Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables to include Alcohol 02 December 2017

Date: 2nd December 2017 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1001 A German stein together with a Clarice Cliff Toby jug. £15
1002 A large reproduction metal sign depicting Pepsi. (R178). £15
1003 A quantity of mixed decorative glass vases etc. £15
1004 Wooden items to include a table lamp depicting a spinning wheel. £15
1006 2 x 100 pce bit sets. (R7) £12
1007 Three various items, a metal moped, a figure of Queen Nefertiti and Laurel and Hardy. £12
1008 Five various shells. £30
1010 A collection of ornamental birds, many by Leonardo. Collectors plates and other chinaware. £10
1011 A quantity of mixed glass. £10
1014 An assortment of china teapots, figures and coffee sets. £15
1016 A quantity of Poole Pottery plates, including Country Lane, and other dishes. £35
1017 A box of china to include the residue of various tea sets. £12
1018 A dinner set together with silver plate cutlery. £40
1019 Two boxes of glassware. £8
1020 Various novelty clocks. £12
1021 A deer coat hook. (R130) £12
1022 A collection of clocks. £8
1023 Two boxed Bodi-Tek Ab belts one female and one unisex. (38) £10
1024 A selection of glass ornaments. £18
1025 Various boxed mug sets. £15
1026 Various binoculars to include Panorama and Ross of London. £12
1027 Various Capodimonte ornaments. £10
1028 Revelation Astro binoculars. £35
1029 Various metal items to include tray, lamps etc. £15
1030 A copper jardiniere and two tankards. £10
1031 Two pictures of Manchester United players: J S Park and Gabriel Heinze, framed. £15
1032 A metal kit built “Flying Scotsman” locomotive 4472 LNER, display only. £15
1033 Various German Steins together with other vases. £10
1034 Various model galleon. £10
1035 A large metal sign. (R181) £15
1036 Two pottery table lamps and one anglepoise desk lamp. £25
1037 A lamp with other brass items. £35
1038 Novelty teapots depicting Napoleon and Henry VIII with other items. £10
1039 An Amar Shokher Quran Majeed simple Bengali translation book together with a pair of binoculars. (14-30). £8
1040 A quantity of mixed glass and china including a Beswick 1940's jug (crack), Poole Pottery, etc. £20
1041 A tinplate plane. (R135) £12
1042 An Asahi Pentax spotmatic camera in case together with a Cosinon auto MC 200 mms Lenka (No.791523), A Vivitar 135mm auto telephoto (No.28403082) and a Asahi super-Takumar 1:1.4/50 (2751171). £35
1043 A collection of wooden boxes. £25
1044 A collection of decorative glass ornaments, including two Murano style clowns. £20
1045 A 3' railway sign (Ref A). (R171) £15
1047 Various wooden items to include animals. £12
1049 Three boxes of china to include the residue of various tea sets. £12
1050 Two boxes of glassware to include decanters and glasses. £12
1051 A box containing a quantity of various Matchbox Models of Yesteryear diecast vehicles. (17) £20
1052 Various cameras and accessories. £15
1053 Nine filmcell pictures to include Lord of the Rings, Ghost and the Dirty Dozen together with a picture depicting Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock. £28
1054 Various glassware decanters, miniature bottles and Babycham glasses. £15
1057 A Cooks 800W stand mixer. Unused and with original packaging. £30
1058 A quantity of diecast model vehicles including Corgi, Dinky and Lledo. Almost all are boxed and in good condition. £35
1059 A selection of collectables including a model boat and airbrush kit. £20
1061 A box of play worn vehicles. £25
1063 A box containing various furs. £15
1064 Two scalextric sets. £10
1065 A collection of boxed Corgi models, an unboxed Burago model of a BMW Z8 and other vehicles. £28
1066 A Meccano airport service set along with other loose parts. £28
1068 A couple of dolls with books and model characters. £50
1069 An ornamental birdcage with other wooden items and playworn toy cars. £12
1070 A boxed Sony digital handycam, a boxed AR Drone 2.0 together with a book. £120
1071 A Dapple Grey Rocking Horse in resin/ fibreglass with leather saddle and dark brown mane/ tail, on wooden rocker base. Overall length 125cm approx. £25
1072 An assortment of Meccano parts and elements of a Bayko building kit. £20
1073 Quantity of assorted board games, includes Subbuteo Angling. £22
1074 A Hornby MO gauge tinplate train set. Boxed. £20
1075 Two Aldis projectors, with binoculars and accessories £10
1076 A wall clock together with china and glassware £10
1077 A large quantity of china dishes and cups, including Wedgwood, Sylvac, Noritake and others. £22
1078 A quantity of decorative glass ornaments. £20
1080 A violin and a bow in case together with two others. £50
1084 A child's stick back rocking chair. £18
1088 An Evotel TV monitor and remote. £8
1090 A floor lamp with a picture and mirror £20
1091 A remote controlled R/C Helicopter Volitation. £15
1094 Various copper items to include a fire guard, oriental jugs, dishes and a fish mould. £40
1095 Various musical instruments. £12
1097 Metal items to include a lamp, stove cooking pot and two irons. £20
1098 Two pairs of short Ewe boots size 3 and three tall Ewe boots sizes 3-4-3. £30
1100 Two boxes of LPs. £55
1101 A box of telephones to include novelty. £12
1106 The residue of a tea/dinner service Eschenbach Bavaria Germany dinnerware. £18
1108 A Poole Pottery tea set along with a Picquot Ware hot water jug. £18
1109 A collection of porcelain faced dolls. £10
1110 A box of needlework. Includes sewing patterns, knitting needles and other related accessories. £10
1111 A quantity of Poole Pottery coffee items, a meat carving set and other chinaware. £25
1112 A quantity of Ice Green Poole pottery plates together with two jugs. £55
1113 Seven vintage telephones. £45
1114 A Kenwood chef with attachments and other accessories to include a creamer, liquidizer and a mincer. £30
1115 An Encore electric guitar together with two effect pedals. £35
1118 Two guitars. £30
1119 Two boxes of 78's to include the Mills brothers, Doris Day and the Ink Spots. £20
1120 A Goodmans HiFi system with Toshiba speakers. £8
1121 A box of LPs, including Nat King Cole and Shirley Bassey. £15
1122 A box of bric à brac. £15
1123 A large quantity of records. £35
1124 Three typewriters. Empire Aristocrat, Olivetti Lettera 32 and a Smith Corona. £22
1125 A box of LPs and singles. £22
1126 A Panasonic CD stereo system. £22
1127 A quantity of 8 track cartridges to include Simon & Garfunkel, Charley Pride and Jim Reeves. £10
1128 A retro Bush portable record player. £12
1130 Three boxes DVDs. £10
1132 A quantity of clocks, a barometer and other collectables. £15
1133 A box of records. £10
1133A An Olympia De Luxe typewriter with another. £22
1134 Two boxes of books. £10
1136 Three boxes of books to include Marine, war and cook books. £18
1137 A collection of board games, dominoes and packs of playing cards. £10
1138 A Singer sewing machine £15
1139 A Fender amp. £15
1140 A Toshiba television, a HDMI DVD recorder and a TiVo PP100 sound bar. £55
1142 Two Christmas activity scenes together with other items. £25
1145 Three wicker baskets and a wicker covered bottle. £12
1147 A brass smokers compendium. £18
1148 Two model aeroplanes (af). £12
1149 Two vintage radios. £10
1150 A Singer sewing machine. £18
1151 Wooden African items to include figures, a mask and a bow. £28
1152 Seven retro telephones. £45
1153 Two pairs of short Ewe boots size 3-4 and three pairs of tall Ewe boots all size 3. £35
1154 A large collection of pictures together with a mirror. £35
1155 Various sports items to include a badminton set, dart boards, skates and. Rickety equipment. £12
1156 A box of silver plate items £20
1157 Two wicker baskets and a cat basket. £10
1158 A collection of pictures £10
1159 Six various Lego figures together with a boxed Lego of the Hobbit escape from Mirkwood Spiders. £22
1160 A decorative gilt framed mirror and cushion. £12
1161 A Subbuteo table football game, condition a/f £20
1163 A box of maps together with a box of records £45
1164 A box containing vases, candlesticks and other items £10
1165 A box containing silver plate and other items. £35
1166 A basket and box of bric à brac. £8
1170 Two games, Totopoly and Big Game Bagatelle. £10
1171 Quantity of empty model railway boxes, includes Airfix, Dapol, Triang and Hornby. No models included. £10
1172 A Pfaff sewing machine £22
1173 Various Disney Frozen items magnetic drawing pads, books, drawing pencils and watercolour styling kit. (26). £12
1174 Four pairs of weather proof heat keeper socks, a Jack and Jones t-shirt and a Polo Ralf Lauren vintage red cardigan size small. (24-25) £25
1176 Five boxes of books mostly cruising, pilot and yachting and a box containing Great ages of man. £18
1177 A box of copper and brass items. £15
1178 A box of vintage clocks a/f £15
1179 A box of books and a box of china £10
1180 A quantity of leather bags and cases. £15
1181 A Xbox game console with joystick and large quantity of games, mainly PlayStation. £40
1182 A couple of mirrors and two men’s grooming kits. £15
1183 A collection of pictures and prints £10
1184 A collection of Lego sets (as found, boxes might not be complete). £30
1185 A selection of records. £10
1186 A collection of electronic and other measuring apparatus £15
1187 A colourful collection of marbles along with various toys. £10
1188 A collection of cutlery canteens a/f with some loose items £50
1189 Two electric guitars £25
1190 A basket of bric à brac £18
1192 Five mirrors £12
1193 A dolls’ house £10
1194 A Frister & Rossmann sewing machine with accessories £28
1195 A quantity of boxed diecast vehicles. £15
1196 Four boxes of books to include history, WWI and WWII and Sherlock Holmes. £18
1199 An assortment of china, metal and various ornaments £10
1200 A wicker basket of assorted wooden items £10
1201 A quantity of loose Lego and other plastic bricks £40
1202 A quantity of playworn diecast toys and a shove ha’penny board. £20
1203 A sewing box with patterns, various ribbons and knitting materials. £18
1204 Two dolls along with a case of soft toys £10
1205 Two boxes of chinaware £10
1206 A box containing the residue of various tea sets and brass items together with a box of glass and ceramic vases to include a Sylvester jug. £15
1208 A collection of wooden and metal items, including a coffee grinder and a drum. £15
1209 A collection of Lego System boxes railway related as found. £140
1209A A quantity of post cards, cigarette vouchers, coins and other ephemera £12
1210 A quantity of Lego £10
1211 A collection of pictures £12
1211A Three Brother typewriters £10
1212 An assortment of loose and boxed Technic Lego a/f £25
1213 A quantity of board games, DVDs and CDs. £10
1214 Three boxes of books and maps. £22
1215 A box of silver plate items and a barometer £12
1217 A collection of pictures and prints together with an assortment of ephemera £15
1218 A box of books. £10
1220 A Grand Prix scalextric set a/f £18
1222 A scalextric set with board games and other related items £30
1223 A basket containing two clocks and assorted china and metal ware £10
1224 A collection of boxed Lego to include a pirates ship and a fort all as found. £100
1227 An assortment of tins. £10
1228 A box of books to include a box of china residue of two tea sets. £10
1229A A collection of LPs £40
1230 A Canon EOS 5 and Olympus OM 10 cameras together with binoculars and accessories £40
1231 A Kenwood HiFi system with speakers. £22
1231A Four boxes of books to include biographies, North American history, gardening and Dorset. £18
1232 A Bush record player £22
1232A A box containing a jug and two cups of Thai Celadon ware and other related items. £10
1233 A Technics HiFi system to include a direct drive automatic record deck SL-1400MK2, two cassette decks, a compact disc player SL-PG590, a Quartz Synthesizer FM/AM stereo tuner ST-54, a Stereo Graphic Equalizer and a Audio timer. £100
1234 An Arcam CD player ACPHA7 and amplifier ACPHA7 together with two B&W speakers.( the amplifier has no radio) £130
1234A Two boxes and one bag of linen various pieces of material. £10
1235 A Ferguson record player £10
1236 Panasonic surround sound system. This DVD system SA-HT75 is in lovely working condition. Complete with 6 speakers and a Bush turntable. £25
1237 A box of china and glassware to include Wedgwood decorative plates. £10
1238 A NAS stereo receiver 7130, a Nakamichi BX-1two head cassette deck together with two Mordaunt-Short speakers on stands. £85
1239 A large collection of the Yachting monthly various year's starting with 1909 volume 7. £60
1240 A GT mountain bike. 27 speed with front suspension, computer and pump. Good condition.(32) £35
1241 A Carrera hybrid bike. 21 speed with luggage rack. Some corrosion to chain (3) £50
1242 A Specialized hybrid bike. 24 speed with front suspension. In good condition (33) £80
1243 A Btwin mountain bike. 27 speed with adjustable front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. Some corrosion to drive chain. (34) £95
1244 A Specialized hybrid bike. 20 speed with adjustable front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and a rack. Good condition (5) £50
1245 A Carrera road bike. 14 speed. Some corrosion (13) £60
1246 A Decathlon hybrid bike. 27 speed with front suspension and computer. Some corrosion on nuts and bolts.(12) £40
1247 A Focus hybrid bike. 27 speed with clipless pedals, adjustable front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. In good condition (21) £90
1248 A Carrera mountain bike. 24 speed with disc brakes. Some rust on chain.(35) £80
1249 A Specialized Sirrus urban road bike. 21 speed, with some corrosion around cabling.(7) £90
1250 An Indi hybrid bike. 21 speed GripShift with front suspension and lights. Some corrosion (19) £40
1251 A Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike. 27 speed with adjustable front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. Some scuff marks and play in the bottom bracket. (R1) £90
1252 A Specialized mountain bike. 27 speed with adjustable front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. (R11) £75
1253 A Liv child’s road bike. 20 speed with wireless computer. Good condition. (R8) £70
1254 A Specialized Allez road bike. 16 speed. Good condition (9) £120
1255 A Raleigh road bike. 16 speed with tool bag. Good condition. (R37) £95
1256 A Cannondale hybrid bike. 24 speed and clipless pedals. Corrosion to chain.(22) £55
1257 A Scott mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and cable disc brakes. Good condition, some rust on chain. (R6) £150
1258 A Claud Butler trail bike. 18 speed GripShift with mudguards. Some corrosion to fixing bolts.(36) £70
1259 A Real shopper bike. 6 speed GripShift. In good condition but with deteriorated handlebar grips. (R4) £25
1260 A Mistral shopper bike. 3 speed with lights and luggage rack.(2) £25
1261 A Globe Trotter kid’s hybrid bike. 15 speed GripShift. In good condition (10) £20
1262 A FreeGo electric bike. With lights, mudguards, a rack and stand. Some corrosion around cabling and missing charging lead.(20) £80
1263 A kid’s mountain bike. 18 speed with front and rear suspension. Rust on chain.(29) £25
1264 A yellow Siren 21speed Raleigh hybrid bike. £20
1265 A Sky-Watcher telescope with tripod and additional motor drive kit. Diameter 130mm, Focal 650mm. Good condition, some signs of wear. £60
1267 A vintage pram. £10
1268 A wicker toy pram containing Christmas decorations £10
1269 A quantity of cameras, lenses and accessories. £30
1270 Various ornaments to include a Beswick Bullfinch, animals, three ladies and glass swans. £15
1271 A mirror, large candle and stamp album £10
1272 A collection of Christmas decorations and various kitchen items £10
1274 Two boxes of various china and ornaments. £10
1275 A collection of blue and white chinaware, other ornaments and three framed pictures. £30
1278 Two packs of Next Intense Eau Dr Toilette. (15) £12
1279 A 1 Million Priv? Paco Rabanne eau de parfum natural spray 50ml. (28) £20
1280A A makeup bag, three various Olay foundation, three Revlon mascara, a lipstick and a Nivea sun cream. (27) £20
1281 Five various watches. £15
1282 A German car badge. £15
1283 A stamp album. £10
1284 A Christian Breton Age Priority Thermo innovation creme riche for dry skin 50ml, a Christian Breton Age Priority Thermo innovation Year less SPF 30 PA + 50ml and a a Christian Breton Age Priority Thermo innovation night recovery cream. (27) £12
1285 A small wicker basket of collectables. £22
1286 Boxed as new Sony wireless Sans Fil MDR-ZX330BT stereo headset. (16) £28
1287 Various items to include a Star Wars Stormtropper, Star Wars star fighter, the U.S.S Enterprise and a General Lee Dodge Charger all as found. £22
1288 Three framed cabinets containing Matchbox Models of Yesterday diecast vehicles the Preston tramcar, the Leyland Titan TRI bus and the Yorkshire Steam Wagon. £22
1289 Three bottles of Echo Falls Chardonnay Pinot Grigio and two bottles of Namaqua Chenin Blanc Chardonnay. £12
1290 10 cans of Dark Fruit Strongbow cider, 11 bottles of Budweiser and two bottles of WKD.(3-1-6) £12
1291 Two bottles of Captain Morgan one original and the other Spiced Gold. £22
1292 Two litre bottles of Smirnoff vodka. (8) £25
1293 Three bottles of white wine Jacob's Creek, Oxford Landing Estates and Cimarosa together with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut champagne. £22
1293A Four bottles of Blossom Hill wine three white Zinfandel and one Grenache rose. (4) £15
1294 A collection of pictures and prints £15
1295A Large number of letter stamps. (R63) £15
1301 A heavy duty set of bolt cutters.(39) £8
1302 A storage box and contents. £12
1305 Box of vintage medicinal tins. £25
1306 A Dewalt 18v xr li-ion bty drill.(23). £50
1307 A Draper corded drill.(31). £10
1308 A Titan sds+ breaker in box with various chisels and drills.(18). £15
1310 A container of bottle finds. £20
1311 A cast iron knight fireside companion set £15
1312 A Ryobi petrol hedgetrimmer. £15
1313 A wooden brass trimmed bucket. £15
1314 Two Titan extenders one hedger ,one pole pruner. £20
1315 A wine rack 55 bottle capacity. £10
1316 A modern driftwood mirror. £30
1317 A pair of rattan fishing chairs. £22
1318 A pair of large galvanized watering cans. £12
1321 A box of various tools , handles,etc. £20
1322 Six various bench vices. £25
1323 A various collection of vintage tools. £10
1324 A large tin storage trunk. £15
1326 A large tin storage trunk. £10
1327 Two body boards and a carry bag. £10
1328 A Safetech oceanic weatherproof jacket size 76.12 XL. £18
1329 Two wooden oars together with a Canadian canoe paddle. £10
1331 Two green storage boxes. £10
1332 A large wooden storage box. £10
1333 A basket full of golf balls and tee's. £10
1334 Two leather horse saddles. £10
1335 A metal firepit as new in box. £12
1336 A Ryobi ETS1526AL table saw. £35
1339 Four various bench vices. £12
1342 A Steadfast 2XL fishing tackle box and seat together with a Conolon fly fishing rod. £15
1344 A Mountfield strimmer together with a Challenge extreme strimmer. £15
1346 A galvanized boiling pot together with an early camping stove and kettle. £10
1347 A X300 flame gun, petrol powered for weed control. £15
1349 Two boxes of spare radio parts. £15
1350 A red basket containing bronze metal branding irons of the alphabet possible for tea chest marking. £95
1351 A box of various bench vices. £22
1352 A large pine blanket box. £15
1353 A large tin storage box. £12
1354 A Sleepshaper mattress topper 20cm x 150cm x 200cm. £50
1355 A Lister & Co. of of Dursley butter churners barrel with iron hoops, mounted on a pitch pine base. £95
1356 A wicker laundry hamper. £10
1357 A blue painted wooden blanket box. £20
1359 20 x heavy duty bungees. (R97) £12
1360 35mm x 6M lorry strap. (R89) £8
1362 A Stihl long reach hedgetrimmer. £30
1363 800 amp jump leads x 6 metres. (R67) £22
1365 A large copper dish. £40
1367 A wrought iron tricycle planter for four pots. £20
1368 Sixteen aluminium industrial barn light covers. £50
1370 A Kawasaki 330 pro strimmer. £15
1371 A wooden display board St Andrews GLYDAPUTT 9 hole course. £10
1372 A set of three tread painter's steps. £12
1373 A Blacksmith's vice. £28
1374 A surveyors tripod staff in carry case. £10
1375 Seven suitcases. £30
1377 Two electric flymo mowers. £12
1379 A Stihl BR420 backpack blower. £25
1382 An eight tread painters step ladder. £10
1383 A pair of metal folding lattice chairs. £10
1401 A wooden garden bench. £10
1402 A selection of cast iron lanterns and bird feeders. £25
1404 A mirage canoe. £10
1405 A large pine external door. £10
1413 A stone planter on a stand. £10
1415 Three folding garden chairs. £8
1417 A teak circular folding garden table with four chairs. £15
1418 Cast iron machinery cogs and a Bamford milling cover. £10
1420 A car trailer. £45
1421 A two tone Kayak. £10
1422 A garden BBQ. £10
1432 A French cast iron radiator. £10
1434 A galvanised heavy picnic table. £25
1438 A table top patio heater, as new in box. £18
1440 A folding rabbit enclosure. £15
1444 Four large sheets of polycarbonate. £25
1445 Four stone planters. £12
1446 A group of six various garden planters. £12
1447 A group of six various garden planters. £12
1500 An oak drop-leaf table resting on a tripod base. £22
1502 An oak three drawer chest on stilt legs to castors. £10
1508 A set of six chromed and black kitchen stools. £30
1509 A Mexican pine bedside cabinet together with a coffee table. £15
1511 Two gate-leg tables. £10
1516 An Ercol dark wood cabinet with top section and cupboards and drawer under. £20
1520 A magazine table together with a small cabinet. £10
1521 A two tone pine five drawer chest. £10
1523 A oak chest of three drawers. £10
1524 A Plus A Gram record cabinet. £10
1525 A retro five drawer chest. £10
1526 A pair of wingback lounge chairs upholstered in pink button back dralon. £65
1528 A set of three retro record cabinets. £15
1532 A retro kitchen pantry cupboard. £10
1533 An oak two tier drop-leaf tea trolley. £15
1534 An oak sewing box. £10
1535 An oak vintage office swivel armchair. £60
1536 A York fitness bench together with various barbells and weights. £10
1540 A stag narrow chest of six drawers. £10
1542 Three wine tables. £10
1543 A twin pedestal desk with inset brown leatherette top and nine drawers. £45
1544 Three tables and an oak narrow bookcase. £15
1546 A dark wood Ercol sideboard. £10
1546A A mahogany vanity mirror with satinwood inlay. £10
1547 A narrow mahogany chest of three drawers. £12
1548 A mahogany two drawer desk with satinwood inlay resting on fluted legs. £10
1550 A modern six drawer narrow chest with a narrow CD holder. £15
1551 A pine circular dining table and four chairs. £20
1552 A fold over card table. £10
1555 A set of four stacking chrome and bentwood chairs. £15
1557 A farmhouse pine two drawer kitchen table with four new legs. £25
1560 A mobile disco set-up, comprising of two turn tables two speakers, dual Denon CD players mounted in flight cases plus amplifier, lights and all leads. £160
1561 A tallboy with linen drawers to top and two drawers under made by berick furniture. £15
1563 A set of six beechwood chairs. £25
1564 A sewing box with internal trays and fitted with a lift top. £10
1567 Three beechwood kitchen chairs. £15
1569 A pine chest of four drawers. £28
1570 A pine sideboard with metal strap hinges. £20
1572 A pair of oak dining chairs together with a standard lamp. £10
1574 A Liebherr premium stainless steel fridge/freezer. £20
1575 A nest of three tables. £10
1577 A large farmhouse kitchen table. £10
1578 A modern pine kitchen dresser. £45
1580 A small pine dresser. £15
1581 A narrow china display cabinet with single cupboard under. £55
1582 A oak linen fold dresser fitted with a domed top. £30
1583 A pine open bookcase together with a bedside cabinet. £10
1584 A half moon hall table together with a stool and coat stand. £10
1586 Four travel cases. £25
1588 A drop leaf table and a wine table. £20
1589 A small oak drop-leaf table resting on barley twist supports. £10
1591 A mahogany reproduction telephone table. £10
1592 A mahogany china display cabinet with satinwood inlay. £15
1593 An oak four drawer bureau with linen fold pattern. £30
1594 A brass and onyx occasional table with standard lamp and table lamp. £35
1595 A world globe drinks cabinet. £30
1596 A pair of vintage stickback chairs. £15
1598 An oak hall table with a single drawer to front. £15
1599 A white painted wall cupboard together with an oak magazine rack. £15
1600 A demi-lune hall table. £20
1601 An oak dresser with linen fold to cupboard doors with two shelved plate rack above. £45
1603 A small four drawer chest. £12
1604 A two tier tea trolley together with a box of kitchenalia and a poole pottery mouse. £20
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