Auctioneers in Dorset

Collectable Toy & Model Railway 15 June 2018

Date: 15th June 2018 - 10:00

Collectable Toy & Model Railway Friday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1 Hornby R2146 LNER 4-6-2 Class A3 Millenium Limited Edition 'Flying Scotsman' Locomotive, with 18ct gold plated parts. Appears E/ unused in Hornby box with additional presentation box, limited edition certificate no.435/2000 and outer card trade box. £70
2 Hornby R649 'Time For A Change' 50th Anniversary Collection Set, comprising 4-6-2 'Sir Ronald Matthews' LNER Class A4 tender locomotive and Royal Doulton 'Going For The Record' Collector's Plate. Limited edition 363/3000. Appears E with label 'New test run only' and boxed with certificate. £40
3 Hornby Limited Edition 4-6-2 West Country Class Southern Locomotive 'Exeter 21C101'. Appears VG in wooden presentation box with limited edition certificate 1066/4000, produced to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Exeter's introduction in to the Southern Railway. £40
4 Hornby R2205 LMS 4-6-2 Coronation Class 6235 'City of Birmingham' tender locomotive. Appears E and boxed. £40
5 Hornby R2338 NE 4-6-2 Class A4 Locomotive 'Sir Charles Newton' DCC Ready. Appears E and boxed (light wear to box). £55
6 Hornby R2171 BR 4-6-2 'Canadian Pacific' Merchant Navy Class tender locomotive. Appears VG/E, last serviced 2007, boxed (some light wear to box). £60
7 Hornby R2220 BR 4-6-2 Battle of Britain Class 34081 '92 Squadron' locomotive. Appears excellent and boxed with instructions and unopened accessory pack. £0
8 Hornby R2169 BR 4-6-2 'Clan Line' Merchant Navy Class tender locomotive. Appears VG (tender missing one set of steps), last serviced 2008, boxed. £50
9 Hornby The Pete Waterman Collection R2905 BR 4-6-0 Class N15 '30452 Sir Meliagrance' locomotive, DCC ready. VG and boxed with accessory pack. £50
10 Hornby R2179 LMS Maroon Coronation Class 4-6-2 'Duchess of Gloucester'. Appears excellent and boxed with instructions, accessory pack and additional front bogie. £0
11 Bachmann 31-086 4-4-0 GWR 3200 Class 9017 tender locomotive in BR black, DCC ready. VG/E and boxed with instructions and accessory pack. £50
12 Hornby R2744 BR 4-4-0 Schools Class 'Blundell's' DCC ready locomotive. VG/E and boxed with instructions and accessory pack. £55
13 Hornby R2715 BR 4-6-0 Standard 4 '75062' tender locomotive, DCC ready. G/VG and boxed with opened accessory pack. £40
14 Hornby R2105D BR 2-10-0 Class 9F tender locomotive '92156'. Appears G with glue repair, boxed. £20
15 Hornby R2234 BR 4-6-0 King Class King William IV 6002 tender locomotive. Appears VG/E and boxed with accessory pack and instructions (box faded). £0
16 Two Bachmann tender locomotives: 32-162 N Class 2-6-0 31401 BR Black L/Crest Slope Sided Tender (VG boxed with accessory pack); 31-405 Lord Nelson 30852 4-6-0 'Sir Walter Raleigh' BR Green (VG boxed with accessory pack). £60
17 No Lot £0
18 AIRFIX 46100 BR Green Rebuilt 4-6-0 'Royal Scot' - E Boxed £20
19 AIRFIX 2 x Locomotives - 54125 BR Green 4-6-0 'Pendennis Castle' E Boxed and 54152 GWR Green Class 14XX 0-4-2T # 1466 E in Good Box - both with Instructions. £30
20 Two Bachmann DCC ready locomotives: 31-175 Jubilee Class 45611 4-6-0 'Hong Kong' Stanier Tender BR Green/ Early Emblem (G/VG and boxed with instructions and accessory pack); 32-002 4-6-0 'Saint Edmund Hall' 5960 BR Black/ Early Emblem (appears VG in box with some wear/ torn end flap). £65
21 Hornby R2105A BR 2-10-0 Class 9F locomotive '92108'. Appears VG with accessory pack and boxed. £0
22 Two Bachmann locomotives: 32-350 2-6-4 Standard Class 4MT Tank 80061 BR E/Emblem (VG/E and boxed with accessory pack and instructions); 31-307 4-6-0 Manor 7813 'Freshford Manor' BR Black E/Emblem (VG/E and boxed with instructions). £60
23 Two Bachmann Branch Line locomotives: #31-778 Modified Hall 4-6-0 6969 'Wraysbury Hall' BR Green E/Emblem (with accessory pack); #31-105 BR Class 4 4-6-0 Standard Loco. Appear VG-E and boxed. £50
24 Four Lima/ Mainline/ Airfix locomotives: Mainline #37039 Class 6600 0-6-2T BR black livery, appears VG; Lima #205139W modified and detailed single car BR green DMU; Airfix #54151-4 Prairie Tank 2-6-2 BR black livery, repainted and detailed; #54153-0 0-4-2 BR 1400 Class 1424, renumbered and detailed. Boxed. £55
25 Four Mainline/ Airfix/ Lima locomotives: Mainline #37043 Manor Class 4-6-0 BR green livery 'Lydham Manor'; #37-077 0-6-0 2251 Class Collett BR green 3210, both appear VG; Airfix #54151-4 Prairie Tank 2-6-2 BR black livery, repainted and detailed; Lima #205110MWG BR Prairie 4509, repainted and detailed. Boxed. £50
26 Three Mainline and Dapol locomotives: Mainline #937086 6100 Class 2-6-2 Prairie tank loco. BR lined green livery; #37-059 0-6-0 2251 Class Collett loco. BR black; Dapol D/3 4-6-0 County GWR Green 1029 County of Worcester. Appear VG and boxed. £45
27 Lima 3 Car BR Green DMU: #205137MWG; #205138W; #205146W. Modified and detailed, boxed. £40
28 Hornby R262 BR Green 'Duchess of Atholl' 4-6-2 - serviced 5/2017 - VG with alternative number and Name transfer sheet and Instructions in a Good Box. £35
29 HORNBY R2661M 'The Bournemoth Belle' Belle Train Pack COACHES ONLY comprising Brown and Cream Pullman K Coaches 'Rosemary','Car No 31 Third Class' and Brake 'Car No 154 Third Class' all Matchbox Sides with 'Bournemouth Belle' Coach Boards and Lights - E and still Tissue Wrapped in Train Pack Box missing White Card Instructions and all Accessory Packs. £60
30 BACHMANN E-Z Command - 3 36-553 x 3 Function DCC Decoders and 2 x 36-561 Dynamis 4 output Point Decoders. Appear Mint packaged. £35
31 HORNBY 5 x GWR, SR and Industrial Tank Engines - all Serviced 3/2018 - GWR Green Class 2721 0-6-0PT's Nos R760B # 2730 and R2328A #2759 - SR R868 Dark Green Class M7 0-4-4T # 245 and Southern Green Class D 0-4-0T #.63 ex Set X10228 - R2129 Red Holden 0-4-0T # 105.- latter missing push in Buffer otherwise all VG/E. £45
32 HORNBY and LIMA 5 x GWR Green Tank Engines - Hornby 2 x R041 Class 57XX 0-6-PT's - one missing Number Plates and both with modified Chimneys and a repainted unlettered Holden 0-4-0T - Lima 20511 Class 45XX 2-6-2T # 4589 - VG/E- and another repainted and unlettered with modified Chimney - all on VG/E chassis Serviced 3/2018. £35
33 HORNBY/MAINLINE 3 x LNER/GNR Green 0-6-0T's and 2 x Industrial 0-4-0T's - all Serviced 3/2018 - Hornby R252 LNER J83 # 8477 and R396 GNR J52 # 1247 - R752 Siewart & Lloyds Class OF 0-4-0ST # 205 and R2452 'Lion Works Collieries' Class D0-4-0T # 1 - all VG/E - Mainline 37054 LNER Class J72 0-6-0T - modified Chimney otherwise VG/E. £35
34 HORNBY and TRIANG R505 LMS Maroon Class 4P 2-6-4T # 2312 and R256 Black 0-4-0T # 256 (with Instructions) - both E in Good Boxes and R253 TR Black 0-4-0DS - VG in a Fair Plus Box missing Keeps. All Serviced 5/2018 £35
35 HORNBY/TRIANG/LIMA 4 x Locomotives - Hornby/Triang R855 LNER Green 'Flying Scotsman' and 2 x Thomas the Tank Engine - R351 Thomas 0-6-0T - Boxed and 0-4-0T #6 - Lima 205108 Class 08 0-6-0DS # 3004. All VG and Serviced 5/2018. £50
36 Hornby and Wrenn - R380 Southern Malachite Green Schools Class 4-4-0 'Stowe' - missing a Smoke Deflector otherwise VG in F box, R486/487 Maunsell SR Malachite Coaches - VG boxed and a Wrenn W4323 Green Yellow lettered Utility Van - G boxed. £40
37 A collection of 00 Tenders and Bodies and Coaches for spares. £30
38 Airfix 54121-3 Royal Scot 4-6-0 tender locomotive in BR livery (VG/E boxed). Together with four Hornby LMS crimson coaches: 3 x R474 Composite Coach; R475 LMS Brake 3rd Coach (VG boxed). (4) £30
39 HORNBY and DAPOL 3 x Locomotives - Hornby R350 Class A4 4-6-2 Mallard - Good and R1075 Class 08 0-6-0DS - DCC fitted - ex Set - E - both BR Green and Dapol D1 LMS Black Pug 0-4-0ST # 11217 - E. All serviced 5/2018 £70
40 DAPOL/MAINLINE/HORNBY - 12 x Goods Wagons Nos Dapol B345A/502/610/676 x 2/679/679A/748 and 826 - E/M Boxed - Mainline 2 x 37424 with Loads - E/M boxed and Hornby R008 - G/F Boxed. £40
41 HORNBY/TRIANG and LIMA 4 x Diesel Locomotives - Hornby/Triang - R369 Class 37 # 37-073, R357 Class 31 #D5572 - both BR Blue and R080 BR Green Class 29 # 6110 - Lima 205106 BR Blue Class 55 'The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry' - all VG and Serviced 5/2018. £40
42 TRIANG Blue Pullman Set and Class 37 Diesel - Blue Pullman R555/556 Power and Dummy Cars and 2 x R426 Centre Cars - Good and a R751 BR Blue Class 37 # D6830 - VG. Both Serviced 5/2018 £35
43 TRIANG R758 BR Blue Hymek # D7063 - VG -and R555/R556 Blue Pullman Power and Dummy Cars and 3 x 426 Centre Cars - 2 with modified Couplings otherwise Good £25
44 Hornby, 2 x Locomotives: R088 LMS Black lined Red Class 4P 2-6-4T #2345 and R057 CR Blue 0-4-0ST. Together with two Wrenn Wagons: W4665 and W5021. All VG in F-G boxes. £35
45 Three Hornby tender locomotives: R078 GWR 4-6-0 King Edward I (VG); R099 4-6-2 LNER A4 Class 'Silver Fox' in streamlined silver/grey livery (with tag 'Test run only, E); R350 SR 4-4-0 L.I. locomotive (G/VG, two small plastic parts snapped off, in F/P box). Boxed. £70
46 Three Hornby tank engines: R252 LNER Class J83 0-6-0 Tank; R059 GWR Class 2721 0-6-0 Pannier Tank; 0-4-0 Southern Tank (in R255 box). Together with Lima 205107 BR No.09026 diesel shunter. Conditions vary F-VG boxed. (4) £35
47 Hornby and Triang Hornby, 4 x Locomotives - R855 Class A3 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman, R53/R31 BR 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' , an unlettered R52 Class 3F 0-6-0T # 47606 and a R253 TYR Black 0-4-0DS. All Serviced 5/2018. £40
48 Bachmann, Lima and Hornby - 3 x GWR Tank Locomotives - Bachmann 32-139 Class 45XX 2-6-2T # 5513 with Accessory Pack fitted and Lima 205117 Class 94XX 0-6-0PT # 9400 - both VG and Hornby R041 Class 57XX 0-6-0PT # 8751 - G. All serviced 5/2018. £40
49 Triang and Hornby diesel locomotives: Triang blue Pullman three car set with power car, dummy car and centre car; Triang R252 0-4-0 maroon Overhead Electric Steeple Cab; Hornby Class 29 D6110; Triang R357 D5572 in blue; Triang R357 D5572 in green (latter two with cracks to plastic). Appear F, unboxed. £50
50 Hornby and Triang Hornby, 4 x Locomotives - R855 Class A3 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman, R53/R31 BR Olive Green 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' (Tender missing transfers), an unlettered R52 Class 3F 0-6-0T and a repainted R253 0-4-0DS. All Serviced 5/2018. £35
51 Triang Rovex OO Gauge Passenger Set, comprising 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' Pacific Type Loco No.46201 and Tender, 2 x Passenger Coach, battery box and quantity of track. Overall G+ in F/P box with inner packaging. £0
52 Seven Gem railway track points. £25
53 Selection of coaches: 3 x Hornby Southern R933 (one unboxed); Hornby Southern R934; 4 x Hornby LNER coaches (unboxed); 2 x Fleischmann HO gauge 5147 coaches (boxed). Appear G-VG. (10) £40
54 13 x Bachmann, Lima, Airfix and Dapol rolling stock, includes five Bachmann Branch Line Plank Wagons. Conditions vary, G-E boxed. Together with six tender coal loads (no tenders), unboxed. £40
55 17 x Airfix GMR wagons: 11 x #54345-7 Esso Long Wheel Base Tanker; 2 x #54332-1 Conflat BR B Container; 3 x #54368-0 21T Hopper BR; 1 x #54346-0 Shell/BP Long Wheel Base Tanker. Mostly appear VG and boxed (a couple missing box inner packing tray). £65
56 Five Replica Railways Collett Coaches: 4 x No.12053 60' Collett All 3rd BR Crimson/Cream; 1 x No.12043 60' Collett 1st/3rd Brake BR Crimson/Cream. Together with: Bachmann #34-175 Collett 60' 2nd Brake Maroon; Lima #305657W 57Ft, GUV Bogie Parcel Van BR Maroon; Hornby R483 BR Composite Coach Maroon. Overall appear VG and boxed. (8) £50
57 Ten Airfix GMR BR maroon coaches: 5 x #54208-9 Centenary Comp.; 1 x #54210-2 Centenary Brake 3rd; 4 x #54257-1 Class B Suburban. Appear VG and boxed. £50
58 Seven Mainline BR maroon coaches: #37114 Mk.1 Buffet/Restaurant Car; 2 x #937308 60 Ft. Collett 1st/2nd Brake; 2 x #937309 60 Ft. Collett 2nd; 2 x #937321 60 Ft. Suburban 'B' Coach BR lined maroon. Appear VG and boxed. £40
59 Hornby R1038 The Orient Express Boxed Set, comprising BR 4-6-2 'United States Lines' Merchant Navy Class Locomotive, Pullman First Class Kitchen Car 'Minerva', Pullman First Class Parlour 'Cygnus', Pullman First Class Parlour 'Ibis' and controller. Appears VG (missing track) in red presentation box with faded outer card box. £80
60 HORNBY 4 Car Eurostar Train ex Set 665 comprising Power and Dummy Cars and articulated centre Coaches. Serviced 5/2018. VG. £30
61 Quantity of Triang rolling stock and coaches. includes R448 Old Timer Coach, R119 Mail Coach and R139 Westwood Pickles Wagon. Appear F-G, unboxed. (30) £50
62 Triang R351 Co-Co Class EM2 No.27006 'Pandora' pantograph locomotive (appears G). Together with: 2 x Triang R417 Catenary Set (both sets containing 12 x standard masts and 1 x power mast with a couple missing bases or bases damaged); R418 Catenary Extension Set (containing 4 x standard mast and 1 x power mast); selection of additional unused mast bases and links. £80
63 15 x mostly Hornby and Mainline Private Owner Wagons and Tankers. Mostly VG including 3 in Good Boxes. £40
63A HORNBY 3 x Dark Brown and Cream Pullman K Class smooth sided 1st Parlour Cars - 'Cygnus', Ibis' and 'Minerva' - all ex VSOE Set R1038 with Lights. Near Mint and still Tissue Wrapped with an Accessory Pack for all 3 x Coaches housed in original Red VSOE Set Box Tray. £0
64 Two Hornby tender locomotives: 4-6-2 Class A4 'Wild Swan' 60021 in BR green; LMS Princess Coronation Class 4-6-2 'Duchess of Abercorn' 6234 in LMS maroon (appear G/VG unboxed). Together with four Triang and Hornby LMS maroon coaches (G-VG unboxed) and an empty Hornby Orient Express presentation box (F, corners of drawers split). £55
65 Hornby R2598M Queen of Scots Train Pack, comprising: LNER 4-6-2 'Gladiateur' Class A1 Locomotive; Pullman Third Class Parlour 'Car No.73'; Pullman First Class Kitchen Car 'Thelma'; Pullman Third Class Brake 'Car No.77', DCC ready. Limited edition 957/1500. Appears VG and boxed with limited edition certificate (light wear to box). £60
66 Hornby R1037 GWR Mixed Traffic Set, with GWR 0-6-0 Pannier tank locomotive, GWR brake van, two GWR 4-wheel coaches, GWR conflat and container, Lowmac and container, floor mounted crane, track and accessories. Appears E and boxed. £30
67 Two Hornby sets: Flying Scotsman with LNER Flying Scotsman Locomotive, 2 x LNER Composite Coach, 1 x Brake Coach (missing track, otherwise appears VG); GWR Mixed Traffic with GWR 0-6-0T tank locomotive, 2 x Passenger Coach and 3 x Freight Wagons (appears F). Boxed. £50
68 Quantity of OO gauge buildings and accessories, includes Hornby Signal Box (boxed). Mostly unboxed. £55
69 2 Trays containing mostly Hornby Stations and Accessories including an Engine Shed, Booking Hall, Footbridge, Platforms and Canopies, Buffer Stops and a Girder Bridge all VG and some Boxed - a Level Crossing, 2 x Signals, 2 x Loading Gauges, Telegraph Poles, Switches and Scenic Materials. £45
70 Hornby Track and Points - R600 x 36, R601 x 44, R605 x 16, R606 x 2, R607 x 13, R608 x 2, R609 x8, R610 x 8, R643 and R6208 - Points/Crossover - R612/613 x 6, R614 and R623. Good to Excellent - most Points sleeved. £30
71 Quantity of Heki-Kittler SO249 trees for model railway layouts. Unused in counter display box. £30
72 A tray containing a quantity of unbuilt AIRFIX OO and PLAYCRAFT HO Kits including Airfix 4003 Service Station, 4008 Shop and Flat, 4009 Booking Hall, 4010 Thatched Cottage, 4012 Platform Fittings, 4013 Station Accessories, 4014 Footbridge, 4022 Level Crossing, Pattern 18 Telegraph Poles and Cable Drums, Pattern 206 Water Tower and a Signal Gantry - all in stapled Packs and appear complete. - Airfix Brake Van and Turntable Kits and Playcraft Cottage, Signal Box,Arched Stone Bridge and Thatched Cottage Kits in Opened Boxes but appear complete. A completed Airfix J94 0-6-0ST Kit and other part completed Kits and Accessories. 2 x single Track Tunnel Ends. £65
73 Good quantity of model railway scenery, buildings, platform sections, switches, signals and other accessories. Contained in six boxes. £90
74 Quantity of Peco Streamline points, includes SL95 Right Hand Medium Radius Turnout; SL 98XX Large Radius Y Turnout; SL94 Long Crossing (appear VG). The rest have been used and conditions vary, some F/P with damage, all boxed. (17) £50
75 Quantity of N gauge Peco Setrack and points. Conditions vary. £45
76 Hornby Track and Points - R600 x 37, R601 x 48, R605 x 8, R606 x 5, R607 x 8, R609 x 12 and R610 x 4 - Points and Crossover - R612/613 x 6, R614 and R623 (most sleeved) - Good to Excellent. The Lot includes some Track Pins, Power connectors, R965 Controller and Wall Mounted Transformer, £30
77 Quantity of Hornby and other track and points, includes: 5 x R612; 20 x R605; 6 x R601; 22 x R600; 3 x R609; 5 x R607; 3 x Lima N3051. Mostly G-VG (2 x Triang pieces P), unboxed. £0
78 Large quantity of bagged railway modelling accessories, includes Fishplates, Sleepers, Decouplers, Brass Axle Bearings, Buffer Stops etc. by Peco, Graham Farish, JJP Models and others, 10 x Ratio TT Gauge Van Kits, Scenic Scatter, MGR Smoke Oil Droppers, Liquid Poly and Cleaning Fluid. Mostly bagged/carded. £220
79 Four Corgi 1/76 scale Trackside sets: DG198000 Pickfords; 2 x DG198001 Siddle Cook; DG198003 Wynns. Appear M and boxed. Together with seven Lledo and other models, VG-M and boxed (one in bubble-pack). (11) £30
80 Quantity of assorted model railway scenery and accessories, includes boxed Triang R264 Grand Victorian Suspension Bridge. Contained in three boxes. £45
81 HORNBY R900 (VG/E Boxed), 2 x HM 2000 missing leads and a VG/E Boxed R950 Zero 1 Master Control Unit with Instructions. £20
82 TRIANG Series 3 Track - 6 x R480 Full Straights, 7 x R481 Straights,12 x R483 Curves, 10 x R485 Curves and 17 x shorter Straights and Curves and 10 x R491/2 Points and Crossover. All good but in need of cleaning. £25
83 Hornby and one Bachmann OO gauge rolling stock and coaches, includes 3 x R441 Southern Green Coaches, 1 x R445 Southern Green Brake 3rd Coach, R126 Car Transporter, R242 BR Trestol Wagon and R197 75 Ton Operating Breakdown Crane. Appear overall VG and boxed. (17) £80
84 Quantity of SMP Scaleway Type B and Type J nickel silver Superscale OO track. Together with 3 x Peco Streamline straight steel rail and 1 x Hornby R603. Appears mostly VG (a few G). (55 yards approx.) £65
85 Quantity of model railway scenery and track, includes unboxed kit-built buildings, a quantity of Peco and Hornby straight rails, 19 x Hornby points in card sleeves and a selection of electrical items including HM3000 Power Control Centre. Track and points mostly removed from a working layout therefore conditions vary, viewing recommended. £25
86 Quantity of Hornby and other accessories and scenery, includes Operating Turntable Set and 11 x R664 Point Motor. Mostly boxed. £90
87 Hornby and Lima - 9 x Coaches and 2 x DMU Dummy Power Cars - Hornby - R223 x 2 and R229 Brown & Cream 1980 issue Pullmans, 3 x Mk 1's, a Stanier, SR utility Van and 2 x 4 axle Yellow with verandas - Lima - 2 x 205149 Class 117 Blue dummy Motor Brakes - G-VG unboxed. £35
88 A tray containing a HORNBY Midland Cross Country Set - Red 0-4-0T Desmond #7, 3 x 4 Wheel Coaches, an uncoupler, an oval of Track and PCU - Good in a Box Base only, R727 Wagon and a quantity of Hornby Track - 13 x R600, 2 x R601, 8 x R605, R606, 14 x R607, 2 x R608, 4 x R609, 5 x R610, 4 x R643 and 3 x part Lengths of R304 Flexible Track - all needs cleaning otherwise Good - 4 x Hornby Dublo LH Crossovers - Good and Mainline Goods Wagons 37408 and 37413- VG Boxed. £35
89 Hornby and Triang - 26 x Goods and other Wagons including 4 x TCS Series. Mostly G, unboxed. £40
90 Rivarossi 1552 American Steam Locomotive 4-6-4 Hudson '5429' NYC 'Empire State Express, DCC fitted. Appears VG (small patch of bubbling to paint on loco) and boxed with leaflets. Together with Rivarossi 2701 4 x New York Central Passenger Cars, appear VG in P box. £90
91 Bachmann HO Gauge #60801 GP 30 Diesel Loco 'Reading 5516' DCC Equipped, together with four Bachmann Silver Series rolling stock: #18541 Chicago & Northwestern Stock Car; #17033 Lancaster & Chester Box Car; #18641 Chicago & Northwestern Ore Car; #18216 CB & Q Hi-Cube Box Car. Appear VG boxed. (5) £35
92 Mehano 4-8-2 Mountain Type B 'Chesapeake and Ohio' locomotive in #3709 Atchinson Topeka & Santa Fe box. Appears VG, re-named. £40
93 Bachmann Spectrum #81410 EMC Gas Electric Doodlebug Santa Fe War Bonnet locomotive, DCC fitted (appears VG). Together with Spectrum: #89313 Santa Fe 837 Coach; #89145 Santa Fe Coach 840 (light wear to bogies); #89314 Santa Fe Diner 1416; #89941 Acela Express Cafe; another in incorrect #89014 box (repainted/ modified). Appear VG (unless otherwise stated) and boxed. (6) £75
94 Track Motor Car, Railbus and Diesel Shunter - JOUEF 5525 Yellow and Red Track Motor Car #SM471 SNCF - a Red 0-4-0DS and a Continental Green Rail Bus lettered British Railways - all Serviced 5/2018 and VG. £25
95 Jouef M663 Cockerill 85 Tonnes Continental Breakdown Crane. Appears G/VG and boxed. £30
96 Bachmann Silver Star #00634 E-Z Track 8-Wheel Drive Set with Santa Fe locomotive. Cellophane sealed. £35
97 Walthers HO Modern 130' Turntable #933-2829. Appears G+ in F box with repaired base. £50
98 SOUTH DOCK MODELS Brass/diecast/ plastic NZ Coach and Wagon Kits - 1 x NZR 56' Steel Panelled Coach Kit - appears complete with Instructions but unchecked and 3 x further Coach Kits in one Bag - likely all parts for one Coach but parts missing for remaining 2 - 4 x NZR Wagon Kits - bodies appear complete - chassis White Metal parts present with Instructions but unchecked. £0
98A WILLS OO Finecast F129 Kit Built GWR Green 4-6-0 'King George V' - the Model is built and the Locomotive body Painted and lettered to a Good standard - the Tender has an undercoat only. Complete with a working motorised chassis in original Kit Box £35
99 Selection of miniature lead railway figures and accessories, includes 10 x Dinky Railway Personnel/ Passengers and a platform shelter with London Transport decals. Overall G. (21) £20
99a Quantity of trackside diecast models by Lledo and others, scales vary. Appear VG-M and boxed (box conditions vary). (40 approx.) £0
100 Hornby Dublo 2-rail 2-8-0 LMS No.8042 tender locomotive. Appears G/F, together with an empty 4070 Restaurant Car W.R. box (one inner end flap missing, the other and end flap unattached). £20
101 WRENN W3006/7 Brown and Cream 'Brighton Belle' Power and Dummy Cars with Brown Tables. Missing Instructions and one set of Rings otherwise E Boxed. £70
102 WRENN W2266AX BR Khaki unrebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'City of Wells' with full 'Golden Arrow' insignia - slight lining loss to one Cabside otherwise Excellent with Instructions and Packing Rings in a Wrenn 2266A Box with over written end labels and Stamped Packer No 3 04615. £0
103 WRENN W2238 BR Green rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2 'Clan Line' - E with Instructions and Packing Rings in a Good Plus Box. £60
104 WRENN W2237 SR Malachite Green rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Lyme Regis' - 'Lyme Regis' indistinct on one Nameplate otherwise Excellent in a Fair Plus Box. £70
105 WRENN W2235 BR Green rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Barnstaple'. Excellent with original single Instruction Sheet and Rings in an early short Wrenn Box with rewritten end Label. £0
106 WRENN W2247 GWR Green 4-6-0 'Clun Castle' with number on Buffer Beam. E in Box with Instructions, Packing Rings and alternative couplings. £60
107 WRENN W2224 BR Black Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48073. E in a short Wrenn Box with hand written end Label. £30
108 Wrenn 2 x Locomotives - W2207 Southern Green 0-6-0T # 1127 - VG/E with Instructions in G Box and W2231 BR Green Class 08 0-6-0DS # £763 VG/E in a G Box. £40
109 HORNBY DUBLO 2R 2233 BR Green Metro-Vic CO CO # D5702. Good. £30
110 WRENN W2211 GWR Green 4-6-0 'Cardiff Castle'. VG/E with alternative coupling in a Good Box. £35
111 Wrenn W2224BR Black Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48073. VG/E boxed with alternative couplings. £40
112 Wrenn W2238 BR Green rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2 'Clan Line' - Excellent but with Yellow and Black lined Tender in an Excellent Box with alternative couplings and indistinct red packing/reference number on base. £60
113 WRENN 2266 Southern Railways Malachite Green unrebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Plymouth'. Excellent in a Good Plus Box with some stains marked Packer No 6. £140
114 Wrenn W2239 BR Green rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Eddystone' - small paint loss to prominence above Nameplate on one side and minute loss on both Tender side bottoms otherwise VG in a Fair Box with 2 x Packing Rings marked Packer No 6. £150
115 Wrenn W2247 GWR Green 4-6-0 'Clun Castle' with number on Buffer Beam. VG/E in an E W2222 'Devizes Castle Box with Instructions and Packing Rings, Packer No.6. £45
116 Wrenn W2211 BR Green Class A4 4-6-2 'Mallard'. VG in a F box missing all original internal packing. £40
117 WRENN W2211 BR Green Class A4 4-6-2 'Mallard'. Good in a Fair Box £40
118 Wrenn W2236A BR Khaki rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Bodmin' with Black nameplates - lightly varnished - VG in an early previously un-referenced Wrenn Box. £0
119 HORNBY DUBLO 3R LT25 BR Black Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48158. VG in a Good Box £0
120 Hornby Dublo 3R 2 x Locomotives - L20 BR Green Class 20 # D8000 F boxed and EDL18 BR Black Standard 2-6-4T # 80059 - F in a G box missing keeps. £45
121 Hornby Dublo 3R LT25 BR Black Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48158. VG in a G box. £0
122 Hornby Dublo 3R EDL7 LNER Green 0-6-2 # 9596 - VG unboxed. £0
123 Hornby Dublo 3R EDL7 LNER Green 0-6-2 # 9596 - transfer damage to 'R' on one boiler side otherwise Good, unboxed. £0
124 Hornby Dublo 3R EDL2 LMS Maroon 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' and Tender. Good in complete but faded boxes. £0
125 Hornby Dublo 3R 2 x BR Black Locomotives - LT25 Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48158 VG in a Reproduction Box and EDL18 Standard 2-6-4T in a Good Box missing Keeps. £0
126 Hornby Dublo 3R 2 x LMS Locomotives - EDL7 LMS Black 0-6-2T sans seif # 6917 - Good in reproduction 3217 Box and EDL2 LMS Maroon 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' - replacement front bogie screw and coal added to Tender otherwise Fair in a Collectors Box. £0
127 Dinky Toys 053 Gauge 00 Passengers - 2 x Sets of 6 x Pieces. Overall VG in F boxes. £25
128 Hornby Dublo 3R 2 x Locomotives - EDL12 BR Matt Green 4-6-2 'Duchess of Montrose' - VG in a Good Box and Tender - Good in a Poor Box and LT25 BR Black Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48158 - Fair Plus body on a working chassis with chips in all driver flanges, unboxed. £45
129 Hornby Dublo 4070 BR(W) Cream and Brown Restaurant Car - minor frosting to end edges on one side - Good Boxed. £40
130 Hornby Dublo, 8 x Brown and Cream Super Detail Coaches Nos 4050 x 3, 4051 x 2, 4060 and 4061 x 2. Mostly VG/E in VG boxes. £50
131 Hornby Dublo, 8 x Brown and Cream Super Detail Coaches Nos 4050 x 2, 4051 x 2, 4060 and 4061.- VG boxed - 4061 replacement wheels G/F boxed and 4050 - VG. £45
132 Hornby Dublo 4070 BR(W) Cream and Brown Restaurant Car - VG/E in a box with a sellotape repair to one flap £50
133 HORNBY DUBLO 6 x Pullman Cars - 5 x 4037 Pullman Brakes - Good (one in a 4035 Box) - 4036 Fair in a 4035 Box. Boxes F-P. £30
134 HORNBY DUBLO 8 x Brown and Cream Super Detail Coaches Nos 4050 x 3, 4051 x 2, 4060 and 4061 x 2. Mostly E in mostly G Boxes. £45
135 Hornby Dublo, 8 x Brown and Cream Super Detail Coaches Nos 4050 x 3, 4051 x 2, 4060 and 4061.- VG/E Boxed and a 4050 - VG/E unboxed. £45
136 HORNBY DUBLO 8 x BR Brown and Cream Super Detail Coaches - 4 x 4050 and 4 x 4051(one with broken Coupling) - mostly Good. £30
137 Hornby Dublo 3R EDL18 Standard 2-6-4 Tank Locomotive BR '80054' (appears G+ in F box). Together with Hornby Dublo #4620 Breakdown Crane with Match Trucks and Screw Jacks (G+, light corrosion to cab roof, in VG red box) and TPO Mail Van Set (G+ in G/VG box with instructions). (3) £45
138 Hornby Dublo 2R Breakdown Crane and 7 x 2R Wagons - 4620 Breakdown Crane, 4318 Packing Van, 4655, Mineral Wagon with open Brake Gear,and 4640 Goods Wagon - all VG in Tony Cooper Boxes -4626 Presflo, 4665 Saxa and 4676 Black Esso with Open Brake Gear - VG/E Boxed and a 4313 Gunpowder Van, VG in a Fair Box. £40
139 Hornby Dublo, 8 x Colour Light Signals and Switches - 7 x ES6 - 6 x G Boxed and 3 with Instructions and 1 G unboxed and a ES7 G Boxed with Instructions - 9 x D2 Switches - all VG. £40
140 Hornby Dublo Lineside Accessories - Semaphore Signals - 2 x D2 and 2 x D3 Pairs of Home and Distant Signals - Good Boxed with Keeps -2 x D2 and a D3 Pairs of Distant Signals - Fair Plus Boxed - 6 x D1 Pairs Loading Gauges - mostly Good Boxed and D1 Water Cranes - VG Boxed. £35
141 Hornby Dublo, 7 x Electrically Operated Semaphore Signals and various Switches - 4 x ED1 Single Arm - 3 x Home and 2 x Distant - Good Boxed with Keeps and 2 x ED1 Home - Fair Boxed - an ED2 Double Arm -Fair. Switches - 1614/D1 - VG Boxed and 7 x D2 IR Swiches - all VG and 2 x Boxed. £40
142 HORNBY DUBLO 3 x Semaphore Electrically Operated ED3 Junction Signals - Home and and 2 x Distant - untested but appear VG/E in VG Boxes with internal Keeps and 6 x Switches - 4 x D1 and 2 x 1614 VG Boxed. £35
143 Seven Wrenn Pullman coaches: W6002 Pullman Car 1st Class 'Aries'; W6002 Pullman Car 1st Class 'Car No.73' (both VG boxed); five others repainted and detailed to a good standard (unboxed). £25
144 Wrenn W2247 GWR Green 4-6-0 'Clun Castle' with number on Chassis Beam. Good in an early short Wrenn Box with handwritten end Label. £0
145 WRENN W2238 BR Green rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2 'Clan Line' - replacement original Wrenn large Nameplates otherwise Excellent in an Excellent Box with Instructions and Rings. £0
146 Wrenn 6002B Pullman Car 'Belinda'. Excellent in a Fair W6002 Box with inner tray. £0
147 Wrenn W3006/7 Brown & Cream 'Brighton Belle' Power and Dummy Cars with Brown Tables - both Good with Rings in Good outer and Inner Boxes. £0
148 Wrenn 'Brighton Belle' Brown & Cream' 5 Car Set - W3006/7 Power Car - Good and Dummy Car - VG both with Rings in VG Boxes and Pullman Cars 6001A Car No 87 and 6002A Audrey - E in G Boxes and 6002V Vera E in a G 6001 Box. All with Brown Tables. £0
149 Hornby Dublo 2235 BR Green West Country 4-6-2 'Barnstaple'. Some Boiler and Cylinder lining loss otherwise Good in a Good Box with Fair inner Tray. £40
150 HORNBY DUBLO 3R EDL7 LNER Green 0-6-2 # 9596 - horseshoe motor and post war couplings - VG in a Tony Cooper light Blue Box. £0
151 HORNBY DUBLO EDL7 GW Green 0-6-2T # 6699 - VG in a Tony Cooper Light Blue Box £0
152 Hornby Dublo 4071 BR(E) Maroon Restaurant Car. Minor frosting to both side bottoms and end edges. Good in Box missing an inner flap, £60
153 HORNBY DUBLO 3R 2 x Locomotives - EDL!7 BR Black 0-6-2T # 69567 - VG in a Good Box and an EDL11 BR Gloss Green Class A4 4-6-2 'Silver King' - VG in a Collectors Box. £45
154 HORNBY DUBLO 3R L20 BR Green Class 20 # D8000. VG Boxed with Instructions.and EDL12 4-6-2 'Duchess of Montrose' - VG in a Collectors Box. £45
155 HORNBY DUBLO 3R 2 x BR Locomotives - LT25 Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48158 - VG and EDLT20 BR Green 4-6-0 'Cardiff Castle' - lightly varnished with replacement HD 2R Bogie and Tender wheels otherwise VG. £50
156 HORNBY DUBLO 3R EDL18 BR Black Standard 2-6-4T. VG in a Good Box with all Keeps and Instructions. £0
157 HORNBY DUBLO 3R D1 GWR Goods Wagons - 3 x Open Wagons, 2 x Ventilated Vans, a Cattle Wagon and Park Royal Brake Van. Mostly Good with post war couplings. £35
158 HORNBY DUBLO 3R 10 x D1 Models - 2 x BR(E) Brakes, Ventilated Van, Silver Esso Tanker, Mineral Wagon, High Sided Wagon, Open Wagon, Brick Wagon and 2 x Bogie Bolsters. VG/E in Dark Blue Boxes. £30
159 HORNBY DUBLO 5085 Suburban Station and 5030 Island Platform Kits - 5085 VG in a Good Plus Box - contents checked and most glazing missing and replaced with alternative - 5030 E and complete in an Excellent Box. Both Red Boxes with Red and White labels to each end. £0
160 Hornby Dublo 3R 2 x EDL11 Class A4 4-6-2 'Silver King' - Gloss - Fair Plus and Matt Fair - service required. £0
161 Hornby Dublo 4070 BR(W) Cream and Brown Restaurant Car - slight frosting to a corner edge on one side and a minor frosting to bottom edge on other side - Good in a Box with SC in ink to one end. £40
162 No Lot £0
163 Hornby Dublo 5086 Six Platform Extensions (E Boxed) and 5087 Six Fences (E in an Excellent Box). £0
164 HORNBY DUBLO 7 x BR Maroon Super Detail Coaches Nos 4052 - VG in Cooper Box - 4052 a broken coupling in Good Box - 4053 x 2 - 1 x VG and one with chip to Roof in VG Boxes - 4062 and 2 x 4075 VG unboxed. £35
165 Hornby Dublo TPO Set and 7 x Coaches - TPO Set 2400 - G boxed with Switch, Mail Bags and Instructions - Coaches 2 x 4047 - VG Boxed - Super Detail Coaches 4060 in 4061 Box and 4063 in a G box - both with broken Couplings - D12 with 2R wheels - G and 13/14 with plastic wheels - F. £30
166 HORNBY DUBLO 2R 14 x D1 Models - Mostly VG in G-VG Boxes. £40
167 Hornby Dublo 4620 Breakdown Crane - Good Boxed and Packing Van - Good in a Cooper Box - 3 x 2450 2 x Buffer Stops, 5051 x Distant Signals and 2460 Level Crossing. £0
168 Hornby Dublo 12 D1/D2 pre BR Goods Wagons - NE - 2 x Goods Vans, 2 x Horse Boxes - one 2 railed and a High Capacity Wagon - LMS Goods Van, Meat Van 2 railed - High Sided Wagon and Brake Van - mostly Fair Plus Boxed and unboxed LMS Van and Meat Van and NE Brake Van - Fair Plus. £35
169 13 x Hornby Dublo SD6 Goods Wagons in blue striped boxes: 2 x Saxa Salt; 2 x UGB Sand Wagon; Goods Brake Van WR; Goods Brake Van MR; 2 x 6-Ton Mica B Refrigerator Van WR; 4 x 20-Ton Bulk Grain Wagon; 8-Ton Cattle Wagon BR. Appear G-VG (some discolouration). £40
170 Hornby Dublo 3R EDP12 'Duchess of Montrose' Passenger Train Set, comprising 4-6-2 gloss green tender locomotive, two coaches plus three additional, 8 x curved rails and 6 x straight rails. Appears G in F box with inner packaging (some tears, and corners of lid split). £35
171 Hornby Dublo 3R BR Goods Train Set EDL!7 comprising a BR Gloss Black 0-6-2T #69567 - VG and 4 x D1 Wagons - Ventilated Van, Open Wagon, Esso Royal Daylight Tanker and a BR(E) Brake - all G - an oval of Track and D1 Train Controller all housed in an E Box Base with Locomotive end Keeps and a F lid with tape repairs to two corners. £35
172 Hornby Dublo 3R EDP2 Passenger Train Set comprising a EDL2 LMS Maroon 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl'- Fair Plus with paint loss to Cab Roof and Service required - and Tender - Good- 2 x D3 Maroon Stanier Coaches Composite and 3rd/Brake - Fair Plus - an oval of narrow tab Track and a D1 Controller all housed in a VG Box Base (missing Locomotive Cover) and a F lid with tape repairs to all Corners. £35
173 HORNBY DUBLO 2R 2019 2-6-4 Good Train Set comprising a 2218 BR Black Standard 2-6-4T, # 80033, 4648 and 9 Low Sided Wagons with a Meat Container and Dublo Dinky Tractor, 4615 Double Bolster Wagon with Timber Load and 4311 Goods Brake Van and an oval of Track. Good Plus contents in a VG Box. £35
174 HORNBY DUBLO 2R 2015 'The Talisman' Passenger Train Set comprising a 2211 BR Green Class A4 4-6-2 'Golden Fleece' - some Box rubbing to one side of Locomotive and Tender otherwise Good Plus, 2 x BR Red and Cream Stanier Tinplate Coaches - both VG/E with 'The Talisman', Coach Boards and an oval of Track in box with repairs to all corners of lid. £45
175 HORNBY DUBLO 2R 2024 Express Goods Train Set comprising a 2224 BR Black Class 8F 2-8-0 # 48073, 4 x Goods Wagons - 4678 Shell Tanker, 4230 Mica B, 4670 Standard Wagon and 4605 Bogie Well Wagon and a 4310 Brake Van - all VG and an oval of Track in Box Base missing the end Locomotive Keeps and an otherwise VG Lid with the price in Ink. £40
176 HORNBY 2R 2035 'The Bournemouth Belle' Train Set comprising a 2235 BR Green rebuilt West Country 4-6-2 'Barnstaple' - VG - and Pullman Cars 4035 'Aries', 4036 'Car No 74' and 4037
Brake 'Car No 78' - all Good Plus and an oval of Track in a Good Box Base missing all end keeps and a Poor Lid missing all sides." £50
177 HORNBY 5083 Terminal or Through Station Composite Kit- part erected. The Building contents have been checked and are complete except for one long side narrow Platform and 2 x Clock faces (although a pack of Metcalfe Station Clocks is included) - the fixing screws and rubber buttons etc are unchecked. The canopy over the main entrance is damaged but could be repaired. A Good 5083 box is included with the lot. £70
178 Hornby Dublo D1 - Through Station, Signal Box, Footbrige, Level Crossing, 2 x Water Columns, 2 x Loading Gauges and 4 x 2 Buffer Stops. Mostly G-F boxed £25
179 HORNBY DUBLO 3R D1 Girder Bridge and 3 x Signal Cabins. Conditions Good to Excellent in mostly Good Boxes. £25
180 Hornby Dublo 3R Points/Crossovers and uncoupling Rails - 9 x ISPL, 2 x ISPR, 4 x EDCR, 5 x EDCL, 6 x UBR and a UBR (missing Switch). Mostly Good and mostly in Fair to Good Boxes £0
181 Hornby Dublo 2R 2400 TPO Mai Van Set with Mail Bags and Switch, 4620 Breakdown Set and 4318 Packing Van - all G Boxed. £30
182 HORNBY DUBLO Stations and Trackside - D1 Island Platorm- VG in a faded repaired Light Blue Box, D1 Girder Bridge - VG in a VG D1 Box Base with a Fair 5015 Red and White striped Lid - D1 Signal Box, Footbridge, 2 x Water Cranes and a Loading - VG-E boxed. £30
183 Hornby Dublo 2R Track, Points and Crossovers - 6 x 2706,6 x 2720, 4 x 2722 Boxes of 6, 2 x 2728, 2 x 2729, 2 x 2731, 3 x 2734, 3 x 2735 and 3 x 2738 Boxes of 3 - mostly VG Boxed and 100 x 2701 Full Straights - VG. £25
184 Hornby Dublo 3R, a Box containing a D1 Through Station, Signal Box and Footbridge - 4 x D1 and 2 Goods Wagons - Flat with Cable Drums, Bogie Brick Wagon, Bogie Bolster and Mineral Wagon - all G-F Boxed - 2 x Signals a Water Column 4 x Hornby Dublo catalogues and other items. £45
185 No Lot £0
186 Quantity of Hornby Dublo 3R track, includes 17 x boxed points (all boxes heavily water-damaged and track overall F with some rusting). Together with a selection of Wrenn track including 5 x Wrenn Universal Point (4 with backing cards), Universal Switch Crossing (with card) and 2 x The Wrenn Crossover (with cards). Wrenn track overall F-G with some rusting. £0
186A Hornby Dublo Marshal III PCU (VG in a Good Box) and a Marshall II PCU (Good in a Fair Box). £0
187 Hornby Dublo 3R Track - 81 x EDA1, 7 x EDA1T, 6 x EDA2, EDA2T, 35 x EDB1 and a EDB1T. Mostly Good £20
188 Quantity of Hornby Dublo items: 10 x rolling stock including Power Petrol tanker, Mobilgas tanker and Brick wagon (overall G); quantity of loose 3-Rail track including 4 x points; boxed ISPL Isolating Switch Left Hand Point; selection of accessories including Signal Box and Level Crossing; boxed D1 Footbridge. £50
189 Hornby Dublo D1 Accessories - Through Station with additional detail - missing Ramps, 2 x Signal Boxes, 4 x Footbriges, 2 x Level Crossing - one Boxed - 14 x Buffer Stops, 2 x Railers and a Water Column. Mostly Good. £20
190 Hornby Dublo 3R Track - 40 x EDA 1 (incl 2 x EDA1T), 16 x EDA1 1/2, 8 x EDA2, 60 x EDB1, 4 x EDB1T, 20 x EDA1 1/2, 7 x EDB1 1/4, 2 x EDB 1 1/8, 4 x UBR and 6 x IBR 1/4. Narrow and Broad Tab. Mostly Good but some cleaning may be needed. £20
190a Wrenn W2267 BR Blue unrebuilt Merchant Navy 'Lamport and Holt Line'. Boxed with alternative Couplings and Packing rings and Box base marked Packer No 1 ref 00223. £0
191 Hornby O Gauge No 1 revised LMS Red C/W 0-4-0 and Tender # 1000 with Key - VG, 2 x No 41 Red Coaches - G and a No 41 Brake - F. All in Excellent reproduction Boxes. £35
192 Hornby 0 Gauge 3 x No 2 Wagons - NE High Capacity Brick Wagon with Steel Wheels - Good - and a Red Timber Wagon with Green Stanchions and Timber Load and an Olive Green Lumber Wagon with Red Bolsters and Timber Load - both VG. £0
193 Bassett-Lowke 3313 BR Green C/W 4-4-0 'Prince Charles' # 62453. Scratch marks to Tender sides and Boiler Rails replaced otherwise VG with Key in a reproduction Box. £0
194 Selection of Hornby O gauge accessories: No.1 Water Tank; No.2 Junction Signal; No.2 Double Arm Signal (P box); No.2 Single Arm Signal (all boxed and in G-VG condition). Together with three unboxed Hornby tinplate buildings: Goods Platform (VG); Signal Box with Steps (G+); Station Halt (F). (7) £30
195 Rake of three 45mm gauge garden rail kit built coaches complete with passengers. £65
196 HORNBY 0 Gauge No 2E Engine Shed - the Shed is missing a Door and 2 x Chimneys on a Green Base with both Tracks in situ. Both sides and ends are complete and Fair Plus. £0
197 Lionel O gauge 4-4-2 streamlined tender locomotive repainted in Belgian class 12 livery. G/F unboxed. £30
198 Lakeland Launch 'Miranda' steam boat, by a design of Basil Harley Model Boat Magazine, with twin cylinder oscillating steam engine. Length 112cm. £500
199 Bachmann Big Haulers G gauge No.81095 4-6-0 SPC maroon No.21 electric locomotive and tender. Used and unboxed, appears G. £30
200 HORNBY, MILBRO and LIMA 3 x 4 Wheel Coaches and 10 x Wagons - Hornby No 1 LNER Teak 4 Wheel Coach and Brake - Good and another Brake Fair - 4 x No 1 Wagons one with Tractor Load - Good and 2 x repainted Tankers - Milbro - 3 x Open Wagons - all Good and a Lima Flat chassis. £40
201 Lionel Lines O gauge early four car electric set in metal bodied chrome and red. £40
202 Lionel Lines O gauge New York City Metro three car electric set, route Bronx to Coney Island. Appear VG. £45
203 WILLIAMS O Gauge 3R - Set 2503 NYC Grey 5 Car Madison Set comprising a Baggage Car # 100, Combine Car # 101, Passenger Cars #'s 102 and 103 and Observation Car # 104 all with 6 axles, interior Lighting and operating Couplers. VG/E. £30
204 Piko G gauge No.62040 Rosenbach station kit. Appears unopened in G/VG box. £30
205 A 5 inch Gauge live steam 'Pansy' GWR 0-6-0PT and revolving servicing cradle with Trolley. The Model is unfinished and offered as a Project with drawings. Inspection invited. Further photographs can be supplied on request. £850
206 A part completed 1 1/2 Inch to the Foot Live Steam Traction Engine. The Model is offered as a Project with the 2 Inch to the Foot drawings scaled down and used in its Construction to date. Inspection invited. Further photographs available on request. £380
207 Three Lego The Lone Ranger sets: #79111 Constitution Train Chase; #79109 Colby City Showdown; #79108 Stagecoach Escape (all with instructions). Together with Lego #4203 Excavator Transport (brown tape to box). All have been constructed, not checked if complete, boxed. (4) £65
208 Good quantity of Playmobil System sets, includes Fort Union, Sheriff's Office, Drug Store, Play Big Adidas 1976 Football, 3444 Guard Room and 3450 Medieval Knights Castle. Not checked if complete, boxed. Together with a quantity of loose figures and accessories. £100
209 Quantity of Lego minifigures, includes some Mega Bloks figures. £20
210 Lego Friends ex-shop display case, containing sets 41125 Horse Vet Trailer, 41123 Foal's Washing Station and 41126 Heartlake Riding Club. Measures 23.5 x 15 x 15'' approx. M with working lights, cellophane wrapper and outer trade box. £45
211 Lego Friends ex-shop display case, containing sets 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria and 41314 Stephanie's House. Measures 23.5 x 15 x 15'' approx. M with working lights, cellophane wrapper and outer trade box. £40
212 Lego Friends ex-shop display case, containing sets 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria and 41314 Stephanie's House. Measures 23.5 x 15 x 15'' approx. M with working lights, cellophane wrapper and outer trade box. £35
213 Lego Friends ex-shop display case, containing sets 41125 Horse Vet Trailer, 41123 Foal's Washing Station and 41126 Heartlake Riding Club. Measures 23.5 x 15 x 15'' approx. M with working lights, cellophane wrapper and outer trade box. £40
214 A 1930's One Armed Bandit in the Art Deco style, table top six reel machine with cast metal front and wooden sides. Height 30cm, width 33cm. Inoperative, in need of repair. £85
215 A wooden fishing boat model, length 84cm height 81cm approx. £0
216 Franklin Mint The Western Chuck Wagon 1/16 scale. Has been on display and some minor damage but otherwise appears G/VG and boxed with outer trade box. £30
217 Robert Harrop Camberwick Green CGMB11 The Telephone Engineers Musical Box. Limited edition 264/400. VG, in working order and boxed. £55
218 Robert Harrop Camberwick Green CGS16S Mr Dagenham In His Helicopter 'The Broken Bridge', limited edition 45/50. VG (dusty, and some weakness around bottom of pole) and boxed. £55
219 Eight Robert Harrop Camberwick Green models: CGCS03 Paddy & Mary Murphy 'Windy Wonderland', ltd.ed. 715/1500; CGFG12 Trumpton Collection Plaque; CG119 Sir Rufus De Trompe, (box missing inner polystyrene); CG120 Lady De Trompe, (box missing inner); Monochrome Edition CGMC11 Roger Varley Chimney Sweep, ltd.ed.53/250; CGMC04 Micky Murphy Baker, ltd.ed.64/250; CGMC09 Mr Crockett Car Mechanic, ltd.ed.70/250; CGMC05 Peter Hazel Postman, ltd.ed.64/250. Appear VG (dusty) and boxed. £65
220 Six Robert Harrop Camberwick Green models: CG123 Mrs Honeyman 'The Chigley Episodes', ltd.ed.104/200; CGPE01 Pewter Captain Flack, (box missing inner packaging); CG02SS PC McGarry Showcase Special, ltd.ed. 161/300; CG124 Mrs Dingle 'The Chigley Episodes', ltd.ed.96/200; Monochrome Edition CGMC03 Mrs Honeyman, ltd.ed.64/250; CGMC07 Jonathan Bell Farmer, ltd.ed.86/250. Appear VG (dusty) and boxed. £55
221 Seven Robert Harrop Camberwick Green models: CG01SS Windy Miller Showcase Special, limited edition 201/300; CGYP11 Cresswell's Chigley Biscuits The Mixing Machine, ltd.ed. 274/300; MCGS02 Jonathan Bell's Farm; MCGS01 The Tree At Camberwick Green; Monochrome Edition CGMC01 Windy Miller, ltd.ed. 64/250; CGMC02 PC McGarry Policeman , ltd.ed. 64/250; CGMC06 Dr Mopp, ltd.ed. 248/250. Overall appear VG (dusty) and boxed. £70
222 Two Robert Harrop Camberwick Green models: CGS11 Chippy Minton's Workshop 'I like My Job As A Carpenter', limited edition 722/1000, VG (dusty) and boxed (missing polystyrene inner); CGS15 Mr Carraway in His Car, limited edition 22/250, appears VG (although some discolouration and dusty) and boxed. £50
223 Three Robert Harrop Camberwick Green models: CGS16 Mr Dagenham in His Helicopter, limited edition 242/400 (VG, dusty, boxed); CGS18 Pugh & Barney McGrew Trumpton Firemen 'Roll Call', special edition no.149 (VG boxed); CGS13 Binnie The Pumping Engine, limited edition 198/300 (G/VG, part of pipe unattached but present, boxed). £55
224 Robert Harrop Camberwick Green CGMB7 The Trumpton Bandstand Music Box, limited edition 341/1000. Appears VG (dusty), in working order and boxed. £65
224a Five Robert Harrop Camberwick Green models: CGYP09 Mr Bilton on The Model Steam Engine, ltd.ed. 406/750; CGYP07 Sergeant Major Grout and The Water Pump 'Roger Varley', ltd.ed. 503/1200 (box missing inner packaging); CG122 Raggy Dan & Cart 'The Rag & Bone Man'; Monochrome Edition CGMC13 Mr Carraway Fishmonger, ltd.ed. 235/250; CGMC08 Captain Snort Soldier, ltd.ed. 169/250. Appear VG (dusty) and boxed. £80
225 Two replica guns: Winfield Remington Army '44' Pistol cap gun (G/VG); Denix Peacemaker 45 Caliber (VG). Boxed. Together with a leather gun holster belt. £50
226 Franklin Mint Wells Fargo Overland Stagecoach, comprising four-horse drawn Wild West coach model. Overall length 63cm. Has been on display and some minor damage to coach, includes paperwork. £95
227 Palitoy Action Force Headquarters, not checked if complete and in F box. Together with 29 x loose Action Force figures, a selection of vehicles and accessories, and 38 x Action Force backing cards (mostly G-F). £65
228 Quantity of early 20th century games and puzzles, includes John Bull Printing Outfit, a crib board, five score keepers and a hardwood ball and stick game. Conditions vary, not checked for completeness. £30
229 Billing Boats Dragen Fittings No.449 and two Airfix aircraft kits: FW 1900 and Cherokee Arrow boxed, not checked if complete). Together with four model reference books including New Cavendish 'The Great Book of Hollow-Cast Figures', Joplin and New Cavendish 'American Motortoys', Lillian Gottschalk. (7) £20
230 Robert Harrop Camberwick Green CG84LE Dr Mopp 'Bees By The Bakery' First Aid Post with green cross. Limited edition of 130. VG (dusty) and boxed. £40
231 Selection of early porcelain Christmas cake toppers and other ornaments, includes a Snow Baby, length 8.5cm (repaired leg) and two bobbing head figures (heads require restringing). Conditions vary. (19) £0
231A 'A Day In Fairy Land Story and Picture Book', A3 size children's book by Sigrid Rahmas with illustrations by Ana Mae Seagren. G/F condition. £0
232 Eight Punch and Judy Magic lantern glass slides. Overall G-VG bright examples (two with crack to glass). £0
233 Quantity of glass marbles, used and mostly F-G. £0
234 Quantity of Magic lantern glass slides, subjects vary, includes exotic animals and shipping related. Overall G. (40 approx.) £0
235 Mixed lot of toys, includes Marlborough Morris Dancers figure set (comprising 6 figures with an additional figure unattached from base), Playcraft Blinker Code-Lights set, Lego and two balsa wood aircraft kits (not checked if complete). £15
236 Nine Palitoy Action Man figures, includes Atomic Man and The Intruder (mostly with limbs/heads unattached). Together with a selection of loose Action Man clothing, accessories and Transport Command Pursuit Craft parts (some parts broken and not checked if complete). £170
237 Quantity of children's books and annuals, includes Mr Men. Some water damage. £20
238 Quantity of Airfix slot car racing items, includes Eagle-Weslake and four other cars, selection of track including boxed Extension Chicane, a selection of spares and an empty Aurora Old Timers Mercer Race About kit box. £40
239 Quantity of Eagle Annuals, includes Dan Dare's Space Annual 1963. Together with a couple of other children's books. (28) £0
240 Vintage gaming: a selection of gaming consoles including Commodore 64 and Philips Videopac G7000, together with a selection of accessories including Top Gun Thrustmaster gear stick and a quantity of games. £60
241 Three Airfix slot cars: 2 x #5095 Mini Cooper; Ferrari 250 LM (F in P-F boxes). Together with a selection of part-built Airfix car kits and other models (not checked if complete), a Dinky Taxi and a selection of other diecast. £40
242 MIxed lot of games and toys, includes: selection of action figures, Schleich Smurfs etc.; Aladdin Superman lunchbox (handle broken); Denys Fisher Superman game; Palitoy The Action Man Game; Harbutt's Danger Mouse Saves The World; Sport Trainer Shooting Gallery; Ideal Electronic Detective; RC Toyota Pick Up. Overall appear F, games in F-P boxes and not checked if complete. £20
243 No Lot £0
244 No Lot £0
245 Three Aurora Star Trek kit-built models: No.922 Mr Spock (painted); No.921 USS Enterprise; No.923 Klingon Battle Cruiser Space Ship (all with instructions, unboxed). Together with a selection of Star Trek posters, magazines, film stills and badges. £20
246 Corgi James Bond 04303 Aston Martin DB5, finished in silver with red interior and limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide, specially produced for 'Collect 99' (E/M and boxed). Together with: Wicke (Lone Star) 0414JB James Bond Pistol (VG carded); Dragon 38301 1/6 Super Hero Series Golden Eye James Bond Kit (sealed in bag and boxed, no instructions); Hasbro battery-operated Yoda (appears G, unboxed); R2D2 plastic figure (G/F unboxed); plastic tank (G/F unboxed). (6) £25
247 Two Airfix Micronauts sets: Star Defender Motorised Defence Vehicle; Battle Cruiser Interchangeable Set. Not checked if complete and both in P boxes. £30
248 Quantity of vintage action figures, includes Mego Batman, Mattel Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior, Denys Fisher Six Million Dollar Man and Maskatron, and two bootleg Robin figures. Conditions vary, mostly playworn. Together with a selection of accessories. £85
249 Palitoy Star Wars Cantina Action Playset, containing action play base and card backdrop only (incomplete and in P incomplete box). Together with two Kenner Luke Skywalker 12'' action figures (missing clothes and accessories, unboxed) and two Palitoy Star Wars games: Escape From Death Star (containing 8 playing tokens, playing cards, board and instructions, not checked if complete); Adventures of R2-D2 (containing four R2-D2 markers, spinner, board and instructions, both in F/P boxes). £45
250 17 x Kenner Star Wars backing cards, includes Return of The Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back (overall G-F, surface tears where figures have been removed). Together with five Palitoy Star Wars empty boxes for Tauntaun, CAP-2, INT-4, Tri-Pod Laser Cannon and Hoth Wampa, a selection of instructions and a sticker sheet for the Darth Vader carry case (incomplete). No figures included in this lot. £100
251 Large Batman shop display card standee. Height 195cm, width 92cm approx. £20
252 Three Waddingtons Star Wars Return of The Jedi jigsaw puzzles: #159B complete with print; #159C includes print but one piece of jigsaw missing; #159A missing print and two pieces of jigsaw missing. Together with 5 x Jumbo Astronauts puzzles (three still sealed, the other two unchecked). (8) £0
253 Three Merrythought Bears: SN14GG Wistful, mohair, height 40cm, limited edition 197/2950 (tag faded); YR15GG Blissful , mohair American Dorling Kindersley 1907 replica bear, growler, height 40cm, limited edition 108/2950; QE131G Auld Lang Syne, mohair, growler, height 30cm, limited edition 101/1999. Appear VG/E and boxed with tags. £95
254 Steiff EAN654794 1906 Classic Bear, mohair, growler, height 30cm (E, ribbon slightly frayed, boxed with tags). Together with two Franklin Mint Wild West bears: Robert E. Lee Bear (height 30cm) and another (height 42cm), both G/VG with some fading. (3) £65
255 Three Merrythought Bears: SH141GD Winter Bear, mohair, growler, height 34cm, limited edition 169/2950; PG13XG Christmas Bear 1999, mohair, growler, height 32cm, limited edition 377/750; SJ1310 Felix Christmas 2002, mohair, growler, height 30cm, limited edition no.123 (tag faded). Appear E with tags and boxed with outer card trade boxes. £100
256 Four Collector's Teddy Bears: Hermann Queen Mary II Celebration Bear, mohair, limited edition no.4/950, height 40cm; Dean's Rag Book Bertie Mother's Day 2009, limited edition no.139/450, height 32cm; Compton 15th Anniversary Bear, limited edition no.391/1000, height 40cm; Beth Mother's Day 2000, limited edition no.139/450, height 28cm. Overall E with tags. £65
257 Three Merrythought Bears exclusive to Compton & Woodhouse: XAG13G The Millenium Bear, growler, limited edition 407/2000, height 32cm; Bruno Official RSPCA Bear, growler, includes dog, limited edition 266/9500, height 33cm (dusty); WJ14GG Still Hope, mohair 1907 replica, growler, limited edition 93/2950, height 42cm. Overall E with tags in boxes and outer trade boxes. £55
258 Three Merrythought Bears: SH14HRH Queen Elizabeth 80th Musical Bear, mohair, height 35cm, limited edition 101/2006; RW13WHI Hope and Glory Jubilee Bear, with growler, height 33cm (some fading to tag), limited edition 223/450; SH14COR The Coronation Bear, with growler, height 34cm, limited edition 119/1953 (medallion unattached). Appear VG-E with tags and boxed. £65
259 A 1930's style doll's house, 1/12 scale with electrical wiring. Together with a small selection of furniture. Measures 65cm x 72cm x 85cm. £0
260 'Treble Ranch': a large Wild West ranch style doll's house, 1/12 scale with electrical lighting, together with a quantity of furniture and accessories, some hand-made. Length 145cm, width 78cm, height 58cm. £0
261 A large Wild West style barn with electrical wiring, together with a selection of horses. Measures 72cm x 92cm x 88cm. £0
262 A large Wild West Saloon doll's house: a 1/12 scale hand-made model with three storeys, electrically wired and containing a selection of hand-made furniture and dolls, and a wooden wagon. Length 112cm, width 75cm and height 78cm. £0
263 A Georgian style hand-built wooden doll's house: 1/12 scale three storey electrically wired model, together with a small selection of furniture. Measures 79cm x 49cm x 84cm. £100
264 A small Wild West style hand-built doll's house with removable roof, containing a selection of hand-made furniture and accessories. Measures 57cm x 47cm x 34cm. £0
265 'Fisherman's Cottage': a hand-built wooden 1/12 scale doll's house with sliding front panel, electrically wired. Together with a quantity of furniture and accessories, some hand-made. Height 60cm, width of base 68cm, length of base 82cm. £0
266 An antique wooden doll's house in the style of Silber and Fleming, with removable front panel and open back, repainted. Together with a selection of furniture, accessories and bisque dolls. Overall F. £0
267 Selection of teddy bears, includes Hermann The Concorde 1976-2003 Celebration Bear with Corgi #59902 Concorde model, limited edition 91/1976. Conditions vary G-E. (12) £40
268 Selection of well-loved soft toys and pyjama cases by Merrythought and others in need of restoration. Together with a wooden push-along rabbit toy, Keele Pottery Ltd. 1950's Sooty Egg Cup and Wells Brimtoy Cinderella and Prince Charming mechanical toy (Prince Charming snapped off base). (12) £20
269 Three Pelham 'The Wombles' puppets: Uncle Bulgaria; Wellington (both boxed); one other (unboxed). Together with a Womble soft toy, a selection of rubber Snow White Dwarves (no Snow White), a selection of playworn diecast models and lead and plastic figures including 4 x Britains [Snow White] Dwarves. Mostly playworn - F, unboxed. £30
270 Late 19th century Jumeau (France) large bisque head doll impressed 'DEP 15', with fixed brown eyes, open mouth with four teeth, pierced ears, replacement auburn wig and lashes, and jointed composition body. Height 80cm approx. Head appears VG, possible paint re-touching around one eye, fingers repainted. £160
271 Merrythought Jerry velveteen mouse from Tom and Jerry, British c.1970's, with yellow printed label, black felt pupils and nose, painted features, stitched claws and cord tail. Height 56cm. Overall G, requires a clean and missing whiskers. £20
272 Charlie Bears Alexander 2008 bear, CB083807, designed by Isabelle Lee, height 34cm. E with tags, limited edition of 1200. £35
273 Deans Rag Book Dismal Desmond Dalmation Character Dog, c.1920's: 'Fluffidown' brushed cotton, unjointed, printed features, velveteen tongue. Height 26cm. F, with faded markings to neck. £0
274 Charlie Bears Angus 2008 bear, CB083744, designed by Maria Collins, height 42cm. E with tags, limited edition of 600. £40
275 Charlie Bears Charlie 2009 Plumo Year Bear ('Plumo' means this bear is part mohair and part plush), CB091111, designed by Isabelle Lee, height 42cm. E with tags. £40
276 Mid 20th century teddy bear: jointed with brown plush fur, suede pads, stitched nose and mouth, inoperative squeaker. Height 42cm. G+ condition with wear to pads. £20
277 An early German hand painted doll's cradle, made in Bavaria c.1860. Length 52cm. Overall G. £70
278 Two late 19th/ early 20th century dolls: Armand Marseille Dream Baby with bisque head impressed '341/4', weighted blue eyes, cloth body and celluloid hands, crying mechanism working; Recknagel bisque head doll impressed 'R 3/0 A' with weighted blue eyes (damage to wax eyelids), open mouth with teeth, cloth body and composition limbs. Heads appear G. Together with a crib surround/ canopy. £0
279 Two Pelham Puppets: SL Disney Pinocchio (G/VG some moth holes to hat, in F box with pen to lid); SS Gypsy (G/VG in F box). Together with a child's china tea set. £15
280 Triang doll's pram in green and white with canopy, together with three dolls including a large composition Armand Marseille. £40
281 An Ideal Saucy Walker hard plastic doll, together with two vintage doll's pushchairs and a Vulcan 1950's tinplate cooker. £45
282 Five DC 'Showcase Presents Green Lantern' books, volumes 1-5, together with DC 'The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern' and 'Green Lantern/ New Gods Godhead'. (7) £0
283 Quantity of DC The Flash Volume 1 comics, c.1960's, issues 150 and later. Together with The Brave and The Bold The Flash #65 and TP The Flash #1. (39) £55
284 Quantity of assorted DC Flash comics, c.1990's-2000's, includes The Flash: Rebirth, Flash Secret Files and Origins and The Flash: Season Zero. (139) £30
285 Quantity of DC Green Lantern Vol.2 and Green Lantern Corps comics, c.1970's onwards, issues: 90-180; 193-185; 187; 192; 194; 196-224. (125) £60
286 Quantity of DC Batman comics, c.1989-2014, includes Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight vol.1 issues #1-83, #85-147 and #149-214. (220 approx.) £50
287 Quantity of DC Batman comics, c.1960's-1980's, includes Batman volume 1 issues #160, #170-171, #185, #272, #284, #292, #296-303, #305-312, #314-326, #328-334, #336-340, #406-407, #409-410, #412-416 and #419-439. (120 approx.) £100
288 Quantity of DC Robin (Batman and Robin) comics, c.1991-2000, includes Robin vol.4 issues #0-167. (200 approx.) £50
289 Quantity of DC Batman comics, c.1989 onwards, issues #440-669. (230 approx.) £75
290 Quantity of DC Batman and Batgirl comics and books, includes Batman - Shadow Of The Bats c.1992 vol.1 issues #0-94. (190 approx.) £50
291 Quantity of DC Batman comics, includes 64 x Batman Annual comics. Together with three Batman books. (170 approx.) £75
292 Quantity of DC Batman comics, c.1991-2006, includes Batman: Gotham Knights vol.1 issues #1-74. (160 approx.) £40
293 Quantity of assorted DC books, including Batman. (170 approx.) £150
294 Quantity of DC Batman comics, c.1995-2007, includes The Batman Chronicles volume 1 issues #1-23 and Batman Legends volume 2 issues #1-52. (170 approx.) £50
295 Quantity of DC Detective comics, c.1960's-1980's, includes issues #585-837. (270 approx., contained in two boxes) £110
296 Quantity of DC Green Lantern comics, c.2005 onwards, includes Green Lantern Corps Vol.2 issues #1-49. (220 approx.) £45
297 Quantity of DC Green Lantern comics, c.1981 onwards, includes Tales of The Green Lantern Corps #1-3 c.1981, and Green Lantern Emerald Dawn #1-6 c.1989. (180 approx.) £0
298 Quantity of DC Green Lantern Vol.3 comics c.1990, issues #1-181. Together with Green Lantern Vol.2 #26 and #37. c.1964/65. (180 approx.) £0
299 Quantity of DC Justice League of America comics, includes Vol.1 c.1965 onwards, issue #41 and later, together with Young Justice, Justice League Dark, Justice League The New 52, JLA The Titans and Justice Leagues Part 1-5. (200 approx.) £0
300 Quantity of DC Justice League comics, c.1983-2015, includes Justice League of America Annual c.1983 vol.1 issues #1-10 and Justice League Quarterly c.1990 vol.1 issues #1-17. Together with three Showcase Presents Justice League books. (95 approx.) £30
301 Quantity of DC Justice League comics, c.1990 onwards, includes Justice League Europe c.1989 vol.1 issues #1-50. (200 approx.) £0
302 Quantity of DC Justice League Volume 2 comics issues #1-113 c.1987 onwards. Together with a selection of later Justice League comics, c.1998-2007. (200 approx.) £0
303 Quantity of DC Justice League and Justice Society of America comics, together with a selection of books c.1998-2015. (100 approx.) £30
304 Quantity of DC Justice League and Justice Society of America comics c.1977-2010, includes DC All Star Comics Justice Society of America vol.1 #67 and #71-73 c.1977/1978 and JSA Classified vol.1 #1-20 c.2005. (230 approx.) £0
305 Quantity of DC Flash Volume 2 comics, c.1987 onwards, issues #1-40, #42-247, #0, #100 and #1000000. (250 approx.) £65
306 Quantity of Marvel The Avengers comics, includes set of Mighty Avengers, set of Uncanny Avengers and set of Avengers The Initiative. (100 approx.) £0
307 Quantity of Marvel sets and odd issues, includes Siege, Onslaught and Fantastic Four. (80 approx.) £0
308 Quantity of assorted Marvel comics, includes Iron Man Vol.1 No.125 and Ant-Man Vol.1 No.47. (70 approx.) £0
309 Quantity of assorted DC, Marvel and other comics, includes Superman and Batman. (50 approx.) £65
310 Quantity of assorted DC, Marvel and other comics, includes Howard The Duck Playduck No.4, X-Factor Vol.1 No.24 and Excalibur Vol.1 No.1. (60 approx.) £0
311 Selection of Big Little and Better Little books, includes The Green Hornet, Mickey Mouse, Flash Gordon and The Lone Ranger. Overall F-G. (11) £40
312 Quantity of TV Century 21 Gerry Anderson comics. Together with Weetabix Star Trek Vulcan Shuttle cereal box cardboard cut out. (33) £75
313 Quantity of damaged comic books/ loose pages suitable for decoupage or framing. £20
314 Quantity of DC comics, includes Firestorm The Nuclear Man No.1, The Creeper No.1, DC Special No.1, The Hawk and The Dove No.1 and The Demon No.1. (48) £75
315 Quantity of DC, Avon and Atlas war related comics, includes Combat Casey and Combat Kelly. Conditions vary. (35 approx.) £140
316 Quantity of DC Superboy comics, c.1960's, no.92 and later. Conditions vary. (45 approx.) £35
317 Quantity of Marvel comics, includes Daredevil and Spiderman. Some duplicates. (100 approx.) £40
318 Quantity of Dell, DC and other comics, c.1940's onwards, includes Dell Popular Comics, DC Leave it to Binky and DC Buzzy. Conditions vary. (22) £70
319 Quantity of TV Century 21 Gerry Anderson comics, includes No.28 featuring Dr Who and the Daleks cover art. (30) £110
320 Quantity of Marvel and other Wild West comics, c.1950's-1970's, includes Rawhide Kid, Billy The Kid, Ringo KId, Cheyenne Kid and The Bravados. Conditions vary. (70 approx.) £50
321 Quantity of DC, Dell, Marvel and other comics, ages and conditions vary. Together with three Italian sci-fi books.(140 approx.) £75
322 Quantity of assorted comics by DC and others, includes King Mandrake The Magician and Whitman Starstream. Conditions vary (some missing covers). Together with a Geminiscan Ltd. Touchdown on The Moon Spacecraft Commander's Briefing Kit and a quantity of spare comic backing cards. (90 approx.) £45
323 Quantity of Gold Key and Dell comics, includes Supercar No.1 Nov. 1962 and Dark Shadows No.1 1968 with Barnabas Collins poster intact. Conditions vary. (75 approx.) £120
324 Four Golden Age horror-related comics: Witches Tales Thrills of Tomorrow Vol.1 No.17 Oct. 1954; ACG Out of The Night No.16 Sept. 1954; Western Tales Inc. Man In Black Vol.1 No.2 Nov. 1957; Key Publications Weird Chills Vol.1 No.1 July 1954 (damaged cover). £35
325 Four Golden Age comics: Better Publications Wonder Comics No.9 Dec.1946; DC Adventure Comics No.93 Sept. 1944 (pages loose); Fox Publications All Your Comics Vol.1 No.1; Dell Hi-Yo Silver The Lone Ranger To The Rescue No.7. Conditions vary. £60
326 Five Marvel Tales of Suspense comics: No.56 Aug.1964 The Power of Iron Man; No.58 Oct. 1964 The Power of Iron Man; No.59 Nov 1964 Iron Man and Captain America (corner of cover missing and pen graffiti); No.60 Dec. 1964 Iron Man and Captain America; No.62 Feb. 1965 Iron Man and Captain America. Conditions vary. £55
327 Three Golden Age comics: St John Publishing Authentic Police Cases Vol.1 No.4 Oct.1948; ACG Skeleton Hand in Secrets of the Supernatural No.2 Dec.1952; Avon Molly O'Day No.1 Feb.1945. £60
328 Ziff Davis Amazing Adventures Golden Age science fiction comics No.1 and No.2. (2) £65
329 Three DC Hawkman Volume 1 comics, c.1960's: No.1 May 1964; No.4 Nov. 1964 feat. 1st appearance of Zatanna; No.5 Jan. 1965. £100
330 Three DC Mister Miracle comics: No.1 April 1971; No.2 June 1971; No.3 August 1971. £35
331 Three CGC graded DC comics: The Unexpected #141 CGC 9.0; OMAC One Man Army #3 CGC 9.6; The Demon #2 CGC 9.4. £60
332 Two Ribage Publishing Corp. Crime Mysteries Golden Age comics: No.5 January 1953; No.13 May 1954. £50
333 Three DC Superman comics: Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane No.70 Nov. 1966 featuring The Penguin and with 1st Silver Age appearance of Catwoman; Superman Pizza Hut Collectors' Edition Vol.1 No.113; Superman and Green Lantern Vol.3 No.26 Oct. 1980 with 1st New Teen Titans appearance. £50
334 Ten Vista Publications/ Marvel Tales of Suspense comics, includes early Iron Man: No.31 July 1962; No.33 Sept.1962; No.37 Jan. 1963; No.38 Feb. 1963; No.39 March 1963; No.41 May 1963 (part of front cover missing); No.42 June 1963; No.43 July 1963; No.45 Sept. 1963; No.47 Nov. 1963. Conditions vary. £520
335 Fiction House 3-D Sheena Jungle Queen No.1 1953 with 3-D glasses. Together with Star Publications Terrifying Tales No.12 April 1953. (2) £30
336 Western Fiction Publishing Journey Into Unknown Worlds Vol.1 No.37 December 1950 issue. Together with Avon An Earth Man On Venus by Ralph Milne Farley, copyright 1951. (2) £30
337 Marvel Tales of Suspense Iron Man and Captain America Vol. 1 No.65 May 1965 issue. £0
338 Three DC Justice League of America Volume 1 comics: No.1 Nov. 1960; No.2 Jan. 1961 (both with damaged covers); No.16 Dec. 1962. £140
339 Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 No.129 February 1974 issue, featuring the first appearance of The Punisher. £220
340 Selection of DC, Harvey, Archie and other comics, includes Atlas Yellow Claw, DC Mr District Attorney and Harvey Joe Palooka. Conditions vary. (25) £240
341 Selection of DC Superman comics c.1950's/60's, No.102 and later. Conditions vary (102 with half of front cover missing). (17) £90
342 Quantity of DC Adventure Comics, c.1950's-'60s, No.239 onwards. Conditions vary. (27) £150
343 Quantity of DC Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen comics, c.1960's/'70s, No.60 and later. Conditions vary. (30 approx.) £90
344 Seven Golden Age Fiction House Wings Comics, c.1942-1947: #27; #35; #36; #37; #44; #72; #77. Conditions vary, spines worn. £35
345 Eight DC and Marvel comics, c.1960's/70's: Green Lantern No.8 and No.24; DC Orion Of The New Gods No.2; DC The Sandman No.1; DC Superman and Green Lantern No.26; Marvel Logan's Run No.6; DC Challengers of The Unknown No.19; Marvel The Avengers No.76. £70
346 Quantity of Gold Key and Whitman Star Trek comics. (30 approx.) £75
347 Selection of DC Superman comics c.1960's, No.168 and later. Conditions vary. (17) £65
348 Selection of ACG Adventures into the Unknown comics, c.1950's-1960's: #36; #83; #93; #95; #104; #112; #118; #119; #120; #123; #124; #125; #126. (13) £65
349 Six Golden Age comics: Standard Comics Kathy No.15 June 1953; Dixie Dugan No.3 Aug. 1952 and No.7 Nov. 1953; Standard Comics Boots No.5 Sept. 1948 and No.8 June 1949; Bard Publishing Patsy Walker No.19 Nov. 1948. £25
350 Quantity of early comics, c.1940's/'50s, includes: B-Bar-B Riders Vol.1 No.12 Nov.1951; Street & Smith Air Ace Vol.2 No.10 July 1945; Famous Funnies Buster Crabbe No.9 March 1953; A.A. Wyn The Hand of Fate No.16 Feb. 1953 and No.22 March 1954. (15) £65
351 Eight romance comics, includes: Charlton True Life Secrets Vol.1 No.23 Dec. 1954; Manvis Love Adventures No.4 April 1951 and No.7 Oct. 1951; Quality Comic Secret Loves No.1 Nov. 1949. £40
352 Selection of Quality Comic Plastic Man comics, c.1950's: #11; #39; #41; #47; #48; #49; #51; #53; #55; #57; #62; #64. Conditions vary. (12) £200
353 Britains Herald American Civil War 7th Cavalry figures, includes five mounted. F-G, some white residue and one foot soldier snapped off base. (12) £0
354 Eight Britains Deetail American Civil War mounted figures, includes 7th Cavalry. Appear F-G. £0
355 Quantity of Britains American Civil War Gun Crew and Foot Soldier figures, includes 8 x Britains Herald figures. Conditions vary, F-G. (52) £30
356 Britains Herald #7615 Concord Overland Stagecoach with 2 x passenger and 2 x crew, together with a selection of Britains Wild West Cowboy and Indian figures including Herald Floating Series 2 x Canoe and 1 x Cowboy Raft, and Herald H4510 Indian Encampment Set. Conditions F-G. (14) £40
357 Britains Wild West Models #7616 Pioneer Covered Wagon, comprising 4 x horse team, blue wagon with red wheels and white tilt, driver and man firing rifle. Together with Britains #7617 Buckboard Wagon (horses damaged) and Britains Deetail Bank Robber (G). Overall F with some damage/ repairs. £30
358 Nine Britains Deetail American Civil War Confederate Cavalry mounted figures. Appear F-G. £20
359 Quantity of Britains Deetail Wild West Series Indian figures, includes 14 x mounted. Conditions F-G. (34) £30
360 Quantity of lead farm animals, figures and scenery by Britains and others, includes various cattle and horses tied in to a plain box base. Conditions playworn-G, some repainting, includes a selection of plastic animals and three hedges. (100 approx.) £40
361 Selection of lead zoo animals and scenery by Taylor & Barrett, Pixyland Kew and others, includes pool enclosure (railings missing). Conditions P-G. (23) £90
362 Quantity of Britains Cadbury Cococubs, c.1930's, includes Peter Pig, Granny Owl, Nutty Squirrel and Gussie Robin. Together with two Britains Snow White and seven dwarf figures. Overall playworn. (30) £0
363 Quantity of Britains Miniature Floral Garden items, c.1930's, includes sundial, lily pad and nymph, and approximately 125 flowers/ shrubs. Conditions overall F-G (some repainting to flower bed edges). £25
364 Quantity of Airfix and other plastic soldiers, together with a selection of Britains and similar plastic farm animals, and four Joy Toy wooden farm buildings. £0
365 Two Meccano Electric Motors: No E20B (20V reversing) with blue side frames, gold trade mark, instructions dated 3/38 and original test certificate; No.E6 (6V reversing) with blue side frames, gold trade mark, instructions dated 3/36 and original test certificate. Both in VG boxes missing keeps. £85
366 Selection of assorted construction toys: loose Meccano; American Toy Co. Tool Set; A.C. Gilbert & Co. Erector Set (not checked if complete). £15
367 Large wooden chest containing a quantity of assorted Meccano, ages vary, includes brass gears, red/ green/ nickel plated parts. See images. £0
367a Meccano No.5 Set comprising various parts including gears, in wooden box with label. Overall F, incomplete and missing instructions. £55
368 Lionel / Converse & Co. (Massachusetts) Steel Trolley Car, c.early 1900's: tinplate model in red and yellow with trolley pole, 'City Hall Park' to ends, length 40cm. Overall F with paint loss, no motor (see images). £95
369 Schuco Examico 4001 Car: tinplate clockwork model in cream with red interior, length 14cm (G/F, base scratched, motor in working order). Together with Schuco Acrobat Mouse (F, missing one hand and one ear, motor in working order). (2) £30
370 Nine tinplate and mechanical toys, includes Welsotoys (England) Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd. clockwork truck and Wells Brimtoy Kwik Window Cleaner truck. Conditions vary, P-G. £40
371 Roman (Spain) Vagabundo Novelty Toy, c.1960's: plastic clockwork Charlie Chaplin style figure, height 16.5cm. Appears G+, unboxed. £30
372 Schuco Solisto Drumming Clown: tinplate clockwork figure in yellow felt top, red felt trousers and black beret, height 11cm. Appears G+, motor requires attention. £25
373 Hess (Germany) Hessmobil 1021, c.1920's: tinplate open tourer with dark green bodywork, red detailing and interior, driver figure, yellow tinplate spoked wheels and typical Hess gyro motor with handle through radiator. Length 23cm overall. Overall F with rusting, particularly to right side. £150
374 Corgi Toys 479 Commer Mobile Camera Van in metallic blue and white, with cameraman and camera. G/VG in G/VG box with illustrated header card (two punctures to cellophane window). £50
375 Ten Lesney Matchbox Streakers: 38 Datsun 126X; 60 Lotus Super Seven; 53 Tanzara; 51 Citroen SM; 27 Lamborghini (paint marks); 40 Guildsman (paint marks); 66 Mazda RX500; 41 Siva Spyder; 75 Alfa Carabo; 56 Hi-Tailer (in incorrect no.7 box with pen marks). Overall G/VG-VG in G/VG boxes. £60
375A Nine Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 48 Pi-Eyed Piper; 21 Rod Roller; 42 Tyre Fryer (a few chips); 6 Mercedes 350SL; 65 Saab Sonett III; 12 Big Bull; 44 Boss Mustang (slightly grubby); 50 Articulated Truck; 15 Fork Lift Truck. Overall VG in VG 'New' boxes. £0
376 Ten Lesney Matchbox Rola-Matics: 39 Clipper; 73 Weasel (F box); 57 Wild Life Truck; 67 Hot Rocker; 16 Badger (sticker to box); 10 Piston Popper; 69 Turbo Fury; 47 Beach Hopper; 28 Stoat; 20 Police Patrol (F in P box missing two end flaps). Mostly appear VG in G/VG-VG boxes. £60
376A 13 x Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 33 Police Motor Cyclist; 7 VW Golf; 75 Helicopter; 19 Cement Truck; 70 S-P Gun; Silver Jubilee Bus; 22 Blaze Buster; 23 Atlas Truck; 65 Airport Coach; 26 Site Dumper; 60 Holden Pick-Up; 52 Police Launch (some crushing to box); 30 Swamp Rat (in incorrect no.11 box with pen marks). Overall VG in G/VG-VG boxes. Together with a Matchbox 1977 Catalogue (F/P). £65
377 Ten Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 29 Tractor Shovel; 37 Skip Truck; 58 Faun Dump Truck; 34 Vantastic; 38 Armoured Jeep; 8 De Tomaso Pantera; 1 Dodge Challenger (box slightly crushed); 5 Seafire; 14 Mini Ha-Ha; 36 Formula 5000. Overall VG in mostly VG boxes. Together with a Matchbox 1977 catalogue (F). £65
378 Nine Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 63 Freeway Gas Tanker; 25 Mod Tractor; 72 Hovercraft; 61 Blue Shark; 9 AMX Javelin (some crushing to box); 46 Stretcha Fetcha Ambulance (price sticker to box); 11 Flying Bug; 24 Team Matchbox; 3 Monteverdi Hai. Appear VG in VG boxes. £55
379 Ten Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 59 Planet Scout; 68 Cosmobile (tears to box); 64 Fire Chief; 71 Cattle Truck; 4 Pontiac Firebird; 43 Dragon Wheels; 55 Hellraiser; 2 Rescue Hovercraft; 54 Personnel Carrier; 45 BMW 30 CSL. Overall appear VG in G-VG boxes. £60
380 Nine Lesney Matchbox Superfast models: 13 Baja Buggy; 74 Toe Joe; 62 Renault 17TL; 17 The Londoner; 32 Maserati Bora (box end flap torn); 54 Ford Capri; 18 Hondarora (box missing an inner end flap); 31 Volks Dragon; 35 Fandango (in incorrect 70 Dragster box with pen marks). Appear overall VG in G/VG-VG boxes. £70
381 Quantity of Corgi, Matchbox and other models. Overall playworn, some repainted. (50 approx.) £20
382 Two Corgi Toys cars: 275 Rover 2000 TC with take-off wheels and golden jacks (VG/E in G/VG box); 330 Porsche Carrera 6 in white with red panels, RN '60' (G/F in VG box). £65
383 Corgi Toys 417 Land Rover Breakdown Truck in red with yellow tinplate tilt. Overall G in F slightly crushed box. £40
384 Corgi Toys 438 Land Rover 109' WB in metallic green with khaki tilt and lemon interior. G/VG in G/VG box (small tear to one inner end flap). £40
385 Corgi Toys 236 Austin A60 De Luxe Saloon Motor School Car. G+ (crack to windows on right side) in G+ box. £30
386 Selection of Corgi and Dinky diecast models, includes 2 x Corgi 428 Mister Softee Ice Cream Van and Corgi 266 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Mostly playworn, unboxed. (13) £30
386a Dinky Toys 173 Nash Rambler in turquoise with dark red side flashes and pale grey hubs. G/VG in VG box with correct colour spot. £50
387 Quantity of playworn diecast models by Corgi, Dinky and others, includes military models. Unboxed. £30
387a Corgi Toys 152 BRM Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car in dark green with RN '7', in blue box. £40
388 Three Corgi Comics models: 801 Noddy's Car with grey faced Golly; 807 Dougal's Magic Roundabout Car; 808 Basil Brush and His Car. Appear P-F in reproduction boxes. Together with a selection of assorted diecast models in hand-made/reproduction boxes (models either modern or restored vintage), an empty reproduction Corgi The Avengers box and an unboxed Corgi The Beatles Yellow Submarine (P). £60
388a Dinky Toys 187 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe in red with black roof. G/VG in VG red/yellow box. £50
389 Lesney Matchbox 46b 'Beales-Bealesons' Guy Removal Van promotional issue: tan type B body without silver trim, gloss black base, BPW, complete decals to both sides. Overall VG/E (rust to one wheel hub and axle) in G/VG card box (some light staining overall) with 'it's a pleasure' label. £340
389a Corgi Toys 352 RAF Staff Car - Standard Vanguard. VG in F blue box with end flap unattached. £40
390 Selection of Corgi, Dinky and other diecast, includes Dinky Foden Flat Truck with Chains and 2 x Corgi Batman Batboat. Overall playworn and unboxed (one Dinky in damaged perspex box). (15) £100
390a Corgi Toys 150 Vanwall Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car in green with RN '1'. Overall VG (light chipping around nose cone) in G/F box with price in pen to one end flap. £35
391 Corgi Toys 150S Vanwall Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car in red with bonnet stripe and RN '25'. G/VG in F box. £0
392 Quantity of Onyx and Minichamps F1 racing cars, c.1995-1996. Appear M and boxed. (12) £0
393 Seven Minichamps and one Onyx F1 model, c.1997-1998. Appear M and boxed. (8) £0
394 Five F1 diecast racing cars, c.1999-2000: Hot Wheels Stewart SF3; Jordan EJ10; Minichamps #430 990021 Minardi Ford M01; #430 950026 Ligier-Mugen-Honda; #400 010008 Benetton Renault Sport B201. Appear M and boxed. £40
395 Eight Onyx F1 racing cars, c.1988-'89, includes Senna, Mansell and Piquet. Appear VG-M and boxed. £0
396 11 x Onyx and 1 x Minichamps F1 racing cars, c.1990-1992, includes Herbert, Hakkinen, Warwick, Piquet and Schumacher. Appear M and boxed. (12) £0
397 Nine Onyx F1 racing cars, c.1993-1994, includes Herbert, Irvine, Coulthard and Blundell. Appear M and boxed. £0
398 Ten Onyx Indycar models, c.1990: 5 x Penske; 4 x Lola; 1 x Porsche. Appear E-M and boxed. £0
399 Quantity of 1/43 scale DeAgostini racing car models, appear E-M in perspex boxes. (19) £65
400 Quantity of 1/64, 1/76 and 1/87 scale diecast and plastic vehicles by High Speed, Schuco, Wiking and others. Appear E-M and boxed. (32) £25
401 Five Aston Martin diecast models: Spark Minimax S2162 Aston Martin Cygnet (crack to box); S2160 Aston Martin One-77; White Box Model Car World Aston Martin One-77 2010 (ltd.ed./1000); Aston Martin DB 7 Zagato 2003 (ltd.ed./1008); Minichamps Aston Martin Rapide Launch Edition. M and boxed. £50
402 Eight Schuco Mercedes Benz dealer edition 1/43 scale models: S-Klasse in diamond silver metallic; SLK-Klasse in galenit silver; A-Klasse W176 in south seas blue; C-Klasse in obsidian black metallic; 2 x C-Klasse T-Modell in brilliant blue metallic and obsidian black; CLA-Klasse in universe blue metallic; GLA-Klasse in jupiter red. Appear M and boxed, official Mercedes products. £60
403 Three Dragon 1/400 scale diecast aircraft: Singapore Airlines A380; 600th Airbus Aircraft Emirates A380; Thai A380. M and boxed with instruction leaflets and stands. £35
404 Five 1/43 scale diecast models: Neo Scale Models #43399 Jensen Interceptor SIII Convertible in metallic red; Minichamps #436 139900 Bentley Mulsanne 2010 in black (ltd.ed./2544); #436 139021 Bentley Continental GT 2003 in black; Premium X Models PR0195 Jaguar X-Type 2004 in silver; PRD403 Mazda 6 2013 in dark grey. M and boxed. £50
405 Three Danbury Mint Classic Car models: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible in white/red; 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon in turquoise/ ivory; 1940 Ford DeLuxe Coupe in red. Appear E and boxed (some discolouration to boxes) with leaflets. £70
406 Quantity of James Bond diecast vehicles by G.E.Fabbri Ltd. and others. Overall VG-M and boxed (boxes dusty). (21) £35
407 Eight 1/43 scale diecast models, includes: Minichamps dealer edition Ford Focus and Ford Focus ST; Mazda Ace Co. 25th Anniversary Mazda MX-5; Premium X PR0194 Jaguar X-Type 2004 limited edition. Appear overall M and boxed (Mazda Demio model with cracked perspex box and two missing outer card sleeves). £70
408 Quantity of Mercedes diecast models by Corgi and others, includes High Speed 1/43 scale Mercedes-Benz SLK. Appear E-M and boxed. (21) £50
409 Quantity of assorted diecast models by Corgi, Cararama and others, appear VG-M and boxed. Together with a selection of unboxed Lledo Vanguards and other models, F-VG and a miniature Jaguar clock. (70 approx.) £55
410 Quantity of Corgi TV/Film related diecast models, includes CC05301 The Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger and CC52405 The Monkees Monkeemobile. Appear VG-M and boxed/ carded (The Saint car loose in box). Together with an Aggronautix Wendy O. Williams figure, boxed. (20) £160
411 Quantity of Matchbox Models of Yesteryear cars and commercial models. Appear VG-M in yellow window boxes. (48) £45
412 Quantity of Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, Lledo and other models. Appear VG-M and mostly boxed. (55 approx.) £55
413 Selection of Matchbox and other diecast models, includes 8 x Matchbox Superfast Lasers and a selection of Models of Yesteryear. Appear VG-M and boxed. (23) £25
414 Quantity of Corgi and other diecast models, includes four Corgi Heavy Haulage models: CC12301; CC12304; CC12306 (appear E); #17902 (missing wing mirrors and certificate). VG-E/M and boxed. Together with Corgi CC20401 The South Down Gallopers (appears G, untested, box missing inner packaging). (20) £75
415 Quantity of Lledo Days Gone models, appear VG-M and mostly boxed (some in mail order boxes). (70 approx.) £40
416 Quantity of Lledo, Corgi and other diecast models. Mostly E-M and boxed. £40
417 Lansdowne Models Car and Caravan Set, in two-tone grey and red: LDM 12x 1958 Austin A105 Westminster (number plate requires re-attachment); LDM 17x 1956 Willerby Vogue Caravan. E and boxed. £60
418 Eight 1/18 and 1/24 scale diecast models by Bburago, Norev and others, includes ERTL Grandes Marques Land Rover Discovery 3. Mostly E-M (one with cracked windscreen) and boxed (some water damage to a couple of boxes). £40
419 Three Changan Mazda 1/18 scale dealer models: Mazda 3 Axela; Mazda CX-5 (two tears to box end flap); Mazda Atenza. Appear E (a few very minor scratches) and boxed. £80
420 Paul's Model Art 1/18 scale Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in iridium silver metallic. M and boxed official Mercedes product. £35
421 Four Joy Ride American Chopper Series 1/10 scale models: Old School Cody Project #2; Fire Bike; 2 x Black Widow. Appear M and boxed (one box slightly dented). £55
422 Quantity of 1/18 scale models by Auto Art, Minichamps, Sun Star and others. Conditions vary, G-VG unboxed. £70
423 Three Danbury Mint Classic Car models: 1931 Ford Model A Roadster Convertible in stone brown; 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible in blue; 1965 Pontiac GTO Coupe in iris mist (with damaged/ repaired exhausts). Appear VG-E (unless stated) and boxed (some wear to boxes) with leaflets. £30
424 Franklin Mint 1/24 scale Elvis Presley 1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood. Appears VG with a display case and polystyrene packaging (no outer box). £40
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