Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 07 April 2018

Date: 7th April 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 NAO ballerina Lladro girl on the telephone with dog 1987 £60
2 A quantity of china including Paddington Bear, Royal Doulton. £20
3 Wedgwood: Two candle sticks etc, with a rare original Christmas plate, 1969. £0
4 A framed Pietra Dura hard stone picture of a monastery, fountain, people etc. £20
5 Poole pottery plates with provenance £30
6 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Colleys Mill, boxed with musical Windy Miller stood at the well, Mr Munnings, a wonderful machine, Mickey Murphy in his bakery. £45
7 A microscope. £45
8 A set of eight black and white French Siege of Paris plates. £0
9 Nine Goebel Ceramic coloured birds. £30
10 A mixture of china, glass and pewter mugs, old tupton etc. £0
11 A quantity of traditional Poole Pottery (chip to pot). £30
12 Four pairs of binoculars with two Staffordshire flat back dogs. £220
13 A collection of Doulton Burslem plates in gold and floral, family crest and E R monogram soup 1/2 course a together with other china. £25
14 A pair of silver plated storm candlesticks. £0
15 Nine mugs in fine bone china with a range of Alan Clarke studio designs - details of individual designs to base of each mug. £40
16 A selection of Poole Pottery tableware including jug and cups in summer glory, items in springtime, country lane and thistlewood. £0
17 Six Goebel ceramic models including woodpecker, owls, fish, bear and bird of prey. £20
18 A 1960s Red Hacker RP37A radio. £15
19 A Bronze Art Deco lady holding torches on marble base. £70
20 Two Jazz partners from the age of Jazz collection plus a limited edition sugar shaker in the Cornwall design. £30
21 A trumpet by Boosey and Hawkes of London in case. £55
22 A Poole Pottery medieval calendar plate designed by Tony Morris. £20
23 Two Poole Pottery boxed dishes. One commemorating operation friendly invasion and other of Thomas Hardy’s Cottage, the Hardy Festival, 1968, a cut glass colone bottle with other Poole pottery and china. £0
24 Five Poole Pottery stoneware plates designed by Barbara Linley Adams and decorated with acrylics. £20
25 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Troop, Dora Minton, Mr Carraway, Dr Mopp, Mrs Murphy, Barney McGraw, Cuthbert, Dibble, Pugh, Grubb, Windy Miller, Dr Mopp, P c McCarty, Micky Murphy, Gibbs Minton, Captain Flack, Pc McCarty, Walter Harkin, The Artist, Brick layer, Mr Wantage, Pugh. £65
26 Various models of animals by Purbeck designs. £30
27 Branksome Pottery trio together with Noritake cup and saucer and Phoenix ware cup and saucer. £0
28 Soda dispenser ice bucket, picture set of cups and saucers of The Town Hall and High Street, Poole, Dorset. £0
29 CAMBERWICK GREEN: The Post Office, boxed: first edition, Molly's car, limited edition 116/600, Willie Nunn ringing for help, Dutch organ dancers, Mrs Honeyman with pram, Cuthbert @ the cider apple press, limited edition. £55
30 Three Wedgwood Jasperware picture frames together with a candle holder. £20
31 Two boxed Poole Pottery Delphis shaped dishes. £25
32 Six 6” Poole Pottery decorative plates with bird designs by John Gould. £0
33 A Poole Pottery bowl together with a piece of green Wedgwood Jasperware and a piece of Masons china. £0
34 LIMOGES: Eight decorative plates. £25
35 Cut glass vase (8 1/2 x 5 1/2), cut glass bowl (8 1/4 x 3 1/2) together with Royal Jubilee, 1887, glass plate. £20
36 Five handmade Purbeck design models of birds. £25
37 Briglin coffee set from the 1970's including coffee pot, cups and saucers, various Briglin pottery pieces together with three piece Briglin coffee set, produced in the 1970's comprising coffee pot, milk jug and sugar basin. £0
38 Wedgwood, Limited edition, bone china plates in Clarice Cliff designs (including certificates). £85
39 A DOULTON floral vase with three decorative plates two derby design and a Coalport design £30
40 A large green Portmerion pottery dinner service in the “Totem” pattern. £30
41 A quantity of china and glass. blue white plates, Belgium man in the moon, Devon ware candlestick 50s light etc £20
42 A pair of Chinese floral decorated vases with another. £20
43 Six various model cars. Two boxed. £25
44 Three piece Briglin coffee set, produced in the 1970's comprising coffee pot, milk jug and sugar basin. £0
45 Pugh Pugh Barney McGraw, Cuthbert, Dibble Grubb with Captain Flack, Captain Snort, soldier, Major Grout, The Buglar, Mr Sneed, Windy Miller, Cyril Brick layer, Mr Clutterbuck the Builder, Lord Bellborough, Paddy Murphy with Windy Miller and Grubb. £55
46 A large Poole Pottery charger on stand. £45
47 A quantity of collectable china. inc flat back figures, slip glazed planters, etc £130
48 Glass, storage jars pots, jugs etc. £0
49 A selection of old Campbell Tile company tiles in floral and leaf patterns. £0
50 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Large figures, Mr Mopp first edition, Lord Bellborough on the train , Mickey Murphy the Baker first edition, Mrs Honey man first edition, Dr Mop in his car, Mrs Cobbit flower seller first edition. £45
51 A collection of china to include two pieces of Wedgwood Jasperware. crown ford teapot and butter dish ,bone china etc £30
52 A collection of Pewter mugs related to sailing. £0
53 A quantity of Turkish copper cooking items and a brass lamp. £0
54 Seven blue pottery cups. by the leachs at lowerdown £20
55 two leach pottery cream glazed bowls. and a german match strike of a couple £20
56 An antique writing slope with a antique miniature wooden letter ,counter box. £30
57 An unusual study of a stylised man in bronzed effect £35
58 Retro finger dial telephones. £25
59 Arts and craft copper embossed photo frame and embossed tray. £0
60 An German cased sight and one other . £65
61 An antique copper dutch design kettle with spout, ivory handle and a copper jug. £0
62 Nine pieces of high fired multi glazed studio pottery by local artist C Lock. £0
63 A mother of pearl photo frame, flashed cut 50's design vase, German glass bottle. £0
64 A pair of decorative majolica design ceramic ewers. £0
65 CAMBERWICK GREEN : The Balloon, boxed first edition, Jonathan Bell apples galore limited edition, Mr Antonio ice cream van boxed. £65
66 A quantity of clay pipes in black frame. £20
67 Two meters and a microscope. £0
68 A very large collection of studio pottery by local artist, C. Lock together with nine pieces of high fired multi glazed studio pottery by local artist C Lock. £0
69 Crown Derby paper weights: Imari frog gold stopper, Poppy Mouse silver stopper, new year mouse bronze. £0
70 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Toad limited edition gold stopper with an arctic fox. £90
71 Crown Derby paperweights: Polar bears. £60
72 Crown Derby paperweights: Calico kitten gold stopper, cottage garden kitten gold stopper, seated cat no stopper. £65
73 Royal Crown Derby paperweight: National dog (no stopper) £0
74 Crown Derby paperweights: Tawny owl and owlet. £50
75 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Crested tit and a pheasant. £50
76 Crown Derby paperweight: Pacific angel fish. £60
77 Crown Derby paperweights: Cat gold stopper, crested tit gold stopper, playful cat gold stopper. £55
78 Crown Derby paperweights: Cat no stopper, seated ginger cat no stopper, short eared owl gold stopper. £80
79 Crown Derby paperweights: frog and water vole. £60
80 Crown Derby paperweight: Pink sea horse, gold edition stopper. £70
81 Crown Derby paperweights: Stripey cat no stopper, seated cat silver stopper, catnip kitten silver stopper. £30
82 Crown Derby paperweights: Owl gold stopper, cat gold stopper, bowler gold stopper. £95
83 Crown Derby paperweight: Angel fish. £60
84 Royal Crown Derby paperweight: Corgi limited edition of 950 The Royal Windsor Corgi made for the queens 80th birthday, gold stopper. £80
85 Lladro dancing girl figurine: Daisa 1999 ref-6687. £120
86 Moorcroft: Dawn of millennium plate 2000 trial piece. £85
87 A 1920's CLARICE CLIFF wall pocket of a young girl in floral dress, holding a posy in green tree background together with a Bursleigh ware bowl decorated flowers after rhead. £0
88 Beswick camel. £20
89 Clarice Cliff cup and saucer in summerhouse. £30
90 A pair of Spelter golf players (AF). £20
91 Beswick: Pekingese and Doberman. £30
92 Karl ens tit and Sedge warbler china figures. £0
93 Various Briglin pottery pieces from the 1970's. £0
94 Karl Ens: Missle thrush and a fly catcher £0
95 A CLARICE CLIFF crocus pattern handled pot. £120
96 Moorcroft: 8" vase in large Garene pattern, marks to base. £50
97 Royal Doulton figures: Louise ref:in 3207, Samantha ref-hn 3304 with Coalport figurine Winter stroll. £20
98 Moorcroft: Deco snowdrop by N.Slaney ltd 61/75, impressed marks to base. £0
99 Moorcroft: trial vase, pink pansy 15.2.12 . £0
100 Cameroon, small stockcard of mint/used, cat 50+ £0
101 Hong Kong 1903 S.G 62-72 used, cat £122 £0
102 Negri Sembilan. Stockcard of mint/used. £5
103 Newfoundland 1897.Small stockcard of mint/used, cat £190. £10
104 North Borneo. Double sided stockcard of mint/used, good cat. £15
105 Rhodesia, double sided stockcard of mint/used. £5
106 St. Helena. Small stockcard of early issues, cat £150+ £10
107 St. Helena. Stockcard of mint/used, cat £70+ £10
108 St. Kitts- Nevis. Double sided stockcard of mint/used, good cat. £30
109 St. Lucia. Double sided stockcard of mint/used. £10
110 A box containing mixed stamps. £0
111 Quality album and slipcase with complete West Germany from 1949-1990 plus a few additional German stamps. £150
112 A collection of stamps and first day covers in two boxes. £380
113 A quantity of psychology books with photo stills. £20
114 A gold pencil, marked on tip, 14 and one other pencil. £0
115 Two 9ct mounted cigar holders with amber mouth piece, cased. £50
116 A Parker pen, ball point pen. pencils etc £35
117 A quantity of petrol and gas lighters, Barendsohn, Ronson etc. £0
118 A tub containing pens and pencils, three early de la rue fountain pens, vintage Parker pen and propelling pencil with fountain two balls pen, two white metal propelling pencils. £110
119 A cut glass colone bottle. £0
120 An original boxed early usa made white and gold coloured Sheaffer fountain pen with Palladian silver nib circa early to mid 20th century white dot pen, with a boxed early Sheaffer white dot in gilt black and gold diamond cut recently refurbished by the Battersea pen home circa 1928 model two pens in total £0
121 Hardy Bros 3 and three eights perfect fly fishing reel. £120
122 Ancient Greek/ Roman pottery oil burner with details. £35
123 A collection of Soviet union WWII items including cap with a quantity of enamel badges. £55
124 A box of coins and notes. £20
125 Tub of coins. £15
126 A quantity of coins and notes, some silver. £70
127 A quantity of local postcards with photo album. £30
128 An 18th century printed on silk trade pamphlet: The Travellers and Oyster with a needle work sampler. £70
129 Two 1960's Poole Pottery Bokhara preserve pots designed by Robert Jefferson. £30
130 A large vintage union Jack flag with a box containing pin badges etc. £30
131 A tub containing military items. £30
131A An Autograph book. £0
132 A quantity of speedway badges, Ivan Mauger fan club, Newcastle, Weymouth, Coventry, N Z etc. £0
133 Chinese bronzed bust of a warrior. £40
134 An interesting green glazed ushabti of a pre war vintage. £0
135 1951 Beano book, no missing missing pages (AF). £0
136 Early Victorian brass pen ink stand with cut glass stands,inkwells and two period pens. £60
137 Quantity of memorabilia: Sargent Eric Payne 1915-1984 swagger stick, medals, photographs including natives travels, Egyptian campaign, lighters etc. £140
138 A vintage blue bird tin containing postcards. £55
139 A box containing earrings, coins etc. £25
140 A tub of watches (A/F). £40
141 A silver salver with inscription, heavy AA battery R A Sheffild, 1939. (352 grams). £95
142 Collection of watches and pens including commemorative coins. £65
143 A Victorian silver plate beer jug with embossed and raised decoration. £70
144 A quantity of silver and plate including part dressing table set, Vesta case, lighter etc. £20
145 Costume jewellery. £0
146 A box of various costume jewellery. £0
147 A silver toast rack with other plate grape , tot etc £80
148 Silver photo frame with Ivory coloured bound bible. £40
149 A Silver christening mug and a sugar sugar basin mixed dates 330 grams £65
150 two silver mugs mixed dates 247 grams £45
151 A small native Alligator handbag. £30
152 Two boxes of costume jewellery. £65
153 Nettar camera in case with gauge counter etc. £25
154 A Ladies Victorian mahogany traveling case in the style of Ogilvy together with a box containing some silver pots ink well scent bottles etc and a plated jug. £130
155 A quantity of plated cased sets of cutlery. £20
156 A quantity of silver items together with some silver plate, watches, trophy’s and other collectables. £95
157 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Mr Fletcher, Paddy Murphy, Winnie Farthing, Mrs Dingle, Mrs Honey man, Private Armitage, Mr Mopp, Windy Miller, Mr Bilton, Mr Crockett, Mr Gubbins,The Foreman,Tabatha the cat, Windy Miller's hen, Mr Robinson, Collectors Plaque Mr Dagenham and Mr Craddock (no boxes). £50
158 Two watercolours: Lake scene by D GK and a plantation scenescape by AB Hassan. £0
159 Charles Fleetwood Varley framed Watercolours: Beach scene and Castle . the enameler for Liberty of London £60
160 a bone Mah jong set in wooden box. £0
161 A large signed hardback cricket book. £0
162 A small quantity of vintage glass Christmas decorations and fairy tree toppers. £20
163 A Kukuri. in case £0
164 A blue and white floral pattern Chinese plate. £0
165 Lladro: My little girl by Nao. (15 inches). £40
166 Large Japanese Lladro figure. (13 1/2 inches). £55
167 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Nick Fisher, Mary Murphy, Cuthbert aunt, Miss Lovlace, Roger Varley, Hazel,Philby, Lord Belborough, Barney McGraw, Raggy Dan, Windy Miller, Brackett, The Mayor, Mr Swallow, PC McCarty, Pugh, Thomas Tripp, Cuthbert, Mrs Coit. £55
168 Rupert adventure books,1958/1959. £0
169 Two pictures to include a sign for Sandeman Sherry and a 1920's Lady advertising print. £0
170 Two bottles of port. Dows 1963. Both with corks. One with seal. £0
171 Two bottles of port. Dows 1963. Both with corks. One with seal. £0
172 Two bottles of port. Dows 1963. Both with corks. and seal £0
172 Two bottles of port. Dows 1963. Both with corks. and seal £0
173 A framed oil painting of horses and calvery together with a watercolour of a country scene. £30
174 A Louise Wordwe watercolour of a market scene 19061906. £0
175 A Louis Wordwe watercolour of the 1905 procession. £0
176 The Liberation of Norway, 8th May 1945. £30
177 Hans Sten: Small oil of cottages. £0
178 James Fry: The Ford, Holme Lane. £110
179 Two framed Louis Wordwe watercolour pictures. £0
180 Two framed and signed watercolours of the Midlands. £0
181 A framed painting of a lake by the Scottish School. £280
182 A framed religious tapestry. £20
183 An oil on board by M.E.Ayrton 'Maentwrog from (approximately) the Oakeley Arms Hotel" 1970. £0
184 A framed map together with an oil on board by M.E.Ayrton 1970. £0
185 A collection of various American pennants, flags inc Detroit U S A Indian head. Chicago, Washington 1945, Corpus Christi, Empire state building,Toledo, Canadian etc £40
186 A quantity of first day covers, postcards and cigarette cards. £20
187 A box containing adult film reels magazines (not to be purchased by under 18's). £0
188 A large quantity of black and white coloured postcards. £45
189 Two boxed Bakelite viewmasters with colour pictures, Kodak Brownie camera, eye viewers etc. £40
190 A small quantity of collectables. £20
191 Gold leaf sheets and tools etc. £130
192 A box containing commemorative coins etc £0
193 Coins with a quantity of collectables. £65
194 A box of collectables to include a soldiers bible. £20
195 A small attache case containing Masonic items. £0
196 A box of camera lens and mamiya lens 80mm 45mm, 2x converter, Jessops light box and adaptor, Mamiya 500mm lens, Paterson viewer and tripod. £150
197 A quantity of postcards with postcard albums etc. £25
198 A box of approx 30 adult magazines. £55
199 A large quantity of postcards. £190
200 A 18ct gold men’s Longines wristwatch with 9ct gold bracelet. In box. £0
201 A box of various jewellery to include a 19ct gold item. £75
202 A quantity of 9ct gold and silver items. £30
203 Silver coin. Bust one side reverse and lul fdc et nal sitnomement. (Possible style, not genuine). £80
204 George III half Sovereign in mount with 9 carat gold ring. £110
205 Two boxes of costume jewellery with a rotary quartz watch. £80
206 A quantity of costume jewellery in box including silver. £45
207 An 18 carat white gold diamond and ruby ring. £0
208 A pair of diamond aqua marine earrings. £320
209 Five stone diamond ring. (Approx 0.60 point). £300
210 A diamond and sapphire five stone gold ring £0
211 Gold ring coin. £30
212 a rare silver Vesta case embossed marine special serve tub , Purves blue ., £0
213 A quantity of watches and costume jewellery. £40
214 A single stone diamond ring (approx weight 1.06 carat/2.78 grams). Stamped 18 ct platinum. £0
215 Art Deco style ring. £90
216 A 9ct gold ring. £30
217 a pair of mounted drop diamond Earrings. in case £150
218 Six 9ct gold rings with earrings. £0
219 Silver neillo items including jade brooch. £40
220 Six 18ct gold rings. £220
221 22ct gold ring. £90
222 Diamond set 9ct gold ring. £85
223 a pair of gold" pearl"Earrings one other a fob pendant. £110
224 a set of Cultured pearls. with a gold clasp £55
225 A "Pearl" bracelet. with a gold clasp £30
226 A Pair of "Pearl" earrings. in a Collingwood of London box £60
227 An 18ct white gold bracelet set with 13 diamonds. £0
228 Gold Charm Bracelet £0
229 A box of approx 30 adult magazines. £50
230 Various vintage cameras. £0
231 A framed oil by David Evans of a cliff. See reverse- Pall Mall Gallery and Hedleys label. £0
232 Roland Vivian Pitchforth RA ARWS, 1895-1982, Watercolour on board: Pentland Firth. £0
233 A quantity of pictures and prints in C Miers Tuscan landscape, wimpy o/c Swiss school, Hockney print. Ansa Kennedy 42/95 print. £0
234 A quantity framed and glazed nude prints. £35
235 A framed picture of a young girl by Tretchikoff. £30
236 A bronze desk stand fitted two inkwells stamped kraas bildglessere and glass comports. £0
237 A signed oil on canvas: Washer woman after George Morland. £20
238 A wooden table stand with a turned wooden painted bowl, signed R Irvine, Dublin. £15
239 CAMBERWICK GREEN:Mr Platt, Mr Munnings, Mr Clamp, Mr Wilkins, Harry Farthing, Mr Clutterbuck, Mr Cresswell, Willie Munn, Mr Dumpling Badges, Mr Antonio Jonathan Bell, Chippy Minton with the Mayor (no boxes). £35
240 CAMBERWICK GREEN:Thomas Tripp in his Milk float, Peter Hazel and Mrs Single in the post office, Mr Carraway in his fish shop, Chippy Minton in his car. £60
241 Art deco style swing frame mirror. £28
242 A framed David Shepherd print, signed, Army Air Corp booklet, Molly Brett books and a Reynolds print. £0
243 A quantity of hats to include a boxed Moss brother of Covent Garden top hat £45
244 A large Tiffany style lamp shade and side lamp. £30
245 Two various lamp base to include 1930's brown Bakelite plastic and a Florentine gilt base. £0
246 A wooden cased American style clock (AF). £20
247 Three Japanese and Chinese prints silks. £0
248 Coca cola advertising sign in red and white. £40
249 A Persian design, silk, floral bordered and central floral design rug (1.91 x 1.24). £60
250 Two vintage school posters showing the body by the American Frouse anatomical chart Co. £60
251 Five various framed pictures including beach, river, cottages etc. £30
252 A framed oil picture of the countryside. £0
253 A quantity of pictures, pencil sketch of Glastonbury Abbey ,still life fruit, Brighton pier, seascape, with other. £0
254 A quantity of Rosina Wachtmeister, abstract framed cat prints. £25
255 Seven various framed art gallery prints. £70
256 A vintage ladies brown fur coat. £0
257 H. Edgard & Sons uniform together with a Germans period pilots hat with yellow beading and vent. £20
258 An oval oak framed mirror. £20
259 A French Art Deco metal mounted light fitting with glass shades. £0
259a A quantity of hats £0
260 A quantity of copper Turkish market embossed bowls, pitcher etc. £0
261 Two black telephones. £20
262 A replica gun in a display case. £20
263 David Bowie Autograph. Here we have a fantastic chance to own a “New Afro-Pagan & Work 1975-1995’ which has a red ink pen autograph from David Bowie in orange pen.This framed work measures 24” x 36” And comes in Ex condition. £0
264 Advertising framed mirror: Wilson's Olympic bitter. £20
265 Three stained glass panels. £50
266 A 19th century oak rotating bookcase, made by Lady Haigs, poppy factory, Edinburgh. £0
267 A boxed Honher piano accordion in case. £35
268 Mixed collectables. Pifco trouser press, pictures, cigarette cards etc. £0
269 Watercolours on board, signed Joice depicting harbour scenes. £20
270 A 1960's Dentist chair on chrome base. £0
271 A Peter Sellars Poster ''Prisoner of Zenda'' on a yellow background. £35
272 A violin in case by Vuillame a Paris ? Affixed label and stamped. £85
273 A boxed Chinese singe clarinet. £0
274 A wooden cased mantle clock with key. £25
275 Fancy flight resin figure: Alice Heath. £0
276 A stick stand with clock watch parts. £45
277 A miners lamp with one other. £30
278 A wood case American wall clock by Seth Thomas (A/F). £0
279 A collection of snooker balls together with a 19th century leather cased gents brush toilet. £0
280 A Victorian inlaid cased music box by PVF (needs attention). £70
281 Two sets of pharmacy scales in cases. £20
282 A french gilt cased decorative clock with a young beau, festoons, alabaster base and stand in glass dome. £85
283 A rare late 1900 mahogany cased Ellems duplicator printers tray, roller etc £0
284 A french Spelter figure: Victoire on marble base and an eagle. £0
285 Boxed set of plated cutlery with plated teapot jug and creamer. £0
286 A wooden Banjo with mother of pearl inlay (needs attention). £40
287 A collection of Doctor Who signed photos. Signed? £0
400 An Indian hardwood coffee table made from old wooden doors. £0
401 A mahogany sideboard with three cupboards under glass section. £0
402 A large entrance hall black metal candle chandelier. £0
403 A large cloth and bound R A F trunk. flt lt B J Balchin £30
404 A piano stool together with a side table and occasional pot cupboard. £25
405 A pair of mahogany bucket hall armchairs with wicker seats. £50
406 A tall mahogany standard lamp with red draylon shade. £25
407 An oak hall mirror with two hanging hooks and shelf. £45
408 An art nouveau oak bench with storage under section. £50
409 A Globe Wernick cabinet in three glazed fronted sections. £55
410 Three various pink coloured open armchairs. £0
411 An antique mahogany baby’s rocking crib. £0
412 A walnut sideboard with two drawers and two cupboards. £20
413 A small oak bureau with opening top section above two shelves. £45
414 A 1970's G-Plan dining table with four matching G-Plan chairs. £20
415 A mid 20th century elm Ercol three tier drinks trolley. £50
416 Two small round side tables. £0
417 An oak sideboard with two doors. £20
418 A large mahogany display cabinet with two small and one large door to front. £20
419 A mid 20th century Ercol three piece suite with modern cushions. £85
420 A 19th Century Mahogany Pembroke table. £80
420a Four mahogany dining chairs. £40
421 Three bentwood dining chairs. £20
422 A Dutch design oak carved back dining chair together with a cake stand. £0
423 An Indian metal topped Tiffin table with chess board top. £20
424 A chaise lounge in need of re upholstery. £20
425 A large yew pedestal desk with green leather top. £0
426 A circular Adams design mahogany dining table resting on four legs. £20
427 A small oak display cabinet with two glass panes to front. £0
428 A Bergere lounge suite comprising two chairs and settee. £0
429 Two small occasional tables. £0
430 Two carved back salon chairs with tapestry upholstered seats. £20
431 A reproduction extending mahogany dining table. (No chairs included). £10
432 An American rocking chair together with a cake stand. £20
433 A large Indian hardwood dining table. £0
434 A Georgian design mahogany bow front sideboard with four drawers. £30
435 A large Art Nouveau unusual shape desk with decorative glass pane decoration. (Requires attention). £40
436 A chip carved top table with tier under. £25
437 A carved wooden console table with fitted drawer. £45
438 A nest of three mid 20th century teak tables. £20
439 A Victorian mahogany needle work table with folding top on twisted supports. £25
440 Two dark oak dining chairs together with a low bedroom chair. £0
441 A modern rectangular pine coffee table. £0
442 A mahogany cocktail cabinet. £20
443 A tall Edwardian mahogany display cabinet on legs. £40
444 A grey four seater sofa with floral Drayton pattern. £0
445 Four various a Victorian smokers bow on turned legs , Victorian stick back fire hearth rocking chair on turned legs and a pair of solid seat hall chairs £90
446 A nest of three mahogany inlaid side tables. £20
447 Three chairs. one nursing two bow top solid seat dining chairs £20
448 A 1950's coffee table with glass top decorated with birds. £15
449 A oak gate leg table. £0
450 An octagonal mahogany occasional table.with undertier £20
451 An 1920s 30s office filing chest of eight drawers. £120
452 A large mahogany and walnut bureau bookcase. £75
453 A 1970's G-plan style teak sideboard unit. £20
454 A 1950's teak display cabinet/bureau. £20
455 A 1970's/1980's G-Plan teak low sideboard unit. £35
456 A 1930's/40's Ferguson radiogram with Garrard R.C 65 record deck. £20
457 A large Chinese chest. bound cupboards below £0
458 Two large gilt mirrors together with a modern wall clock. £15
459 A very large modern gilt framed mirror. £15
460 A two tier mahogany circular dumb waiter side table. £20
461 A large silk patterned carpet on beige ground. £160
462 Two patterned silk carpets on beige ground. £60
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