Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 27 January 2018

Date: 27th January 2018 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1001 Two ceramic Pugs. £12
1002 A twelve branch chandelier with glass droplets (one glass shade missing) together with a four tier cut glass chandelier. £35
1003 An ornamental musical bird cage (as found). £15
1005 Five Eaglemoss batmobiles and a Star Wars ship. £22
1006 Three various wooden mantle clocks. £20
1007 A tin of buttons. £10
1008 A Wedgwood floral decorated tea set Charnwood 03 together with a Beswick cat and a china sheep. £35
1009 Two wall hanging cabinets containing various diecast vehicles mostly Days Gone by Lledo. £45
1010 Two brass candle sticks and two brass lamps . £20
1012 A collection of Naval model display ships. £30
1013 Two boxes of china, with examples of Royal Albert and Minton. £20
1014 A box of wooden items to include boxes, an inlaid cigarette box, letter holder etc. £20
1014 A box of wooden items to include boxes, an inlaid cigarette box, letter holder etc. £20
1015 A box containing various china and glassware to include Beswick ware, Radford, Aynsley and Pyrex cups. £15
1016 Twelve Danbury Mint collector's plates depicting Staffordshire Bull Terriers with certificates, a boxed Royal Worcester plate and four others. £15
1017 An assortment of china and glassware. £15
1019 A collection of mixed glass, china and other items. £10
1020 A box of china, including Spode and Wedgwood. £15
1022 A vintage biscuit tin with a pewter container and other items £10
1023 Unopened boxed Lego to include the Creator. LEGO the movie, City snowmobile and Star Wars corporate alliance tank droid damage to boxes. £35
1024 A barometer with two mantle clocks. £12
1025 A collection of various china to include a piece of Poole Pottery and a quantity of Beswick hunting jugs. £10
1026 A collection of 16 decorative eggs by Atlas. £65
1027 A 1990's Furby with a classic Star Trek communicator. £35
1028 A marble mantle clock with another styled as horses and an onyx clock. £15
1029 A quantity of china to include Crested china , Royal memorabilia and other. £30
1030 Two ornamental female figures and a metal model of a powerboat. One female figure wearing bathing costume in the Art Deco style, the other being a bust of “Sophia” by Aristide de Ranieri. £55
1031 Two ceramic beer pumps handles made into table lamps. £20
1032 A Garniture Imperial clock. £65
1033 Two model ships, a picture depicting knots and a lamp depicting a Chinese style boat. £25
1034A A solar DAB Roberts radio together with a Matsui radio. £40
1035 A large modern blue and white vase (24"), a white Alfred Meakin jug and a blue and white Regency jug. £40
1036 A framed poster depicting Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's. £30
1037 A grinder by Sponge & Co. together with a press. £25
1041 Three items of silver plate together with two Royal Doulton character jugs with a china lamp base. £25
1042 A selection of china items including Poole Pottery, Carlton Ware and a Lladro figure. £18
1043 A horse bell (A). (R114) £18
1045 Dog tail hooks on slate base. (R128) £12
1046 A writing box with a Benson & Hedges cigar box and a collectors pack of cigarettes £10
1047 A box of various items to include Fauna Hornsea, a small Aynsley Camellia vase, Staffordshire Bullfinch, brass picture frames, vases etc. £10
1048 A china teaset Seyei with other cups and plates. £22
1049 Two boxes of ornamental glassware. £8
1050 A large box of china, glass and other table ware. £10
1051 A Samsung flat screen UHD TV. MU6400 class with 55” screen. £40
1052 Ten RSPB Centenary plate collection various birds and four Royal Doulton Old Country Crafts: The Spinner, The Wheelwright, The Thatcher and The Blacksmith. £30
1053 Various china items to include the residue of two tea sets together with a boxed gold plate cake slice. £20
1054 A collection of cameras and lenses, including: two Fuji A201 cameras, a JVC camcorder, a Canon EOS 300v digital SLR, two Canon 90-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 lenses, four Sigma DL 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 lenses (3 with autofocus), a Nikon 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens, a Pentax 75-300mm 1:3-4.3 lens, a Tamron 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens and a Canon 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens in poor condition. £130
1055 An assorted collection of china and other items. £12
1057 A large quantity of Lledo, Corgi and Models of Yesteryear diecast vehicles. £50
1059 A collection of chinaware including Aynsley and Royal Worcester. £20
1060 A box of books on cricket with cricket ties. £15
1063 A cross fire game, a Scalextric extension pack and a TCR JAM CAR Speedway system all as found. £40
1064 A box containing Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains and track. £25
1065 A box of PSP films. £30
1066 Various children's toys to include diecast vehicles Corgi, Lledo EFEA and Cameo together with wooden bricks and ELC wooden trains and track. £20
1067 A collection of diecast toy cars. Includes a boxed Lledo Kit Kat van and two Corgi Major lorries. £50
1068 A selection of Hornby model railway transformers/ control units. £40
1069 A box containing approximately 80 PSP games. £50
1071 Five boxes of books. £18
1072 A Victor luggage suitcase containing various books to include books on Dorset. £20
1073 A collection of Days Gone model vehicles with a boxed Transformer toy and Dino Valley playset. £12
1074 A collection of walking sticks in a wooden barrel. £28
1075 Three boxes of books. £22
1076 A large quantity of glassware to include glasses, jugs, vases, bowls and trinket dishes. £18
1077 A wicker hamper with a box of linen. £12
1078 Two boxes of oil lamps. £45
1080 A Collaro Conquest portable record player as found. £12
1081 A painted white cast metal umbrella stand. £30
1082 A Regentone portable record player. £15
1083 Four wall lamps. £10
1084 A Westville acoustic guitar in good condition together with a Skylark violin, also in good condition but missing a string. £18
1085 A child’s wooden stool by Atcraft. £10
1086 An Ultra Bakelite radio. £15
1087 A Westfield electric guitar with a stand and amplifier. £30
1088 Scooter the robot, with remote control. Condition a/f. £28
1089 A 22 inch Samsung television. £25
1090 A Scooter 2000 robot with remote controller. £35
1091 Four pictures together with bed warmers and metal trug. £10
1092 A box of postcards and seven albums of postcards approximately 950. £15
1093 A cast metal umbrella stand. £20
1094 A modern Crosley record player together with a vintage Hacker radio and a Philips transistor. £18
1095 A box containing Airfix models and loose toy vehicles. £25
1097 A box containing an assortment of ornamental wooden, resin and china figures and other items. £10
1098 A collection of table lamps. £10
1100 A Panasonic DVD recorder. £130
1101 A collection of collectors plates, mainly Wedgwood. £40
1103 A box of LP's to include Jack Jones, Nat King Cole and Tony Hancock. £10
1104 A quantity of china tea sets and assorted items. One box of Colclough. £20
1105 Eighteen boxed mugs depicting trains, motorbikes and cupcakes. £22
1106 Four ceramic barrels depicting Sherry, Rum and Port together with three glasses, a Hofbrauhaus Munchen stein and Limited Edition Taunton cider ceramic tankards. £10
1107 A wicker hamper and a wicker basket. £24
1108 A Samsung SVM-6700 Midi system with radio compact disc and double cassette tapes. £10
1109 A box of LPs and singles. £10
1110 A large collection of DVDs. £15
1111 A collection of LPs. £10
1112 A box of singles and LPs. £20
1114 A collection of solid 8 track cassettes. £15
1115 A Pye Cambridge portable record player and radio. £25
1117 A selection of records. £10
1118 A box containing CDs, vinyl singles and LPs. £12
1119 A collection of LPs to include Michael Jackson, Queen, Rolling Stones and Grease. £55
1121 Two boxes of LPs. £30
1122 A Kirby vacuum cleaner (as found). £10
1123 A Triang pedal car with a metal rocking horse. £12
1124 A Ricardo Quiles Ballester guitar and an Audition guitar. £45
1125 A Singer sewing machine. £25
1126 A vintage Sony Trinitron television. £30
1127 An Antoni violin in case. £20
1128 Two Singer sewing machines. £20
1129 Three boxes of bric à brac. £12
1130 An assortment of cutlery with a copper kettle, large poacher, shoe shine equipment and a set of scales. £15
1132 A collection of matching modern curtains, with the following approximate sizes: two 85” drop by 158” wide, one 85” drop by 190” wide, two 57” drop by 105” wide and two 49” drop by 120” wide. £10
1134 A large oil on canvas depicting drunken party girls. £20
1136 A large plastic pig. £40
1139 Four boxed wall hanging clocks with coat hooks. £18
1140 A cigar case with a stationery cabinet £28
1141 Three beer pumps with drip trays £50
1142 A large quantity of pictures £12
1143 A mixed assortment of china and glass ornaments £15
1144 Four boxes of books to include paperbacks. £10
1145 A box containing an oil lamp, a bell and other ornaments £28
1146 An assortment of pictures and prints £10
1147 A typewriter together with a collection of cameras £20
1148 A World Cup striker game together with a Scalextric 200 electric model racing game with accessories. £75
1149 A large quantity of diecast model vehicles including Lledo and Days Gone. £35
1151 Three boxes of vintage puzzles. £22
1152 A quantity of various pictures. £15
1153 A box of bric à brac £15
1154 A Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 computer with a joystick and games. £70
1155 A box of loose Lego and other plastic blocks £20
1156 A collection of various vintage games to include Go, Railroaded Wembley and Monopoly. £12
1157 Quantity of loose diecast models and a Lego set. £20
1158 A box containing a large quantity of PSP UMD video films. £35
1159 A box containing playworn toy vehicles £30
1160 Four bags of medical books and a box of videos Minor surgery techniques. £10
1161 Various bagatelle games and a Shove ha'penny. £15
1163 A box of toys and a kid’s scooter £10
1164 A quantity of vintage cameras including a model F Brownie and a Canon P-8 cine projector. £25
1165 A game of pub tabletop skittles and a Merit Electric Derby game. £28
1166 A Videomaster Database games console, with three game cartridges. £30
1168 A boxed Prinz microscope. £18
1169 Quantity of repainted Dinky Toys military models. £70
1170 Quantity of Lledo Days Gone diecast models. £20
1171 A box containing a quantity of play worn diecast vehicles. £12
1172 Quantity of Triang TT gauge model railway items. £110
1173 Various pictures and prints £45
1174 A selection of vintage hardback books together with 9 glamour girl calendars. £40
1175 Quantity of Lledo Days Gone diecast models. £25
1176 Two model boats. £70
1177 A box containing assorted playworn vehicles and other toys. £15
1178 Four boxes of books. £15
1179 Wooden items to include crates, boxes drawers etc. £10
1180 Two boxes of china and glassware £10
1181 A large doll’s house with furniture £50
1182 Various model boats as found. £35
1183 Quantity of loose diecast model cars and vehicles. £22
1184 A Musical lacquer oriental cover photo album with two telephone /address book. £18
1185 A quantity of collectors plates. Includes Wedgwood and jewelled eggs by the Franklin Mint. £75
1187 A collection of pictures. £10
1188 A wooden push along toy horse. £22
1189 A collection of prints and pictures £10
1190 Two vintage radios, one Cossor and one Bush £15
1191 A collection of chinaware including Poole Pottery and Aynsley £28
1192 A collection of young children’s toys £10
1193 A box of metal ware to include pewter brass and silver plate. £10
1194 Three boxes and a travel case of books. £15
1195 Four Chinese paintings of velvet landscapes with paintings of rural scenes with four rural scenes £20
1196 A brass fan fire guard with a table lamp. £15
1197 Two clocks and two Art Deco style barometers. £12
1198 A mirror with a wooden trinket storage container. £10
1199 Two boxes of diecast model vehicles. Includes Lledo, Burago, Dinky and others. £35
1200 An Opemus 5 colour film enlarger with a Pantalux projector and super eight camera £10
1201 A Vax Air3 vacuum cleaner with assorted bric à brac £10
1202 A box containing a jam pot, billows and other metal items. £15
1203 A box containing s Sky+ box together with an assortment of other items £10
1204 A pair of professional bongos on stand. £60
1205 A box of various china to include the residue of two tea sets. £10
1206 A large collection of records to include LPs, 78s, singles and CDs £45
1207 Three boxes of bric à brac £15
1208 An Aiwa HiFi system £10
1209 A Sansui stereo receiver with Wharfedale speakers and an Aiwa cassette deck. £90
1210 A box of various china to include wash bowls and jugs and vases. £10
1212 A quantity of pictures. Includes a film poster of Colin Firth, mirrors and a large dream catcher. £10
1215 A Denon HiFi system with Mordaunt-Short speakers £50
1217 Two framed selection of prints £10
1219 A Peugeot road bike. 12 speed £20
1220 A mountain bike adapted to also run by battery. Six speed with full suspension, front light and mudguards. Condition a/f £30
1221 A Raleigh Pursuit road bike. 10 speed. Generally in good condition, with some signs of wear on handlebars. £30
1222 A TGA Electrobike. Three speed with lights, mudguards and centre stand. £45
1223 Two boxes of various items to include china, chess pieces etc. £10
1224 Various wooden boxes and others. £15
1225 A box containing a quantity of diecast vehicles. Includes Corgi, Lledo, Matchbox and others. £18
1226 A vintage leather suitcase containing various collectables dress patterns, tins, wooden boxes etc. £18
1227 A quantity of Atlas collectors diecast cars. £40
1228 A zodiac globe £15
1230 An X-Ultimate Pro drone, with photo and video functions. £105
1231 Various costume jewellery. £15
1232 Two boxed as new Smart watches. £15
1233 Two boxed as new Smart bracelets. £15
1234 Diecast models to include a Matchbox series 7 Ford Anglia, a Chevrolet and two others. £10
1236 Two boxed as new Smart watches. £15
1237 Seven curiosity door knockers £60
1238 An OO gauge model train by Lima. Diesel locomotive Andrew Carnegie, Class 47 517. £18
1240 A child’s training shotgun and cartridge belt. £50
1241 Two boxed as new Smart watches. £15
1242 A tin of collectables including postcards, sunglasses a Las Vegas belt etc £15
1243 Four cameras a Kodak Hawkeye, a Kodak Brownie Twin 20, a Velosto no1 Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, N.Y. U.S.A and a Balda Prontor ll. £45
1244 A large collection of pictures. £50
1245 Various costume jewellery. £22
1246 Various costume jewellery. £20
1300 A shovel, cable laying shovel and a spade. £10
1303 A vintage wood bound trunk. £25
1305 A Power Point 85 w scroll saw. £10
1306 Three various sized vices together with a silverline hydraulic bottle jack. £15
1307 A Clarke petrol waterpump 2.4hp model No.cu150. £50
1308 Two packs of Strongo-therm gauntlet gloves. £10
1310 A Black & Decker workmate. £15
1311 A Maya Teck power inverter, as new in box. £30
1313 A CD storage box modelled as a texaco fuel pump dispenser. £15
1315 A plastic coloumned bird bath. £10
1316 A Maya-tech power inverter, as new in box. £20
1317 A trestle table together with a pasting table. £20
1320 A large container full of vintage fixture and fittings. £15
1322 Two large boxes of various hand tools. £15
1326 Two circular saws. £10
1327 A CD storage box designed as a drinks dispensing cabinet. £15
1328 A Husqvarna 137 petrol chainsaw. £30
1329 A mini moto bike. £35
1331 A contractors shovel together with a cable laying shovel. £10
1332 A large box full of various vintage fixtures and fittings. £10
1333 Two pressure washers. £15
1334 A large box of various hand tools. £15
1335 Two boxes plus some loose Portofino floor tiles. £10
1336 Two Dewalt battery drills together with a Black & Decker circular saw. £70
1337 A Pompe surface water pump model jet60s. £10
1338 A two storey tool box with various hand tools. £20
1339 A basket of medium sized Hi-Vis vests (26) in orange. £20
1340 A metal rocking horse on a sprung frame. £10
1341 A CD holder in the shape of a red pillar postbox. £15
1342 A vintage Eltex aluminium light shade. £25
1344 Three vintage hurricane lamps. £20
1347 A large tin trunk. £15
1350 A contractors shovel together with a cable laying shovel. £18
1351 Two Stanley toolboxes with various hand tools. £10
1352 A 2 tonne Elpec hydraulic jack together with various car related tools. £15
1353 A cantilever toolbox with various hand tools together with two socket sets. £60
1354 A box of twenty orange Hi-Vis waistcoats. £10
1355 A box of vintage hand tools including Marples chisels, oil burning nozzles etc. £45
1357 A McCullock mac335 chainsaw. £10
1358 A Military field telephone. £40
1359 Two vintage tool cupboards. £10
1360 A Black & Decker hover mower with a Spear and Jackson hedge trimmer. £20
1362 A contractors shovel together with a cable laying shovel. £10
1363 A Rapido oil filled radiator. £10
1364 A pedal powered go-cart. £25
1365 A Rapido oil filled radiator. £10
1367 A box of vintage tools. £15
1368 A box of 31 orange Hi-Vis waistcoats. £10
1369 A Phoenix home safe with keys. £40
1370 A power point redeye drill press. £15
1371 A box of vintage hand tools. £22
1372 Two petrol leaf blowers. £10
1373 A brass rise and fall magazine rack. £25
1377 A set of four small drawers. £10
1379 A Mercury M48 disability scooter with charger and keys. £100
1383 A Garden games hi-tower (jenga) boxed game. £15
1384 A Crompton Parkinson electric saw bench motor of 1.5hp. £20
1385 A P150 Harrier electric fence pulse unit together with a machinery drive belt. £10
1386 A quantity of vintage hand tools and carriers. £35
1387 A vintage string sided folding cot. £25
1389A A vintage sythe together with a gully scoop. £10
1392 A mahogany coal box. £12
1393 A quantity of vintage hand tools. £12
1394A A Minilor scroll saw. £10
1396 A large gilt framed bevel edged mirror. £10
1397 A Naerock pillar bench drill. £22
1398 A box of kango points and chisels. £12
1399 A Mac-cat 38cc petrol chainsaw. £25
1400 A set of wrought iron garden driveway gates together with a pedestrian gate. £8
1401 A large quantity of vintage garden hand tools. £28
1402 A vintage Merry Tiller by Wolseley. £10
1403 An Atco cylinder petrol mower with grass box. £8
1405 A Pride Legend classic mobility scooter. (Spares or repair). £55
1406 A pair of aluminium garden chairs. £10
1407 An Apollo XC26 mountain bike. £10
1408 A quantity of garden items. £10
1410 A circular folding garden table with four folding wooden chairs. £10
1412 One large stone garden pot with floral reliefs to sides. £10
1414 Four large terracotta pots. £20
1416 An AL-KO hobby garden rotavator. £30
1418 A selection of five terracotta pots. £20
1420 A collection of nine ceramic cobalt blue garden lanterns. £30
1421 A wrought iron tiled top garden bistro table complete with two chairs. £40
1422 A Victory mobility scooter. (Spares or repair). £40
1424 A mobility scooter with keys. (spares or repair). £45
1428 A set of four concrete planters. £18
1432 A Honda HT3810 ride on mower (a/f). £55
1433 A garden compost bin. £8
1434 A mirror backed fire surround. £12
1437 A mirrored back fire surround. £10
1438 A half barrel water feature with hand pump together with a fuel can. £10
1439 A Bradley braked trailer measuring 5ft10"×3ft2".(cargo hold) complete with cover. £50
1440 A Mac/Allister electric mower. £15
1441 A metal folding garden table with wooden slats together with two chairs. £30
1442 A quantity of concrete garden statues. £10
1443 A quantity of concrete garden statues. £10
1444 A dog kennel and a small hutch. £10
1445 A trailer with an aluminium ramp to back plus a spare wheel, measuring 6ft×3ft3". £65
1446 A Qualcast vintage cylander mower. £15
1452 A contractor's trailer measuring 10ft2×7ft2" ideal for mini diggers etc. Fitted new tyres and wheel bearings 18 Months ago. £180
1455 A half barrel planter with water pump mounted to top. £20
1456 A concrete birdbath. £10
1457 A resin otter fountain. £15
1458 A pair of metal folding bistro chairs with wooden slats. £22
1459 A teak garden bench. £80
1500 A chest of four drawers resting on bracket feet. £30
1503 A set of six Edwardian mahogany dining chairs together with one other. £10
1504 A vintage mahogany chest of four drawers. £10
1505 An oak chest of four drawers. £20
1506 A 70's style kitchen table with four chairs. £30
1507 A reproduction coffee table. £8
1508 A two tier side table. £15
1509 A mahogany side table with single drawer to front. £12
1512 An Ekornes stressless reclining three piece suite. £25
1513 A circular blockwood extending dining table. £15
1514 A mahogany stool with leather worked seat pad. £22
1515 A pine drop-leaf kitchen table with single drawer to front. £28
1516 A three drawer bureau resting on cabriole legs. £15
1517 A small oak drop-leaf table resting on turned supports. £15
1521 A reproduction D end dining table in mahogany with eight chairs. £20
1523 A tapestry works frame. £10
1524 A pine twin tier dressing table with vanity mirror and stool. £20
1526 An oak plant stand together with a small circular table. £15
1527 A nest of three brass and glass topped tables. £10
1528 A beechwood bistro table and two chairs. £15
1530 A beechwood bistro table with two chairs. £20
1532 An Electone electric organ with stool. £10
1535 An octagonal occasional table together with three various chairs. £15
1537 A pair of chrome and black hairdresser's rise and fall chairs. £80
1538 A SMEG fridge with union jack emblazoned door. £100
1540 A pine three shelved open bookcase. £25
1541 Three beech dining chairs and a folding tray table. £15
1542 A Fidelity radiogram, fitted with a Philips stereo and a Garrard deck. £20
1543 An oak sideboard. £10
1544 An oak linenfold bureau. £40
1545 An oak astragal glazed corner cupboard. £15
1546 An oak draw-leaf table together with four chairs. £30
1549 A vintage school desk together with a drop-leaf table. £15
1550 A retro sideboard. £18
1551 A large vintage chest of five drawers. £25
1552 A pine double cupboard. £20
1553 A glazed front bookcase with cupboard under. £10
1555 A longcase wall clock. £20
1556 A grandmother clock. £20
1557 A Victorian china display cabinet (af). £70
1561 A vintage rug in a brown diamond pattern. £15
1562 A sofa table together with a drum table. £15
1563 A large pine dresser base painted white. £180
1564 A pine open bookcase. £20
1566 A flamed mahogany sideboard resting on cabriole legs to claw and ball feet. £25
1567 An as new three piece suite comprising a two seater and two chairs in an oatmeal coloured fabric. £80
1569 A plastic rattan garden day bed with cushions. £65
1570 A set of four G-plan dining chairs reupholstered in pink dralon. £20
1572 Four tables and two high chairs. £40
1573 Two various rugs. £10
1574 A pine three drawer dresser. £20
1576 A circular pine dining table colour coded grey with four chairs. £40
1577 A four drawer works cabinet together with a two drawer cabinet. £70
1580 An oak standard lamp. £10
1581 A circular glass topped retro table together with a smaller table and a chromed standard lamp. £15
1583 A modern green glass sink unit with chromed rails and tower tap. £15
1587 A reproduction mahogany dining table with rope edging resting on cabriole legs to claw and ball feet together with six dining chairs. £35
1589 A plastic rattan effect garden table with four chairs. £65
1593 A teak nest of three tables. £10
1594 A D end extendable dining table. £10
1595 An oak cantilever sewing box on a wheeled stand. £10
1596 A bamboo conservatory suite comprising a table and four chairs. £10
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