Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 04 March 2017

Date: 4th March 2017 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

1001 A wicker half mannequin. £15.00
1002 Two models of ships the Danmark and Archibald Russell Barque 1905 in cases. £25.00
1004 Three birdcages. (R127) £20.00
1005 Eight Babycham glasses and a jar in a wooden box. £15.00
1006 Four ornamental canons. £40.00
1009 Various Wild Tudor Aynsley jugs and other china. £15.00
1010 Various glassware to include vases, baskets, bowls etc. £15.00
1012 Various nautical brasses. £75.00
1014 Various items to include cutlery, thimbles, plates, a lighter etc. £15.00
1015 A box of glassware to include vases, glasses, coasters together with two clocks, cutlery and silver plate. £10.00
1016 Two boxes of various china, glassware and cutlery £15.00
1017 A collection of various crystal glasses to include Babbycham. £20.00
1018 A box of glassware to include Babycham glasses and a paperweight. £28.00
1020 A box containing the residue of various tea sets £10.00
1021 A box of glassware to include vases, dishes and Woolworths glasses from the 30's. £22.00
1023 A cast iron Retriever. (R121) £12.00
1024 Various advertising bottles and stoneware. £35.00
1025 A dog boot scraper. (R118) £22.00
1026 Laboratory scales together with two other items. £10.00
1029 A copper fern pot, brass ornaments and other items. £20.00
1031 A pig saving bank. (R187) £12.00
1032 Three Spanish ornaments together with small animal ornaments. £22.00
1034 Two dioramas of ships. £20.00
1037 A Michelin man on wheel. £18.00
1038 A decoupage picture of a yacht together with a model of the H.M.S. Birmingham in case. £15.00
1039 A black resin table lamp depicting a nude lady. £30.00
1040 A pair of Esso banks. (R185) £45.00
1041 A collection of Poole pottery items to include two dolphins, a vase and other items. £20.00
1043 Seven resin nude figures, a Royal Doulton lady and other items. £30.00
1044 Various paper weights. £20.00
1045 Various Wild Tudor Aynsley vases. £18.00
1046 Various china Staffordshire figures, oriental items etc. £15.00
1047 Two wall hanging brass fish. £10.00
1050 Wooden African figures. £15.00
1051 Three porcelain dolls and a box containing the residue of various tea/dinner services to include Midwinter. £10.00
1052 Two boxes of various china to include the residue of a Poole pottery tea/service, collectors plates and various vases to include Aynsley. £20.00
1053 A box containing various items to include brass, china, novelty clocks, mobile phones etc. £20.00
1054 Two boxes of books to include various Observers. £45.00
1055 A box containing a quantity of braiding, binding and fringes. £20.00
1056 Two boxes of Railway passenger timetables with miscellaneous working timetables and general appendices, operating instructions, rules and regulations. £28.00
1057 Two boxes of various materials. £28.00
1058 Two boxes of Southampton home programmes. £15.00
1059 A box containing pictures,photo frames, stationary and other items £10.00
1060 A large quantity of metal buttons. £25.00
1061 A quantity of various Meccano. £65.00
1062 A box containing various items to include fancy dress, sequins, beads and costume jewellery. £25.00
1064 A box of Ordnance survey maps. £20.00
1065 Two boxes of various zips. £10.00
1066 A large quantity of various buttons. £25.00
1067 A small rug various mirrors, and a box of records. £10.00
1068 Two boxes of books mostly needle craft and dress making. £65.00
1069 A box containing the residue of a J&G Meakin tea set and other items. £10.00
1070 A large collection of Dalmatian dog ornaments. £15.00
1072 Various china items to include Poole pottery (af), Sylvac, Fauna, Wade and a Murano style clown. £30.00
1073 A box of various china, decanters, boxed fish cutlery, footwarmer etc. £20.00
1074 Four canvas laptop cases. £10.00
1075 Two Hacker radios together with a Pye radio. £60.00
1077 Various tea cups and saucers. £65.00
1077A Two oriental vases, ornaments and a large ceramic seal. £22.00
1078 Metal step ladder, laundry basket on wheels, two fold up door screens and a step. £12.00
1079 Two resin jazz band figures a piano player and a saxophone player. £22.00
1080 A wooden sledge. £10.00
1081 Two Pathèscope projectors. £12.00
1082 An easel with various oil paints, brushes and canvases. £45.00
1083 A Hitachi radio cassette player with TV together with two portable radios with TV'S. £15.00
1085 A box of various candles together with a box of china items. £10.00
1087 A child's cot, doll and a Mega Robot. £15.00
1088 Two boxes of books mostly fashion and costume. £55.00
1090 A large print the old master. £10.00
1093 Six various sized easels. £30.00
1094 Three various lamps a easel lamp, magnifying lamp and a desk top lamp. £18.00
1095 An electric Singer sewing machine. £12.00
1096 Two Sanyo Solid State music centres. £45.00
1097 Two cast alluminium signs depicting The Avon & Stour Catchment Board. £40.00
1098 A Singer sewing machine. £20.00
1099 Two boxes of various candle holders and potpourri oils. £12.00
1101 Collectors plates, music box, wooden box etc. £10.00
1102 Four boxes of books. £35.00
1103 Two boxes of various materials. £15.00
1105 A resin table lamp depicting a naked man lifting a naked lady. ( damage to hand) £25.00
1106 The residue of a tea/dinner service T.G. Green Cornish ware together with other blue and white china. £30.00
1107 Two straw children's boaters, a ceramic centre piece and perfumes. £10.00
1108 Ornamental canons together with two swords. £55.00
1109 Two pictures, a mirror, a jug, stamps and records. £10.00
1110 A box containing ceiling shades, trays and chamber pots. £15.00
1111 Various wooden boxes and three drawing boards. £15.00
1113 Various glassware to include a vases, glasses, decanter and glass animal ornaments. £25.00
1114 A folding easel with handle, a wooden boxed charcoal set, watercolour pencils and sketch pads. £45.00
1115 Various ornaments and a model ship. £10.00
1117 A Steepletone turntable CD radio system together with a large quantity of records. £18.00
1118 Two boxes containing a quantity of Daler Rodney acrylic paints. £90.00
1119 A Tandberg Huldra 10 AM/FM stereo receiver with speakers. £55.00
1120 A box of 78's to include the Ink Spots, Doris Day etc. £20.00
1122 Four boxes of books. £5.00
1124 An artist field easel, a wooden box containing acrylic paints, a plastic case of canvases and a wooden chest containing brushes. £110.00
1125 A Pye Cambridge portable record player and radio. £10.00
1126 A box of Viz magazines. £20.00
1129 A compact disc player together with a box of records. £8.00
1130 A box containing vinyl singles and a collection of comics together with three annuals. £5.00
1132 Two boxes of pictures. £15.00
1135 An artist wooden case containing various masking blending,lifting and texture fluilds, a boxed table easel, various watercolours and a bag with various paper and canvases. £60.00
1136 Three projectors with a stand and screen. £10.00
1138 Two glass droplet chandeliers. £110.00
1139 A large stoneware urn, a centre piece together with a model of a lady. £55.00
1140 A very large canvas of a Transporter. £10.00
1141 A F&M picnic basket together with a picnic hamper. £28.00
1144 A quantity of artist equipment to include various paints, brushes etc. £70.00
1146 A boxed table easel, sketch pads and two wooden artist boxes containing brushes, pens and wooden models. £60.00
1148 A box containing enamel baking trays and a boxed roast pan. £10.00
1149 Four boxes of DVD pamphlets. £55.00
1150 An advertising mirror depicting Cadillac together with a picture. £18.00
1151 Box of various electrical items to include hairdryer, telephone, fan, laminator, tins and a cabinet. £10.00
1152 A box of pictures and two duck brushes. £18.00
1153 Four boxes of books. £30.00
1155 A Singer sewing machine. £10.00
1156 A box of playworn vehicles. £5.00
1157 A box containing a quantity of knitting needles,crochet hooks and wool. £28.00
1158 Various dolls, teddies, books and a puzzle. £40.00
1159 Various pictures and mirrors. £10.00
1160 A sewing box with various items together with a knitting bag with various knitting needles. £20.00
1161 A box of brassware. £25.00
1162 Two boxes of children's annuals. £18.00
1163 Various baking trays, tins together with a cast iron electric griddle. £30.00
1164 A basket containing two African masks a barometer and a ceiling light. £28.00
1165 A dolls, two tin plate cars together with railway items to include buildings, a train, coach and track. £45.00
1166 A box of die cast vehicles. £18.00
1167 A box of sewing items to include cottons, stud setters and other items. £22.00
1168 Various boxed die cast vehicles. £18.00
1169 Three boxes of Bayko building sets boxes not in good condition. £28.00
1170 Two boxes of books mostly dress making and custome making. £28.00
1171 A qty of plastic, cloth, and other dolls £45.00
1172 A collection of die cast aircraft and vehicles. £15.00
1173 A box of various posters £10.00
1174 A large quantity of buttons. £30.00
1179 A hunting horn made from copper with brass mouth piece. £10.00
1181 A bagatelle together with a child's clothes rack. £5.00
1183 A technical drawing board together with a box of rulers and various measuring items. £15.00
1184 Hat boxes, a silver plated photo album and two other items. £12.00
1186 Two boxes of various curtains. £10.00
1187 A wood bound trunk containing a bible, and clocks (af). £15.00
1188 A box of books. £10.00
1190 A Sony stereo cassette recorder with TV, a Phillips and a Sony cassette recorders, a small Realistic TV radio and a Bambino radio. £70.00
1191 Walking sticks,brass pump, two blue and white platters and other items. £10.00
1192 A box of playworn mostly lorries together with various packs of Top trump cards. £50.00
1194 Two boxes of books. £5.00
1195 A box of china and glassware to include the residue of a Newhall Fortunate shape dinner service. £65.00
1197 Various utility organisers and brush cleaning buckets. £20.00
1199 A small tin of playworn vehicles and a tub of lead figures. £15.00
1200 A child's vintage pram with teddies and dolls. £15.00
1202 Two boxes of various items to include clocks etc. £10.00
1204 Two boxes of china and glassware. £10.00
1205 A Bell & Howell filmosound projector. £20.00
1206 Two wooden mantle clocks, a wooden clock and barometer together with a cuckoo clock. £10.00
1207 Two kit built cars, a wooden box of Minibrix together with a tin plate model lamp of a yacht. £20.00
1209 The residue of three boxes of cutlery. £15.00
1211 Three boxes containing various ceramic dishes, ramekins, fondue plates, and table clothes. £30.00
1212 A mirror and five yacht pictures. £10.00
1213 A box of various items to include ceramic swans, table lamp,candle holder, an anniversary clock and other ornaments. £15.00
1214 Various pictures, books, two Poole plates with other items. £20.00
1215 Four various projectors. £10.00
1216 A box of playworn vehicles to include tin plate. £15.00
1217 Various prints attributed to Boris Vallejo nude ladies and the devil. £75.00
1218 A wall hanging mirror, a picture and a ships wheel thermometer. £25.00
1220 A box containing various items to include six Andrew Presley paintings, boxes, wicker baskets and a Gladstone bag(af) . £15.00
1221 A box of china and glassware to include a car radio. £10.00
1222 Two boxes of various china. £10.00
1223 Two boxes of glassware, vases, jugs, decanter etc. £10.00
1224 A box containing various items to include a shredder, spray gun, mortise lock and latches and tape measures and a box of electrical items. £10.00
1225 Two boxes of various items to include glassware, lamps, a clock, wooden items and an evening bag. £40.00
1227 Two boxes of picture/photo frames. £15.00
1229 A Mini Moto motorcycle. £45.00
1233 Two boxes of microscope slides. £10.00
1235 Royal Selangor pewter items to include coasters, ashtray, lighter, a plate, chopsticks and a necklace. £10.00
1237 A Canon A-1 camera with two lens and a tripod. £45.00
1238 A group of fairings, two oriental stone shell pictures, a watercolour of a nude lady on a jardiniere with flowers by Rex Gordon together with other items. £10.00
1239 A diorama of various battle ships. £40.00
1241 Silver plate items to include candle sticks trays tea set silver brush, lighters etc. £28.00
1242 A Tiffany style lamp together with a metal figure of a horse. £30.00
1243 A Swarovski ring. £12.00
1244 A small quantity of 9ct gold to include necklaces and odd earrings. £25.00
1246 Walking stick with telescope. (R5)
1248 A box of costume jewellery together with a Salford Unity sash. £12.00
1250 Various items to include a steam mop, A Seiko electronic reference library and a boxed Celestron zoom eyepiece 1 1/4". £10.00
1252 A box containing a quantity of playworn vehicles. £20.00
1262 Two silver charm bracelets. £25.00
1263 Six good silver charms. £15.00
1264 Twelve silver charms. £18.00
1265 A silver charm bracelet. £25.00
1267 Links of London silver necklace, 44cm long. £20.00
1268 Silver charm bracelet and 14 charms. £28.00
1269 Links of London silver and gold Sweetie bracelet. £30.00
1271 9 carat gold ladies' diamond solitaire 0.25 carat, size L. £75.00
1273 9 carat white gold ladies' bar ring, size N. £35.00
1276 9 carat gold ladies' diamond and sapphire ring, size M. £40.00
1277 9 carat white gold ladies' 5 stone aquamarine ring, size Q. £40.00
1278 9 carat gold ladies' diamond and aquamarine ring, size M. £35.00
1280 9 carat gold ladies diamond and amethyst cluster ring, size N. £50.00
1302 A children's garden zoo bench. £20.00
1304 A collection of power tools. £8.00
1307 A metal toolbox and assorted tools. £10.00
1308 A Clarke power petrol generator with 230v take offs. £15.00
1309 A carpenter's tool box. £8.00
1311 A pro user 850w generator. £12.00
1312 A large tiffany style lampshade. £25.00
1315 A morrocan style lamp and capped watering can. £25.00
1316 A vintage chain block and tackle. £10.00
1317 Two boxes of fitments. £5.00
1319 A tea chest of Mini spares. £15.00
1322 A alluminium lamppost. £20.00
1323 A four tread safety step with handrails together with a pair of dumbbells. £12.00
1324 A childs rocking horse and a croquet set. £15.00
1326 Two pine framed mirrors £10.00
1327 Two makita drills one 110v the other 18v. £18.00
1328 A dewalt d25012 drill with a erbauer 110v reciprocating saw. £28.00
1329 A makita hr2470wx drill and another hr2020 drill. £25.00
1331 A leatherbound travel case with another. £10.00
1332 A domed top wood bound travel trunk. £25.00
1334 Three items of wicker ware. £8.00
1335 A Morris 1000 exhaust together with an Austin Mini exhaust. £20.00
1336 A wooden four drawer tool chest. £50.00
1337 A bucket of hand tools. £10.00
1338 A makita reciprocating saw with a hr247owx drill. £55.00
1339 A karcher carpet cleaner press and ex 800. £18.00
1340 A clark power silent suitcase generator. £45.00
1341 A wood bound travel trunk. £15.00
1342 A modern Welsh dresser with three cupboards and drawers under, fitted with glazed doors to top. £15.00
1343 Full set of various golf clubs with bag and trolley. £20.00
1345 A sony bravia tv with glass tv stand. £45.00
1346 Three grass strimmerswith attachments. £18.00
1347 Two dewalt drills and a hilti mortar fill cavity gun. £18.00
1348 A makita hl1705 heavy duty breaker. £40.00
1349 A mac 335 chainsaw with chain sharpener and record no.21 vice. £10.00
1351 Three 10ltr jerrycans. £10.00
1354 A dragon wood burning stove by smith and wellstood of scotland. £110.00
1355 Two sets of oars boat hooks and single paddle. £28.00
1357 Four boat bouys and two small coils of rope. £10.00
1358 Two bòxes of various tools.and a drum of coax cable. £15.00
1361 A tool chest with various hand tools. £15.00
1364 A beko electric cooker with ceramic hob. £25.00
1365 A hotpoint aquarius washer/drier. £40.00
1366 A pair of oars. £10.00
1367 A metalbound travel trunk. £10.00
1368 A selection of boat bouys and boating accessories. £10.00
1369 A selection of toolboxes and tools. £18.00
1370 A selection of boating goods . £8.00
1371 Two leather suitcases. £12.00
1372 Fishing rods with a canvas bag and one reel. £8.00
1374 A wheelchair and two walking frames. £40.00
1378 A margaret chessum rose bush in terracotta pot. £20.00
1379 A fragrant beauty rose bush in a terracotta pot £20.00
1380 A arthur bell rose bush in a pot. £20.00
1400 Five various ceramic planters. £10.00
1402 A set of four folding garden chairs. £15.00
1407 A set of four garden rattan effect chairs. £25.00
1409 A wooden cartwheel garden bench. £10.00
1411 A metal garden easy chair with two folding chairs. £20.00
1412 A ceramic Bailey sink. £10.00
1415 An octagonal folding garden table and four chairs. £25.00
1417 A teak extendable garden table and six folding chairs with wind out parasol. £20.00
1418 A set of four folding garden chairs with a circular metal garden table. £8.00
1419 A set of ten 20ltr jerrycans. £15.00
1420 A set of four folding teak garden chairs. £10.00
1421 Various hand tools. £5.00
1422 A decorative cast iron fireplace. £30.00
1423 A ornate cast iron fireplace with cannon moulding to base. £50.00
1425 A concrete garden statue of a pig jumping a gate. £10.00
1426 A concrete statue of a fox pushing a barrow. £15.00
1427 Two folding garden chairs. £8.00
1428 A ornate cast iron fireplace with inset cannon motif. £50.00
1429 A selection of garden metal items and a garden parasol. £8.00
1430 A set of two cast iron chairs and a cast iron table. £5.00
1431 A tea chest full of garden tools. £20.00
1433 A set of six wrought iron garden chairs. £22.00
1434 A feel goog rabbit hutch £15.00
1435 A bistro table and two chairs. £25.00
1437 A hexagonal garden folding table and four chairs. £20.00
1438 A selection of garden tools £5.00
1439 A cast iron garden bench with lions head reliefs to arms. £18.00
1442 A sturdy garden bench. £40.00
1443 A black and decker workmate. £8.00
1444 A nine tread wooden stepladder. £10.00
1451 A alluminium six tread painters stepladder. £15.00
1503 A pine painted chest of five drawers. £30.00
1504 Two bedside cabinets. £20.00
1505 A stag seven drawer chest. £10.00
1507 A dark pine four drawer chest resting on bun feet. £10.00
1510 A pine chest of six drawers. £25.00
1511 A large circular pine tripod table and five chairs with rush seat pads. £50.00
1512 A French style narrow chest of five drawers. £10.00
1513 A french style dressing table resting on cabriole legs. £8.00
1514 A games table with three drawers under. £30.00
1515 A painted telephone hall seat and table. £10.00
1517 An oak cabinet together with a music cabinet. £10.00
1518 A set of two yewood bedside cabinets. £35.00
1519 A pine farmhouse kitchen table. £50.00
1520 A set of six barback chairs to include two carvers. £40.00
1521 An oak bureau of two drawers and full fall flap. £10.00
1522 A pine chest of four drawers resting on plinth base. £15.00
1524 A modern beechwood chest of five drawers. £30.00
1525A A african plank chair together with two carved stands. £25.00
1526 A circular french style occasional table. £15.00
1527 A Lloyd loom style bedroom chair together with a small table and a magazine rack. £10.00
1528 A small open bookcase resting on a plinth base. £10.00
1529 A dark pine three drawer bedside cabinet. £10.00
1530 A child's school desk with lift top. £12.00
1531 An oak cupboard with single drawer under. £12.00
1532 A pine string seated rocking elbow chair. £15.00
1533 A small four drawer cabinet with magazine racks. £10.00
1534 A set of two stag bedside tables. £15.00
1535 Two kitchen chairs. £20.00
1536 Two leather easy chairs. £10.00
1538 A set of four dining chairs. £10.00
1540 A pine low chest of three drawers. £12.00
1541 A pine blanket box with two drawers below. £30.00
1542 A pine three drawer dressing table. £22.00
1544 A pine two tier stand with fitted single drawer underneath. £25.00
1547 A kettler folding ping pong table. £55.00
1548 A pine circular dining table. £25.00
1549 A coffee table and two storage units with wicker drawers. £10.00
1552 A set of four kitchen chairs. £10.00
1553 A rail back chair resting on turned supports. £8.00
1554 A three piece suite comprising of a three seater ,two seater sofas and a chair. £75.00
1555 A pine dresser with six integral spice drawers. £70.00
1556 A pine painted welsh dresser. £70.00
1558 A dihl wine cooler fridge. £25.00
1559 A dihl wine cooler fridge. £30.00
1560 A small corner cupboard and a letter rack. £10.00
1561 A green painted bedside table together with a circular pine dining room table on painted base. £10.00
1567 A pine hallway table on metal base with three drawers. £15.00
1568 A mahogany pot cupboard resting on cabriole legs. £10.00
1571 A small oak drop leaf table resting on turned supports. £15.00
1572 A small hall table with single drawer to front. £12.00
1573 A cream painted circular dining table on turned legs and a set of four chairs. £10.00
1574 A Victorian pine chest of 2short and 3long draws bun handles £70.00
1576 A laminated wooden topped kitchen table rest on a iron base. £30.00
1578 A folding butlers two tier trolley. £10.00
1579 A pine two tier coffee table. £8.00
1580 A oak side table and a mahogany jardiniere stand . £10.00
1582 A oak drop leaf table £55.00
1584 A set of four stick back chairs. £10.00
1586 A six drawer narrow cabinet. £10.00
1587 A set of four dining chairs. £15.00
1593 A blue leather two seater reclining sofa. £10.00
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