Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 22 April 2017

Date: 22nd April 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

3 A vintage Bush 1950's Bakelite radio together with a retro Roberts radio. £25.00
4 Seven cork pictures together with two models of WWII planes 'Supermarine Spitfire' and 'Lancaster'. £20.00
5 A large Poole Pottery charger in good condition (16 inches). £55.00
6 A 1950's Bush radio together with three vintage telephones. £45.00
7 Mixed various china to include a Poole Pottery charger, owl sculpture and others. £20.00
8 Three pieces of traditional pattern Poole Pottery (one piece damaged). £15.00
11 A boxed Royal Albert vase together with four plates. £15.00
12 A wooden cigar box together with a wooden fruit basket. £30.00
17 A large quantity of silver plate. £95.00
18 A black marble mantle clock, 9.5 inches. £15.00
19 Three vintage rotary telephones. £25.00
20 A Poole Pottery charger together with a Poole Pottery purse vase. £35.00
21 Eleven various glass paperweights. £25.00
22 A large Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' china tea set. £70.00
24 A brown leather Gladstone bag. £15.00
27 A reproduction metal piggy bank: 'Moland's Sons Quaker City Hams'. £35.00
28 Poole Pottery Guinea Pig together with a Fawn, a Hedgehog and a Fox. £40.00
29 A Hohner wooden accordion. £30.00
30 Eight Poole Pottery bird plaques (one damaged). £20.00
31 A French design German made metal mounted mantle clock with enamel dial. £50.00
32 A helmet together with a vintage mirror and a dressing up set in a case. £15.00
33 Mixed collectables and china to include a pair of 'Flick & Flack' NAO figures, an Art Deco candlestick, brass and other china. £15.00
36 Nine Poole Pottery birds. £55.00
37 A vintage amber glass lamp together with a picture and a trumpet. £75.00
38 Three Poole Pottery rabbits together with a hedgehog and a tortoise. £35.00
39 Mixed collectables to include Hudsons Dry Soap Box, cigar box, glove box vintage driving licences etc. £30.00
42 A large oriental lidded pot (22 inches approximately). £15.00
43 A pair of Horned Devil bronze candelabra's with date lozenge to base for 1864 together with a Chinese Dog of Fo and an oriental tray. £30.00
44 A mixed lot of china to include five Beswick animals (one damaged), three Poole Pottery Dolphins, Doulton vases etc. £75.00
45 Three boxed sets of silver plated/chrome goblets. £15.00
46 An oak canteen of cutlery. £15.00
47 A Poole Pottery squirrel together with a Poole Pottery otter. £50.00
48 An Anniversary mantle clock together with a small wooden clock and six old prints. £20.00
50 Two vintage radios: An HMV and a Westminster. £15.00
51 A Lladro lady figure 'Daisa', (slight damage to finger). £20.00
52 Four various ornaments of birds, a dog and an Hungarian lady. £20.00
53 A Bohemian blue decanter with five glasses together two other glass decanters and other various china. £15.00
54 A large collection of thimbles, teaspoons and brass. £20.00
55 A set of eight Susie Cooper cups and saucers (1 cup cracked) together with a hollohaza teaset. £30.00
56 A cow bell with a strap together with a large Toby jug. £20.00
59 A toast rack and teapot in the style of Christopher Dresser. £35.00
61 A Poole Pottery squirrel together with a stoat and a fox paperweight. £75.00
62 An oak cased mantle clock. £20.00
63 Three vintage lamps in wooden box. £60.00
64 A Paragon china teaset, (one cup missing and one cup damaged). £40.00
65 A silver topped glass vase with a silver plated drinking decanter and other glass decanters with corks. £20.00
66 Mixed china to include nine ship plates and two bowls. £15.00
69 A collection of 14 various glass paperweights together with 5 single stem glass vases. £20.00
71 Nine Poole Pottery mice. £45.00
72 A collection of 12 Wedgwood blue and white plates depicting various scenes with Certificates and boxes. A set of six Blue and white Wedgwood mugs with Certificate and a large Spode footed bowl together with a large breakfast cup and saucer. £20.00
75 Crown Derby paperweights: Pink Cockatoo (boxed with certificate) together with a Christmas Teddy (boxed) and Charlotte Teddy. £100.00
76 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Wellbeck Squirrel, boxed with certificate together with Love You Rabbit and Cheetah Cub, boxed. £65.00
77 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Harrodsburg Giant Panda with box and certificate together with a Blue Fox and boxed Small Rabbit. £85.00
78 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: Old Pig, Old Rabbit and Welsh Teddy with certificate. £60.00
79 Royal Crown Derby paperweights: A Fountain Frog, boxed, Baby Rabbit, boxed and a Rocking Horse (stopper missing). £40.00
80 Crown Derby paperweights: Old Penguin together with Rabbit and Cheetah Cub. £40.00
82 A large quantity of crystal figures to include some Swarovski together with a quantity of Royal Worcester. £60.00
83 Sugar shakers: three elements of fire together with two Vicary Ware and two Vicary Ware honey pots. £40.00
89 A collection of seven paperweights including four Baccarat style together with a blue Jasperware coaster. £30.00
90 Two Poole Pottery plates: The Red Arrows display of Bournemouth 1903-2003, Concord final flight. £60.00
92 Three articulated monkeys together with two Stratton compacts. £50.00
93 Two Beswick donkeys together with a Goebel donkey and a piece of carnival glass £30.00
94 A Wedgwood lustre bowl with butterflies inside and out (hairline crack inside bowl). £70.00
98 A wooden box of haberdashery items including buckles, mother of pearl buttons etc. £20.00
102 Moorcroft: An 8.5" vase of baluster shape with agapanthus and ladybirds. £50.00
103 A Verlys large 13" diameter clear glass shallow bowl with orchids. £65.00
104 An Elliot's Bros. compass 955 in leather case with a chartometer Morris patent in case. £70.00
105 A Netsuke. £20.00
106 A carton of mixed coins from various countries. £50.00
109 A Peppiatt 1935 Bank of England five pound note. £60.00
110 Various badges etc. £50.00
111 A carton of chains and whistles. £30.00
112 A framed box of Boys Brigade badges etc. £120.00
114 A red folder full of 88 Bank of England Pound notes. £90.00
115 A quantity of pre 1947 silver coins. £160.00
116 A box of pre 1947 half Crowns and other coins. £120.00
117 A quantity of pre 1947 silver coins. £140.00
118 A tub of coins consisting of old silver five pence pieces and other coins. £75.00
119 A large red box of silver Florins. £150.00
120 A box of pre 1947 silver shillings in plastic wallets. £70.00
121 A silver proof Crown together with silver Centenary and Golden Jubilee coins. £65.00
122 A box of coins. £60.00
123 A box of collectables including a Butlers Keen Razor, Queen Anne Ronson lighter, coins etc. £25.00
123A A box of coins. £35.00
124 A pair of liquid pourers in the shape of a Knights helmet with a box of collectables including ivory sewing tools, two lighters etc. £20.00
125 A large bag of silver coins to include 1959 ten pence pieces,1957 ten pences and other 1950's five pence pieces,silver sixpences,1976 50 pence pieces etc. £30.00
126 Three medals in a tin Mr Milstead and shells in a tin. £110.00
127 68436 A.F Louslem Devonshire regiment (2 German tinnies), Birmingham peace medal 1914 - 1919 with ribbon. £70.00
130 A wooden jewellery box containing a Sapphire set half eternity ring in 9ct gold, semi precious stone silver brooch, Amber earrings and a silver chain bracelet. £40.00
131 33383 Staff Sergeant (trio) S. SJT. A.L Townsend R.A.M.C Royal Army Medical Corps, Birmingham Peace Celebration The Great War 1914-1919 ten bullet castings. £90.00
132 A box containing a number of miniature items including a Hohner harmonica and Coty compact. £25.00
133 Two Japanese Netsuke one of a young boy with his hands tied behind his back, and a similar old sage. £70.00
134 Four travelling alarm clocks in original cases. £80.00
136 A pair of Flack binoculars DF 10x80 Emil Busch. £470.00
137 A box of weights. £15.00
139 A collection of cuff links and shirt studs together with a silver plated purse and a travelling alarm clock. £30.00
141 41047 PTE CE LYE Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry and Pears Encyclopedia to Ethel Lye daughter to CE Lye 31/71938 with two shell casings 40mm mk 4. £50.00
141A A box of mixed coins. £20.00
143 Alastair Michie A.R.B.S,F.S.I.A, R.W.A born 1921 exhibited RSA, Paris Salon. small bronze abstract sculpture on marble base (5.5" high x 4.5" wide). £480.00
144 A quantity of modern costume jewellery mainly rings and brooches. £20.00
145 A mid 20th century stationery set including a paper knife, fountain pen, propelling pencil, seal and a pencil lead holder together with an ornamental paper clip and a gold coloured cigarette case. £20.00
146 A large quantity of modern costume jewellery mainly bangles and necklaces. £25.00
148 A large quantity of modern costume jewellery mainly earrings. £15.00
149 A pearl choker with central blue stone with gold plated and silver fittings together with a handbag size mirror made with Swarovski elements and a silver chain with blue stone pendant. £20.00
150 A 9ct gold Sapphire and Diamond bracelet together with a mixed lot of costume jewellery including necklaces and earrings together with an enamelled hand mirror. £50.00
151 Five smoking pipes and seven lighters. £40.00
152 A Pierre Farber pen set, boxed together with a Cross 9ct rolled gold ballpoint pen and two other boxed sets and a small ballpoint pen in case encrusted with coloured stones. £25.00
154 Old Boxing memorabilia photographs etc. Bruce Woodcock, Mauriello, Eddie Thomas,Tommy Farr, the Turpin brothers, Joe Lewis and Tommy Farr with many others. £400.00
158 Royal mint boxed silver coins and others, a stamp and a George Formby laughter certificate. £15.00
159 A boxed pair of silver handled grape scissors from The Alexander Clark Company Limited. £35.00
160 A Gucci white metal cigarette case with flip top and mark to interior (1.75" x 3.5"). £110.00
161 Two boxed sets of silver teaspoons. £45.00
162 A French bayonet mark 5, one bayonet (unmarked) two Gurkha blades and sheaths. £150.00
163 A box and a tin of assorted British and foreign coins together with 5 coin packs. £50.00
165 Four weapons, knives etc. £20.00
166 A Barbara Linley Adams Sandpiper as found (damaged beak). £60.00
167 A Poole Pottery sleeping cat 9". £60.00
168 A large Poole Pottery fawn with a smaller fawn. £30.00
169 A Poole Pottery hedgehog planter. £60.00
170 A Poole Pottery sitting cat. £90.00
171 A Poole Pottery Song Thrush and a Merlin by Barbara Linley Adams. £45.00
172 A Poole Pottery cat 10". £40.00
173 Four Poole pottery animals, two badgers, a tortoise and a fawn. £35.00
174 A Poole Pottery horse. £75.00
175 A large Poole Pottery cat 10". £80.00
176 A large Barbara Linley Adams Owl together with two other Owls. £75.00
177 A large Swarovski elephant in case from tusk to tail 11" from the top of the ear to the foreleg 8" (with authenticity) Limited edition 00543/10000 £650.00
178 A decorative glass centerpiece. £20.00
179 Eight Poole Pottery birds, one with a damaged beak. £35.00
180 Two Poole Pottery birds a Merlin (damage to underside wing) and a Song Thrush. £15.00
181 A quantity of Bunnykins including Uncle Sam, Boy Skater, Buntie & Berti and Mystic bathroom. £30.00
183 Three Poole Pottery owls. £65.00
183A "A Wet and Windy Way" by Simone, Capodimonte porcelain (with authenticity) and two lowry prints. £20.00
184 Two Moorcroft vases: La Garen 2005 and A Cloud four inch vase with press marks to base. £70.00
186 Moorcroft: A 10 inch red tulip vase by Sally Tuffin together with a 4 inch red tulip vase by Sally Tuffin both with impressed marks to base. £140.00
188 Two weather gauge recorders and papers. £50.00
194 A box of scales, railway lamp, kettle and hot water jug together with a brass coal scuttle. £25.00
196 A box of railway books together with a case full of The Saint, Dare Devil etc. £45.00
197 A box of Lima trains, five 00 gauge British rail diesel locomotives, together with 4 x Lima intercity coaches boxed £80.00
197a Five diesel and one steam locomotive by Lima/Hornby/Mainline/Airfix(6) £70.00
198 A box of Janes Fighting Ships with another box of World War II Encyclopedia, Combat Fleets of the World Battle Ships. £15.00
200 A Herald model No. HL34 guitar with a mandelin. £25.00
203 A selection of prints and posters GLC Elections, Citren, Titanic and others. £20.00
205 Seven stamp albums of mixed stamps. £35.00
209 Two metal tall candle holders £15.00
211 GERMANY SG659, 687 and 735. 'Brown Ribbon' Mounted Mint' Cat £94. £5.00
212 GERMANY. SG358-364. Complete Used Set. Cat £400. £15.00
213 DOMINICA. 1874. SG1 1d Unused - no gum. CC Watermark. Cat £150. £5.00
215 MAURITIUS double sided stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat value. £30.00
216 MAURITIUS small blue stockcard of mint/used. £10.00
217 MONTSERRAT stockcard of mint/used. good Cat. Value. £15.00
218 Two folders of stamp booklets, various companies. £110.00
220 A picture of a nude woman signed 1977 with signature. Attributed to Alastair Michie. £90.00
221 A framed nude head and shoulder portrait of a woman (signed). Attributed to Alastair Michie. £60.00
222 A painting on canvas of Ships in fog. £55.00
223 A watercolour of Illawarra 1881 in frame, signature G P Wiseman. £20.00
224 A watercolour of fishing boats, framed 27" x 20" ( unsigned). £20.00
226 A painting of a ship in distress in a gilt frame (H A Whittle). £70.00
227 A picture of a harbour scene with moored boats (Bernard Dufour). £55.00
228 A painting by George William Pilkington(possibly Kalk bay) 1879-1958 South African £300.00
229 Two oil paintings (H. Wilson). £40.00
230 An oil on canvas: Chrysanthemums (Constance Cooper). £80.00
231 A large box of mixed ephemera to include stamps, postcards, First Day Covers etc. £50.00
232 Three Sea related pictures: Two on canvas and one print. £20.00
233 A large quantity of camera equipment and accessories. Approximately 11 cameras, large collection of filters, film etc. £25.00
234 Four various vintage film cameras to include Nikon, Minolta and two others together with two cases and instructions. £15.00
235 A large quantity of camera and photographic equipment to include lenses, Polaroid camera, tripod etc. £30.00
236 A large box of costume jewellery. £30.00
237 A Polaroid six-70 Land camera Sonar One Step with an Eastman Kodak Co. camera, a six-20 Kodak Junior with a No.2 brownie camera. £45.00
238 A box of silver plated items together with a pair of white metal vases, a silver napkin ring, silver backed brush and a silver trophy cup (14.7grams). £75.00
239 Two boxes of UK and Canadian loose stamps. £30.00
240 Two boxes of postcards. £140.00
242 A box containing two albums of stamps plus loose. £20.00
243 A box of collectables. £15.00
244 A large box of mixed coins to include four bags of Threepences 1937, 1938, 1939 and 1940 together with a box of mixed one pence pieces, foreign mixed. £55.00
245 A large box containing old one pennies together with six pence, three pence pieces and other coins. £20.00
248 A print of a young girl on a horse surrounded by dogs. £30.00
249 A mixture of cameras and binoculars. £45.00
251 Doulton Bunnykins: Three Christmas Surprise, an angel, a Choir Boy and Red Riding Hood. £30.00
252 Bramley Hedge figures to include Primrose Entertains, Lord Woodmouse, Wilfred Carries The Picnic, Dusty and Baby and a trinket box. £35.00
253 A large collection of small glass animals to include horses, rabbits, dolphin etc. £20.00
255 A large collection of small glass vases. £20.00
256 Three CSA pieces of Poole Pottery and a purple bird vase (damaged). £40.00
258 A West African leather covered raffia lidded shallow container with metal beading. Possibly Fulani Tribe. £45.00
259 Four Brambly Hedge figures including Dusty Dogwood, Mr Saltapple, Dusty Dogwood and Lord Woodmouse. £35.00
261 A collection of Poole Pottery mixed pieces. £20.00
262 A collection of large glass animals including two Wedgwood pieces. £20.00
265 A cello in cloth case. £30.00
266 A brass mounted carriage lamp with two bevelled glass panels and two stack chimney. Height 52cm. £20.00
267 Three under-car heaters: Ever Warm Radiator Lamp (Birmingham) c.1920's, copper base, height 22cm; Powell & Hanmer (B'ham) 'The Nobby', height 23cm; Desmo Radilamp, height 23cm. £25.00
268 "The Abandoned Corner of the Property Pingelly District Western Australia" watercolour (James Kean), 1980 together with a watercolour, Harbourside, Weymouth, with a print of Weymouth Bridge and Harbourside. £35.00
269 Three oil paintings: Seascape (C. Alexis) with two others. £15.00
271 Two prints of Bournemouth. £20.00
272 A box of vintage lamps (Joseph Lucas) and others. £90.00
274 A violin in case. £25.00
275 A Minolta camera with a Sigma lens 70- 210mm in case with a AV-1 film canon camera with a Tokina lens 28-85mm and a vivitar zoom thyristor 2500. £25.00
276 A small box of vintage lenses (Rayner of New Bond Street, London) in wooden box together with a 3epkajo clock and a silber projector. £15.00
280 A box of vintage lamps including Feuer Hand. £40.00
281 A large poster of Frankenstein 70" x 27". £20.00
283 A box of vintage lamps including Jos Lucas ltd. £70.00
284 A vintage Biba kaftan tunic, size 36. £45.00
285 Two fur coats. £20.00
286 A watercolour picture and three Chinese pictures. £40.00
287 A box of vintage lamps. £180.00
289 An umbrella stand with various umbrellas and sticks including one plated in 18k gold. £30.00
291 A mixed media Centurion skeleton (fiberglass coated in plastic). £25.00
292 A vintage Duffel coat. £15.00
293 A box of mixed used stamps. £15.00
296 A 19th century part teaset: 8 cups and saucers, 12 tea plates, sugar bowl and slop bowl together with a 20th century Grafton china part teaset in the Malvern pattern. £20.00
297 An Estella accordion in a case. £15.00
301 A 9ct gold Diamond and Emerald set pendant together with similar earrings. £80.00
302 A 9ct gold Pearl set brooch together with a pair of 9ct gold Garnet set earrings. Total weight 10 grams. £100.00
303 A set of 9ct gold blue and white stone earrings and pendant (af), 6.4 grams. £55.00
304 Eight 9ct gold rings containing various stones. Total weight 15.6 grams. £160.00
305 A 9ct gold Diamond set cross and chain together with another 9ct gold chain. £130.00
306 Three 9ct gold chains. Total weight 34 grams. £350.00
307 A bag containing a quantity of yellow metal stone set earrings mostly 9ct gold. Total weight 43 grams. £320.00
308 A 9ct gold charm bracelet. 27 grams. £280.00
309 Various silver items including a one ounce ingot. £35.00
310 A 9ct gold Smokey Quartz set pendant, a 9ct gold Cameo pendant, some fine 9ct gold chains, a 9ct gold watch and a silver and 9ct gold bonded necklace. £140.00
311 An 18ct gold Chinese Jade disc and character bracelet. £390.00
312 A 9ct gold St Christopher medallion and long chain. 8.6 grams. £95.00
315 An 18ct gold Diamond and Sapphire ring together with a 9ct gold Wedding band and a 9ct gold on silver band and a rolled gold bangle. £160.00
316 An 18ct gold wristwatch and strap together with a similar 9ct gold Tissot wristwatch. £400.00
317 An Art Nouveau 9ct gold blue stone lavaliere pendant necklace. £80.00
319 Five 9ct gold rings with various stone settings (total weight 20.5. Grams). £200.00
320 A bag of 9ct gold including rings and a pendant (16.4 grams in total). £140.00
321 Three 18ct gold rings (total weight 10 grams). £200.00
322 A bag of silver costume jewellery including ring and necklaces (total weight 700 grams). £190.00
323 A large quantity of costume jewellery to include watches, rings, bangles together with two pairs of nutcrackers. £75.00
325 A pair of Gucci hallmarked silver cuff links. £40.00
329 A pair of diamond stud earrings (.50 Points) set in 18ct white gold. £400.00
329A Rolex Model 18038. Day/Date Diamond/Sapphire Dial, Diamonds Beaal, Diamond Bracelet set in 18ct gold. Comes with 3 extra links. Working condition, boxed with no papers, £5,800.00
330 An 18ct gold Diamond and Ruby marquise ring. £135.00
330A An 18ct white gold and platinum set Diamond solitaire ring with Diamond set shoulders. Central solitaire approximately 90 points. £850.00
331 A ruby and diamond ring set in 18ct gold. £220.00
332 A 9ct gold brooch depicting two running horses (19 grams). £230.00
334 A sapphire and diamond daisy ring set in 18 ct gold. £160.00
335 A natural blue Zircon and diamond ring set in 18ct gold (tested). £90.00
336 Four silver cased pocket watches. £100.00
337 A diamond and sapphire ring set in 18ct gold. £130.00
338 A quantity of 19th century costume jewellery to include a cameo brooch and others. £380.00
339 A 9ct gold heart design bar brooch set with a Seed Pearl. £25.00
340 A 22ct gold band (3 grams). £80.00
341 Three ladies' wristwatches: one 18ct gold, one 9ct gold and one silver and Marcasite cocktail watch. £95.00
342 A carved ivory thread holder with 4 elephant motifs, another one with three baboons on each other's backs in fine detail on paws. £40.00
344 An antique Victorian 18ct gold ring (tested) set with two paste hearts and rose cut Diamonds with a flame and snake design. Inscription inside dated 1845. Damage to one paste heart. A/F. £440.00
345 A carton of mixed costume jewellery. £30.00
346 A bag containing a silver pocket watch, various cufflinks, tie slides etc. £50.00
347 A box of various costume jewellery. £35.00
348 A string of vintage Millefiori glass beads. £20.00
352 A brass figure in the style of a Roman woman. £20.00
354 A 19th century mahogany kidney shaped tray with galleried edge inlaid with boxwood having twin brass handles. £20.00
355 A large 18 inch Gents of Leicester clock (some damage to outer case).plus two others £85.00
362 An oak circular office clock with German movement. £35.00
364 Wooden collectables to include boot makers tools and a tea tray. £18.00
366 Two black marble mantle clocks together with another clock and a large jug. £20.00
368 A box of collectables to include flatware cutlery, tea spoon sets, halogen lights etc. £30.00
370 An old Chinese sitting doll. £15.00
371 An oak Bible box. £25.00
372 Shell casings with a leather binocular case and old binoculars with a sight scope. £25.00
373 Six military sights. £60.00
374 A glass lamp with shade modelled in the style of a giraffes leg. £20.00
375 A Barograph in a case made by Negretti and Zambra. £280.00
376 A retro industrial chair. £35.00
378 A vintage sewing machine. £15.00
379 An Improved Patent Magneto (for nervous diseases) machine. £30.00
380 A small brass carriage clock together with a magnifying glass and some weights. £18.00
381 A Royal Albert teaset in the Caroline pattern including six cups, saucers and plates, bread and butter plate together with teapot, sugar box and milk jug. £45.00
382 A large collection of Japanese teaware together with three Satsuma vases and a ginger jar. £65.00
384 A 19th century meat plate and a blue and white plate, two green Wedgwood plates, a large blue ground ginger jar, etc. £360.00
387 Two violins with bow and cases. £25.00
388 A box of cameras including a Praktica super tl 2 camera with case, a Sankyo vintage camera with with other cameras and binoculars. £35.00
389 A box containing a large quantity of silver plate. £35.00
390 A box of collectables to include first aid travel kit, number plate holder, pen knives. £20.00
391 Cinema cavalcade volume ll signed by Henry Blythe author.4/3/42 with other vintage books These tremendous years 1919-1938 Holiday volume ll 1952(pages of lots of vintage adverts)five music books, motor show reviews 1975 and other related car magazines,photographs. £18.00
392 Some brass scientific instruments, a lager pump and other collectables. £60.00
393 A quantity of naval and army hats with boys brigade belt, ammunition belt and other army ephemera. £70.00
396 A train lamp made by Chalwyn together with a brass miners lamp. £35.00
398 A metal Isula. £20.00
399 A framed picture of a squirrel and a ship signed by P.Jackson 1967 together with three other watercolour pictures. £18.00
400 A collection of collectors card World Cup sticker albums and other old books. £30.00
405 A pair of taxidermy foxes on a wooden base. £80.00
406 An English wool work of a classic maiden measures 34" by 29". £15.00
407 A watercolour by Anthony Vandyke Copley Fieldiing, Langdale Pikes from Stickle Tarn, Cumbria signed and dated 1831 £55.00
600 A Fletcher Shakespeare speedboat with a 50hp Evinrude outboard motor, including trailer, life jackets VHF radio and all documents. £1,000.00
602 An early 20th century oak office swivel chair with upholstered seat. £75.00
603 An early 20th century faded mahogany chest of two short drawers over two long drawers with wooden block handles. (41" wide x 19" deep). £20.00
604 Small mahogany wine table with pie crust top. £20.00
605 A Globe Wernick style bookcase in oak with three sections and glazed doors. (45" high). £60.00
606 A 1920's oak bookcase with three adjustable shelves. £40.00
607 An early oak coffer with with decorative front panels and candle box to interior. £140.00
609 Two kitchen chairs, an oak luggage rack and a painting of a harbour scene together with a wall mirror. £70.00
610 A late 19th century mahogany waterfall bookcase with four graduated shelves (44" high x 35" wide). £90.00
612 A highly carved walnut table depicting dragons and Chinese characters resting on collapsible legs. £100.00
613 A pair of stripped Windsor carver chairs and one single Windsor. £18.00
614 An oak three sectioned magazine rack 31" high. £25.00
615 A 18th century mahogany Pembroke table resting on turned supports. £20.00
616 A set of four Ercol Windsor dining chairs with seat pads. £25.00
618 A large gilt framed mirror with bevelled plate 34" x 47". £30.00
619 A reproduction mahogany Demi-lune console table with frieze drawer to front. £15.00
620 An Edwardian inlaid corner chair with upholstered seat together with a lift top piano stool. £15.00
621 An oak carved plant stand 56" high. £30.00
623 An oak refectory table on twin cup and cover supports on a central stretcher. (5'5" x 2'2"). £85.00
624 A mid 20th century Monks' bench with lift up seat. £140.00
628 Three Windsor stick back chairs resting on turned legs with a decorative central splat. £25.00
630 A 19th century mahogany chest of drawers with brass drop handles resting on bracket feet. £55.00
631 A Victorian button back nursing chair on turned supports and brass casters. £15.00
636 A mid 20th century button back bedroom chair upholstered in gold fabric resting on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. £15.00
638 A Georgian oak flip top tripod table resting on pad feet. £40.00
639 An early oak chest with two small and three long drawers, brass drop handles and escutcheons resting on bracket feet. (34" wide x 19" deep). £240.00
641 A reproduction grandmother clock with mahogany case and electric movement. £15.00
642 A Georgian style oak dresser with glazed top and two drawers and cupboards under resting on bracket feet.(4' wide x 7'4"" high). £110.00
644 An early oak side table with freize drawer on bobbin turned legs. (21" deep x 31" wide). £100.00
646 A small oak gateleg coffee table and four string top stools. £50.00
649 A pair of Victorian mahogany dining chairs with upholstered seats and backs together with a fold flap occasional table resting on bobbin turned legs. £45.00
650 A 19th century mahogany small occasional table with single column based modelled as two lion paw feet with acanthus leaves carved to top.(18.5" high)., together with a small wine table. £85.00
652 A continental heavily carved cabinet with two doors to front resting on raised feet. £20.00
655 A pair decorative domed mirrors with etched plates and turned columns (59" high x 31" wide). £80.00
658 A 1960's style coffee table with glass insert and under shelf £35.00
660 An art nouveau carved front sideboard fitted cupboards drawers and shelves brass handles. £20.00
661 A 19th century mahogany chest of drawers with brass swan neck handles standing on bracket feet. £40.00
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