Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 11 August 2018

Date: 11th August 2018 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1001 A large carved antique Goanese colonial hardwood carved fruit bowl and cover and a handled fruitwood Scottish bowl. £10
1002 An Art Deco style onyx clock with another. £18
1004 A large pottery urn with twin handles. £10
1005 A metal frog ornament, pewter spoons and a large collection of assorted eggs. £18
1006 Three horse brasses on leather straps. £18
1007 A Victorian toilet jug and basin and a pair of Staffordshire design animal ornaments. £10
1008 An oak cased chiming wall clock. £10
1009 A chess set. £28
1010 A quantity of Poole pottery to include commemorative boxed item's, boxed Royal Motor Yacht Club items, Parkstone Yacht Club and various plates. £28
1011 A ships clock together with two others. £25
1012 A quantity of ethnic wicker and wooden treen items. £10
1013 Various brass items to include a vanity mirror and horse brasses. £28
1014 A quantity of various Poole pottery egg cups. £25
1015 A box of bric-a-brac to include photo frame, commemorative mugs, china pipes etc. £10
1016 The residue of two tea/dinner service's, Royal Doulton burgundy and blue and white. £10
1021 A box of silver plate items to include trays, teapots, cutlery etc. £10
1022 A box containing various china plates, mugs, jugs cups and saucers etc. £10
1023 A Clarice Cliff 'Gay Day' Bizarre pattern plate together with an oil lamp, mirror and other china. £30
1024 Chess pieces depicting African figures. £18
1025 A quantity of Poole Pottery to include a Tutankhamen plate and a pair of floral vases together with an Aynsley and Coalport commemorative plate. £28
1026 A couple of radios, Roberts and Sony. £20
1028 A collection of picture frames and two paperweights. £15
1030 A large lift top wooden jewellery box with three drawers. £20
1031 A 60’s soda syphon £22
1032 A quantity of vases and other chinaware by Portmeirion, Poole Pottery, Tiffany etc. £12
1034 A Victorian black slate mantle clock with gilded face and side. £12
1035 A metal sign depicting Pilsner Urquell and a brass tray. £12
1036 Two anglepoise lamps and a light shade. £18
1037 Two driftwood sculptures £20
1038 Four small crystal glass chandeliers. (As Found, ceiling hooks and loose glass droplets behind cabinet). £50
1039 Two Wedgwood blue jasperware plates, Beswick bird (af), masons ginger jar Kutani vases and other china. £20
1040 A novelty side lamp £45
1041 A collection of assorted china cups and saucers. Aynsley, Spode, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and others. £30
1042 Two carriage lamps. £10
1043 Various Disney prints, Bambi, Jungle book, Beauty and the Beast together with various Winnie the pooh pictures. £30
1044 A Swarovski crystal candle holder. £45
1045 A quantity of brass and metalware. Indian bracelets. together with willow pattern china, Wedgwood, Watcome, and other china. £22
1046 A collection of owl ornaments £25
1047 A Tottenham Hotspur sign. £15
1048 A writing box. In very good condition. £20
1049 A cast Triumph plaque. £12
1050 Selection of candlesticks, china and metal ornaments including lamp, golden horse, knight in armour. £10
1051 A box of china cups and plates, together with Portmeirion storage jars. £18
1055 A rocking horse £10
1056 A large collection of ornaments depicting Teddies and Chickens some Eggbert. £18
1057 A quantity of various dishes, to include Clarice Cliff, and other china items £25
1058 Two clocks along with a quantity of china ornaments £15
1059 A collection of clocks. £20
1061 A residue of Grindley china dinner serice with other china. £10
1062 A collection of Egyptian items £12
1063 A collection of small ornaments £15
1065 A quantity of 1970s children’s magazines Beano wizard and chips et cetera £10
1067 Various games and a kit built Revell aircraft model (af). £10
1068 A box of K'nex and a tin of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Mega Books (af). £10
1069 A Battroborg box of toy robots with an Animagic dog Benji. £15
1074 A collection of children’s books. £20
1077 A box containing a quantity of Lego. £28
1078 A collection of Poppy Appeal bands, studs and bracelets together with a box of assorted badges. £10
1079 Two PlayStations, various games and other items. £55
1080 Two vacuum cleaners and a Smeg toaster £15
1081 A petrol 23cc radio controlled monster truck. A/f £55
1082 A Tiffany style ceiling light £15
1083 A small rocking/wheel along dog and other. £15
1085 Three various sized metal candlesticks one depicting a dragon. £20
1086 A vanity mirror and set. Condition as found. £18
1089 Two copper warming pans. £10
1091 A box of Private Eye magazines. £10
1092 Four boxes of musical books. £90
1094 A suit by Gene Cabaleiro. Includes jacket, trousers, shirt, tie and waist coat. £10
1095 Three fur coats. £10
1096 An assortment of pictures and embroidery £15
1097 Two acoustic guitars, one by Falcon and another. £15
1098 A wooden barrel with steel straps. £15
1100 A collection of fishing rods and accessories £18
1101 A CCT stage light. £10
1102 A mechanical safe. £10
1104 A pair of reflected Bose speakers with an American Audio turntable £60
1106 A box of wooden mantle clocks. £20
1109 A box of bound copies of The Connoisseur and a Times Atlas. £18
1111 A quantity of German made vases English are Staffordshire vase Chardonnay Majorca et cetera £10
1112 A Hornsea “Saffron” tea set £18
1113 A quantity of moneyboxes and condiment dispensers £20
1114 Three boxes and two cases of records £15
1115 A Metcalfe professional potato peeling machine £140
1118 A Harvest china tea set. £20
1119 Poole Pottery to include stoneware lamp base and painted pin dishes. £50
1122 An Armstrong 626 amp with an HMV turntable £15
1123 A collection of LP's and singles. £10
1124 A Panasonic sound system, featuring a turntable, tape deck and radio. £10
1125 A saxophone shaped CD rack and CDs £10
1126 A Bowers & Wilkins speaker with another soundbar. £55
1127 Two boxes of china and glassware £10
1129 Three boxes of assorted chinaware £35
1130 A box of LPs, mostly rock & pop. £55
1131 A collection of mirrors £10
1132 An Emerson record player. £10
1133 A Sony HiFi system £10
1134 A Steepletone record player. £15
1135 Four boxes of LPs, mostly pop and in plastic envelopes. £150
1137 A box of LPs £12
1140 A child's guitar together with another. £15
1142 A pair of speakers £140
1143 A Rosedale organ. £10
1144 A collection of oil on canvas pictures £10
1145 Two Technics record turntables £50
1146 A Chinese style tea set by Eilong. £10
1147 A Lorenzo organ £10
1148 An assortment of dolls of the world. £18
1148A A collection of bric à brac £18
1149 Two boxes of DVDs plus a tv/radio. £20
1150 Two boxes of books on wildlife and aspects of Dorset life. £18
1151 A collection of LPs and vinyl records, mainly jazz and instrumental. £25
1152 Three fake fur coats and a hat. £10
1153 A Steve McQueen framed poster. £12
1154 Matching wall and ceiling lights. £10
1155 A radio controlled model plane with tool box, controller and other accessories. Condition as found £25
1156 A child’s lawn mower, by Webb. £28
1157 Two reel to reel players £10
1158 Four large mirrors £20
1159 A display of thimbles together with Poole Pottery and assorted metalware £15
1160 An Imperial typewriter together with a vanity mirror. £10
1161 Four cast iron bath legs with brass door handles, lions and other metal items £30
1163 A wooden tool box with various tools. £80
1164 A box containing various items to include brushes, perfumes, tights etc. £10
1167 A child shop mannequin. £30
1170 A collection of Lilliput Lane cottages and other animal ornaments £50
1171 A collection of elephant ornaments £22
1172 Two boxes of books, mostly of Dorset. £110
1173 A box containing wooden figures and ornaments £10
1174 An antique wooden doll's house in the style of Silber and Fleming, with removable front panel and open back, repainted. Together with a selection of furniture, accessories and bisque dolls. Overall F. £10
1175 A box of Habitat’s Crayonne homeware with various curios and a tin truck. £20
1176 A box of glassware to include Bell's and dishes together with silver plate items. £18
1178 A doll’s house assembly kit and guide. £10
1179 Two boxes of DVDs £20
1180 A box of books. £10
1181 An assortment of wicker baskets. £10
1182 A boxed Evolution Meccano set, a Zombie Racer track as found, three DVD'S and various boxed diecast vehicles mostly Oxford diecast. £12
1183 A collection of box set DVDs £70
1184 A collection of modern telephones and other electrical items £25
1184A A collection of games, including Subbuteo £20
1185 A box containing a leather motorcycle jacket, Hein Gericke motorcycle trousers, bunting, net curtain poles etc £10
1186 Four boxes of music books. £40
1186A Two boxes of books on Dorset inc Poole, 1920s ,smuggling, etc ex Howe collection. £120
1187A A Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 900 radio with two Beovox 1000 speakers. £45
1188 An Atari 800 XL keyboard and accessories £35
1188A A crate of costume jewellery £12
1190A A box of miniatures. £12
1191 Four vintage radios £18
1192 A box containing a quantity of Lego. £28
1192A A mantle and cuckoo clock £15
1193 Three lava lamps and another £15
1193A Two vintage typewriters, Remington and Imperial £10
1194 Two carrycots £10
1194A A Panasonic television with a Sony DVD player and a Philips VHS player, all with remotes. £18
1195A Quantity of trackside diecast models by Lledo and others, scales vary. Appear VG-M and boxed (box conditions vary). (40 approx.) £12
1196 A basket and tub of costume jewellery £30
1197 A collection of three picnic hampers one Brighton two in wicker cases. £22
1198 A box of Poole Pottery and other china and glass items £10
1200 An assortment of cases and wooden boxes £10
1201 A collection of wall and mantle clocks. £18
1202 Box of china, copper, Watcombe, dishes etc £20
1203 Selection of Hornby and other O gauge track and accessories, includes Hornby No.2 Double Arm Signal and No.1 Water Tank (G/F). Conditions vary (track P). £40
1203A Various items to include a clock, barometer, wooden item's glass paper weight, a metal doorstop depicting dogs and Masonic item's. £12
1204 A framed oil on canvas of stream and trees, signed A. Nikolsky. £10
1204A A Mid Winter coffee set with a vintage Thermos flask, belt buckles etc £18
1205 A collection of vintage cameras, dishes and a tin globe. £70
1205A Two violins in their cases. £25
1206 Two slate mantle clocks £15
1206A Three tripods. £30
1207 A Franke Pura coffee machine with fridge unit and bean/chocolate storage. £500
1207A An Hitachi video camera along with a Polaroid camera and others. £50
1208 A collection of silver plated cutlery, diecast cars, stamps etc £12
1208A Four boxes of LPs £18
1209A A box of vases, a lamp and mirror £18
1210 A vacuum cleaner with a quantity of chinaware £10
1211A A collection of ornaments, including thimbles and Poole Pottery. £22
1212A Various electrical items, including a Webbook, a tablet and a Philips notebook £30
1213 Quantity of sci-if and superhero related annuals, includes Superman and Batman Annual, and three Star Wars Annuals. (13) £10
1213A A box of mainly Leonardo figures £40
1214 An iMac computer £65
1214A A box of toys and games £15
1215 A box containing metal tankards, novelty pencil sharpeners, Spode china and other items £15
1215A A large selection of pictures including Russel Flint prints, floral pastels others. £12
1216A Two violins £40
1217 A box of costume jewellery £12
1218 A box of china and similar items £12
1218A Two boxes containing chinaware, Poole Pottery, Leonardo, Beswick and other items £35
1219A Various bric a brac to include sewing frames. £10
1220 Two boxes of glass and chinaware £10
1223 Various items to include a biscuit barrel, plates, foot warmer, cheese dish, dominoes and onyx items. £10
1225 Various items to include a mantle clock, barometer, crocodile handbag, hats and military buttons. £28
1227 Three sets of CCTV cameras £75
1229 Two albums of First Day Covers. £20
1229A Two boxes of glasses to include cutglasses. £15
1230 Four canisters and one boxed Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters one depicting the birth ofPrincess Eugenie75cl, one depicting the birth of Princess Beatrice 75cl, two depicting the nineteenth birthday of the Queen Mother 75cl and one depicting the Golden wedding anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh 70cl. £65
1230A Two litre bottles of Jose Cuervo Tequila and a litre bottle of Creme De Cassis. £22
1231 Two boxed Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters; H.R.H. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson 23rd July 1986 75cl and the 60th birthday of the Queen 21st April 1986 together with three cardboard canisters; Christmas 1990 75cl, Princess Eugenie birthday 23rd March 1990 75cl and the Queen Mother's 90th birthday 4th August 1990 75cl. £55
1231A A box of bric a brac and a box of Haynes car manuals. £10
1232 Three boxed and sealed Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters celebrating a 100 years of the Queen Mother one cardboard canister depicting the 90th birthday of the Queen Mother tog with three boxed Golden Jubilee, Prince of Wales 50th birthday and a Golden Wedding anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. £80
1232A Seven bottles of various wine and Port. £18
1233 Five boxed and sealed Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters depicting the Queens 75th birthday and Four depicting Christmas 1995, 1996,1999 and 2002 together with a boxed glass decanter depicting 2000 Millennium. £80
1233A Seven bottles of fizz including Cava, Freixenet, Veuve Duke Vernay and Harrods champagne. £30
1234 Seven cardboard canisters containing sealed Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters four Christmas 1989, 1990 and two 1991 together with two depicting the nineteenth birthday of the Queen Mother. £80
1235 A Bell's, original 2000 glass millennium decanter, aged 8 years in presentation box together with a boxed and sealed Bell's limited edition Christmas 2000 decanter depicting Arthur Bell. £60
1236 Three boxed and sealed Wade Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters one 75.7cl, one 37.8cl and a 18,9cl. £40
1237 Seven boxed and sealed Bell's Scotch Whisky decanters depicting Christmas 1992, 1993, two 1994, 1997, 1998 and 2001. £80
1238 A boxed 70cl bottle of Southern Comfort and a boxed and sealed Wade Bell's Scotch Whisky decanter depicting the birth of Prince William 21st of June 1982. £22
1240 A Collectable Rare bottle of Jack Daniels 'Old No 7' in box. £200
1241 A litre bottle and a 70cl bottle of Courvoisier V.S Cognac. £30
1242 Two 70cl bottles of Jack Daniels. (7) £25
1243 A litre bottle of Courvoisier V.S cognac together with a litre bottle of Courvoisier V.S single distillery fine cognac. (4, 5) £30
1244 A sealed box containing U.S. Quart three star Courvoisier Cognac alcoholic strength British 70 degrees. £35
1245 A boxed 70cl Glenlivet single malt Scotch Whisky. (2) £22
1246 A litre bottle and 70cl bottle of Martell V.S cognac. (7) £25
1247 A boxed Moet & Chandon rose Champagne together with a 7pcl bottle ofMartell V.S fine cognac. (7, 9) £30
1248 A bottle of Chivas Regal One Quart blended scotch whisky. (In storage for alcohol sale). £20
1249 A boxed bottle of Lansen rose Champagne together with a 70cl bottle of Marvell V.S fine cognac. (7, 9) £30
1250 A litre bottle and 70cl bottle of Martell V.S cognac. (7) £30
1251 A boxed Moet & Chandon rose Champagne together with a 7pcl bottle ofMartell V.S fine cognac. (8, 9) £35
1252 Two 70cl bottles of Jack Daniels. (7) £22
1253 A 70cl bottle of Ciroc Vodka and a 70cl bottle of Belvedere Vodka. (7) £25
1254 A 70cl bottle of Royal Swan whisky. £10
1255 A litre bottle of Jack Daniels and a 70cl bottle of Jack Daniels. (7) £25
1256 A litre bottle and a 70cl bottle of Courvoisier V.S cognac. (7) £40
1257 A box containing stamps and first day covers. £15
1257A A collection of owl figures with china etc £10
1258 A selection of foreign coins. £10
1259 An Aria drum set as found. £10
1260 A large collection of costume jewellery, including assembling beads and tassels £55
1260A A box of Look and learn magazines together with a box containing a large quantity of Beano comics. £10
1262 Two litre bottles of Courvoisier V.S cognac. (4) £40
1263 Two litre bottles of Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky together with a 70cl bottle of Bell's Whisky (3, 1) £28
1264 A litre bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, a 70cl bottle of Bacardi and two 70cl bottles of Smirnoff. (1, 6) £32
1265 Two litre bottles of Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky together with a 70cl bottle of Bell's Whisky (3, 1) £28
1266 A litre bottle and 70cl bottle of Martell V.S cognac. (7) £30
1267 A half bottle of Tia Maria, a bottle of How's Midnight Port and a 70cl bottle of Cointreau as found. £20
1268 A 70cl bottle of Goldhaunch Elder Williams Christ-Birnenbrand Pear fruit spirit with a whole pear together with a bottle of white £12
1269 A 1litre bottle of Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky together with a 70cl bottle of Jack Daniels. (1, 6) £28
1270 Two 70cl bottles of Archers schnapps. £22
1271 A litre bottle of Beefeater Gin, a 70cl bottle of Gordon's Gin tog with a 70cl bottle of Drambuie. £25
1272 Two children's bikes. £10
1273 A Spike Rapture FR Range light blue Mountain bike. 21 speed with full suspension. £20
1274 A Mantis mountain bike. 21 speed with full suspension. Some light rust, but in good condition. (R22) £15
1275 A Bickerton folding bike. Three speed with mudguards. Some rust to clamps and missing seat post and pedals. £10
1276 A Hooger Booger mountain bike. 21 speed with a rack. Some rust throughout. (R28) £10
1277 A hybrid bike. 16 speed with lights. Condition as found. (R8) £10
1278 A commuter bike. 5 speed with a rack, stand and the workings of an electric motor. Some corrosion. (R7) £10
1279 A Magna Racing mountain bike. 18 speed with front suspension and mechanical front disc brakes. Some rust. (R30). £10
1280 A Carrera mountain bike. 27 speed with front suspension and disc brake rotors. Some corrosion throughout and brakes missing. (R15) £10
1281 A Ridgeback bike. 21 speed with mudguards and rear lights. Signs of wear and tear. (R9) £10
1282 A lady’s Carrera mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension. Rear wheel is buckled but other than that it’s in good condition. (R13) £30
1283 A ladies Apollo mountain bike. 10 speed with bar ends. Rear brake needs attention. In good condition. (R1) £10
1284 A Mesh stunt bike. Includes front mudguard. In fair condition. (R2) £30
1285 A Carrera mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and mechanical disc brakes. Front brake needs connecting and some rust to the chain. (R17) £15
1286 A shopping bike. 6 speed with mudguards, a rack and front basket. Some rust. (R33) £20
1287 A Luis McQuinn ladies bike. 21 speed with a front basket. Some rust to chain and cabling. (R31) £10
1288 A Kona mountain bike. 21 speed with front mudguard. Rust to chain. (R23) £15
1289 A Harlem mountain bike. 21 speed with full suspension and front mechanical disc brake. Some light rust. (R24) £22
1290 A Diamondback mountain bike. 27 speed with front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and lights. Damage to rear derailleur but in good general condition. (R6) £65
1291 A Trek mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension. In good condition. (R3) £30
1292 A mountain bike. 21 speed with full suspension and mechanical disc brakes. Some light corrosion and signs of wear and tear. (R34) £20
1293 A Probike mountain bike. 18 speed with a stand. In good condition. (R20) £20
1294 A Mongoose mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and a stand. Some corrosion throughout. (R18) £10
1295 An Optima touring bike. 18 speed with mudguards, a rack and pannier, stand, Dynamo light and horn. Fair condition. £10
1296 A kid’s BMX style bike. 7 speed with front suspension and a stand. In good condition. (R26) £50
1297 A kid’s BMX bike. Includes a stand. In good condition. (R27) £15
1298 A BMX bike. Includes two pegs. In good condition. (R4) £28
1299 A kid’s Raleigh bike. 6 speed. Some light corrosion. (R16) £10
1300 A Fano-tec trike. 6 speed with front mudguard and chain guard. In good condition. (R32) £80
1301 Ten plastic folding crates. £20
1304 Ten plastic folding crates. £28
1305 A box of various hand tools and fitments. £15
1306 A Venesta fitted case with various hand tools. £30
1307 A 950 50hz petrol generator. £20
1309 A Black & Decker planner with a Bosch corded drill. £18
1310 A Radio Flyer children's pull cart. £30
1311 A Black&Decker bench grinder with a volt meter. £10
1312 A pair of Holding mini compressors. £22
1313 A 6" bench grinder by Hilka. £10
1314 A Homelite petrol hedge trimmer. £10
1316 A petrol brushcutter. £10
1317 A McCullock petrol hedge trimmer. £10
1318 A sound lab disco light with a UV lamp. £10
1319 A Mountfield petrol hedge trimmer £18
1320 An Indesit spin drier. £10
1321 A hand press. £10
1324 Two crates of fluorescent orange workware.and a box of fishing reels. £35
1326 A copper jam pot with an iron skillet and three stoves. £10
1328 Ten plastic folding crates. £28
1329 A wooden storage box. £15
1331 Ten plastic folding crates. £30
1332 A roof cargo bag by Summit. £10
1334 A wooden toolbox £10
1337 Two boxes of fixtures and fitments together with four mats. £10
1338 A box of various hand tools. £20
1339 A box of various power tools. £10
1340 A box of hand drills, vices and sharpening stones. £10
1341 Two vintage leather cases. £15
1343 A set of land rover coil springs. £18
1344 A 230v cable reel together with an outdoor tv Ariel. £15
1345 A ships wheel. £22
1346 A Ryobi petrol brushcutter. £15
1347 A Qualcast chainsaw together with a Bosch electric hedge trimmer. £15
1348 A walk in grow arc boxed as new £15
1349 Two Radson as new radiators boxed. £20
1351 A walk in grow arc boxed as new. £12
1352 A military aluminium storage box. £22
1353 A large metal storage box. £10
1354 A box of assorted power tools. £10
1355 A box of metalware and a laser level. £10
1357 A Valor 622 gas fire boxed together with a Adorn cast iron fascia £18
1359 A wooden tool chest. £15
1360 A box of vintage land rover bits. £10
1361 A bucket of various hand tools. £10
1362 A Clarke woodworker 18"scroll saw. £18
1364 A LEC table top fridge. £15
1365 A pair of camping chairs. £10
1366 A Geiger counter.from the civil defence America. £22
1367 A speedboats Ensign flag on rear mast. £28
1369 A lead glazed mirror in a pine frame £15
1370 A Wigmore stainless steel tea urn together with a slop bucket. £10
1374 A Makita RST210 petrol strimmer. £30
1375 A Hilti WSR1200PE reciprocating saw 110v together with a Dewalt laser level £35
1377 A Sealey SM12 band saw. £18
1380 A leather horse saddle together with a bin of horse tack. £10
1381 A Rockworth power task generator. £22
1382 A metal bound travel trunk. £12
1385 An Industrial CD35 De-humidifier. £10
1386 A modern fire pit. £15
1388 A Nu-tool pressure washer. £10
1389 A box of orange fluorescent safety vests. £10
1390 A Nu-tool HSI500 table saw. £18
1391 An Electra Beckum cross cut mitre saw. £20
1392 An Ashford Morris 4 in 1 portable jump pack.. £18
1393 A Halfords folding picnic table. £15
1395 A pair of military tin storage boxes. £10
1396 A pair of military tin storage boxes. £10
1399 A Ryobi 18v battery drill. £10
1401 A Claud butler,Raleigh and a diamondback bicycle. (14,5,25) £15
1404 A Dunlop,Raleigh and a Ridge bicycle. (19,21,12). £10
1405 A Slant,Saracen and a Challenge bicycle. (10,29,11). £20
1407 A pair of wooden garden gates . £10
1408 A selection of garden tools with a step ladder. £15
1409 A metal lattice topped garden table with six chairs. £30
1410 A Champion petrol lawnmower. £10
1411 A Briggs & Stratton petrol lawnmower. £10
1412 A Flymo SE1600 1" electric shredder. £12
1413 A trailerized grass cutting trio of Sovereign mowers. £22
1415 A Vantage 35 petrol lawnmower together with a electric Toro mower. £10
1416 An Animal online ladies shopping bike with a child's pillaging Trek cycle. £30
1417 A pair of teak folding chairs. £10
1420 A child's Switch,Bugg and a Apollo bicycle. £10
1422 A marble topped cast iron table with two chairs. £35
1423 Two rabbit hutches. £10
1424 Three Land rover alloy wheels with tyres size 255/55R19. £25
1425 Five angle cut polycarbonate sheets together with four roofing sheets. £22
1428 A Super Active tricycle £20
1429 A kite yacht. £40
1430 A large metal BBQ. £10
1431 A concrete bird bath/ fountain. £10
1432 A folding metal garden bench. £20
1434 A vintage ladies Raleigh bike. £20
1436 A petrol mower. £10
1437 Twelve stained glass windows. £30
1438 Three wooden stepladders. £22
1443 A set of five wrought iron window box planters with a small cockeral weather vane. £10
1444 An Apollo xc26 girls bike together with an Angelina ballerina bike. £10
1447 A teak steamer chair. £15
1449 A Flymo petrol lawnmower. £28
1452 A four door narrow locker with keys. £10
1453 A vintage Raleigh ladies bike. £25
1457 A display stand. £18
1458 A Black & Decker workmate. £10
1459 A concrete donkey planter. £22
1460 A heavy weight Victorian cast iron bench with wooden slats. £220
1461 A wrought iron garden armchair. £10
1462 A large galvanised animal trap. £18
1463 A pair of terracotta plant pots. £18
1468 A pair of vintage lattice windows. £18
1471 A mid sized pigeon holed cabinet. £35
1472 A cast iron well pump. £10
1473 A large pigeon holed cabinet. £28
1474 Three water carriers. £8
1476 A Garantia water butt in the shape of a Roman column. £12
1477 A cast iron well pump. £10
1479 Two crates of glass bricks. £10
1480 A heavy weight boat anchor. £20
1483 Two metal shelving units. £10
1493 A cast iron well pump decorated with roses together with a watering can. £12
1494 A set of three teak folding garden armchairs. £10
1495 A kayak paddle board with a double paddle. £35
1502 A dome fronted china display cabinet. £10
1505 A resin topped table with onyx effect. £10
1508 An oak games table with fold over lid. £12
1514 A mahogany child's rocking crib. £10
1518 A vintage enamelled top pantry cupboard. £10
1521 A nest of three mahogany tables. £10
1522 A mahogany side table with satinwood inlay. £10
1523 Two oak cabinets. £18
1527 A pine double cupboard. £35
1528 A pine single cupboard. £28
1529 A buttonback bedroom armchair. £10
1531 A selection of four rugs. £50
1533 Two jardinere stands. £30
1534 An Edwardian five drawer dressing table. £10
1535 A reproduction button back mahogany armchair. £10
1544 A Victorian dressing table mirror with three trinket drawers. £18
1547 A two tier mahogany side table. £10
1548 A mustard yellow button back leather armchair. £90
1549 A nest of three tables. £10
1550 A reproduction mahogany button back chair in pink. £18
1552 A teak single drawer desk with slide out. £10
1553 Two vintage chairs. £10
1555 A chrome and teak home office desk. £12
1557 A nine drawer metal narrow cabinet. £28
1560 A nest of three tables. £10
1564 A Skelmet rug together with a jardiniere stand. £10
1565 A mahogany four drawer chest. £40
1566 A narrow four drawer bureau together with a narrow six drawer yew wood cabinets. £25
1570 An oak narrow bookcase. £15
1571 An oak gateleg table. £10
1575 A mahogany chest of five drawers. £30
1576 A French giltwood armchair.(a/f). £10
1577 A pine slat back armchair. £10
1579 A gateleg table,stool and a small table. £10
1580 Two rugs. £10
1583 A Celebrity X4 mobility scooter with charger and key. £180
1587 A modern pine double wardrobe with two drawers under. £95
1590 Two decorative screens. £10
1593 A pitch pine double wardrobe. £20
1595 A small oak table together with a corner chair. £18
1596 A pine baby's bath stool (no insert),together with a pine stool. £10
1597 A mahogany occasional table with an oak lift top stool. £12
1598 A mahogany tripod table. £15
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