Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 10 February 2018

Date: 10th February 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 Three stamp albums containing Great Britain stamps and British Colonies. £40
2 Four stock books containing a quantity of stamps. £20
3 Three albums containing Military Regiment postcards. £30
4 A Windsor Album of Great Britain stamps. £80
5 Three stamps albums containing decimal mint. £95
6 Five albums containing Military, coloured postcards, Crests and Badges of the armed forces etc. £30
7 Three cards of Commonwealth stamps. £70
8 A collection of three stamp albums and a blue album of first day covers from 1970 to 1988. £0
9 Two blue albums containing a good selection of mixed stamps. £70
10 Five albums of stamps. £0
11 A blue album containing mixed stamps. £110
12 A good collection of Victorian stamps in album. £60
13 A good collection of Irish Stamps. £0
14 A quantity of Isle of Man stamps. £10
15 A large collection of stamps from Jersey Channel Islands; first day covers. £0
16 An album containing a mixed quantity of stamps. £40
17 A green simplex stamp album. £40
18 A large blue stamp album. £15
19 Germany. Double sided stockcard. Cat. Approx. £3,000 if genuine. £45
20 Hong Kong. 1862/3. S.G. 2-5 and 7 good used. Cat. £700+. £40
21 New Brunswick, 1860/3. S.G. 7-9 mint/unused. 3 shades. Cat. £225 min. £0
22 Nigeria. Stockcard of George V mint/used. Good Cat. £25
23 Pakistan. Stockcard of early mint issues. £0
24 Palestine. Stockcard of mint/used. £8
25 British New Guinea (Papua). 1901-5. Stockcard of mint. Cat. £300+ £35
26 Papua. Stockcard of mint/used. £25
27 Patiala. Small stockcard including several early mint stamps. £15
28 Tan coloured stockbook containing Commonwealth mint/used. £45
29 Five albums of stamps with an album of first day covers. £70
30 Eight senator stamp albums in a box (2 empty). £85
31 Eight albums/stock book of stamps in a box. £70
32 A large collection of first day covers. £30
33 Three albums and a stock card of stamps. £15
34 Two albums of stamps. £0
35 A quantity of Royal Doulton figures, A stitch in time ref h.n 2352 Corp 1965-The Wayfarer Hn 2362 Corp 1969,The Boatman h.n 2362 Corp 1969, The last Waltz,A hostess of Williamsburg h.n 2209 £85
36 A pair of binoculars with case together with a brass jam pan with handle. £15
37 A box of pewter to include claret, tea pots etc. £25
38 A pair of 1920's Beswick ware vases decorated with country scenes (damage). £0
39 Three Poole Pottery blue glazed Dolphins. £20
40 Two African Tribal Face Masks; Origin Angola and Liberia. £0
41 Villeroy & Boch basin ref-1338N -Satsuma vase & a studio art pot living glaze in green. £0
42 A large collection of Chinese bowls rice pattern soup set etc. with a Lladro figurine. £0
43 A collection of seven Poole Pottery white animals; two cats, one tortoise, one seal, one duck, one bird and one toad. £55
44 A small quantity of Toby jugs including Royal Doulton Old Salt and D'Artagnan. £35
45 Two novelty modern teapots depicting a house and smaller teapots. £30
46 NAO-Cosy dreams girl ref-1503 daisa 2004 with Nao snuggle dreams ref-1504 daisa 2004 both boxed. £20
47 A box of pewter to include warming dish, ladle, porringer etc. £0
48 A contemporary plated ice bucket: cockatoo head designed with ruby coloured eyes. £20
49 Five Indian painting miniatures contained in a Kashmir bone inlaid gilt frame with various pictures etc. £65
50 A Victorian mahogany writing slope with prize sticker from 1901. £20
51 Two heavy Persian needlework carpet cushions with other tapestry french design cushions. £45
52 A collection of seven green Poole Pottery animals. Two dolphins, two badgers, one crocodile, one toad and one door mouse. £40
53 An early Wedgwood Jasperware green biscuit barrel. £20
54 A small quantity of metal collectables, bird bookends etc. £30
55 Mixed china to include the residue of a Royal Doulton 'Tonkin' tea set. £0
56 A large collection of Copeland Spode floral dinner china to include soup dinner courses turrens bowls and salad plates, pattern no 6148 /4949 etc. as found. £60
57 A Victorian dome top brass letter box, pottery tiles. nut crackers in the shape of a squirrel, alligator, brass skimmer, roaster, planter, wood face etc. £30
58 A quantity of decorative metal £280
59 A quantity of resin animals with two china dogs. £30
60 A Nao duck in box with a china dove. £0
61 Seven BLA brown Poole Pottery animals. £55
62 Nao-together forever figurine with box and Greenland friends ref-1462 no box. £20
63 Three novelty china teapots in the form of a monkey, a donkey and a dragon. £40
64 A small Poole Studio 'Eclipse' charger with box and certificate. £30
65 Five glass Decanters and cocktail stick sword stand . £30
66 A collection of seven green Poole Pottery animals. Four dolphins, one duck, one seal and one sea lion. £35
67 A quantity of Paragon Holyroyd pattern purple gold edge china dinner and tea service. £85
68 A quantity of silver plate items warmer, tea set, candlesticks etc. £30
69 A metal nut cracker in the shape of a dog with an Asian box. £20
70 A Limited Edition David Sheppard print together with two others. £20
71 A quantity of mixed collectable teapots, gnome, polo, tete cottages etc. £20
72 A quantity of Fitz and Floyd bunnies with a Lladro dog and other. £35
73 A quantity of Portmerion botanical bordered tea china. £50
74 A quantity of Royal Doulton plates relating to Charles Dickens, cup and plate various characters, Carlton ware,Burlington and Poole Pottery. £20
75 A quantity of collectable teapots. £20
76 Reproduction mahogany library table bookshelves. £20
77 A quantity of Staffordshire Toby jugs with others. £20
78 Four glass jugs together with two china elephant candle holders. £25
79 A Royal Albert tea service Old Country Roses/twelve tea cups and saucers /two large teapots/one smaller/two milk jugs /sugar bowl/Two twin handled sugar bowl and lid/ eighteen 16 centimetres plates/six larger plates 20cm with other. £160
80 Mixed collectables to include Irish porcelain, Amber glass, pottery, tray carlton ware etc. £20
81 A crown Staffordshire floral china coffee set. £40
82 A copper thermos flask with car/hunting horns and a copper mug. £20
83 Two brass lamp stands with other. £40
84 A box of pewter. including tapit, casters, mugs, muffiners etc. £0
85 A quantity of Royal Albert country roses /10 soup bowls/Two gravy boats,four serving trays,twelve dinner plates/sandwich plate/ eleven napkin ring holders/six sandwich trays etc. £360
86 A quantity of Silver Plate to include 12 goblets. stag, 60s candle holders. £40
87 A quantity of porcelain and pottery plates. inc chinese export, two chrysanthemum chinese plates and old english plates. £0
88 A quantity of Suzie cooper tea/ dinner set /fish plates etc. £20
89 A quantity of plastic black and white Homepride men. £35
90 African tribal carving of a lady with a water butt on her head with other ethnic heads. £35
91 A Collard Honiton 6 inch floral beaker together with a 9 inch floral baluster vase. £0
92 Two indian brass benares l engraved large candlesticks /oil .lamps. £50
93 A cast iron French cigar bar lighter designed as a happy banjo player decorated in yellow green and red. £85
94 A quantity of collectable teapots inc cow, animals, cottage, etc. £0
95 A brass toilet door lock penny slot handled. £55
96 A pair of letter desk stands £25
97 Two glass domes with base. £40
98 A three tusked 1920s ivory stemmed vase. £45
99 A Doulton Flambe duck. £20
100 Crown Derby paperweights Pheasant and a Puffin. £65
101 Royal Crown Derby paper weights, Old Imari Hedgehog together with a King Charles Spaniel. £60
102 Crown Derby Peacock paper weight designed by S.Rowe limited edition no 252/750 with box. £160
103 Two Royal Doulton cats with a Royal Osbourne bone china cat. £0
104 An old ale bottle seal mark of W & H 1811 William & Humbert. £0
105 Two Royal Crown Derby plates in gold blue and rust. £20
106 A Royal Crown derby bowl rust gilt and blue floral border. £20
107 Limited Edition Paul Cardew in design of Lichenstein pop Art Valentine lovers Heart teapot signed n/114. £60
108 A Royal Crown Derby pin trays with other. £20
108A Royal Crown Derby English Bone China bowl £20
109 Beatrix Potter two large figures Master copy of Jemima Puddleduck with Foxy whiskered gentleman. £0
110 A Moorcroft 6" round lidded box Bells of Spring pattern designer E Bossoms Limited Edition. £200
111 Three glass paperweights in millefiori patterns. £20
112 A Rob Jones and son of Liverpool, clock in wood case case. £40
113 Moorcroft 8" Foxglove vase dated Nov 2006 impressed marks to base. £190
114 An Indian kasmir ivory turned and decorated scent bottle. £60
115 A large china ornament of an eagle with her chicks. £0
116 A Lladro girl feeding ducks/no box. £25
117 A Lladro Swan ref 5231 boxed with two small Lladro swans and two Nao. £25
118 Lladro figure of a Gentleman Golfer 1985 (Two loose Golf clubs). £40
119 Lladro- Masquerade ball (finger missing)1987 ref-5452. £15
120 Lladro-Geisha girl with fans daisa 1978 ref-4991. £30
121 An oriental girl holding a parasol Lladro Daisa 1978 impressed mark 4988 E-10 A. £35
122 A small quantity of Beatrix Potter books with dust covers. £20
123 Observers and air gunners flying log book used as a handwritten recipe book includes paper clippings. £20
124 A small folder containing mixed negatives of areas in Ruislip, London. £75
125 A Mussolini metal bust. £0
126 A modern faux leather watch box. £40
127 A small quantity of playing cards: chess game with other. £0
128 Two Jaeger Le Coultre boxes. £40
129 Two Patek Philippe boxes. £35
130 A red omega watch box. £35
131 Four 1 pound notes, 6 10 shilling notes, Commemorative coins and a sealed pack of 1971 British pennies. £20
132 A tin of coins. £35
133 A collection of pre 1947 silver and copper coins. £55
134 A collection of John player cigarette cars, Nee Zealand coins and F.A cup centenary 1872-1972 collection of medals. £0
135 A uv Bronica table lighter in box. £0
136 A coin collection in red folder together with one other. £0
137 A cigar box containing mixed coins and notes. £25
138 A quantity of world war 2 photographs, memorial book and medals, with a manicure set. £35
139 A boxed Parker 'Consort' pen together with a Sekonda wristwatch and an Elisabeth 1953 coronation pen knive. £50
140 Olympic bronzed figure of a sports man holding a larual leaves -Berlin to Base 1936 £40
140A A Pigeons flying club white metal rim pot tortoise shell lid £40
141 A roll top stationary box with inkwell and other items, tyre ashtray,morrocco leather box ,dip pen, etc £80
142 A signed limited edition copy of De Profundis, by O. Wilde signed by Vivienne Holland. No. 192/195. £60
143 Two Rosenthale China dog ornaments together with a Gennark dog. £130
144 A boxed Mont Blanc pen in black and gold banded case, large nib. £800
145 A large collection of coins, including crowns, shillings and three pence. £85
146 A quantity of embroidered badges coldstream guards/with a quantity of medal ribbons £65
147 A 1920s spelter match striker on marble base designed as a camel and two gentlemen in native clothes. £50
148 A 10 " ships clock in a oak rope work frame £40
149 Mixed lot comprising coins, costume jewellery, two China pigs, certificates etc. £0
150 A quantity of cap badges of the first and second world war including RMB RAF & later copies £100
151 Various antique pocket watches/parts. £60
152 Various watches, smoking pipes, Jewellery etc. £20
153 A mixed lot containing pen knife, napkin rings, spoons etc. £0
154 A small box of various costume jewellery. £0
155 A small box of collectables to include, brooches and a Lacoste crocodile penknife. £20
156 A plastic tub of jewellery. £0
157 A quantity of silver plated items.salver, vase, etc £0
158 A quantity of iranian silver coloured metalware to include a mirror decorated flowers ,hand mirror, , table serving knives in case etc. £55
159 A quantity of small trinket boxes, pill, to include many by Limoges, made for Harrods. £120
160 A pair of silver plated Tureen dishes with a silver dressing table set. £70
161 A copper gun powder flask. £0
162 A pair of silver bon bon dishes. £0
163 A pair of silver shell shape butter dishes, odd dates and makers. £0
164 A Georgian silver embossed cream jug of helmet form. £30
165 Silver and silver plated items spoons etc. £90
166 A pair of silver candlesticks, napkin ring holder etc. £40
167 A Three piece silver Adam's Design cruet set. £100
168 Resin dog in silver colour with a silver hallmark filled study of a dog. £50
169 Two silver mounted cut glass items. £30
170 A tub of collectables to include Folli Folli compact and box, beaded purse etc. £0
171 Two French Edouard Rambaud photo frames with a silver photo frame. £40
172 A Carlton ware Swan Vestas Bryant and May striker/ashtray. £25
173 A silver calendar, dressing table mirror, Burmese beetlenut box with other. £60
174 A Georgian painting on panel of three sisters in period attire with an etching "woods interior". £100
175 A German china Hummel lamp base. designed as a young boy on a gate. £0
176 A leather bound travel log of 1868 with notes of three weeks of pictures/sketches in the area. £50
177 A study of a Lladro-oriental lady flower arranging with box. £20
178 Nao-art deco style dove, damage to neck, impressed marks to the bottom, with a Lladro seated polar bear. £0
179 A Nao study of a resting ballerina with impressed marks to the bottom. £0
180 Wooden decorative box of collectables, cigarette holders etc. £65
181 A Victorian green scrapbook with cut outs of pastoral scenes, flower fairies, ethnic band, old ships, Christmas cards, military etc. £130
182 A Wilkinson Sword blue steel dagger / The Special Air Service Regiment - Golden Jubilee 1941-1991. £340
183 A collection of designer decorative name place holders. £20
184 Three pieces of Oriental metal ware to include lidded pot (af). Tibetan prayer wheel and a chinese figure decorated knife. £0
185 An extending brass telescope in leather case by Broadhurst Clarke & son. £45
186 A metal bound kukri with sheath. £60
187 A pair of Royal Doulton floral impressed green glazed impressed flower vases ref-1504.B 7552 l and c m. £40
188 A rare signed piece of Arts and Craft glass ware by Mat Johanson of a polar bear and her cubs on a black plaque. £65
189 A pair of Brannam of Barnstaple blue glazed pottery vases, with family Cartouche initial possibly made for Libertys. £60
190 Ten diecast World War Two model aircraft on display stands - RAF, German and Japanese Bombers. Possibly by Corgi or De Agostini. £65
191 A Iranian enamelled metal tray hand painted floral decoration a vase and napkin ring to match. £35
192 Ten diecast world war two aircraft on display stands. £60
193 Two scrapbooks containing cut outs of Mabel Lucie Attwell, Golden Shred, Black Cat, Dogs, Horses etc. £60
194 A Lincoln Jeffries air rifle Reg No 10940 1907. £220
195 A pair of watercolours of an Arab Market Scene, carpet traders etc. signed by E Tanenghi framed and glazed. £2,800
196 A Victorian collapsible wine bottle holder with silver and plated items. £30
197 An Art Deco period Elkington pattern cutlery set. £25
198 A platinum diamond ring together with an 18ct diamond ring. £0
199 A brooch with two rings and watches. £100
200 Nine silver rings together with a boxed ring and necklace set. £60
200A A Cloisonne enamel necklace. £35
201 A boxed silver and diamond cross on chain. £20
202 A boxed heart shaped necklace decorated with silver and diamonds. £35
203 A jewellery box containing earrings brooches a B Instone style case and other items. £35
204 David Andersen red silver gilt enamel earrings. £0
205 A Norwegian silver and red enamel gold leaf brooch by Hjortdahl Oslo. £0
206 A french gilt metal enamel belt buckle. £20
207 A box of watches. £20
208 A box of coins (some silver). £40
209 A bag of costume jewellery including silver. £40
210 A 9 carat gold ring together with an 18 carat gold ring and another piece of gold coloured metal. £140
211 A bag of watches. £55
212 A bag containing six watches. £25
213 Gold items to include a rolled gold bangle. £70
214 A bag of costume jewellery. £20
215 A Swarovski ring. £0
216 An 18 carat white gold diamond bangle. £0
217 A white gold and diamond ring. £0
218 An 18ct gold ring set with a central cabochon Sapphire surrounded by diamonds. £260
219 A long strand of cultured saltwater pearls with gold and pearl clasp together with a string of black faux pearls with a 9ct diamond set clasp. £0
220 Four pieces of sterling silver jewellery from "Skinny Wrists". £35
221 A 9ct gold ring set with large blue stone. £80
222 Two silver brooches: a dragonfly (3" wide x 2.5" long) and one other. £35
223 An Ivan Tarratt/George Bellamy silver brooch decorated with stylised flowers. Makers mark and inscribed on back. £0
224 An Ivan Tarratt /George Bellamy oval silver brooch decorated with a dolphin, after Jensen. £0
225 A 9ct gold and diamond full eternity ring. £0
226 An 18ct three stone diamond ring in an illusion setting. £0
227 A 9ct gold ring with chrome diopside in a twist setting. £75
228 An 18ct white gold bracelet set with 13 diamonds. £0
229 Two brooches together with an Edwardian scent bottle and a set of silver jewellery. £40
230 A box of watches. £0
231 A box of costume jewellery. £70
232 A quantity of 9 carat gold items (approx. 38 grams). £390
233 An 18 carat gold diamond pendant on 9 carat white gold chain. £0
234 A three stone diamond (0.33 point) gold ring, size L. £0
235 A 1795 22 carat gold Guinea. £230
236 A five stone diamond (1.00CT) gold ring. £520
237 A collection of Archery medals. £0
238 An 18 carat white gold diamond band ring, size M. £0
239 An 18 carat white gold diamond (approx. 0.50 points) ring, size J. £160
240 An 18 carat gold diamond and sapphire ring, size M. £140
241 An 18 carat gold diamond (0.33 points) ring, size R. £140
242 An 18 carat gold diamond ring, size L. £80
243 A 9 carat gold opal and diamond ring. £70
244 A 9 carat gold pink sapphire and diamond ring, size V. £0
245 A 9 carat gold amethyst ring. £75
246 A 9 carat gold amethyst and diamond ring. £50
247 A 9 carat gold topaz ring. £65
248 A 9 carat gold antique gold ring. £45
249 A 9 carat gold Marvin Revue watch. £320
250 A bag contain 12 various watches rotary, quartz etc. £120
251 A 9 carat gold amethyst pendant and chain. £60
252 A floral design diamond brooch in a gold mount. £80
253 A Marvin Hermetic watch. £75
254 A Victorian Amethyst bracelet with various stones with a Scottish Silver agate brooch and other Jewellery. £110
255 A Georgian gold Memorial ring MG Sanderson died 13th June mounted a carved cameo flower in original box. £130
256 A George III Thomas Shaw Vinaigrette made in Birmingham silver gilt cast borders. £100
257 A gold cross. £0
258 A silver chain. £30
259 A 9ct Gold Tissot wristwatch with leather strap. £110
260 A quantity of gold jewellery, rings etc. £200
261 A watercolour and wash of a man of war with a note on back by W L Wylie made for the officers mess at chatham see reverso. £300
262 A watercolour wash picture of a sailing ship by W L Wyllie label on back states for the officers mess at chatham in period oak frame see revso. £300
263 An oil on canvas of a barge on a river signed Alan Simpson. £30
264 Goonies poster in frame. £30
265 A Hitler Youth Dagger engraved ‘Blut und Ehre’. £130
266 A wooden poker work panel of ploughing horse along with two scenic prints. £0
267 Three posters in frames; underground poster Sudbury town, Castrol and Chat Noir . £0
268 Two oils on board Tulips by Mary Pattinson in frame see reverso. £60
268A Two pictures, red apples in a blue frame and sun flower growers in a frame. £0
269 Four postcard albums containing 366 Topographical cards and early 20th Century postcards in four albums. £20
270 Six white albums containing Military book pages including coloured illustrations France 1792-1815 Infantries/ arms/services and the British empire. £0
271 A quantity of cigarette cards. £0
272 A quantity of glass and china knife rests. £0
273 A quantity of various cigarette and trade cards. Including military uniforms of the British empire, territorial army, medals, hats. £40
274 Two large card collectors red albums containing various cards. £20
275 A collectors card of badges, regiments and corps. Raf uniform stamps, military uniform stamps, cigarette cards and novelties collectors book, collectors card of historic campaign medals. £20
276 Two boxes of assorted postcards. £180
277 Two antique nit combs together with persian scribes cases inlaid frame koran stand etc. £45
278 A quantity of red albums containing military postcards of different uniforms, regimental booklets, trooping of the colours. £20
279 A box of assorted silver plate, sugar, cream, ladle, etc. £0
280 A box of various collectables including oil lamp decorated classical figures sandlewood box, deco inkwell,tins. knives etc. £20
281 A quantity of watch related books and magazines. £20
282 A folder of paper clippings. £0
283 A green glazed china jardiniere and stand decorated with ships. marked R. £0
284 An Art Deco style picture of a lady holding a fan, with a still life picture and an Imari rust and gilt bowl decorated flowers. £20
285 A medium sized carved African tribal Bongo drum. £0
286 A 1960's white plastic designer freeform light/lamp. Possibly Massiano Campalini. £65
287 A large clocking in time clock. £110
288 A quantity of collectable teapots. £0
288A A bronze style figure playing tennis together with two carved wooden tribal figures. £0
289 A Chinese blue and white bowl decorated verse or poems in bands with a lacquered glove box. £20
290 A small quantity of glazed china animals to include german horses, afghan hound etc. £0
291 A marble effect resin plaque with studies of cherub signed Bertaux. £20
292 A quantiy of Limoges chocolate drinking cups and plates gold highlights. £50
293 A mixed lot of china. £20
294 A quantity leather bound books, Tower of London 1840, Byron poetical works etc. £65
295 An oil on board of a bowl of fruit by Mary Patterson framed. £0
296 A box of Kashmir inlaid boxes lacquer, Indian and other boxes, koran stand, candlestick, face mask etc. £40
297 Three modern art form vases gladioli. £20
298 Two ruby glass shades with etched decoration brass light fittings. £40
299 A pair of church drawings signed G Masden and label reverso. £0
300 Challenger one D penny arcade machine by Bradley in an oak case. £300
301 A framed program of Adolf Hitler der furer with embossed stamp and verse. £55
302 A framed Nazi reproduction plate with original buckle. £65
303 Hallam Screens star on one D arm bandit working. £340
304 Two posters framed Dig on for Victory /Merchant Navy. £50
305 A box of ethological wood, cork bowl, paddle, bowls etc. £0
306 A quantity of Chinese embroidered daybed cushions and other cushions . £0
307 A box containing a quantity of photo frames. £0
308 A box containing Treen items printers block, book rack, shoe last, mask, etc. £0
309 Three framed posters / Papillon/zulu/Breakheart pass. £160
310 A Sunflower Limited Edition print by Mary Feddon 437/550. £0
311 A tabby cat on the beach print by Mary Fedden 191/500. £100
312 A Limited Edition print Mary Fedden wine and fruit 191/500. £45
313 A quantity of stoneware cider flagons, one Wareham. £20
314 A modern Humidor cigar box in rose wood and satinwood veneer. £45
315 An Asian duck table lamp with large brown shade. £20
316 A Danish design ice bucket and a rug of the Virgin Mary and a wooden bowl. £40
317 A Chinese lacquer three tier wicker food carrier with handle and one other smaller. £20
318 An Indian coloured enamel jardiniere decorated flowers etc. £55
319 A large Indian brass tiffin tray with four twisted brass candlesticks. £40
320 Various Persian needlework bags tent doorway covers. £20
321 A box of tea cosies napkins cloth, various material. £20
322 A paisley cloth cover with various Indian , Asian cloth. £35
323 A quantiy of maps including Independent tartary steel plate engraving with other maps framed and glazed. £20
324 Two modern foot stools, one brass footed lions claw. £30
325 A blue and white Chinese garden seat. £50
326 An Italian violin with bow in case by Joannes Franciscus. £110
327 A German jungstyle Arts and Crafts copper ice bucket (over polished) with a small copper tankard. £25
327A Two reproduction Indian plaques. £0
328 A Florentine gilt chest of drawers / chip to corner. £80
329 A pair of Persian fine needlework rugs decorated with scenes of sheep with a chenille design throw tablecloth. £70
330 A pair of Modern Indian wicker shaded lamps. £0
330A An industrial chair. £40
331 A cast iron study of a frog. £25
332 A large mushroom shaped lamp. £130
333 A ships wheel mounted on stand with bell. £30
334 A silver top walking cane. £35
335 A large Limoges jardiniere pot /planter decorated gilt and flowers. £20
336 Yoruba African carved wood stylized study of a warrior. £40
337 A wooden glass cabinet displaying vintage shop items. £60
338 A collection of Coloured glass flowers (not the vase) £20
339 A bronzed study of an African Elephant. £65
340 A Remy Martin games barrel with four Indian inlaid boxes. £25
341 A mounted bell on plaque. £0
342 A box of metal ware to include trays, bowls, ornaments etc. £20
343 An Indian painted mirror hard wood mirror frames etc. £15
344 A box of Japanese resin items. £20
345 Two Antique leather and painted cloth mounted door covers with ring handles and a similar tent fringe. £20
346 Four small french prints of various scenes. £0
347 A watercolour depicting sheep on moors /Jean Ellot. £0
348 A box of Kodak camera accessories etc. £0
349 A quantity of fringe edging and other material from india and iran. £20
350 A writing slope with a box of ephemera. £25
351 A Wissa Wassie camel throw with one of similar design. £30
352 A quantity of Iranian picture panels and other items. £40
353 A modern Fowlers Phrenology bust. £30
354 A Chinese Cloisonne vase decorated stylized Dragon blue/green/ red. £20
355 A resin shop pig. £30
356 A blue and white table lamp with a red glazed one with two matching pots. £35
357 A Yamaha flute in case, made in Japan. (AG144485). £85
358 A large quantity of Silver Plated photo frames. £25
359 A collection of Wicker baskets. £0
360 A Persian pray cushion. £50
361 A box containing books and pamphlets relating to cigarette cards postcards and military. £30
362 Three leather ammunition belts with other and a pair of cased binoculars Stepsac. £60
363 Four pictures Print of Croyden airport 1936, with three others. £0
364 A box of mixed collectables flowers, treen etc. £0
366 Two oak captains chairs and a pair of 1950s armchairs as found. £45
367 An oak sideboard with three cupboards under glass section. £0
368 A set of four chrome and tan leather bucket chairs by Arup designs. £0
369 A small Georgian style mahogany chest of drawers converted to a cupboard. £0
370 A Herman Miller Noguchi design folding black framed kidney shaped coffee table with glass top. £0
371 A modern glass top coffee table fitted on the corners with for Kylinsr dogs or Dogs of fo brass mounts. £100
372 A chrome 1960's design dining table circular glass top Eames under licence for Vitra. £0
373 Two large rolled carpets together with an off cut carpet. £15
374 A beech framed American two seater porch settee on turned legs and spindle back. £110
375 A pink ground floral bordered all over pattern persian carpet. £20
376 A pair of French beech framed ladie's and gents fauteuils in green stripe linen. £60
377 A French brass and iron child's bed. £0
378 A French design Simon horn single bed in walnut. £0
379 A display cabinet with two glass doors. £200
380 A 1930's office chair. £65
381 A wooden coffee table. £30
382 A modern electric easy chair covered in diamond pattern material. £0
383 An all over floral and bordered central medallion persian carpet af. £30
384 A nest or three teak brown tiled coffee tables G plan? And a frameless wall mirror. £20
385 A captain's swivel chair with-button back green leather. £140
386 A set of four Iranian mother of pearl inlaid dining chairs of Regency design. £40
387 A reproduction mahogany cocktail cabinet fitted 2 draws. On square legs maple lined. £0
388 A black ebonised Louis design display cabinet fitted single door and gilt metal mounts key in office. £85
389 A four tier Edwardian bookcase with glass sides. £0
390 A late 19th century French walnut double bed frame with carved decorative details. £55
391 A Georgian mahogany corner bow fronted washstand fitted three drawers and under tier. £30
392 A pair of carved back elbow chairs in floral tapestry. £0
393 A teak 1960's wotton office desk fitted light double doors. £80
394 Three various rush and solid seat chairs. £0
395 A carved wooden dressing table. £25
396 A large reproduction breakfront bookcase with four glass panels above with drawers and cupboards below. £100
397 Two Victorian design chairs. £60
398 An oak minty 2 section double door bookcase. £60
399 A nest of three onyx based tables with brass legs. £15
400 A green upholstered American rocking chair. £20
401 A walnut veneered long john coffee table on claw feet. £20
402 A large pine framed mirror. £20
403 A Mr Blobby coin operated amusement children's sit on ride. £50
404 A three piece cottage lounge suite in floral printed tapestry. £30
405 A Victorian mahogany bijoutrie table fitted metal mounts resting on swept out legs. £150
406 A satinwood inlaid glazed door music cabinet with mirror back resting on swept out legs. £20
407 Four dining chairs upholstered in a modern material. £0
408 A 1960's design chrome semi hoop and cross stretcher glass top dining table plus extra glass top after a design Giotto Stoppino. £0
409 A satinwood inlaid dressing chest of 2 short and 3 long draws. Square legs. £20
410 A Victorian walnut and satinwood inlaid pier cabinet fitted two doors and gilt mounts. £95
411 A Victorian silver or linen chest. £0
412 A 1920's oak framed wall mirror bevelled glass. £15
413 An oak Lincolnshire Dresser base with carved doors and drawers resting on turned legs. £190
414 An oak draw leaf table x cross stretcher turned legs and four chairs. £65
415 A Harrods drinks dispensing mahogany trolley resting on large castors. £110
416 A set of four Iranian mother of pearl inlaid dining chairs of Regency design. £60
417 A large French day bed with iron frame. £60
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