00
379 A late 19th century oak framed pre-raphaelite style watercolour; Figures in Arabic setting, signed lower left. £50.00
380 A mixed lot to include a cricket bat, an education committee book and another wooden implement. £19.00
381 A retro industrial chair. £50.00
383 A large quantity of camouflage and waterproof clothing with two rucksacks. XL and XXL sizes. £10.00
384 A large quantity of camouflage material, waterproof trousers, fold up chair etc. £10.00
385 A vintage Ilford Elmo cine film camcorder in case. £10.00
387 A pair of Victorian ships swinging brass candle sticks with nail attachment £60.00
388 Two Victorian design girondeles mirrors fretted and face fitted three sconces £35.00
391 A cine film projector and several film reels along with two books. £10.00
392 A selection of collectables to include card games (Dan Dare, Cinderella, Happy Families etc.), Books and vintage spectacles. £20.00
393 A box containing a large quantity of stamps. £10.00
394 Two retro cine film camcorders with cases and accessories. £10.00
396 A modern Electronic microscope by Brunel microscopes. With accessories. £50.00
397 A pair of Spelter figures of Warriors on rearing horses over- painted in black. (16" high). £10.00
398 Three walking canes: An African Stinkwood cane with a claw pommel and twisted shaft, a Shark/Fish Vertibrea Cane with horn handle and a carved African Cane with brass collar and spherical pommel together with a hickory shaft golf wood. £95.00
400 An antique brass cream skimmer with a makers mark ri £70.00
401 A 50s lady plaque. £130.00
402 A modern Bresser electronic binocular microscope. £130.00
403 Three bayonets. £55.00
404 A box of Kukuris. £130.00
405 A box containing a large quantity of mixed China together with a box of glasses and some large dinner plates. £25.00
407 A box of books including 31 Beatrix Potter books, 20 The observers books of different subjects,Seven books of other interest, eight lady bird books,with three others. plus one other box of mixed books. £50.00
408 A mixed lot to include a vintage Pelhams Puppet, Doll, Three boxes of Lott's Bricks etc. £35.00
410 A surveyor taverstock vo 4949 theodolitein case of gray £10.00
412 A small chess table with a small oak chest of draws. £35.00
413 A 1950 design model of a cargo freight ship in black and red £20.00
414 A Bordeaux St Emilion clock. £35.00
416 A admiralty patten 5946 integrator noas91 serial no 152 for 1939 by r p pulled a similar director in brass and gun metal ct 05 1255 ga no 56 and two other items £20.00
417 A early metal canon ball. £20.00
419 Three camera tripods. A Vinton and Vision (broken), small Velbon D-600 and a vintage wooden Miller Tripod. £20.00
420 A case containing a variety of camera equipment and accessories. Includes a Canon electronic lense, cables, adaptors etc. £55.00
421 A small carved wood dragon side table. £95.00
422 Two pith helmets polo hat safari hat and other hats £20.00
423 Two Chinese made violin swith cases £5.00
424 Glamour mags including Mayfair, Penthouse etc featuring Madonna,Bridget Bardot. £40.00
426 A box of Forum and other related magazines. £10.00
429 A picture and two China horses. One Royal Doulton but leg broken. £5.00
431 An orange picture depicting figures signed by A.Smid.possible Iranian £50.00
433 C Stanfield. watercolour of landing the catch with castle in foreground. Framed and glazed. £190.00
434 Four pictures three in frames of different country pictures. £10.00
450 An oak glass top dresser fitted drawers, cupboards and an oak corner cabinet. £10.00
451 A long case clock by J Holland of Atherstone with painted dial, date aperture and second hand in oak case with reeded columns ( not in working order) £140.00
453 A late Victorian manogany two draw writing table with turned legs and cross stretcher £30.00
454 A Victorian mahogany three tier buffet resting on square feet. £40.00
455 A set of art nouveau peg shelved open bookcase and a Victorian walnut table £65.00
456 A large pine farmhouse table (70 x 33") resting on turned supports with a central stretcher. £20.00
457 1930s walnut table with under tier gilded standard lamp and a set of oak shelves £75.00
460 A late Victorian colonial made Indian hardwood carved octagonal top side table resting on lion floral base £120.00
463 An set of oak bookshelves in the Arts and Crafts style. £10.00
464 A wooden brass studded chest with tray inner and candle box. £20.00
468 A reproduction mahogany art nouveau design plant pedestal with under tier £25.00
470 Am American rocking chair painted cream with brown draylon upholstery. £10.00
471 A Georgian mahogany fold over extending dining table with fluted legs and extra leaf. £90.00
472 Two mahogany corner bedroom chairs. £15.00
473 An Edwardian inlaid corner chair with upholstered seat. £25.00
474 An oak Old Charm style coffee table/magazine rack with drawer and shelf under. £10.00
475 A 1920s walnut work box on padfeet £70.00
476 A Victorian carved back drawing room chair on turned fluted legs £20.00
480 A Victorian walnut framed overmantle mirror with shelves. £20.00
481 A reproduction mahogany "D" end dining table resting on fluted legs and a set of eight splat back dining chairs. £10.00
482 An oak cased granddaughter clock £35.00
483 A bamboo table and plant stand together with 7 pictures and prints. £10.00
484 A Georgian mahogany drop flap Pembroke table resting on turned legs and fitted single draw £20.00
486 A set of six French carved and barely twist dining chairs with velvet seats £75.00
487 A libertys design moorish table in mahogany on 6 legs £160.00
488 An Edwardian mahogany dining chair with upholstered seat. £10.00
489 A sunburst mirror in pewter painted surround. £30.00
490 A set of three limited edition prints in a contemporary style using primary colours. £65.00
491 A collection of pictures and prints including a John Wilson water colour. £40.00
492 A large qty of oil and watercolours inc a Hitchens,g r Richardson lg Thomas oil harbour Leigh parry at cains by pall mall gallery our safeguard subs harbour and fishing picture s £50.00
493 Qty of decorative China dolls clowns Derby design duck etc £10.00
494 An Edwardian inlaid elbow chair and two inlaid bedroom chairs £10.00
495 A pair of French fauteuils in beech covered in green damask resting on Spanish swirl legs £40.00
497 A Victorian lady's mahogany armchair resting on carved c scroll legs and brass casters upholstered in wine damask. £70.00
499 A country ladderback chair and log basket together with an oak carver chair with cane back. £10.00
501 A serpintine fronted side cupboard with satinwood and Kingswood inlay resting on tapered legs to spade feet. £25.00
502 A large over mantle mirror, 39in high x 49in wide in a wooden frame. £20.00
504 A good quality Victorian art Nouveau inlaid mahogany wash stand with tiles back in green to depict fishes ,marble top .and cupboard below siderails in brass cracks on tile glaze no cracks on tiles., both finials missing. £2,100.00
506 A late 19c oak framed mirror with gadrooned edge and bevelled glass 30 £25.00
507 A flame veneered mahogany bevelled glass wall mirror £20.00
509 A1930s mahogany china cabinet with glass shelves £20.00
510 An oak sunk section bureau bookcase fitted end glazed display cabinets resting on pad feet £20.00
511 A mahogany swing frame to lit mirror and two frameless glass mirrors £15.00
512 Oak Court cupboard fitted with carved doors drawers and resting on square feet with a later casters £50.00
513 1940's white painted kitchen cabinet with pull out front tin enamelled top central drawers and lined glazed top doors £80.00
514 A 1960s teak retro design table. sideboard and four chairs. £15.00
515 A 1930 1940s design satin birch and Crome mounted modernist trolly of circular. Construction and a Italian hostess trolly on wheels £120.00
516 A late 19c American beech framed low down rocking arm chair with pieced back and seat £30.00
517 Nest of onyx top coffee tables on brass legs and a inlaid work box £10.00
518 An oak jardinere together with a reproduction side cabinet. £40.00
522 An oak refectory table resting on turned legs with cross stretcher £50.00
524 A mahogany and beach drop flap Sutherland table on turned legs £15.00
526 Chinese hardwood and carved drop side coffee table £5.00
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