Auctioneers in Dorset

Antiques & Interiors 30 September 2017

Date: 30th September 2017 - 10:00

Antiques & Interiors Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 A large quantity of coloured glass animals. £20
2 Three various chiming mantle clocks. One very damaged, needs restoring. £0
3 Three boxed Limited Edition models of the Three Stooges. £0
4 Four German pottery monks and a Devon pottery jug with cockerel design etc. £0
5 A mixed lot including miniature animals, silver handled butter knife etc and a Colclough tea set. £0
6 A box of Viners studio designed by Gerald Benny cutlery together with a box of other cutlery. £60
7 Eleven various coloured glass animals to include Svenskt glass. Many damaged. £20
8 A large collection of various china to include Spode, Poole Pottery, Aynsley etc. £20
9 A collection of four brown resin dogs. £20
10 Three Royal Worcester ladies with a Leonardo collection lady and a Milton jug. £55
11 Two glass bowls freeform and together with four glass vases. £15
12 A large collection of mainly glazed china animals including Poole Pottery, Lladro, Beswick and three Poole Pottery lidded pots. (Examine). £25
13 A very large modern Wedgwood tea/dinner service with floral the ice rose pattern £30
14 Three various Deer's horns. £15
15 Anna Sewell: Black Beauty illustrated by Lionel Edwards; publ. Peter Lunn 1946. £0
16 A bronze art gallery figure: Samurai, boxed. £0
17 A bronze art gallery figure: Samurai Archer. £25
18 A bronze art gallery figure: Ninja, boxed. £0
19 A bronze art gallery figure: Samurai, boxed. £0
20 A bronze art gallery figure: Ninja, boxed. £0
21 A brass miners lamp with glass funnel with Thomas & Williams Cambrian No BT. £20
22 A mixed lot of china and glass. £25
23 A quantity of old film reels. £45
24 A Bunnykins set consisting of plate, cup, bowl and beaker. £0
25 A bronze art gallery figure: Samurai, boxed. £25
26 A bronze art gallery figure: Ninja, boxed. £0
27 A bronze art gallery figure: Samurai, boxed. £0
28 A large collection of clear pressed glass together with a cut glass lamp. £30
29 A collection of Oriental china with some silver plated cutlery. £15
30 The residue of a Suzie Cooper bronzed leaves dinner service together with other china. £0
31 Three Franklin Mint precision models of cars. £65
32 A china tea set together with two pictures, a Beswick cow and a Queen Ann sugar bowl & milk jug. £40
33 Three china lady NAO figures and two Derula vases. £20
34 A small lot of collectables. £40
35 An American wall clock together with a rack strike movement cuckoo clock (restoration needed). £20
36 Three large blue and white china Oriental bowls.consisting of a wash bowl decorated with panels of stylised phoenix in clouds the punch bowls with garden and flower decoration £60
37 two Oriental large vases. inc a vietnamese blue and white a. gourd shape decorated stylised leaves and two oblisks in yellow £25
38 A large amber coloured dimpled glass vase. £0
39 A quantity of Chinese collectable china a high fired jin narrow neck vase a tea dust vase with stand soapstone vase a blue glazed kylin and two others £45
40 An Italian inlaid and mounted Sorrento mandolin Stridente. £50
41 A continental painted and inlaid games compendium box. £15
42 Twelve pieces of Poole Pottery to include four Barbara Linley Adams bird plaques together with three other pieces of china. £30
43 A mounted bust of a man's head. £20
44 An Kutani incence burner in rust. together with a large Satsuma kyoto vase in gold and brown. £30
45 A Retro 1970's floral china dinner service by Camelot. £0
46 Mixed china and glass to include a piece of Medina glass, Holmeguard glass, Brown Denby pots etc. £15
47 An unusual ceramic container modelled as a large walnut. £0
48 Two mantle clocks together with a framed owl clock and a wall clock. £20
49 A Canon camcorder together with three tripods, a Panasonic Lumia etc. £140
50 A Paragon 'Michelle' teaset together with a residue of a Denby dinner service. £20
51 Eight Poole Pottery jam pots in the traditional pattern. £0
52 Two miniature Royal Doulton figurines: Dinky Do and Rose together with a Sylvac foal and another. £25
53 A large collection of traditional Poole Pottery. £80
54 A quantity of Poole Pottery. £55
55 A very large collection of boxed Lilliput Lane models together with some magazines/books. £100
56 Various collectables to include three pieces of Stuart Crystal glassware, Lladro/Nao china plaques, copper kettle, brass electric lamp etc. £40
57 Two jelly moulds together with two car badges and a toilet sign. £55
58 Elvis Sheet Music etc. Here we have 4 pieces of sheet music (3 Framed) a Record Songbook from 1960 - Jerry Lee Lewis Programme from 1990 and a glazed picture of Elvis. £10
59 A mixed lot of 45 rpm records together with three cameras and three vases including Sylvac. £18
60 A quantity of boxed Lledo and Corgi models. £40
61 A Japanese patterned china teaset. £0
62 A resin figurine of two maidens. £0
63 A silvered naval medallion and a collection of old postcards,etc. £35
64 A box of medals and badges, etc. £55
65 A mixed lot of RAF ephemera and belt. £25
66 A box of mixed collectables including pens, ephemera, etc. £40
67 A Poole Pottery jug by Margaret Holder 1929 in geometrical design. (5" high). £0
68 A 9ct gold ring set with a central green stone and surrounding white stones. £0
69 9ct white gold ring set with a central tourmaline and diamond shoulders £45
70 A 9ct gold and amethyst ring. £35
71 A 9ct white gold ring with central Aquamarine and surrounding white stones. £40
72 A 9ct gold ring set with diamond shoulders and central heart shaped white stone. £0
73 A 9ct gold ring with pierced shoulders set with four square garnets £40
74 9ct gold ring with chrome diopside in a twist setting. £0
75 A gold ring marked 375 set with small Sapphires and white stone shoulders. £0
76 A 9ct gold ring set with four green stones (chrome diopside). £0
77 A 9ct ring with flower setting of white stones. £35
78 A 9ct gold ring set with a central red spinel surrounded by white stones. £0
79 A 9ct gold ring with diamond chips and a central blue stone. £0
80 A 9ct gold front and back adjustable bangle. £0
81 Three vintage watches in a small tub. £40
95 Twelve cards of India national stamp exhib 1988 etc £20
96 Nine cards of various stamps. £20
97 A card of three Canada stamps. £15
98 A lot of 10 Victorian half penny stamps. £0
99 A lot of seven Victorian sixpenny and one shilling stamps. £0
100 A Beswick "Corma Garth Stroller" depicting a St.Bernard dog. £0
101 Six boxed Matchbox 'Superfast' collectable die cast cars in mint condition. To include: Model 7 VW Golf (1976), Model 9 Ford RS 2000 (1978), Model 11 Car Transporter (1976), Model 42 Mercedes Container Truck (1977), Model 52 Police Launch (1976), Model 69 Security Truck (1978). £60
102 Two Royal Doulton china figures, 1961 HN2128 River Boy and 1961 HN2238 My Pet. £0
103 Three Ronson lighters. 1 gold coloured in case and two separate. £25
104 Two continental china figures of men on horses to include Napoleon and wellington . £30
105 A Royal Worcester china figure by F. G. Doughty 3071 of India. £35
106 Eight lamp blown glass figures of musicians and a larger one of the pied piper of Hamlyn by Brod or Bimbi or One damaged. £40
107 An old book 'The Deathless Story Of The Titanic' in poor condition together with some vintage music sheets. £0
108 A folder of early London Newspapers and Magazines including London Chronicle Times for Sep 1810, 1811, Quebec 13 Sep 1759, Battle of Ticonergro etc. £25
109 Elvis Presley Vintage Scrapbooks. A lovely fans collection of classic newspaper clippings of the King. Also a couple of magazines and a car windscreen Elvis dangler. £15
110 An German WWII Nazi Dagger. with amber grip silver plated sheath and oak leave decoration stamped blade taken by vendors father 1945 £250
111 A folder of Elvis Presley Ephemera to include several copies of Elvis Monthly. Some badly worn. £0
112 A Lalique 1961 Elizabeth glass vase decorated with robins together with two other pieces of glass. £120
113 A rare signed mascot in the form of a nodding Policeman (Bobby) by John Hassall. £0
114 A quantity of vintage costume jewellery to include a boxed Regent of London compact, amber beads etc. £20
115 A Hohner "Larry Adler" professional 12" chromatic harmonica. £0
116 Six small china Oriental vases. consisting of two celadon and one Cantonese glazed and two rust and blue ditto £40
117 A Vintage scrap book together with a music book. £15
118 An Art Deco style Spelter figure of a female dancing with a hoop, standing on an onyx base. (12" high), together with a Nouveau style mirror. £90
119 An interesting Inuit carving of a fish filleter. £80
120 A pair of blue and white floral patterned oriental dishes, a singler dish, a Japanese tea bowl and other items of oriental porcelain. £20
120a A pair of export porcelain bowls decorated with scenes of the hongs at the harbourside. 1 af. £0
121 Three green and blue Oriental plates.decorated stylised flowers £0
121A A Chinese painting on rice paper of a mandarin with green and blue attire and red cap with finiale feather and a set of paintings on silk of ships contained in a cloth case £85
122 A quantity of "Take That" photographs. £40
123 A collection of Harold Thornton prints and R. A. Exhibition books, etc. £0
124 A Commemorative First Transatlantic day trip plated medal London to Washington June 15th 1977. £75
124a A small box of wade wimsies £15
125 A genuine Azizoff onyx marble clock. £10
126 A set of four Georgian steam medals in pewter and silver plate, engraved by D. Thomason, England 1800 - 1825 commemorating: 1) Mr Watts Double Acting Steam Engine. 2) Mr Watts Single Acting Steam Engine. 3) Savery's Steam Engine and 4) Newcomens Steam Engine. All set in a Moroccan leather case. (See Power House Museum Collections). £0
127 A stamp album and loose stamps. £15
128 An album of interesting photographs including a Dunkirk Citation Engineers badge of a rhino. £0
128a A box containing coins, stamps and first day covers. £40
129 A quantity of one pound notes and other denominations together with six old framed coins. £30
129A A box of coins. £20
130A A tub of coins. £0
131 A green stamp album containing Coronation Queen Elizabeth and King George with other European country. A book by the Baedekers Tyrol and the Dolomites with a purse and some cigarette cards. £30
132 A small wooden box of small collectables. £0
132A An album of coins together with a small box of mixed coins. £20
133 A child's stamp album and other. £15
134 Two large stamp albums containing stamps from various countries. £0
135 Two Swarovski crystal glass hippos. One large and one small. Both with boxes. £30
136 Three Swarovski crystal glass animals to include hedgehog, small duck and koala. All boxed. £40
137 A Swarovski 1989 crystal glass parrot together with a Swarovski Crystal glass egg paperweight. Both boxed. £30
138 Two Swarovski crystal glass animals. Large owl and large Teddy bear. Both boxed. £45
139 A Swarovski Limited Edition paperweight together with a Swarovski dolphin brooch. Both boxed. £30
140 A Swarovski crystal glass Airplane and wooden plinth. "When We Were Young". With box. £25
141 A 1988 Swarovski crystal glass Clam and pearl with box. £15
142 Swarovski Crystal memories 'Classics' bells. With box. £15
143 A Swarovski crystal glass automobile and wooden plinth. "Old Timer Automobile". With box. £25
144 Small pieces of Swarovski to include: Two necklaces, two tie pins, two boxed pens and a SCS brooch. £15
145 A 1992 Swarovski crystal glass pair of whales "Care For Me". With box. £0
146 A 1990 Swarovski crystal glass pair of dolphins "Lead me". With box. £0
147 A 1991 Swarovski crystal glass pair of seals "Save Me". With box. £0
148 Six Swarovski display mirrors. Some marks due to use. £0
149 A Swarovski crystal glass Waterlily candle holder with box. £0
150 Ascension. 1956. S.G.57-69. Complete Mounted Mint set. Cat. £120. £0
151 Australia 1915 S.G.24. 2d mounted mint. Die I. Cat. £85. £8
152 Australia. 1924. S.G.74. 2/- Mounted Mint. Die II. Cat. £65. £5
153 Dominica. 1908-20. Stockcard of used between S.G.47 and 53. £10
154 Gambia. 1898-1902. 6 Mounted Mint Queen Victoria stamps. Cat. £64. £8
155 Grenada. 1913-22. S.G.89-99. Range of used on stockcard. Cat. £71 min. £8
156 Hong Kong. Small stockcard of Queen Vic. used. Cat. £560+. £25
157 Hong Kong. S.G.62-71. Stockcard of Edward VII used. Cat. £100. £0
158 K.U.T. Stockcard of Geo VI mint incl. some scarce perfs. Cat. £247+. £35
159 Montserrat. 1908. 5 Edward VII mint. Cat. £112. £15
160 Newfoundland. Stockcard of mint/used. Good Cat. £0
161 New Guinea. 1939. S.G. 212-221 Mint. Cat. £166. £20
162 A lot of 10 Victorian two and a half penny stamps. £0
163 A carton of costume jewellery including pearls, beads etc. £45
164 Four ladies wristwatches including three Rotary. £0
164a A box of cigarette cards and silks. £20
165 A jewellery box full of costume jewellery £35
166 A tub of vintage costume jewellery. £0
167 A carton of ladies and gents wristwatches. £15
168 A box of collectables including watches, costume jewellery, etc. £20
169 A cased hallmarked silver three piece vanity set by W.G.S Ltd (1929) comb (af) missing teeth. £30
170 A collection of vintage pens including Waterman, Mable Todd and Wyvern together with an Eversharp gold filled mechanical pencil. £55
171 A box of watches including Rotary, cufflinks, etc. £40
172 A WWII gun sight in brass for 30 lbs with etched eye piece No 57.X3.M.L.Mk I £20
173 A weather barometer and thermometer in wooden case with a Parker pen with guarantee dating 22.12.73 together with two turquoise bird plates. £20
174 A box of costume jewellery. £35
175 A silver plated Ercuis - Contemporary 'fuide' collection bowl. £0
176 A Georgian bullet shaped silver teapot with flat chased decoration (handle broken) London. Approximately 460 grams. £140
177 A silver back dressing table set. £15
177a A Chinese silver ink well mounted on a rosewood base ,makers mark YL and characters ,dipicting a horned Dragon, two inkwells with embossed silver mounts with an antimony tray. £440
178 Two silver trophy cups and a small tankard (approx. 233 grams). £50
179 A Wakely and Wheeler goblet 1953 hallmark engraved decoration in silver.(Approximately 185 grams). £60
180 A silver handled magnifying glass with plated rim and leather case. £15
181 A silver topped sugar sifter together with a small vase (weighted), a punch cup and a plated cigarette case. £30
182 Five napkin rings in silver (approx. 198 grams) £65
183 Silver cruet set including salt, pepperette and mustard pot, including liner. (Approx. 300 grams). £95
184 An Arts and Crafts lidded copper pot with enamel design to lid and marked " Donald Willkie". (3" high x 3" dia.) £50
185 A silver Tarza on outswept base with scalloped top. (Approx. 235 grams) £70
186 "The Lifeboat bowl" a Limited Edition of 700 made in solid silver to commemorate their 150th anniversary in 1974. £120
187 Royal Doulton 70 year celebratory figures: Goofy and Daisy, boxed. £50
188 Royal Doulton 70 year celebratory figures: Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, boxed. £50
189 A Beswick Multi figure base. £0
190 A mixed lot of silver and plated flatware together with a tea caddy and other items. £45
191 A Beswick fox and two hounds together with an Alsatian and one other. £40
192 Two Beswick Beatrice Potter figurines with gold back stamp : Tommy Brock and Mrs Tiggywinkle. £0
193 Seven early Japanese white china tea bowls. £0
193a A blanc Dr chine of a figure of a guan ting, a gold shaped snuff bottle decorated in green and a soap stone effect study of a young lady with harp. £20
194 A small book on the works of Aristotle. £10
195 A pair of nazi 2nd world war binoculars in original case. see stamp to leather on base £100
196 Six Babycham glasses white background together with two Beswick .models of Bambi and a plastic ditto . £40
197 A bronze censor with small handle. £15
198 A Beswick cow and bulldog together with one other. £35
199 A Beswick prancing brown horse. £30
200 An 18ct gold ring with three diamonds in a collet setting. £280
201 Two silver lockets together with two silver rings set with central stone. £0
202 A 1914 half Sovereign in 9ct gold mount. £120
203 A 9ct gold gate bracelet with safety chain. £185
204 Two 19th century silver pocket watches and one other. £35
205 A stop watch, compass and two badges together with a photo album of pictures relating to The 10th Middlesex Regiment in India,1915. £95
206 A 9ct gold fob chain attached to a miniature compass. £75
207 An 18ct gold ring set with five diamonds in an Ivorine box. £150
208 A pair of 9ct gold cuff links together with two 9ct gold chains and lockets, one not gold. £180
209 A 9ct gold ring with central blue stone together with a matching pendant. £40
210 A mixed lot including 9ct gold earrings, two gold rings etc. £60
211 A 9ct gold wristwatch with a rolled gold strap. £30
212 An 18ct gold band set with five spaced diamonds. £110
212a An 18ct three stone ring with central sapphire. £0
213 A solitaire diamond ring set in 9ct gold. £80
214 A 9ct gold snake bangle with Garnet eyes. £420
215 A 9ct gold and coral flower spray brooch. £60
216 A five stone Garnet ring set in 15ct gold. £100
216a A 9 carat gold bracelet with a pair of earings in a pandora box £30
217 A five stone diamond ring set in 18ct gold. £450
218 An emerald and diamond ring set in 18ct gold. £115
219 A diamond heart shaped ring set in 18ct yellow gold with diamond shoulders set in 18ct white gold. £0
220 An 18ct white gold band set with three rows of diamond chips. £0
221 A diamond eternity ring set in 14ct yellow gold (size N). £60
222 A 14ct white gold bracelet set with 27 diamonds amounting to 1.50ct in total. 7" in length. £360
223 A Gents Gucci watch with leather strap in original box. £55
224 A ladies Rotary watch in 9ct gold on a 9ct gold strap £65
225 A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include a silver horseshoe brooch. £35
226 Two fob watches on Albert chains together with watches and pens. £80
227 A mixed lot of costume jewellery and coins. £30
228 An 18ct gold ring with diamond marquis setting together with a 9ct gold pendant on a 9ct gold chain and some costume jewellery. £90
229 A pair of Royal Copenhagen squat candlesticks with a crackle glaze. £20
230 A mixed lot of silver plated mats a plated tea set and a silver mounted part nail set and plated items. £30
231 A collection of oriental china. A cloobard plate, a soy dish in Tristan bowl, tea bowls, jade bowl etc. £65
231a A interesting mallet shaped bottle vase depicting an old scribe by a rocky outcliff sealmark £65
232 A Moorcroft 10" vase in the Round Tower design, fully marked. £0
233 A small Moorcroft vase with a frog design. Fully marked. £45
234 A Cobridge 10" fighting sheep (last in a set of three). Impressed marks to the base. £45
235 A Moorcroft 8" vase in the Harvest Poppy design. Fully marked to the base. £0
236 A Moorcroft 12" vase in the Harvest Poppy design. Fully marked to the base. £0
237 A Galle style lamp base and shade. £75
238 A pair of oils on panel (5'x 7" ) of still life with fruit and grapes, by Maria Muller in gilt frames. £0
238a Three soul art pictures by Muleupa Chafilwa (3.5" x 6.5" £10
239 A pair of Royal Dux figures of shepherd and companion PTM (af). £45
240 Two Chinese Root Wood Sage figurines with one other. £30
241 A German Majolica Figural Negro on Melon Humidor tobacco jar with impressed marks to base. £35
242 A miniature late 19c Gillette shaver and razors in an ivory case. £170
243 Three bottles of alcohol to include Glenfiddich , dimple Scotch whisky, Sheep dip. £0
244 A Clarice Cliff bowl and one other together with a Grays Pottery pin tray and another. £40
244a A Wymess vase (chips to outer rim) £30
245 A collection of miniature plates of the "World's Greatest Houses" to include Royal Worcester, Royal Copenhagen, Lladro etc. £0
246 A picture depicting George Best . £0
247 Three albums of Royal photographs including a letter. £0
248 An early pair of binoculars together with a telescope. £45
249 Beatles Life Atlantic 60's Magazines. Here we have 3 magazines from 1968 with stories and pictures relating to The Beatles, Yoko Ono and Mary Hopkin. Magazines are in VG conditions. £10
250 A Sydney Carter of south African fame a art Nouveau Oil of a young lady's face. framed £170
251 A Sydney Carter Oil of : "Knight and Lady". in flowing dress and armour framed £220
251A A watercolour of a Chinese scene Hong Kong by h j h Simpson vendors family there in 1904 with three others black ink and gold highlights £0
252 Three framed pictures. £700
253 Two signed football pictures together with a signed boxing picture. £25
254 South African school S I HLATSWRYO framed watercolour. of boys at play framed and glazed £30
255 Two oils of street scenes by Burnett £20
256 A watercolour by John Cotton showing Wimborne Minster in the distance. £0
257 A watercolour picture by Charles Madden of girl in head dress together with an oil on canvas of man in woodland and another picture. £80
258 An oil on board: Impasto of buildings by R.Moy. £35
259 A box containing a large quantity of stamp albums. £40
260 A red folder of First Day Covers. £0
261 A box of stamps and First Day covers. £0
262 Three albums of approximately 300 phone cards. £0
263 Three albums of vintage football programmes/ephemera containing mainly Tottenham Hotspur. £110
264 A Turkish Sabir box in black glass with gilt overlay after Moser in case, limited edition, zevk-i selim no. 300 of 2000 plus cert. £30
265 A box of collectables including tobacciana. £45
266 A box of ephemera. £15
267 A white tub of cigarette cards together with a silver plated teapot. £20
268 A box of collectables. £55
269 A sundry of collectables including old recipe books,a meat cleaver a wooden tray and a framed written insight , The designer and the craftsman. £20
270 A large box of stamps . £40
271 Four strings of amber style beads and mixed costume jewellery. £45
272 A late Victorian metal wall sconce with plated reflector possible scottish or german school. a art and crafts copper dish, clews vase, etc £50
273 A box of collectables. £40
274 A mixed lot of costume jewellery including a sterling silver matching bracelet, necklace and earrings in a fan shaped design, bought in Siam together with a gold plated collar necklace. £40
275 A mixed lot of collectables including silver plated items, pens and opera glasses. £25
276 A mixed lot of costume jewellery together with silver plated candlestick, etc. £50
276a A large jug and bowl set in green. £0
277 A Chinese hardwood wood chest decorated with gilt figures in garden setting. £0
278 Three wall mirrors in mahogany and walnut together with a dressing table mirror. £55
279 A long ladies vintage fur coat. £0
280 Beatrix Potter two musical boxes: Lady Mouse and Mr Benjamin Bunny. £30
281 A quantity of china and glass. £30
282 A quantity of glass. £15
283 A set of five Wade money box pigs. £50
284 A black and gold Naval uniform decorated with badges.pins etc £0
285 A quantity of red coloured glass. £20
286 A large quantity of penguins. £50
287 Five Grays figures: Two huntsman bunnies with three figures from the fox family. £30
288 A quantity of glassware china and other. £20
289 A Coca Cola sign. £40
290 An oak specimen draw cabinet. £65
291 A Chinese hardwood opium table rested with inverted legs. £50
292 A large oil on canvas (30" x 40") depicting The Tour de France. £65
293 A WWII petrol generator. £0
294 An ''Attention au Feu'' advertising sign. £0
295 Two suitcases. £0
296 Two paintings on board. by Derick Jennings of corn and river scene £0
297 A large bronze panther. £160
298 A box of vintage Jaques lawn bowls. £30
299 A framed print from the Dino De Laurentiis production, Waterloo. £0
300 A vintage anglepoise work station/ desk clamp light. £45
300a A water colour of a highland scene by Frank Holme. £0
301 A box of mixed cutlery and vintage kitchenalia together with a green Chinese tray. £0
302 A painting of a scenescape together with one other. £20
303 A watercolour and pastel of a highland scene by Herbert Tomlinson. (36' x 17") £15
304 A large quantity of Penske Products to include bag, glass tumblers, clothing etc. £100
305 A quantity of foreign film posters. £0
306 A Dresden floral and gilt teapot, tea plate and coffee pot and another water jug. (4) £170
307 Dynatron Maxurka Stereo Record Player. In wooden cabinet with Perspex lid housing a Garrard SP 25 MK lll turntable complete with a pair of Dynatron LS 1436 speakers £35
307a A late 19th century chinese coral silk and embroidered curtain made up from underskirts decorated with moths, pomegranates and prunis flowers together silk dress. £220
308 A Vintage Space Invaders Arcade machine from the 1970's. Complete with keys. £0
309 Key Concerto Loudspeakers. The Concerto, released in 1969, was KEF’s latest high quality three-way loudspeaker system. It maintained the KEF practice in high end systems of using a dedicated midrange driver to cover the critical vocal range, in this case the newly developed 5” bextrene coned B110. Together with the new T27 ¾” melinex domed tweeter and the established B139 bass driver, it offered full range reproduction with low distortion, high power capacity and wide dispersion.
Intended for professionals and serious enthusiasts the Concerto became a major success and remained in production until 1977 when it was superseded by the Cantata." £0
310 Nine medallions mounted and framed together with a collection of copper plaques. £50
311 A box of auction house classic car catalogues. £25
312 taxidermy: A pigeon on a branch with foliage in wooden case. £40
313 A vintage mechanical cash register by 'Gross'. £30
314 An Art Deco garniture clock set in marble with key together with an orientalist metal pot. £0
315 A tray of collectables including a wooden dowelling jig, truncheon, a vintage flashlight etc £40
316 Two Australian brass handled walking sticks with associated badges, one of turned design. £20
317 A mixed lot of glass including dog s knife rests cruit , etc. £0
318 A large late Victorian Watcombe platter painted with birds in the reeds. £50
319 A large Watcombe platter painted with lilacs. £55
320 Two black and white framed photographs of German battleships together with others and four Royal Doulton plates "In Defence of the Realm". £35
321 Four various pictures depicting a landscape, abstract art and two Japanese ladies. £0
322 A quantity of Lledo Days Gone diecast models. £30
323 A wooden motorised tug model. £35
324 An Excalibur competition crossbow with cover. £100
325 An Art Nouveau style mother and child figural light. £0
326 Two oriental style English made Indian tree pattern china lamp bases. £0
327 A, Royal Naval Cordite carrier 20" high with leather handle. £30
328 Hand operated peat bellows in copper on an oak base together with two pieces of glass. £30
329 13 pieces of Poole Pottery in the traditional pattern. £0
330 A large modernistic chrome pendant ceiling lamp with five glass shades. (One missing) together with another ceiling light. £0
331 A mixed lot of china to include Wedgwood together with a carriage clock. £35
332 Two milk churns. £40
333 A box of Graphic Novels (Superheroes). £20
334 A box of children's books and others. £15
335 Four signed and framed oriental pictures. £0
336 A Caithness paperweight "Walking on Water". £150
337 Two violins in cases with bows. £15
338 A box of collectables including clocks etc. £20
339 A large collection of cricket memorabilia to include club ties, yearbooks etc. Strong connection to Hants C.C. £0
340 5 watercolours in the deco style by a Bulgarian artist and european together with two prints. £0
341 A box of classic graphic novels. £40
342 A pair of Bakelite internal phones with one external phone. £30
343 An 18" engraved brass tray together with three brass tea hand bells. £15
344 Two Leon Paul epee blades together with a black anglepoise lamp. £45
345 A grumpy tribal man leaning together with two other carvings. £0
347 A Horstman anglepoise lamp. £40
348 An oak specimen draw cabinet with workable lock and key. £55
349 A Cornwall pottery lamp together with a wooden carved eagle, an owl and a hiking stick. £20
350 A folio of prints. £15
351 A Cazuelas pottery tray and six similar cups with geometrical design. £0
352 A Kodakcolor Advertising display. £120
353 A wooden drum box together with a wooden umbrella stand. £15
354 A large box of music sheets, picture show magazines, photography, Sixty Years a Queen together with a small quantity of books including Our Mutual Friend and Hard Times Victorian edition de luxe 119/1000. £45
355 A selection of Enid Blyton books with others. £0
356 An old wooden bottle crate together with one other. £0
357 Treasures of the earth collectors boxes of crystals/ gem stones. £0
358 Four large plastic dice. £20
359 An oak banjo shaped aneroid barometer/thermometer. £0
360 A faux bamboo walking with a pewter handle and tip steel lined possible . army issue in Africa of far east £40
360a A string & co Poole embossed beer bottle with original stopper and a similar one £15
361 A Crown Derby rust gold and black plate. pattern 1128 £10
362 A Hitachi camcorder with a Nikon camera and a 85-210mm lense. £20
363 A white resin pig. £25
364 A decorative gilded plaque together with a gallery poster of sunflowers dated 1977. £20
365 Four prints, one signed by Andrew Bennett, Fox Hollow, two bird related pictures: Comical, with a print of the Arc de Triomphe. £0
366 A Victorian cast floral brass companion set on stand. £0
367 A storm candle lantern. £20
368 A watercolour painting depicting a young lady together with a religious print. £20
369 A 19th century large copper bucket / planter. £130
370 A box of comics including Barbie, Look in, Whizzer and Chips, Bunty, Hoot etc £0
371 Various pictures. £0
372 A large mirror together with a framed handkerchief for the funeral of King Edward VII 1910. £50
373 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre tea/coffee set, some damage. £300
378 Three boxes of Meccano and a Meccano clockwork motor. £0
379 Two watercolours of rural scenes, signed F. Parr and one other. £0
380 A retro adjustable factory bench stool. £20
400 An oak sewing table with opening top. £50
401 A carved oak display table with glass top and shelf underneath. £90
402 A wooden office chair with green leather upholstered seat. £20
403 An oak blanket box with dovetail joints. £50
404 An Art Deco style wooden low armchair with brown upholstery. heals or Glasgow school £0
405 A pine 19th century commode. £0
406 An oak corner cupboard with carved features on legs. £440
407 A half moon occasional table. £10
408 A reproduction mahogany dining table with six matching chairs. £10
409 A modern wooden duck with another together with a wooden sculpture of a frog on a mushroom and a plastic sculpture of old jalopy £0
410 A mahogany dresser with mirrored back. £20
411 Four Edwardian mahogany dining chairs. £15
412 A winged armchair with plum coloured loose fabric. £10
413 A part Duchess bone china dinner service. £30
414 An oval faux limestone pedestal table and six modern highback chairs together with matching sideboard. £55
415 An Elaine Goddard green glazed urn with other similar urn together with a Poole Pottery vase, a 1920's Atsonea Recency style mirror and a Poole Pottery bowl. £35
416 A white designer poulson ? 1970s space age dining table with four matching chairs. £200
417 A bentwood rocking chair with cane back and seat. £15
418 Three Ercol style small tables. £190
419 A Nathan bureau with two small drawers over three long. £30
420 An Ercol stickback armchair. £40
421 An Ercol display cabinet/bookcase with two glass doors on base.(Windsor Range). £180
422 An Ercol display cabinet/bookcase with two glass doors on base.(Windsor Range). £180
423 An Ercol sideboard with three doors and drawers under. £110
424 An Ercol Windsor range dining table and four matching stickback chairs. £180
425 An Edwardian mahogany corner cupboard. £15
426 A pair of Ercol highback Windsor chairs and a matching footstool. £200
427 A Royal Keshan large 100% wool rug. £0
428 A pink ground carpet. 10ft by 8ft. £0
429 A turned and adjustable legged coffee table. £0
430 A mid-century G Plan round extending table together with four G Plan chairs. £0
431 An Art Deco style display cabinet of octagonal design. £75
432 Three retro West German Lava /fat vases. £0
433 A retro teak sideboard with three drawers and cupboard section. £110
434 A large hand stitched rug. £0
435 A pair of Ercol teak retro armchairs. £0
436 A Midwinter style craft tea set (shape 4-64). £10
437 A mid-century G Plan rectangular table with four chairs. £0
438 A retro style Danish teak display unit by Laurits M Larsen. £0
439 A piece of traditional Poole Pottery together with a hug sculpture and a Kingston pottery vase. £15
440 A vintage dining room table with four 1970's patterned chairs. £0
441 A retro Parker Knoll rocking chair. £15
442 A stylish retro side unit with glazed bookcase on top. £0
443 Two horse hair Edwardian smoking chairs. £40
444 A campaign style rectangular table with brass edged corners and central brass plaque (undedicated). £0
445 Two matching leather chairs, one being a swivel chair on a wooden x base. £45
446 A 1960's retro dressing table by Wilkin with mirror, six drawers and hidden sliding compartment. £0
447 Four Ercol spindle back chairs. £30
448 An arts and crafts small bookshelf in oak. £160
449 A 1930's oak stick stand with a quantity of sticks. £30
450 A retro sable walnut extending table, model no. 5024 together with six chairs by Greaves & Thomas. £0
451 Four Ercol style stickback dining chairs with elm seats. £90
452 A nest of three tables with green felt top together with a corner chair. £10
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