Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 18 March 2017

Date: 18th March 2017 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

1001 A silver plate Samovar (af). £10.00
1003 A wall hanging metal sculpture of sailing yachts. £20.00
1004 A MARC globe transistor radio. £28.00
1005 A biscuit barrel, sugar canister and glass animal ornaments. £10.00
1007 A wooden box containing various tie pins. £15.00
1008 A jug and bowl set together with another and model vehicles. £5.00
1009 A river radar spares box containing amps and fuses. £18.00
1010 A brass thermometer depicting a ships wheel on stand, a brass telescope (tripod missing leg) and two metal playing card cases. £10.00
1011 A tin of cutlery, two pewter items and a boxed carving set. £15.00
1012 Two vintage metal cash boxes. £20.00
1015 A brass inlaid wooden writing slope. £18.00
1017 Various items to include the residue of an early tea set, Masonic items, binoculars, clock etc. £20.00
1021 Various silver plate items to include tea pot, tankards, bowls, candle stick, jugs and cutlery. £38.00
1024 A Poole pottery pot £15.00
1025 Various brass items. £20.00
1026 Six cast iron vegetable signs. (R162) £12.50
1027 A boxed Walker's Excelsior IV patent log for yachts, motor launches and fishing craft together with another item. £18.00
1028 The residue of two Czechoslovakia tea sets. £5.00
1030 Cut glass items to include vases and bowls, a Royal Doulton animal ornament, together with a box of cutlery. £30.00
1031 A cast bust of Hitler. (R190) £18.33
1032 A Stanley of London boxed sextant. £15.00
1037 An ornate canon. £22.00
1039 A low wooden mantle clock. No glass on face. £30.00
1040 A model plastic steam engine together with a metal log trailer. £25.00
1041 Various items to include boxes, watches, keys and other items. £35.00
1042 Three prints of maps together with various glassware. £22.00
1043 Various Old Chinese and Japanese vases and other china. £30.00
1044 Various Wedgewood Bridge scene plates, a Poole pottery Beardsley collection trinket box and other items. £15.00
1045 The model of a Fire Engine. £10.00
1046 A jug and basin set Royal Winton Ivory by Grimwades together with two Aynsley vases. £5.00
1047 Various items to include tankards, hip flask, dressing table set, barometer and metal figures. £10.00
1048 Two boxes of various china to include decorative plates, vases, jugs and Wade items. £10.00
1050 Three boxes of glassware. £10.00
1052 Good quantity of empty model railway boxes includes Hornby, Kitmaster and others. Contained in two large boxes. £10.00
1053 Mixed lot of toys, includes Astron game, selection of spare tinplate wheels and a Schabak Concorde model. £35.00
1054 Selection of plastic toy vehicles. £18.00
1055 Various pictures. £60.00
1056 A boxed Meade telescope model 114/900 EQ1-B. £25.00
1057 Three small boxes of mostly children's books. £20.00
1058 Good quantity of unboxed diecast buses and other vehicles. £20.00
1059 An easel with watercolours, a wooden case containing various pencils and a bag of sketch pads £65.00
1060 A box of children's annuals to include The Beano and The Dandy. £80.00
1061 Two boxes of various china to include Wedgewood and Mason's. £20.00
1061A A box containing a large quantity of machine lace edging and binding. £15.00
1062 Three boxes of books. £20.00
1064 Mixed lot of toys, includes Triang or similar pressed steel truck for restoration and two Bendy Toys including Babar. £20.00
1065 Box of Giles and Andy Capp books. £65.00
1070 Various silver plate items to include boxed cutlery. £28.00
1072 Various items to include a vintage lamp, radios, a Raydyot fog lamp together with a satchel and purses. £10.00
1073 An ophthalmic Topcon focimeter together with a radio and another item. £10.00
1074 Quantity of assorted diecast and plastic models. £65.00
1075 A collection of items to include clocks, a wooden lamp, newspaper rack and wall hanging shelf. £30.00
1076 Various items to include ornaments, a silver plate tray, crystal glasses and the residue of a Royal Albion tea set. £10.00
1077 Various modern Chinese and Japanese vases, ornaments and other china. £40.00
1078 Three various mirrors. £22.00
1080 a box of photographic items to include projectors. £10.00
1082 A box of various name shields, key rings and large hardboard painted shields. £20.00
1083 Fourteen collectors plates to include Royal Doulton and Royal Worcester. £10.00
1085 Fireside cast iron items to include a knight companion set together with a cast iron vent depicting Wicks Street Kettering. £15.00
1086 A collection of souvenir spoons. £28.00
1087 Maritime items to include a print of H.M.S Victory, two other prints, a wooden and brass small ships wheel, a mirror and a E.S. Ritchie & Sons compass. £30.00
1088 A model plane with broken wing. £15.00
1089 A ceramic elephant seat. £10.00
1091 Four various pictures. £10.00
1092 A Pye Transhailer megaphone. £15.00
1093 Three ceiling lights with glass droplets. £45.00
1094 A child's metal wheelbarrow together with a Wellskelo tricycle. £20.00
1095 A Singer sewing machine. £20.00
1096 A wooden boxed picnic table. £12.00
1098 A sewing box containing various sewing items. £20.00
1099 A collection of silver plate items to include candle stick and trophies. £20.00
1100 A boxed Hohner Tango ll accordion. £28.00
1102 Four boxes of china to include tea pots, the residue of various tea sets, plates etc. £15.00
1104 Five boxes of books £20.00
1106 Various blue and white china together with various ornaments to include West German Sylvac and Hornsea. £30.00
1107 Various vases to include West German. £15.00
1107A A mixed lot including a plastic 'Scalex' toy boat, a toy baby grand piano (legs missing) and exercise springs. £10.00
1108 Four Nat West piggy banks. £10.00
1108A Six ceramic jelly moulds together with a vintage toaster. £10.00
1110 Three various size wicker baskets. £18.00
1112 The residue of a Wedgewood Mayfield tea/dinner service together with a wall hanging mirror. £10.00
1114 An Olivetti studio 44 typewriter. £10.00
1116 A brass table lamp, a small wooden barrel, copper plates and various ornaments. £22.00
1117 A boxed Panasonic stereo music centre. £22.00
1119 A box of 78's to include Pat Boone, Winifred Atwell and Doris Day. £10.00
1120 Two boxes of books mostly custome and dressmaking. £35.00
1121 Two boxes of L.P's. £10.00
1124 A box of DVD's and a box of CD's, PS3 and Wii games. £15.00
1126 A Zennox telescope on tripod. £15.00
1128 A boxed table top easel, a wooden case containing a quantity of watercolours and a briefcase containing sketch pads. £80.00
1130 A box containing the residue of various tea sets. £5.00
1133 An Orion 8 track solid state stereo/dual music system. £10.00
1135 Brass items to include a fire screen,door knobs, candle sticks and stair rods. £30.00
1137 a large quantity of Midwinter Riverside tea/dinner service. £10.00
1139 An easel, a wooden case containing oil paints together with a plastic box of paints and a briefcase of sketch pads. £90.00
1140 A Britex microscope projector P.053 together with another. £15.00
1141 An folding easel with handle, a wooden box containing pastels and a bag containing sketch pads. £100.00
1142 Three log baskets. £22.00
1143 A metal glass panelled ceiling shade together withfour wooden carved wall lights. £35.00
1144 A child's metal bouncing horse. £15.00
1145 Six large pictures posters of Heraldic scrolls. £15.00
1146 A large camera case together with a smaller camera case and various photographic items. £20.00
1149 A box of electrical items to include map reader, radio,phone etc. £10.00
1150 Moonbar source DMX LED Disco Lighting Panels x 2. Complete with leads. £30.00
1151 A wicker fishing basket together with two Mitchell Adventure rods. £18.00
1152 Various clocks. £10.00
1153 A Cresta sewing machine in case. £10.00
1154 Two electric Silver Reed typewriters. £5.00
1155 A Casali Verona Italia accordion. (af) £28.00
1156 a wooden six branch ceiling light with glass shades together with a marbled glass shade. £10.00
1158 Wooden Chinese masks together with other masks. £20.00
1159 A box containing a quantity of dressmaking patterns to include bridal gowns. £70.00
1161 Two boxes of various materials. £10.00
1163 Two reel to reel players. £10.00
1164 Various items to include a wall hanging clock,an exterior cast iron wall hanging candle holder, quantity of badges with other items. £15.00
1165 Three pairs of men's Next jeans 34R boot, 34R loose and 32R boot. (11) £22.00
1167 A collection of pictures. £10.00
1168 Two boxes of various materials. £15.00
1169 Two boxes of books. £10.00
1170 Two boxes of various materials. £10.00
1171 A metal trunk containing bathroom items, shoe trees and a typewriter. £10.00
1172 Six boxed performance gaming headsets. (34) £10.00
1173 A ITT KB record player together with a reel to reel player. £25.00
1174 a boxed brass cutlery set together with brass candle sticks. £15.00
1175 A vintage Imperial typewriter. £35.00
1176 Two boxes of children's puzzles, toys and two sets of Airfix Betta Bilda. £22.00
1178 Four boxes of various china to include plates, jugs, a planter and ornaments. £28.00
1179 A wooden framed mirror together with a gilt framed mirror. £15.00
1180 A box of Rail Passenger timetables together with miscellaneous working timetables and general appendices operating inssstructions, rules and regulations. £10.00
1181 Six boxed performance gaming headsets. (34) £20.00
1182 A small collection of DVDS to include Sex in the City and Star Trex. £10.00
1183 A Logitech speaker system. £10.00
1184 Body Shop items to include a boxed set, mango body scrub with others. (7) £10.00
1185 Two boxes of Lego Speed Champions and a boxed Nexo nights. (5) £22.00
1186 A bose stereo surround sound system. £50.00
1187 A box of L.P's. £10.00
1188 Three projectors together with two other items. £5.00
1189 Three boxes of books and a box of travel books. £15.00
1191 Two boxes of picture frames. £40.00
1194 Various blue and white china to include a vase. £22.00
1197 A box containing a quantity of children's fancy dress patterns. £35.00
1198 Four various prints. £45.00
1199 Three boxes of of wooden plaques some with name shields. £55.00
1200 Two fibreglass signs depicting The Sydney Arms. £10.00
1201 A yellow angle poise standard lamp. £15.00
1202 A pair of framed prints of Henry the eighth and Henry the sixth both on horseback. £10.00
1204 A Canteen of cutlery, boxed knives and a boxed silver plate tea set £25.00
1205 Cameras to include a Polaroid, Fuji digital with others together with a Brownie 8 movie projector a cine camera and a screen. £10.00
1207 A box of various china to include stone ware items, Poole pottery planter and the residue of a Furnivals Quail. £15.00
1208 A box of china and a box of glassware. £10.00
1210 Four boxes of books. £12.00
1211 A box of china to include vases, lamps, ornaments and a Poole pottery dolphin. £25.00
1212 A butlers tray, a brass clock and a radio depicting Route 66 gas pump. £18.00
1213 Two photography enlargers. £10.00
1214 Six boxed performance gaming headsets. (23) £10.00
1215 A wooden box, a cut glass jug with silver plate top, a tea canister and tea cards. (27,32) £28.00
1216 An alluminium camera case containing various cameras. £30.00
1218 A large box of bric a brac. £18.00
1219 A box of glassware to include dessert glasses,a lazy Susan and fridge magnets. £8.00
1221 A box of Dorset books. £30.00
1222 Various items to include telephones, a clock together with children's toys microscope, sewing machine, and a sketch master. £10.00
1223 Four pairs of binoculars together with a gas mask. £15.00
1224 Four boxed halogen single down lighters. (22) £10.00
1225 A box of various games to include a doll. £10.00
1226 A box of glassware and a box containing china, tankards and other items. £28.00
1227 A box of glasses with a decanter together with a vintage bed cover. £10.00
1228 Two large boxes one containing wooden shields and one containing picture frames. £30.00
1229 Various wall lights with glass droplets and a boxed ceiling light. £40.00
1230 A box of various china to include blue and white plates and a Old Country Roses Royal Albert tea pot. £30.00
1231 Three boxes of books to include a bible. £15.00
1232 A three dish hostess trolley. £15.00
1233 A large fibreglass pub sign depicting The Sydney Arms. £22.00
1234 Various cameras to include Polaroid Agfamatic together with other photography items. £15.00
1235 Three Hasbro Action Man items: Mountain Bike Extreme; Hovercraft Hydro Jet; Scuba Extreme. £35.00
1237 A cast iron cup rack. (R132) £12.50
1238 China items to include ornaments, vases, a Wedgewood bowl and a Sylvac rabbit wall pocket and a Whitefriars glass posy vase. £60.00
1239 Various china to include Sylvac and Wedgewood. £20.00
1240 A suitcase containing various railway items together with a boxed Ford RS Cosworth Scalextric set with accessories. £40.00
1241 Various cameras to include Polaroid, Halina, JVC and Koroll. £25.00
1244 A cast bronze lamp depicting Mercuryon a globe with broken arm.(31) £15.00
1244A A box of custome jewellery and other items. £22.00
1245 A Nickel Marburg sight in leather case together with a pair of Praktica binoculars and a camera bag.(6)(2)(13) £35.00
1246 A box of watches and a box of clock and watch parts. £15.00
1247 A mother of pearl inlaid box with key, a Players tin, a novelty lighter depicting a car, a golfing pen and a wooden and brass nutcracker. £22.00
1248 Various bags, hip flask, cigarette case, small box of coins and a watch. £5.00
1249 A box of various china to include Aynsley, Tupton ware etc. £20.00
1250 Five fitness boards for use with WII. (20,28,29) £10.00
1251 Wall hanging lights with glass droplets, a ceiling light with glass droplets, cutlery and furniture handles. £45.00
1253 A bucket containing silver plate items. (19) £10.00
1254 Two boxes of glassware to include decanters,vases, decanter tops and a paperweight. £15.00
1256 A boxed wall clock. (26) £10.00
1257 A collection of watches to include a Rotary waterproof chronospeed. (4)(34) £10.00
1258 A box of costume jewellery £15.00
1259 A box of costume jewellery. (30,25) £8.00
1260 A silver gilt necklace together with a silver and gold ring. £10.00
1261 Silver and jade mixed jewellery to include rings and a necklace. £95.00
1262 A silver charm bracelet and eight charms. £30.00
1263 A silver charm bracelet and twenty plus charms. £45.00
1264 A silver charm bracelet and charms. £10.00
1267 A silver charm bracelet and charms. £22.00
1268 A silver h/m Links of London amethyst ring together with a pair of silver earrings. £10.00
1269 A silver charm bracelet and six good charms, some metamorphic. £18.00
1270 A 9 carat gold ladies' antique set Cameo ring. £30.00
1271 A 9 carat white gold ladies' diamond set ring. £40.00
1272 A 9 carat white gold and pink topaz ring. £25.00
1274 A 9 carat white gold ladies' diamond half eternity ring. £25.00
1275 Two 9 carat gold ladies diamond rings, 1 set with peridot. £130.00
1276 A 9 carat white gold ladies' pink topaz cross over ring. £30.00
1277 A 9 carat white gold ladies' diamond and amber stone set ring. £35.00
1278 A 9 carat gold ladies' emerald set ring. £35.00
1279 An 18 carat gold and platinum set ladies' diamond solitaire ring with diamond shoulders, approx. size 0.4ct, Size O. £275.00
1280 A 9ct gold ring with three small diamonds . (1) £20.00
1281 A gold ring with stones (3) £10.00
1282 A 7" TFT led monitor for car reversing.(24) £10.00
1283 A large teddy sat in a chair ceramic head and paws. £30.00
1284 A large quantity of various thimbles to include some silver together with stands. £300.00
1285 A Betty Boo doorstop (f). (R184) £23.33
1286 Two ceramic Shire horses and wagons. (Small one has broken leg) £10.00
1287 A slate mantle clock. (16) £15.00
1288 A vintage Dorset County Fire service helmet. (21) £20.00
1289 A box containing a quantity of watches. £10.00
1290 A selection of eight Paul Atterbury's railway books together with vols 1+2 of travels in Georgian Devon by Reverend John Swete (1789-1800) both books are limited editions. £20.00
1291 A cased Panasonic VHS movie camera, a Panasonic MC5 VHS compact movie camera together with another. £10.00
1292 Metal items to include a fire hose, keys and scales. £15.00
1293 A box containing a quantity of fancy dress making patterns. £75.00
1295 A metallic black Specialized Allez lightweight road race bicycle, lightweight aluminium quick release rims, fabric covered handlebars with integrated brake and gear change handles satin black seat and handlebar stems with shimano gearing.(35) £110.00
1296 A satin black and white Cube Level nine mountain bike with fully adjustable XCM front shocks, disc brakes to front and rear Shimano Acera gearing , tourney TX pedal arms and chain guard. (37) £180.00
1297 A Satin grey Carrera Vengeance 6061 T6 mountain bike with black XCM fully adjustable front shocks, disc brakes to front and rear, SRAM X4 gearing and lightweight pedal bars, drinks holder, Tekero brake levers with reinforced lightweight frame. (36) £95.00
1298 A Raleigh Pioneer classic gentlemen bicycle, light sports Chain guard, nimrod rear rack, full mud guards shimano 515 gearing together with an original Raleigh pump. (39) £20.00
1299 A satin black and orange Cuda jump bike, Cuda adjustable front shocks, Shimano gearing, Promax brake levers with elongated saddle stem, chain guard etc. (38) £15.00
1299A A Neo Mercury blue mobility scooter. £180.00
1300 A stihl fs 36 garden strimmer. £28.00
1300A A concord neo pushchair £15.00
1302 A pair of wooden candle lamps. £15.00
1303 Two suitcases. £8.00
1304 A avery weighing scales with counter weights. £12.00
1305 A electric motor £10.00
1306 A metal toolbox and two Scorpion saws. £12.00
1308 Fourteen packs of self adhesive vinyl planks with two rolls of underlay. £150.00
1310 A axminster 2.5hp compressor £22.00
1311 A wooden storage box with internal candle box. £18.00
1312 A wilson golf bag on trolley with set of ram clubs. £8.00
1313 A modern Tutunkhamun cd & video storage sarcophagus. £60.00
1314 A pine blanket box £10.00
1315 A metal bound trunk. £10.00
1316 A pine blanket box. £15.00
1319 A box of CB radios and mics. £18.00
1320 A box of various hand tools and sprayers. £15.00
1321 A Pirhama ms580 petrol chainsaw . £20.00
1322 A magic lantern with stand. £30.00
1323 A power 370w mortise machine in box. £40.00
1325 A large metal fish £65.00
1327 Apower master laser level with tripod all boxed. £12.00
1328 A einhall asb-g 18v bty drill with charger all in case. £20.00
1330 A kinso bench grinder. £20.00
1331 A MT-9999 18" petrol chainsaw. £35.00
1332 A black and decker quattro set andbty drill (no btys). £5.00
1333 A titan dual 14.4v drill set in case. £22.00
1335 A box of hand tools and a box of axle stands. £18.00
1338 A selection of four carved wooden panels. £5.00
1339 A twin pack of skyline advertising stands. £10.00
1339A A kxd moto childs quad bike. £35.00
1340 Two tool boxes with various vintage tools. £22.00
1341 Two wooden boxes of various tools. £22.00
1342 Two boxes of various hand tools. £10.00
1343 A box full of various power tools. £10.00
1345 A collection of various vintage toe jacks and a pipe vice. £22.00
1346 A fifteen drawer metal cabinet. £20.00
1347 A draper 16"fret saw. £18.00
1348 Fishing rods and two reels with a wicker basket. £15.00
1349 A decorative wall mirror with Kingswood and boxwood inlay. £10.00
1350 A plasic topped fold over table . £45.00
1351 A large hanging fish on metal braket. £120.00
1352 A collection of various metal items. £25.00
1353 Two jardiniere stands. £20.00
1354 A caravan aquaroll and two buoys. £20.00
1355 A Husqvarna 51 18" petrol chainsaw. £60.00
1356 Two vintage wooden tool boxes. £15.00
1357 A Canadian 77 logging petrol chainsaw. £40.00
1358 A PowerPoint 780w petrol generator. £25.00
1359 Two boxes of various hand tools. £18.00
1360 A box of vehicle spares ,wash kit,footpumps etc. £15.00
1361 Two boxes of various hand tools. £10.00
1362 A large metal wall hanging swordfish. £85.00
1363 A pit bike. £20.00
1364 A LG fridge freezer. £10.00
1365 A white knight tumble dryer £20.00
1366 Two twenty ltr. Jerrycans. £5.00
1368 A wooden tool box together with a cantilever toolbox. £28.00
1369 A box of light bulbs and fitments. £8.00
1370 A mighty mig 130xt welding kit £30.00
1371 A protoy 135 air rush kite surfing board.(9) £5.00
1372 A stihl sh55 petrol leaf blower. £45.00
1373 Two baskets of vintage hand tools. £75.00
1374 A wooden tool box and tools with two vintage fuel cans. £15.00
1375 A four tier growhose new in box. £10.00
1376 A pair of children's teak folding garden chairs. £20.00
1377 A selection of various metal items. £35.00
1379 A flymo maxi-trim lite strimmer £10.00
1380 A flymo lite xlt250 strimmer £12.00
1381 A echo petrol hedge trimmer. £18.00
1382 A treadle operated fretsaw. £22.00
1383 Motocross protective boots ,chest guard and helmet. £10.00
1384 A karioke set. £8.00
1386 A stihl hs45 petrol hedgetrimmer. (10) £110.00
1387 Two boxes of avit electrician's tool sets.(18) £15.00
1388 A 18v battery powered makita grinder.(8) £55.00
1389 A makita 10.8v double drill set in box (33). £80.00
1390 A mcullock petrol leaf blower. £10.00
1391 Three terracotta planters. £5.00
1393 Two wooden slatted storage boxes. £22.00
1394 A surveyors pentax level together with a tripod stand.(12) £40.00
1395 Three various suitcases. £20.00
1396 A Qualcast punch rotary electric mower and hedgetrimmer. £15.00
1400 Two garden bench's £10.00
1401 A schools coat hanging rack. £10.00
1402 A heavy weight cast iron garden bench. £12.00
1404 Two cast iron lattice back garden bench's. £10.00
1405 A conway ascot 300dl trailer tent. £180.00
1407 A set of six directors chairs. £15.00
1408 Three garden planters and two deers. £12.00
1410 A triple 6 wooden ladder and a metal step ladder. £15.00
1411 A alluminium garden table and six chairs. £45.00
1412 A garden gated arbour and driveway gates. £30.00
1413 Four twenty ltr jerrycans. £5.00
1414 A cast iron garden roller by Barford Perkins. £5.00
1415 A Metal gate. £12.00
1419 A bailey sink and cast iron handrail. £15.00
1423 A collection of garden tools. £10.00
1425 A set of driveway gates together with a garden gate. £18.00
1426 A rabbit hutch. £8.00
1427 A victorian clay chimney pot made by g jennings of poole. £55.00
1428 A collection of terracotta plant pots. £30.00
1429 A victorian chimney pot by g jennings of poole. £55.00
1430 Two vintage ruhbarb forcers. £25.00
1431 A selection of various garden tools. £20.00
1432 A metal chimenera £30.00
1434 Two metal gates. £28.00
1436 A saw horse together with a wheelbarrow. £12.00
1440 A concrete garden statue of a man sitting £25.00
1441 A victorian clay fluted chimney pot by g jennings. £95.00
1442 A collection of terracotta plant pots. £22.00
1443 A victorian fluted chimney pot by g jennings. £95.00
1444 A singer sewing machine treadle base. £25.00
1445 A garden table and four chairs with two loungers and a umbrella. £18.00
1446 Three painted bed ends. £10.00
1447 A large iron wheel. £15.00
1449 A concrete squirrel bench. £20.00
1451 A set of driveway gates . £12.00
1452 A set of six stacking alluminium garden chairs. £10.00
1453 A little tikes wendy house. £10.00
1454 A folding teak garden table. £18.00
1455 A metal work table with a single drawer to front. £30.00
1458 A wooden works table. £20.00
1459 A set of four folding garden chairs. £15.00
1460 A hayter hunter 46 petrol lawnmower. £28.00
1462 A pair of street lamps.(41) £40.00
1463 A large wooden park bench. £30.00
1465 A tinted glass garden table. £10.00
1466 A set of three concrete planters. £25.00
1467 A set of four folding teak garden chairs. £30.00
1468 Two tin trunks and a deck chair. £15.00
1470 A large set of metal driveway gates with pier poles. £10.00
1471 A 12ft double wooden ladder and a metal stepladder. £10.00
1500 A bevelled edge mirror in a red painted frame. £5.00
1502 A stag seven drawer painted chest. £10.00
1503 A stag six drawer painted chest. £10.00
1504 A stag bedside cabinet with single drawer. £5.00
1505 A French style tallboy resting on plinth base. £8.00
1509 A triumph metal document cupboard with a royale four drawer filing cabinet.. £25.00
1510 A stag dressing table with astool and trifold mirror9 £10.00
1511 A pair of stag bedside tables with slide outs. £10.00
1513 A rattan conservatory chair. £5.00
1514 A stag chest of three drawers. £10.00
1515 A french fold away wie tasting table. £40.00
1516 A edwardian pine washstand. £25.00
1517 A modern woven wicker single door side cabinet £12.00
1519 A large pine dresser base with two drawers and cupboard below. £18.00
1520 A four tier open bookcase with column supports. £18.00
1521 A set of four beechwood kitchen chairs. £25.00
1522 A set of three Victorian and mahogany bone line inlaid drawing room chairs £10.00
1523 A modern beechwood dressing table. £15.00
1524 A 70,s style kitchen table. £5.00
1525 A pine tv stand single drawer to base. £15.00
1529 A set of four ashwood barback chairs. £30.00
1530 A modern snap top table together with two barback kitchen chairs. £18.00
1531 A reproduction blanket box. £10.00
1533 A modern pine chest of five long and two short drawers. £30.00
1538 A pair of three drawer bedside cabinets. £12.00
1539 A medium sized rug. £18.00
1542 A pine wall corner cabinet with afive drawer mini chest. £30.00
1545 A wooden standard lamp with shade. £5.00
1549 Two vintage cinema seats. £50.00
1550 A pair of victorian chairs. £10.00
1553 A home office by newcraft ltd. £35.00
1554 A metabo saw bench with extending tables d-72622. £100.00
1557 A nest of three tables. £5.00
1559 A hexagonal cupboard with a two tier occasional table. £5.00
1560 A pine dressing table with three drawers. £10.00
1561 A pair of pine three drawer bedside cabinets. £22.00
1563 A short flap drop leaf table. £10.00
1567 A pair of brown velour tub chairs. £20.00
1569A A welsh dresser with glazed doors to top. £10.00
1570 Two rolls of red carpet. £20.00
1571 A set of four kitchen pine chairs and two stools. £20.00
1572 A pine three drawer chest. £10.00
1573 A singer industrial sewing machine on metal base. £65.00
1576 A pine four drawer chest. £30.00
1579 A mahogany buffet cupboard. £10.00
1583 Victorian design two seater settle and easy chair in beige floral velour £20.00
1584 A double mamoth mattress 6' 4"" x 5'. £70.00
1585 A double mamoth mattress 6'4" x5'. £80.00
1594 A pine narrow double wardrobe. £10.00
1600 Two oak railback kitchen chairs. £15.00
1601 Three circular chinese sculpted rugs. £5.00
1602 A oak wash stand together with a bamboo tablle and basket. £5.00
1603 A stand alone vanity unit with a heritage sink. £20.00
1605 A LG direct drive washer dryer £130.00
1606 A wheelchair £10.00
1609 A john lewis tumble dryer. £10.00
1610 A selection of chinese sculpted rugs and runners. £22.00
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