Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 10 March 2018

Date: 10th March 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 A quantity of Poole Pottery to include a biscuit barrel, butter, marmalade, etc. in floral colours. £30
3 An Edwardian oak mantle clock, plated face with a key. £25
4 A Dresden basket and plate decorated in floral and gilt pattern together with an Herand ice bucket and a pot. £130
5 A quantity of Poole Pottery and glass items £30
7 A reproduction Fowlers Phrenology head. £15
10 A quantity of traditional pattern Poole Pottery including a box, pickle dish, posy ring, etc. (11 pieces). £40
11 A quantity of Poole Pottery including a pickle dish, posy ring, etc. £35
13 Various sets of Meccano together with booklets. £45
14 A vintage boxed Kodak Brownie cine projector with vintage cameras, two stamp albums etc. £30
15 Three items of silver plate, a revolving breakfast dish and a pair of Victorian plated embossed coasters by Elkington. £160
16 A four piece brown stoneware Royal Doulton tea set decorated with country pursuits. £40
18 A Royal Doulton 'Pastorale' china dinner service for 6 including tea, coffee, plates etc. £45
19 A complete mahogany silver plated cutlery canteen with open top and drawer. £45
20 A wooden carved Zen Arts plaque together with an amp meter. £20
21 A collection of vintage games together with two cameras. £20
24 Two Coalport House of Tudor figurines, Limited Edition of 500: Wives of Henry VIII, Spode Francesa, with another pair of Victorian coloured Parian studies of boy and girl gardeners. £45
25 A quantity of mixed collectables including Sylvac. £35
26 A plated silver tray, a pair of sterling silver and glass storm lights, silver mounted decanters , etc. £40
27 A quantity of mixed Worcester china, Spode botanical plates, etc. £60
29 A boxed glass decanter in case. £15
30 A quantity of mixed figurines including Sierzendorf 4218, Dresden floral decorated men and women in period costume and other Staffordshire figures. £95
31 Wedgwood Jasper coloured china to include green cup and saucer, lidded pot, pink box and three other items. £45
32 A small quantity of mixed collectables to include Cloisonne bowl, glass paperweight, blue vase, china, etc. £25
33 A quantity of china to include Versace floral coffee pots, Irish hand vases, Doulton bowl and bird study, etc. £75
35 A Royal Doulton china Rondalay dinner/tea set. including tureens, plates, dishes, etc. £70
36 A silver plate kettle on stand and a plated cruet set. £25
37 A quantity of mixed china to include Minton, Balleen, Coalport etc. £20
38 A Victorian Mintons dessert set decorated with butterflies on a green ground with gilt borders with three graduated tazzas. £230
39 A quantity of glassware, wines, tumblers etc. £50
40 A large quantity of Paragon red and gold floral bordered dinner set. £160
41 A quantity of mixed china. £25
42 A quantity of mixed china English Lustreware jugs together with Coalport and Franklin mint Jelly moulds. £25
43 A quantity of glassware decanters. Webb bowl. etc £20
44 A quantity of Villeroy and Boch Laguna glassware with other wines, high, sherry, etc £80
45 A modern mahogany cased Georgian design clock with brass chapter ring and a gilt cased bedroom clock. £20
46 A quantity of brass ware to include paint stripper , trivet, weights, chair etc £30
47 A quantity of clocks including an oak cased office, 2 anniversary, W. Wehrle, alarm, 60s etc £60
48 A small quantity of traditional Poole Pottery cheese dish, marmalade, etc. £35
49 A quantity of mixed carnival, 60s decanter, dish ring, glassware and collectables. £25
50 An antique Italian aluminium coffee percolater coffee machine by Vesuviana. £20
52 Three green glazed Poole Pottery Dolphins. £30
53 A reproduction enamel clock £20
54 A silver plated Adams design soup tureen and silver plated hot water / tea urn resting on pedestal foot. £55
55 A quantity of cabinet cups and saucers to include Dresden, Mintons gold, Copelands, Derby Shelley, Herand etc £110
57 An Irish orange order sash with crown book, blue and pink rosettes, a boot handle walking cane with a first aid ruck sack. £50
58 A pair of French gilt metal porcelain floral painted table lamps and shades Hallidays. £40
60 Crown Derby paperweights: New Year Mouse, Name Plate, Welsh Anthem, Bear and Dragon. £120
60a Royal Crown Derby Irish Blue Kerry made for Sinclair's no stopper £70
61 Royal Crown Derby paperweights Scottish terrier, Cavalier king Charles Spaniel and Snail. £120
62 Crown Derby paperweights: Welbeck Squirrel, Goat and Owl. £110
63 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight Daisy Cow boxed. £60
64 Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Bantam Hen, farm Cockerel, Snowy rabbit. £80
66 A brass mounted binocular compass under glass. £60
67 Four various hardback books. Baedekers London 1905, card tricks and puzzles by Berkeley and Rowland, Cheiro guide to the hand, carpentry by Oakwood £30
69 Beswick Palamino horse. £30
70 Royal Worcester with one other. £50
72 A metal Nazi office plaque. £75
73 Beswick Black Bess. £20
75 Beswick: A collection of ponies. £35
76 Moorcroft Rhapsody 10 inch vase, Phillip Gibson. £190
78 A Royal Worcester pot. £80
79 A Royal Worcester pot. £160
80 Two Royal Worcester pots. £60
81 A Worcester popurri pot ref-1286 £200
84 A meissen decorative plate painted figure fluted edge £35
85 A quantity of trinkets miniature pots etc Staffordshire, Dresden,Limoges, Spore, Royal Crown Derby £50
89 Alexander Read 1634 Edition a manual of autonomy £100
90 An album of mixed postcards Bournemouth local area £100
91 A tub of coins. £20
92 A box of various coins. £30
93 A tub of various coins. £40
95 Six Swarovski display mirrors. Some marks due to use. £15
97 Two framed hand painted still life of fruit painted on china by James Skerrett £100
98 A box of pens watches cufflinks etc £35
100 Cyprus. Stockcard of early/mid mint/used. £5
101 Gambia. Stockcard of mint/used. Cat. £148 min. £10
102 Hong Kong. 1863-71. Between S.G. 8 - 19 used. Cat. £420 min. £15
103 Northern Rhodesia. Stockcard of mint/used. £10
104 Penang. Double sided stockcard of mint/used. £15
105 Perak, small stockcard of mainly tigers, mint/used. Cat. £120. £10
110 A blue album of stamps together with a Stanley Gibbons stamp album, framed South Africa stamps and a Royal Mail 1990 album. £20
112 A green album of mixed stamps stamps together with a red album containing New Zealand stamps and a brown album containing Australia stamps. £60
115 A 1914 George and Mary card with a quantity of 'pearl' necklaces. £20
116 A Siemens bronze commemorative plaque £20
117 Two Ambrotype photographic miniatures in cases with other collectables watch, tongs, shot flask, etc £20
119 An Art Deco Spelter figure of Air , Victorian embossed brass string box with a pair of metal skates £40
120 A box containing glass and China ornaments to include Wade Whimsies. £50
121 A collection of books to include William Russell Flint exhibition, nuclear fallout booklet, 1962 astronaut booklet etc. £20
122 A collection of Silver pieces to include a photo frame, spoon, bottle etc. £45
126 A small quantity of watches inc royal, enamel, £20
129 A Silver top dressing table jar with a silver dutch design pin tray £45
130 Four silver plate photo frames £30
131 Silver 4 bar toast rack with a pair of silver and glass condiment pots £45
132 A large silver punch bowl embossed floral garlands resting on circular base Birmingham 1921 745 grams £300
133 Silver plated Art Nouveau fruit dish with napkin rings and a plated shell salt cellar £35
134 a South Africa Silver fiddle pattern trade spoon possible by Twentyman bros and a american silver butter knife £35
135 A pair of antique silver fiddle pattern table spoons £40
136 Two antique silver fiddle pattern table spoons £40
137 a Silver pieced and butterfly engraved oval basket 320 gram with a silver sugar caster and a silver mounted tea pot stand £140
138 Wedgewood pot silver plate lid,with one other silver rim £40
140 A Chinese bottle vase decorated in blue and white flowers . £75
141 A quantity of silver plate items inc ice bucket, sauce boats ,dishes, casters etc £20
143 A Poole Pottery racing Yacht in blue and cream(damage) £20
144 Four brass mounted magnifying glass £45
146 Moorcroft design Sally Tuffin Sunflower vase £100
149 An acrylic perspex study of dots after Damien Hurst. £260
150 A Mahogany cased bracket clock west /whit/ silent with pendulum and key £85
152 Four vintage black and white photo albums. £35
153 A Boosey & Hawkes clarinet in case. £60
154 A Henry Howells wooden study of a YZ bird. dinner gong made from various hard woods Howells made for Dunhill in the £260
155 A late 19c french design brass 4 plate time piece with mercury pendulum please note export rules out side EU and C AND EX and USA restrictions (Chip to left top side of glass £500
155A a late 19C French brass and glass cased Carriage clock £400
156A A good late 19C Alarm repeater French brass and 4 plate glass cased carriage clock by Leroy et fils { no key} £1,100
163 a qty of Shells. and coral £20
165 An oil on canvas irish Mountains lake boat etc signed Gault ASIL £50
166 Oil on canvas by Suzanne c Harris ASI L french scene and one other £20
167 A strop razor sharpener in leather case £20
168 Two Birket Foster watercolours in frames £130
172 Three Chinese blue and white and rust floral decorated vases £65
173 A Chinese blue and white export vase decorated flowers £50
177 A bag containing black and white postcards Rome Napoli,Bougie, Milano, Firenze etc with other ephemera, photos etc £30
180 A Minolta X-300 SLR camera together with a Sony Handycam. Both in cases with accessories. £30
181 A quantity of Kings pattern and other silver plate cutlery, silver handled desert forks etc. £60
182 An arts and crafts brass plaque embossed stylised fish possible Cambridge or Yattendon . £80
185 A Victorian mahogany swivel piano stool together with a pool cue. £45
186 An antique mahogany and beech cello . £500
187 A late 19C oak double sided Lecturn resting on a swept out shaped tripod base £45
188 A collection of wine, champagne and other glasses. £25
192 A box of Auction books catalogues Christies,Southerbys etc £20
193 A quantity of Prattware terracotta pottery decorated with bands of flowers etc. £20
195 A quantity of Auction catalogues books with other items £15
197 two 1920s french prints of children signed maud and a french print . £20
198 Two gilt framed mirrors £35
199 Limited edition tree scapes by Debbi Johnson 10/88 with one other lady in leotard/swim wear 35/150. £20
200 A ladies Gold watch and bangle. £80
201 14 carat gold pendant signed, set baggette blue stones and a cravet ring set stones £180
206 An 18 carat white gold diamond band ring, size M. £100
207 A platinum diamond ring together with an 18ct diamond ring. £100
208 An 18ct white gold bracelet set with 13 diamonds. £300
209 A Hepodamus pocket watch with visible dials in a metal outer case ,top winder £45
210 A 9 carat gold pink sapphire and diamond ring, size V. £60
211 Two pocket watches one silver one plate £30
214 A ladies wristwatch together with two antique pocket watches. £50
218 4 watches. (Ref 12) £15
227 Two framed oil paintings of country/river scenes. £30
228 An oil on canvas of a country house and trees together with a framed tapestry.of a man £20
229 An oil on canvas early 19th century boy playing cello / violin signed Thompson £20
230 Three framed paintings still life, moonlight, river £30
231 Pop art print horse picture, signed by AR Cadmen, National Gallery of Ireland, Royal Academy of Arts, painting of a Harbourside. £40
233 A 19th century Oil on canvas gilt framed jurassic coast scene £20
234 A late 19C relief of Peking dinner gong made from the brass cartridges of the guns taken from Kaku by Admirals Seymour and Bruce on H M S Argonaut 10/02/04 the wood from Li- Hung-Chang yacht Thomas Macdermott boatswain H M S Argonaut 1900-1904 see photo and brass plaque £500
235 A suitcase full of pictures. prints inc a William Sleath watercolour of a street £40
236 Two glass lamps with a green students reading/desk lamp £60
237 A quantity of antique Japanese prints. (6 in total). framed and glazed £240
238 A cocktail shaker with silver plated mount together with a walking stick. £160
239 Etched glass oil lamp with funnel and shade £60
240 A resin shop pig. £20
241 A mandolin. in inlaid case £50
242 A modern glass and metal vase £45
243 A Decca 50 wind up portable Gramophone from 1950 with two boxes of 78's. £40
244 A coin collectors cabinet in wood. £30
245 Two Bakelite black telephones. £25
246 A modern Humidor cigar box in rose wood and satinwood veneer. £55
248 A large quantity of AFC Bournemouth football programmes of various ages. £15
251 A pair of gildedcoloured lamps with shades £50
254 Two singer sewing machines one early u shape model 112 9935 together with a boxed bosun compass. £65
255 A pair of Isphani or Persian blue glazed storage jars with one other AF with hand pottery vase and other £50
256 A Chinese needle work revolving table screen on hard wood stand souzu? £40
257 A antique picture frame with a set of brass hand scales. £30
259 A wooden games box together with a Victorian writing slope. £45
262 A Georgian design swing frame dressing table mirror £60
263 A large oak stationary compendium made by Army & Navy C.S.L. £180
265 Two boxes of various china, glass and ovenware. £40
266 A large quantity of football related collectables, collectable cards, programmes etc. £20
267 A box of metal ware, teapot ,vases etc £30
269 Four vintage suitcases to include one by Asprey. £30
270 A quantity of framed pictures including Nude, pastel, Mill, Harbour,etc. £15
272 Six white albums containing Military book pages including coloured illustrations France 1792-1815 Infantries/ arms/services and the British empire. £30
273 A quantity of glass and china knife rests. £25
275 A folder of paper clippings. £20
276 A boxed of the Art illustrator inc Bateman, Roundtree, Brock, Reynolds, etc £40
277 A rug decorated in red blue and black £80
451 A designer white leather three piece suite. £170
453 A set of four oak chapel chairs with bible holding backs. £45
453a A small mahogany bedside cabinet with marble top. £20
454 A pine panel bench with under storage for shoes. £75
455 A Persian design large wool carpet on a pink/purple ground, all over floral border, central and floral pattern 17ft. by 10ft. £300
456 A small Indian hardwood chest of three drawers together with a chest of five drawers. £40
457 An old charm corner unit with one drawer and one cupboard. £20
458 An old charm style coffee table with magazine shelf and central cupboard. £30
460 An old charm shelving unit with five shelves. £45
463 An old charm office bureau. £20
464 An old charm cabinet with one drawer and one cupboard. £20
465 A Colonial mahogany wardrobe with panelled louvre fronts. Drawers in centre with shoe cupboard to bottom. £30
466 An old charm dining table with six matching chairs. £300
467 A collection of four mirrors. £20
469 A small mahogany hardwood Oriental china display cabinet. £75
471 Two various mirrors in driftwood and gilt frame. £20
473 A two tier mahogany circular dumb waiter side table. £30
475 A pair of Queen Anne design walnut side chairs with caned backs resting on carved legs £65
476 A mahogany side sofa table together with a glass and brass effect side table. £30
479 A 19th century child's mahogany deep buttoned leather high chair. £150
481 A late 17th century oak 3 panel coffer on legs, Circa 1680. £150
482 A nest of three Edwardian inlaid mahogany side tables, resting on square legs. £100
483 A pair of American mahogany side tables on carved shaped legs. £55
484 A large collection of framed paintings and prints. Bennifield, Giles Wilcox. £30
485 Three Victorian and later mahogany inlaid curved back hall chairs. £60
486 An oak drop-flap gate-leg table. £20
487 A mahogany display cabinet with four shelves. (Doors Missing). £10
488 A brass corinthian standard lamp with shade. £30
490 A reproduction mahogany extending dining table with eight matching chairs. £120
491 A Victorian mahogany inlaid serpentine fronted china display cabinet with five shelves. £170
492 A serpentine fronted mahogany console table with two drawers. £30
493 A pine kitchen sideboard/dresser base with three drawers and three cupboards. £55
494 An unusual standard lamp on telescopic tripod base. £45
496 A green leather upholstered two piece suite comprising of a two seater sofa and a living chair. £280
497 A reproduction mahogany serpentine fronted sideboard with two cupboards and three drawers. £35
498 A 1930's Arts & Crafts oak and walnut veneered bedside surround unit with fitted cupboards and shelves. £25
500 A mahogany corner what-not/shelving unit with four shelves together with a carved mahogany coffer. £25
501 A chrome 1960's design dining table with circular glass top, Eames under licence for Vitra together with four brown leather chairs. £110
502 A set of four dark wood dining chairs with blue leather seat pads. £20
503 A nest of Victorian design mahogany and inlaid quartetto set of tables on slender legs. £90
504 A pair of inlaid leather and mahogany bedside or lamp tables. £20
505 A floral upholstered mahogany chaise lounge. £40
507 A green upholstered bucket hall chair together with a floral patterned pouffe. £20
508 A mahogany and leather inlaid side wine table with single drawer. £20
509 A French style cream and gold chest of five drawers. £35
511 An oak gate-leg drop-leaf table. £15
512 A modern mahogany hexagonal china display cabinet with glazed upper section. £40
513 A reproduction mahogany corner cupboard with glazed upper section. £25
514 A 1960s/1970s Staples Ladderax unit. £110
516 A modern leather chest of four drawers. £20
517 A modern leather chest of six drawers. £20
518 A pair of Victorian mahogany pink upholstered curved back easy chairs. £40
519 A beige floral patterned Chinese wool carpet. £20
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