Auctioneers in Dorset

Collectable Toy & Model Railway 10 August 2018

Date: 10th August 2018 - 10:00

Collectable Toy & Model Railway Friday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Seller ref Lot Description Hammer
1 HA3617 Hornby R2105A BR 2-10-0 Class 9F locomotive '92108'. Appears VG with accessory pack and boxed. £40
2 CH4961 Hornby R2234 BR 4-6-0 King Class King William IV 6002 tender locomotive. Appears VG/E and boxed with accessory pack and instructions (box faded). £35
3 LE5217 Bachmann 31-957 A4 60033 'Seagull' 4-6-2 BR green locomotive, G/VG in F box. Together with 3 x Hornby locomotives for spares/ repair: 4-6-2 Morning Star; 2-10-0 Evening Star; 4-6-2 Britannia, and a Hornby Royal Mail Coach. (5) £75
4 LE5217 Three Bachmann diesel locomotives: 32-025A Class 20 20058 BR blue; 32-105 08 Shunter 08800 Intercity; 32-106 08 Shunter 08585 Freightliner. Together with Hornby R2256 BR 0-6-0 Shunter Class 08 '08830' weathered edition. Overall G/VG and boxed. (4) £100
5 CA5131 Five Hornby and Airfix locomotives: R2670 Railroad Train Pack; R3297X LMS 0-6-0T Class 3F '16440'; R859 Silver Seal 4-6-0 Tender Locomotive; 2 x Airfix #54152-7 GWR 0-4-2 Tank Engine. Together with three Lima and one Hornby LMS coaches and a Hornby R6500 BR Brake Van. Overall F-G boxed. (10) £80
6 RO4693 Six Hornby and Lima BR diesel locomotives, together with four Hornby/ Triang Inter City coaches. Appear F-G. (10) £75
7 RO4693 Bachman 31-301 4-6-0 Manor Class 'Dinmore Manor' (boxed), together with five unboxed Hornby locomotives and a Lima LNER Breakdown Crane (in a P Lima box). (7) £60
8 SO119 Hornby Thomas The Tank Engine 0-6-0 locomotive, together with two coaches and two vans. Appear VG, loco fully serviced, unboxed. (5) £20
9 RO4693 Quantity of Triang Passenger Coaches: 3 x brown/cream; 2 x Pullman; 11 x maroon. Appear F-G, mostly boxed. (16) £50
10 AS5014 Hornby Dublo 3R L30 1000 BHP Bo-Bo diesel locomotive 'D8000', appears G in G box. Together with Hornby Dublo Duchess of Montrose, converted to 2R and fitted with Romford drivers and Jackson pony wheels (F unboxed), two Lima and one Hornby locomotive. (5) £80
11 SO119 Five locomotive bodies, together with various tenders including six motorised by Hornby and others for spares/ repair. £40
12 SO119 Approximately 40 locomotive bodies for spares/ repair. £20
13 RO4693 Quantity of rolling stock by Lima and others. Conditions F-G, unboxed. (35 approx.) Together with a quantity of wagon loads. £30
14 RO4693 Quantity of Hornby and Triang rolling stock, includes four Pullman coaches (two missing bogies). Conditions F-G, unboxed. (30 approx.) £25
15 RO4693 Quantity of Hornby and other rolling stock: 6 x coaches; 5 x wagons including R6432 BR Black Ballast Brake Van; R4536A BR Bogie Passenger Brake. Together with Corgi Trackside DG225000 Ruston Bucyrus and Lledo Trackside DG111002 LNER Sentinel Ballast Box with Low Loader and Gun Barrel Load. Conditions vary G-VG, boxed. (14) £80
16 LE5217 4 x Hornby OO cream and maroon coaches together with 1 x Mainline brown and cream coach, 2 x Jouef HO brown and cream coaches, and 1 x crane truck. G-F unboxed. (8) £30
17 LE5217 Hornby Inter City 125 DMU, together with: 2 x Hornby and 3 x Triang Inter City coaches: 1 x Triang parcel van. Appear F. (8) £45
18 SO119 Hornby Select DCC Digital Controller with Power Supply, selection of 250v/16/12v transformers/ controllers and a quantity of Zero 1 R955 Locomotive Modules. £30
19 CA5131 Two Hornby sets: R1201 Country To Coast; R1157 West Coast Highlander (missing one wagon). Appear F and boxed. £40
20 CA5131 Hornby R1140 Caledonian Carrier set. Appears E and boxed. £30
21 CA5131 Hornby R1205 Western Freight Hauler set. Appears E and boxed. £25
22 CA5131 Hornby Electric Train Set R169 Freightmaster consisting of Diesel Electric Locomotive D5572 together with 5 x Wagons, oval of track. Overall G, missing accessories in F box. £30
23 IN5235 Bachmann Branch-Line Harry The Hauler electric train set. Appears G with a quantity of track. £20
24 FO4920 Triang Rovex OO Gauge Passenger Set, comprising 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' Pacific Type Loco No.46201 and Tender, 2 x Passenger Coach, battery box and quantity of track. Overall G+ in F/P box with inner packaging. £35
25 SO119 Gaugemaster Model D Twin Track Controller 12V DC 16V AC (boxed), together with Hornby II Power Control Unit and Marshall II Power Control Unit. (3) £25
26 CO222 Selection of model railway scenery. £20
27 LE5217 Two Hornby sets: Harry Potter Hogwarts Express with locomotive and two coaches (used, missing some accessories/ track and with additional coach); The Royal Train (M&S) with locomotive and three coaches (used, missing some accessories/ track). Together with a selection of electrical equipment including boxed Gaugemaster Model 'Q'. £50
28 LE5217 Quantity of Hornby OO gauge track, includes 32 x R8090 semi-flexible single yard length. Overall appears VG (dusty). £30
29 LE5217 Quantity of Hornby and other OO gauge flexitrack: 19 x GT 1 yard straights (nickel silver? appear overall E/ unused); 7 x Hornby R304/R621 (overall appears VG/E); 4 x Hornby R8090 (appears used but overall G-VG). £30
30 LE5217 Quantity of unopened/ unused model railway scenery and accessories by Hornby, Wills and others, includes 4 x Superquick and 4 x Metcalfe unmade card model kits. Together with 4 x built card models and Hornby Skaledale Holly Farm Cottage (unboxed). £55
31 LE5217 Quantity of Hornby and other OO gauge track, includes curves and points. Conditions vary, some unused. £35
32 TR3782 Quantity of Peco Streamline straight track, includes four SL-100 Nickel Silver Rails. Mostly appears unused. (approx. 50) £40
33 EV3133 Quantity of Hornby and other track and points, includes: 5 x R612; 20 x R605; 6 x R601; 22 x R600; 3 x R609; 5 x R607; 3 x Lima N3051. Mostly G-VG (2 x Triang pieces P), unboxed. £40
34 RO4693 Quantity of model railway buildings, scenery, track and transformers, removed from a working layout. £15
35 CR5126 Hornby R546 Inter-City 125 Set containing Power Car, Dummy Car and Centre Coach, appears G+ in F box. Together with Hornby R780 BR Class 08 Diesel Shunter, 8 x boxed Hornby wagons (appear G) and a selection of accessories. £55
36 RO4693 Good quantity of model railway buildings, scenery and trackside vehicles removed from a working layout. £40
37 CA5131 Quantity of railway scenery, buildings and accessories, includes boxed Hornby Skaledale R9805 Garden Cottage, R9790 Derelict Coaches x 2 and R9721 Fisherman's Cottage. Together with three locomotives, a selection of rolling stock and a selection of lineside vehicles. £45
38 RO4693 Selection of plastic model kits and accessories by Airfix, Faller and others, includes Faller HO #131237 Village Smithy (sealed) and 2 x Airfix Series 2 Engine Shed. Appear complete (unchecked, have mostly been opened), unstarted and boxed. (11) £25
39 GI4144 Hornby Dublo 2R - a large quantity of mostly Good to Excellent Track including over 180 x 2701 Long Straights, 60 x 2702 2/3 Straights, and over 50 x shorter Straights, 40 x 2719 Large Curves, 70 x 2710 Curves, numerous shorter curves, a selection of Straight and Curved Terminal and Isolating Rails, 6 x 2731/32 Electrically operated Points, 14 x 2728/2729 (4 in Boxes) and 2750/2751 Hand operated Points, 4 x Crossovers and 7 x Uncoupling Rails including 3 x 2745 Electrically operated Versions. £35
40 RO4693 Quantity of model railway buildings and scenery removed from a working layout, includes plastic Kibri and other kit built buildings. Contained in two boxes. £25
41 TR3782 Quantity of model railway scenery, buildings, track and accessories. £25
42 TR3782 Good quantity of OO gauge track, Hornby points, a carriage servicing depot and a selection of controllers. Conditions vary. £45
43 QU775 Hornby Dublo 3R Points/Crossovers and uncoupling Rails - 9 x ISPL, 2 x ISPR, 4 x EDCR, 5 x EDCL, 6 x UBR and a UBR (missing Switch). Mostly Good and mostly in Fair to Good Boxes £35
44 SO119 Hornby Dublo D1 Through Station (VG in G box) together with 2 x #32172 Platform Extension with Wall, VG (paint touch-in to one, in G boxes). (3) £50
45 SO119 Quantity of Hornby Dublo points, includes 7 x boxed isolating left-hand, 2 x boxed non-isolating left-hand, 2 x boxed non-isolating right-hand, 1 x boxed isolating right-hand, boxed uncoupling rail with switch and selection of unboxed points. Conditions vary, water damage to some boxes. £30
46 SO119 Quantity of Hornby Dublo 3-rail boxed and unboxed track, includes curves and straight rails. Conditions mostly G-G+. £35
47 SO119 Quantity of Hornby Dublo 3-rail track, includes curves and straight rails. Conditions vary, P-G unboxed. £35
48 QU775 Hornby Dublo 3R Track - 104 x EDA1, 24 x EDA1 1/2, 84 x EDB1, 14 x EDB 1 1/2 and 14 x non Isolating Points - mostly Fair Plus £30
49 AS5014 Quantity of Hornby Dublo accessories, includes D1 Through Station. Overall F-G boxed. Together with a selection of items for spares/repair including TPO Mail Van Set (wheels unattached and rails damaged). £40
50 AS5014 Quantity of Hornby Dublo 3R track, includes 17 x boxed points (all boxes heavily water-damaged and track overall F with some rusting). Together with a selection of Wrenn track including 5 x Wrenn Universal Point (4 with backing cards), Universal Switch Crossing (with card) and 2 x The Wrenn Crossover (with cards). Wrenn track overall F-G with some rusting. £30
51 PA5065 A model railway display cabinet by Timbercraft, with glass door and shelves. Measures 64 x 80cm. £30
51A RO250 Wooden display cabinet with glass window and shelves. Requires a clean. Measures 61 x 91.5cm. £30
52 QU775 17 x Hornby Dublo rolling stock. Appear F-G. £35
53 RO4693 Two Wrenn wagons: W5001 Fish Van Ross; W4625 20 Ton Bulk Grain Wagon (both boxed). Together with ten unboxed Wrenn, Grafar and Bachmann rolling stock. Overall appear G. (12) £35
54 QU775 Hornby Dublo 4620 Breakdown Crane - Good Boxed and Packing Van - Good in a Cooper Box - 3 x 2450 2 x Buffer Stops, 5051 x Distant Signals and 2460 Level Crossing. £30
55 GI4144 Hornby Dublo 5086 Six Platform Extensions (E Boxed) and 5087 Six Fences (E in an Excellent Box). £35
56 QU775 Wrenn 6002B Pullman Car 'Belinda'. Excellent in a Fair W6002 Box with inner tray. £35
57 QU775 Wrenn W2239 BR Green rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Eddystone' - E with Instructions and Packing Rings in an E Box with indistinct Packer No and Reference. £0
57a MO766 Wrenn W2267 BR Blue unrebuilt Merchant Navy 'Lamport and Holt Line'. Boxed with alternative Couplings and Packing rings and Box base marked Packer No 1 ref 00223. £220
58 RO4693 Hornby Dublo: 0-6-2 3R '69567' BR tank locomotive (G); boxed 4061 Open Corridor Coach (G); boxed 4035 Pullman Car 'Aries' (G/VG); 10 x unboxed rolling stock (F); level crossing; quantity of 3R track. £30
59 SO119 Quantity of Hornby Dublo signals, switches, buffers etc. £30
60 AS5014 16 x Hornby Dublo coaches, includes 5 x brown and cream with Cornish Riviera Express decals and 5 x maroon coaches with 'Royal Scot' decals. Overall appear G and all but 5 boxed. £70
61 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL12 4-6-2 BR green Duchess of Montrose Tender Loco No.46232. G, fully serviced, fitted with safer neo magnet and rewound armature, unboxed. £35
62 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL1 Sir Nigel Gresley 4-6-0 LNER blue tender locomotive with horseshoe motor. G/VG (some discolouration), fully serviced, unboxed. £50
63 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail LT25 2-8-0 BR black 8F Class Loco No.48158. VG, fully serviced and fitted with safer neo magnet, unboxed. £40
64 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3 rail EDLT20 Bristol Castle 4-6-0 '7013' tender locomotive. VG, fully serviced in G/F box with tape repair to one corner of lid. £45
65 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL17 0-6-2 BR black (matt) N2 Class Tank Loco No.69567. VG, fully serviced in replacement plain card box. £0
66 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL2 4-6-2 Duchess of Atholl LMS matte maroon Tender Loco No.6231. G/F, fully serviced and fitted with safer neo magnet, rewound armature, unboxed. £45
67 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL7 0-6-2 Tank Loco LNER green No.9596. G/F, fully serviced and fitted with safer neo magnet, unboxed. £0
68 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL18 4MT 2-6-4 Tank Loco BR black No.80054. F, fully serviced and fitted with safer neo magnet, unboxed. £0
69 SO119 Hornby Dublo 4070 Restaurant Car W.R. G+ in F box with some water damage. £45
70 SO119 Hornby Dublo 3-rail TPO Mail Van Set, complete with switch, wiring and four mailings. VG in VG box. £30
71 SO119 Hornby Dublo #32017 D12 Corridor Coach BR first/ third and #32018 D12 Corridor Coach BR brake/third. Together with #32097 D20 BR Composite Restaurant Car in red/cream with plastic wheels. Appear G/VG in G-F boxes). (3) £0
72 AS5014 Selection of Hornby Dublo accessories including 5 x D1 Buffer Stop, 3 x ES6 Single Colour Light Signal; ES7 Junction Colour Light Signal, D3 Junction Signal (in water damaged box), ED1 Single Arm Signal, Switches and Buffer Stops. Mostly boxed. £40
73 AS5014 15 x Hornby Dublo rolling stock, includes five Petrol Tank Wagons. Conditions vary P-G, some water damage. All but two in P-F boxes. £40
74 SO119 12 x Hornby Dublo coaches: 4 x stanier maroon LMS; 2 x red/cream BR; 3 x brown/cream BR (one boxed); 1 x Gresley teak LNER (boxed); 2 x Mk1 suburban maroon BR (painted windows). Overall appear G and mostly unboxed, some repainted roofs. £0
75 SO119 Selection of Hornby Dublo buildings: 4 x D1 Island Platform (one G/VG boxed, one G unboxed, two repainted unboxed); 2 x Platform Extensions (boxed); Signal Box with orange roof (G unboxed). Together with unboxed Triang Waiting Room and 3 x Hornby plastic grey platform sections. £35
76 SO119 Hornby Dublo rolling stock: Hornby OO LNER teak brake composite 4237; Dublo turntable; 17 x unboxed goods wagons, tank wagons and coal wagon (F-G, some repainted roofs); 7 x boxed goods wagons (G-VG). £50
77 TO5270 Hornby Dublo Set comprising 4-6-2 Mallard tender locomotive, 2 x Flying Scotsman passenger coach, 5 x wagon and 2 x tanker. Appears G in P box. £75
78 GI4144 Hornby Dublo 2006 0-6-0T Goods Train Set comprising a 2207 BR Green 0-6-0T #31340 , 4660 UGB Sand Wagon, 4640 Steel Goods Wagon, 4312 BR(M) Brake Van - the Locomotive has a replacement white metal front Buffer (3 x others included for replacing others) otherwise all VG with an oval of track in a Good box. £40
79 GI4144 Hornby Dublo 2021 'The Red Dragon' Passenger Train Set comprising 2221 BR Green 4-6-0 'Cardiff Castle' - VG- and 4050/1 BR(W) Brown and Cream 1st/2nd and Brake/2nd Mark 1 Coaches - adhesive Coach Boards fitted otherwise E -an oval of Track, in an VG Box Base with all Keeps and a F lid with repairs to 3 x Corners £50
80 GI4144 Hornby Dublo 5083 Terminus or Through Station Composite Kit - contents checked - E in a G box. £140
81 RO4693 Quantity of rolling stock by Lima, AHM and others. Conditions F-VG, unboxed. (45 approx.) £40
82 RO4693 Lima Golden Series Militarzug Leopold Rail Gun Set, comprising diesel locomotive, gun carriage, open truck, closed truck and passenger wagon. Gun carriage missing one set of bogies, otherwise appears VG in P box. Together with two Lima #30 9197 military passenger wagons, appear VG in G boxes. (3) £50
83 RO4693 Lilliput Panzerspahzug WWII Scout Car Sets L136500 and L136501, both appear E and boxed. Together with Model Railroad Military Action Series #99163 US Army Big Cannon Car and five other Model Railroad (VG-E) and Roco (F/G) rolling stock. (9) £95
84 RO4693 Quantity of rolling stock by Kleinbahn, Fleischmann and others, includes 4 x boxed Piko. Together with a Model Power 0-4-0 Pennsylvania locomotive. Overall appear G-VG. (27) £30
85 RO4693 Roco #63236 DRG 44 134 2-10-0 WWII locomotive in camouflage livery (overall appears VG although some damage to small parts). Together with Rivarossi HR6069 DRG K5 Railway Gun in camouflage livery (appears E and boxed). (2) £140
86 RO4693 Kernow Model Centre K2052 Beattie Well Tank BR early crest '30586'. Appears E and boxed. £55
87 RO4693 Good quantity of Jouef Playcraft rolling stock and five tank engines (one by unknown manufacturer). Overall F-G, unboxed. (70 approx.) £40
88 RO4693 Quantity of wooden track and points. £20
89 HA2829 Hornby O Gauge No 2E Engine Shed - the Shed is missing a Door and 2 x Chimneys on a Green Base with both Tracks in situ. Both sides and ends are complete and Fair. £100
90 SO119 Quantity of O gauge items, includes Lima bogies and couplings and various Hornby for spares/ repair. Together with a selection of Leeds Model Co. wheels and wooden sides. £15
91 SO119 Hornby 0 Gauge 3 x No 2 Wagons - NE High Capacity Brick Wagon with Steel Wheels - Good - and a Red Timber Wagon with Green Stanchions and Timber Load and an Olive Green Lumber Wagon with Red Bolsters and Timber Load - both VG. £20
92 KE4853 Bassett-Lowke 3313 BR Green C/W 4-4-0 'Prince Charles' # 62453. Scratch marks to Tender sides and Boiler Rails replaced otherwise VG with Key in a reproduction Box. £65
93 SO119 Marklin Gauge 1 Midland Railway Refrigerator Meat Van 7803, in grey with black detailing and white roof, GMC monogram to one end. F, wheels have been replaced and roof appears repainted. £30
94 MO766 A brass kit built O Gauge 3R 12V GWR dark Green 0-6-4T #1349. Bond motor. Well built, painted and lettered. £0
95 MO766 An O Gauge 3R brass kit built GWR Green 'Bulldog' 4-4-0 'Pershore Plum' and Tender # 3353, Built, painted and lettered to a good standard with sprung buffers. £160
96 MO766 A scratch built brass O Gauge 3R 12V GWR Green Class 45XX 2-6-2T with cab control. Bond Motor. A well built model. £130
97 MO766 A scratch built brass O Gauge 3R 12V GWR 'Achilles' Class 4-2-2 'Lorna Doone' and 3 axle tender. Expertly built, painted and lettered. Well detailed but missing tender toolboxes. £240
98 MO766 A scratch built brass O gauge 3R 12V LMS Maroon Compound 4-4-0 # 521 Tender Locomotive. Expertly built, painted and lettered. £140
99 MO766 An O gauge 3R brass GWR green 2-6-0 '4303' Tender Locomotive. Built, painted and lettered to a good standard. £160
100 MO766 A scratch Built O gauge 3R 12V North British Railways Brown 4-4-2 # 876 tender locomotive. Buhler Motor. Well built , painted and lettered. £240
101 MO766 A scratch built O gauge brass 3R 12V LNER Apple Green 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' Tender Locomotive. Expertly built, painted and lettered. £260
102 BU3430 LGB G gauge 'Otto' 0-4-0 locomotive. Appears G, unboxed. £60
104 WI2375 Mamod TE1a Traction Engine. G, has been fired, in G box (grubby). £55
105 WA63 15 x Oxford Publishing Co. railway reference books, includes 'Southern Signals' by G. Pryer. £20
106 WA63 'The Story of Rovex' Volumes 1 1950-1965 and 2 1965-1971 by Pat Hammond, New Cavendish Books. (2) £20
107 WA63 Quantity of Rev. A. Awdry Thomas The Tank Engine books and reference books. Together with a selection of Ian Allan Sammy The Shunter books. (60 approx.) £80
108 WA63 37 x Ian Allan railway reference books, booklets and annuals, includes 'Steam In The Shed' by P.B. Whitehouse. £20
109 WA63 21 x diesel locomotive reference books, Ian Allan and others, includes 'Eastern Electric' by John Glover (Ian Allan). £40
110 WA63 33 x Ian Allan railway reference books. £15
111 RO4693 19 x railway reference books, includes Ian Allan. £15
112 RO4693 29 x war transport and weaponry reference books, includes 'Jane's Armour and Artillery Upgrades 1998-1999' and 'Jane's Armour and Artillery 1999-2000'. £20
113 WA63 10 x London Underground and Metropolitan Line railway reference books. £20
114 WA63 13 x Somerset and Dorset, and Devon railway reference books, includes Ian Allan and Oxford Publishing Co. £20
115 WA63 11 x LNER railway reference books, includes Ian Allan. £20
116 WA63 24 x GWR railway reference books, Ian Allan and others, includes 'A Pictorial Record of Great Western Engines' by J.H. Russell. £25
117 WA63 17 x steam railway reference books, Ian Allan, OPC and others, includes 'The Illustrated History of British Steam Railways' by David Ross. £15
118 WA63 19 x LMS railway reference books, Ian Allan, OPC and others, includes 'The Euston Arch' by Alison and Peter Smithson. £20
119 CA5131 Good quantity of railway reference books, includes 'The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1925-1965' and three Ian Allen ABC (pages appear clean). (50 approx.) £20
120 CA5131 11 x Somerset and Dorset Railway, Southern and GWR books, includes 'The Great Book Of The Great Western' by George Perry, limited edition 1607/3000. £15
121 WA63 Quantity of railway reference books, Ian Allan and others. Together with 17 x railway DVD's. (50 approx.) £15
122 WA63 Quantity of railway and railway modelling reference books, Ian Allan and others, includes 'Railway Centenary 1925-1925'. (30 approx.) £15
123 CA5131 Quantity of railway reference books together with 9 x folders of The World Of Trains magazines. £25
124 CA5131 Quantity of British Steam Railways DVD's together with related magazines. £25
125 MO766 'FROME, CASTLE CARY, YEOVIL & WEYMOUTH' BR (WR) destination board, wooden with metal frame to one end. Measures 116 x 20.5 cm / 46'' x 8''. £260
126 MO766 Southern railway 'BOURNEMOUTH WEST' enamel totem sign. Measures 93 x 26cm. £1,400
127 WR1988 Six plastic and balsa wood model kits, includes Airfix 1/72 scale Spitfire modern issue. Unstarted, three boxed. £20
128 RO4693 18 x 1/72 and 1/100 scale plastic military figure and model kits by Zvezda, Revell and others, includes Airfix Bofors Gun & Tractor. Appear unstarted and all boxed (8 sealed). £70
129 RO4693 22 x plastic military model kits by Airfix, Italeri, UM and others, includes 7 x Airfix A02303 88mm Gun and Sd Kfz7 Tractor (five sealed). All appear complete (unchecked), unstarted and boxed. Together with the remains of a Frog aircraft box, selection of parts and an empty Eagle HMS Dorsetshire box. £70
130 RO4693 24 x Zvezda (Russia) military figure and model kits, plastic 1/72 and 1/100 scale. Mostly sealed, all unstarted and boxed. £90
131 RO4693 Armageddon 1/72 scale Panzerzug BP44 Locomotive Set plastic kit, comprising parts for locomotive and tender, 5 x wagons, Panzer 38T and 15 x figures. Unstarted, parts in sealed cellophane bag, in G box. £65
131A RO250 Large wooden chest containing a quantity of assorted Meccano, ages vary, includes brass gears, red/ green/ nickel plated parts. See images. £140
132 JA168 Quantity of loose Lego and minifigures. £40
133 ME09 Large quantity of Lego, includes: good selection of Star Wars including Imperial Star Destroyer (part built); Lego City 7938 Passenger Train (one loco unit missing) and 7939 Cargo Train parts; quantity of railway track; Architecture Big Ben; Arctic Outpost; Airport Fire Truck; Coast Guard; Heavy-Lift Helicopter parts; approx. 95 x minifigures including Star Wars; selection of weapons and animals; instruction booklets for NASA Curiosity Rover, Star Wars and other sets. Sets not checked if complete, unboxed. £210
134 MC6060 Mixed lot of Lego: Technic buggy (constructed) with spares; boxed Star Wars 9496 Desert Skiff and 7263 Tie Fighter (possibly incomplete, not checked); loose Lego. £40
135 MC6060 Quantity of assorted Lego and minifigures, includes Bionicles, battleship parts and 76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown. £55
136 MC6060 Quantity of assorted loose Lego and minifigures, includes Star Wars Anakin's Y-Wing Starfighter (incomplete). £40
136A SH23 Quantity of Lego minifigures. £35
137 AS18 A wooden fishing boat model, length 84cm height 81cm approx. £35
138 HO48 Large yacht model with sail. Length 107cm. £0
139 HO48 Large model of a ship on wooden stand. Length 110cm. £0
140 CU1202 Good quantity of model aircraft parts, including Airmark Cassutt Mk.3 and three petrol motors. £20
141 CU1202 Model boat with petrol motor, length 72cm. £0
142 CU1202 RC Humpbacked Monster Beetle with transmitter. £65
143 CO184 Quantity of Airfix and other plastic soldiers, together with a selection of Britains and similar plastic farm animals, and four Joy Toy wooden farm buildings. £15
144 JA168 Mixed lot: 4 x Duracell Bunnies (three boxed); Chad Valley Escalado; Ideal Super Cricket (both boxed); unboxed Thunderbirds Tracey Island. £20
145 WI2375 Mixed lot of toys, includes a mechanical drinking bear, Kohner Donald Duck Pop Pal, Lehmann tinplate Paak-Paak 903 duck, two Pelham Puppets and a Bugs Bunny hot water bottle. Overall playworn. (10) £20
146 WI2375 Mixed lot of toys: Mehano Batman Electronic Pinball; Hasbro 30th Anniversary Action Man; loose Lego; 8 x Star Trek Annuals/ Books. £45
147 WA4858 Product Enterprise The Avengers in Colour set, comprising John Steed and Emma Peel 12'' talking action figures and accessories. Appears E (voice boxes working at time of sale) and boxed (some discolouration to plastic window). Together with a 1.9m Emma Peel cardboard standee, unused. (2) £50
148 JA168 Three Palitoy Action Man vehicles: Helicopter (F in F/P box with part of lid replaced); 2 x Assault Craft (incomplete, one in P box the other in F box, no leaflets). Together with a Cherilea German Army Motorcycle and Side-Car (G in G/F box). (4) £50
149 MC6060 Five Palitoy Action Man and other figures, c.1970's (G-F, one with head unattached and Six Million Dollar Man with one arm unattached). Together with a quantity of clothing and accessories, including Everton FC jacket. Overall F-G. £85
150 JA168 Two Palitoy Action Man vehicles: Helicopter (appears complete, G and in G box with stars and leaflet present); Assault Craft (G, missing rope in G/F box with stars removed and no lealfet). £45
151 WA4858 Sideshow Collectibles James Bond 007 Die Another Day Jinx 12'' action figure. Appears E and boxed. Together with DK James Bond 50th Anniversary postcards. £20
152 WH5032 Two Palitoy Action Man figures: 1st type Soldier with brown painted hair; 2nd type Sailor 'HMS Victory' with flock hair and gripping hands (G). Together with a selection of Action Man accessories, and a Bandai (Japan) tinplate remote controlled car, length 18cm (VG). £70
153 JA168 Quantity of Palitoy and Hasbro Action Man clothing and accessories, together with three Palitoy Action Man figures (one with hands & feet unattached and one hand missing) and a Vivid Imaginations Space Precint Lt. Brogan figure. £85
154 WI2375 Quantity of Palitoy Action Man clothing and accessories, together with five Action Man figures with various heads/limbs unattached. £110
155 JA168 Palitoy Action Man SAS Beachead Attack (appears complete, G+ in F box); Assault Craft (appears G, missing rope in G/F box with stars removed). No leaflets. (2) £30
156 DI5310 LOT WITHDRAWN. £0
157 RO4693 Triang Minic Motorways M1587 Ford GT MK II slot car, G+ in G/VG box. Together with a quantity of Minic Motorways track. £30
158 MC6060 Quantity of slot car racing items: Scalextric Turbo Flyers set; Track Extension Packs 2 & 3; Carrera The Next Mini Cooper set; Ideal TCR Lighted Juggernaut Raceway. Overall appear G, (all used, contents unchecked), boxed. (5) £25
159 CA5131 Three Scalextric cars: Porsche 917; Datsun 260Z; Ferrari F1 (F, some modifications). Together with a selection of Scalextric accessories and parts, and a Subbuteo Rugby Sevens set (boxed, incomplete). £40
160 JA168 Scalextric C1157 Batman Begins set. Appears M with sealed cellophane wrapper in F box (tear to top and tape marks). £40
161 WH1941 Triang Scalextric Set 31 (appears G/F in P box), together with a selection of Scalextric accessories including C178 Skid Chicane. Mostly boxed and F-G. £20
162 0000 NO LOT. £0
163 JA168 Palitoy Action Man No.34752 Assault Copter 'with realistic rotor movement and firing rockets'. Appears complete and G/VG (assembled and transfers applied) in G+ box (stars removed and writing in pen to one end flap) with instruction leaflet. £65
164 JA168 Palitoy Action Man No.34751 Space Speeder. Appears G (small repair), near complete (missing belt) and in G/F box with stars removed (no leaflet). £40
165 BL5243 Mixed lot of toys, includes: Dinky 22e Farm Tractor (one wheel perished); Triang Minic Truck with original wooden Minic blocks (P with rust to one end, in P box); tinplate Esso tanker (G); plastic Tresco Deep Sea Diver; Corgi James Bond figure. Conditions vary, P-G. £75
166 SO119 Mixed lot, includes Charbens Farm Tractor (F/P), London Scottish Regiment cap badge, 2 x enamel Union Jack badges and Meccano items including propeller. £10
167 JA168 Two Scalextric slot cars: C2640 Ferrari 156 F1 1961 No.4; C2677 Ferrari F2004 No.2. Appear VG and boxed (one with crack to box, the other with part of box missing). £50
168 WH1941 Two Scalextric slot cars: C017 Lamborghini in yellow with RN '8' (G/VG in P box); C052 Ford Escort Mexico Special Build in white with RN '4' (G in F box). £65
169 WH1941 Triang Scalextric C77 Ford GT in white with red interior and RN '7'. G in F/P box with damaged cellophane window. £40
170 WH1941 Triang Scalextric C71 Auto Union (1936) slot car in yellow with green spoked hubs, driver and RN '2'. Small crack to front below grille but otherwise a good example of a harder issue to find, in G/VG box (small surface tear to both sides of lid) with correct colour spot, inner card packing pieces and instructions. £360
171 TO5270 Quantity of Robertson's Golly Bandsmen figures, together with Golly Lollipop Person. Overall G+, nibbling to some bases. (21) £45
171A TA5059 Schuco No.1229 tinplate Mercedes Simplex 1902 from the larger scale Old Timer series, in cream with burgundy trim. Length 19.5cm. G/VG although motor requires attention, in G/VG box. £0
172 BO289 Pelham Puppet Mickey Mouse, F unboxed. £0
173 LI5257 Two Pelham Pinky (Pinky and Perky) Puppets. One G/VG, the other VG and both boxed. £20
174 MC6060 Two Pelham Puppets: Ballerina (G/F in F brown box); Horse (F unboxed). Together with 8 x hand puppets with rubber heads and cloth bodies (F, one unattached from body). (10) £20
175 MC6060 Quantity of doll's house furniture. Conditions vary. £30
176 WI1174 Large Japanese celluloid doll, possibly Sekiguchi c.1920's, height 62cm (some marks but otherwise G/VG). Together with a smaller Schildkrot celluloid doll, h.30cm (G) and an Armand Marseille Dream Baby bisque head doll, h.28cm (G, factory flaw below ear). (3) £50
177 IN5235 An early-mid 20th century doll's house built from tea chests by patients at Herrison Psychiatric Hospital and won in a raffle by the vendor's father in the early 1950's. The house comes equipped with electric lights, five dolls and a quantity of furniture and accessories. Measures 65 x 37 x 72cm approx. £0
178 MC6060 Merrythought Cheeky Bear, height 38cm/15'' (small tear to back of neck) and Goat, both overall G. Together with a mohair dog pyjama case, possibly Merrythought, well-loved. (3) £40
179 DA5071 Large Merrythought shop display bear, height 120cm approx. £0
180 HO4990 Triang doll's pram in green and white with canopy, together with three dolls including a large composition Armand Marseille. £45
180A HO4990 An Ideal Saucy Walker hard plastic doll, together with two vintage doll's pushchairs and a Vulcan 1950's tinplate cooker. £30
181 CR5229 A doll's house containing nine dolls and a good quantity of furniture and accessories, including six musical instruments. Measures 80 x 85 x 55cm approx. £0
182 CO4912 'Fisherman's Cottage': a hand-built wooden 1/12 scale doll's house with sliding front panel, electrically wired. Together with a quantity of furniture and accessories, some hand-made. Height 60cm, width of base 68cm, length of base 82cm. £0
183 CO184 Merrythought (England) Golly: straw-filled with felt integral clothing, blue waistcoat, googly eyes and Merrythought label to foot. Height 46cm. Well-loved, with a few holes and inoperative squeaker. £15
184 TR1499 Late 19th/ early 20th century Kammer and Reinhardt 22 bisque head baby doll with weighted blue eyes, open mouth with tongue and composition body. Height 44cm. Hairline to cheek. £45
185 TR1499 Late 19th/ early 20th century Heubach Koppelsdorf 342.7 bisque head doll with blue eyes, open mouth with two teeth and composition body. Height 58cm. £45
186 TR1499 Late 19th/ early 20th century Simon Halbig KR bisque head doll with weighted blue flirty eyes, open mouth with tongue, mama voice box and bent limb composition body. Height 44cm. £45
187 WR1988 Deans Rag Book Dismal Desmond Dalmation Character Dog, c.1920's: 'Fluffidown' brushed cotton, unjointed, printed features, velveteen tongue. Height 26cm. F, with faded markings to neck. £40
188 AL5279 A selection of doll's house furniture and accessories, includes Britains Miniature Household Series items, a pewter candlestick with markings to base and a tinplate stove measuring 13 x 10 x 16cm (missing burner). Ages and scales vary. Together with four 1/12 scale doll's. £140
189 AL5279 Selection of doll's house miniatures, includes six framed pictures and two bell jars. Ages and conditions vary. £130
190 AL5279 Selection of antique metal doll's house miniatures, mostly German, includes cot, dressing screen, coal scuttle and bird cage. Conditions vary, P-G. £130
191 AL5279 Antique German metal doll's house miniatures: folding pram with spoked wheels, together with bisque child doll (chip to bonnet); stick stand with 4 x canes and 2 x [later] golf clubs; bird cage with bird. Overall G with some paint loss. £50
192 WR1988 Folk art zebra marionette: an articulated wooden puppet with real hair mane and tail. Length 26cm. £20
193 AL5279 A well-made wooden apprentice style / doll's bed, length 39cm, height 40cm, width 23cm. £20
194 AL5279 Six well-made wooden apprentice style / doll's furniture, marked 'Handmade Miniature, Devon' or 'F.A.P.' (one dated 1978, chest of drawers unmarked and with small chip), woods vary, includes Sweet Chestnut and Elm. Table measures 25 x 13.5 x 12cm. Overall VG condition. Together with a 1/6 scale Victorian bowl and jug set (F, small chips). £30
195 AL5279 Ten well-made wooden apprentice style / doll's spindle-back chairs, marked 'Handmade Miniature, Devon'. includes two Windsor chairs measuring 18 x 11 x 10cm. Overall VG condition. £55
196 AL5279 A well-made wooden apprentice style / doll's Welsh dresser, marked 'Handmade Miniature, Devon', measures 33.5 x 25 x 8cm, VG condition. Together with a selection of doll's miniatures including three copper kettles. (12) £35
197 AL5279 A well-made wooden apprentice style / doll's spindle-back bench seat and coffee table, marked 'Handmade Miniature, Devon'. Seat measures 18.5 x 14.5 x 10cm. VG condition. Together with a selection of antique doll's accessories and miniatures / treen, including miniature dice and dominoes, and a lighter marked 'silver'. £35
198 AL5279 Quantity of 1/12th scale doll's house furniture, includes washstand with marble top. Conditions vary. (26) £280
199 SH5317 Late 19th century French fashion doll with bisque swivel head on bisque shoulder plate, fixed blue glass eyes, pierced ears, blonde wig and kid leather body. Unmarked. Height 34cm. Some damage to body. £600
200 MC6060 Quantity of Mattel and other action figures, includes Masters of the Universe, together with a selection of modern Star Wars figures/ vehicles. F-G. £45
200A BR3018 Four Thinkway Toys Star Wars battery operated money banks. Appear G and in working order at time of sale, unboxed. £15
201 LA5300 Good quantity of Doctor Who autographs and signed pictures, includes seven Bentham Group limited edition signed and framed prints with certificates to reverse and a quantity of signed First Day Covers. £85
202 KI5136 30 x Marvel Planet Of The Apes comics, c.1970's. Together with 6 x Hasbro Star Wars Micro-Machines models (carded), one other and a selection of Eaglemoss Star Trek starship models (loose). £25
203 WI2375 Palitoy Star Wars The Return of The Jedi Rancor Monster, G in P Tri-Logo box (missing instructions). Together with Star Wars AT-AT, F (missing cab roof and one gun damaged), unboxed. (2) £40
204 WI2375 Selection of Palitoy/ Kenner Star Wars and other action figures, includes Boba Fett and C3PO. F-G. (25) £50
205 WI2375 Lone Star The Man From UNCLE Gun Set c.1960's, comprising Broom Handle Mauser diecast and plastic replica, shoulder rest, sight and silencer. The gun is in fair condition with some paint loss and corrosion to cap holder area, the accessories appear G+ in P cardboard case with polystyrene inner (disintegrated in places). £60
206 CH1063 13 x DC Showcase Presents books, includes Batman, Brave And The Bold and Blackhawk. £35
207 MC2082 Quantity of Marvel The Avengers comics, includes set of Mighty Avengers, set of Uncanny Avengers and set of Avengers The Initiative. (100 approx.) £30
208 MC2082 Quantity of Marvel sets and odd issues, includes Siege, Onslaught and Fantastic Four. (80 approx.) £0
209 CH1063 26 x DC Comics books, includes 'The Superman Chronicles' c.2006 Vol.1 #1-4 and Showcase Presents 'Superman Family' c.2006 Vol.1 No.2. Together with 22 x DC comics. £60
210 CH1063 Quantity of DC Superman comics, includes Vol.1 c.1965 issue #177 and later, Superman Legends c.1998 issues #1-11 and c.2007 issues #1-33. (100 approx.) £50
211 CH1063 DC Comics Presents volume 1 c.1978 issues #1-3; 4-8; 10-32; 34-40. Together with Superman: The Man of Steel volume 1 c.1994 issues #0-134 and The Man of Steel volume 1 c.1986 issues #1-6. (180 approx.) £70
212 CH1063 12 x DC Showcase Presents books, includes Green Arrow, Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes. £60
213 CH1063 10 x DC Showcase Presents books, includes 'Superman' Vol.1 #1-4 c.2005 and 'Superman Family' Vol.1 #1-3 c.2006. Together with 42 x Brightest Day assorted comics. (52) £50
214 CH1063 DC Adventures of Superman volume 1 c.1987 issues #424-465 and #468-649, together with Adventure Comics volume 2 c.2009 issues #2-12. (230 approx.) £55
215 CH1063 Quantity of assorted DC Superman comics and related, includes 80 page Giant Action Comics c.1966 #334. (130 approx.) £50
216 CH1063 Five DC 'Showcase Presents Green Lantern' books, volumes 1-5, together with DC 'The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern' and 'Green Lantern/ New Gods Godhead'. (7) £20
217 CH1063 Quantity of DC Justice League and Justice Society of America comics c.1977-2010, includes DC All Star Comics Justice Society of America vol.1 #67 and #71-73 c.1977/1978 and JSA Classified vol.1 #1-20 c.2005. (230 approx.) £30
218 CH1063 Quantity of DC Justice League comics, c.1990 onwards, includes Justice League Europe c.1989 vol.1 issues #1-50. (200 approx.) £50
219 CH1063 Quantity of DC Justice League Volume 2 comics issues #1-113 c.1987 onwards. Together with a selection of later Justice League comics, c.1998-2007. (200 approx.) £40
220 CH1063 Quantity of DC Justice League of America comics, includes Vol.1 c.1965 onwards, issue #41 and later, together with Young Justice, Justice League Dark, Justice League The New 52, JLA The Titans and Justice Leagues Part 1-5. (200 approx.) £85
221 CH1063 Quantity of DC Green Lantern comics, c.1981 onwards, includes Tales of The Green Lantern Corps #1-3 c.1981, and Green Lantern Emerald Dawn #1-6 c.1989. (180 approx.) £55
222 CH1063 Quantity of DC Green Lantern Vol.3 comics c.1990, issues #1-181. Together with Green Lantern Vol.2 #26 and #37. c.1964/65. (180 approx.) £45
223 MC2082 Quantity of assorted Marvel comics, includes Iron Man Vol.1 No.125 and Ant-Man Vol.1 No.47. (70 approx.) £55
224 CH1063 Quantity of DC Superman comics, includes Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Super Friends, Supergirl c.1996 Vol.4 No.1-80, Superman/Batman and Superman: The Man of Tomorrow. (170 approx) £50
225 CH1063 DC Action Comics c.1994 issues 701-858, together with World's Finest c.1975 issue 231 and 234. (160 approx.) £50
226 CH1063 15 x DC Comics The Flash books, includes 'Showcase Presents The Flash' Vol.1 No.1-4 and 'The Flash' by Geoff Johns Vol.1 No.1-3. £60
227 CH1063 Good quantity of DC Action Comics c.1960's/70's (list available), together with Action Comic #1 1938 reprint. (160 approx.) £70
228 CH1063 DC Superman c.1987 volume 2 issues #1-225. £65
229 CH1063 Quantity of DC Superboy comics, includes volume 1 c.1967 issues: #135; 212; 217; 224; 228; 234; 236-242; 246-251; 253-258; 454-458; 650-669. Also includes volume 3 c.1990 issues 0-100. (220 approx.) £50
230 WA22 Large quantity of Marvel and DC comics, includes Spiderman, The Invaders, Fantastic Four and Justice League. Conditions vary, some duplicates. (250 approx.) £130
231 MC2082 Quantity of assorted DC, Marvel and other comics, includes Howard The Duck Playduck No.4, X-Factor Vol.1 No.24 and Excalibur Vol.1 No.1. (60 approx.) £0
232 WA22 Quantity of Marvel comics, includes Thor, Iron-Man, The Defenders, The Avengers and Justice League. Conditions vary, some duplicates. (80 approx.) £90
233 WA22 Quantity of Dell comics, includes Kona and Turok. Conditions vary. (60 approx.) £90
234 WA22 Quantity of assorted Marvel, DC and other comics, includes Marvel Tower of Shadows issues #1-3 and Charlton Doomsday #1-8 and #11-12. Conditions vary, some duplicates. (100 approx.) £40
235 WA22 Quantity of DC The Brave And The Bold comics, issue no.26 and later, includes No.57 Metamorpho (poor) and No.60 Teen Titans. Conditions vary. (33) £200
236 CH1063 12 x Marvel Comics Essential books, includes X-Men, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and Captain America. £80
237 CH1063 11 x DC Showcase Presents books, includes The Witching Hour, Tales Of The Unexpected, Werewolf By Night and The House Of Mystery. £50
238 CH1063 12 x Marvel Comics Essential books, includes Ms. Marvel, Human Torch, Defenders, Fantastic Four and Thor. £70
239 CH1063 11 x Marvel Comics Essential books, includes Daredevil, Ant-Man, Marvel Horror and Iron Fist. £70
240 CH1063 Ten Marvel Comics Essential books, includes Sub-Mariner, Warlock, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Godzilla and The Savage She-Hulk. £75
241 CH1063 Quantity of Marvel and DC comics, includes 54 x Marvel Legends Collectors Edition. (135 approx.) £30
242 CH1063 Quantity of DC Comics books, includes Supergirl, together with a quantity of assorted DC comics including If You Don't Believe In Ghosts, Secrets Of Haunted House and Doom Patrol. (85 approx.) £70
243 CH1063 13 x DC Comics Wonder Woman books, 4 x The Golden Age books and a quantity of assorted DC comics including Wonder Woman and The House of Mystery. (80 approx.) £50
244 WA22 Quantity of Marvel, DC and other comics. Some duplicates, conditions vary. (110 approx.) £40
245 WA22 Quantity of Marvel, DC and other comics, includes Thor and Tarzan. Conditions vary, some duplicates. (70 approx.) £110
246 WA22 Quantity of Dell and Gold Key Tarzan comics c.1950's and later. Conditions vary. (40 approx.) £80
247 WA22 Quantity of Comic Digest and other books, includes GI Joe, Tarzan and Walt Disney. Together with a selection of Kenneth Robeson paperback books and a selection of DVDs. £40
248 WA22 Good quantity of Atlas comics, includes The Destructor, Demon Hunter and Iron Jaw. Conditions vary, some duplicates. (110 approx.) £40
249 WA22 Quantity of Gold Key comics, includes Green Hornet, Dark Shadows, Buck Rogers and Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery. Conditions vary. (85 approx.) £180
250 CH1063 Quantity of DC comics, includes Tales Of The Unexpected and DC Western Tales starring Scalphunter. (240 approx.) £55
251 CH1063 Quantity of DC Hawkman comics, together with 9 x Hawkman books. (200 approx.) £55
252 CH1063 16 x comic reference books, including Marvel Graphic Novel Captain Britain, Deaths Head, Dragon's Claws and The Knights of Pendragon. Together with a quantity of assorted comics. (70 approx.) £25
253 CH1063 Quantity of DC Wonder Woman comics, c.1970's/'80s. (270 approx.) £220
254 WA22 Mixed lot of DC and other comics, includes Archie The Double Life of Private Strong #2, King Mandrake The Magician (inc. 2 x #1), Classics Illustrated Frankenstein and DC Tarzan. Conditions vary, some duplicates. (45 approx.) £70
255 WA22 Quantity of Marvel comics c.1960's/70's, includes Thor, Iron Man, Man-Wolf and Tarzan. Some duplicates. (60 approx.) £90
256 WA22 Selection of Tower Thunder Agents comics, full Silver Age run issues #1-20 (including 2 x #16). (21) £75
257 WA22 Quantity of Charlton comics, includes The Six Million Dollar Man #1, Mysterious Suspense Return of the Question #1, All-American Sports #1 and Reptisaurus. Together with 4 x Modern Comics. (35) £55
258 WA22 DC Hot Wheels comic #1 and #2 c.1970 inspired by the Mattel Hot Wheels diecast car series, together with 2 x Charlton Hot Rod Racers, Teenage Hotrodders and 2 x World of Wheels. Conditions vary. (7) £10
259 WA22 12 x Marvel Star Wars volume 1 comics, c.1977-1978: 2 x #2; 3 x #3; #4; 3 x #5; #6; 2 x #7. Contained in individual plastic sleeves. £40
260 WA22 Selection of comics, c.1940's-1960's, includes: Charlton Public Defender No.12 Oct. 1957; DC Mr District Attorney No.34 July 1953; Mutiny Vol.1 No.1 Oct. 1954; Manvis True Secrets Vol.1 No.15 March 1952; Tower Undersea Agent No.1 Jan. 1966; Tor Vol.1 No.5 Oct. 1954. Conditions vary. (13) £50
261 WA22 Quantity of Charlton, Atlas, Dell and other war comics, 1950's onwards, includes Atlas Men's Adventures #14, Avon Captain Steve Savage Fights The Red Raiders From Siang-Po #4, Toby Fighting Leathernecks #3 and Atlas Battle #4, #12 & #14. Conditions vary. (22) £65
262 WA22 Quantity of Marvel comics c.1960's/70s, includes: Creatures On The Loose #10 with 1st King Kull appearance; Chamber of Chills #10; Evel Knievel; Red Sonja #1; Jungle Tales of Tarzan #1; Man From Atlantis #1; The Spider-Woman #1; Omega The Unknown #1; Fantasy Masterpieces #1 and #2; selection of Doctor Strange and Strange Tales. (33) £95
263 WA22 Marvel Werewolf by Night volume 1 issues #29-31, #33-37, #39-41 and #43 (UK and US issues), c.1975-1977. (12) £100
264 WA22 Selection of Gold Key and Whitman Star Trek comics, includes Gold Key Star Trek #1, #2 and #3. Conditions vary. (14) £140
265 WA22 14 x DC Blackhawk comics, c.1950's/'60s: #132 Jan. 1959; #138; #143; #146; #154; #191; #209; #210; #211; #213; 2 x #214; #230; #233. Conditions vary. £25
266 WA22 19 x Marvel Strange Tales Doctor Strange comics, volume 1 issues: 2 x #139; #140; #141; #142; #144; #145; #146; #148-158. Conditions vary, US and UK issue. £150
267 WA22 Quantity of Marvel The Tomb of Dracula volume 1 comics, c.1973-1976. All but five are US issue. (22) £60
268 WA22 Quantity of Gold Key The Man From U.N.C.L.E. comics, c.1960s, includes issues #1-11 and 2 x The Girl From UNCLE #2. (23) £95
269 WA22 Quantity of Harvey Dick Tracy comics, includes Dell Dick Tracy Monthly Vol.1 No.18 June 1949 (1st page incomplete), Harvey Vol.1 No.30 Aug.1950 and later. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, conditions vary. (28) £75
270 WA22 Quantity of Dell, Charlton, Gold Key and other Western comics, includes Charlton Black Fury, Long Bow Indian Boy No.9, Gold Key Gunsmoke, The Wild Wild West (includes #1), DC and Dell Dale Evans Queen of the Westerns. Conditions vary. (36) £75
271 WA22 Quantity of Gold Key Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea comics, c.1960's, issues #1-7 (with additional #3 & #6) and #9-15 (with additional #13). (17) £75
272 WA22 Selection of Dell comics, includes Space Man, The Frogmen and Flying Saucers. (15) £45
273 WA22 14 x Charlton Space Adventures comics, c.1960's, including Vol.3 #59 1964 issue. Conditions vary. £45
274 WA22 Seven United Feature The Captain and The Kids comics, c.1940's/'50s: #19; #21; #22; #29; #30; #31; #32. £30
275 WA22 Selection of DC comics, includes Adventure Comics #300 Sept. 1962, key issue featuring first Legion of Super Heroes and Secret Six #1, #3 & #4. Conditions vary. (15) £60
276 WA22 Nine Marvel Devil Dinosaur comics, volume 1 issues 1-9 c.1978, issue 1 with first appearance of Moon Boy. £25
277 WA22 Quantity of DC Superman comics, issue 201 Nov. 1967 and later. Conditions vary. (30) £100
278 WA22 Quantity of DC The Flash comics, #109 Oct. 1959 issue and later. Conditions vary. (50 approx.) £240
279 WA22 Quantity of Dell and Gold Key Walt Disney's Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics. Conditions vary. (38) £40
280 WA22 Quantity of Dell and Gold Key Walt Disney and cartoon related comics, includes Goofy, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Felix The Cat and Mickey Mouse. Conditions vary. (32) £25
281 WA22 Quantity of Dell, Gold Key, Charlton and other cartoon and Walt Disney related comics, includes Hanna-Barbera The Flinstones, Charlton Valley of The Dinosaurs, Gold Key Smokey Bear and Huckleberry Hound. (50) £70
282 WA22 19 x ACG Unknown Worlds comics, c.1960s: #3-6; #8; #10; #11; #14-21; #23; #28; #30; #31. Conditions vary. £65
283 WA22 Quantity of Dell, Gold Key and other cartoon related comics, includes Star Publications Frisky Animals #48 January 1952, Terry Toons #80 May 1950, Popeye, Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, and Tweety and Sylvester. (32) £40
284 WA22 Quantity of DC Tales Of The Unexpected comics, includes #4 August 1956. Conditions vary. (34) £130
285 WA22 Ten Marvel Tales To Astonish volume 1 comics: #20 June 1961; #23 Sept. 1961 (very poor cover); #24 Oct. 1961 (very poor cover); #25 Nov. 1961 (cover near detached); #26 Dec. 1961; #28 Feb 1962; #30 April 1962; #31 May 1962; #33 July 1962; #34 Aug. 1962. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £170
286 WA22 11 x Charlton Submarine Attack war comics, c.1950's/'60s, includes vol.2 issue 48 Jan. 1965 and issue 54 Feb. 1966 with Swastika to covers. £20
287 WA22 Five Marvel Tales of Suspense volume 1 comics: #29 May 1962; #30 June 1962; #36 December 1962; #37 January 1963; #38 February 1963. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, conditions vary, some with wear to covers. £120
288 WA22 Six Marvel /Atlas Journey Into Mystery volume 1 comics: #71 August 1961; #72 September 1961; #75 December 1961; #78 March 1962; #79 April 1962; #82 July 1962. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £110
289 WA22 Five golden age comics: Thrills of Tomorrow Vol.1 No.19 Feb. 1955; Fawcett The Marvel Family Vol.4 No.19 Jan. 1948 and Vol.9 No.54 Dec. 1950 (part of back cover missing); Fox Feature Syndicate The Blue Beetle No.33 Aug. 1944 (cover detached); Charlton The Blue Beetle Vol.1 No.13 Oct. 1954. Conditions vary. £110
290 WA22 Five Marvel Crime Cases Private Eye comics: Vol.1 No.2 March 1951; Vol.1 No.4 July 1951; Vol.1 No.5 Sept.1951; Vol.1 No.6 Nov. 1951; Vol.1 No.7 Jan. 1952. Conditions vary. £60
291 WA22 Three DC Boy Commandos golden age war comics: No.12 Fall 1945; No.13 Winter 1945; No.19 Jan.1947. £80
292 WA22 Nine Golden Age crime/ war related comics, includes: Atlas Spy Thrillers Vol.1 No.3 March 1955; Justice Traps The Guilty No.38 May 1952; Atlas Man Comics No.14 May 1952; Thrilling Crime Cases No.47 Jan. 1952; Headline Comics No.64 March 1954. £100
293 WA22 Quantity of Marvel Werewolf by Night volume 1 comics, c.1972-1975: #1-7, #12-14, #16-19, #22, #23 and #26. (17) £110
294 WA22 Ten Golden Age comics, includes: Civil Service Publications Alice in Wonderland No.1 1945; National Comics No.66 June 1948; Standard Comics Johnny Hazard No.8 May 1949; Abbott and Costello No. 28 Jan. 1955. £65
295 WA22 Three Gem Publications Georgie Volume 1 comics: No.10 April 1947; No.14 Jan. 1948; No.34 Nov. 1951. Together with Atlas Sailor Sweeney No.14 Nov. 1956. (4) £50
296 WA22 Three Mad Volume 1 golden age comics: No.4 April 1953; No.7 Oct. 1953; No.8 Dec. 1953. £65
297 WA22 Marvel Howard The Duck volume 1 issues 1-6, c.1970's. £45
298 WA22 Five pre-code horror comics: EC The Haunt Of Fear No.8 July 1951; EC Weird Fantasy No.21 Sept. 1953 (cover detached); Atlas Adventures Into Terror No.27 Jan. 1954; Suspense No.18 May 1952; Atlas Uncanny Tales No.27 Dec. 1954. £90
299 WA22 Marvel Werewolf by Night volume 1 issue 32 August 1975, key issue with first appearance of Moon Knight (9p issue). Appears to be in good+ condition. £360
300 WA22 Four DC Boy Commandos golden age war comics: No.21 May 1947; No.23 Sept. 1947; No.29 Sept. 1948; No.31 Jan. 1949. £75
301 WA22 Five Marvel Strange Tales volume 1 comics: #35 April 1955; #62 April 1958; #68 April 1959; #69 June 1959; #70 August 1959. All with significant damage. £65
302 WA22 Seven Marvel Tales To Astonish volume 1 comics: #9 May 1960; #11 Sept. 1960; #12 Oct. 1960 (v. poor near-detached cover); #15 Jan. 1961; #16 Feb. 1961; #17 March 1961 (tape repairs to cover); #19 May 1961. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £160
303 WA22 Five Marvel /Atlas Journey Into Mystery volume 1 comics: #40 Nov. 1956 (cover detached); #56 Jan. 1960; #58 May 1960 (cover very poor); #59 July 1960; #68 May 1961. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £90
304 WA22 Six DC Big Town comics, c.1956-1957: #41; #42; #43; #46; 2 x #47. Contained in individual plastic sleeves. £65
305 WA22 Nine EC SuspenStories pre-code horror comics: Shock SuspenStories No.5 Oct. 1952; No.11 Oct. 1953 (repaired spine); Crime SuspenStories No.10 April 1952; No.14 Dec. 1952; No.15 Feb. 1953 (cover detached); No.20 Dec. 1953; No.24 Aug. 1954; No.25 Nov. 1954; No.26 Dec. 1954. Conditions vary. £200
306 WA22 Five Marvel Strange Tales volume 1 comics: #73 Feb. 1960; #82 March 1961; #83 April 1961; #87 Aug. 1961; #90 Nov. 1961. Conditions vary, some wear to covers. £110
307 WA22 Two Marvel /Atlas Journey Into Mystery volume 1 comics featuring Hulk prototype: #62 November 1960; #66 March 1961. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £95
308 WA22 Five DC The Brave And The Bold Volume 1 comics: No.10 Feb. 1957; No.12 June 1957; No.13 Aug. 1957; No.18 June 1958; No.21 Dec. 1958 (cover detached). £95
309 WA22 Three EC Tales From The Crypt pre-code horror comics: No.27 Dec. 1951; No.40 Feb. 1954; No.44 Oct. 1954. Some damage. £60
310 WA22 Five Marvel Tales of Suspense volume 1 comics: #21 September 1961; #23 November 1961; #24 December 1961; #27 March 1962; #28 April 1962. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £150
311 WA22 Marvel Strange Tales Featuring Warlock Vol.1 No.178 Feb. 1975 US issue with first appearance of Magus, together with Warlock Vol.1 No.179 April 1975 UK issue. (2) £80
312 WA22 Six Marvel Strange Tales volume 1 comics: #91 Dec. 1961; #93 Feb. 1962; #94 March 1962; #96 May 1962; #99 August 1962; #100 Sept. 1962. Conditions vary, some wear to covers. £160
313 WA22 Two EC The Vault Of Horror pre-code horror comics: No.24 April 1952 (pen mark to cover); No.33 Oct. 1953. £35
314 WA22 Five Marvel Tales of Suspense volume 1 comics: #10 July 1960; #14 Feb. 1961; #15 March 1961; #17 May 1961; #20 August 1961. Contained in individual plastic sleeves, some wear to covers. £170
315 WA22 Five early DC horror/ sci-fi comics: The Witching Hour #1 Feb. 1969; My Greatest Adventure #77 March 1963 and #82 Sept. 1963; Mystery in Space #48 Dec. 1958; The Unexpected #110 Dec. 1968. Conditions vary. £45
316 WA22 Eight Atlas/ Marvel horror comics: Mystery Tales No.45 Sept. 1956; Strange Stories of Suspense No.13 Feb. 1957; Strange Tales of The Unusual No.6 Oct. 1956; Mystic No.43 Jan. 1956; Mystic No.45 March 1956; Astonishing No.47 March 1956; World of Fantasy No.4 Nov. 1956; World of Fantasy No.16 Feb. 1959. £150
317 WA22 DC Boy Commandos Volume 1 No.5 Winter 1943 issue. £55
318 WA22 Marvel Strange Tales Volume 1 No.101 October 1962, featuring first solo Human Torch. £130
319 WA22 DC Swamp Thing volume 1 issues 1, 2 and 3 c.1972-1973. Appear to be in good+ condition. £90
320 WA22 Marvel Tales of Suspense Iron Man and Captain America Vol. 1 No.65 May 1965 issue. £0
321 WA22 Hercules Publishing/ Marvel Rusty and Her Family Volume 1 No.21 July 1949. 'Dr Pepper Bottling Co.' stamp to front cover and lot includes a 'Dr Pepper Bottle Caps' leaflet. £10
322 AT4013 12 x Britains Queen Victoria presenting Scots Guards with the State Colour 1899 sets [Collectors Club Centenary Series], numbers: 293 Queen Victoria in the Royal Barouche with Attendants; 40202; 5993; 292; 5992; 291; 5994; 40201; 5991; 40209; 40208; 40207. Appear E-M and boxed (minor water damage to a few boxes). £140
323 AT4013 11 x Britains soldier sets: 8847; 8833; 8834; 8850; 8835; 8844; 8829; 8842; 8832; 8841; 8843. Appear VG-M, all but one set unattached from elastics, boxed. £150
324 AT4013 22 x Britains The Golden Jubilee Series sets, numbers: 40341; 40299; 40279; 40326; 40265; 40305; 40280; 40334; 40294; 40316; 40302; 40342; 40275; 40272; 40309; 40327; 40263; 40317; 40337; 40301; 40261; 40331. Appear E-M and boxed. £280
325 AT4013 11 x Britains Metal Models soldier sets in red window boxes. Appear VG-E (some duplicates, light wear to boxes). £65
326 AT4013 Quantity of assorted Britains and other soldier sets, all either incomplete or with varying degrees of damage, includes Britains Delhi Durbar #00141 Gaekwar of Baroda's Silver Gun (one wheel unattached). (9).. £50
327 AT4013 Quantity of Britains Special Collectors Edition figures: #40210 Scots Guards Pipers; 9 x #00256 Scots Guards 1899 Present Arms; 3 x #8819 The Queen's 16th Lancers; 3 x #8820 The Prince Albert's Own 11th Hussars; 5 x #40204 Scots Guards Present Arms. Some light water damage to boxes. (21) £90
328 AT4013 Three Yeomanry Miniatures soldier sets: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Marching Band (20 figure set); 1st Kings Dragoon Guards 4 x Troopers (three swords slightly bent); 1st Kings Dragoon Guards Bugler. E-M and boxed. £60
329 AT4013 Five Rank and File Gloucestershire Regiment soldier sets: 4 x Gloucesters Band 1900 (four variations); Mounted Field Officer with Sargeant and Privates, marching in full marching order. Appear E-M and boxed. £110
330 AT4013 Four Imperial Productions (New Zealand) Coldstream Guards 1854 sets: No.64 (one arm complete but requires re-attachment); No.65; No.65A; No.99A. E-M and boxed. £90
331 AT4013 Five Rank and File Royal Navy soldier sets: Royal Navy Band (12 fig.); Royal Navy's New Colours (11 fig., 2 missing?); Naval Colour and Queen (13 fig., tape to box); Royal Navy Escort Party (6 fig.) Royal Navy Band Drums and Bugles (11 fig.). E-M and boxed. £130
332 AT4013 Two Britains Delhi Durbar Collection sets: 40184 The Maharajah of Bikanir's State Elephant comprising Elephant, Howdah, Rider and 2 x Passenger; 40186 The State Elephant of The Nizam of Hyderabad comprising Elephant, Howdah, Rider and 2 x Passenger. Appear E-M in G/F boxes (faded). £110
333 AT4013 Britains Set 41118 Nelson on HMS Victory Deck Scene, limited edition of 2000. Appears E/M and boxed. £65
334 AT4013 Britains /Biggs Premier Series 8919 13 Pdr. Gun & Limber of the Royal Horse Artillery with 4 Man Detachment. Together with 8916 Mounted Regimental Sergeant Major R.A. Appear M and boxed (light water damage to boxes). (2) £0
335 AT4013 Britains The Delhi Durbar Range No.8848 The 1903 Delhi Durbar India set comprising: State Elephant of the Viceroy of India with Howdah; Mahout; Parasol Man; Lord and Lady Curzon. Appears E with a couple of minor chips/wear, boxed. £60
336 AT4013 Two Britains Hollow Cast Collection sets: 40191 9th Lancers Mounted Band; 40293 Band of The Royal Marine Light Infantry. Appear M and boxed. £110
337 AT4013 Fusilier Miniatures (England) The Band of The Royal Marines Light Infantry, comprising 31 x Bandsmen. Appears M and boxed (light water damage to box). £50
338 AT4013 Britains No.5197 The Crimean War Series 'The Charge of The Light Brigade' set, comprising: 8th Hussars; 11th Hussars; 4th Light Dragoons; 13th Light Dragoons; 17th Lancers; Russian Artillery; Infantry with Russian Field Gun. Limited edition 1835/2500. Appears M and boxed with certificate and outer trade box. £60
339 AT4013 Three Jacklex (England) Military Pageant sets: North West Mounted Police with Helmets and Lances (5 figures); Prince George of Denmark's Maritime Regiment on Foot (6 figures); Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment on Foot (6 figures). E-M and boxed. £70
340 AT4013 Britains Trooping The Colour Book Presentation Set, comprising: Mounted HM Queen Elizabeth; 2 x Coldstream; 2 x Grenadier; 2 x Irish; 2 x Scot; 2 x Welsh. Appear M in an E book-style box with outer trade box. £55
341 AT4013 Four Little Legion Military Models sets: Set 2/32 Surgeon - Major Reynolds; Set 2/77 Lieutenant Adendorff; Set 2/31 Captain Scheiss; 8 x Grenadier Guards and 1 x Officer. Appear VG-E and boxed. £55
342 AT4013 Ten Ducal military figures: M6 Equerry in Waiting (Coldstream Guards); M7 Field Marshall; M9 The Major General Commanding The Household Division; M8 Groom The Royal Household; M11 Field Officer Blues and Royals; M12 Gold Stick in Waiting (Colonel) Royal Horse Guards); M13 Silver Stick in Waiting (Colonel) The Life Guards; M29 The Adjutant of The Parade; M30 Colonel Coldstream Guards; Regimental Mascots The Sherwood Foresters (Notts. & Derby Regt.). Appear M and boxed (light water damage to some boxes). £60
343 AT4013 Five metal soldier sets: Trophy Miniatures Victorian Campaigns 24th Foot 8 figure set (one with different colour base, see pic.); All The Queen's Men Scots Guards Colour Party 6 fig. set; S&S Miniatures Royal Welsh Fusilier & Mascot; Trophy Miniatures Napoleonic Officers 6 figure set (incorrect label on box); Dorset Soldiers #1404 Marines 6 figure set. Appear G-VG and boxed. £50
344 AT4013 Britains No.5298 Lawrence and The Arab Revolt 1917 set, comprising: Lawrence of Arabia on Camel; Ashraf Irregular with Slave; Turkish Officer with Pistol and Sword; 5 x Turkish Privates. M and boxed with limited edition certificate 1323/2000 and outer trade box. £0
345 AT4013 Two Britains Gordon Highlander Hamleys limited edition sets: The Drums and Pipes of the 1st Battalion, limited edition 12/1000; The Regimental Band of the 1st Battalion, limited edition 147/1000. Appear M and boxed with leaflets and outer card sleeves. £70
346 AT4013 Four British Toy Soldier Company sets: No.38 Royal Marines Marching 1936; No.39 Royal Marines at Attention; No.1, 7 x Scots Guards, 1 x Officer; No.8 (b) Scots Guards, Slade Wallace (two with end of bayonet snapped off). Mostly E-M and boxed. £60
347 AT4013 Four Britains Special Collectors Edition The Crimean War sets: 3109 The 8th Hussars; 3110 The 11th Hussars; 3111 The 4th Light Dragoons; 3112 The 13th Light Dragoons. Overall M (a couple of swords slightly bent) and boxed with outer trade boxes. £65
348 AT4013 Two Britains Limited Edition Collection sets: 43103 The Band of The Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, Napoleonic Wars, 1815, 10 pieces, ltd.ed. 345/750; 43104 The Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, Field Musick, Napoleonic Wars, 1815, 9 pieces, ltd.ed. 470/750. Appear M and boxed with certificates. £110
349 AT4013 Four Britains Limited Edition sets: 00102 The Regimental Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, ltd.ed. 286/2000; 5196 The Pipes & Drums of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), ltd.ed. 504/2500; 5195 The Life Guards Mounted Band Set 1, ltd.ed. 1293/2500; The Life Guards Mounted Band Set 2, ltd.ed. 2121/2500. Appear M and boxed with certificates and outer trade boxes. £100
350 AT4013 Three Britains Limited Edition sets: 00318 Hussar Regiments of The British Army 1880-1914 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, Hamley's limited edition 491/1000; 5296 The Second Burma War, ltd.ed. 286/2500; 5297 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Colour Party and Escort, ltd.ed. 1589/2500. Appear M and boxed with certificates and outer trade boxes. £70
351 AS18 Quantity of lead cow figures by Britains, Cherilea and others. Conditions G-VG, some repaints. (70 approx.) £30
352 AT4013 Britains Modern issue sets: 5183 Cameron Highlanders 79th Foot, ltd.ed. 2205/3000 (dusty); 5392 The 9th/12th Royal Lancers, ltd.ed. 2546/5000; 8825 Gun Team, Royal Horse Artillery, King's Troop; 8898 The Royal Navy Field Gun Landing Party. Appear M and boxed (light wear to a couple of boxes). £130
353 AT4013 15 x Britains History of the British Army Redcoats and The French and Indian War Redcoats and Bluecoats figures. Appear E-M and boxed (duplicates, light water damage to some boxes). £80
354 AT4013 11 x Britains soldier sets: 8844; 8845; 8847; 8834; 8842; 8833; 8832; 8843; 8850; 8829; 8835. Overall appear E-M, all but three sets unattached from elastics, boxed. £120
355 AT4013 Two HM Of Great Britain Artillery Range sets: FD10 Royal Horse Artillery Set 1 (one horse unattached from base, otherwise appears VG-E); FD11 Royal Horse Artillery Escort Set 2 (one horse unattached from base, otherwise appears VG-E). Both in G/VG slightly water damaged boxes. £90
356 AT4013 Quantity of assorted Britains soldier sets and figures, includes: #00319 Royal Guard of Honour The Queen's Company Grenadier Guards - 1899; #40279 The Royal Navy; The Royal Marines Officer and Standard Bearers; Premier Series #8910 Mounted Royal Artillery Officer. Delhi Durbar #00139 17th Purbiah Drum Major & Piper. Overall appear E-M and boxed (water damage to a few boxes). (16) £75
357 AT4013 Seven Britains Limited Edition Collection sets: 48005; 48006; 43158; 43154; 43155; 43105; 48003. Appear M and boxed (light mould residue to a couple of boxes). £180
358 AT4013 Four Britains Trooping The Colour sets: #00254 The Irish State Coach; #40115 Scots Guards Officer & Guardsmen; #40110 Receiving The Colour Welsh Guards; #40113 Escort To The Colour Irish Guards. Together with Britains #41000 50th Anniversary Coronation Set. Appear E/M and boxed. (5) £70
359 AT4013 Ten Britains Royal Scots Greys Bandsmen (overall G-G+) incorrectly contained in a No.9405 Household Cavalry Musical Ride box in F/P condition. £55
360 AT4013 Imperial Productions (New Zealand) Heirloom Series No.1 Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders on parade, Egypt, Sudan 1882-85, comprising 40 x Cameron Highlander figures. Appears M in M wooden presentation box. £190
361 AT4013 Britains Set No.1477 Large Presentation Box with Coronation Coach with Outriders, Footmen of the Royal Household, Yeomen of the Guard, Staff Officers, Guards & Police, to make up a complete procession as for the opening of Parliament, comprising: George VI with Queen Elizabeth & Gilt State Coach; 4 x Windsor Grey Team Horses with Drivers; 4 x Windsor Grey Team Horses; 14 x Coldstream Guards at the present - tan bases; 4 x Mounted Policemen on grey horses; 10 x Warwickshire Regiment at the present - tan bases; Mounted General (one missing?); 2 x Mounted Aide De Camp; 7 x Mounted Lifeguards with drawn sabres; 7 x Mounted Horseguards with drawn sabres; 4 x Yeoman of the Guard; 8 x State Attendants; 6 x Footmen; additional No.2065 HM Mounted Queen Elizabeth. Conditions vary, F-VG, two breaks to coach. Contained in a P wooden presentation box with card inserts. A scarce set. £300
362 WA4833 Eight Airfix 1/72 scale plastic figure sets: 4 x S17-59 Russian Infantry; 2 x S18-69 Japaese Infantry; 2 x S3-50 Infantry Combat Group. Not checked if complete, in F-G boxes. Together with a quantity of loose Airfix 1/72 scale figures. £30
363 HE5025 Quantity of Britains Cadbury Cococubs, c.1930's, includes Peter Pig, Granny Owl, Nutty Squirrel and Gussie Robin. Together with two Britains Snow White and seven dwarf figures. Overall playworn. (30) £40
364 SM3496 Quantity of plastic soldiers by Timpo, Britains, Crescent, Lone Star and others, includes mounted knights, cowboys and indians, and WWII figures. Conditions vary F-G. £40
365 DE4903 Selection of Britains Hunting Series lead figures: 3 x Mounted Huntsman; 2 x Mounted Huntswoman (one horse with part of leg missing); 2 x Standing Huntswoman; Standing Huntsman (missing one arm); 9 x Hounds. Overall G, unboxed. (17) £40
366 CO4912 Eight Britains Deetail American Civil War mounted figures, includes 7th Cavalry. Appear F-G. £35
367 CO4912 Britains Herald American Civil War 7th Cavalry figures, includes five mounted. F-G, some white residue and one foot soldier snapped off base. (12) £25
368 AT4013 Four Britains Delhi Durbar Range sets: 00266 The Gaekwar of Barodas Gold Gun; 00133 14th Ludhiana Sikhs; 00083 Imperial Cadet Corps; 00142 Mounted Officer & Gun Crew. Appear E-M (some swords slightly bent) and boxed (light mould residue to boxes). £50
369 AT4013 Five Britains limited edition/ special collector's edition sets: #8857 Royal Artillery Mountain Battery (VG, two lamps unattached but present); #5293 The Blues and Royals, ltd.ed.313/5000; #5193 The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, ltd.ed.2779/4000; #5194 The Staffordshire Regiment, ltd.ed.2452/4000; #5294 The Royal Anglian Regiment, ltd.ed.1344/5000 (possible paint re-touching). Appear VG-M and boxed with outer card sleeves. £95
370 AT4013 Six Britains Special Collectors Edition sets: 00076 The 16th Lancers; 00075 Scots Greys; 00127 The Highland Light Infantry; 00128 King's Royal Rifle Corps; 8958 The Lanarkshire Yeomanry; 00126 Royal Scots Marching. Appear E-M and boxed (light water damage to a couple of boxes). £95
371 AT4013 Five Britains /Biggs Premier Series sets: 9807 Royal Horse Artillery Review Order (1914); 2001 Coldstream Guards x 4 (Standing to Attention); 9901 The Coldstream Guardsmen x 4; 2002 Coldstream Guards x 4 (Presenting Arms); 2004 HRH King George V (in Field Marshall uniform). Appear M and boxed (light water damage to a few boxes). £60
372 AT4013 Fusilier Miniatures (England) Royal Yacht Band, Sets 1-4. Appear E/M and boxed. £50
373 AT4013 Fusilier Miniatures World War One Marching Band, comprising 26 x Bandsmen. Appears E/M in F box (lid creased and one corner split). £50
374 AT4013 Britains No.1730 The Royal Artillery Team of Gunners, comprising: 4 x Kneeling Gunner; Standing Officer; 3 x Standing Gunner. Minor paint losses, otherwise VG in G/VG ROAN label box (split to one corner of lid). £0
375 AT4013 Britains No.115 Egyptian Cavalry Set, comprising: Mounted Officer with Extended Sabre Arm; 4 x Mounted Cavalry with Lances at the Carry. Overall G/VG in G-VG box with ROAN label and complaint slip (tear to one corner of lid and pen mark to label). £70
376 AT4013 Britains No.136 Russian Cavalry - Cossack's, comprising: Mounted Officer with Drawn Sabre; 4 x Mounted Cossack's carrying Lances with Red over Yellow Pennons & Slung Carbines. Four carbines slightly bent, otherwise VG-E in G/VG box with ROAN label. £70
377 AT4013 Britains No.207 Officers & Petty Officers of the Royal Navy Set, comprising: 2 x Admiral; 4 x Petty Officer; 2 x Midshipmen. Some minor paint loss, otherwise VG-E in G/F box with Whisstock label to lid. £90
378 AT4013 Britains No.147 Zulus African Warriors Set, comprising 8 x Zulus armed with Shields, Spears and Knobkerries. Overall appear VG and strung in G/VG box with cream label. £0
379 AT4013 Britains No.1876 Bren Gun Carrier with Crew, comprising: Cast Track Bren Gun Carrier; Bren Gunner; Driver; 2nd Crew Member. Overall VG in VG box with 'Mechanised Transport of The British Army' label to lid. £0
380 AT4013 Britains No.195 British Infantry set, comprising: Marching Officer carrying Baton; 7 x Infantrymen Marching at The Trail in Active Service Equipment Helmets. G-VG in F/P box with replacement card insert. £0
381 AT4013 Marlborough Military Models The Durbar Series D43 Landau, comprising: Open Landau Carriage; Government Official and Wife; 4 x Horse Team (two with Riders); Two Attendants; Parasol. Body of carriage unattached from chassis (requires re-gluing), otherwise G-VG in VG box. £0
382 AT4013 Trophy Miniatures Set EQ72 World War One Horse Drawn Light Ambulance, comprising: Ambulance in military green with Red Cross to sides; Driver; Horse. E in VG box with minor water damage. £50
383 AT4013 Britains No.1898 British Infantry with Tommy-Guns set, comprising: Officer; 3 x Infantry en-garde with SMG's; 4 x Infantry en-garde with rifles and fixed bayonets. G/VG in G/VG ROAN box. £0
384 AT4013 Britains No.50 British Army Display Set - The Life Guards and 4th Hussars, comprising: Officer; 4 x Troopers on Household Cavalry type horses; 4th Hussars Trumpeter; 4 x Troopers. Appears G-VG in G-VG box (three corners of lid split) with ROAN label. £0
386 AT4013 Britains Historical Series No.9404 State Coach Attendants Set, comprising: 4 x Yeoman Warder; 6 x Footmen; 8 x Outrider on Foot. Overall VG-E in G+ box (split to one corner of lid and some minor water damage) with card insert and complaints slip. £0
387 AT4013 Two Asset Military Figures (England) RAF Band Sets, both containing twelve figures, figures vary. E-M and boxed (light wear to boxes). £60
388 AT4013 Britains No.101 The Band Of The Life Guards Set, Post-War version comprising: Mounted Musical Director with Baton; Kettle Drummer; 10 x Mounted Bandsmen. Overall G-VG in F Regiments of All Nations box (unstrung, missing box insert and with repaired corners to lid). £0
389 AT4013 Britains No.9312 Royal Scots Greys Band set comprising: 1 x Mounted Kettle Drummer; 6 x Mounted Bandsmen. Appears VG-E in G/VG box with card insert and complaints slip. £100
390 AT4013 Britains Historical Series No.9497 Knights in Armour Tournament Set, c.1960's, comprising: 2 x Mounted Knight; 2 x Squire; Herald; Mounted Marshall. Overall VG in VG box with Historical Series label. £80
391 AT4013 Britains Historical Series No.9402 State Open Road Landau Set, comprising: 3 x Windsor Grey Team Horses with Drivers Holding Whips; 3 x Windsor Grey Team Horses; Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip; State Landau Coach; Traces. Appears VG in G/VG box with inserts. £80
392 AT4013 Britains Historical Series Set No.1475 Beefeaters, Outriders and Footmen of Royal Household, comprising: 4 x Yeomen Warder; 14 x State Attendant/ Footman. Overall G-VG (four swords bent and two blades missing) in F box. £50
393 AT4013 Britains Royal Company of Archers Set No.9301 (1962-1966 issue), comprising: Officer with Cane; 4 x Archer Shooting; 9 x Archer with Bow at Rest. Appears VG-E, strung in a G 9000 series window box (two tears and cellophane window partially unstuck). Scarce issue, the first example to be sold by Cottees. £0
394 AT4013 Britains Knights of Agincourt Set No.9392 (1960 - final version), comprising: 4 x Foot Knight; 4 x Medieval Foot Knight; Mounted Knight with Banner. Some minor paint chips otherwise generally VG-E overall, strung in a VG 9000 series window box (cellophane detached but present). Scarce issue, the first example to be sold by Cottees. £0
395 AT4013 Britains Papal State Swiss Guards Set No.9371 (c.1962) comprising: Officer with Drawn Sword; 15 x Marching Guard with Halberd. Overall appears VG-E, strung in a VG 9000 series window box. Scarce issue, the first example to be sold by Cottees. £0
396 WA5259 Ten diecast bus models by Corgi and others, includes Eastern European RAF-2203 bus, Alder Valley Aldershot & District Traction Co. 1989 Leyland Tiger Plaxton Paramount 3500 Coach in new livery (ltd.ed. 405(2)/1000), and two unboxed Budgie Midland Red Motorway Express coaches. Mostly boxed and VG-E. £20
397 TO5270 Quantity of Corgi, Matchbox and Mattel Hot Wheels playworn models. Unboxed. (62) £50
398 JA168 Lesney Matchbox Models of Yesteryear G-5 Famous Cars of Yesteryear Gift Set. Appears E/ unopened (small patch of corrosion to one wheel) in VG box with cellophane wrapper (small repair to front of cellophane). £0
399 HA5203 Atlas Dinky 540 Studebaker Commander modern issue model (E in E box), together with: a completely restored Dinky 30f Ambulance; 9 x modern issue petrol pumps by unknown manufacturer; 5 x Model Collector Magazine reproduction Dinky Toy catalogues; 5 x Dinky Toys Meccano Magazine Digest booklets featuring reproduction Meccano Dinky catalogues. £0
400 BO289 Selection of Corgi, Matchbox and other diecast models, includes Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and James Bond Aston Martin. Overall playworn, unboxed. (22) £25
401 BE2715 Nine Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 48 Pi-Eyed Piper; 21 Rod Roller; 42 Tyre Fryer (a few chips); 6 Mercedes 350SL; 65 Saab Sonett III; 12 Big Bull; 44 Boss Mustang (slightly grubby); 50 Articulated Truck; 15 Fork Lift Truck. Overall VG in VG 'New' boxes. £50
402 WI4904 Quantity of Matchbox 1-75 series and other unboxed models, mostly playworn-F. Together with two large scale plastic cars, F/G. (35 approx.) £20
403 BO289 Six Corgi and Dinky commercial models, includes Corgi Major Car Transporter, conditions F-G. Together with two playworn Matchbox models. (8) £50
404 HA5203 Eight Dinky Toys military models, includes 661 Recovery Tractor and 677 Armoured Command Vehicle. Overall G-VG, unboxed. £70
405 HA5203 Dinky Toys 582 Bedford Pullmore Car Transporter in light blue with fawn decks and mid-blue hubs (G+, minor paint re-touching, some yellowing around side decals). Together with Dinky 156 Rover 75 in two-tone green (VG example) and 161 Austin Somerset in pale blue with mid blue hubs (G with some paint touch-ins). Unboxed. (3) £55
406 HA5203 Seven Dinky 290/ 29c Double Decker Buses, includes grey/red and grey/ green examples (both with some paint re-touching). Conditions vary, F-G (some paint touch-ins). £30
407 BO289 Five Dinky military models, includes French Dinky: 824 Berliet Gazelle; 816 Berliet Gazelle Missile Launcher (no missile); 888 Berliet Pipe Loader. Overall F-G, unboxed. £70
408 BO2858 Quantity of Mattel Hot Wheels Sizzlers track and accessories, c.1970, includes #8615 Fat Track Strip Pak, #6511 Power Pak (no decals) and #6476 Dual-Lane Lap Counter. Conditions vary, six boxed. Together with Corgi Electro Rockets #4000 Ital Design Bizzarrini Manta and #4002 Alfa-Romeo Montreal (G in F/P boxes) and 7 x Zylmex Texaco Scorchers diecast racing cars (G-VG, four boxed). £50
409 HA5203 Six Dinky Toys 30p series Petrol Tankers: 'Esso'; 2 x 'Mobilgas' (one with new decals); 'Castrol'; 2 x 'Petrol', one green the other red. Overall G-G+. £30
410 HA5203 Five Dinky Toys commercial models: Shell AEC Tanker (G/VG), Leyland Octopus (G/VG but with small paint touch-ins), British Railways Electric Articulated Lorry (G/VG), Mersey Tunnel Police Land Rover (G/VG) and Large Trailer (G). Unboxed. £75
411 HA5203 Five Dinky 38 series open sports cars: 38d Alvis in green and black; 38e Armstrong Siddeley in grey and blue with black hubs; 38c Lagonda in grey with black hubs; 38a Frazer Nash in blue with grey interior and black hubs; 38f Jaguar in two tone red with black hubs. Overall G (some minor paint re-touching) and complete with windscreens. £40
412 HA5203 Six Dinky Toys 490 and 491 Electric Dairy Vans, five colour/ logo variations, includes 'Express Dairy' in grey and blue. Overall F-G, 'Job's Dairy' van possibly a repaint - examine). £40
413 HA5203 Nine Dinky Toys models, includes 2 x 25j Civilian Jeep, one in red with blue ridged hubs (G) and the other in blue with yellow ridged hubs (F). Conditions F-G+. £45
414 HA5203 Selection of Dinky farm models, includes 300 Massey Harris Tractor and 340 Land Rover. Overall F-G, unboxed. (6) £45
415 HA5203 Five Dinky cars: 139a Ford Fordor Sedan in yellow; 171 Hudson Commodore Sedan in cream with maroon roof and red hubs; 106 Austin Atlantic in pale blue with red interior and hubs; 132 Packard in mint green with red interior and hubs; 27f Estate Car in brown and tan. Overall G-G+. £75
416 HA5203 Six Dinky commercial models, includes 30m/ 414 Dodge Dump Truck with burnt orange cab and chassis, green back and ridged hubs and 30n/ 343 Dodge Farm Truck with yellow cab and chassis, green stake back and ridged hubs. Overall G-G+. £55
417 HA5203 Five Dinky commercial models: 2 x 522 Big Bedford Lorry (G, two colour variations); 532 Leyland Comet Wagon (new screw to base); 417 Leyland Comet Lorry (repainted); 421 Electric Articulated Lorry (P). £60
418 HA5203 Six Dinky commercial models: Morris 261 'Post Office Telephones' (G/VG); 36g Taxi in maroon and black (G+); 36g Taxi in red and black (appears repainted); 2 x 33w/ 415 Mechanical Horse and Open Wagon (one possible repaint?); 22c Motor Truck (G/F). £40
419 HA5203 Five Dinky Toys commercial models: 2 x 30j Austin Wagon in dark blue with mid blue hubs; 422 Fordson Thames Flat Truck in red (paint re-touching); 2 x 25r Forward Control Lorry, one in cream with blue hubs (rivet damaged), the other green with red hubs. £55
420 HA5203 Six Dinky emergency and commercial models: 30f Ambulance in cream and black; 2 x 25h/250 Streamlined Fire Engine, one with black ridged hubs and red ladder, another with red ridged hubs and silver ladder; 30h/253 Daimler Ambulance; 34c Loudspeaker Van in dark blue with mid blue hubs and silver speaker; 28 Delivery Van. Overall G-G+. £55
421 HA5203 Six Dinky buses, includes 29b Streamline Coach in two-tone grey/ blue, with black hubs and smooth tyres and 281 Luxury Coach with mid-blue body, pale yellow flashes and yellow ridged hubs with black treaded tyres. Overall G-G+. £35
422 HA5203 Five Dinky 30e post-war Breakdown Trucks: one burnt orange with black wings and open rear window, together with red, grey, green and military green examples with no rear window and ridged hubs. £30
423 HA5203 Seven Dinky Toys military models, includes 660 Tank Transporter and 641 Army Truck with figures. Overall G-VG, unboxed. £50
424 BO289 Three Dinky Toys models: 402 Bedford 'Coca Cola' Delivery Truck; 501 Foden Diesel 8 Wheel Wagon in brown with black chassis (replacement screw); 502 Foden Flat Truck with orange cab and chassis, and green flatbed. Overall F, unboxed. £50
425 HA5203 Four Dinky Toys racing cars: 110 Aston Martin; 107 Sunbeam Alpine; 133 Cunningham C-5R; 236 Connaught (missing driver). Overall G+ with windscreens. £70
426 BO289 Four Triang Spot-On 1/42 scale models: 2 x Ford Zodiac (inc. one with lights); 2 x Vauxhall Cresta. Conditions G-F, unboxed. £50
427 BO289 Five Triang Spot-On 1/42 scale models: 2 x Ford Zephyr Six Police Cars; 1 x Ford Zephyr Six with poodle; 2 x Ford Zodiac. All have been well restored/ repainted, unboxed. £40
428 BO289 Three Triang Spot-On 1/42 scale commercial models: 109/3B ERF Flat Float With Sides; 110/2B AEC Mammoth Major 8 With Flat Float; 117 Jones Mobile Crane. Overall F, unboxed. £60
429 BO289 Seven Triang Spot-On 1/42 scale models: 4 x Vauxhall Cresta, inc. one with roof rack; 3 x Ford Zodiac. All have been restored/ repainted and conditions vary, unboxed. £60
430 BO289 Four Triang Spot-On 1/42 scale models: 2 x Ford Zodiac (one with lights, missing battery comp. cover); 2 x Vauxhall Cresta. F-P, unboxed. £30
431 HA5203 Dinky Toys 36e Salmson 2-Seater in red with black chassis, ridged hubs and tinplate windscreen. Some white residue to dashboard and seat. £30
432 HA5203 Two Dinky early post-war 30/ 36 series cars: 30b Rolls Royce in fawn with black open chassis and ridged hubs; 36d Rover in dark blue with black chassis and hubs. £40
433 HA5203 Three Dinky post-war 30/ 36 series cars: 30c Daimler in fawn; 36a Armstrong Siddeley in blue; 36 Bentley in green. £45
434 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys 34b Royal Mail Delivery Vans, one with black roof and hubs, the other with red roof and hubs. £30
435 HA5203 Three Dinky 30e pre-war Breakdown Trucks: yellow, blue and grey examples with black wings, open rear window and smooth black hubs. £55
436 HA5203 Two Dinky cars: 40b Triumph Saloon in blue with blue hubs; 40a/ 158 Riley in cream with green hubs. G/VG. £40
437 HA5203 Four Dinky Toys cars: 2 x 40e /153 Standard Vanguard, one in tan, the other in blue with beige hubs; 40g/ 149 Morris Oxford in dark green with mid green hubs; 172 Studebaker in blue with beige hubs. Overall G-VG, unboxed. £30
438 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys 39 series cars: 39d Buick Viceroy Saloon in maroon with black ridged hubs (minor paint touch-in to rear); 39b Oldsmobile in grey with black ridged hubs. Overall G. £30
439 HA5203 Five Dinky Toys 1940's issue military vehicles: 162 18-Pounder Quick Firing Field Gun Unit comprising 162a Light Dragon Motor Tractor, 162b Ammunition Trailer and 162 Field Gun; 152B Reconnaissance Car; 152a Light Tank. Overall G/VG, unboxed. £45
440 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys 151b Military Covered Wagons, one in brown (F, no metal tilt) the other in reddish-brown with pale grey tilt (G+). Unboxed. £25
441 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys racing cars: 237 Mercedes Benz Racing Car in white with red hubs and interior and RN '30'. (G/VG in P box missing two inner end flaps and one end flap taped on); 163 Bristol 450 Coupe in green with RN '27' (G/VG in P box which has been taped together and is missing an inner end flap). £50
442 HA5203 Three Dinky Toys 40h/ 254 Austin Taxi models: black body, chrome spun hubs, dark grey base/interior/driver (G/VG); two tone yellow/ green with yellow hubs (G); yellow with black interior (G although some minor paint re-touching). £30
443 HA5203 Five Dinky Toys 23 series racing cars: 23j HWM; 239 Vanwall; 23g Cooper-Bristol; 23h Ferrari; 23f Alfa-Romeo (latter two with repainted drivers?). Overall G. £70
444 HA5203 Three Dinky 39 series American cars: 39f Studebaker State Commander in dark blue (G/VG, some minor paint touch-ins); 39c Lincoln Zephyr in pale grey (G/VG); 39e Chrysler Royal Sedan in green (G/F). £40
445 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys Austin Vans: 472 'Raleigh Cycles' in dark green with yellow hubs (VG); 470 'Shell BP' (G/VG). Both with E decals. £50
446 HA5203 Five Dinky Toys 23 series racing cars: 23e Speed of The Wind; 231 Maserati; 239 Vanwall; 23c Mercedes Benz; 23k Talbot Lago. Overall G. £50
447 HA5203 Four Dinky commercial vans: 481 Bedford 'Ovaltine' (G/VG); 480 Bedford 'Kodak' (G); 450 Trojan 'Esso' (G/VG); 260 Royal Mail Van (G/VG). All with VG decals. £50
448 HA5203 Dinky Toys 697 25-Pounder Field Gun Set, comprising Quad Tractor, Ammunition Trailer and 25 Pounder Gun (generally VG, unboxed). Together with Dinky Army Wagon and Anti Aircraft Gun (G/VG unboxed). (5) £45
449 HA5203 Three Dinky commercial vans: 452 /31c Trojan 'Chivers Jellies' Van (G/VG); 451 Trojan 'Dunlop' Van (VG); 465 Morris 'Have a Capstan' (VG, small patch of paint bubbling to one side). All with E complete decals. £85
450 HA5203 Three Dinky Toys Record Cars: 23p Gardner's MG Record Car; 2 x 23s Streamlined Racing Car, one in silver and blue, the other in green and silver. G-G+. £40
451 HA5203 Two Dinky Supertoys promotional models: 923 Big Bedford 'Heinz' Van, with red cab and chassis, yellow back and hubs, grey tyres and Baked Beans decal; 514 Guy (1st type) 'Slumberland' Van with red cab, chassis and hubs. Overall G+, unboxed. £40
452 HA5203 Two Dinky 27n/ 301 Field Marshall Tractors, both in orange with tan driver and metal wheels, one with silver hubs the other with green hubs. Both G+, unboxed. £35
453 HA5203 Dinky Toys 38b Sunbeam Talbot with yellow body and ridged hubs, and green tonneau. Crack to windscreen but otherwise a G+ example of a harder issue to find. £20
454 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 503 Foden (1st type) Flat Truck with Tailboard with light grey cab and back, mid-blue chassis and ridged hubs (no flash), no hook or tank slits and early axle clips. Unboxed. £40
455 HA5203 Dinky Toys 453 /31c Trojan "Beefy Oxo" Van with dark blue body, mid-blue ridged hubs with black smooth tyres and silver trim. Overall a good example of a harder issue to find. £60
456 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 918 'Ever Ready Batteries For Life' Van, in blue with red Supertoy hubs. A G/VG bright example with VG decals, unboxed. £40
457 HA5203 Two Dinky Supertoys models: 561 Blaw Knox Bulldozer in red with green tracks and tan driver (G+ in G green lift off lid box with packing piece, small split to one corner of lid); 972 20-Ton Lorry Mounted Crane 'Coles' (G/VG in G/VG box). £35
458 HA5203 Dinky Toys 942 Foden 'Regent' 14-Ton Tanker. Overall G/VG, restoration to one side (cream strip and Regent decal) and in reproduction box. £35
459 HA5203 Dinky Toys 454 Trojan 'Cydrax' Van in green with green hubs. G/VG (paint work slightly discoloured/ faded) in F box (one end flap unattached). £30
460 HA5203 Dinky Toys 283 BOAC Airport Coach in dark blue with white roof and mid-blue hubs. Overall VG (few small chips to roof) in VG box (pen mark to one end flap). £0
461 HA5203 Dinky Toys 238 Jaguar Type D Racing Car in turquoise with blue hubs and interior. VG in F box (two inner end flaps unattached and price sticker/ pen to end flaps). £30
462 MO766 Two Corgi Toys models: 256 Volkswagen 1200 in East African Safari Trim (G, marks to bonnet, missing rhino and in F box missing one end flap with G inner tray); 448 BMC Mini Police Van with Tracker Dog (G/VG in F box missing inner tray). £50
463 BO289 Four French Dinky models: 596 Arroseuse Balayeuse LMV/ Road Sweeper (G/VG); 33 Simca Cargo Lorry in green and yellow (G/VG); 35A Citroen Breakdown Lorry (G+); 25r Studebaker Breakdown Truck (P). Unboxed. £30
464 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys military models: 621 3-Ton Army Wagon (G/VG in F/P box with one inner end flap missing and end flap unattached); 651 Centurion Tank (VG in G/F box missing an inner end flap). £30
465 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys models: 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck in yellow (VG with E complete decals, some fading to one side, in G/VG box with card packing piece); 533 Leyland Cement Wagon 'Portland Cement' in yellow with grey tyres (G/VG with E complete decals, some minor paint touch-ins, in G/VG box). £60
466 HA5203 Dinky Toys 40H/ 254 Austin Taxi in dark blue with mid-blue hubs, black interior and driver figure. G/VG in P box with correct colour spot (one end flap unattached). £25
467 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys farm implements: 323 Triple Gang Mower (G/VG in F/P box with tears to one end flap and one inner end flap unattached); 324 Hay Rake (G/VG in G/VG box with minor tear to one end flap). £25
468 HA5203 Dinky Toys 131 Cadillac Tourer in pale yellow with cerise interior, beige hubs and driver figure. G/VG (appears slightly faded, chip to corner of windscreen) in F box with correct colour spot. £30
469 HA5203 Two Dinky Toys 290 Double Deck 'Dunlop' Buses: one in cream and red (G/VG in VG red and yellow box with red colour spot, two price stickers to one side); the other cream and green (F in G/F box with green/cream colour spot). £0
470 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 642 Pressure Refueller. G/VG in G/VG box (small pen mark to one end of lid). £0
471 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 689 Medium Artillery Tractor. VG with some minor chips in G/VG box with two corners of lid split. £25
472 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 981 'British Railways' Horse Box. G/VG in F box (surface tear across lid and some water damage to base). £30
473 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 513 Guy (1st type) Flat Truck with Tailboard, with violet blue cab and chassis, mid-blue hubs and yellow back. G/VG (a few red marks to back, possibly repainted - examine) in F lift off lid box with label, faded yellow colour spot to one end. £45
474 HA5203 Dinky Toys 562 Dumper Truck in yellow with red metal wheels, black seat and steering wheel, tan driver and silver trim.G/VG in VG lift off lid box with paper label and instruction flash to side. £25
475 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 905 Foden Flat Truck with Chains, in red with Supertoy hubs and grey back. G-VG with some fading to cab and chips to wheel arches and cab, in P box missing one end of lid. £35
476 TO5270 Corgi Major Toys 1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine. G+ in G+ box. £30
477 HA5203 Dinky Toys 25x 'Dinky Service' Breakdown Lorry with tan cab and chassis, green back and red ridged hubs. Overall G-VG in G/VG orange lift off lid box with printed text to ends. £0
478 HA5203 Dinky Toys 443 'National Benzole' Tanker in yellow with silver trim and decal to rear. G/VG with VG decals in F box (one end flap missing and replaced with a plain piece of card). £30
479 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 955 Fire Engine with Extending Ladder. Overall VG but some fading to one side, in VG box with card packing piece. £0
480 MO766 Dinky Supertoys 642 Pressure Refueller. G/VG in G/VG box. £30
481 MO766 Two Dinky Toys models: 277 Superior Criterion Ambulance (G; one rivet missing, with leaflets in G+ box with repair to label); 184 Volvo 122S (G in G/VG box with pen mark to one end). £40
482 MO766 Two Corgi Toys racing cars: 150S Vanwall Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car in red with bonnet stripe and RN '25' (G/VG in F box); 155 Lotus-Climax F1 Racing Car (VG in G/VG box with tear to one end flap). £35
483 MO766 Dinky Supertoys 512 Guy Flat Truck with burnt orange cab and chassis, and green back and hubs. Overall G in G/VG box. £0
484 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 511 Guy (1st type) 4-Ton Lorry in green with black chassis, rear tow hook and '20' label. G/VG in G/VG lift off lid box with label and green colour square to one end. £60
485 MO766 Dinky Toys 136 Vauxhall Viva in bright metallic blue with red interior. VG in VG (slightly dented) box. £40
486 MO766 Dinky Toys 138 Hillman Imp Saloon in pale metallic green with spun hubs. VG+ (no luggage) in VG box. £60
487 MO766 Dinky Toys 135 Triumph 2000 in metallic aquamarine with white roof and red interior. VG with luggage in VG box (a few small marks). £60
488 MO766 Corgi Toys 352 RAF Staff Car - Standard Vanguard. VG (some minor flaws/ discolouration) in G+ box (some creasing to one side). £60
489 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 504 Foden (2nd type) 14-Ton 'Mobilgas' Tanker, in red with Supertoy hubs and black tyres. Overall G/VG with a few minor paint touch-ins and light fading to one side, in G/F green lift off lid box with some nibbles to label and name in pen to one side of lid. £60
490 MO766 Corgi Toys 247 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman in metallic maroon with chrome trim. VG in G/VG box. £55
491 HA5203 Dinky Toys 471 Austin 'Nestle's' Van in red with yellow hubs. VG in G/F box with damage to one end flap. £0
492 HA5203 Dinky Toys 455 Trojan 'Brooke Bond Tea' Van in red with red hubs. VG in G/VG box (price in pen to one end flap). £65
493 HA5203 Dinky Toys 482 Bedford 'Dinky Toys' Van in two-tone yellow with pale yellow hubs. VG in VG box (residue of small sticky label to one side). £60
494 HI10 Dinky Toys 166 Sunbeam Rapier Saloon in turquoise and mid-blue with mid-blue hubs. VG in VG box with correct colour spot. £50
495 HA5203 Dinky Toys 25x 'Dinky Service' Breakdown Lorry with dark grey cab and chassis, dark blue back and red ridged hubs. Overall G-VG (some chipping to jib) in G/VG orange box with label (split to one corner of lid). £50
496 HA5203 Dinky Supertoys 983 Car Carrier with Trailer 'Dinky Auto Service'. Overall G/VG (small factory flaw to one hub) with E decals in G/VG box (two corners of lid split) with inner card packing pieces. £150
497 HA5203 Dinky Toys 23b Hotchkiss Racing Car in red with silver flashes, black hubs and RN '5'. G+. £15
498 HA5203 Dinky Toys 23a Streamlined Racing Car, 3rd casting in silver including driver, with red flashes and hubs and RN '4'. VG with a few minor chips. £0
499 HA5203 Dinky Toys 23d Auto-Union Racing Car with silver body, black ridged hubs with herringbone tyres, red grille and RN '2'. G+. £20
500 MO766 Corgi Toys 277 The Monkees Monkeemobile. G/VG in G/VG box. £110
501 HO5147 Lesney Matchbox 46b 'Beales-Bealesons' Guy Removal Van promotional issue: tan type B body without silver trim, gloss black base, BPW, complete decals to both sides. Overall VG (minor bubbling to roof, small chip to top of grille and mark to bottom of decal on right side) in VG card box (a few minor stains and missing label). £140
502 MO766 Triang Spot-On 415 RAF Land Rover, in grey-blue with light grey plastic back, silver base and pump, and cast spun hubs. Appears VG (steering wheel loose in cab but present) in G/VG window box (pen to base). £100
503 MO766 Corgi Toys 233 Heinkel Bubble Car in red with yellow interior. VG in VG box. £70
504 MO766 Corgi Toys 497 The Man From UNCLE Thrush-Buster. VG+ (minor corrosion to chrome popper) in VG box with G/VG (some creasing) inner tray. £85
505 HO5147 Lesney Matchbox 46b 'Beales-Bealesons' Guy Removal Van promotional issue: tan type B body without silver trim, gloss black base, BPW, complete decals to both sides. Overall VG/E (small chip to top of grille and one decal starting to flake at bottom of sun) in G/VG card box (glue residue to two sides) with 'it's a pleasure' label. £300
506 WI2375 Selection of playworn military models by Britains, Dinky and others. Unboxed. (15) £20
507 WI2375 Quantity of Corgi and other playworn diecast models, includes Corgi The Saint's Volvo. Unboxed. (40 approx.) £25
508 WI2375 Quantity of Matchbox and other diecast models. Overall F-G, unboxed. (65 approx.) £0
509 WI2375 Quantity of Corgi, Dinky and other playworn diecast, includes Corgi Batmobile. Unboxed. (30 approx.) £35
510 JA168 Quantity of playworn diecast by Corgi, Matchbox and others, includes Corgi Basil Brush Car. £20
511 JA168 Quantity of playworn Matchbox and other diecast models. Together with a Lima OO gauge King George V locomotive. £0
512 BO289 Quantity of Dinky, Matchbox and other diecast models and parts for spares/ repair. Some repainting. £20
513 WO1075 Quantity of Onyx and Minichamps F1 racing cars, c.1995-1996. Appear M and boxed. (12) £60
514 WO1075 Seven Minichamps and one Onyx F1 model, c.1997-1998. Appear M and boxed. (8) £30
515 PE5248 Seven Onyx and Minichamps McLaren F1 cars, c.1980's-2000. Appear VG-M and boxed. £45
516 WO1075 Eight Onyx F1 racing cars, c.1988-'89, includes Senna, Mansell and Piquet. Appear VG-M and boxed. £45
517 WO1075 11 x Onyx and 1 x Minichamps F1 racing cars, c.1990-1992, includes Herbert, Hakkinen, Warwick, Piquet and Schumacher. Appear M and boxed. (12) £60
518 WO1075 Nine Onyx F1 racing cars, c.1993-1994, includes Herbert, Irvine, Coulthard and Blundell. Appear M and boxed. £50
519 WO1075 Ten Onyx Indycar models, c.1990: 5 x Penske; 4 x Lola; 1 x Porsche. Appear E-M and boxed. £30
520 AT4013 Five Corgi Classics The Aviation Archive aircraft models: Military #48505; Frontier Airliners #47504; Operation Chastise #47102; Frontier Airliners #47202 (small black clips missing?). Appear VG-M and boxed (light wear to boxes). £0
521 AT4013 Five Corgi Heavy Haulage and one Corgi Vintage Glory of Steam diecast models. Appear overall E-M and boxed, although some wear to boxes. (6) £75
522 AT4013 Ten Corgi Building Britain diecast models, includes #17702 Wimpey Scammell Constructor (x2) and 24 Wheel Girder Trailer. Appear E-M and boxed (water damage to some boxes). £95
523 AT4013 Six Corgi Classics Whisky Collection models. Appear E-M and boxed (some wear to a couple of boxes). £65
524 AT4013 Seven Corgi Guiness / brewery related diecast models. Appear E-M and boxed (some water damage to boxes). £65
525 AT4013 Quantity of Corgi Classics diecast commercial models. Conditions VG-M and boxed (water damage to some boxes). (14) £80
526 HA3617 Quantity of Corgi Classics commercial and bus models in grey window boxes, includes #97120 Bedford O Series Van LMS. E-M and boxed. (16) £60
527 WA5259 20 x Corgi Classics commercial vehicles, includes The Showman's Range #24801 Leyland Dodgem Truck & Caravan Set. Appear VG-M and boxed. £120
528 AT4013 Corgi Classics 1/50 scale #55201 Pickfords Commemorative Set, comprising Diamond T Ballast (x2) with 24 Wheel Girder Trailer & Steel Casting Load. Appears M and boxed with certificate no.1374. £40
529 BO289 Five Corgi/ Lledo Vanguards models, includes VA06410 Vauxhall Cresta Rallye Monte Carlo. E-M and boxed. £40
530 PE5248 Corgi Heavy Haulage CC12422 1/50 scale Volvo FH Globetrotter with Bogie & Beam Load - John Somerscales Ltd. Limited edition 494/1900 . Appears E/M and boxed. £40
531 CO222 Three 1/18 scale models, includes Anson Prestige Collection 1934 Packard. Appear E/M and boxed. £30
532 WA5259 12 x Corgi Bedford Pantechnicon and AEC 508 Forward Control 5 Ton Cabover models, includes Corgi Going For Gold limited edition model 433/1000. Appear E-M and boxed. £35
533 AT4013 Six Corgi Classics The Aviation Archive aircraft models, together with one other Corgi aircraft model. Conditions vary, F-E (have been removed from boxes and some small components missing), boxed. £0
534 HA3617 11 x Corgi commercial models, includes The British Rail Set Ford Popular Van and Bedford CA Van and 50th Anniversary Battle of Britain Set. Appear E-M and boxed. £40
535 WA5259 Six Corgi Golden Oldies models, includes #19303 Heinz Thames Trader. Together with two Corgi Archive models. Appear E-M and boxed. (8) £35
536 CU2561 Five Franklin Mint 1/24 scale models: 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom I; 1930 Bugatti Royale Coupe Napoleon; 1938 Alvis; 1924 Hispano-Suiza Tulipwood; 1948 MGTC. Conditions vary F-E, have been on display therefore some discolouration and a couple with small parts unattached/missing, all boxed (some water damage to boxes). £95
537 CU2561 Six Franklin Mint 1/24 scale models:1933 Duesenberg SJ Twenty Grand; 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster; 1930 Duesenberg J Derham Tourster; 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boat-tail Speedster; 1938 Jaguar SS100; 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton Coupe. Conditions vary F-E, have been on display therefore some discolouration and a couple with small parts unattached/missing, all boxed. £100
538 CU2561 Six Franklin Mint 1/24 scale models: 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost; 1904 Mercedes Simplex; Mercedes 500K Special Roadster; 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost; 1929 Bentley; 1936 Bugatti Atalante Type57 SC. Conditions vary F-E, have been on display therefore some discolouration and a couple with small parts unattached/missing, all boxed. £50
539 AT4013 Corgi 1/50 scale #75406 Leyland DAF Curtainside - Ken Thomas Ltd. Together with seven Corgi Classics models. Appear E-M and boxed (water damage to some boxes). (8) £50
540 AT4013 Quantity of Corgi Classics Eddie Stobart diecast models, together with a Corgi Eddie Stobart Figure Set. Appear VG-M and boxed (water damage to a few boxes). (15) £85
541 CU2561 Five Franklin Mint models: 1912 Christie Front Drive Steamer; 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen; 1922 Ahrens Fox RK4; 1916 Model T Fire Engine; 1885 Daimler Motorcycle. Appear F-G, some parts unattached/missing and unboxed. £40
542 SI5321 Franklin Mint 1948 MGTC Roadster (VG although spare wheel missing, in polystyrene only). Together with Corgi Connoisseur Collection Jaguar E Type limited edition set 1879/5000 (VG boxed) and an Esso Road Tanker (G/VG boxed). (3) £25
543 WA5259 18 x Corgi bus models, includes #97074 Routemasters in Exile Set and #35301 The Connoisseur Collection Yelloways Bedford Val Set. Appear E-M and boxed. £70
544 WA5259 Seven Corgi Classics Guy Arab buses, together with a selection of Corgi and one Matchbox bus in window boxes. Appear VG-M and boxed. (18) £50
545 AT4013 Quantity of Corgi and other diecast car and commercial models, includes buses. Conditions vary, mostly VG-E and boxed (water damage to boxes, one Eddie Stobart model missing box lid). (29) £50
546 AT4013 Ten Corgi Classics commercial diecast models, includes #09802 August 1995- a milestone in the history of Corgi ERF 8 Wheel Rigid Truck. Appear VG-M and boxed (water damage to some boxes). £70
547 WA5259 14 x Corgi Thornycroft bus models. Appear VG-M and all but three boxed. £35
548 HA3617 Eight Corgi diecast buses, includes #97198 The Southdown Guy Arab. Appear E-M and boxed. £40
549 WA5259 16 x Corgi bus models. Appear E-M in window boxes. £35
550 WA5259 15 x Corgi The Original Omnibus Company diecast bus and trolley bus models. Appear M and boxed. £45
551 WA5259 12 x Corgi Classics bus models, includes #97065 Stagecoach Set. Appear E-M and boxed. £55
552 WA5259 13 x Corgi Classics bus models, includes #97064 Blackpool Set. Appear E-M and boxed. £70
553 WA5259 16 x Corgi bus and van models, includes C769 Plaxton Paramount Code 3 'Yellow Coaches - Bournemouth'. Appear E-M and boxed. £45
554 WA5259 Eight Corgi tram models, together with Corgi #97800 Sunbeam Trolley Bus Reading Corporation Transport, and a wooden Melbourne Tram model (G). Overall E-M and boxed. (10) £50
555 WA5259 12 x Corgi Tramlines diecast tram models, includes C991/2 Blackpool Corp. Tramways. Appear E-M and boxed (three with discolouration to box windows). £45
556 WA5259 14 x Corgi Classics bus models, includes #34901 The Connoisseur Collection Manchester Corporation Leyland Royal Tiger. Overall E-M and boxed (one in trade box). £70
557 WA5259 11 x Corgi Classics bus models and sets, includes D4/1 Transport Of The Early 50's and C89 60 Years of Transport. Appear VG-M and boxed. £50
558 WA5259 Ten Corgi coach models, appear VG-M in blue window boxes. £35
559 WA5259 Nine Corgi Classics tram diecast models, includes #98151 Open Top Tram South Metropolitan. Appear E-M and boxed. £40
560 WA5259 17 x EFE Exclusive First Editions 1/76 scale bus, car and commercial models, includes The Rank Hovis Story Vol. II. Appear E-M and boxed. £45
561 WA5259 20 x Corgi and other bus and commercial trackside diecast models, includes 'The Great Book of Corgi' double-decker bus. Overall G-VG, unboxed. £20
562 WA5259 Three Corgi The Original Omnibus Company tram models: #43512 Balloon Tram 'Pontins'; #43508 Balloon Tram 'Wall's'; #43501 Blackpool Balloon Tram Postwar. Together with Corgi The Original Omnibus Company #44002 Blackpool Brush Railcoach Current Livery. Appear M and boxed. (4) £20
563 WA5259 Nine Corgi British Tram Company and one Original Omnibus tram models. E-M and boxed (discolouration to a couple of box windows). (10) £30
564 WA5259 11 x Corgi Tramlines diecast tram models, includes D993/2 Dover Corp. Tramways. Appear E-M and boxed (two with discolouration to box windows). £40
565 WA5259 16 x Corgi The Original Omnibus Company coach models. Appear M and boxed. £50
566 WA5259 Quantity of Corgi Classics Bedford Type OB, AEC and other bus models. Appear VG- M in grey window boxes. (21) £50
567 WA5259 14 x EFE Exclusive First Editions 1/76 scale buses, includes #99910 Leyland PD2 Highbridge Bedford OB Coach Southdown. Appear M and boxed. £35
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