Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 15 July 2017

Date: 15th July 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a three week gap before our next auction.

Lot No. Description Hammer
1 Four copper jugs with two brass tea caddies. £45.00
2 A small Singer electric sewing machine, Model 222K together with accessories including rubber mat, embroidery hoop and other items. £260.00
3 Two vintage night watchman lights together with postal scales, a Victorian cast iron nutcracker and a Carlisle & Watts carriage clock in a moroccan leather holder. £55.00
6 A brass warming pan and a small brass fender. £20.00
7 Five pairs of 19th century candlesticks together with a chamber stick and one other. £45.00
9 A stained glass mirror together with a glass lamp shade. £30.00
11 An Art Deco seven piece dressing table set in green glass, an Art Deco photo frame and a 1950's green picnic set. £25.00
13 Six pictures including a hand coloured etching "The Bull Broke Loose". A folio of mixed pictures and an early print of Hugh de Balsham, etc. £10.00
14 A mixture of china glass etc., Wedgewood, Cornish tin, jelly moulds etc. £20.00
15 A Hadley's Worcester small lidded potpourri. The Alexandra Toy Tea Set with original box, a Coronation mug and a Japanese cup and saucer. £95.00
16 A pair of ebony bookends modelled as elephants, two candlesticks and two other pieces. £15.00
17 A ship's decanter, two pieces of Ruby glass, a dressing table set and four other items. £20.00
18 Three cast iron LMS plates and other miscellaneous items. £55.00
24 A twin handled centre piece, a studio ceramic vase after a design by Bernard Leach with a piece of Carlton Ware and a Victorian jug. £50.00
25 A pottery celery pot with two small plates, impressed marks to base. £15.00
26 A Clarice Cliff bonjour tea set (Wedgwood). £45.00
27 A quantity of mixed pottery and china to include mostly Poole Pottery. £20.00
30 A fuselier belt with a World War ll trench shovel. £30.00
36 An unusual studio pottery penguin shaped coffee pot and cream jug: Potters marks to base. £50.00
38 A cranberry glass claret decanter with pulled handles, water jug and six tumblers and other mixed glass. £35.00
39 A 19th century mahogany sewing box and contents, with brass fittings. £40.00
40 A boxed set of silver plated fish knives and forks including servers. (12 place settings). £15.00
41 A large colourful multi coloured red with crypto crystalline glaze pottery charger (Diameter 20") together with a pottery vase. £25.00
42 An illuminated sign advertising "Sex Shop" with yellow ground and black letters.12" x 10". £45.00
44 A wooden egg carrier (22 inches in length). £25.00
45 Postal scales with other two pieces of brass £15.00
46 Royal worcester porcelain ramakins 2 and a half pint souffle case, Thomas crystal webb brandy glasses with a teaset royal grafton tea pot cups and jug with other £15.00
48 A collection of boxes including a 19th century writing slope and a Tunbridge Ware sewing box. £75.00
49 A Buckley & Bead of Chelsea copper and brass bar filter together with a copper coal shovel, brass magazine rack and two other items. £50.00
50 A Minoltina 8 Cine Camera in original case, a Leitz pocket microscope, a micrometer and a Paxette camera. £60.00
51 A dome top walnut box with brass fittings and three other boxes. £45.00
52 An eighteenth century design snuff box with man falling off his horse made for D Butler Warwick, a deer and needle holder together with a brass taper holder designed as a Gentleman in period costume etc. £25.00
53 A smoking artefact with a decorative sliding book rack together with a stationary rack and a quantity of barrel taps. £55.00
55 A mixed lot of books, calendars and other ephemera together with a large nickel ceremonial chalice. £60.00
56 A quantity of Indian brass ware £35.00
57 A large collection of Wedgwood jasper ware and other items. £45.00
58 Four bottles of wine: Monbazillac, 1994 Cotes du Rhone, Montravel and 1994 Moscatel de Valencia. £15.00
60 A quantity of Poole Pottery to include living glaze, traditional and animals. £60.00
61 A pair of Poole Pottery hand thrown and decorated vases by Alan Clarke together with a 1980's tea towel by Alan White and Karen Brown. £55.00
62 A quantity of Evesham and Botanic Garden items with a bird cigarette extractor, Hornsea tea, coffee and sugar canisters with a hand painted teapot. £45.00
63 A pottery mask, a bowl,with a Crome lamp £50.00
64 A Middle Eastern copper vase decorated with local dignitaries. 13" high. £30.00
66 A Whitefriars Baxter bark cylinder vase in Ruby 8" high together with a Caithness paperweight. £30.00
66A A pair of Satsuma style 6" high vases decorated with birds and prunus. £45.00
69 A Moorcroft vase in the Blackberry pattern 4" high. £45.00
70 Royal Crown Derby Paperweights. Goose and Goslings, boxed together with a Platinum Rabbit (certificate). £70.00
71 Royal Crown Derby paperweights to include a dolphin, Millenium Bug, and Marmelo (certificate). £60.00
72 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Bantam Hen and Cockerel and a small rabbit. £240.00
73 Royal Crown Derby paperweight: Scottish Terrier (Sinclair tartan) boxed with certificate. £70.00
73A Royal Crown Derby paperweights. Water Buffalo (boxed) and a terrapin. £75.00
74 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Penguin together with a Toad (boxed and certificate) and a Terrapin (boxed). £75.00
75 Two items of Poole Pottery Freeform from Guy Sydenhams collection. (examine) £40.00
77 A Wedgwood Lustre bowl "Celestial Dragons" 9" dia. x 4" high. In good condition apart from a couple of bubbles under the glaze on the outside and gilding rubbed on inside base of bowl. £120.00
78 A cigarette card album and a Bidriware candle stick £120.00
80 G.B. Stock Card of early/mid mint stamps. £10.00
81 G.B. 1935 S.G.452. Pair of 10/- used. Cat. £160. £15.00
82 Dominica 1874. S.G.1 and 3 used. CC watermark. Perf 12 1/2. Cat. £120. £10.00
83 Egypt. Double sided stock card of early/mid issues. £15.00
84 Fiji. Small stock card of early issues. Includes S.G.241. Cat. £80. £10.00
85 Gambia. Small stock card of Q. Vic/Ed VII/G V. Mint/used. £10.00
86 Gold Coast. S.G.5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 used. Cat. £120. £20.00
87 Gold Coast. Small stock card of Q. Vic. used. Cat. £170+. £20.00
88 Gold Coast. 2 Lindner sheets of mint/used. High Cat. value. £30.00
89 Griqualand West. 6 overprinted stamps. Scarce. £30.00
90 Iraq. Double sided stock card of mint/used. £15.00
90a CANADA stockcard of early/mid. Mint Stamps. Cat £370 Min. £25.00
91 A box of used albums, stockbook (poor) + 2005 commonwealth Catalogue. £2.00
93 A granite biscuit barrel with silver plated mounts and interior (9" high). £35.00
94 Four small unframed watercolour paintings. Three signed by Sydney Carter. £40.00
95 A bronze Scout trophy dated 1911 together with four silver fobs. £40.00
96 A Murder Mystery with photos and samples of cuttings,etc. Published for the Crime Book Society by Hutchinson & Co (Publishers) Ltd. London £15.00
97 A Parker 61 fountain pen with 12ct gold top, a rolled gold propelling pencil and another together with three watches and a heart necklace. All boxed. £30.00
99 A series of metal combs for decorative paintwork together with a fob in the form of a miniature eye glass in the shape of a barrel. £25.00
100 A Chinese bronze twin handled censer 4" dia 2" high, mark to base (please see photograph). £200.00
101 A box of various Wade Whimsies and five Robertson's figures as well as various other small china. £15.00
102 A late 19th century Goanese study of a Holy Man in Meditation and one other (3" and 4.5") together with six small figures. £55.00
104 A walnut pen case with inkwells and pens. £80.00
105 A small box of R A F ephemera. £150.00
106 A small box of War related postcards. £50.00
107 A Wyvern Perfect No. 81 fountain pen with 14 ct nib, a Parker Slimfold and three other fountain pens. £25.00
108 A 1948 London Olympics Programme and an entrance ticket together with two volumes from 1972 Olympics. £15.00
109 Eleven old horse brasses/plumes (swingers), one triple and ten singles of various design. £55.00
110 A box of mixed collectables including nao £20.00
111 A pair of crafted walrus on marble with coins and other £40.00
113 A postcard album containing a mixed cards from First World War and others, together with an Autograph. Book. £110.00
114 A 19th century French leather bound photo album containing hand coloured photographs/carte de visite of people in Military uniform and young girls in national costumes having brass mounts and Moroccan gilded edged covers. (6" x 5"). £100.00
115 Three silver teaspoons, five plus one coffee spoons and a butter knife. £40.00
115a A silver table spoon together with a sugar sifting spoon. (100 grams) £40.00
116 A set of six fiddle pattern silver dessert forks London 1824 (315 grams) £95.00
116A A pair of silver salad servers Sheffield 1896 (170 grams) £110.00
117 Four silver Old English pattern tablespoons (245 grams). £75.00
118 Six silver dessert spoons and four table spoons in Old English Thread and Ribbon pattern, 1951 (730 grams) £220.00
119 Six silver fiddle pattern dinner forks , George Adams 1876 (435 grams) £140.00
120 A mixed lot of coins, stamps and misc. items £40.00
121 An album of mixed stamps, first day covers in blue album with some interesting Fiscals( nine sheets) with a Grosvenor information stamp book £40.00
122 Two Kukri knives in holsters (18" and 16"). £70.00
125 A tin of mixed coins £50.00
126 A carton of mixed coins £50.00
127 A set of 6 Silver gilt Enameled teaspoons. £35.00
128 Five silver napkin rings and two other pieces £40.00
129 A silver butter knife, shoe horn and three other pieces. £35.00
130 A silver Albert and fob together with two smaller chains and two fobs and a propelling pencil £35.00
131 Two silver plated baskets, a pair of plated on copper candlestick and a small bowl with handle. £25.00
132 Two pierced silver parfume bottle holders and a trumpet vase £45.00
133 A mixed lot of collectables including silver and plated items, costume jewellery, etc. £20.00
134 An 1890 silver Crown a white metal egg cup and spoon two badges and three small brass items £15.00
135 A large quantity of costume jewellery. £30.00
136 A small collection of costume jewellery mainly brooches. £10.00
137 A mixed lot of costume jewellery including some silver and gold. £45.00
139 A quantity of costume jewellery including a 9ct gold back and front locket, several gold coloured chains and brooches, etc. £40.00
140 A cut glass silver lidded inkwell, a silver nail buffer and six napkin rings, etc. £55.00
142 Various collectables to include a silver cigarette case, three silver lidded pots, silver plated items and a vintage photograph of Gracie Fields. £45.00
143 A silver spoon in box, a silver tooth fairy box with a silver creamer and decorated fish servers £40.00
144 A silver pencil together with a silver caster. £25.00
145 A Victorian silver locket together with nine sterling silver thimbles. £55.00
151 Five pieces of white traditional Poole Pottery. £60.00
154 A Chinese canary yellow and green bowl decorated with five claw dragon. Marked. 6" across and 3" high. £560.00
160 Mammoth Ivory: A study of a sleeping Lohan.(7" high). £280.00
163 Two bottles of Courvoisier Cognac. £30.00
164 Two bottles of Malibu with a bottle of Disaronno 700ml. £30.00
167 A still life oil painting on canvas, signed Mrs. Lofner and a similar small picture of a Boat entitled "Scheveningen Calm" by Thomas Whittock. £10.00
169 A pair of late 19th century Italian design oil paintings on canvas of a Shepherds Boy and a Young Girl carrying a basket of grapes in a storm, signed indistinctly. £85.00
170 Jules Gustave Lempereur 1902 -1985: A pair of stylish oils on canvas of 1950s girls with hats, signed. £200.00
171 Neil Jones: two seascape watercolours in matching frames £18.00
172 One Russell Flint print of Young Girls, three Boac adverts, three photographs of Old Broadstone with a picture of a nude, signed. £20.00
172a Three pictures, one botanical by Joan Osborne and two others. £25.00
173 Three watercolours (The Old Barn, Minster Lovell, Oxen by Alben F T Atkins, Waterfall Scape, Sydney S Hart with a Barn Cottage watercolour by J.G Bates. £20.00
176 A large quantity of silver plated items £40.00
178 A very large collection of 6 albums of First Day Covers together with a large quantity of loose First Day Covers. £20.00
179 A small box of trains £30.00
181 A Large collection of various cameras and accessories to include a Canon eos 650 digital SLR camera with instructions and a Halina Brownie Camera. £140.00
182 A large quantity of postcards. £140.00
183 A large quantity of postcards with two stamp albums. £100.00
184 three riding crops including a pony and trap whip with bone handle and silver mounts and a military crop from The Kings Dragoon Guards £240.00
185 A naturulistic root drift wood sculpture with one other £50.00
186 Two mirrors together with two decorative life boat rings. £20.00
187 A poster in a black frame of Venice (38 x 27). £15.00
188 Four pieces of Poole Pottery, medina glass,isle of wight court,wedgewood,masons with two original king stein £20.00
190 A large wall clock ( needs attention) with £15.00
191 An Indonesian carving on a panel of a buddha measures(30 x 24) with a carving of an elephant green label on back reads ( hand crafted wesley school £20.00
192 A carved study of water carrier with a small quantity of African carvings £30.00
199 Two pictures including a hand coloured lithograph by Archibald Thorburn, signed in margin and a large oil painting of a Landscape with Deer and buildings in background, signed Vincuiot ? £65.00
200 An abstract street scene by Gerry Facey 1964 and Fantasy artist, works in comics and magazines, ( 40 x 31). £110.00
203 A 22ct gold gypsy ring with central white stone. £250.00
206 A diamond solitaire ring set in 18ct gold with diamond shoulders. £300.00
207 A Diamond solitaire ring set in 18ct gold (approx. 0.50 points). £380.00
208 A Gents Longines Military "Greenlander". WWII watch (one of the Dirty Dozen) 23088/4111. Movement 6988413 in working order. £2,300.00
210 A suite of Amethyst jewellery consisting of heart shaped pendant on chain and earrings. £40.00
211 A 9ct gold five stone Sapphire ring together with a 9ct gold necklace and earrings set with Sapphires. £55.00
212 A collection of water opal, opal effect stud earrings and other items including brooches and chains. £65.00
213 A 9ct gold ring set with "seed pearls" together with one other and two pairs of "Pearl "earrings. £30.00
214 A 9ct gold heart shaped emerald pendant on chain and a pair of similar earrings. £55.00
215 A 9ct gold opal ring, Arts and Crafts opal ring and two others together with an opal pendant on a chain and two sets of earrings. £75.00
216 Two 9ct gold dress rings set with onyx and two pairs of earrings one set with Sapphires. £45.00
217 Three 9ct gold necklaces one of curb form together with other chains and two bracelets. £180.00
218 A collection of Garnet set earrings floral clusters and drops (3 pairs). £20.00
219 A 9ct gold Garnet and seed "pearl" ring with ruby pendant on a 9k chain, etc. £45.00
220 An 18ct gold and platinum dress ring set Sapphire and another 9ct gold ring. £65.00
221 A 9ct gold Sapphire and diamond scroll over bracelet and a similar pendant and Garnet earrings. £80.00
223 A 9 carat gold necklace set two hands holding a diamond heart. £60.00
225 Three items of Wedgwood Jasper mounted jewellery depicting classical figures. £15.00
226 A sterling silver brooch with a mounted stags head and amethyst coloured stone together with a 9ct gold pin with a mounted tennis racquet and seed "Pearl" . £30.00
227 Two silver bangles. £35.00
228 A 5 stone diamond ring set in 14ct gold. £150.00
229 An 18ct gold diamond spray ring (8 grams). £190.00
230 A Victorian Gothic design gold Albert (23 grams). £200.00
231 A French base metal pocket watch with an eight day movement. £40.00
232 A mixed lot of gold brooches, tie pins and pearls, etc. £75.00
233 Two silver set Diamond rings. £25.00
234 A Meka Denmark Sterling silver leaf brooch pin and insect brooch together with three pairs of earrings. £35.00
235 An amber bead necklace of 37 beads (14 grams) together with a Victorian gold earring. £120.00
236 A lot of 10 rings of various settings. £50.00
237 A1930/40's silver and glass sautoir pendant with Marcasite surround and insect decoration. £40.00
239 Two barometers, Westminster chiming mantle clock, China, etc. £25.00
240 Two anglepoise lamps £20.00
241 A collection of south American pottery over sized melon sections £25.00
242 A Decca 'Deccalian' 3910 record player with Garrard AT6 turntable deck. (Turntable spins but no cartridge, needs restoration). Together with a Phillips Valve radio and a Bush TP50 reel to reel tape recorder. £20.00
244 Various vintage games to include Bayko and Peter Rabbit's race game with metal figures. £50.00
245 Three vintage valve radio's by Bush, Pam and Furguson. (Need attention) together with a reel of Ilford film. £15.00
247 A quantity of diecast models. £20.00
249 A mirror, stamp album, collecters spoons,Broadway cd collection,a bible with a quantity of comics and a Victorian mahogany tapestry topped stool with turned legs £25.00
250 A Victorian engraving the charge of the heavy brigade after an oil painting by G D Giles 1897 published by Henry Graves and brothers limited £10.00
251 A pair of late 19th century coloured lithographs of Coaching Scenes: Going Through The Ford and Chase, one of the pictures bears a Postilion Rider in maple frames by Henry Aldridge of London and Cambridge and one other. £55.00
252 Argosy short story magazine: Editions from 1956 to 1962 (65 in total) £30.00
254 An old gramaphone with horn £90.00
254A A quantity of boxed diecast models -corgi-James Bond etc £25.00
255 A set of brass stair rods (34") £25.00
256 A leg of mutton gun case £20.00
257 A pakistan Bokhara rug ( 60 x 39) £20.00
260 A box of old tins etc £20.00
261 A number of apothecary drawers with metal linings of various sizes. £20.00
262 A box of collectables and prints £25.00
263 A bag of old tools saws,hammers etc £15.00
264 A late 19th century low table with two drawers to front with turned wooden handles (20 x 14 x 21" high) £45.00
265 A Vintage mechanical Singer sewing machine together with an old oil painting. £25.00
266 A small childs wicker chair with a pair of red clogs £15.00
267 An old cuckoo clock (damage needs lots of restoration) witha weekly offerings wooden box £70.00
268 Various collectables to include Daum glass candle holders on copper trays, christofle plate warmer, cutlery etc. £40.00
269 A pre war split cane Horrocks/Ibortson fishing rod with a box containing fish hooks and weights with a wooden reel and other fishing related items £30.00
270 A box of Dinkies, Lesney and matchbox vehicles in play worn condition. £10.00
272 A mixed bag of four signed footballs and emphemera £40.00
273 A suitcase with a small winder gramophone, two bags with leather holders and a tin watering can £30.00
276 A box of various books. £15.00
277 An early 20th century smokers compendium in oak with fitted interior and brass handles £110.00
278 A Watson Barnet microscope and another together with other lenses. £20.00
279 Hutchins History of Dorset volume II Third Edition, Volume III Third Edition and various loose sections. (Poor condition). £50.00
280 A box containing adult magazines £20.00
282 A retro Marconi radio and a View-master in case £15.00
283 A scratch built yacht with sail on stand. (3' in length) £85.00
284 A large Indian brass vase with snake handles together with a brass pitcher. £40.00
285 A Kershaw and Sons WWII telescope No. 4208 1939. £35.00
288 Two bottles of Courvoisier Cognac. £25.00
289 A bronzed model of a Ford Focus Ghia limited Edition 40/100 resting on a resin plinth. (15" in total £110.00
290 A Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror with barley twist supports resting on scrolling feet. £10.00
291 As Akuada fertility doll. £20.00
292 Graham Moffat. Collection of posters, pictures, prints and other items. £35.00
293 A box of books on Poole, Dorset. £25.00
296 A mixed lot including paperweights, monoscope, small copper plate, hip flask and lace making bobbins, etc. £15.00
297 A horse harness, two decorative horse brasses and a enamel French bowl £15.00
298 5 pictures including a scene of Brownsea Island. Oil on board of a cottage and three others. £10.00
300 Large quantity of world of wonder magazine's, comics, engineer magazine's etc. £35.00
301 A wooden box of Victorian glass lantern slides relating to scenes in Canada, Nova Scotia and the British Colonies. £40.00
302 A balika, horn, fiddle, violin bow and other. £25.00
303 A Carl Zeiss 'Jena' Sterioscopic (No. 258865) in wooden carrying case. £50.00
305 A print of a Pointer in a country landscape and four oriental pictures. £10.00
307 A box containing adult magazines £20.00
308a A four piece brass companion set on stand. £20.00
309 A box containing adult magazines £40.00
310A An early English rustic milking stool with heavy elm top and three chamfered legs. £50.00
401 A reproduction bow fronted Walnut chest of four graduated draws resting on bun feet brass handles £40.00
402 A Queen Anne design walnut fold over top herringbone banded card table, resting on shaped pad feet, veneered interior (some defects). £1,300.00
403 A set of six Victorian walnut dining chairs with carved backs, resting on turned legs, beaded decoration and tapestry seats. £60.00
404 An Edwardian oak tambour fronted filing cabinet with brass handles and key made by MSCUS Saint James Square London. £85.00
405 A pair of Victorian elm and beach Mendlesham kitchen chairs with carved fretted backs. £20.00
406 A Continental pine left top ladies dressing table fitted single drawer and cupboard resting on carved supports. £25.00
407 A Victorian shaped back walnut framed occasional chair resting on Spanish legs and covered in green floral linen and a Georgian design elbow chair with swan neck arms, turned supports and cross stretchers. £50.00
408 A late 19th century Burmese Anglo Indian circular dining table with a heavy carved floral edge, resting on a heavy carved base with lions and heraldic crest with crosses and carved feet. £650.00
409 A stripped pine ladder back armchair with turned finials, cross stretcher and turned legs. £10.00
410 An Edwardian mahogany quarter veneered pot cupboard together with a late 19 century brass bound coal box with brass mounts. £15.00
411 A Victorian walnut inlaid occasional table top resting on a later base. £10.00
412 A Victorian pine shop chest/pharmaceutical chest of six drawers, stained red (af). £30.00
414 A Kastner-Wehlau overstrung iron framed piano, assembled in London by Barratt & Robinson. £25.00
415 A Victorian marble topped washstand fitted side mirror, tiled back cupboard, two small drawers over large bottom drawer resting on bracket feet. £70.00
415A A mahogany satinwood inlaid pedestal wine table together with a Georgian designed stool with tapestry seat and a 1920's piano stool with tapestry seat. £15.00
416 A Victorian mahogany specimen cabinet fitted four banks of graduated drawers, some glass top with turned handles, resting on bracket feet, (7 foot 6 approximately long). £450.00
417 A tapestry seat and back fireside chair together with an oak and beach coffee table with inset top. £25.00
418 A Georgian oak chest of two short and three long graduated drawers resting on bun feet with brass handles. £50.00
422 A reproduction mahogany French bed (Super King size). £15.00
423 A Mahogany drop-flap bureau fitted three graduated drawers and brass handles. £10.00
428 A mahogany satinwood inlaid chest of three long and two short drawers resting on a plinth base. £50.00
430 A pair of oak dining chairs decorated with vine and grapes. £10.00
431 An elm seated Mendlesham armchair resting on turned supports with cross stretcher. £15.00
432 A 19th century Pembroke table in mahogany, resting on turned supports. £20.00
433 A pair of Indian benares brass tiffin tables resting on wooden supports smaller of the two measures 28" diameter with a height of 40" the other 28/ and a half diameter with a height of 40" £20.00
434 An elm seated splat back dining chair together with two lamps. £15.00
435 A gentleman's overstuffed armchair resting on bun feet. £10.00
436 A small mahogany center table on turned supports with geometric inlay to top. £15.00
437 A Georgian mahogany extending dining room table fitted with the central drop flap and to D ends resting on square legs together with 12 dining chairs with matching upholstery. £500.00
439 A Victorian pine drop-leaf table resting on turned supports. £50.00
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