Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 10 February 2018

Date: 10th February 2018 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Saturday

viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1001 A vintage Mickey Mouse telephone. £35
1002 A camera tripod together with a boxed Colgate Omron electric toothbrush and a boxed Russell Hobbs sandwich maker. (R 33-27-26) £18
1003 A boxed RC Turbo Dragon's radio controlled Blaze Runner. (R3) £12
1004 A set of scales and an ornamental diver’s helmet. £20
1005 Two books from the Hornby Companion Series. The “Hornby Dublo Trains” and “Dinky Toys & Modelled Miniatures”. £18
1006 A vintage wooden till. £35
1007 A selection of ornamental figures. £0
1008 A Yardley ginger jar. £0
1009 Two small wooden boxes together with a scorpion in small display case. £0
1010 A wooden mantle clock together with a silver plate dish and a copper vase. £22
1011 Two jewellery boxes and two costume jewellery necklaces. £0
1012 Two boxed chess computers. £35
1013 A vintage Bakelite telephone. £35
1014 Metal items to include a silver plate tray, dish, a pewter tray and other items. £0
1015 A box of royal memorabilia and other china collectables. £12
1016 A quantity of glass and chinaware. £15
1017 A box of glassware mostly cut glasses to include Edinburgh Crystal. £25
1018 Various metal items to include silver plate jugs, photo frame, trays and cutlery together with brass candlesticks, goblets etc. £25
1019 A six piece Hornsea Saffron tea set together with various ginger jars. £0
1020 The residue of a Bell china tea set with a Carlton Ware jug, novelty mugs and other china. £30
1021 A Mark's and Spenser Bedspread 180cm x 220cm and a M&S Jacquard cotton rich Bedset super king duvet cover and two pillowcases. £30
1022 A box containing the residue of a Mayfield crockery and Royal Doulton Mayfair together with boxed coasters and placemats. £25
1023 Six glass goblets together with six Royal Brierley Honeysuckle small wine glasses. £15
1024 An A. W. Gamage of London artists metal box with contents. £0
1025 A quantity of Price Cottage Ware and a large dish. £10
1026 Glassware by Atlantis: ten large wine glasses, ten small wine glasses and six champagne flutes. £70
1027 A quantity of large Red Indian figures and plaques. Includes a Limited Edition wall plaque “The Council”. £0
1028 Pedigree (England) hard plastic walker doll with flirty blue eyes and open mouth. Height 53cm. Well-loved. £18
1029 A cutlery canteen by John Nowill & Sons together with various wooden items. £0
1030 A tub of assorted buttons. £0
1031 Various items to include a glass decanter and dish, terrine jelly mould, Lambeth Doulton jug, a Spode sauce dish and a Cama dog ornament. £0
1032 A modern anglepoise lamp with a Steepletone radio. £0
1033 A 40in HDMI Samsung television. (R8) £50
1034 A table lamp and a pair of onyx bookends depicting horses. £0
1035 A brass six branch chandelier with cut glass droplets and six glass cups. £20
1036 A vintage framed picture entitled "An Interval for Refreshments". £0
1037 A painted metal five holder candelabra with glass droplets. £0
1038 Two cut glass chandeliers (not perfect). £45
1039 Five boxed figures: Where do babies come from? From a snail shell?, From a nut?, From a pumpkin?, From the harvest? And From a clog?. £45
1040 A piece of wall art depicting a campervan. £10
1041 Various figures: a Buddha, three John Letts sculptures to include resin. £0
1042 Various brass and copper jugs and kettles. £55
1043 Two Homepride men, shoe trees, a picture frame and a cruet set. £10
1044 Four boxed Tumbling Tots by Nao: Point toes, Oops!, The end and Touch toes. £30
1045 A large quantity of lantern slides, including scenes of landscapes, people and nursery tales. £40
1046 Various china Mason candlesticks, three Wedgwood figures: The Drummers, a Foot Guard, a Highlander and a Royal Marine, four David Winter cottages, an Aynsley vase, a Wedgwood bowl, a commemorative Royal Bath Hotel plate etc. £40
1047 A cutlery canteen with a Kenwood food mixer. £15
1048 Various items a gold coloured metal tray and six goblet, a paperweight, an onyx clock bottle stoppers and pourers etc. £15
1049 A box of various items to include glassware bowls, vases, decanter, biscuit barrel, ornaments of boxed dogs, a walking stick, a Sadler teapot and a Masons pot. £0
1050 A box containing the residue of various tea sets to include Salisbury, Adderley and Royal Doulton Rose Elegans and Cascade. £20
1051 A box of picture frames together with a framed collection of Butterflies. £20
1052 A box of silver plated tableware £15
1053 Eighteen collectors mugs featuring trains, cakes and motorbikes. £25
1054 A washing bowl and jug set together with a mirror and other items. £10
1055 A quantity of collectors plates and an edition of the Machinery Handbook. Plates include five from Poole Pottery and two with authenticity certificates. £15
1056 Six boxed dinner sets from Disney’s Finding Dory together with six Disney themed mugs. £20
1057 Nautical items to include three Minerva ware Crown Staffordshire Lifeboat collector's plates, various yacht pictures, six collector's plates depicting ships, a brass plaque, a brass bell, a glass ship in bottle and Mariners knots in wall hanging cabinet. £30
1057A Two German transferred urns, glass Venetian style vase, a Torquay jug and a Royal Doulton figure The Favorite. £15
1058 Two box cameras. £40
1059 A six piece Portmeirion Greek Keys tea set by Susan Williams-Ellis. £10
1060 Six telephones. £0
1061 A large quantity of board games and puzzles. £20
1062 A box of electrical equipment, including monitors, headphones etc. £0
1063 Two boxes of vintage material to include linen and 70's style together with a quantity of knitting patterns and Vogue Couturier Design dress patterns. £35
1064 A Fisher Price parking ramp and service center along with a toy wooden petrol station and a Wild West town set. £18
1065 A box of railway books including several Great Central, plus others by Robert Adley and Paul Atterbury. £25
1066 A metal box containing various puzzles, games etc. £32
1067 A large collection of glass including two Toastmaster glasses and a dinner and tea service together with a small amount of linen. £35
1068 A box of railway modelling books. £22
1069 A box containing various arts and craft items, including paint, buttons, some pictures etc. £10
1070 A box of loose Meccano. £15
1071 A black holdall on wheels, a New Look handbag together with a pair of River Island Alannah mid rise relaxed skinny jeans size 16R. (R49-50) £10
1072 A box of books on aircraft and rail centres. £30
1073 A quantity of Ty Beanie Babies. £50
1074 A junior golf club set along with a skateboard (R11 + 2) £10
1075 An assortment of bric à brac, including a picnic hamper and telephones. £12
1076 A box of pictures and prints. £28
1077 Two boxes of bric à brac. £18
1078 An assorted lot including vintage badminton rackets, chinaware and a JVC video camera. £25
1079 A wall hanging clock as found. £0
1080 A small leather suitcase with two cameras, one a Kodak “Bantam” Colorsnap, and two albums of collector stamps. £12
1081 An Art Nouveau copper electric fire. £55
1082 A Bush record player. £0
1083 A quantity of brass and copper items, including kettles and an umbrella stand. £35
1084 Four projectors and a screen. £10
1085 Two wooden mantle clocks. £20
1086 An anglepoise lamp. £0
1087 A fur coat and matching fox stole. £0
1088 A collection of pictures. £10
1089 A wooden Amontillado sherry barrel. £10
1090 A disco mirror ball. (with some damage). £15
1091 Four wall clocks with coat hooks. £20
1092 A vintage suitcase with leather edge and handle, brass clasp and glass and silver plate topped toiletry bottles. £10
1093 A Samsung 43inch television. £10
1094 A violin in wooden case. £50
1095 Two boxes of cameras and camera equipment. £25
1096 Three boxes of books and a box of trophies. £12
1097 A box of chinaware. £10
1098 Approximately 80 film posters from 2000-13. £20
1099 A JMB motorised shutter mini audio system with speakers. £10
1100 A selection of china cups and plates. £0
1101 A Springtime tea/dinner service by Poole Pottery plus a Poole Pottery shell. £45
1102 A Colclough tea set along with a box of cutlery. £18
1103 The residue of a Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau tea/dinner service together with a boxed toy tea set. £0
1104 A collection of singles and LPs. £30
1105 A collection of Toby jugs to include Royal Doulton. £35
1106 A collection of resin North American indian figures. £28
1106A A collection of 30 Jazz and Blues CDs together with three sets of the Blues Archive (CDs and booklets included). £25
1107 A collection of piggy banks and other various items. £0
1108 A quantity of Ice Green Poole Pottery tea service. £15
1109 A Sinclair ZX81 with a Sony micro HiFi system and a quantity of telephones. £25
1110 Big Band / Jazz and Vocalist Vinyl 33rpm Records. To include - Sinatra - Alvino Rey - Harry Arnold - Clark Terry - Henry Mancini - Tom Lehrer etc. All in Ex condition. £35
1111 A Murphy portable record player. £12
1112 The Swing Era Vinyl Record Box Sets. Here we have 15 box sets of records from Time Life. Each box set consists of 3 LP's and relevant booklets. All in Ex- conditions. £25
1113 Fourteen prints of flowers by Pierre Joseph Redout?. £0
1115 A box of LPs. £10
1116 A collection of famed maps, pictures and an armed forces picture frame. £45
1117 A Sony stereo with turntable, double tape decks, CD and FM stereo tuner with speakers. £15
1118 A box of LPs. £30
1119 A box of singles and CDs. £10
1120 A box and a case of LPs. £0
1122 Four travel cases of LPs. £20
1123 Two case of LP's to include Shirley Bassey and the Beatles. £10
1124 A three in one Kiddicare car walker, feeder and bouncer. £10
1125 A box of silver plate items. £15
1126 A box of National Geographic magazines. £0
1128 A box of automobile books. £0
1129 A quantity of Teddy bear Ty Beanie Babies. £50
1130 A vintage clock along with various metal items and a Poole Pottery collectors plate. £20
1131 A Lenovo computer with monitor, keyboard, mouse, leads and instructions - all as new. Includes an HP monitor. £40
1132 An antique violin in case with two bows. £0
1133 A large quantity of Ty Beanie Babies. £20
1134 A Griffin & Tatlock Ltd scales. £25
1135 A model yacht. £35
1136 Two acoustic guitars, one an Encore. £25
1137 Four vintage coats. £20
1138 Two golf and cricket collectors pictures together with a framed poster. £40
1139 Three wicker baskets. £15
1140 A Hanimex colour slide projector along with a screen. £0
1141 Three wicker baskets, including one for pets. £25
1142 Four snooker cues and cases. £15
1143 Three various modern clocks. £0
1144 Various items to include a glass table centrepiece, a Poole pottery dolphin, bird ornaments and plate to include a Beswick Robin. £10
1145 A collection of pictures and a box of records. £10
1146 A suitcase of vintage and modern clothes. £35
1147 A container of footballs, cricket bats and other sporting equipment. £15
1148 Two boxes of assorted china and glassware. £0
1149 Two mirrors. £28
1150 A collection of royal memorabilia including two wall plaques and numerous Royal Doulton toby jugs. £40
1151 A Grandmother clock. £15
1152 A wooden zither with bow and accessories. £10
1153 A Numark mixing deck with other game and musical items. £35
1154 A collection of mirrors and pictures. £18
1155 A box of games, toys and various craft items. £10
1156 A stringed musical instrument along with various vintage toys. £22
1157 A quantity of chinaware. £20
1158 A collection of pictures and prints. £10
1159 Three advertising metal boards and an American registration plate. £20
1160 Sports items to include a pair of Adidas Galaxy Elite running shoes size 8 and a half, Nike Polo shirt and various children's socks. £28
1161 A Wii Guitar Hero and a remote control drone. Condition as found. £0
1162 Back large quantity of Ty Beanie Babies. £25
1163 Children's clothes to include a M&S Stormwear coat size 1 and a half - two years, a Next girl's coat shower resistant, fleece lined size 3-6 months and three Next baby grows. (R48) £15
1164 Four boxes of the Model Engineer. £10
1165 Two boxes of books on cricket and football published by The Sportsman’s Book Club. £10
1166 A quantity of Royal memorabilia with other items. £15
1167 WITHDRAWN. Three boxes of various electrical items, including a collection of photographic equipment, a Panasonic music system etc. £0
1168 A doll’s house with some furniture. £15
1169 Children's items to include four loom Twister in cases and three Grow aliens. (R52) £10
1170 An eMac computer along with a collection of various computer games. £90
1171 Three various wall hanging mirrors one as found. £10
1172 A box containing handbags, sunglasses and other clothing apparel. £0
1173 A box of costume earrings and other jewellery. £0
1174 Nine bound volumes of “The Railway Magazine”. Editions 1942 to 1950, volumes 88 to 96. £10
1175 A professional meat slicer. £25
1176 A collection of various handbags. £12
1177 A collection of pictures. £0
1178 Two wooden boxes, a large cutlery canteen (no cutlery) an ornamental figure and a carved wooden bowl. £30
1179 A box of DVDs. £10
1180 Five vintage jigsaw puzzles together with a collection of diecast toy vehicles. £30
1181 A box of household items and seven pictures. £15
1182 A beach board, hoverboard and skateboard. £25
1183 Two boxes of glass and chinaware. £18
1184 A box of various vintage metal household items including a Primus stove and two enamel containers. £28
1185 An onyx chess set together with wooden boxed chess pieces. £15
1186 A box of various metal and wooden display items. £0
1187 A box of flags and related tea towels. £20
1188 A box of costume jewellery, including bracelets and necklaces. £12
1189 A box of Haynes car manuals not good condition. £0
1190 A box of Pyrex and china cookware together with another box of various household items. £20
1191 A tape 2 tape deck together with a vintage wooden case with battery connection. £15
1192 A picnic hamper. £25
1193 Various pictures together with a ornate gold framed mirror. £15
1194 A child’s fishing rod with three reels, two Alvey and one Slater’s. £15
1194A A bagatelle game along with a small collection of boxed diecast toy cars. £10
1195 A GHD hair straightener with a box of necklaces. £20
1196 A collection of pictures including a study of an Arab street scene and a horse done in the Islamic style. £0
1197 Two mirrors and a picture. £10
1198 Two boxes of assorted items. £12
1199 Two boxes of LPs. £30
1200 A quantity of cutlery boxes with some loose items. £10
1201 Four boxes of books. £15
1202 Three pictures and a wooden printers tray. £10
1203 A box of china along with a collection of photo albums and tape. £10
1204 Two boxes of cigarette card plastic storage pockets and albums. £0
1205 Three boxes and a suitcase of classic car magazines and Practical Motorist some early 1935 and other's. £25
1206 Four mirrors. £10
1206A Three Chinese pictures. £18
1207 A box of various books including sports cars and novels. Also a collection of LPs. £0
1208 A box of mixed photo frames, mirror etc. £25
1208A A large collection of conservatory cushions. £55
1209 A Royal Doulton figure Giddy Penny farthing H.N 1843. £12
1210 Ten boxed Cheeky Cherub Nao figures: What a noise, It's not fair, Naughty Me, Your so funny, My oh my!, Shush, Giggles, He did it, Forty winks and Sing-Song. £75
1211 A collection of Aynsley china. £22
1212 Two prints of Saudi Arabia by Spencer W. Tart. £0
1213 A large quantity of Ty Beanie Babies to include 2002 FIFA World cup Korea. £0
1214 An LG flat screen TV Model 60PS8000, with a 60” screen. Includes remote. £100
1215 Two boxes of cameras, lenses and other related equipment. £50
1216 A collection of thimbles and Toby jugs. £10
1217 Six vintage radios. £55
1218 A Kenwood HiFi system (no speakers). £0
1219 Three vintage radios. £20
1220 A plastic cuckoo clock along with three barometers. £12
1221 A box of various glass and china ornaments. Includes Caithness paperweights and Edinburgh crystal. £22
1232 Two children's scooters. (R20) £10
1233 Two shopping bikes, both with three gears and in good condition together with a bike rack. £30
1234 A Mavic Aksium front wheel for a road bike. In good condition. (R10) £10
1235 A Carrera mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and mechanical disc brakes. Some rust on chain and bolts. (R46) £120
1236 A Carrera mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension, mechanical disc brakes, lights and a pump. In good condition. (R19) £70
1237 A Carrera mountain bike. 21 speed with V brakes. Some rust on cabling and wheels. (R45) £60
1238 A Giant hybrid bike. 16 speed with aluminium frame and mudguards. Some rust to cabling and brakes, otherwise in good condition. (R43) £100
1239 A Raleigh mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and mechanical disc brakes. Light rust to drive chain but other than that in good condition. (R42) £65
1240 A Claud Butler mountain bike. 24 speed with full suspension and V brakes. Some signs of wear but in good condition. (R41) £70
1241 A Carrera road bike. 14 speed with a Mavic Aksium front wheel. In good condition. (R44) £80
1242 A Scott mountain bike. 27 speed with front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a pump and rear light. Some corrosion throughout. (R40) £130
1243 A Specialized mountain bike. 27 speed with front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and mudguards. In very good condition. (R39) £160
1244 A Carrera mountain bike. 27 speed with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. A few signs of wear and light corrosion. (R37) £90
1245 A Probike shopping bike. 18 speed with mudguards, stand and rack. Some light corrosion. (R36) £40
1246 An Orange mountain bike. 20 speed with front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and Deore groupset. Some light corrosion to chain and scuff marks, but other that in good condition. (R35) £360
1247 A kid’s Cannondale mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and numerous lights. Good condition throughout. (R38) £110
1248 A Nikki Stirling Silver Crown 4x32 rifle scope together with another. (R32) £22
1248A A pair of binoculars Ross London no. 29988 together with a rifle scope. £28
1249 A Nikki Stirling 3-ox40 Mount Master rifle scope together with a Simmons 3-9x40 rifle scope rim broken on end. (R32) £28
1250 A SMK 4x32 air rifle scope together with a AGE 3-9X40 rifle scope. (R32) £22
1251 A Hawke Sport HD 3-9x40 rifle scope. (R32) £45
1252 A sealed boxed of Givenchy Gentleman eau de toilette spray 100ml, a sealed Gentlemen Only Givenchy eau de toilette spray 100ml and a sealed Obsession for men eau de toilette spray 30ml. (R29) £55
1252A A small metal trinket box and a pocket watch. £0
1253 A sealed box of Chanel No5 spray perfume 100ml. (R28) £0
1254 A sealed box of Coco Mademoiselle Chanel spray perfume 100ml. (R28) £65
1255 A sealed box of Prada Amber perfume 80ml. (R23) £35
1256 A Coco Chanel spray perfume 100ml in sealed box. (R28) £0
1257 A sealed box of Coco Mademoiselle Chanel spray perfume 100ml. (R28) £0
1258 A Coco Chanel spray perfume 100ml in sealed box. (R28) £0
1259 A sealed 100ml Chanel Allure Homme sport aftershave lotion and a Chanel Allure Homme edition Blanche eau de toilette spray sealed 50ml. (R28,23) £45
1260 Two sealed boxes of aftershave Bleu de chanel Paris eau De toilette spray 100ml and Allure Homme Sport Chanel aftershave lotion. (R28) £55
1260A A book and perfume set by Clive Christian celebrating the 15th anniversary of his No1 fragrance. These were launched in 2014 and limited to approximately 400 bottles. £240
1261 A cast aluminium Bugatti plaque. £320
1261A A vintage car horn with a lorry first aid case and other metal items. £15
1262 Various vintage vehicle items to include a GB AA badge, a Bedford and another together with a brass pump, a Dunlop pressure gauge and an oil can. £35
1263 Four stamp albums with some stamps. £45
1264 A stainless steel cigarette box with other related items. £10
1265 Three penknives. £15
1266 An electric watch winder. £10
1267 A collection of watches and jewellery. £27
1268 A box of sewing items to include needles crochet hook, thimbles, cottonseed and a Handy guide for knitting and crochet. £0
1269 A Dell Inspiron laptop computer along with a collection of cameras, mobile phones and a satnav. Condition as found. £80
1270 A vintage electro-mechanical fruit machine. 2p play one arm bandit. £55
1271 A Most Daunting fruit machine. Electronic fruit machine - needs converting to the new one pound coin, complete with keys. £0
1300 Two suitcases. £0
1301 Two leather saddles. £10
1302 A wood bound travel trunk. £15
1303 A Powerpoint 85w scrollsaw. £20
1304 A Titan 4" belt sander (34). £18
1305 Twenty Hi-Vis waistcoats in orange, size medium. £0
1306 A B&Q ch10 5 speed bench drill. £18
1307 Two electric motor water pumps. £10
1308 A Honda GX120 4.0 powered petrol water pump with hose. £30
1309 A traffic light. £25
1310 Two suitcases. £0
1311 A pack of four Fiat wheel trims. £10
1312 An AEG ergorapido rechargeable vacuum cleaner. £18
1313 A miniature (Myford) ZVITO toymakers lathe with various chucks. Secured to a gestetners steel cabinet. £160
1314 A Silverline paddle mixer drill together with a drum square 28w lamp. £15
1315 A cast iron bilge pump together with a modern Jabsco pump. £15
1316 Two suitcases. £10
1317 A Shopmate bench grinder with a skil bench grinder together with a drill press. £22
1318 A Record no5 & no2 bench vice together with another. £45
1319 A Minilor sc1 scroll saw. £15
1320 A Hilka 6" bench grinder. £18
1321 A Powerpoint redeye drill press. £25
1322 A Makita 18v bty drill set.(13) £45
1323 An Adept miniature mortice bench machine. £70
1324 Six lengths of heavy duty chain link fencing with stretchers together with a wall hanging bracket. £0
1325 A box of 45 x 5m lengths x 25mm dia cable covers. £10
1326 A wooden storage box. £25
1327 A contractors shovel with a cable laying shovel. £10
1328 Two room divider panels with stained glass glazing to tops measuring 7ft6"× 3ft3" and 7ft6"×4ft9". £0
1329 A miniature toy makers lathe with chucks secured to a three tier metal table. £150
1330 A metal storage box. £15
1331 A metal bound storage trunk. £20
1332 A wood bound travel trunk together with a suitcase. £0
1333 A 1200w boxed circular saw with a Challenge planer. (ag144496). £20
1334 An Erbauer planer in holdall.(14) £15
1335 A JCB petrol leaf blower.(12). £20
1336 A box of hand tools to include panel beaters hammers and lasts. £10
1337 A Record no.4 vice together with a Baldor bench grinder. £35
1338 A Husky table top beer cooler. £10
1339 Three graduated leather cases. £20
1340 A pair of bunker telephones. £50
1341 A 41/2"angle grinder together with a delta sander.(15,16) £15
1342 A pair of Suplex coil springs together with a pair of KYB coil springs.(1). £15
1343 A disassembled Coronet minor lathe. £15
1344 The Codfather fruit machine working, needs converting to new pound coins. Comes with instruction/operating sheet and all keys. £30
1345 A Gallager wheelchair together with a folding walking frame. £10
1346 A Maclaren baby rocker chair as new in box. (ag144496). £10
1347 A Black & Decker 18v battery drill with accessories case (25). £20
1348 A vintage suitcase together with a pair of tie on roller skates. £20
1349 A folding disability walking frame with fitted shopping bag. £10
1350 A pair of green suitcases made in the USA. £45
1351 A Warco 5 speed bench drill. £60
1352 A Nu-tool bench grinder together with boxed tap and die sets. £20
1353 A Ryobi twin set of 18v battery drills together with a small compressor and a booster cable set.(7) £40
1354 A 18v cordless multi saw in case.(24). £10
1355 A hand cranked bench pillar drill (a/f). £10
1356 Two wood bound travel trunks. £35
1357 A homemade go-kart. £0
1358 Two large wall dividers with stained glass tops measuring 7ft6"×3ft3". £0
1359 A CTM mobility scooter with charger. (18). £120
1360 Two fishing rods with reels, keep net, childrens nets and crabbing buckets. (ag144619/ag144774). £10
1361 A large storage box for Husqvarna. £0
1362 A camping gas portable stove together with a BBQ, camping chairs and a sleeping bag.(ag144489/ag144499/ag144475). £0
1363 A tub full of car related tools. (ag1444719/ag1444756). £15
1364 A box of various hand tools/spirit levels/etc. (aal277573/ag144751). £15
1365 Two bevelled edge mirrors. £10
1366 A Powerpoint jig saw/battery drill/1029w router and a plaster's light (ag144472/ag144756). £45
1367 A box of car associated hand tools. (ag144492/ag1444716/ag144481). £15
1368 A box of saw blades and drill bits.(4). £15
1369 A box of fixtures and fitments.(30). £0
1370 An electricians tool bag with hand tools.(53). £22
1371 A Wickes 38cc petrol chainsaw. £0
1372 A Mitox htd600 petrol hedge trimmer. £10
1373 An Echo petrol chainsaw. £15
1374 A Echo petrol single blade hedge trimmer. £10
1375 A McCulloch tivoli petrol hedge trimmer. £15
1376 A Partner twin edged petrol hedge trimmer. £0
1377 Vintage cans together with a sprayer and camping stove. £0
1378 A Shark petrol strimmer together with a Spear & Jackson strimmer. £0
1379 A Partner brushcutter together with Black & Decker strimmer. £0
1380 A B2fun pitbike.(47). £30
1381 A Husqvarna petrol leaf blower. £10
1382 A Pwr33cc petrol chainsaw. £0
1383 An electric 3 speed fan on stand. £10
1384 A copper framed bevelled edge mirror. £0
1385 A box full of hand tools. £0
1386 A Cantilever toolbox with a box and tray of various hand tools. £0
1387 A Fat Max tool bag together with a tool tray of tools. £15
1388 A four drawer toolbox together with a King Dick socket set. (ag144491). £12
1389 A box of car related hand tools.(ag144738). £15
1390 A holdall of various hand tools. £10
1391 A Honda generator with 230/110 powered outlets. £55
1392 A wooden storage box. £15
1393 A pair of lead glazed wall panels 7ft6"×3ft3". £0
1394 A Fazer golf bag with clubs. £10
1395 An E-scooter. (a/f). £20
1396 Two animal cages with a pack of woodshavings. (aal270070). £0
1397 A Pro-power generator with 230v/110v power take offs. £30
1398 A wooden storage box. £0
1399 A Chadwick pallet dolly.(17). £15
1400 A box of various hand tools. £10
1401 A no.34 Record vice. £25
1402 A box of vintage hand tools. £10
1403 A box of various hand tools and a set of drain rods. £10
1404 A box of various hand tools and a Parkside reciprocating saw. £22
1405 A cantilever toolbox with various hand tools and a box of various spanners. £0
1406 A large wrought iron hanging lamp. £0
1407 A vehicle cycle carrier. £0
1408 A Makita 9"angle grinder.(#). £18
1409 Two suitcases. £10
1410 A cycle carrier for a Suzuki. £0
1411 A large pillar drill by Trend. £30
1412 A large Husqvarna petrol brushcutter. £20
1413 A set of four stacking garden chairs with full seat cushions. £10
1414 A "Bunny Business" rabbit hutch. £0
1415 A set of three garden folding chairs. £0
1416 A dog kennel. £0
1417 A triple wooden ladder. £10
1418 A Pacific litetec 319 sailboard. £10
1419 A wooden garden bench. £0
1420 A large rabbit hutch. £0
1421 A Qualcast electric mower together with a strimmer. £0
1422 A pair of oak half barrel planters and a small glass top table. £10
1423 A garden bench with wooden slats. £10
1424 Two garden chairs. £15
1425 A cast iron garden bench. £10
1426 A pair of iron driveway gates. £0
1427 A pair of wrought iron conservatory chairs. £0
1428 An 8ft double wooden ladder together with a four tread painters stepladder. £0
1429 A qualcast electric mower together with a pressure washer. £0
1430 A gnome statue, watering can and two buoys, tin trunk etc. £0
1431 A Youngman timberel loft ladder as new in packaging. £30
1432 A metal shelf unit. £0
1433 A selection of various wooden crates. £0
1434 A cast iron chiminea together with a winter salt spreader and a small dog cage. £10
1435 A cast iron garden bench with rose reliefs to back. £0
1436 A mirrored back fire surround. £0
1437 A harlequin set of garden chairs. £0
1438 A Bic sport vivace sailboard. £0
1439 A set of six folding garden armchairs. £12
1440 A cast iron garden bench with wooden slats. £0
1441 A pair of stone planting troughs. £20
1442 Five fence panels and supports. £45
1443 A 12ft double aluminium ladder. £15
1444 A collection of various fuel cans . £0
1445 A selection of granit worktops together with a enamelled kitchen sink. £35
1446 A selection of stainless steel kitchen tables. £85
1447 A glazed door and window together with cupboard doors. £0
1500 An Edwardian oak parlour chair. £0
1501 A vintage rug in brown triangular patterns. £12
1502 A plastic rattan garden set comprising a glass topped table together with two chairs and two stools. £30
1503 A white painted open bookcase. £10
1504 A set of four metal and bamboo conservatory chairs with rattan and rope seat backs. £0
1505 A pine bureau with double cupboard under. £15
1506 A music stool with three drawer music sheet storage. £12
1507 An oak kneehole desk. £20
1508 An unusual fun kitchen cabinet designed and made by Helen Bolton 1996. £55
1509 A wall mounting corner cupboard with inlay to doors. £0
1510 A set of six chrome high kitchen stools. £20
1511 A pine wall cupboard. £0
1512 A small pine chest of three drawers. £10
1513 A glass dining table on "S" shaped glass base. £0
1514 A bamboo two tier coffee table with roped edging. £10
1515 Two high back nursing chairs. £0
1516 Two high back nursing chairs. £15
1517 An oak blanket storage box together with a magazine rack and footstool. £15
1518 A mahogany servery with fitted ice drawer to base and two drawers above. £45
1519 A two drawer mahogany bureau resting on cabriole legs. £15
1520 A chiffonier in mahogany with double cupboard under and single drawer above. £0
1521 A vintage oak stool. £35
1522 A pine four drawer desk. £25
1523 An ironing sleeve together with a coat and hat rack. £10
1524 A pine twin pier dressing table of seven drawers. £35
1525 A pair of modern bedside three drawer cabinets. £0
1526 A mahogany pot cupboard together with an oak firescreen tapestry of a sailing ship. £12
1527 A mahogany framed oval hall mirror. £10
1528 A pair of armchairs in oatmeal coloured fabric as new. £25
1529 An electric Yamaha organ. £10
1530 A white painted utility cupboard. £22
1531 A small oak bureau on a stand. £0
1532 A small oak table together with a mahogany rattan topped stool. £0
1533 A mahogany pot cupboard with glazed door and single drawer to top. £0
1534 A tapestry in a mahogany frame with scroll work to top. £15
1535 A modern double cabinet with bedside cabinet, stool and two lamps. £20
1536 A Hotpoint Aquarius narrow dishwasher. £50
1537 A Hotpoint Ultima ceramic hob electric oven 50cmW. £80
1538 A lift top school desk together with an oak armchair. £0
1539 A vintage inlaid occasional table (af). £0
1540 A beechwood circular dining table with four stickback chairs. £38
1541 A pair of modern bedside tables. £20
1542 A yew wood breakfront sideboard. £0
1543 A yew wood drinks cabinet. £0
1544 A teak retro sideboard. £60
1545 A mahogany hall chair together with a child's bamboo chair. £0
1546 An oak chest of three drawers. £28
1547 A teak narrow bureau. £0
1548 A reproduction D end dining table with two extender leaves. £0
1549 A refectory table. £40
1550 A mahogany folding butlers tray. £0
1551 A bedroom nursing chair. £30
1552 A small hexagonal inlaid table together with a wooden vase. £10
1553 A teak retro sideboard. £45
1554 A retro dressing table. £30
1555 A teak single drawer bureau. £18
1556 A leather easy chair in the danish style. £25
1557 A Bosch under counter dishwasher. £15
1558 Two mirrors. £10
1559 A Norfrost chest freezer. £25
1560 An early mahogany button back parlour chair resting on ceramic castors, together with a small oak table. £25
1561 An oak upholstered rocking chair. £0
1562 An oak Peter Pan dumb valet. £25
1563 A reproduction drinks cabinet. £65
1564 An oak chest of two drawers. £0
1565 A retro dining table with four stools. £25
1566 A Hotpoint washing machine 6kg load. £20
1567 A circular extendable dining table with six chairs. £30
1568 A nest of two tables. £10
1569 A Newhome electric range cooker with extractor hood. £22
1570 A modern bistro table. £0
1571 A pair of modern five drawer cabinets. £15
1572 A bistro table with two chairs. £0
1573 A hallway shoe cupboard. £0
1574 A modern five drawer and three drawer cabinet. £0
1575 A modern copper effect lantern lampstand. £45
1576 A large paisley rug with a prayer rug. £0
1577 A pine double wardrobe with two drawers under. £55
1578 A pine double wardrobe. £30
1579 A light oak bistro table with two chairs. £40
1580 A large four drawer (two way) oak coffee table. £0
1581 A two seater sofa. £40
1582 A large double pine wardrobe with two drawers under. £60
1583 A quarter glazed pine display cabinet. £0
1584 A bistro table with two chairs. £15
1585 An aluminium three pronged lamppost. £75
1586 A pair of as new divan single beds with Slumberland memory foam mattresses and headboards. £200
1587 A teak double wardrobe by Leybus. £0
1588 A large teak double wardrobe with central mirror. £0
1589 A modern china display cabinet with etched glass doors and cupboard under. £50
1590 A pine computer desk and workstation. £0
1591 A glass topped dining table with four chairs. £20
1592 A bistro table and two chairs. £10
1593 A bistro table and two chairs. £10
1594 A nine bay storage locker together with a wooden storage box. £0
1595 A 50's style pantry cupboard. £15
1596 An oak panelled combo wardrobe/chest of three drawers with vanity mirror. £0
1597 A yew wood corner display cabinet. £0
1598 A 50's style pantry cupboard. £20
1599 A 50's style two tone pantry cupboard. £0
1600 A nathan teak corner cupboard with crosshatch doors below. £0
1601 A chest of four drawers. £0
1602 A french style tallboy with two cupboards and three drawers. £0
1603 A teak retro sideboard by Lebus. £20
1604 A bow fronted dressing table with central mirror. £30
1605 A copper firescreen together with a bamboo table and a laundry basket. £15
1606 A Lloyd loom by Lusty chair and laundry basket. £0
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