Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 13 January 2018

Date: 13th January 2018 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm

Lot Number Lot Description Reserve
1001 PAYA O GAUGE 2 x Tinplate Rolling Stock: Jacobs Crackers Van (VG/E); Crane Truck (G, some fatigue). Together with PAYA tinplate clockwork boat (E). Boxed. (3). £0
1002 Two oriental vases. £0
1003 Various Aynsley ware to include vases, a souffle dish etc. patterns to include Pembroke and Cottage Garden. £0
1004 NBN (West Germany) Dockside Crane: tinplate clockwork model. Incomplete. £0
1005 A mixed lot of china and metal ware including Celadon ware, miniature Toby jugs, etc. £20
1006 An early 1900's jug, bowl and chamber pot set. £0
1007 Three terracotta wall figures. £0
1008 A 3' railway sign (Ref A). (R171) £14
1009 8 x Bus Titles including 4 x TPC Best of British Bus Titles. For details please see online Photographs. £0
1010 A watch display cabinet, battery or mains operated. £0
1011 10 pieces of Price Brothers thatched cottage china. £20
1012 A selection of collectables and fashion jewellery. £0
1013 Two copies of Old Art Books catalogued by Theodore Besterman. £0
1014 A Mappin & Webb canteen of cutlery. £0
1015 A Scott's Concert Tenor recorder (mouthpiece worn) , a recorder and a tambourine. £0
1016 A box of vases, jugs and other ornaments. £0
1017 A box containing the residue of various tea sets to include Salisbury china Romanov and RC together with a box of glassware, brass and other china. £0
1018 A box containing a number of telephones. £0
1019 A collection of cutlery and other kitchenalia. £0
1020 A collection of cut glass with a quantity of jewellery bags and boxes. £0
1021 An assortment of collectables including Wedgwood, tribal and metalware. £0
1022 A lacquered tea set in case together with meat dishes and a pot. £0
1023 A jewellery box with other jewellery trees. £0
1024 A collection of hip flasks, commemorative plates and mug. £0
1025 An onyx chess set. £0
1026 Two mantle clocks together with five decanters. £0
1027 A collection of wooden items. £0
1028 8 x Railway Titles including 3 x Past and Present Titles and the GWR Then and Now. Please see online Photograph for full details. £0
1029 A stoneware flagon with goblets and a wooden butter churn. £0
1030 Six cutlery canteens, mostly silver plate. £0
1031 An assortment of china, including Noritake. £0
1032 A stoneware barrel together with a flagon. £0
1033 Two display bicycles. £0
1034 A metal doll’s manikin. £0
1035 A stoneware flagon with two bed warmers and two ginger jars. £0
1036 Two Staffordshire dogs 9" high. £20
1037 A framed and glazed 20th century felt picture depicting fish. £0
1038 A lamp stand depicting a female figure, made of metal and plaster. Some damage to base. £0
1039 A collection of table lamps. £0
1040 A couple of decorative jugs along with Poole Pottery dolphins and other items. £0
1041 A couple of mantle clocks with a barometer and an alarm clock. £0
1042 Two wall Bossons along with ornamental glassware and a large vase. £0
1043 A copper collection of dishes and other items. £0
1044 A selection of display birds and other animals. £0
1045 A collection of cutlery canteens. £0
1046 A collection of tribal wood work. £0
1047 A box containing the residue of various tea sets to include Poole Pottery Desert song and Royal Doulton Rose Elegans other items to include Poole pottery. £0
1048 Two boxes of ornamental glassware. £0
1049 Two boxes of chinaware. £0
1050 A Samsung flat screen UHD TV. MU6400 class with 55” screen. £0
1051 A collection of Yakov’s meerkat toys. £0
1052 Three vintage telephones. £0
1053 Twenty decorative mugs decorated with images of cakes, trains and motorbikes. £20
1054 Two boxes of china kitchen items including teapots, plates and similar. £0
1055 A Poole Pottery coffee set along with cutlery and other glass and chinaware. £0
1056 A large glass jar with a jug and a quantity of china. £0
1057 An assortment of collectables and weighing scales. £0
1058 A collection of Ty Beanie Babies. £0
1059 A basket of playworn toy vehicles. £0
1060 Various games to include computer Battleships, Star Wars, Escalado, Thunderbirds etc. £0
1061 A box of children’s toys, CDs and DVDs. £0
1062 A bucket of Early Learning books with a box of toys. £0
1063 A box of books and two bags of paperbacks. £0
1064 A large collection of vintage board games, puzzles, cards and loose Meccano. £0
1065 A box of CDs and DVDs. £0
1066 A box of books including a Bible in good condition. £0
1067 A box of Minion accessories with another box of games, costume jewellery and other items. £0
1068 A box of various ornaments and collectables. £0
1069 Approximately thirty movie posters from 2000 to 2013. £0
1070 Two boxes of LPs. £0
1071 A large collection of DVDs. £0
1072 Five various projectors to include a Raynox, Chinon and a Eumig. £0
1073 A Philips flat screen TV with remote. £0
1074 A Chinese violin in case. £0
1075 A collection of enamel and cast iron pots. £0
1076 A Bush record player. £0
1077 A box of various cameras. £0
1078 A Lark violin in case. £15
1079 A collection of vintage picture electronics; including a slide projector, cine projector with two speakers and a typewriter etc. £0
1080 A mixed lot including a picture, mirror, wooden table and a small collection of cameras etc. £0
1081 A collection of china ornaments and other bric à brac. £0
1082 A collection of crystal glasses and ornaments with a number of jugs and a framed wall clock. £10
1083 A box of books on English Kings and Queens together with pictures. £0
1084 A large framed print the Kingsway Press a lady holding a young child together with three other pictures. £0
1085 An oversized wooden ruler. £0
1086 Scooter the robot, with remote control. Condition a/f. £0
1087 A large model pig. £0
1088 A vintage wooden speaker and Nordmende radio. £0
1089 A large oriental wooden basket with a china pot. £0
1090 A quantity of shotgun clay pigeons, gun cleaning brushes and ear protectors. £0
1091 Three violins. Condition a/f. £0
1092 A Compaq computer tower and keyboard together with an HP monitor. £0
1093 Three boxes and a basket of bric à brac. £0
1094 Two boxes of books. £0
1095 A box of linen. £0
1096 A box containing various books, metalware and cutlery canteens. £0
1097 A box containing a quantity of posters. £0
1098 A collection of table lamps. £0
1099 An assortment of vintage tins. £0
1100 A shelf containing the residue of an Imari style tea set together with various glassware. £0
1101 The residue of a Johnson Brothers Summerfields dinner service together with the residue of Poole pottery plates. £0
1102 A couple of pictures together with two wall lights and a selection of collector's plates and Poole Pottery otters. £0
1103 A box of LP's to include Jack Jones, Nat King Cole and Tony Hancock. £0
1104 A mixed assortment of dolls and other ornaments. £0
1105 A large quantity of a tea/dinner service of Noritake Rosanne. £0
1106 A collection of MicroMachines in boxes with two Hulk figures and a Pirate Island and ship. £20
1107 A Lladro figure of a girl, slight damage to hand. Other china ornaments including Wade animals. £0
1108 Three large planters. £0
1109 A gramophone and collection of records. Condition poor. £0
1110 A Panasonic HiFi system. £0
1111 A box of vinyl LPs to include the Beatles, Adam Ant, Paul Anka etc. £20
1112 A Bush record player. £0
1113 A box of LPs. £0
1114 A box of assorted tea sets together with some records. £0
1115 Two boxes of glassware. £0
1116 Two boxes of LPs to include Lulu, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey and the Mamas and Papas. £0
1117 A collection of solid 8 cassettes. £0
1117A Three wall mirrors, one in walnut, one oak and one mahogany. £0
1118 A Technics HiFi system. £0
1119 A selection of records. £0
1120 A Ferguson record player. £0
1121 A collection of Blu-ray DVDs. £0
1122 A box of LPs and singles. £0
1123 A box of song sheets and film ephemera. £0
1124 A box of LPs, including Nat King Cole and Shirley Bassey. £0
1125 A collection of musical instruments, including one electric guitar and one acoustic. £0
1126 A fishing rod with reels and other related accessories, together with a collection of lamps and a Singer sewing machine. £10
1127 A collection of children's wooden jigsaws (not in original boxes). £0
1128 A box of records. £0
1129 Two boxes of ephemera. £0
1130 A Singer sewing machine. £0
1131 A collection of metalware. £0
1132 Two Skylark violins. Condition a/f. £0
1133 A Singer sewing machine. £0
1134 Two wooden crates. £15
1135 An Evotel TV monitor and remote. £0
1136 Two acoustic guitars. £0
1137 A wedding dress. £0
1138 A brass fire screen styled electric heater. £0
1139 A collection of office and table lamps. £0
1140 Two soft toys on wheels along with a small child’s rocking horse. £0
1141 An assortment of candlestick holders and a lamp. £0
1142 A microwave and fat fryer. £0
1143 A collection of hats and furs. £0
1144 The residue of a Greek tea set together with a quantity of miniature tea sets to include Wedgwood. £0
1145 Two throws, various sizes. £0
1146 A large quantity of pictures £0
1147 Two boxes of books. £0
1148 A selection of door handles and other bric à brac. £0
1149 A box of linen. £0
1150 Two boxes of Camargue pottery includes cups, plates, storage containers and bowls. £0
1151 A collection of prints and a mirror. £0
1152 Two boxes of ornamental chinaware. £0
1153 Two boxes of electrical office items. Including telephones, a printer, a copier and DVD player. £0
1154 A Jones hand sewing machine. £0
1155 A box of books on Modern Glass. £0
1156 A box of playworn toy cars, including Dinky, Corgi, Airfix and others. £0
1157 A quantity of awards along with a wall clock, metal doorstop and other related items. £0
1158 A fishing set together with a net and other accessories. £0
1159 A box of feathers. £0
1160 Four boxes of household items, games, books and other assorted items. £0
1161 Two boxes of china pots, vases and dishes. £0
1162 Four bags of medical books and a box of videos Minor surgery techniques. £0
1163 Two boxes of decorative glasses. £0
1164 A box containing a large quantity of mostly soft back Publications on Railways and Buses. Hours of Winter reading. £0
1165 A Nintendo Wii console with games and accessories, together with an Xbox 360. £0
1166 A collection of Batman sets and figures. £30
1167 A box of railway books. Including working timetables, regulations, technical publications and history books. £0
1168 A collection of handbags. £0
1169 Two boxes of toys. £0
1170 Two boxes of books. £0
1171 A collection of pictures. £0
1171A A glass aquarium/small animal home. Dimensions: 2’x1’x1’ £0
1172 A JVC collection of speakers with a DR-M7 DVD recorder and RX-E5 home cinema control centre. Also includes a Panasonic stereo. £0
1173 The residue of two Royal Albert tea sets to include Silver Maple together with a teapot and a Lady Hamilton cup and saucer. £0
1174 A collection of cash boxes. £0
1175 A Sanyo music centre together with a vintage radio. £0
1176 The residue of two tea sets Fine bone china Crown Trent and a bone china Queen Anne together with a Chodziez Polish teapot. £0
1177 Two small boxes of bric a brac, telephone, Ladybird books etc. £0
1178 A canteen of cutlery on legs, a wall hanging mirror and a fire screen. £0
1179 A couple of boxes containing photographic equipment and cameras. £0
1180 A box of various metal, wooden and resin ornaments £0
1181 A box of maps together with a box of records £0
1181A A box of records £0
1182 Two projectors along with recording tape. £0
1183 A quantity of assorted metalware, including an oversized lighter and a vintage bugle. £0
1184 Two boxes of china and glassware £0
1185 An assortment of wooden ornaments, including a Bavarian style nutcracker £0
1186 A metal camera case containing Nikon, Pentax and other cameras. Together with two video cameras and a Manfrotto Art 144 tripod. £0
1187 An all wooden model of Noah’s ark along with a tub of marbles £0
1188 A quantity of brass and other metal ware £10
1189 Three boxes of photographic equipment, cameras and binoculars. £0
1190 Two boxes of outdoor equipment and various bric à brac £0
1191 A box of various china to include platters, cups, saucers, mugs etc. £0
1192 Four bags of paperbacks. £0
1193 Five various pictures/prints. to include trouping the colour T Cuneo The army landing etc £0
1194 The residue of various tea sets to include Aynsley and Victoria C&E. £0
1195 The residue of three tea sets Delphine, Violets Duchess and Royal Vale. £0
1196 A Toyota sewing machine. £0
1197 Three boxes of books. £0
1198 A collection of horse racing pictures £0
1199 A collection of young children’s toys £0
1200 A large collection of pictures and mirrors £0
1201 A box containing the residue of two tea/dinner service's Winterling Schwarzenbach Bavaria Germany china blue and Seltmann Weiden Bavaria Western Germany £0
1202 A collection of brass ware to include candle sticks, bells, vases and two Chinese Dragon's. £0
1203 The residue of various tea sets to include Dome Wetley china. £0
1204 Fireside items to include a metal fire guard, copper bed warmer together with brass items companion set, fire dogs, horse brasses and toasting forks. £0
1205 A quantity of chinaware, including large decorative pots and dishes. £0
1206 Two boxes of kitchenalia. Includes a Breville toaster, a juicer and an ice crusher. £0
1207 The residue of various tea sets to include Mayfair and Montford. £0
1208 Various brass items to include a pair of urns, two large trays, a kettle and horse brasses. £0
1209 A box containing the residue of various tea/dinner sets to include Palissy, Liberty Blue and Midwinter. £0
1210 Two boxes of china and kitchenalia £0
1211 A box containing the residue of various Japanese, Chinese tea/dinner service's. £0
1212 A sewing box along with other items including two voile panels and two wooden cupboard doors. £0
1213 A collection of pictures and framed photos £0
1214 A box of silver plate items. £20
1215 Two boxes containing various china and decorative plates. £0
1216 Three boxes of bric à brac £0
1217 A Kenwood HiFi system and speakers. Includes an Aiwa turntable £0
1218 Two boxes of books. £0
1219 A Bang & Olufsen record and cassette deck, with a stereo and Fidelity record player £0
1220 A large collection of wooden items and a fan £0
1221 A collection of dishes with cutlery and a box of assorted items. £0
1222 A quantity of pictures. Includes a film poster of Colin Firth, mirrors and a large dream catcher. £0
1223 A box containing the residue of a Royal Doulton tea/ dinner service Sophistication together with another box containing the residue of a Diane Japan. £0
1224 A large quantity of household themed magazines. £0
1225 A pair of 19th century watercolour of Rome by G.Farini, together with other pictures £0
1226 A Bang & Olufsen beovision 3-32 television. 34” screen £0
1227 A Grundig travel tv, along with a Bang & Olufsen VHS and beovision MX1500 television. £0
1228 A Panasonic HiFi system with Pioneer speakers. £0
1229 A Bang & Olufsen beovision LC5500 television. 31” screen £0
1230 A Performance Percussion drum kit £0
1231 A Linko drum kit. £0
1232 A vintage Marmet pram £0
1233 A Giant road bike. 21 speed with clipless pedals and a wireless computer. £0
1234 An Apollo mountain bike. 18 speed with full suspension and mudguards. Some corrosion throughout. £0
1235 A Mistral shopping style bike. Three speed with mudguards, lights and a stand. In good condition £0
1236 A Silver Cross pram. £0
1237 Two containers of costume jewellery. £0
1238 Two containers of custome jewellery. £0
1239 A large collection of pictures £0
1240 A wood framed display cabinet £0
1241 Three boxes of books. £0
1242 Various wooden boxes and others. £0
1243 Two boxes of various china. £0
1244 A wicker basket of dolls £0
1245 A collection of wooden ornaments, chinaware and some metal items £0
1246 A Powacycle electric bike. 6 speed with a lithium polymer battery, front suspension, mudguards and a rack. Key and charging cable included. £50
1247 An unusual mannequin with a wicker top and grass skirt. £20
1248 A box of glassware and glass animals to include two Swarovski animals a dog and an owl. £0
1249 A couple of pictures together with china plates and dishes £0
1250 "Sea spirit' painted by Doreen G.Paul (carbon powder and brush) £0
1251 A landscape picture of Cafe Quai. £0
1252 China and glassware to include a Hornsea jug, a Shorter Father Neptune jugs and various vases. £0
1253 A wooden Slazenger bow and arrows. £0
1254 A Hercules dj Air controller with two portable power units and a CD player. £0
1255 A collection of early children’s annuals, vintage postcards and holy books. £0
1256 A quantity of iPad, Samsung and other tablet covers. £0
1257 A Toshiba Camileo A35 camcorder. Model features touchscreen, 10 mega pixels and HDMI connection. £0
1258 A tin of collectables including postcards, sunglasses a Las Vegas belt etc £0
1300 A child's braked scooter with a child's hat and coat stand. £0
1301 A metal storage trunk. £0
1302 Three suitcases. £0
1303 A large leather suitcase. £0
1304 An Aldis slide projector together with a kodak carousel. £0
1305 Two toolboxes with various hand tools. £0
1306 Office stationary equipment. £0
1307 A box of various door and cabinet furniture. £0
1308 A wooden lockbox together with ornamental bull horns. £0
1309 Two wooden crates. £15
1310 Three boxed as new various tools. £0
1311 Nine various air tools/sprayers etc. £30
1312 A vintage car hoover together with a lead lamp and two boxed tool sets. £0
1313 A 33cc petrol brushcutter. £0
1314 A Mantis petrol cultivator. £0
1315 A KKT KOLBE cooker extractor hood. £0
1316 A double steerable toboggan fitted with rear brakes. £0
1317 A cast iron knights companion set. £0
1318 An E2220w hedge trimmer. £0
1319 A miniature plate rack together with a shove halfpenny board. £0
1320 Various fishing rods, keepnet, reel and line. £0
1321 Two large boxes of various hand tools. £0
1322 Two battery drills together with a wired jigsaw. £0
1323 A wooden storage box with various hand tools and a skeleton welding mask. £0
1324 Six lengths of heavy duty chain link fencing with stretchers together with a wall hanging bracket £50
1325 A Motocaddy golf trolley in a canvas bag. £0
1326 A Christmas wonderland natural fir tree of 9ft,(270cm) height, boxed. £0
1327 A Flymo L400 petrol lawnmower. £0
1328 A set of Draper sack trucks. £0
1329 Two suitcases. £0
1330 A wooden storage box. £0
1331 A metal storage box together with two smaller wooden boxes. £0
1332 A box of hardhats, tools and wiring. £0
1333 A Homelite 720w generator. £0
1334 Two toolboxes with various hand tools. £0
1335 A picnic basket with items. £0
1336 A metal rocking horse on a sprung frame. £0
1337 A pair of children's chairs. £0
1338 An Einhell 18"chainsaw with a set of roof bars. £35
1339 A pair of Ryobi strimmer heads and a husqvarna strimmer. £0
1340 A oak framed mirror. £0
1341 A Henry hoover. £0
1342 A Ferm 9" angle grinder. £0
1343 An Eckman backpack hedge trimmer with angled cutting head. £0
1344 A Black & Decker hover mower with a spear and jackson hedge trimmer. £0
1345 A hoover. £0
1346 Two toolboxes with various hand tools. £0
1347 A vintage hand scythe together with a climbing axe and club. £0
1348 A Spectrum microwave. £0
1349 Two boxes of various tools and wiring. £0
1350 A Radio Flyer pull along wagon fitted with a child safety back and belt. £0
1351 Various fishing rods, bag, rests etc. £0
1352 A Qualcast electric mower together with a flymo strimmer. £0
1353 A girls Huffy style bicycle. £0
1354 Fishing rods with carry bag and stands £0
1355 A large garden storage bin by Keter together with various garden hand tools. £0
1356 A Micra disability scooter with battery and charger. £0
1357 A set of four children's stacking chairs. £0
1358 Two boxes of various hand tools and fittings. £0
1359 Two boxes of Milliken carpet tiles. £0
1360 A box of various hand tools and a Karcher pressure washer. £0
1361 Two suitcases. £0
1362 Two air fans and a chrome and wood folding stool. £0
1363 A Notting of London manual grinding wheel with angled bracket stop. £0
1364 A plastic coloumned bird bath. £0
1365 A New Milton advertising laundry box. £0
1366 A Kawasaki TD33 petrol brushcutter. £0
1367 A Ryobi petrol brushcutter. £0
1368 An Invacare Taurus mobility scooter with charger. £0
1369 A set of cast iron Avery scales to weigh to ten kilos in red. £0
1370 A TGA mobility trike with charger. £0
1371 A wooden canary cage. £0
1372 A vanity mirror. £0
1373 Two suitcases. £0
1374 A pair of wooden display cabinets. £0
1375 A wooden hay rake. £0
1376 A Tilley hurricane lamp together with two ottoman style electric lamps. £0
1377 A cantilever toolbox with various hand tools. £0
1378 A Vibropower vibrating disc exerciser. £0
1379 A Parkside generator in a wheeled cage. £0
1380 A wooden storage box. £0
1381 A woodbound travel trunk with fitted inner tray. £0
1382 A fifteen drawer metal Bisley cabinet. £0
1383 A Vax upright hoover. £0
1384 A golf trolley and two bags of golf clubs. £0
1385 A Bosch rotak electric mower together with two strimmers. £0
1386 A nine drawer metal Bisley cabinet. £0
1387 A wheelchair and a braked walking frame. £0
1388 A braked walking frame together with a folding frame. £0
1389 A Casio electronic keyboard. £0
1390 A small compressor (a/f). £0
1391 A Black & Decker lawnraker together with a Nutool leaf blower. £0
1392 A selection of electrical garden tools to include strimmer, hedge trimmer, edger and leaf blower. £0
1393 A Qualcast Concord 320 mower together with a Flymo blower/vac. £0
1400 A set of wrought iron garden driveway gates together with a pedestrian gate. £0
1401 An Apollo XC26 mountain bike. £0
1402 A "Bunny Business" rabbit hutch. £0
1403 A circular folding garden table with four folding wooden chairs. £0
1404 Four ceramic planters. £0
1405 A concrete garden statue of a cat. £0
1406 A pair of oak half barrel planters and a small glass top table. £0
1407 An Outback charcoal BBQ model bakehouse. £0
1408 A group of six pine doors. £0
1409 A circular folding garden table with four folding wooden chairs. £0
1410 A wooden garden bench. £0
1411 A circular garden table with four chairs. £0
1412 An AL-KO hobby garden rotavator. £0
1413 An Atco cylinder petrol mower with grass box. £0
1414 A pair of iron driveway gates. £0
1415 A circular folding garden table. £0
1416 One large stone garden pot with floral reliefs to sides. £0
1417 A garden bench with wooden slats. £0
1418 A gnome statue, watering can and two buoys, tin trunk etc. £0
1419 A large two tier rabbit hutch. £0
1420 A metal shelf unit. £0
1421 A set of four concrete planters. £0
1422 A set of three garden folding chairs. £0
1423 A cast iron garden bench. £0
1424 A metal lattice top folding garden bistro table with two chairs. £0
1425 A cast iron garden bench with wooden slats. £0
1426 A Spear & Jackson petrol lawnmower. £0
1427 A folding garden table and two chairs. £0
1428 A cast iron chiminea together with a winter salt spreader and a small dog cage. £0
1429 A plastic garden table with four stacking chairs. £0
1430 A selection of various wooden crates. £0
1431 A garden compost bin. £0
1432 A harlequin set of garden chairs. £0
1433 Several sheets of polycarbonate. £20
1434 A half barrel planter. £0
1435 A Ifor Williams enclosed trailer with two spare wheels. £200
1436 A circular garden table and six folding chairs. £0
1437 A dog kennel and a small hutch. £0
1438 A set of four stacking garden chairs with full seat cushions. £0
1439 A pair of steamer chairs minus the footrests. £0
1440 A wooden bistro table with two chairs. £0
1441 A set of heavyweight ornate garden gates. £0
1442 A Mac/Allister electric mower. £0
1443 A set of wooden ladders together with a stepladder. £0
1444 A complete large shower enclosure. £0
1445 A glazed door and window together with cupboard doors. £0
1446 A pallet of facia boards. £100
1447 A half barrel water feature with hand pump together with a fuel can. £0
1448 A metal folding garden table with wooden slats together with two chairs. £0
1449 A wrought iron tri-fold garden screen. £0
1500 A modern hi-fi cabinet. £0
1501 An oak glazed bookcase. £0
1502 An oak narrow bookcase. £0
1503 A reproduction coffee table together with a coat and hat rack. £0
1504 A circular pine kitchen table. £0
1505 A pair of oak elbow chairs (af). £0
1506 A grey painted draw-leaf dining table resting on turned supports. £0
1507 A reproduction mahogany side cabinet and a low occasional table. £0
1508 A vintage pine chest of four drawers. £0
1509 An oak drop-leaf table. £0
1510 An oval mahogany occasional table together with a small sofa table. £0
1511 Three mahogany dining chairs. £0
1512 A drop-leaf table with two wheelback chairs. £0
1513 A double wall cupboard with louvred doors together with two mirrors. £0
1514 A pine single drawer bedside cabinet. £0
1515 A pair of Chelmsford speakers. £0
1516 A large draw-leaf D end dining table. £0
1517 Three occasional tables. £0
1518 A mahogany wind-out dining table with two spare leaves, all resting on cabriole legs to ceramic castors. £0
1519 A set of six Edwardian mahogany dining chairs together with one other. £0
1520 An oak pot cupboard. £0
1521 An oak small bureau on stand with single drawer to front. £0
1522 A mahogany side table with single drawer to front. £0
1523 A reproduction pine chest of three drawers. £0
1524 An oak refectory dining table. £0
1525 An oak library table. £0
1526 A pair of rattan seated mahogany chairs together with a stool. £0
1527 A small pine chest of three drawers. £0
1528 A three drawer filing cabinet together with keys. £0
1529 A reproduction 30's style armchair. £0
1530 A reproduction oak two door cabinet with single drawer to front. £0
1531 A vintage mahogany chest of four drawers. £0
1532 A Novum sewing machine table. £0
1533 A butler's tray top table (af). £0
1534 An oak open bookcase together with a piano stool and mirror. £0
1535 A two tier bamboo table together with an oak cake stand. £0
1536 A camphor wood carved storage box. £0
1537 A dressing chest of four drawers. £0
1538 A two tier bamboo hall table. £0
1539 An oak chest of three drawers resting on stilt legs to castors. £0
1540 An oak occasional table together with a standard lamp. £0
1541 An octagonal occasional table together with three various chairs. £0
1542 An oak smokers beau chair (some damage to back rail).Together with a brass topped table. £0
1543 A 70's coffee table together with a sewing box and a two tier table. £0
1544 A circular blockwood extending dining table. £0
1545 A pair of Ekornes stressless armchair recliners with footstools. £0
1546 An Ekornes stressless reclining three piece suite. £0
1547 A red faux leather tub chair with stool under. £0
1548 An oak three shelved open bookcase. £0
1549 A pair of oak armchairs upholstered in brown floral dralon. £0
1550 An oak bureau. £0
1551 A mahogany four drawer chest. £0
1552 A mahogany sideboard resting on cabriole legs. £0
1553 A collection of various small tables and a standard lamp. £0
1554 A small occasional table together with a commode stool. £0
1555 A vintage school desk together with a drop-leaf table. £0
1556 A large vintage rug (af). £0
1557 A pair of heavy duty trestle tables. £0
1558 A narrow bookcase with cupboard under together with a bedside cabinet and a small table. £0
1559 Two narrow open bookcases. £0
1560 A vintage Bentwood babies high chair. £0
1561 A vintage pine kitchen table with a single drawer to front. £0
1562 An oak side table with single drawer to front together with a firescreen table. £0
1563 A mahogany china display cabinet. £0
1564 A selection of various furniture. £0
1565 A two drawer chest. £0
1566 A large pine framed mirror. £0
1567 An oak chest of four drawers. £0
1568 A chrome and black hairdresser's rise and fall chair together with two stools. £0
1569 A pair of chrome and black hairdressers rise and fall chairs. £0
1570 A pair of chrome and black hairdresser's rise and fall chairs. £0
1571 A pair of chrome and black hairdresser's rise and fall chairs. £0
1572 A folding works stool together with a standard lamp. £0
1573 An ELAN overhead salon hair dryer on stand. £0
1574 A two tier side table. £0
1575 A Foil Effect hair salon overhead dryer on stand. £0
1576 An Electone electric organ with stool. £0
1577 A two tier tea trolley together with a highback chair and magazine rack table. £0
1578 Four tables and two high chairs. £0
1579 A Black office chair. £0
1580 A carpet runner. £0
1581 A high back bedroom chair together with a brass tray top table and a dining chair. £0
1582 A pine three drawer dresser. £0
1583 A Beko upright five drawer freezer. £0
1584 A G-plan draw-leaf dining table in teak with four dining chairs. £0
1585 A vintage pantry cupboard. £0
1586 A pine three shelved open bookcase. £0
1587 A nine bay storage locker together with a wooden storage box. £30
1588 Two brass fenders. £0
1589 Three beech dining chairs and a folding tray table. £0
1590 A pair of chrome and white leatherette seated chairs. £0
1591 A beech wood kitchen table with inset tiled top. £0
1592 A captains chair with button back leather upholstery. £0
1593 A 70's style kitchen table with four chairs. £0
1594 A two piece suite comprising a three seater and two seater settee in black leather. £0
1595 A modern light oak four drawer open bookcase. £0
1596 A modern wall unit. £0
1597 A Hotpoint 7kg washing machine. £0
1598 A Hotpoint reversomatic tumble drier. £0
1599 A modern computer desk with an office chair. £0
1600 A china display cabinet. £0
1601 A pine kitchen table with a single drawer to end. £0
1602 A oak kneehole desk. £0
1603 A nathan teak corner cupboard with crosshatch doors below. £0
1604 A twin school desk with inkwell covers. £0
1605 A set of four pin chapel chairs. £0
1606 A set of four oak dining chairs resting on barley twist supports. £0
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