Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 28 July 2018

Date: 28th July 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 A large collection of traditional pattern Poole Pottery. Approximately 23 pieces. inc jugs, posy rings, salt pepper etc £35
3 Two cast metal Elizabeth II Royal Corps of Transport signs. £20
5 Seven pieces of Victorian paper mache decorated flowers, baskets, holders ,tray etc £40
6 A 1950's Junghans swing pendlum clock together with a Vulcan barometer, pottery jug hunting and empire ware china tazza. £45
7 A Victorian silver floral embossed plated and glass mounted a bowl centrepiece. £40
10 A large quantity of silver plate to include centrepiece, jewellery box, coffee set etc. £45
11 A collection of Poole Pottery to include four pieces of Aegean, two BLA birds etc. £35
15 A Tiffany style lamp shade (af). £20
17 Two gilt metal candlesticks designed as cherubs together with trinket box and gilt metal mounted centrepiece. £45
21 A large quantity of Copeland Spode blue and white willow pattern china. inc , servers, jugs, boats etc £160
22 A mixed lot of small clocks/watches, glass paperweights, dumps, Kudos clock, etc. £35
23 A Antique Mahogany lidded box for four glass bottles/decanters. £20
25 A quantity of china to include Wedgwood, harlequin set of sundae dishes Beswick German vase , etc. £40
28 A brown and floral splash decorated Leach or St Ives Pottery ? bowl. £60
31 A box of various silver plated items. £15
33 Three vintage pottery H F and B tobacco jars light shag together with a water bottle, bear and doll. £55
34 Two brass transport carriage lamps. £15
38 A small Jones & Co van model. £20
40 Two Beswick horses black stallion white front sock and one horse ornament from Dartmoor. £35
41 A large quantity of silver plated items. jugs ,cream coffee etc £35
42 A large Poole Pottery Living Glaze vase. £55
43 A large quantity of pewter queen Ann design ewer, tavern plates/ charges, mugs, box, etc £40
45 A 13.5 inch Poole Pottery charger in traditional pattern. £40
47 Two Poole Pottery floral design lamps together with a Poole Pottery vase. £45
48 A collection of Poole Pottery. inc Tito Durell built 1746 in Poole charger various dishes. plates etc £30
49 Beswick Black Spaniel and Royal Doulton bone china setter. £40
51 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror with trinket drawers. £25
52 A collection of vintage cut throat razors together with other vintage hairdressing equipment. £110
53 A large collection of china and glass ornaments to include Nao figure, Beswick Donkey, Doulton mask seller, Doulton Balloon seller etc. £55
54 A Brass coal box of urn form of a Christopher dresser design ? marked two forks, a islamic embossed,copper vase and two candlesticks . £65
56 A mixed lot of metalware and china including candlesticks. staffs transfer vase on pedstal, cupids, carved figures etc £30
58 Collection of animal ornaments including Poole Pottery, Coalport, Beswick. £40
59 A Royal Albert floral pattern teaset and other china £30
60 A collection of decorative items including a pair of classical design urns, bird decorated side urns and gilt boxes. £30
64 A very large collection of bronze and brass. jugs, candlesticks, plates etc £65
68 Selection of fine bone china tableware: Royal Albert “Memory Lane” / Minton “Spring Bouquet” / Paragon “First Choice” £20
71 A Moorcroft Wisteria Candlestick with pewter mounts made Liberty’s c1930. £190
72 A blue glazed tube lined Moorcroft Peony/Pansy? Vase impressed. £170
73 Two Moorcroft vases decorated flowers, one blue one, white ground chipped. £80
76 A large 12” Moorcroft vase decorated with flowers on a blue ground, marked on base. £150
77 An 8.5” Moorcroft red and green leaf pattern £150
78 A blue ground Moorcroft pansy candlestick with pewter mounts made Liberty’s circa 1930. £170
79 A blue ground and floral pattern tube lined Moorcroft flambé leaf & berries vase late 1930’s. £300
80 A blue glazed tube lined Moorcroft modern 10” design vase M.C.C.98 Painter WW. £140
85 A leather musket gun shot flask. £15
86 An Art Deco Chrome 8 day alarm clock. £40
87 A French Art Deco chrome alarm clock. £45
88 A gilded and engraved enameled Greek cross £35
89 An album of early postcards to include some local late 19th/early 20th century Bournemouth and Poole. £30
90 A Late 19c ivory sewing case with ear pick, bobbins, etc. £75
91 Miniature barrel. Small wooden spool. Miniature model of ancient jar “Horsham” (McKee) £80
94 a silver Inscribed presentation key in blue velvet lined case. £70
95 Two watches, chain and thermometer. £20
97 Small box including sewing items.ivory thimble case, tunbridge ware sewing spool reel covers, bobbin, etc £140
98 Small box with china goss design and other ornaments in the shape of ship, Castles, shell, figures, British empire exhibtion £20
99 Viners 44 Piece Canteen of Cutlery for 6 persons. £20
101 Cayman Isl. 1912-20. Six mounted mint stamps. Cat. £112 £20
102 Cayman Isl. 1921-6. Complete mint set including 2 6d shades. Cat. £159. £20
103 Cayman Isl. 1938-48. Complete mint set plus 3 varieties. Cat. £125+. £15
104 Falkland Isl. 1930-50. Selection of mtd mint George VI stamps. Cat. £250+. £20
105 Germany. 1872. 8 large shield Eagle stamps. Mtd. mint. Cat. £450+. £30
106 Gibraltar. 1886. S.G. 1-4 used. Cat. £106. £15
107 Gibraltar. 1889. S.G. 16 and 19-21 used. Cat. £240. £15
108 Gibraltar 1889-96. 3 high value mtd mint and 9 used stamps. Cat. £112. £25
109 Hong Kong. 1941. S.G. 163-169. Complete mounted mint set. Cat. £90. £12
110 Box with postcards, books, atlas and Home Guard certificate. £35
111 A mixed lot including an RAF compass, various information pamphlets regarding Air Raid Precautions, etc. and a bag of costume jewellery. £30
112 Selection of postcards from Smithstonen inst inc john bull , sky scrapers Mable Lucy Atwell and photograph. of Winston Churchill by the photographer Walter Seckler £40
113 Three military buttons/badges ‘G.Smith Saddler Ballater’ £20
114 A military whistle together with a divers compass and depth measuring instrument. £160
115 Set of six paddle steamer postcards - Bournemouth / Southampton / Brighton/ Isle of Wight. £50
116 Five Victorian postcards of Bournemouth. £20
119 “The Coinage of the British Empire”. £220
120 a pair of Japanese bronze elephants with ivory tusks signed one tail af £220
121 Victorian doll together with a christening gown and a feather hat. £15
122 Framed hand-painted bone china picture of two birds by James Skerrett. £140
124 A Tortoiseshell cigarette case, a child’s knife and fork, etc. £25
125 A lacquered box of collectables including a silver half Albert chain, thimbles, pipes, playing cards , etc. £40
126 A 9ct gold hollow bamboo design bangle and a mixed lot of silver and other items. £110
127 A set of 12 dessert knives and forks with mother of pearl handles. £20
129 Two small silver salts in box (no spoons) together with a canteen of cutlery. £20
131 A Red lacquered chinoiserie clock and a conch shell shaped lamp. £30
132 Set of 12 silver tea/coffee spoons with sugar tongs in blue velvet lined case. £50
133 Box with selection of silver tea strainer /plate items.cake dishes, mugs etc £70
134 a set of Six silver hunting tumblers 267 grams Birmingham 1926 and a silver mounted tea stand and a silver mounted cut glass hair tidy £150
136 a Silver fluted cream jug. on pad feet £35
137 A Georgian design long handled silver shoe horn. Crested. £25
138 A Victorian silver plated egg set with spoons 2 serving spoons. Nutcracker. £50
139 A boxed set of Rosita pearls together with some boxed sets of spoons etc. £20
141 A box of Walt Disney Mickey Mouse glass slides. £20
142 Two small tortoiseshell inlaid banjo's. £30
143 A collection of 7 paperweights to include Caithness and Perthshire. £80
144 Tiger and cub ornaments marked “MADE IN USSR”. £30
145 Autograph book - stars of Dad’s Army etc. £35
146 Collection of early photos Duke of Richmond, Haddon house . gun carriage - mid 1870’s. £50
148 Tony Hart: Three sketches signed by Tony Hart together with a signed photograph. £70
150 A rare late 19c design Majolica (Copeland Spode) Monkey hanging on a rope made for an Orangery, possible Holdcroft or Mintons (Some restoration, please examine). £750
151 Basket of mixed coins + First Day Covers + Bank Notes + Silver Coins. £65
152 A boxed cased set of 100coins to include some silver. £20
153 100 cased world coins. £65
154 Box with various British coins and medals. £25
157 100 cased world coins. £20
158 Box with coins and silver items, cigarette box etc. £40
159 Small box of assorted coins. £60
161 Two pictures, including a large oil on canvas of a stream in gilt frame and a picture of a church . see reverse £20
163 Framed watercolour picture of horse with rider wearing red jacket. after Munnings £30
165 An oil on canvas seascape signed Moncher in an outswept gilded frame. £25
166 Large oil painting of Tower Bridge, London, signed A. Nikolsky 1963. £45
169 Large collection of postcards. £160
170 A collection of wooden shoe trees and a quantity of lead beaters Hammers £50
171 A quantity of wooden corkscrews, cream maker, surveyors tape slide rule, brushes, train, candlesticks etc £20
172 A Victorian sardine dish, plated tea stands, teapots, coffee pot,s and other items of interest £50
173 A quantity of antique brass and copper, chestnut roasters, skimmers, dish rings, copper mug,s and a selection of metal way two boxes £40
173a A large quantity of silver plated table knives and forks, dessert spoons, tablespoons, tea and coffee spoons together with a boxed set of five butter knives with mother of pearl handles and one other. £20
174 An angle poise lamp with a square base. £30
176 A pair of Ray-ban style sunglasses in a case. £15
177 Large red metal sign “POOLE BRIDGE CLOSED”. £25
179 A military metal trunk belonging to lt. Col. J.C. Court. £15
180 Three silk panels depicting butterflies and birds (glass broken on one) and another. £20
182 Collection of commemorative china including Edward the 7th coronation 1910-1935 large Aynsley Silver Jubilee commemorative items from 1900 on £30
184 Selection of bone china tableware including Royal Albert, Royal Crown Derby, Coalport. £55
185 Selection of china tableware and ornaments including oriental teapot blanc de chine worcs figure and Coalport items. £45
186 Selection of ornaments and tableware including Clarice Cliff, Coalport, Royal Worcester tea cup & saucer and Royal Doulton two-handled beer mug. £45
188 A needlework study depicting herbs ,Rupert bear print, local marsh picture, together with other pictures. prints etc £30
189 Collection of small goss and arcadia design ornaments/souvenir china. £20
191 A large quantity of art books. £35
192 A quantity of oriental pictures. framed silks Japanese heads, lacquered plaque etc £45
193 A Chinese bamboo brush pot carved with figures in a garden landscape . (33 cms high). £35
195 A leather suitcase and another together with two boxes of collectables. £25
195A A box of wood working tools. £25
196 For various wood framed guitars with chrome and bakelite mounts by Texan echo falcon et cetera £40
198 A early tavern brass clock face with a fusee movement. £60
199 An early American typewriter by Buckensderfer in original carrying case and one other. £120
200 Five assorted gold rings. £130
201 Two assorted gold rings. £110
202 A gold bracelet. £140
204 A diamond solitaire pendant, approx. 0.40 points solitaire on 9 carat gold chain. £160
205 An 18 carat gold (tested) 1.5 carat emerald ring with diamond shoulders. £175
206 A collection of 7 stickpins. £45
207 A large collection of costume jewellery including bangles and beads. £45
208 Two 9ct gold bands and a silver ring. £50
212 A box of enamel art nouveau buckles and hat pins. £70
214 A French Enamel Art Deco style buckle. £25
216 Collection of 8 rings. £55
217 A rolled gold engraved bangle (ref 77) £15
218 A bag of mixed gold including chains, rings and earrings. (Ref 77). £600
219 Three Pandora bracelets, one plain with a heart shaped clasp, one with seven and the other with eight beads. Ref. 77) £110
220 A bag of silver and costume jewellery. (Ref 77) £70
221 A bag of ladies and gents wristwatches (Ref 77) £15
222 Two gents wristwatches in working order. Both with black leather straps. (Ref 43). £10
223 A Gents Edifice Casio Chronograph wristwatch with stainless steel bracelet, and another.(Ref 42). £30
224 A Montblanc style gents wristwatch. (Ref 7). £20
225 A gold plated half hunter fob watch with a 9ct gold Albert chain. (Ref 24) £270
226 A 9ct gold plated bangle with diamond shaped design.(Ref 5). £10
227 A gold coloured ladies dress ring set with white stones. £10
228 A 9ct gold band with repeat design.(Ref 13). £30
229 A Longines style ladies wristwatch with mixed metal bracelet.Ref73). £110
230 A large quantity of costume jewellery. (Ref 77). £70
231 Two 9ct Gold rings. £95
232 Two 9ct gold rings. £65
237 A Links of London Concord Bracelet together with a Concorde silver necklace and cuff links. £40
242 A 9ct gold diamond (approx 0.5 point) cluster ring. £70
243 A 10oz fine silver '999.9' coin. (2017) £120
244 A metal box containing water colours and a mixing plate together with an artists oil paint box and wooden palette all contained in mahogany carrying case. £30
245 A Victorian dome topped and Woodbound canvas mounted trunk SRS £45
247 A modern reproduction globe inset semiprecious design stones resting on a brass stand £35
247a Water Colour Painting of Poole Quay by G S Walters RBA £50
249 A collection of Creuset orange enamelled saucepans on stand. £50
252 A 1950s walnut cased pye gramophone player black box £20
254 A royal Hammersley Victorian country rose decorated coffee set for six people with Gilt edges £60
255 A quantity of Copelands Strathmere bone china including teapot sugar milk £20
256 A Hammersley china tea set for six people consisting of sugar cream six saucers, tea plates, marmalade ,and box £90
257 A box of postcards and two albums of black and white photo's to include racing cars. £25
260 A small pine painted apprentice chest fitted drawers and then inlaid chest board and contents £40
263 A Victorian oval dressing table mirror with base shelf and trinket compartments. £15
267 A large collection of Victorian and later pictures prints tapestries social events buildings Rurel pastoral and other landscapes £20
270 A box containing 30 yacht pulleys. £30
271 A large collection of Chinese collectors plates along with grey decks exchange come in like et cetera £60
272 “Trains” Sign. £35
273 Three A3 ring binders with automobile posters - 1940’s and 1950’s American car ads. £100
274 A Georgian still covered and pierced metal documents box with original painted paper interior £40
275 Model canon plus carriage. £65
276 An oak coal bucket with brass mounts. £20
277 An Art Nouveau porch lantern with metal mounts and leaded glass. £260
280 Four old garment makers books. £95
282 A mixed lot of metalware including a WMF square footed bowl and an Austriam hammered copper bowl. £50
283 A pair of brass andirons in the shape of horses. £20
284 Three various guitars to buy Westfield and one other £35
285 A Victorian ebonised liar back chair with caned seat resting on turned supports. £15
286 Selection of tailor’s tools and measuring stick. £90
288 Clock in decorative wooden case. £45
290 A cast iron study of a horse and a shire horse painted doorstop £20
291 Red Poole Pottery dish, “Salad Days” record, two blue & white pieces of George Jones & Sons china “”Abbey 1790”. £20
293 An Arabic copper water vessel. £25
294 Two vintage propellers. £20
295 A large quantity of pictures £10
296 A gas mask in a canvas holder one Arthur and a first-aid kit £20
297 Box with wartime magazines. £35
299 Three boxes of books including some first editions, G A Henry, early Eagle books etc. £35
300 A Brixton picnic set and one other in a Wicca case and with a fully fitted interior £20
302 A Brexton picnic set in a wicker basket. £30
303 Large box with selection of WWII booklets. £20
304 A box of first day covers, stamps, postcards, 45rpm records etc. £20
307 A box of children’s books, a box of puzzles and a box of wooden trains and blocks. £30
308 Two silver napkin rings jn box together with an AA car badge and a watercolour picture of a gentleman flying a plane. £25
309 A cast iron fire back dated" 1644" of George slaying the dragon. 27.5 inches wide by 37.5 inches high. £40
310 Two boxes of mixed items including an artists water colour set, drawing instruments and other interesting items. £75
400 A small mahogany 1880s bureau with inkwells. £35
401 A mahogany extending dining table with two extra leaves and eight chairs with two carvers. £75
402 A Victorian mahogany sideboard on legs with two cupboards and central drawer. Lion head handles. £30
403 A Victorian tall unusual mahogany whatnot with a lift up top section. £55
404 An early antique oak dresser with three fitted drawers. open running board, square legs. and peg brass handles £550
406 An oval shaped mahogany twin handled tray with stand. £20
407 A Laura Ashley three seater over stuffed sofa in cream draylon. £10
409 A French style chest of five drawers resting on cabriole legs. £30
410 A small pine chest of two small over two long drawers. £20
412 A Laura Ashley two seater sofa in cream fabric. £10
413 A small mid 20th century dark Ercol rocking chair. £20
415 A large dome top wooden trunk. £30
418 A George 2nd design mahogany drop flap leaf table resting on chamford legs £20
420 A Victorian design knee hole desk, fitted drawers and inset leather top. £20
422 Two small Hall & Woodhouse glass windows. £30
423 A Victorian mahogany desk fitted four graduated drawers single knee hole drawer inset leather top. £40
427 A 5' folding garden lattice spire. £15
428 A 5' folding garden lattice spire. £15
430 A 6' folding lattice garden spire. £20
431 A 6' folding lattice garden spire. £20
432 A 6' folding lattice garden spire. £25
433 A child's Postman Pat van. Non functioning. £25
438A A victorian high back two seater leather sofa in need of reupholstery. £20
439 A Chinese hardwood oriental style small bench or scroll table. £25
440 A set of four Art Nouveau Oak framed dining chairs with pierced backs resting on square legs. £100
441 A mid 20th century style oak bookcase unit. £20
446 A pair of French design carved Oak and pierced back dining chairs. £20
448 A two tier ercol drop leaf tea trolley. £25
449 A reproduction scalloped edged silver table resting on elongated claw and ball feet together with a Walnut three drawer drop flap bedside table. £30
450 A modern Oak bureau, an Oak framed elbow chair together with a standard lamp. £30
451 An Oak two drawer side table and three various wine and coffee tables. £20
453 An Edwardian mahogany sheet music cabinet fitted with six drawers resting on pad feet. £20
454 A Reproduction mahogany serpentine fronted chest of four drawers. £20
458 A 1.90 x 1.40 Red Ground Keshan rug, £50
459 A 2.30 x 1.60 Green Ground Abusson carpet. £70
460 A 2.30 x 1.60 Beige Keshan carpet. £70
461 A 2.80 x 2.00 Blue Ground Keshan carpet. £80
462 A red ground tug. £20
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