Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 14 July 2018

Date: 14th July 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 An Art Deco three piece marble clock set. £60
2 An Art Nouveau W M F polished copper jug One other water jug together with a polished brass box decorated a beetle £140
3 A vintage set of mahogany mounted pharmacy scales by Griffin & George Limited. £17
4 A quantity of mixed china to include small Poole Pottery pots, Poole Quay Carter Tile and other china. £25
5 A large quantity of Wedgwood plates and mugs, mainly boxed. £20
6 A box of wooden treen items including mahogany cutlery tray, turned caddy burr walnut box, stands box, brass inlaid box etc. £35
8 Two Whitefriars glass vases, one smokey grey, one ribbed, a basket together with another vase. £30
9 A pair of French floral and butterfly painted china vases. by B and CO £70
10 A mixed lot of glassware including 8 Babycham glasses. £20
11 A late 19c brass and black painted microscope and lenses by C. Baker, London. £15
12 An album of first day covers together with some vintage banknotes. from Germany Reichmarks B A F overseas issue framed £25
12a 1960s phones, lamps, atomic style coat hooks etc. £75
13 A gilt painted Anglepoise lamp. £40
15 A small quantity of china to include two Wedgwood pieces. £35
16 A quantity of Aynsley cups and saucers with other china. £20
17 A silver plated early morning tea set. £20
17a A collection of oriental items including bottle vases a cloisonné lidded container and other items. £25
18 A old ship in a bottle “Queen Mary”. £20
19 A late 19th century Majolica tazza designed as a lily pad and other items of china. £25
19a Two central lustre bag shaped light fittings and ceiling roses. £20
20 A pair of old French Papier mache and fur covered tiger cub figures. £85
21 A Day In Fairy Land Story and Picture Book', A3 size children's book by Sigrid Rahmas with illustrations by Ana Mae Seagren. G/F condition. £20
23 Two lamp bases Bakelite and gilt, piece of old Tupton ware, army medical kit, plastic jug etc. £35
24 A collection of various pewter.warming dish, tankards, hens. bowls etc £40
25 A collection of Wedgwood boxed Christmas plates and mugs from the 1979's and 1980's. £35
28 Two copper jugs by sanky together with a plate and three early brass chamber candle sticks. £50
29 A large decorative Chinese jardiniere fish bowl, pot. £20
30 A vintage 1950's Decca 50 gramophone. £20
31 A collection of hounds including Beswick horse, other Beswick and three commemorative plates, etc. £40
33 A Military Helmet together with brass bullet casing belt. £20
34 Two antique copper jam pans. £45
35 A mahogany cased mantle clock by Comitti of London. £30
37 A large selection of teaware including Noritake, Royal Albert, Minton, etc. £55
38 A collection of glass items to include Whitefriars vase, free form small glass etc(af). £20
41 A Wedgwood terracotta jug for Oxford Uni and three other pieces of art pottery. Upchurch etc £20
43 An oak Tantalus, fitted with three decanter bottles. £100
44 A collection of Portmerion China in the Botanic Garden pattern.. £30
48 A large model of a vintage car with wire wheels and rubber tyres. £20
49 Two Tiffany style central light fittings. £20
50 A large high fired runny green glazed lamp vase and a print of a Dorset country scene. signed £30
51 A mixed lot of China including Bunnykins, Sylvac, etc. £20
52 Boxes of cutlery, Art Deco wall pocket, pictures etc. £35
53 A quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses china. £40
54 A large copper coal bucket. £50
55 An assortment of china plates and ornaments. £20
56 A silver plated punch bowl and ladle. £25
57 A Prinz Sound stereo module radio of spherical form. £60
59 A brass telescope by Zeiss Opton, a metal figure and four Dorothy Turton RMS prints. £65
61 A large Grundybin, 9 copper moulds , a large pestle and mortar and other items. £40
62 A Willls's Pirate Shag tin and Dominoes. £20
65 A Beswick Horse and eight Beswick and other Hounds £130
67 An early flute in liguim vite ? with brass mounts (af). £90
71 A mixed lot of medals, badges, two fob watches and buttons. £60
72 Silver misers purse, silver letter opener, bookmark etc. £40
73 A collection of wristwatches. £30
74 Four Beswick grey horses, one repaired. £85
76 A late 19th century gilt brass cloak clasp with the arms of the garter £80
77 A 1920's/40's school riding crop and one other, engraved G B R mer 1898. £25
78 Two Meersham pipes one carved as a stags head, both in original cases. £20
79 Four Beswick horses including a grey. £35
80 A mixed lot of collectables including mither if pearl fruit knives,a bosons whistle, a silver nail buffer, etc. £45
81 A box of watches and some costume jewellery. £50
82 A silver topped glass bottle together with a collection of silver plate. £20
88 An A. West and Partners compass in original leather case. £20
89 A small ivory gavel. £80
90 A mixed lot of metalware including a pair of squat silver plated candlesticks., vases , etc. £70
91 A Montblanc ball point pen, a Christian Dior ball point pen and four Ronson fountain pens. £140
93 A pair of silver plated inkwells formed from the cloven hooves of an animal. £70
94 Set of six white metal spoons each with a different leaf shaped bowl and bamboo handle. £20
95 A carton of Gents watches and some costume jewellery. £20
98 An interesting lot of treen including an inlaid desk blotter with geometric design, two carved and pierced eggs, and other items. £280
99 A large Victorian silver circular Salver with engraved decoration, 41 cm dia, London 1881 inscription for Shepton Mallet fat stock to A Whitehead, 1928 (1852g). £550
101 G.B. 1912-24 and 1924-6. Small stockcard of George V mint stamps. Good Cat. £15
104 Ceylon. 1952. S.G. F1. Fiscal stamp. Mounted Mint. Cat. £100. £10
105 Falkland Isl. 1935. Silver Jubilee Set. Mounted Mint. CAT. £48. £5
106 Gibraltar. 1938. £1 George VI. Mounted Mint. CAT. £42. £12
108 Ionian Isl. 1859. S.G. 1-3 set of 3 mint/unused. CAT. £203. £25
109 Mafeking. 1900. S.G. 1 and 3 used pieces. Fine Cancels. CAT. £150. £20
111 A David Anderson of Norway silver pendent, hammer marked 925. £90
112 An Egyptian silver Cairo ware paper knife designed as a reed cutter. £25
113 An Art Nouveau silver nurses buckle set with a Ruskin panel maker, Bernard Cusner, Birmingham. £160
114 A Victorian silver engraved flip top card case with family coat of arms alta pete in a Moroccan case, Birmingham 1867. £150
115 A small silver caddy spoon. £40
116 A pair of silver pierced edge Bon bon dishes and one other (161g). £60
117 A mixed lot of costume jewellery including two tins. £25
118 A mixed lot of costume jewellery, watches and commemorative coins in a jewellery box. £30
119 A silver backed dressing table set and a silver photo frame. £65
120 A collection of silver jewellery including a kilt pin. In a box. £40
121 A pair of Adams design husk and reeded, bat wing fluted silver candlesticks Sheffield 1922. 31 cm weighted £200
122 A mixed lot of silver and plated items including a silver Vesta case. £90
123 A silver cigar case with inscription inside together with an ivorine photo frame. £40
126 A white metal engraved pin tray. marked PAK SILVER £40
128 Two silver trinket boxes, a cased set of dessert knives, etc. £65
129 A silver photo frame and other silver items. £55
130 An inlaid walnut box containing costume jewellery. £35
131 A four piece Victorian engraved tea and coffee set maker Robert Hennell London 1866 1900 grams app £800
132 Three boxed sets of silver plated fish, cheese, fruit, plated serving equipment. £25
133 A boxed set of silver replicas of The Stamps of Royalty. £130
134 A collection of carved ivory including a puzzle ball. (7). £50
135 A Clarice Cliff plate depicting a stylised horse. £85
136 A pair of Doulton Lambeth Art Nouveau vases , 16cms. High (ref. 6473) together with a small vase (ref. 7177). £85
140 Selection of early porcelain Christmas cake toppers and other ornaments, includes a Snow Baby, length 8.5cm (repaired leg) and two bobbing head figures (heads require restringing). Conditions vary. (19) £35
141 Four reproduction guns and a similar bayonet together with a selection of China. £35
143 A quantity of Italian film posters including Tom Cruise in “Il Ribelle”, “Helga” Francheso Balcazar, Luciano Pizzorusso, Harry Grayham ,Robert Mitcham " going home "Koo Stark "Emily" £60
144 A 19th century brass sextant by T.L. AINSLEY of Cardiff and Newport in original box (af). £110
145 A box of assorted coins. £95
146 A carton of coins together with a ten shilling and one pound note. £30
147 A collection of florins, half crowns and shillings. £60
148 A collection of coins and medallions. £20
149 A book of mixed coins. £75
150 A mixed lot of silver and other coins. £50
151 Three Crowns, a half Crown and a florin. £100
152 100 mixed cased coins. £30
155 A quantity of coins in a wooden box. £35
157 A case of 99 silver coloured coins. £30
158 A mixed lot of coins including an American Silver Dollar. £40
159 A large tub of mixed coins. £40
161 A Russell Flint print signed on mount, of a reclining female. £45
162 A pair of John Rogers watercolour landscapes. £50
163 A pair of signed seascape prints by Sidney Perrin. £20
164 John Bampfield: oil on canvas of a French street scene. £20
166 A quantity of black and white photographs. to inc march for Tito, army, planes ,travel etc £70
167 A box of slides and black & white photographs to include women from 1960s/1970s/1980s, models, nudes etc. £95
168 A cast metal door knocker in the shape of a horses head another in brass together with a mixed lot of metalware. £25
169 A box of mixed metal items including egg cups photo frames,etc. £20
170 A selection of black and white photographs including one of school children in class (possibly Tyneham. Postcards and old One-inch road maps. £30
171 A mixed lot of collectables including chess pieces . Dominoes, badges pins and other interesting items. £70
172 A box of silver plated items including toast rack, egg cups and stand, etc. Together with an Art Deco style mantle clock. £35
173 A mixed lot of metalware including a brass lions head door knocker, a copper jelly mould, etc. £40
174 A 1920’s Ivory dressing table set and tray. £45
175 A Chinese yellow ground and floral embroidered panel decorated with a dragon in clouds, framed and glazed. £55
176 2 large prints by Thomas Kinkade including a letter of authenticity. £20
178 A watercolour of dutch barges windmill and buildings and a large print journey of the 'Magi' both framed and glazed. £20
179 A collection of late 19th century autograph albums , a 1720 map, a metal framed bagatelle board and a quantity of gilt framed pictures to include scenes of London etc. £20
180 A beech framed artists easel £50
181 A watercolour of 'John Perceval on pigeon in 1882' framed by John Robinson and Sons 172 Regent Street, West London, signed BRHC. £50
182 A beech framed artists easel £30
183 A signed Paul Henry print the blue lake Connemara framed by Deightons, Charing Cross Road, London. £220
187 A late Victorian cast iron aesthetic period bedroom fireplace surround decorated butterflies etc £440
188 A Regency style pier mirror with bevelled glass and gilt frame.(129cm high x 70cms wide). £20
192 A large metal clock face wall hanging decoration.123 cm £50
193 A large fibreglass plaque depicting bees flying back to the straw skeps. £20
194 A chinoiserie wall mirror and one other, a Bartolozzi style print and a silver plated dish. £70
197 Silver plated trombone by Hawkes of Piccadilly’ in original case. £35
198 An old mahogany and ivory leather mounted accordion / squeezebox (af), two boxes and a sampler. £45
199 Two cast metal cockerels 55 and 60cms high. £80
200 Three stick pins, one enamel with a flag possibly from a Yacht Club, one set with stones and the other with a carved elephant. £80
201 A 1980 gold half sovereign. £95
202 Eight various gem set rings together with a bangle. marked £400
203 A late 19c seed pearl and gold snowflake pendant with chain. £45
204 Two 9ct gold bracelet and necklace sets. £340
205 A 9ct gold chain. £140
206 A solitaire diamond ring of approx. .33 points set in 18ct white gold. £200
211 A 9ct gold cross over ring set with sapphires and diamonds. £60
212 A leather suitcase together with a wooden metal bounded trunk. £30
214 Four boxes of mixed Corgi , matchbox and other Collectibles. £40
215 A cast metal model of a rabbit. £30
217 A large tang style terracotta figure of a Japanese Priest. £1,000
219 A spinnng wheel (needs attention). £20
220 A Regency twisted column reading table/ music stand, £115
221 Two pairs of brass candlesticks and a pair of Newlyn style copper pin trays depicting birds. £20
222 Taxidermy: A seated fox on a log. £40
223 8 coffee table books on various subjects including tapestry. £30
224 A number of coffee table books including Country Houses of Tuscany. £10
225 A quantity of books on rugs, carpets, Indian handicrafts and ornaments. £55
227 A large amount of babycham glasses. £30
228 A vetriano print Robert Taylor eagle squadron scramble signedoils of lakes other prints etc £35
229 A vintage HMV 101 portable wind up Gramophone. £45
230 A large oriental vase, a painted wooden dish, an oil lamp, etc. £30
231 A box of comic books including Judge Dread, Mutant Hunter and Spell Binders. £30
233 An angle poise lamp. £30
234 Two 19th century writing slopes, and a quill box. £50
235 A box of Big Little Books - 1930s - Dick Tracey. £75
236 2 retro telephones together with two dolls folding chairs. £20
238 Three boxes of black and white photographs some relating to steam and transport. £50
239 A number of books on various subjects. £20
240 A number of books on oriental carpets. £65
242 A large oak cased wall clock.with visible pendulum and chapter ring £80
243 A silver topped cane and another together with an umbrella. £35
244 A red painted 1960s metal Triang pedal car. £75
246 A large vintage Union Jack flag. £50
247 A mixed lot including binoculars, a school cap, anointing spoons, etc. £20
248 A framed picture of Brownsea Island 1774 together with another of Branksea 1858. £20
249 A mixed lot of collectables including a metal framed dressing table mirror in the Art Nouveau style together with a silver framed desk calander, pens and other interesting items. £75
250 A box of assorted silver plate. £20
253 Three wooden painted Disney signs. £40
254 Taxidermy: Ferrett on log. £35
255 Two Gilbert & George albums. £30
404 a late 19c french design Louie Phillip Bergere sided and painted wooden double bed. £85
406 A Victorian two seater sofa upholstered in a blue/grey fabric. £20
407 A arts and crafts mahogany bucket back hall chair after a design by Godwin , pratt ,Lamb (af). £150
410 A Georgian mahogany bow fronted corner cabinet on legs. £10
411 A large mahogany drop flap gate leg table. £20
417 A swivel top piano stool. £90
422 A dark mahogany bedside/storage unit. £20
423 An antique rosewood whatnot section, fitted draw, resting on turned legs. £15
425 A Victorian overstuffed open armchair. £20
427 Two blue leather trunks of different sizes. £35
428 An oak extending dining table. £20
429 A four foot french bain au lit pine bed. £40
431 A small gate leg table. £20
433 A light Ercol dining table with six ercol stickback chairs to include one carver. £280
434 A large french country pine extending dining table on shaped legs. £40
435 A mahogany and walnut chest of four drawers. £30
436 A mahogany display cabinet with glazed doors. £18
437 A mahogany oval shaped table. £30
439 A modern Ercol sofa frame (no cushions). £45
440 A Chinese hardwood jardinere stand with pot. £15
444 An Edwardian oak bookcase with later bevelled glass doors. £20
445 An oak stickback chair. £30
446 A Spanish design pine chest of two small over four large drawers. £60
447 A antique dark wood windsor country house armchair. resting on turned legs £20
449 An American Rocking Chair. £20
451 Two Hall & Woodhouse dome shaped glass windows. £45
453 A large Public Bar dome shaped glass window. £55
454 A large glass window from The Badger Hotel. £45
455 Four carved wooden horse panels to make up a bed. £80
458 A mahogany chest of two small over three long drawers. £35
460 An oak coffer. £15
461 A large pine chest of drawers. £40
462 A large quantity of mid 20th century Ladderax units complete with poles and shelves. £50
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