Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 22 April 2017

Date: 22nd April 2017 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday 

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

1001 Various Blue Mountain ornaments. £25.00
1002 Three advertising mirrors depicting Guinness, Hall & Woodhouse and Babycham. £20.00
1003 Ornaments to include dogs, elephants, Purbeck fox and squirrel together with a Shire horse and cart. £15.00
1006 Various items to include two Dickens ornaments, a clock, cameras, cigarette case etc. £15.00
1008 Four Shell signs. (R155) £20.00
1009 Various glass decanters. £20.00
1010 Various oriental items Including miniatures and ornaments. £15.00
1011 An ornate chess board with drawers under together with other items. £20.00
1012 Various blue and white ornaments to include oriental and others. £10.00
1013 A mixed lot including a pair of cased binoculars by Prinz, a Blood Pressure Gauge in original box and telephone switchboard apparatus. £10.00
1015 Various glassware to include vases. £15.00
1018 A box containing various items to include a Roberts radio, pictures, the residue of a Portmeirion Phoenix coffee set together with a boxed six piece tea set, Wedgewood Susie Cooper design. £28.00
1020 The residue of a tea/dinner service, Royal Stafford various blue and white plates and a boxed Royal Worcester set. £18.00
1021 A mixed collection of tea sets. £30.00
1023 An assorted selection of tea sets and china ornaments. £10.00
1024 Various silver plate and brass items together with empty boxes. £20.00
1025 Various china to include blue and white plates, a jug and Alexandria platter and terrines. £55.00
1026 Various ornaments to include Pendelfin, Sylvac and Fauna. £15.00
1027 A Sky Baby portable radio together with a boxed Bush radio. £30.00
1028 Six cast iron vegetable signs. (R163) £15.00
1029 Five nautical pictures. £40.00
1030 A Roberts radio. £12.00
1031 A small boxed microscope together with a box of slides. £20.00
1034 A large metal crown, love birds on a swing together with a silver coloured animal skull. £35.00
1035 A blue angle poise lamp. £20.00
1036 A resin desk lamp depicting a girl and boy together with a brass table lamp. £10.00
1037 A vintage His Masters Voice radio together with a vintage G. Marconi radio. £10.00
1039 Resin items to include two clown ornaments and an oriental vase. £10.00
1040 Two pair of binoculars together with a Polaroid camera and a Coronet. £18.00
1043 Poole pottery items to include the residue of a Summer Glory tea/dinner service, commemorative mugs, stoneware plate and others. £10.00
1044 An assortment of crystals and gemstones. £45.00
1045 Three Goebel bird ornaments. £20.00
1046 A cast metal door stop depicting a golfer together with an aluminium sign depicting ABC Astley, Brook & Co. Ltd. £15.00
1047 Various china to include a large Fauna jug, ornaments and Goebel birds. £15.00
1048 Various Poole pottery items. £15.00
1049 Various glassware. £8.00
1050 Metal items to include a tin of Meccano, vases, lamp etc. £10.00
1052 Brass items to include bookends, a canon together with various silver plate items. £18.00
1053 Two boxes of ornaments, clocks and Wartime magazines. £15.00
1054 A box of posters including film and foreign releases. £110.00
1056 A collection of tins. £10.00
1057 Various games to include a Prinztronic TV game, Crossfire, Matchbox superfast track, Subbuteo items and a Subbuteo 1982 World Cup England team. £50.00
1058 Various toy figures to include Superman and Batman. £55.00
1059 A large quantity of Poole Pirates Speedway programmes together with commemorative plate and 2 mugs. £15.00
1063 A box containing various fancy dress masks. £25.00
1064 A quantity of Lledo Days Gone diecast models. £50.00
1065 Three boxes of books. £10.00
1067 A collection of 00 gauge trains and Lonestar trains. £60.00
1069 Three various lamp bases together with two shades. (Shades do not fit lamps). £25.00
1071 Mixed china to include Wedgwood, Devon china and others. £10.00
1072 Various ornaments depicting Alsatians, horses and elephants together with fridge magnets. £18.00
1075 Various china and collectables. £15.00
1077 A box of tins. £15.00
1078 A box of brass ware. £18.00
1079 A large collection of pictures. £10.00
1084 A trio of cutlery boxes. £18.00
1085 A wooden ship ornamental gun together with brass items, a lamp, vase jug and an ashtray. £18.00
1087 A large ornament depicting a naked man and lady, a drum and other items. £10.00
1088 A remote control car. £10.00
1090 A large oriental lamp base on wooden stand. £10.00
1091 Two dress hanging rails. £15.00
1092 Easter themed ornaments. £12.00
1093 A box containing wooden kitchenware to include tea and coffee canisters, a bread bin, cheese knives etc. £12.00
1094 Fifteen various sized tripods. £45.00
1095 A quantity of Halloween items, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and three bauble storage boxes. £20.00
1097 An electric, Encore guitar together with a Tambourine and acoustic Caballero guitar. £18.00
1098 A brass and onyx topped table with cigarette box, ashtray and lighter. £20.00
1099 Two precision tool boxes (af). £30.00
1100 Two decorative rugs together with three pictures. £10.00
1101 Three wooden crates depicting Sunparlor of Blandford. £25.00
1102 A Sony large flat screen TV. £140.00
1103 Two acoustic guitars: One Hokada and one The Animal. £18.00
1103A A collection of various sized blinds. £8.00
1104 Wicker baskets, hampers and a small suitcase. £15.00
1108 Various Royal memorabilia tins. £10.00
1109 Assorted grooming and feeding paraphernalia for pet dogs. £12.00
1110 Oriental items to include plates, pictures and small dividers. £15.00
1111 The residue of a Ice Green and Seagull tea/dinner service. £50.00
1112 Various Steins and Toby jugs. £15.00
1113 Mixed china to include vases, jugs etc. £10.00
1115 Four boxes of DVD's. £12.00
1118 A box of LP's. £5.00
1120 A box of Asian Journal. £10.00
1121 A box of china to include the residue of a Kokura Japanese tea set. £10.00
1122 DVD players, TV, Sky+ box and assorted cables to go with them. £25.00
1123 Four boxes of DVD's. £15.00
1126 A collection of L.P's, various musicals. £10.00
1127 A box of TV box sets and films. £25.00
1128 A box of L.P's. £10.00
1129 A suitcase containing bits of material. £10.00
1131 Two compact disc players. £8.00
1132 A collection of fishing rods and reels. £22.00
1134 Two acoustic guitars. A Hondo and Kay. £15.00
1137 A 32" Samsung TV together with a Panasonic DVD Home sound system. £10.00
1139 Various games to include Scrabble, Dominoes, cards, shove ha'penny board and a portapuzzle case. £20.00
1143 A large box containing travelling items to include waterproof bags, case straps, wallets, suitcase scales and other items. £15.00
1144 A shopping trolley containing various bags. £15.00
1145 A long handled boot scraper and brush. (R119) £20.00
1147 Assorted collection of hanging, stair and standard baskets. £10.00
1148 A vintage wooden Murphy's radio. £15.00
1149 A collection of fishing rods and a reel. £15.00
1150 Two table top easels together with another. £20.00
1151 Mirror, with plaster surround depicting naked female figure. £15.00
1152 Two easels. £15.00
1154 A large holdall containing various bags etc. £10.00
1156 A laundry basket containing fancy dress wigs and hats. £12.00
1156A 5' folding garden lattice spire. (R36) £15.00
1157 A boxed Garmin Nüvi 300T personal travel assistant together with a Xtrons car radio with a 7" TFT LCD digital wide colour monitor. £30.00
1158 A boxed Sharp I-elegance music system for a iPod. £15.00
1161 Assortment of watches. £30.00
1165 Various curtain items swags and nets to include three piece suite covers. £10.00
1166 A box of board games, badminton set and soft animal toys. £10.00
1167 Four boxes of DVD's. £12.00
1168 Quantity of OO gauge track. £28.00
1169 A Fidelity portable record player. £20.00
1170 Quantity of diecast models by Corgi and others. £45.00
1171 Two boxes of books. £30.00
1175 Two boxes of china to include plates and vases. £10.00
1177 Quantity of Lledo and Matchbox diecast models. £25.00
1178 A box of miniature railway items. £15.00
1179 A mixed lot to include pens, playing cards, card case, doll's house furniture etc. £8.00
1183 Various china items to include two Paragon coffee pots and a Poole pottery vase. £10.00
1184 A compass in a wooden box together with a map of Poole Bay. £20.00
1185 A perspex light up ice bucket depicting Corona Extra. £10.00
1186 Various items to include a Crown Devon ornament, two games, a wood plane etc. £10.00
1187 Box comprising mostly LNER including wagons parts of Locomotives of the LNER. £30.00
1189 Three three piece cues. £15.00
1190 Selection of film posters. £30.00
1191 Display boards in canvas bag. £35.00
1191A Two boxes containing the residue of various tea sets to include other items. £28.00
1193 Pub related items to include pump heads and clips depicting Whitbread Tankard, Badger Brewery etc and two ceramic wall plaques depicting Courage Best bitter and Flowers original bitter. £65.00
1194 Various ornaments to include birds, dogs and a donkey. £22.00
1196 A collection of puzzles and puzzle boards. £20.00
1200 An inlaid musical table. £20.00
1201 A box containing various Beatles T-shirts, part of a costume and various hats one with badges. £30.00
1202 Glassware to include lamps, a vase, a bowl and a large glass. £15.00
1204 A wicker basket containing various items cutlery, cheese dish and plates. £15.00
1205 Box of railway books. Jane's World Railway Series 1971 - 1986. Two World Railway editions. £15.00
1206 Two boxes of bric-a-brac items, with lamps and coasters. £10.00
1207 A box of toys. £8.00
1209 Two Batik pictures of native scenes to include huts on stilts and boats in the background. £10.00
1210 Various walking sticks and a seat stick. £10.00
1212 A collection of Lledo diecast vehicles. £10.00
1213 A small box containing a water jug, a Rollel camera, two commemorative mugs and a clock. £15.00
1214 Trumpet and shell case. £30.00
1215 A Ferguson four-track two speed tape recorder. £8.00
1216 A small wall hanging display cabinet. £10.00
1219 A box of L.P's together with two boxes of vinyl singles to include a boxed special limited edition of David Bowie Day in Day out. £50.00
1220 Two boxes of shipping and canal books. £35.00
1221 A suitcase containing 18 Monarch glass lanterns. £10.00
1225 Two boxes. One with Valentine related items, the other with card stationery. £10.00
1227 A suitcase containing various bags. £15.00
1229 A vintage Westminster Radio with built in Monarch record deck. £35.00
1230 Various vases and jugs to include Toby. £10.00
1231 A copper sink and a brass sink. £75.00
1232 A box containing CD's and DVD's. £10.00
1233 A box of books to include Enid Blyton and Observers. £35.00
1235 A box of bric-a-brac. £10.00
1237 Various glazed picture frames containing cigarette cards. £10.00
1237A A wooden folding sewing box containing cottons and a tin of buttons. £15.00
1238 A box of aviation books. Including Jane's All the Worlds Aircraft 1945 collectors edition. British civil aircraft 1919-1999 registers. Several Lancaster Bomber titles. £10.00
1238A A box of Dorset books. £22.00
1239 Four prints, the Battle of Trafalgar, the ship wreck, with two prints of Mudeford quay. £15.00
1239A Various shoes (size 7-8) and belts. £10.00
1240 An easel together with artist seats and bag. £10.00
1240A 5' folding garden lattice spire. (R37) £15.00
1241 A large painted easel. £15.00
1242 Two boxes of sci-fi books. £40.00
1243 Two boxes of world railway history and reference books. £20.00
1243A A mixed lot of books, photo frames and playing cards together with a box containing war memorabilia books etc. £10.00
1244 A box of assorted collectables. £10.00
1244A A box of metal ware to include brass. £12.00
1245 Four boxes of books. £15.00
1245A Two boxes containing platters, terrines, a glass vases and diecast vehicles. £10.00
1246A Wooden toy pram and rocking cot. £15.00
1247A A toy high chair. £10.00
1248A A large quantity of toy soldiers to include Britain's a Dinky German tank and a Dinky U.S jeep. £40.00
1249 Timpo The Midnight Special Wild West Freight Train Set, comprising battery operated 4-4-0 tender locomotive, two carriages and track only. Lacks figures and unboxed. £10.00
1249A LIMA 0 Gauge - LMS Maroon 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive # 4683 with horizontal motor and control lever on body (service needed) and Tender (Good), 2 x Continental Long Base Mineral Wagons and a large Oval of Lima Plastic Track with a siding and 2 x Buffer Stops (all Good) A HORNBY 0 Gauge No 1Grey Mobiloil Tanker with Type 3 Chassis (Fair Plus) £15.00
1250 Two boxes of Action Man items to include clothes, accessories and Action Men to include Hasbro 1964, 1996. £95.00
1250A A child's Tri-ang pram together with another. £15.00
1251 Cannondale mountain bike. £85.00
1251A A canteen of cutlery on legs. £30.00
1252 Four boxes of books. £15.00
1252A Two boxes of various china and glassware to include the residue of a Portmeirion Phoenix coffee set. £10.00
1253 Collection of soft toys and board games. £10.00
1254 A collection of sunglasses together with a Addis watch. £18.00
1254A A box containing various items to include beats headphones, a blue tooth hands free car kit, mobiles and a Nintento Gameboy. £35.00
1255 A collection of E cigarettes to include Emus Kanger Tech starter kits, four blister packs and a quantity of flavours. £35.00
1258 Various brass items. £10.00
1260 A collection of wooden elephants together with shoe trees. £22.00
1263 A 9 carat gold ladies' antique style garnet ring, size N. £30.00
1265 A collection of mixed silver rings. £18.00
1267 A ladies' silver charm bracelet and charms. £20.00
1268 Two silver charm bracelets and charms. £25.00
1269 Two silver charm bracelets and charms. £20.00
1270 A silver charm bracelet with good charms. £25.00
1271 A silver bracelet and charms. £20.00
1281 A 22ct gold wedding band (4gr) together with another ring. £85.00
1282 A collection of costume jewellery to include silver. £30.00
1283 Collectables to include watches, costume jewellery, coins, a compact and a lighter. £20.00
1284 A tray of various watches. £12.00
1285 Silver items to include necklaces, bracelet, a ring, a 9ct gold brooch together with a British Red Cross badge and two others. £30.00
1286 A box of various watches. £12.00
1287 Costume jewellery to include beads necklaces and jewellery boxes and bags. £20.00
1288 A small box of china items to include china heads. £10.00
1289 A compass with magnifying glass. (R108) £10.00
1291 A box of odds and collectables. £10.00
1293 A small box of collectables. £15.00
1294 A small box of badges to include silver. £20.00
1295 Six brass bullet penknives. (R107). £15.00
1297 Two albums of Disney World of postage stamps. £10.00
1298 Four Tom Tom Sat-Navs. £22.00
1299 Four Garmin Sat-Navs. £25.00
1300 Four various Sat-Navs. £25.00
1300A A collection of pictures. £20.00
1301 A camphor wood chest (L 89cm x W45.5cm x D28cm) with pinned Harrods label. £70.00
1303 A large tin lined metal bound wooden chest. £40.00
1304 A Cosmo 1.5hp micro compressor. £22.00
1305 A toolbox with various hand tools. £10.00
1308 A dehumidifier and an Epson printer. £10.00
1309 A Spear and Jackson petrol chainsaw with an Oregon 18" bar. £18.00
1311 A trailer board with two amber road lights. £15.00
1314 Two boxed child stair gates. £12.00
1315 Two suitcases. £10.00
1316 A carpenter's wooden toolbox and a vintage petrol can. £15.00
1317 A metal bound travel trunk. £10.00
1318 A galvanised beer cooler together with cast iron bootscrape and other items. £18.00
1321 A Draper bench pillar drill. £25.00
1321A A motor corp vintage outboard engine. £20.00
1322 A Dyson rollerball hoover. £15.00
1324 A beechwood child's wheelback elbow chair. £18.00
1325 A Fortnum & Masons large wicker hamper. £30.00
1326 A Dyson hoover. £10.00
1327 A TUV folding work bench with a pillar drill stand. £15.00
1330 A Fortnum & Masons wicker hamper. £30.00
1331 A large wooden storage box. £25.00
1333 A Yamaha four stroke 15 hp outboard engine. Serial No. 6agk1035237. £600.00
1334 A copper bound cooper's twin handled bucket together with a metal bound box. £40.00
1335 An "as new" Black & Decker Workmate Plus in box. £25.00
1336 Butcher's shop scales together with three stoneware jugs. £10.00
1337 A camping porta potti 265 together with an aquaroll. £10.00
1338 A fireman's axe, slate ripper, sprayer, sickles and a stirrup pump. £40.00
1340 A Morphy Richards Super Vac rechargeable hoover. £30.00
1342 A large wooden storage trunk. £10.00
1344 Two Seagull outboard engines (a/f). £25.00
1345 A Henry hoover. £15.00
1347 Four boxes of various terracotta plant pots. £12.00
1348 A Currys Essential upright fridge. £10.00
1348A Fishing rods and reels,rod rest and umbrella. £22.00
1349 A Satrap upright freezer. £10.00
1349A A Burgess BK3 plus band saw . £18.00
1351 Two tool boxes with various hand tools. £10.00
1353 Three tool boxes with various hand tools. £10.00
1354 Three car jacks. £10.00
1355 A Homelite 14" chainsaw together with a MCculloch hedge trimmer. £15.00
1355A A box of various hand tools. £10.00
1359 A North Coast jacket together with a Berghaus jacket (L). £20.00
1360 A set of four Rank Strand harmony 15/28 profile spotlights. £20.00
1361 A set of three silhouette CCT stage spotlights. £28.00
1362 A set of two stage light bars. £22.00
1363 A Yamaha 4hp outboard four stroke motor with a fuel can. £160.00
1365 A vehicle heavy duty tow hitch. £12.00
1367 A Mini 850 bootlid and sills. £15.00
1369 A Hotpoint Aquarius washer/drier. £35.00
1370 An ADB Cantor stage lighting desk. £10.00
1371 A Carlsbro cobra 90 guitar amplifier. £10.00
1372 Three travel cases. £22.00
1373 A Karcher K2 pressure washer with attachments. £10.00
1374 A Migmate welder. £10.00
1375 A set of two disco speakers. £10.00
1376 A Country Collection Drover's coat (L). £10.00
1377 An 8"grinder together with a 4"grinder. £10.00
1378 A box of car accessories. £8.00
1379 A box of various hand tools together with a bluepoint socket set. £55.00
1381 A quantity of fishing rods and reels together with a tackle toolbox. £18.00
1382 A pair of CCT silhouette spotlights. £18.00
1383 A Sound Lab UV cannon light. £18.00
1384 A silvered mirror ball, size 130cm. £70.00
1385 A pair of extending scissor action stage lighting holders and vintage mic stand. £18.00
1386 A Strand electric theatre follow spot lamp on stand. £50.00
1388 A set of four Rank Strand T spot-2 spotlights. £18.00
1389 A set of two Rank Standard Prelude 16/30 spotlights. £22.00
1390 Two Tri-Lite 10ft stage lighting trusses. £50.00
1391 A large silvered mirror ball size 162cm complete with box. £75.00
1391A A vintage silvered and blue 50's mirrored ball size 130cm.(not including motor). £160.00
1392 A selection of various hand tools. £15.00
1393 A set of three car prints. £8.00
1394 A set of mechanics tools. £22.00
1395 A steamer unit together with two rolls of wire. £8.00
1396 Fishing rods and reels,seat and heater. £28.00
1396A Two boxes of various hand tools together with vices. £35.00
1400A A sea going twin seated kayak. £12.00
1401 A set of two teak and brass steamer chairs. £10.00
1402 A heavyweight garden bench. £10.00
1402A A fibreglass hull double Canadian canoe. £20.00
1403 A Mcculloch mb281 garden shredder. £8.00
1405 A collection of various tools and a blow upswift boat. £10.00
1407 An aluminium garden table and six chairs. £20.00
1409 A blue painted garden table and six chairs. £15.00
1412 A set of four folding teak garden chairs. £18.00
1413 A cast iron garden bench with lattice back. £18.00
1415 A garden column plant stand together with a hose reel. £15.00
1416 A set of four teak garden chairs. £10.00
1418 A large domed top ornate garden gate. £10.00
1422 A Lawnchief 420p self propelled petrol lawn mower. £18.00
1423 A hand driven sharpening stone on a metal frame. £15.00
1424 A set of six metal garden armchairs. £12.00
1426 A plastic weave garden set of two chairs, a bench and a small table. £10.00
1428 A large gas fired BBQ with side burner by Jamie Oliver. £15.00
1429 A plastic weave snap top garden table and three chairs. £15.00
1430 A galvanised water tank. £5.00
1431 A tin trunk, wrought iron planter, a roll of garden mesh and metal pegs. £10.00
1432 A boat anchor. £10.00
1434 A pair of ornate driveway gates with pillars. £30.00
1435 A Confidence pet rabbit hutch. £10.00
1439 A box of garden animal figures and ancillaries. £10.00
1440 A box of garden ancillaries, tinkling mushrooms, animals,etc. £10.00
1441 Two stone garden planters. £25.00
1442 A collection of garden hanging baskets together with a group of animals. £10.00
1443 A Perception kayak with paddle and helmet. £15.00
1444 A lions head water feature and wall pocket planters. £10.00
1445 A box of garden animal features. £15.00
1446 A garden solar light together with deer garden ornaments. £22.00
1447 Garden planters and tree ornaments. £10.00
1449 A garden "Welcome" sign, two mushrooms and a clock planter. £10.00
1450 A horses' head together with a dolphin's head garden ornament. £12.00
1451 A pair of acorn finials. £25.00
1452 A selection of garden planters and a water feature. £15.00
1455 An aluminium garden table and four chairs. £30.00
1457 A garden compass weather vane. £40.00
1459 Three various sized garden obelisks. £35.00
1460 A set of four 20ltr jerrycans. £10.00
1461 A large galleried park bench. £15.00
1462 Two six foot garden gates. £10.00
1463 A folding garden table and four chairs. £15.00
1464 A set of six teak folding garden chairs . £25.00
1466 A quantity of ammo boxes and a grave diggers shovel. £15.00
1467 A concrete birdbath. £10.00
1469 A large wooden two planked bench. £50.00
1471 Two half barrel planters. £20.00
1472 A concrete square topped birdbath. £15.00
1473 A concrete garden gnome statue. £15.00
1474 A wooden bistro table and two chairs. £10.00
1476 Two stone planters. £18.00
1479 A large double planked bench with back rails. £75.00
1480 Two Cotswold stone planters. £15.00
1481 A cast iron planter together with a miniature chiminea. £20.00
1482 Two stone planters. £10.00
1484 A garden patio set including a teak table with a lazy Susan together with six folding armchairs made by pagoda. £100.00
1490 A squirrel columned birdbath with concrete planters. £10.00
1493 An Endless Summer patio heater. £8.00
1494 A collection of metal tubs and buckets. £20.00
1495 A metal garden bistro set of table and two chairs. £18.00
1498 An aluminium garden table and four chairs. £20.00
1499 A garden bistro set of table and two chairs. £10.00
1502 An octagonal folding garden table and six chairs. £10.00
1503 Two metal worked high back garden chairs. £65.00
1504 A tiled top garden table and four chairs. £20.00
1505 A Sovereign petrol mower. £12.00
1507 A Wellington Boot planter. £10.00
1512 A boats anchor. £25.00
1513 A teak folding garden table and five chairs with a parasol. £10.00
1514 Two pairs of cast iron bench ends. £10.00
1515 An Easipet rabbit hutch. £18.00
1517 A wooden trough planter. £10.00
1518 Three stacking aluminium garden chairs. £15.00
1519 A circular metal garden table and four chairs. £25.00
1524 A pine chest of three drawers fitted with ceramic handles. £20.00
1525 A large twin pier dressing table in pine together with a triple vanity mirror. £15.00
1528 A pine washstand a/f. £15.00
1534 A wicker chair, bamboo table and a folding slatted chair. £8.00
1535 Two metal bound travel trunk. £20.00
1538 A retro dressing table with two drawers below with large circular vanity mirror to top. £25.00
1539 A large coffee table and two side tables. £10.00
1541 A Whirlpool chest freezer measures 163cm L/65cmW. £25.00
1542 A white painted vintage two shelved cupboard. £30.00
1543 A green painted chest of four drawers. £18.00
1544 A large white painted stickback rocking armchair. £15.00
1547 A nest of four Chinese hardwood stacking tables . £120.00
1548 A Georgian tray top pot cupboard. £18.00
1549 A cast iron pub table together with a Victorian chair. £20.00
1550 An Edwardian pine washstand painted white . £10.00
1551 An oak sewing box ,tea trolley and a bedside cabinet. £10.00
1552 An oak pot cupboard together with a leather worked chair. £18.00
1554 A light oak dining table with four chairs. £20.00
1555 An Edwardian drop leaf table resting on turned supports. £18.00
1556 A mahogany vanity mirror with two trinket drawers. £12.00
1565 A Kensington freerider disability scooter complete with covers. £220.00
1572 A ladies Apollo XC26 mountain bike. £22.00
1574 A ten drawer metal cabinet. £35.00
1575 A schools art double sided easel. £45.00
1578 A haberdashery shop cabinet with up and slide doors. £130.00
1579 A bureau bookcase with two drawers under. £15.00
1580 An oak welsh dresser. £20.00
1586 A chevelle mirror. £15.00
1589 An oak dining table af. £10.00
1590 A wooden storage box with a copper engraved plate to top. £22.00
1591 A wooden storage box with a central lock plate. £10.00
1593 A wicker shopping trolley with a folding table. £15.00
1594 A seven drawer pine chest of drawers. £20.00
1597 A large slat back rocking chair. £70.00
1598 A modern pine blanket box. £15.00
1600 Three modern plastic chairs . £10.00
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