Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 30 June 2018

Date: 30th June 2018 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 A bottle of Pastis, Grand Marnier and Southern Comfort together with two bottles of white wine and various miniatures. £20
2 A large quantity of various glass paperweights to include Caithness. £15
3 Two silver plated topped glass decanters. £15
4 A Vintage Singer Portable Electric Sewing Machine Model 221K with foot pedal, case, instruction booklet and accessories. £85
5 A vintage Instant juice press together with a set of scales, antique oak mouse trap and iron plate. £30
6 A decorative glass walking stick together with 14 glass paperweights, glass bottles, soapstone pieces, cardboard scales etc. £150
7 A large Chinese engraved cooking pot with handle af, a stud box, pewter tankard, etc. £0
8 A small quantity of assorted brass to include kettle on stand, miners lamp, bugle, etc. £15
9 A large quantity of china cups and saucers, Coronation mugs, jar of coins etc. £20
10 A quantity of Beswick birds and others including bull, gold, and green finch, owl and woodpecker. £60
11 A Clarice Cliff Crocus pattern milk jug, mailing lustre bowl together with other china. £45
12 A collection of assorted Poole Pottery and a Wedgwood tankard. £25
13 A quantity of tools to include a small A R P axe and three hammers. £0
14 A Henry Adams blue and white plate, Derby design carvers, slide rule and a quantity of small collectables. £0
15 A black slate mantel clock. £0
16 A collection of vintage cameras, camcorder, brownie etc. £0
17 A Silver plated tea set. £0
18 A pair of decorative Majolica design ceramic ewers. £0
19 A late 19c Majolica tazza designed as a lily pad and other items of china. £0
20 A Blue and White Willow Pattern teaset together with a Colclough tea set, two glass decanters and a piece of silver plate. £25
21 A quantity of camera tripods (various sizes). £10
22 Five battery operated Gemmy Hamsters. £25
23 A boxed mini croquet set together with an umbrella handle. £0
24 A 19th century mahogany writing slope bound in brass and a Swiss movement music box. £70
25 A large copper tray and a pair of metal curtain poles and rings. £0
26 A silver plated tennis tournaments inscribed twin handled vase. £0
27 A quantity of china, cloisonne, glass, box etc. £0
28 A collection of vintage books. £50
29 Two mantle clocks. £20
30 A collection of five green glazed terracotta animals and a vase. £0
31 A pair of oriental seated figures, 11.5” high. £45
32 A set of Arnold Precision Scales and weights. £20
33 A pair of Victorian cut glass lustres, 11 inches high. £55
34 A large quantity of Royal Copenhagen tea and dinner ware, a small glass pitcher together with a green glazed bowl. £85
35 A brass pump and an oak ship's wheel. £25
36 Four advertising posters including Captain Combat. £0
37 A collection of six various china vases. £30
38 A mixed lot of books, jigsaw puzzles and china. £30
39 Two monochrome prints of mother and children by Ruth Schloss, gallery label att, together with a scroll showing the length of the reigns of the British Kings and Queens. £20
40 A mixed lot of cranberry glass including an Eperne. £25
41 Three pieces of red glazed Poole Pottery with one other. £55
42 An American Steuben lustre glass plate (af) and other mixed glass. £0
43 An Art Deco style dinner service by Royal Doulton in the Azalea Pattern. £30
44 A collection of assorted china including Royal Albert Country Roses. £30
45 A vintage petrol can, oil can and other motoring memorabilia. £25
46 A Surveyors' measuring tape in leather case in original box. £0
47 A 19th century mahogany cheese coaster. £70
48 A Chinese lacquered table top food stand. £35
49 A Georgian style mahogany wall mirror and a still life in oil and other pictures. £50
50 Three Art Deco style posters and a selection of The Great Musicians publications. £0
51 A collection of china and glass. £20
52 A collection of china/pottery. £15
53 A large black Solian desert set with doll. £20
54 Seven green Poole Pottery animals and a brown glazed owl. £50
55 Two pieces of Portmeirion Botanical ware and glassware etc. £0
56 A quantity of glassware to include soda water dispenser, 1977 Jubilee Ale etc. £0
57 Three books: Sanders of the River, Gibson New Cartoon and Charles Frederick Clark. £0
58 Moorcroft: An 8" vase in the Foxglove pattern. Impressed marks to the base. £0
59 Moorcroft: Trial vase in the Amberwood pattern designed by E. Bossons painted by P Hilditch. Impressed marks to the base. £0
60 Blowpwzone: A glass lizard paperweight by Iestyn Davies. £50
61 Moorcroft: 6" vase in the Cosmos pattern a dated colourway 50102. Impressed marks to the base. £0
62 Moorcroft: an 8" vase in the ivory bells pattern. Designed by P. Gibson painted by Wendy Mason. Impressed marks to the base. £0
63 Moorcroft: A 4" lidded pot in the June Berry pattern. Impressed marks to the base. £0
64 Carltonware: A Black Chinoiseri lidded pot. £0
65 A Mouseman of Kilburn oak Ash Tray. £35
66 Two pens in cases by Parker and Cross. £35
67 A Georgian tortoise shell tea caddy (lid detached) together with a antique kings pattern horse shoe shape silver caddy spoon. £300
68 A box of various colour slides from the 1980's to include approximately 200 nudes/glamour and approximately 200 ships, boats, liners etc. together with a cine film movie. £50
69 Two cigarette albums and some loose leaves including Royalty, Popular personalities and Military. £65
70 A collection of lead figures, toys, badges to include Golly etc. £35
71 A box of various colour slides from the 1980's to include approximately 200 nudes/glamour and approximately 200 Europe slides together with a cine film movie. £50
72 Nine various comical postcards to include one by Louis Wain. £0
73 An album of Ogden’s cigarette cards including royalty, dogs and general interest. £0
74 A miniature portrait of an 18th century gentleman and two others. £30
75 A boxed Georg Jensen pen. £70
76 Four pieces of decorative Murano Italian milleflurie glass. £20
77 A collection of various commemorative coins and medals together with framed tapestry. £75
78 2 albums of cigarette cards including Wrestling and Between the Acts. £120
79 A Chinese jade censor decorated twin beast handles on hardwood stand. 6” high. £0
80 10 car manuals, etc relating to: Wolseley Four Fifty, Chrysler Kew Six, Austin A40 and others. £40
81 Three books including an 18th century leather bound music Manuscript, sold by Rolfs music shop, 112 Cheapside, London, one of Harmonia sacra for Harpsichord. £380
82 A pearl on chain in box together with a pair of cufflinks etc. £30
83 An assortment of silver coins including half crowns and Florins. 6 d,Victoria, William. Godless other Victorian coinage. £135
84 A box of 12 boxed Crowns 1977 etc, some silver. £90
85 Two books of cigarette cards, a tin of loose cards and a box of silks. £35
86 Two postcards albums including “To the Front” and views from London and America. £50
86a Three albums of cigarette cards including Home Exercises, William Shakespeare and Fruits. £150
87 A bag of various coins. £40
88 A bag of various coins with some stamps. £0
89 15 Roman coins. £20
90 Six George V Half crowns. £45
91 Eight small English silver coins. £0
92 14 George IV farthings, all dated 1822 and all in extremely fine condition. £0
93 A bag of silver pre and post 20 including veiled head half crowns and florins, small coinage etc. £75
94 A large clear box of coins. £20
95 A tin of mixed coins. £70
96 A tin of half crowns, 47 and pre foreign coinage. £40
97 A Charles I hammered shilling and an Edward I hammered penny. £50
98 Edward Duke of Windsor 1894-1972 silver medal and three other medals. £80
99 A box of 100 cased coins. £25
100 A vast collection of GB and World Stamps housed in 12 x albums/stockbooks with some spare empty albums (1000's). £50
100a Two boxed stamp albums, one unused. £65
101 A collection of 26 x Victoria 1d Reds Stars Imperf, 11 x 2d Blues, 12 1d Reds Perf; other Victoria Stamps (78) all housed in green Abria stockbook huge catalogue value. £0
102 Australia Victoria early issues, plus Swans, etc. housed on 4 x Vintage Album pages (catalogue £1200+). £0
103 Germany Third Reich Hitler Stamps in part sheets etc. together with Italy complete set of Kingdom of Italy Mint Stamps housed on 8 stockcards. £30
104 Iceland Mint Stamps in Sheets of 25 Stamps (119 x Sheets). £30
105 India 1854 Four Annas (2); Half Anna Imperf, One Anna Imperf Cat. £1200. £0
106 Barbados Early Issues including One Shilling, Cat. £150, together with Victoria Purple issues, some overprinting, mostly Mint, Cat. £130. £0
107 North Borneo collection housed on 2 x Vintage album pages, Cat. £800. £0
108 A large collection of GB Stamps from QV to QEII including hundreds of KGV defs, all unchecked for watermarks, postmarks etc., a good hoard, put away in the 1960's and worthy of careful examination/sorting 100's. £0
109 India/Malaya selection of 63 Mint Stamps on stockcard, Cat. £280 together with a selection of early Pre-Victorian and Victorian Postal History. £0
110 A QV 1d black; 2d Blue and 19 x 1d Reds (all Plate 177), Used. £0
111 A Collection of Hong Kong on vintage album page. £0
112 Ethiopia valuable early collection household on 9 vintage album sheets plus loose stamps, Cat. £550. £0
113 South Africa Set 1895 to 10/- high value Mint, South Africa/Transvaal Stamps including Overprints Mint (26 Stamps), enormous catalogue value together with South Africa Bi-Lingual pairs including 5/- Wagon Green (9 pairs), Cat. £150. £0
114 Group of Malta KGV, Barbados, Malaya, other Commonwealth etc, nice group of Mint on 4 x stockcards, Cat. £650+. £0
115 Queen Victoria Used abroad 1d Red postmark A21; Victoria Two Pence Halfpenny Used Abroad Constantinople Used Rare together with a quantity of mainly Pre-Decimal Stamps including sheets of 1/2d mainly in blocks, sheets etc. £0
116 A quality collection of early stamps housed in a vintage 'Lincoln' Stamp album, many scarce and early issues noted. £0
117 Queen Victoria 1d Reds (31); Penny Purples (38) together with George V 'Photograuve' Stamps (10) Mint. £0
118 G.B. 1951. S.G. 509-512. Set of 4 lightly mounted mint. Cat. £100. £10
119 Bermuda. Small green stockbook of mint/used. Fine cancels. £0
120 Basutoland. 1933. S.G. 1-9 mounted mint. Cat. £125+ £0
121 British East Africa Co. 1890-95. Small stockcard of mint/used. Cat. £160+. £10
122 Brunei. 1908-16. S.G. 34-47 and 49/50. Mounted Mint. Cat. £340+. £25
123 Cayman Isl. 1932. S.G. 84-91 and 93/94. Mounted Mint. Cat. £186. £15
124 Ceylon. 1938-49. S.G. 386-397. Mint set with varieties including both 5rs, good Cat. £0
125 Cyprus. 1912-15. S.G. 74-84. Complete Mint set including shades. Cat. £350+. £0
126 G.B. 1887-92. Jubilee Issue. 11 Mint stamps. Cat. £200 min. £20
127 Jamaica. Double sided stockcard of mint/used. £0
128 The Royal Postage stamp Album and some loose stamps in packages. £20
129 Four albums of stamps. £60
130 Cayman Isl. 1950 S.G. 135-147. Complete mounted mint set. CAT. £80. £0
131 Falkland Isl. 1923. S.G. 80. 3/- mounted mint. CAT. £100. £15
132 Gambia. 1938-46. S.G. 150-161 (No. 156-1/-). Mounted Mint. CAT. £155. £0
133 Gibraltar. S.G. 127a 1/- mounted mint. Perf 13 1/2. CAT. £75. £0
134 Gilbert & Ellice Isl. S.G. 1 - 11. Two mounted mint sets. CAT. £198. £20
135 Gold Coast. 1928. S.G. 103-112. Complete mounted mint set. CAT. £110. £20
136 Hong Kong. 1946 S.G. 170a. Variety-Extra Stroke. Mounted Mint. Cat. £130. £0
137 A box of stamps, first day covers, postcards etc. £40
138 A large box full of mixed coins. £25
139 Nine official Royal Air Force Museum medals. £0
140 A box of various coins. £0
141 A box of mixed coins in lidded box with coin decoration. £25
142 Two small boxes of various coins and banknotes, lots from South Africa, wartime, German marks etc. £70
143 A tin of coins and cigarette cards. £25
144 Three clear boxes containing in total 300 cased coins. £40
145 A quantity of coins in a wooden box. £0
146 A box of assorted watches. £0
147 A box of assorted watches. £0
148 A box of assorted watches. £0
149 A box of assorted watches. £0
150 A mixed lot of watches, spoons including three silver threepenny bits. £0
151 Two cartons of mixed assorted watches and a carton of watchmakers tools and accessories. £25
152 Three penknives together with two other knives. £0
153 A set of Guinness buttons, Guinness Badge and a Coca Cola keyring. £0
154 A vintage policeman cosh together with a penknife £75
155 Set of six white metal spoons each with a different leaf shaped bowl and bamboo handle. £0
156 Three albums of cigarette cards including Cricketers, Holidays, Surf Beauties, etc. £280
157 A Mah Jong set in wooden case. £20
158 A collection of 17 fake Rolex watches and a Mont Blanc key ring and two boxes. £190
159 A wooden box of ephemera some from the 2nd World War, maps, cards, tools etc. £35
160 A large Victorian silver circular Salver with engraved decoration, 41 cm dia, London 1881 inscription for Shepton Mallet fat stock to A Whitehead, 1928 (1852g). £0
161 A three piece silver cruet set, a silver sauce boat and a silver mustard pot and spoon. £75
162 A large Victorian engraved floral and pieced edge silver Salver awarded for Shepton mallet fat stock, best cattle to A. Whitehead 1928 h m, London, 1881(1002g). £0
163 Three large English silver spoons one bright cut Georgian and two Victorian (205g). £55
164 A modern silver Georgian design sugar shaker and a pair of silver salt and pepper casters. (245 grams). £70
165 A large silver handled mug Sheffield1937 (345g). £150
165a A cased pair of plated jam spoons together with a set of plated teaspoons. £0
166 A Silver gravy boat with a silver sugar bowl (295g). £80
167 A pair of silver pieced edge Bon bon dishes and one other (161g). £0
168 Withdrawn. HA5144 £0
169 A Pair of Victorian silver kings pattern double struck table spoons crested (213g). £65
170 A pair of Adams design husk and reeded, bat wing fluted silver candlesticks Sheffield 1922. 31 cm weighted £0
171 A Georgian silver poultry skewer £20
172 A large Georgian design silver sugar caster with fret work pieced top HM Chester 1931 (304g). £85
173 A set of six Victorian fiddle pattern silver dessert spoons. crested (299 grams). £85
174 A silver Georgian design twin handled cup inscribed Shepton Mallet show to a whitehead London, 1920's (408g). £120
175 A Art Nouveau design silver twin handled cup Shepton mallet inscribed (420g). £120
176 A large silver twin handled and fluted bowl inscribed Shepton Mallet (380g). £110
177 A pair of English Fiddle pattern silver tablespoons Exeter hall mark crested (150 grams). £45
178 A bundle of 9 various silver teaspoons (166 grams). £50
179 Two silver inscribed cups Shepton mallet (581g). £160
180 A large pieced silver fruit bowl resting on three shaped scroll feet Sheffield 1934 (626g) £180
181 A Pair of Victorian fiddle pattern silver tablespoons Exeter crested (140 grams). £60
182 A white metal engraved pin tray. marked PAK SILVER £0
183 Six silver teaspoons and a modern meat skewer. 2003 mark (122grams). £35
184 Two plain silver cigar boxes £45
185 A Silver inkwell together with a silver box. £65
186 A silver dressing table set, consisting of bottles, mirror etc 10 pieces in all. £70
187 A set of five silver teaspoons with ducks head handles and three teaspoons. £30
188 Four silver napkin rings together with one plate napkin ring and two sets of silver teaspoons. £55
189 A quantity of silver spoons fruit and grapefruit spoons (224g). £65
190 A box of silver spoons fiddle pattern kings crested etc . (458g). £130
191 Two silver plated salts together with other silver plate, Goliath pocket watch and two Indian Marriage bracelets etc. £35
192 A collection of silver plated cutlery. £30
193 Three boxed sets of silver fish, cheese, fruit, plated serving equipment. £0
194 Two small tubs of costume jewellery and a box of coins, a clock barometer, etc. £35
195 A jewellery box containing costume jewellery, ring, necklace, etc. £140
196 Two boxes of costume jewellery, mainly beads. £0
197 A box of costume jewellery including a silver fob and cross. £30
198 A collection of various watches. £40
199 A large metal horse. £0
200 An 18” mixed metal chain marked “375”. £170
201 A box of costume jewellery clips, rings etc. including a silver necklace and ring contained in a box £0
202 A string of graduated pearls with a 9ct gold clasp. (18”). £30
203 A pair of Colombian emerald earrings and other costume jewellery including three bracelets. £0
204 Five silver rings set with different stones including topaz. £0
205 Rachel Galley: A necklace in rose gold over sterling silver with heart shaped pendant. £0
206 A Kimberley Selwood silver ring set with pink and white stones. £0
207 A silver ring with central “pearl” and white stones to shoulders. £50
208 A silver ring with central cabochon jade stone decorated with a butterfly. £65
209 An Elgin Gold Plated fob watch. £30
210 A pair of Swarovski earrings set in 9ct white gold, an emerald and silver ring and matching pendant (no chain). £0
211 A gold watch. Waltham USA. £100
212 A small 9ct gold sovereign case. £160
213 A bag of three wristwatches and a pocket watch. £0
214 An 18ct gold ring set with two diamonds and a central red ruby stone. £0
215 A solitaire moissanite (approx. 1.33ct) set in 18ct gold. £0
216 An 18ct wide gold band set with central diamond flanked with smaller diamonds. Gold weight approx. 10 grams. £500
217 A rubylite Gents ring set in 9ct gold. £0
218 Rolex model 5500 with Explorer dial 1980’s watch in working order with box. Big bracelet link ends 557, bracelet 78350. Watch No. 659****. £1,600
219 Three ladies wristwatches. £100
219A Two dress rings set with blue and white stones. £35
220 A gold sovereign 1897. £220
221 A box of costume jewellery including Brooks and Bentley rings, bracelets and pendants. £0
222 An Elizabeth Duke matching regard ring and bracelet in 9ct gold in original boxes. £55
223 A bag of mixed gold items by B and B including rings, earrings and chains. £460
224 A box of silver costume jewellery to include necklaces, earrings and rings. £0
225 A bag of mixed amber and coloured beads. £30
226 A vintage Accurist men's wristwatch. £0
227 Three 9ct gold rings two set with sapphires and diamonds, one with garnets. £95
228 A silver ring set with blue and white stones. £15
229 A half sovereign. £115
230 Two large linked silver bracelets. (82 grams). £0
231 Two gold plated fob watches and a cigarette case. £35
232 A pair of 15ct gold cuff links, a mourning brooch and a mounted citrine pendant. £130
233 Withdrawn HA5144 £0
234 A rose gold Albert chain (12.3 grams). £130
235 A Scottish white metal stags head brooch and a 925 and enamel peacock brooch. £30
236 A pair of coral coloured earrings and a ring, marked 9ct. £0
237 A coral coloured bead necklace with an articulated gold metal (untested) figure attached. £175
238 A carved Chinese jade brooch set in 14k gold. £110
239 A small19th century coromandel dome top box with brass inlay, and original tin lining and velvet base. (4” wide x 3” high). £120
240 A pair of twin handled McIntyre vases 5” high. (Some restoration to handles). £0
241 A cloisonne and cold stone enamel teapot in the shape of a melon (4” high). £0
242 Two vintage scrapbooks. £40
243 A late 19c flintlock pistol. iron and mahogany mounted proof marked and iron pommel £0
244 A WWII German design Luftwaffe generals style Hat in gold braid and insignia leather visor and leather band see photos. £0
245 A 1960’s toy model of a Bartender on a tinplate base. £25
246 Two Enamel signs. for pleasure boat and Franklyns fine shagg £100
247 A large flints of London Camberly dress sword in leather sheath. the guard G R £60
248 A large mahogany printers tray with letters, plates, spacers, etc. £20
249 A Wollaston Road metal sign. £20
250 A white painted dome top over mantle mirror. £30
251 A large modern mirror with offset glass. £120
252 A large modern mirror fitted with offset glass squares. £120
253 A threefold dressing table mirror. Chip and crack on glass. £0
254 A large metal clock face wall hanging decoration.123 cm £0
255 A large modern gold sunburst mirror. £150
256 Two 18 watercolours of buildings in ebonised black colonial frames. £80
257 Two framed coronation prints of George the fourth, Duke of Devonshire caring the orb with .garter in gilt lettering and for the Cavendish family £55
258 Two boxes of silver plated items. £45
259 A box of metalware including a sheathed knife and a kukri. trays etc £40
260 A selection of black and white photographs including one of school children in class (possibly Tyneham. Postcards and old One-inch road maps. £0
261 A large quantity of costume jewellery. £20
262 A mixed lot of militaria including medals, helmet, bugle, a photograph albums and epelette, etc. £95
263 A photograph of Mohammad Ali with Henry Cooper and one of Terry Wogan. £25
264 2 large prints by Thomas Kinkade including a letter of authenticity. £0
265 A cast iron fire back dated" 1644" of George slaying the dragon. 27.5 inches wide by 37.5 inches high. £360
266 Four fur coats, including two imitation. £20
267 A mink coat and stole together with a fake fur coat and hat. £0
268 A very large collection of books including Roman Empire, Greek history, Pharaohs, Persia, China etc. £90
269 A collection of china cats and other china. £0
270 A late 19c french chestnut dog bed. turned side and bererge panels £45
271 A 1920s mirror with a Poole dolphin engraving. £0
272 A box of mixed china and glass. £0
273 A collection of cigarette flowers ,trees .birds etc £20
274 A large collection of vintage comics and annuals. £75
275 A modern stained pine mirror with tiled inserts. £0
276 A wall mirror with cushion wooden frame. £30
277 A 1970’s Anstey and Wilson sunburst clock. £30
278 A Gensign clocking in Machine in an oak case. £50
279 A Georgian design beech cased brass faced mantle clock with chiming movement and carrying handle. £0
280 A Victorian marble mantle clock with brass gilded face by Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh, with inscription to Field Marshall R C Fitzwilliam for 40 years service to the Queen Given at Holyrood House,1892. £0
281 A pair of carved wood Griffins (30” wide x 12” high). £70
282 Silver plated trombone by Hawkes of Piccadilly’ in original case. £0
283 An antique music box in rosewood case, the top being inlaid with boxwood. £120
284 A Victorian knife cleaner/sharpener by Kent’s of High Holborn, London, in oak case, cast iron mounts and original enamel label. (Handle broken). £0
285 A mixed lot of pictures and Charles Dickens Life, Works and Characters and Elephant Book ends. £30
286 A small case of postcards to include some local Bournemouth interest. £30
287 Four boxes of various vintage football Lincoln, Forest. , Southampton etc £30
288 Two boxes of china and glass. £15
289 A pair of Congo drums and stand. £55
290 A collection of two original and six reproduction enamel signs. £60
291 A large diorama of a 2nd World War German U Boat and dock yard at La Rochelle. £150
292 A large collection of silver plated Cutlery. £130
293 A Chinese wooden baby bath on bucket shaped stand. £0
294 Pirelli Woman of the World Calendars. Three in total. £0
295 A box of railwayana including a lamp, a torch and ephemera including News Intelligence, stick ons, books etc. £20
296 Advertising and art graphics posters including Guinness and Croydon Airport in the Thirties. £35
297 An Indian Victorian design child's horse trike. £65
298 A small dark wood chair with rattan seat and inlaid mother of pearl decoration. £10
299 An HMS Seadog Sign. (28.5” x 8”). £35
300 A collection of cigarette cards from the British-American Tobacco Co. Ltd. including art nouveau. cromos. faces. theatre SWEETS,etc. £120
301 A folder of artwork, including studies of Dorset, a book showing Russel Flints work , etc. £20
302 Three albums of collectable cigarette cards. inc trains, planes, cromos, band. hats,. Britains, persons and a qty of postcards inc Maria Studholm., George Alexander , M O P, Bridges, ships, castles, £160
303 Advertising posters for Harrods and AG Industries. £0
304 Approximately 19 various books to include mainly cookery. £45
305 Six albums of cigarette cards including Players, Ogden’s, Taddy’s etc. £340
306 A collection of Registers of Ships. £0
307 A pair of water colours of river scenes. £0
308 Four boxes of various vintage football programmes to include Forest, Oldham, Stags, Notts etc. £70
309 A small suitcase full of black and white photographs press cuttings and road maps. £35
310 A Chinese wooden baby bath on bucket shaped stand. £0
311 Two clocks and a pair of binoculars. £20
312 A number of technical drawings of engineering equipment, etc. £0
313 A pair of pressed paper lamp shades and a bag Lustre light fitting. £0
314 Two boxes of various books to include 'The Affair' by C.P. Snow and others. £20
315 Two Gilbert & George Albums. £25
316 A wooden American Red Cross WW2 sign. £35
317 A microscope and lenses by C. Baker, London. £0
318 A small box of tools. £25
319 A violin and banjo (af) in original cases. £45
320 A vintage USA World War radio calibrating machine with headphones. £0
321 A box of assorted silver plate. £35
322 A large box of postcards and cigarette cards. £55
323 A box of pictures and photographs. £0
324 A box of green army/war uniforms, ties etc. £20
325 Three green army rucksacks. £0
326 A box of assorted silver plate. £0
327 A 1907 scientific instrument for measuring power output and performance of steam railway locomotives by Sulzer Bros. London. £0
328 A Forestry Commission enamel sign “TAKE CARE DO NOT START FIRE”. £120
329 A Military Mess Dress Jacket and trousers and two military shirts. £20
330 A collection of Aston Martin catalogues and other racing memorabilia. £15
400 A Regency design three tier mahogany bookcase with turned legs and fronts. £70
401 An late 19c satinwood inlaid octagonal top side table, resting on shaped legs. £20
402 A modern beige upholstered bucket hall chair. £0
403 A small antique mahogany stained chest of two small over two long drawers. £35
404 A mahogany 1950's sideboard together with matching gateleg table. £0
405 An antique mahogany folding top card table resting on column and carved legs. £65
406 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany square shaped living chair with green fabric. £30
407 A Hamedan carpet runner in red and blue ground with central wave and boarded stitched (300 by 105) (Ref 17). £0
408 A Victorian oak Cromwell design high back gents armchair on turned legs covered in a green and red stripe fabric. £20
409 A Victorian inlaid tripod wine table together with a Georgian 1820's kitchen table and a mahogany gate leg table. £0
410 A good Victorian over stuffed Howard & Sons armchair in beige fabric, marked on casters. £0
411 A 1950's style table together with a vintage Cannon gas heater (display only) and a 1960's small ottoman unit. £10
412 A mid 20th century style oak bookcase unit. £0
413 A Georgian mahogany bow fronted corner cabinet on legs. £0
414 A Victorian roll top mahogany and cedar lined writing bureau with pull out section and glazed two door top. £260
415 A Victorian mahogany framed armchair with gold coloured fabric. £20
416 Three Victorian mahogany dining chairs with white upholstered pads. £0
417 A Baluch design red and cream ground and design carpet. 197 by 80 (Ref11) £0
418 A small teak games table. £0
419 A Saveh quality pink ground floral boarded gull pattern carpet (295 by 100). (Ref 64) £0
420 A Laura Ashley three seater over stuffed sofa in cream draylon. £0
421 Two large wooden fireplace surrounds. £0
422 A wing back 1950's design Parker Knoll armchair in sand coloured fabric. £70
423 A pine two tier side table. £0
424 A Chinese hardwood oriental style small bench or scroll table. £0
425 A large French provincial oak buffet unit (af). £25
426 An antique small mahogany suitcase stand on turned legs. £30
427 A round pine dining table with four stickback chairs. £60
428 A Laura Ashley two seater sofa in cream fabric. £0
429 A French style chest of five drawers resting on cabriole legs. £0
430 A rosewood Chinese treasures cabinet with fitted doors together with small table. £40
431 A pine bedside cabinet. £0
432 A Hamedan red and cream ground and floral pattern rug. (285 by 105) (Ref 18) £0
433 A set of four possible early G Plan 1950's chairs with round seats on square bases. £130
434 A Victorian mahogany two drawer hall table. £20
435 A large oak drop flap gate leg table. £0
436 A small elm and oak hinged lidded storage box. £15
437 A set of seven oak lattice back arts and crafts dining chairs. £110
438 A four foot french bain au lit pine bed. £0
439 A very large good quality oak refractory plank top table resting on shaped legs. with pegged top £220
440 A mahogany console side table. £10
441 An Ardekan red and blue floral bordered and central medallion rug. (225 by 120) (Ref 90) £0
442 A room size antique Tabriz flower design red and blue cream carpet. (Ref 6) £0
443 Two panelled backed oak church pews. £140
444 A small gate leg table. £0
445 A Kordi floral pattern quality carpet. (300 by 130) (Ref 33) £0
446 A large oak Victorian extending table with two extra leaves. £85
447 An antique mahogany Georgian design sideboard with two cupboards and a drawer. £10
448 A set of four Victorian balloon back chairs with two others. £20
449 A small camel stool with brass embossed edge. £0
450 A small antique mahogany glazed fronted glass cabinet. £20
451 An antique bow fronted chest of two small over one large drawers. £15
452 A Victorian pedestal mahogany card table. £45
453 A large french country pine extending dining table on shaped legs. £0
454 An Ercol dining table and six Ercol stickback chairs. 151x74cm £260
455 A light pine chest of two small over two long drawers. £35
456 A mahogany drop leaf table together with another in oak. £0
457 A mahogany and oak pot cupboard. £0
458 Two bucket shaped Austrian design easy chairs in blue. £30
459 An antique elm smokers bow, horse shoe shape back armchair on turned legs . £60
460 A Victorian design two seater sofa, converts to chaise lounge together with armchair upholstered in the same fabric. £0
461 A large rustic oval top pine dining table and six chairs to include two carvers. £0
462 A large old oak and elm Windsor hoop back chair with turned legs and stretcher base. £45
463 A nest of four oriental style mahogany tables. £20
464 A Georgian design stained as pine glass fronted bookcase. £0
465 A large pine storage unit. £0
466 An Edwardian oak bookcase with later bevelled glass doors. £0
467 A Spanish design pine chest of two small over four large drawers. £0
468 A Victorian mahogany chest of two small over three long drawers. £60
469 An oval oak table and two chairs. £130
470 A large Chinese blue and white carpet with Dragon pattern. £25
471 Two Chinese carved hardwood jardiniere stands with cream and black marble tops. £75
472 Four solid oak arts and crafts back chairs. £20
473 A small turquoise Chinese carpet decorated with dragons. £50
474 A tall mahogany plant stand. £10
475 A late 19 century child's school desk for two people. £30
476 A mahogany pedestal desk with leather inlaid top. £40
477 An antique rosewood whatnot section, fitted draw, resting on turned legs. £0
478 A cast iron and brass white painted 4ft bed frame. £35
479 A child's Postman Pat van. Non functioning. £0
480 An large oak and elm mounted horse GIG with green painted decoration and rubber wheels, cast iron tread plates, and mounted carriage plates, holders for lamps, affixed plaque for British drivers soc £0
481 Two 1970's tiled tables. £0
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