Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 21 April 2018

Date: 21st April 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 An oak cased Tantalus, fitted with three decanters. £45
2 Three Chinese bronze censors decorated with flowers and birds. £75
3 Eight green Poole Pottery animals. £50
4 A quantity of Poole Pottery to include four Aegean dishes, shell, traditional pattern etc. £40
5 A Chinese cast bronzed study of a dragon together with a bronze incense burner and two green Chinese vases. £75
6 A Victorian black slate and marble mantle clock. £35
7 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Limited edition 09/62 Colleys Mill boxed, Windy Miller waving, boxed, Windy Miller waving, boxed, Windy Miller riding high, boxed. £60
8 A brass Edwardian desk stand fitted with roll over handles and inkwell. £35
9 A pair of brass and metal mounted carriage lamps (converted). £40
10 Two Pelham Puppets together with a Corgi #41 1902 State Landau Coach - The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977. Boxed. (3) £20
11 A Russian glass decanter together with six matching glasses. £0
12 Two Chinese pewter items consisting of a Sing Han mounted teapot and a tea caddy. £75
13 A collection of brass candlesticks and other metalware to include storm light, students lamp, patent candlestick, a good collection of early brass cast and stamped chamber sticks and desk sticks decorated flowers etc. £0
14 A quantity of Johnsons Historic American china to include Thanksgiving plate, Virginia, New Orleans, Massachusetts. £0
15 A quantity of Poole Pottery together with some metalware. £50
16 An oak cased chiming mantle clock, Hansford, Poole. £40
17 An antique mahogany writing slope together with a copper coal bucket. £55
18 An oak Tantalus with three glass bottles. £100
19 Two Murano glass pieces together with one s and w jug of dimple form. £30
20 Lladro: Shepherd boy resting on log, bird on his foot, Lladro girl picking flowers, courting couples no boxes. £55
21 Two black vintage Bakelite telephones. £20
22 A Shell Oil enamel sign. £85
23 Two antique wooden writing slopes. £25
24 An oak pipe rack and an oak smokers box. £35
25 A collection of metalware with silver plated items including opium pipe, salver, student lamp, benares, brass, bell etc. £0
26 Three Chinese hardwood and inlaid figures of men on bullocks and a goddess. £120
27 A collection of china to include a Royal Crown Derby duck, Wedgwood Jasperware, Masons etc. £20
28 An African carved tribal mask with hemp hair. £30
29 A quantity of glasses, cut coloured glass decanter, air twist, finger bowls, etc. £20
30 CAMBERWICK GREEN; Murphys bakers musical van first edition, Jonathan's Bell in his farmers truck boxed ,Mr Crockett in his van. £70
31 A quantity of metalware, benares, Turkish, finger plates, door knobs,etc £35
32 A quantity of blue mountain £20
33 WADE: Hare collectables with boxes. £0
34 A quantity of Wedgewood Queens ware dinner service in white and embossed blue slip (51 pieces). £100
35 A large quantity of Wedgwood Jasperware in assorted colours, boxes, trays. £50
36 A collection of Denby Marrakesh dinner china in the Deco style, bowls, dishes, mugs, etc. £130
37 Mantle clock together with car badges. £65
38 Mapping and Webb coffee pot together with plate and other china, etc. £20
39 A pair of Royal Dux figurines (A/F), Minton soup bowls, residue, Wedgwood, wade, etc. £30
40 Lladro: child with polar bear, girl day dreaming, young couple with dog, no boxes. £60
41 Mixed china to include Royal Doulton tobacco jar, Wade, Poole Pottery, Bristol Pottery etc. £40
42 A collection of brass and copper, lamp, coffee pots ,etc £0
43 A 19th century oak rotating bookcase, made by Lady Haigs, poppy factory, Edinburgh. £20
44 A 1930's Jobbings Deco stand, storage jars, pots, jugs etc. £0
45 A quantity of Wedgwood tea /dinner service in the ice rose pattern. £0
46 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Christmas figures; Lord Bellborough, Peter Hazel Christmas post, Chippy Christmas, Farmer Bell and Mary Murphy, Home for Christmas, limited edition 289/1000 all with boxes. £95
47 A quantity of Tetley Tea items. £30
48 Scientific apparatus, Everay generator in mahogany case, small set of drawers, wooden tray. £30
49 Three decorative lamps lamps in the Tiffany style. £20
50 WADE: series Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The Queen, The Cheshire Cat, The Dormouse and Alice in Wonderland, all with boxes. £40
51 CAMBERWICK GREEN: The army truck, The fireman for the fire engine, limited first edition, with Trumpton fire station and Pippin fort The Trumpton fire station, boxed. £90
52 Lladro: Three Lladro dogs, no boxes. £20
53 RAF hat in blue cloth together with tin helmet in green. £35
54 A Chinese pottery study of a Kylin, a lion and a white glazed bird. £20
55 A quantity of mixed china and collectables. £20
56 LLADRO: Japanese lady with Japanese lady tending flowers (A/F). £45
57 A Poole Pottery vase, marked BN970 together with a Poole Pottery biscuit barrel impressed 630. £30
58 An American style cast iron coin bank and a trivet. £0
59 Two vintage cream and red. £0
60 Wedgwood: Two candlesticks etc together with a rare original Christmas plate, 1969. £0
61 Two amp meters and a microscope, in a wood box. £0
62 A Victorian pottery meat plate together with a Cantonese enamelled plate and one other Chinese plate. £0
63 A boxed Chinese singe clarinet. £0
64 Wade: Wind in the Willows collectables; Badger, Mole, Rattie,Ratty and Mole Weasel and toad boxed £0
65 Crown Derby paper weights: Imari frog gold stopper, Poppy Mouse silver stopper, new year mouse bronze. £0
66 Royal Crown Derby paperweight: National dog (no stopper) £0
67 A Beswick white poodle with another. £30
68 Beswick Dachshund. £0
69 Beswick Corgi and Lurcher. £20
70 A brass arts and crafts Renaud Geneve stork cigar cutter. £200
71 Lladro: Ballet dancers, no box. £60
72 A Poole Pottery biscuit barrel decorated in the comical bird design. £80
73 An interesting bronzed bust of Shakespeare after the model cast by A. TOFT. signed and dated. £0
74 A small hammered arts and crafts kettle stand in copper signed JP, either Pearson or Pengelly. £0
75 Two Royal Doulton figures: The Mask Seller and The Foaming Quart. £30
76 Moko Lesney Matchbox 68 Army Wireless Truck (boxed) and Matchbox 71 Austin 200 Gallon Water Truck. Together with Merit HO gauge Railway Accessories No.5116 Army Personnel and No.5118 RAF Personnel (both boxed). £35
77 A Mappin & Webb brass carriage clock together with a agate snuff box. £30
78 Two bubble glass floral centre dumps. £55
79 Four coloured glass paperweights after sulphide of the royal family together with acrylic stands. £40
80 Two Mont Blanc pens in cases together with other cases and accessories. £75
81 A Beswick huntsman on horse back, hound ,fox and pheasant. £40
82 A Karl ens tit and Sedge warbler china figures. £30
83 A collection of Royal Doulton Snow White and the seven dwarfs boxed. £130
84 A Poole Pottery studio glaze multi coloured vase. £20
85 A Bavarian carved head of a stag, Minnie mouse toothbrush holder and a plated litre carafe. £0
86 Lladro: large sad clown holding concertina,clown with violin, no boxes. £40
87 A Beswick study of a huntsman in red jacket on horse back with four hounds. Two with broken legs. £140
88 A Beswick rearing huntsman on horseback, red jacket, with four hounds and a fox. £70
89 Three boxed Langham glass paperweights with two flowers and a black horse. £80
90 A gold pencil, marked on tip, 14 and one other pencil. £0
90A A quantity of pens. £20
91 A Queen Elizabeth II silver medal with red and blue sash for faithful service, silver Victorian crown, a jubilee florin, coins. £40
92 Two antique oil burners / pots with stylised decoration (af). £0
93 A collection of glazed Ushabti in various colours. £0
94 A Victorian hob nail cut and silver mounted scent bottle, with stopper. £150
95 A dutch scwm box in the shape of a fish and box decorated hounds. £110
96 A collection of Egyptian pottery beads of various colours in a clay pot. £0
97 A pair of men's Ray Ban designer sunglasses in case. £25
98 An art nouveau iron cased volt/amp meter. £0
99 A 1928-29 blue velvet cricket/ sports cap with gold braid. £30
100 Barbados. Small selection of used Britannias. £10
101 Canada. Double sided stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat. £0
102 Falkland Isl. 1952. S.G. 172 - 185. Complete mounted mint set. Cat. £180. £25
103 Hong Kong. 1880. S.G. 28 - 31. Complete used set including both 2cs. Cat. £263. £20
104 Hong Kong. 1938. S.G. F12. Unmounted mint, good colour. Cat. £100. £10
105 Hong Kong. 1941. S.G. 163-168. Complete mounted mint set. Cat. £90. £10
106 Mafeking. 1900. Two over-printed stamps. Fine cancels. Cat. £150. £30
107 Perak. Double sided stockcard of mint/used. £8
108 St. Vincent. Small stockcard of Queen Victoria. Issues. £15
109 St. Vincent. Double sided stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat value. £20
110 A small tin of various stamps. £10
111 A box containing mixed stamps. £15
112 A box of various coins. £15
113 Six George II 1915, 17, 28, 30, 34, 35 Half Crowns. £0
114 A bag of Georgian and Victorian young head farthings. £35
115 A small bag of medallions/tokens. £0
116 Three Victorian silver coins: 1887 double florin, 1893 half crown,1887 florin. £60
117 A bag of mixed coins. £50
118 A small bag of various silver coins. £20
119 A James II 1687 Threepence and a George II 1732 threepence. £0
120 A small collection of Edward VII silver and copper coins. £0
121 A box of various coins. £40
122 A box of various coins. £40
122a Two coins in case Exposition Universelle de 1885 Jury International. £160
123 A box of Winston Churchill crowns. £0
124 A small collection of silk cigarette cards. £0
125 Three scrap books containing a quantity of postcards and paper cuttings featuring cats, includes Louis Wain (postcards not glued down). £50
126 A Waltham 8 day military flight clock. Later mounted in an oak case with black face and white hands. £0
127 An Egyptian wooden nit comb. £25
128 A vintage film poster for “Portrait In Black” starring Lana Turner, Anthony Quinn, Sandra Dee, John Saxon etc. £0
129 A pair of Victorian Japanese Shibiyama whilst card markers with inlaid carved insects on rosewood including box. £110
130 A quantity of speedway badges, Ivan Mauger fan club, Newcastle, Weymouth, Coventry, N Z etc. £30
131 An RAF ashtray together with a postcard of a Spitfire with a Merlin 61 engine. £70
132 Scheaffer fountain pen and a vintage ball pen made in USA. (2) £20
133 Scheaffer gold plated vintage 14k nib fountain pen with 12k gold filled propelling pencil and gold plated rollerball with guarantee in original box. £0
134 An Autograph book. Bing Crosby with letter, Clarke Gable ,Nelson Edd,y Grace Fields, A Heap, Sandy Powell, photos etc. £60
135 An interesting green glazed ushabti of a pre war vintage. £0
135a A quantity of penknives with a small wrench. £0
136 1951 Beano book, no missing missing pages (AF). £0
137 A silver mounted bedside clock and a French brass strut clock. £35
138 Quantity of assorted badges. £30
139 A large quantity of wade Whimsies incuding Disney. £55
140 Original Lawrence of Arabia 1962 screenplay script, once belonging to Robert Bolt and featuring his annotations. Provenance: given to the vendor by Robert Bolt as a gift when the vendor was dating Robert Bolt's daughter. Together with a letter from Robert Bolt's secretary Gillian Harrison. £0
141 A quantity of early Edwardian postcards including WWI embroidered examples. £50
142 A metal mounted Chinese teapot, an opium pipe, needle work items ,napkin rings etc. £0
143 A late 19 century brass and Coromandel letters box decorated with Wedgwood engraved mounts. £180
144 A large silver mounted cigar box, two pocket watches and an air pistol. £180
145 Watches, pearls, brooch, silver etc. £60
146 Troika novelty pewter hip flask modelled as a cricket ball. Stamps to base. £50
147 An early 20th century silver bachelors teapot, together with a boxed set of silver coffee spoons. £130
148 A set of William Comyns, London, silver spoon set "The Queens Beasts", cased. £90
149 Mixed costume jewellery and stamps. £160
150 Costume jewellery including QVC. £0
151 A Primavesi Bros. (Bournemouth) carriage clock. £80
152 A three piece silver dressing table set together with a plated tray. £30
153 A brown natural large Coco De Mer. £150
154 Three boxes of costume jewellery inc rings, studs, earrings ,cuffs, chains with a wooden stand. £50
155 Two watches, one Giovani Beverly hills . £0
156 A silver cigar box together with a small pocket watch. £40
157 A 18ct gold men’s Longines wristwatch with 9ct gold bracelet. In box. £700
158 Six silver napkin rings. £60
159 A Spelter study of a dog ashtray, silver mounted ink well, and a Russian design enamelled salt. £80
160 A pair of silver grape scissors marked ‘W.G&S’ together with a silver bread knife with mother of pearl handle. £85
160a Tortoiseshell cigarette case, child's fork, knife, spoon, nail cutter and a scent bottle. £45
161 Two Victorian silver top scent bottles, double ended. £30
162 A silver and multi coloured enamel Russian ladle with twist stem marked 84 and horseman. £200
163 A silver and multi coloured enamel Russian fruit spoon marked 84. £180
164 A pair of Swedish circular silver candle sticks, maker gab. £100
165 A Victorian Silver engraved cigar case cigarette case engraved hunting scene after Alkin or Surtees £0
166 An English circular silver embossed scent bottle box containing two silver and enamelled bottles. £0
167 Four silver top bottles with a silver pepper grinder. £30
168 A late 18 century regency period Indian Sadeli inlaid sewing box and contents including ivory spools cases etc. £55
169 A quantity of silver plate. £50
170 Cigarette boxes with cigarette holders. £40
171 Quantity of 1940’s costume jewellery and vanity items. £50
172 Quantity of costume jewellery with a small selection of scrap silver and gold. £140
173 Liu li gong fang: Two Chinese glass figures in red boxes. £40
174 A Bergeon Rolex watch opening tool in box. £110
175 Moorcroft: trial vase, pink pansy 15.2.12 . £0
176 Moorcroft: Deco snowdrop by N.Slaney ltd 61/75, impressed marks to base. £0
177 A Christina Rossetti Poem book in gold cloth binding by Blackie and sons ill Florence Harrison. £65
178 Lladro donkey and baby deer. £65
179 A collection of three Beswick cats. £0
180 CAMBERWICK GREEN: hand painted pewter miniatures with boxes. £70
181 A bone Mah jong set in wooden box. £34
182 WADE: collectables, Wedgwood mug, Smurfs Goebel Christmas tree decorations. £0
183 A late 19 century Japanese mixed metal ware inlaid copper and coloured floral vase, signed. £60
184 A Chinese/Tibetan bronzed wine pot with dragon handle, signed with verse. £110
185 ‘Arnold Palmer’s Golf Book, Hit It Hard!’, signed by Arnold Palmer, together with an Arnold Palmer ‘Golf Instructions’ LP. £20
185A A ships flag for Lagos. £0
186 A Japanese Sword in a hiri maki with lacquered floral sheath. £80
187 An antique sword stick in a bamboo sheath. £65
188 A brass mounted calvery sword in a sheath with horses head pommel grip and floral decoration. £150
189 A Lladro study of a Stork. £60
190 A large Whitefriars glass vase with bubble design in grey. Geoffrey Baxter ? £120
191 A Whitefriars green glass Geoffrey Baxter ? vase of elongated form. £120
192 CAMBERWICK GREEN: Dibble,The clown, limited edition, Dr Cresswell quality biscuits,The jogger, limited edition, Uncle Guber, limited edition 494/600,The Mayor, Roger Varley, Dr Mopp, Micky Murphy, miniature Box, Peter Hazel, PC Mcgarry,The post office, PC Potter and Bracket, all boxed. £100
193 Hummel: Wanderers (Boxed set) with Millennium stand all with boxes and large box, signed by Master painter. £0
194 Goebel: Wonder of Christmas with steiff bear signed by Thomas Gunthud, boxed. £70
195 WADE: collectables including Scotty dog money box. £30
196 Hummel:plate 'summer's 1998 master painter signature onnplate, with four others boxed £40
197 Two pictures depicting men in clown costume in oak frames £20
198 A watercolor picture of a country scene by A. Moorse 1983. £0
199 A Louis Weirter watercolour of a market scene framed and glazed 1906 asil . £75
200 An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond old cut ring, size K. £0
200a Two Emerald rings. £0
201 An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, size K, approx. 0.50 points, round cut. £0
201a Diamond ring £0
202 A 9 carat gold diamond and amethyst ring. £0
202a Emerald ring £0
203 A 9 carat gold heart shape ring. £40
203a A gold chain £140
204 An 18 carat gold 3 stone diamond ring, approx. 0.45 points. £280
204a Four rings £160
205 An 18 carat gold diamond ring, approx. 0.35ct total, size L. £0
205a Two Ameyst rings £75
206 An 18 carat gold sapphire and diamond ring, size N. £0
206a Three rings £0
207 A 9 carat gold emerald set ring. £0
207a Two rings £45
208 A 9 carat white gold topaz 3 stone ring. £0
208a A gold chain £70
209 A 925 silver bracelet, set diamond cut stone. £0
209a Gold bracelet £230
210 An 18 carat white gold diamond solitaire ring, 1.02ct. £0
211 An 18 carat gold diamond old cut 5 stone ring, approx. 0.60ct. £0
212 An 18 carat gold diamond solitaire ring, 0.33points. £0
213 A pair of diamond solitaire earrings, approx. 1.00ct in total. Clarity approx. VVS1-VVS2. Colour approx. H - I. Round cut stones set in tested platinum stems with replacement backs. £1,100
214 A 9 carat gold amethyst 3 stone ring, size O. £50
215 An Omega Seamaster Cosmic Automatic wristwatch. Used in the Falklands Conflict by Captain B. A. Seymour, Captain of the R.F.A. Resource. Watch in good working condition with inscription to back: Captain B. A. Seymour. £0
216 A Gucci watch in box with purchase receipt. £0
217 A quantity of amber coloured jewellery. £0
218 A Vivienne Westwood pendant with box and pouch. £50
219 A box containing 4 amber coloured necklaces. £30
220 An 18ct gold 5 stone diamond and platinum faced ring. £0
221 A 9ct gold ring.set stones £0
222 A gold brooch depicting a Swallow with branch in his mouth. st esprit £130
223 A 9ct gold qvc ring set with a purple stone. £25
224 A 9 ct gold ring set with 5 Gilson made opals. £50
225 A square pendant on multiple string necklace (pendant would have lit up but not working). £0
226 A boxed Fior choker together with a pair of clip on earrings and a handbag shaped mirror compact. £0
227 A tub containing a quantity of amber coloured jewellery. £35
228 A box containing thimbles, watch faces, pins, badges etc. £30
229 A9 CT gold Q V C flower design ring set with blue stones. £0
230 A quantity of mixed jewellery. £100
231 Two strings of pearls. £0
232 A quantity of silver jewellery. £25
233 A quantity of gold jewellery. £100
234 A Foresters gold brooch. £40
235 A 9 carat gold gents tigers eye ring. £40
236 A tri colour gold bangle together with a tri colour gold ring. £30
237 A single stone diamond ring (approx weight 1.06 carat/2.78 grams). Stamped 18 ct platinum. £0
238 An 18ct white gold bracelet set with 13 diamonds. £0
239 a rare silver Vesta case embossed marine special serve tub , Purves blue ., £60
240 Six 9ct gold rings with earrings. £235
241 An 18 carat white gold diamond and ruby ring. £260
242 A Louis Weirter watercolour of the procession. in a town dated framed and glazed asil £60
243 A Anna Florian watercolour of a lady. signed and inscribed £0
244 Hans Iten: Irish school Small oil of cottages.signed asil £80
245 A early Victorian oil on canvas of boxer dog gilt frame £200
246 Two framed Louis Weirter watercolour pictures. of street views ASIL £40
247 A tin containing medals. to inc faithfull service ,daily mail jubilee bronze medal, Red Cliffe mission St Marys place, Edward vii medals George v coronation, 1935 silver and clasp, drake coin, crowns etc £65
248 A collection of four watercolours of boats by Morse. Peter Toms and Tucker £0
249 A long Chinese painting on silk of a canal scene with buildings and trees red seal mark and verse after Uu Guanzwong. £220
250 Selection of etchings by J.Morris Townley. £0
251 A box containing badges for shooting, air bourne div, Berlin air lift ,7th div. war ap, stripes cloth etc £70
252 An oil on board by M.E.Ayrton 'Maentwrog from (approximately) the Oakeley Arms Hotel" 1970. £0
253 A framed map together with an oil on board by M.E.Ayrton 1970. £0
254 A box containing badges and medals £60
255 Binoculars, Seiko watch box Leica box £0
256 A quantity of sewing items scissors,braid, thread etc £0
257 A quantity of mixed games Dominoes tiddlewinks,cards,Mahjong,Bridge,scramble,patience,etc £0
258 A box of collectibles to include Poole Bridge picture, watch, diarama of a boat etc. £0
259 A collection of hardback adult material books. £0
260 A box of US Playboy adult magazines. Complete 1974 £40
261 A quantity of photos and ephemera inc french photo signed on back 40 -60s army local papers coronation, weddings, ciggrette albums, family photos, clippings etc £0
262 A box containing commemorative, coins, crowns, 1951, cased sets etc £0
263 A box of brass and metal items. vase etc £0
264 A box of various silver plate.cheese warmer ,old sheffield plated ,chambersticks, desk sticks, silver and enameled desk candlestick, cutlery ivory taken out nfs £0
265 A weighted silver vase with silver plate and mixed China. £30
266 A silver sparrow beaked jug together with silver plate, China, cutlery etc. £0
267 A quantity of silver plated and silver mounted cutlery with an alabaster head study . £20
268 A framed oil by David Evans of a cliff. See reverse- Pall Mall Gallery and Hedleys label. £0
269 Roland Vivian Pitchforth RA ARWS, 1895-1982, Watercolour on board: Pentland Firth. £0
269a Nazi cap 1917 level ww2 monopoly set £55
270 A box of various metalware. casters, brass hooks, etc £0
271 A rectangular desk weight with inset specimen marbles, a cased watch and other collectibles. £30
272 A quantity of silver and silver plated items. £25
273 A box containing a large quantity of postcards. £80
274 A quantity of pictures and prints in C Miers Tuscan landscape, wimpy o/c Swiss school, Hockney print. Ansa Kennedy 42/95 print. £0
275 A Wooden spinning wheel £50
276 A vintage framed school map. of the world framed and glazed £20
277 Two horse pictures. of black and grey signed £0
278 A quantity of glassware, vases, decanters etc £0
279 A collection of various China. early worcester. cadbury mugs. cheq glass etc £30
280 CAMBERWICK GREEN:Colleys Mill,Captain Flack,Murphys Christmas,Mr Crocketts garden,Roger Varley seasonal sweep, £50
280a A walnut coloured box. £40
281 a Islamic Hanging mosque lamp with silver overlay. and chains £240
282 A quantity of mixed animal china £0
283 A late 19c carpenters mahogany fitted chest. of graduated draws fall front and fitted side handle £45
284 A collection of antiques etc £0
285 A mounted metal picture of a Viking boat £20
286 Large china panther £25
287 Bronze lamp with a cast french brass tazza £0
288 Metal ware large dragon fly with two others and a metal ware lantern £35
289 A China bengal tiger A/F £20
290 a 1920 Ostrich feathers fan in shell effect holder £40
291 A resin shop display pig. £0
292 An Arabian scene wall rug with a tapestry £0
293 A box containing a large quantity of Jewellery boxes and other Asprey box , purses etc £70
294 A large wooden panel depicting birds fish etc £95
295 A long Indian watercolour of a elephant procession on linen. £0
296 Two framed and signed watercolours of the Midlands. £0
297 A Indian painted on linen panel of a scene of a embracing couple £0
298 A early framed Disney Mickey and Pluto picture. £20
299 A framed sketch print of Only Fools and Horses “Today’s Bargain”. £0
300 Two framed late 19C oil paintings of lake scenes.signed gilt frames £30
301 A framed oil on canvas picture of the countryside.cottages, figures etc signed poynton £40
302 A quantity of framed children related pictures after Anne Graham Johnson with other £20
303 Four various pictures to include three Chinese tapestries. £0
304 A vintage ladies brown fur coat. £0
305 A vintage brown ladies fur coat. £0
306 A fur coat £0
307 a Chinese hardwood Small set of chest draws £35
308 Metal three tier candle holder depicting cherubs £35
309 Two large china floral painted rust table lights £20
310 A quantity of cast brass ships bell Indian cow bells etc £40
311 A quantity of west German pottery lava glazed and runny £45
312 A pair of brass french design ceiling lights with attached candle holders on chains £0
313 A HMV portable wind up gramophone. £80
314 Four metal dogs in the style of lurchers £65
315 Books: middle eastern decorative arts rugs etc £55
316 Mixed collectibles. Reproduction pin up girl cards, coins, stamps, tribal masks etc. £0
317 Four steeple chase prints after H.Alken with other, panels, framed prints etc £20
318 A pair of framed prints after Garmin Morris sailing boats £0
319 A mahogany gun case. for pistols £0
320 Pottery clown and decorative Candle holder £0
321 A late 19C mahogany cased wall hanging fusee movement clock. with white face £0
322 A Singer 99K sewing machine with case and instruction booklet. £25
323 A vintage Kodak “Kodakscope” Model D projector with original box. £35
324 A bronze desk stand fitted two inkwells stamped kraas bildglessere and glass comports. £20
325 A Victorian walnut inlaid table top writing desk. £35
326 A quantity of albums photographs of India circa 1900 1930 postcards , local, children, etc £100
327 A box of mixed collectables including a clock and old curling tongs. £0
328 A quantity of tribal related items £20
329 A metal mounted blue globe on brass effect stand £55
330 A Victorian black slate mantle clock. £0
331 A Victorian design mahogany writing slope. £85
332 Boxed set of plated cutlery with plated teapot jug and creamer. £45
333 A late 19C oak cased wooden writing slope inscribed ‘Jane’. £0
334 A collection of Burmantofts ? Blue Chinese Dragon with other Egyptian design items £220
335 A quantity of linen, table cloths etc. £65
336 A wicker elephant stand. £0
337 A late 19 century French mahogany turned and chip carved dogs bed and a quantity of cushions. £35
338 Large Indian Benares brass metal ware lamp £60
339 Mixed lot of collectables. brass lamp , cutlery,60s plastic toy etc £0
340 A Holiday Magic, Ern Westmore’s Glamour Graph from the 1950s complete with three multi coloured vinyl records on how to apply makeup and instruction booklet. £0
341 Spelter lamp of a Victorian lady reading the news. £140
342 A pair of rare 16 17 C carved oak corbels of Triton and lady with wood faces. £380
343 A bronzed figure of a imp holding a conch shell 28 inches . £260
344 Two Chinese lamps and a decorative glass vase £20
345 A small 1920s hardwood display chest. fitted single glazed door £100
346 A collection of Unusual iron spurs on stand £60
347 A modern design bear stick stand. £80
348 Two mantle clocks.oak cased £0
349 A set of wooden Dentist drawers complete with some tools/instruments. £130
350 A 1960's Dentist chair on chrome base. £40
351 A quantity of mixed china inc negro boy on barrel ,Parian figure ,small china £20
352 Two vintage Praktica 35mm film cameras together with two lenses and a Poole Pottery plate. £20
353 A box containing a large quantity of first day covers. £35
354 Six various framed pictures. inc night and day , Provance, nudes £0
355 Four framed pictures. inc period H M S Vanguard in black frame ,sailing print etc £0
356 Two boxes of hard back books containing works of Beaumont Fletcher, Great short stories of the world, diary of Samuel Pepy, poems and ballads, etc. £100
357 An Elvis Film Poster "Tickle Me" (poor condition) together with Burt Reynolds "Hooper" (folded and torn) and "The Hills Have Eyes" £30
358 A Doulton design slip overlay Pompeii ware wine ewer and three glass vases. £0
359 A quantity of cameras and accessories. £20
360 A Japanese ivory netsuke of a man holding corn. Height 4.5cm approx. £0
361 A Japanese ivory netsuke in the form of two frogs on a log. Length 4cm. £0
362 Two ivory okimono figures of a Japanese man (h. 14cm) and a fisherman casting his nets on wooden stand (h.10cm). £0
363 An ivory netsuke together with two ivory okimono figures. £0
364 Selection of carved ivory, includes Chinese Cantonese needlework case, and an Indian ivory study of a seduction scene .Japanese study and a broach £60
365 A box of collectables brise fan , tape measure ,rules spelter etc £0
366 A Poole metal dolphin. £120
367 A collection of antique walking sticks. inc malacca, silver mounted,horn dogs head, carved etc £25
400 A small extending draw leaf oak dining table. £20
401 Four dining chairs with beige seat pads. £20
402 A Victorian design ships bound traveling trunk £35
403 Two wood framed stools. £0
404 A small oak pedestal desk. fitted draws £20
405 a pair of 1920 His and Her’s chairs. in the queen Ann taste covered in floral printed linen £0
406 An Indian hardwood coffee table made from old wooden doors. £0
407 Two small stained as oak shelving units. £25
408 A Aesthetic period carved oak corner cupboard. £20
409 A large yew pedestal desk with green leather top. £20
410 A Chinese carved and painted red laquered side of a bed canopy £0
411 A Chinese Antique Ming design horse shoe shape scribes Chair resting on folding legs and woven hemp seat £300
412 A Victorian mahogany shaped back hall chair £30
413 A 19C childs or dolls chair. in oak padded seat £25
414 A small pedestal desk with leather inlay top. £30
415 A Victorian walnut inlaid small round needlework table with chess board top. £40
416 A Victorian walnut three tier whatnot with turned sides. £35
417 A pine chest of three drawers. £80
418 A set of Four chairs with red leather.seats £0
419 A Victorian carved back oak hall chair. £0
420 A Victorian mahogany four tier what-not resting on shaped legs. £40
421 A Large Late 19C South African stinkwood Hardwood chest. coffer with brass bound hinges and straps £480
422 Two tall bar stools. £0
423 A carved top gate leg table. £110
423a A 1970s style Standard lamp with marble base. £20
424 Two Antique elm stick back and hoop Windsor chairs with a stick back rocking chair. £90
425 A oak single door display cabinet. £20
426 A Victorian two seater drawing room settee. £40
427 A small oak gate leg table. £35
428 Two old charm sideboards. £55
429 An oak tambour roll top desk. £45
430 An antique mahogany baby’s rocking crib. £0
431 Two padded seated occ chairs. £0
432 A small chest of four drawers. panel sides £40
433 A small Victorian chair with tapestry seat. £0
434 An antique design walnut chest of five drawers. £20
435 A reproduction mahogany bow fronted sideboard. £0
436 A set of mounted deer horns £85
437 A reproduction Adams design dining hall table. £0
438 Two Victorian rosewood with carved backs dining chairs. £0
439 A oak nest of tables together with a magazine table. £70
440 A Victorian stained dark oak dutch design two door bookcase decorated lions heads etc £50
441 Two small wine tables. £0
442 A bamboo effect conservatory table with four chairs. resin top £0
443 A Victorian design mahogany chest of four drawers. £25
444 A Victorian rosewood carved back dining chair. £0
445 A set of five Victorian rosewood dining chairs. padded seats £20
446 A Victorian design mahogany chest of four drawers. £20
447 A old beech framed swivel desk chair. solid seat £25
448 A minty design sectional beech bookcase fitted glass doors £0
449 A large mahogany library double fronted bookcase. fitted shelves £20
450 A large double fronted bookcase. to match last lot £20
451 An antique oak circular tilt top table on tripod legs. £0
452 A modern green living office chair. £20
453 A antique design mahogany chest of five drawers. £40
454 a pair of Victorian design drawing room chairs . £20
455 A Dutch design oak carved back dining chair together with a cake stand. £30
456 A Victorian walnut veneered music cabinet. £25
457 A collection of pictures. prints framed and glazed £0
458 A Edwardian bleached wood Adams design sideboard fitted shelves and glazed doors £20
459 A Victorian rosewood fold over top card table resting on a swept out feet . £80
460 A large oak gate leg table. £55
461 An late 18 c dough bin in oak resting on turned legs £0
462 A large 16C restoration design north country solid seat and carved back elbow chair. £40
463 A large brown leather corner sofa. £0
464 A top section of a pine dresser unit. £0
465 A top section of an oak dresser unit with stained glass panels. £20
466 A painted metal standard lamp with beige shade. £0
467 A modern small coffee table. £20
468 Four bentwood chairs. £0
469 A large wooden coffer.silver chest £45
470 Two dark oak dining chairs together with a low bedroom chair. £0
471 A pot cupboard together with a chest of four drawers. £25
472 A small mahogany footrest stool. £0
473 A Victorian mahogany chest of five drawers. £45
474 A reproduction desk. £0
475 a oak Dressing table. £0
476 A antique small oak glass display cabinet with two glass panes to front. £20
477 A Victorian mahogany chest of five drawers. £45
478 An 1920 oak sideboard. fitted draws and cupboard £25
479 A Edwardian mahogany three tier cake stand. £25
480 A draw leaf Dining table and four chairs. £75
481 A mahogany mirror door wardrobe. fitted draws £0
482 A large Chinese chest. bound cupboards below £20
483 A oak gate leg table. £0
484 A large Indian hardwood dining table. £0
485 A small carved Indian hardwood table. £0
486 A light wood coffer./storage chest £40
487 A circular mahogany style table and two chairs. £0
488 An oak gate leg table. £0
489 A small beach lyre back bedroom chair. £0
490 Five various bedroom chairs. £0
491 An old charm bedside unit. £20
492 A reproduction walnut serpentine fronted chest of drawers. £40
493 An oak draw leaf extending dining table with three chairs. £40
494 Two small foot stools. £0
495 A Victorian Irish mahogany arm chair resting on casters carved arms etc £55
496 A teak tea trolley. £0
497 A oak gate leg table. £20
498 Three various pink coloured open armchairs. roll and scroll rope and stich £0
499 a walnut drop flap Table and chair. £0
500 A modern rectangular pine coffee table. £20
501 A Remploy trolley. £30
502 An Errol style dresser unit. £30
503 A glass fronted display cabinet. £20
504 A mahogany inlaid bureau. £0
505 A large edwardian cream painted and highlighted mantle place mirror. £40
506 A mahogany framed long railway bench. £75
507 A large commode disguised as a chest of drawers. £0
508 a Victorian black and burr walnut inlaid library Armchair. £100
509 A set of Six Victorian rosewood dining chairs.with shaped backs £0
510 A vintage Dynatron television set. (Not Working, Display only). £15
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