Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 16 September 2017

Date: 16th September 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
3 A Khalique sculpture with two pictures of Blandford Market place 1909 and West Street Blandford 1909. £25
5 A pair of small reproduction Michelin men figures. £15
8 An Oriental china teaset/dinner service for 6 people. (1 side plate missing). £10
10 Two Victorian black slate mantle clocks with enamel dials and Roman numerals. £35
11 A Burleigh ware jug with rabbit motif. £20
12 Ten small ceramic collectables of animals. £10
15 A Royal Doulton Albany china tea/dinner service. £20
16 A wooden mandolin together with a set of bagpipes. £55
17 11 bottles of various alcohol. Tia Maria Liqueur, Hardy's Crest etc. £20
18 A vintage chrome American Helmet with badges and fitted inside from Berlin in the 70s £45
20 An Islamic bowl with inscription together with other brass items (5). £35
24 A Vintage camouflage helmet.with string and floral attachments £440
25 Two bottles of whiskey together with a bottle of Gin. £240
26 Four Poole Pottery bone china giftware items in the Rosalind design including a bud vase, bowl dish and powder bowl. £10
28 Ten pieces of Poole Pottery including a cucumber plate, dolphin and traditional patterned pieces. £45
30 A quantity of metalware. £15
31 Five bottles of various alcohol to include Bells Whisky, Smirnoff Vodka, Soiree Coffee Liqueur, and two bottles of Cognac. £30
32 A large collection of glass vases of various shapes and colours. £35
33 A mixed lot to include Isle of Wight glass Doulton coffee set and some gazelle horns etc. £40
34 Clarice Cliff Crocus Pattern: marmalade pot, sugar and cream jug and a trio (6) (slight rubbing to the saucer and plate). £140
36 Two bowler hats together with a paisley design shawl, linen etc. £50
37 A metal cash box with key together with two other boxes. £15
38 A Paris inkwell, Sheebrun cup and saucer, Coalbrook Dale vase, Derby set of vases etc. £20
40 Moore Brothers Cupid candlesticks together with a floral encrusted bowl. (af) £20
41 A mixed lot of Clarice Cliff (5) together with other china. £45
42 Two pairs of silver plated candlesticks, one Victorian and a pair of copper and brass overlaid candlesticks. £45
43 Five pictures including a pair of 19th century watercolours (5" x 3"),of rural landscape a watercolour of a military gentleman dated 1830, a pencil wash and an oil of a hansome cab.on a rocky road £15
44 A Vintage wooden box with hinged lid and rope handles together with a doctor's leather Gladstone bag. £25
45 A quantity of various china to include Wedgwood Jasperware style blue china, Oriental china and some retro plates. £45
47 A Victorian walnut brass banded letter box together with two brass frames etc. £85
48 A Moser/Harrach amethyst glass enamel overlay bowl together with a blue glass scent bottle, a ruby tumbler etc. £60
49 A collection of small vintage tins together with two modern silver plated photo frames. £15
50 A large mixed lot of various collectables to include an early version of 'Escalado' with original box (af). £30
50a A large quantity of Torquay Motto ware £35
51 A two handled copper coal bucket on three legs. £35
52 An off white coloured lamp base depicting an owl. £25
53 A Gustavberg Argenta vase and plate together with a Thorne vase and two studies of children. £20
54 Six ceramic dogs including a Jack Russell, Retriever, German Shepherd, Fox Terrier and Springer Spaniel. £10
55 A quantity of jelly moulds to include Aspic jelly moulds, Oriental pottery etc. £20
57 A selection of china and glass to include a two handled tray. £40
58 Thirteen bottles of various alcohol. £90
59 Thirteen ironstone beef and grill china Beef eater plates.decorated stylised cattle £30
60 Two Clarice Cliff 8" plates in the Damask Rose pattern. £25
61 A Monart glass bowl together with a green Vasart glass bowl and another glass bowl. £55
62 A Susie Cooper ovoid vase with leaf and berry design (6" high). £15
63 A small French enamel sign. ''Briques De Façade SVK". £30
64 A Taxidermy study of a duck. £45
65 A Taxidermy study of a Hedgehog. £35
66 A Taxidermy study of a Ferret. £30
67 A large collection of various wooden tribal objects to include a boomerang, axe, mask etc. £30
69 A Taxidermy study of a snake and pole cat ferret. £45
71 Three late 19c German novelty China ashtrays depicting gentlemen with bald heads.and grimaces £65
73 A small tub containing eight various old corkscrews. £25
75 Five boxed Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures. John Joiner, Peter In Bed, Mr Alderman Ptolemy, Jemima Puddleduck and Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit. £50
77 A Galle style glass vase depicting a river scene with bridge and trees in the background. (9" high). £35
79 Nine vintage boxed super 8 cine films relating to Football from the 1960's and 1970's. £20
80 Ten various boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins. £50
82 A small Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre 4" diameter bowl (small chip to rim). £420
83 A Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre 9" diameter bowl showing a woodland scene with Elves and Fairies. £1,600
84 A small Wedgwood Lustre Zodiac bowl. (3" dia.) £95
85 Two Wedgwood Lustre bowls, one hexagonal being 4" in diameter and the other 3.75" diameter both decorated with birds. £140
87 Three boxed Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures, A Royal Albert Jemima Puddle-Duck money box together with another Royal Albert figure and a Beswick figure (both without original box). And This Pig Had None, Mr Jackson, Peter and the Red Pocket Handkerchief, Tom Kitten and Lady Mouse. £45
88 James Fry: Oil on board landscape (12" x 7"), together with two folios of pastel drawings 12" x 7". £260
90 A carton of mixed coins. £55
90a 10 silver three penny pieces plus three Canadian coins and a silver coin bracelet dating from 1912 to 1941. £20
91 A carton of mixed coins. £55
92 Two black albums of First Day Covers. £15
97 A Russian/British Naval Medallion and a Berlin Olympics medallion and other ephemera. £120
98 A ships wall clock by Kelvin Hughes with key. £50
100 Bahamas. Small stockcard of mint/used Incl. 1948 £1 Silver Wedding. Cat. £110+. £20
101 Bechuanaland S.G.89. 5/- used. Bradbury, Wilkinson Printing. Cat. £275. £25
102 British East Africa. Small stockcard of Q. Vic. mtd mint. Cat. £70. £35
103 British Solomon Isl. S.G.39-51 Mtd Mint (No 10/-). Cat. £60+ £40
104 Canada S.G.357-367 and 371. Mtd Mint (incl. 2 x 10 Cents). Cat. £192. £20
105 Dominica S.G.71-90 Mtd.Mint (No £1). Cat. £125. £55
106 East Africa & Uganda Prot. Small stockcard of mint (1 used). £30
107 East Africa & Uganda Prot. S.G.73 3R Mtd. Mint. Cat. £140. £70
108 Falkland Isl. S.G.49 3/- Mtd. Mint. Cat. £160. £15
109 Fiji S.G.249-266b and 267. Mtd. Mint. Cat. £293+. £20
110 Grenada. S.G.77-80a and 84-86. Mtd. Mint. Cat. £62. £30
111 Newfoundland. Stockcard of early/mid issues. Good Cat. £25
113A A large blue album of stamps together with a small green album and a Royal mint set of coins. £30
116 A Galle style glass vase in red and orange depicting trees and water. (8" high). £20
117 A box of wristwatches together with some clock keys. £25
118 Five boxed Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures. Samual Whiskers, Floppy, Mopsy and Cottontail, Diggory Diggory Velvet, Mrs Rabbit and Peter and Ribby and the party pan. £50
119 Isambard Kingdom Brunel : A Peepshow foldout booklet of the Thames Tunnel published by B Azulay. £170
119a A carton of various wristwatches £20
120 Beswick butter dish with a Beswick Fox £10
123 A mixed lot including a book of pressed flowers from the Holy Land a boxed set of shirt studs two notelet holders with pencil etc. £65
124 Two vintage AA car badges together with an RAC car badge and one other. £40
125 A silver thimble in case, silver sugar tongs and a spoon together with a selection of paste jewellery. £35
126 A tub of costume jewellery. £20
127 A portrait on copper of a young "Robert Prince of York" and a pair of Vienna lidded vases. £20
128 A large collection of Chintz china. £15
129 Ten boxed china Winnie the Pooh figures. £65
130 Various collectables to include a Smyths clock, Bible, binoculars, darts etc. £20
132 A small box of silver and silver plated items to include a collection of old 3 pence pieces. £65
133 A silver butter dish in the shape of a shell together with other silver and plated items. £30
134 A Silver Plated Christofle Malmaison Tray. £30
136 A Silver Plated kettle with a collection of Silver Plated cutlery. £20
137 Five boxed Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures. Squirrel Nutkin, Rebeccah Puddle-Duck, Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Cottontail and Timmy Willie Sleeping. £45
138 A WWII RMA Sandhurst minutes book from the Sergeants mess. Together with a box of letters. £20
139 Three Royal Crown Derby paperweights. Russian Walrus, Computer Mouse and a Nesting Chaffinch. £90
140 Three Royal Crown Derby paperweights. Panda, Koala and Baby Tiger Cub. £80
141 Three Royal Crown Derby paperweights. Elephant and two Polar Bear Cubs made for Connaught House. £95
142 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights. Zebra and Indian Star Tortoise. £95
143 A Beswick Limited Edition of Preswaski Horse with box. £40
145 Five boxed Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures. Mr Drake Puddle-Duck, Mother Ladybird, Benjamin Ate a Lettuce Leaf, Little Black Rabbit and Fierce Bad Rabbit. £45
145A a late 18c muff pistol af. by Wogden London silver pique handle, a leather shot flask with makers name and a brass betal nut box £45
146 A Royal Doulton Lady together with eight boxed Lilliput Lane Models. £30
146a A Gouda 10" coroya shallow lipped bowl with seaweed red and blue interior together with a Gouda clog, a Gouda 1921 small floral vase and two Gouda 1924 pin dishes. £30
147 A large collection of multi coloured pens. in a cigar box £15
148 Four Barbola freestanding mirrors. £15
149 A Moorcroft 82 vase in the Anna Lily design fully marked. £110
152 Beatrix Potter figures including Mrs Tiggy Winkle Takes Tea, Peter Ate a Radish, Pigling Bland Tommy Brock, Tailor of Gloucester and Peter With Daffodils (6) All boxed. £45
153 A cast model of a hunting dog (possibly a setter) 5" high x 9" long. £25
155 Beatrix Potter figures: including Little Pig Robinson, No More Twist, Hunca Munca Spill the Beans, Foxy Reading, Hunca Munca Sweeping, Poorly Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Wakes Up.(7). With boxes. £70
156 Beatrix Potter figures including a Royal Albert Made in England. sign, Mr. McGregor, Tabitha Twitchit, Old Mr. Brown and Peter with Postbag (5). All figures boxed. £45
158 Beatrix Potter figures: Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Old Mr. Bouncer and Jeremy Fisher. (All with boxes). £50
159 Twelve bottles of various alcohol (as seen) to include 7 bottles of Veuve Du Vernay. £10
160 Six bottles of vintage alcohol. Dates from 1890-1900. One bottle half full. £10
160a A Rosenthal square 8" vase with a floral decoration circa 1950 together with a 3" smaller version. £15
161 John Tennent: "Dunlin Rising" silk screen print. Dated 1976. £45
161a Three boxes of Edwardian Glass Slides mainly of London. £150
162 A pair of victorian oils in gilt frames depicting rural country scenes of people and cottages 30" x 23" and a seascape.of ship in storm with pier and buildings signed bls £110
163 An Victorian oil on canvas of ship in a gale with castle in background gilt frame £65
165a A modern grand prix print. £20
166 Three albums of various First Day Covers and a collection of stamps. £20
167 A large box of loose stamps, albums and other ephemera. £15
170 A box of adult magazines to include: Penthouse, Mayfair, Rustler and others. Approximately 40 in box. £60
171 A box of adult magazine's to include: Penthouse, Mayfair, Escort and others. Approximately 40 in box. £60
172 A box of adult magazine's to include: Penthouse, Mayfair, Parade and others. Approximately 40 in box. £65
173 A box of adult magazine's to include: Penthouse, Park Lane, Men Only and others. Approximately 40 in box. £75
174 An 18th century oil on canvas of a pastoral scene with sheep in the foreground. (Overpainted). £60
175 A 1920s bathroom mirror plate etched with a Dolphin. £20
176a A Vintage metal lamp from Bath England. £200
177 Three African tribal art pictures (2 signed). £15
178 Five Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures. Mrs Rabbit Cooking, Mrs Ribby, Mrs Flopsy Bunny, Miss Dormouse and Cecily Parsley. All with boxes. £50
179 Four boxed Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures and one boxed Beswick Beatrix Potter figure. Goody and Timmy Tiptoes, Peter in the Gooseberry Net, Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies, Benjamin Bunny sat on a bank and Thomasina Tittlemouse. £50
180 Three small Poole Pottery mice together with a Poole Pottery swan and a silver plated coffee pot. £25
182 Eight blue glazed Poole Pottery animals to include 4 dolphins, two otters (1 damaged), a crocodile and a frog. £65
183 An art noveau bust of a lady together with a lamp, Winston Churchill brass bust, other brass and collectables. £40
184 Thirteen pieces of green Wedgwood Jasperware china. £75
185 Five Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures. Goody Tiptoes, Tom Thumb, Miss Moppet, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman and Peter Rabbit. All with boxes. £45
189 A set of six retro Babycham glasses in original box together with some Wedgwood Jasperware and other china. £55
190 A large folder of shipping maps/charts. £15
192 Four boxes of children's hardback books. £75
194 An enamel sign advertising Butagaz. £50
195 A Vintage/Retro Binatone TV Master MK 6 video game console with instructions and original box. (Leads and controllers inside unit). £10
197 Three silver backed brushes and a silver topped comb. £30
199 A carved wood plaque depicting trees and people at work. £20
200 Two medals awarded for Faithful Service together with five commemorative coins plus one other (Ref. 57). £35
201 A mixed lot of white metal jewellery, stamped 925 including rings, chains and a bracelet. (Ref 57). £35
202 A mixed lot of gold including three 9ct gold chains, a 22ct gold band and a ring set with white stones. (Ref 52). £170
203 A Pandora bracelet with four charms. (Ref 41). £20
204 A fine silver chain with a silver and white stone pendant attached. (Ref 41). £20
205 An 18ct white gold and diamond solitaire ring (Ref 49). £50
206 A heavy 14ct gold band set with diamond chips. (Ref 39) £80
207 A 9ct gold band and 9ct gold ring set with central blue stone surrounded by four white stones.(Ref 57) £50
208 A white metal buckle bracelet stamped 925 (Ref 41) together with two white metal chains and a ring. All stamped 925 (Ref 44). £30
209 A 9ct gold ring set with central aquamarine and diamonds. (Ref 51) £40
210 A 9ct gold gate bracelet with a heart shaped clasp. (Ref 55) £160
211 A 9ct gold ring with twist illusion setting. (Ref 35) £20
212 A 9ct gold band together with a 9ct gold cameo signet ring. (Ref 43). £60
213 A 9ct gold ring set with three diamonds. (Ref 36). £20
214 A pink paste brooch set in pierced white metal mount. £70
215 A sterling silver and blue enamel butterfly brooch, marked J A & S. £70
216 A silver and blue enamel butterfly brooch, marked J A & S. (Birmingham 1916). £40
217 Two silver bracelets, one hallmarked and the other marked 9.25. £15
218 A mixed lot of silver jewellery including a silver ingot, bangle and bracelet, etc. £45
219 A silver coloured necklace with amethyst teardrop shaped beads and two others together with a Lapis Lazuli necklace. £30
220 A Victorian gold brooch with ruby and seed pearl inset. £45
221 A 9ct gold ring set with emeralds around a central opal. £40
222 A pair of Links cuff links in original box. £20
223 A hexagonal panelled platinum band. £60
224 An 18ct white gold solitaire diamond ring. £150
225 Five dress rings. £45
226 A quantity of costume jewellery. £30
227 A mixed lot of costume jewellery including a silver gate necklace. £40
234 A diamond solitaire ring (approx. .70 points) set in 18ct yellow gold. £620
240 A gold plated pocket watch together with a ladies' Marcasite cocktail watch. £15
241 A Gent's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. £1,450
243 A mixed lot of gold jewellery including a bangle, rings, earrings etc. £150
245 A box of costume jewellery and watches. £25
250 Five various Soul Journey figures. £25
251 A heavy brass lamp in the shape of a palm tree on a black marble base (We are told by the vendor that this lamp came from Peter Stringfellow's 'Angels' Nightclub). £200
253 A large Railway map of the United Kingdom together with two cast iron spanners and three metal railway signs. £45
254 Two boxes of ephemera to include a large collection of Disney comics. £30
255 A Royal Doulton 'Sonnet' green china dinner service (one cup damaged) together with a large cut glass vase. £20
257 Two boxes of children's books to include ladybird books. £110
258 An ocolot lynx coat. £50
259 A large fibreglass ice cream cone with stand. £70
261 A Fay home recorders set, boxed. £25
262 A bronze saucepan.of 17c design resting on 3 legs with verse ofciemantx tookerxx on handle a mode lof a man of war and a horses head in brass £50
263 Five various Soul Journey figures. £30
266 A Steve McQueen poster with two boxes of Steve McQueen related ephemera. £50
267 One pottery and two glass bowls, one with stand. £15
270 A collection of perfume bottles including two Limoges perfume boxes containing small perfume bottles. £55
271 A quantity of African carvings and others. £15
272 A Cox and Gibb U.S.A. 19th century sewing machine. £45
273 A Phillips 13.5" Terrestrial Globe. £30
274 A miniature bureau in mahogany with fitted interior and carrying handles, possibly an Apprentice piece (16" wide x 18" tall). £115
276 A small mahogany chest of drawers with carrying handles. (25" wide x 27" high x 12" deep). £70
281 A collection of three various pictures. £5
283 Four various Soul Journey figures. £25
284 An old stool together with a bag of old keys. £40
285 Five various Soul Journey figures. £30
289 An assortment of vintage paperback books. Mostly Penguin and detective examples. £170
291 Two violins in cases with bows, one broken string. £10
293 A box of collectables including ophthalmoscope, MG car badges, Bibles and others. £85
296 A black clarinet with initials B. H. in case. £35
298 A antique mahogany tea caddy, wooden jewellery box with mother of pearl heart inlay, a jade effect bird in a box together with a antique needlework sampler "Alphabet". £30
299 A Vintage toy Rupert bear with a mini trike. £10
301 A Dairy Butter wooden advertising sign. £25
303 Six figures and a china cottage; Royal Doulton and Coalport. £50
304 A vintage pigeon timing clock in case. Manufactered by Linell Instrument Service Ltd. £15
305 Four vintage handbags including a Dunhill and Meadows of Regent Street. £25
306 A brass and leaded glass fire screen. £60
308 A French red and blue enamel road sign. £55
309 A German Anniversary clock in gilded case with carrying handle. £20
310 A double sided "Lee Cooper" sign. £45
311 A tin plate "Sport Trainer Shooting Gallery". £55
312 A green glass ceiling light together with a selection of Antique related books. £25
313 A Sigmund Paul Meyer 3 division hors d'oeuvres dish painted with flowers and gilded edge, 12" diameter. (Handle damaged) together with two similar dessert dishes. £40
314 A tin plate clock advertising Victory V Gums and Lozenges. £15
315 A large collection of vintage hardback books in two boxes. Mainly 1950s/1960s. Topper Books, Dandy Annuals, BBC Children's annual etc. £15
316 Various Football collectables to include FA Cup Final programme, clacker and vintage football. £25
317 A box of books to include several by Enid Blyton. £20
319 An oil on canvas of a nude (unframed) together with three other pictures. £10
320 A quantity of Penguin books (approx. 35) together with a bag of books. £30
323 A brass log bin with wrought iron swing handle. 12" high 16" diameter. £50
324 Beatrix Potter figures including Jemima Puddle-Duck Made a Feather Nest, Mr. Benjamin Bunny, The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Knitting, Benjamin Bunny, Appley Dapply, Hunca Munca and The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (7), (No boxes). £55
326 A 2ft high head and shoulder model of Marilyn Munro in fibreglass. £45
327 A SIDDY LANGLEY POT with an iridescent glass and one other. £35
328 Two chiming mantle clocks together with other collectables £30
329 Three large glass alcohol bottles. £20
330 A naval style sword with shagreen handle, lions head pommel and rope and anchor emblem with scabbard. £170
330a A Japanese design sword and scabbard £150
331 A Victorian silver plated egg coddler. £25
332 A box of vintage football programmes to include A.F.C Bournemouth, West Ham, Poole Town F.C. £30
333 Four oriental framed pictures. £15
334 A very large box of mixed trade cards, gum, football and tea cards from all ages. Many thousands, loose and in sleeves. £35
335 Collectables to include sectional aeronautical charts, Kansas City, Lake Huron, mainly American, The Times Atlas, a picture entitled Hounds First and a box of antique related magazines. £25
401 A 1930's reclining open armchair. £10
402 A 19th century French painted cupboard. 43 inches wide by 41 inches high. £35
403 An Edwardian chest of four straight drawers. £25
404 A Victorian dressing table mirror with three trinket drawers. £20
406 A mahogany butler's tray on stand together with two bukhara rugs. £65
408 A Gerlinol folding trolley with chrome frame and a reproduction small chest of drawers. £15
409 A large dapple grey rocking horse by Haddon Rockers. £80
410 A 19th century oak stoage cupboard with four panelled doors. 68 inches wide by 40 inches high. £20
411 Two antique corner cupboards. One oak and one mahogany. £35
412 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table with a beech framed cane chair. £10
413 A Victorian button backed small armchair. £20
416 A mixed lot of four pieces including a carver chair, trolley, drinks cabinet and small folding table. £15
417 A Laura Ashley light oak console table. £90
418 A Gainsborough style open armchair. £20
419 A waxed pine occasional table. £15
422 A Globe-Wernicke oak stacked bookcase in four sections. £180
427 A Danish style 1960's rocking chair. £60
428 A 1950's mahogany display cabinet with glass panelled doors and two glass shelves. £15
429 An early Globe-Wernicke glass fronted stacked bookcase of three pieces. £95
430 A modern coffee table with three glass panels to top. £15
434 A pair of oriental style bedside cabinets. £45
437 Two modern carved sculptures. £15
438 A Large G Plan display cabinet in three pieces. £35
439 An oval G Plan dining table with six matching chairs. £90
440 A 19th century mahogany bureau bookcase with fitted interior. 94.5 inches high by 40 inches wide. £340
441 A Victorian mahogany chiffonier bookcase. £35
442 A small oval topped occasional table on tripod base together with five other small tables. £15
443 A modern pine draw leaf dining table with six chairs. £55
444 An Edwardian mahogany side table with two frieze drawers. £15
445 A reproduction oriental hardwood plant stand. £15
446 A Bukhara style runner. £20
448 An off white garden bench with painted flower decoration. £30
449 A set of 6 rush seated painted ladderback chairs. £40
450 A set of four cane seat dining chairs. £20
451 Two stickback dining chairs together with a Sutherland table. £10
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