Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 28 July 2018

Date: 28th July 2018 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Saturday

Viewing Thursday 2pm - 5pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1001 Various Monsoon children's clothes 12-24 month's. (Ref 64) £10
1002 Two brass and ceramic ducks. £10
1003 A Habitat Spoke metal wall hanging clock. £15
1004 A Poole pottery lamp base together with a Poole pottery vase (crack to side). £20
1005 Two West German vases, one in green and orange. £15
1006 Metal items to include a lighter, goblets, hip flasks etc. (Ref 8) £10
1007 A Printz microscope in wooden case. £15
1008 A studded box, a metal safety box, a pewter trinket box together with a brass inkwell. £20
1012 A collection of diecast vehicles by Corgi, Lledo and others, together with a small quantity of model rail track. £25
1015 Various Disney and other ornaments to include Winnie the pooh, Eeyore, Alice in Wonderland etc. £25
1016 A collection of brass and copper items to include a kettle and a pair of candlesticks depicting dogs. £20
1020 A box containing a projector etc together with a Benbo monopod tripod and a Velbon tripod. £10
1027 A retro 70's Seiko Sonola transistor, wall clock and calendar. £30
1029 An assortment of items including brass door furniture, glass ashtrays, metal picture frame and an Alvey fishing reel £25
1031 A Stationmaster sign. £18
1033 23 books by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James to include little mouse on the prairie, the Gnome from Nome, Wheedle on the Needle and Leo the Lol one, two and Tail three. £10
1034 A phrenology bust. £18
1034A An enamel metal sign depicting Sunlight Soap. £15
1035 Quantity of Magic lantern glass slides, subjects vary, includes exotic animals and shipping related. Overall G. (40 approx.) £10
1037 A large and small ceramic elephant planters. £10
1041 Four various sized wooden cat ornaments. £10
1042 A large metal sign depicting Beer. £18
1043 A Hudson animal bowl. £28
1044 A radio controlled model of a lifeboat £35
1046 A slate mantle clock. £18
1050 A small wooden framed mirror, a wooden jewellery chest, leather cases tape measure etc. £12
1051 A Donald Trump money box. £18
1052 Two wooden cased clocks. £12
1054 Various collectors plates, pictures, glasses and a set of scales. £10
1056 A crate of chinaware, including modern Portmeirion and Spode. £45
1060 Various items to include Wedgwood, pictures part dressing table set etc. £10
1063A A Palissy china dinner service with bird pattern. £55
1065 Four retro telephones together with three others. £18
1066 Various games to include a Cyborg 3D joystick, X-Box 360 games and a boxed V-Tech Pre computer 1000. £10
1067 A Thunderbirds Tracy Island playset. £15
1068 Numerous Fisher Price toys with a vintage football, trainset and other toys. £20
1070 Five boxed school locker banks. £10
1071 A boxed Battroborg electronic game together with a Benji Animagic. (Ref 31,32) £10
1075 Two trays of diecast vehicles and a tin of farm animals some Britains. £20
1078 A collection of Meccano magazines, many early editions £35
1080 Various board games to include Sudoku, Upwords, Dick & Dom, Master detective game etc. (Ref 30) £10
1081 A doll’s house. £20
1082 A quantity of Lego. £18
1083 A vintage Kayser trike. £10
1084 A kid’s electric Beetle. A/F £10
1088 A gas mask with canvas satchel and a lamp. £25
1089 A vintage record player £10
1091 Three boxes of motoring magazines, notably The Bentley Drivers club, Classic & Sports Car and The Automobile. £15
1093 A collection of camera equipment, including a tripod and an HP Photosmart printer. £20
1101 A couple of industrial anglepoise lamps. £28
1102 A Royal typewriter. £10
1103 A mantle clock together with a wall clock. £10
1105 A box of glassware mostly cutglasses. £10
1110 A collection of decorative paperweights, vintage bottles and other glassware. £10
1111 Various novelty tea pots, two money boxes and biscuit barrels. £18
1113 A large collection of Piggin ornaments and others. £12
1114 A Hornsea tea service £10
1115 A quantity of army clothing, two camp mats and a sleeping bag. £18
1116 A collection of Carlton Ware. £12
1118 Three Staffordshire painted zebra ornaments with steins and similar items. £12
1119 A compilation of alarm clocks. £40
1121 Four boxes of LP's. £22
1123 A collection of singles and LPs. £12
1124 A carry case with a collection of records. £10
1127 A collection of LP's. £10
1128 A collection of motorsport photos and pictures £10
1129 A Citronic CD professional audio system, together with another. £10
1130 A case of records. £15
1131 A Carlsbro Marlin 6-150 III six channel amplifier. £10
1132 A collection of 45's. £22
1133 A Crosley record player. £12
1135 A box of LPs with two boxes of singles. £60
1136 A selection of tapestry designs, materials and stands. £10
1137 A Johnson electric guitar together with an acoustic one. Condition as found. £15
1139 A didgeridoo along with a Martin Smith acoustic guitar. Guitar A/F. £15
1140 A large porcelain bread bin. £10
1141 A wooden tray containing various ephemera mainly relating to Bournemouth AFC. £12
1143 A pair of industrial anglepoise lamps. £40
1144 An assortment of vintage electricals. Includes a bed warmer, photo timer and volt readers. £15
1147 Three boxes of assorted vintage books. £15
1149 A leather biker jacket with tassels and skull & crossbones buttons. Together with a belt. Jacket size XL. £18
1150 A collection of modern popular pictures with a circular mirror and other pictures. £10
1152 A Samsung plasma TV with a 51” screen. No remote. (R3) £10
1155 A collection of Pilkington calendar tiles and two depicting Hamworthy. £12
1156 Three large fans. £10
1157 Two violins, condition as found. £10
1158 Three boxes of books. £15
1160 A collection of Volkswagen motoring magazines. £10
1163 A collection of vintage oil cans. £20
1164 Electronic item's to include a 7" tablet, six Smart watches, one night scope, two mobile phone telescopes, one field telescope together with other items. £85
1165 A suitcase containing four cutlery collections, a pair of binoculars, a jewellery display case and other items. £25
1166 A box of vintage ordnance survey maps. £120
1167 An astral telescope. Some damage to mounting bracket. £10
1172 A box of records. £10
1173 A selection of china and glassware, including Royal Doulton Sonnet. £15
1175 A box of children’s books together with a box of playing cards. £22
1176 Various children's toys to include Play-Doh, Frustration, Pop up Pirate etc. (Ref 33,35) £10
1178 A box of DVD's to include British steam locomotives. £18
1179 Four boxes of the same book, “Sheep and Tractors” by John MacDonald. All first editions. Also included a copy of a manuscript for another title by the author. £10
1180 Two boxes of collectors plates, Willow pattern dishes and remains of a Royal Doulton tea set. £10
1181 A collection of books, many early editions. £10
1182 A large box of loose stamps. £15
1184 Four packs of 11-12 yrs double pack white short sleeved shirts, one pack size 8-9yrs, two packs of Calvin Klein boy's trunks together with a pair of children's Addis blue/white sandals size 3. (Ref 74) £15
1185 Children's toys to include Fisher-Price and Play Mobile. £15
1186 A box of vintage Ordnance survey maps. £45
1187 A box containing various travel goods £10
1187A A collection of motorcycle magazines with an assortment of DVDs and computer games. £10
1188 A couple of boxes containing lights, a fan and mirrors. £15
1190 A Coca Cola train station stained glass lamp. £50
1191 Eleven Buckingham Pewter military figures. £40
1192 A box of Railway related ephemera to include train photo's. £22
1193 A box containing purses and handbags including Radley, Cath Kidston, Accessorize and Vera Wang. £18
1194 A radio controlled car with a remote. As found. £60
1195 A small suitcase containing custome jewellery. £12
1197 A wooden display cabinet. A/F £10
1199 A wooden box of costume jewellery £45
1200 A Panasonic lcd television, with remote. £10
1201 Three boxes of books £15
1203 Five boxes of books £15
1205 A collection of vintage cameras and an SLR zoom lens. Lens: Photax 1:3.5 f = 75-205mm. £40
1207 Two boxes of glassware £8
1209 A selection of pictures £25
1209A Four boxes of books, mainly by the Folio Society but also points of interest in the southern counties. £65
1210 A Singer sewing machine, plus a Silver Reed electric typewriter. £35
1210A Three mantle and one wall clock. £12
1211 Four wooden storage boxes with a selection of various metal items. £10
1212 A quantity of children’s books and a Noddy cup and saucer. £10
1212A A selection of Poole Pottery and other chinaware £18
1213 Two acoustic guitars £10
1214 A boxed Evolution Meccano set, a Zombie Racer track as found, three DVD'S and various boxed diecast vehicles mostly Oxford diecast. (Ref 30,6) £10
1215 A large collection of china ornaments £10
1217 Two boxes of glasses £8
1217A A large box of various display items £10
1218 Four telephones with a clock, egg cups and plates. £35
1218A A wooden display/storage box. £15
1219A Three cameras, with accessories and a lens. Lens: Sigma 1:3.5 f = 80-200mm. £55
1220A A Fisher Price toy airport with a box of Cabbage Patch dolls. £55
1221A A box of cut glass, decanters and china. £10
1222 A box of books to include railway, locomotives and Dorset. £30
1223 A quantity of ornaments, including a Staffordshire dog and a Goebels figure. £10
1223A A selection of blue and white chinaware, including Mason’s and Cauldon. £45
1224 A soda syphon with various wooden ornaments, pocket camera and binoculars and a Concorde pocket watch. £45
1225A Two boxes of books, mostly children’s £15
1226 An assortment of tea and dinner services. £10
1228 Two boxes of assorted ornamental chinaware £18
1229 A collection of sewing accessories, soft toys and a large Tigger character £12
1232 A small Wild West style hand-built doll's house with removable roof, containing a selection of hand-made furniture and accessories. Measures 57cm x 47cm x 34cm. £10
1233 'Treble Ranch': a large Wild West ranch style doll's house, 1/12 scale with electrical lighting, together with a quantity of furniture and accessories, some hand-made. Length 145cm, width 78cm, height 58cm. £50
1234 A large Wild West Saloon doll's house: a 1/12 scale hand-made model with three storeys, electrically wired and containing a selection of hand-made furniture and dolls, and a wooden wagon. Length 112cm, width 75cm and height 78cm. £35
1235 A Bonds electric bike. 21 speed with full suspension, a stand, mudguards and light. Note, throttle no longer works so instant drive to the front wheel when the electric motor is switched on. In good general condition. £35
1236 A Raleigh mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension, mudguards, a rack, panniers and part clipless pedals. Good condition. £18
1237 A vintage road bike. 16 speed with tri bars and clipless pedals. Corrosion throughout and signs of wear and tear. £22
1238 A Pete Matthews road bike. 16 speed with clipless pedals, tri bars and deep rim wheels. In good condition. £100
1239 A vintage Pete Matthews road bike. 16 speed with clipless pedals. In good condition. £80
1240 A vintage Pete Matthews road bike. 16 speed with clipless pedals, a pump, computer and heart rate monitor. In good condition. £95
1241 A box of train and railway books. £25
1243 A collection of bedding throws in bags. £22
1244 Two boxes of chinaware £15
1245 A collection of bedding throws. £35
1246 An umbrella stand with vintage umbrellas £15
1247 A plastic football table on legs. £10
1248 Vintage tools to include awls. £15
1249 Vintage tools to include wooden shavers and wood plane's; Footprint, Stanley and Pibro. £20
1250 A large quantity of vintage hairdressing equipment, including razors and clippers. Not to be sold to persons under the age of 18. £35
1251 A framed aerial photo of the mouth of Poole Harbour. £10
1254 An assortment of collectables, including a Pelham’s puppet, fans and an AA badge. £45
1255 A tin containing a quantity of Golly badges together with a Boatswains's whistle. £55
1256 Two boxed Philip's nose and ear trimmers, toothbrush heads and four packs of Gillette Venus razor blades. (Ref 37,44) £28
1257 No.7 items pure glamour set, pencil collection, lip treat set and a mini eyeshadow palette. (Ref 37) £10
1258 A Hugo Boss Woman's set (eau de parfum 50ml and body lotion 100ml) and a Fantasy Britney Spears set (body creme 50ml, eau de parfum 30ml and shower gel 50ml). (Ref 19) £20
1259 No7 items two lift & luminate 50ml, protect & perfect intense night cream 50ml and a protect & perfect advanced serum 30ml. (Ref 37) £30
1260 No7 items pure glamour set, pencil collection, a mini eyeshadow palette together with a joules pretty picks cosmetic bag. (ref37) £15
1261 Lacoste perfume sets touch of pink for her body lotion 100ml and eau de toilette spray 50ml and a Sport for him Essential sport eau de toilette spray 75ml and a Essential eau de toilette spray 75ml. (Ref60) £35
1262 A No7 eyeshadow palette together with two mini eyeshadow palettes and a Soap and Glory butter 200ml. (Ref37) £10
1263 Sanctuary Spa wash bag containing body lotion, body wash, body scrub, body puff, a tin set burst body wash, body scrub, body lotion, cream bath soak and body puff together with two shimmer body butter 300ml. (Ref37) £12
1264 One direction That Moment eau de parfum 30ml, a James Bond gift set eau de toilette spray 50ml, shower gel 150ml and a Police gift set eau de toilette spray 100ml and a shower/shampoo 100ml. (Ref 61,75) £10
1265 No7 items pure glamour set, lip treat set, pencil collection and a mini eyeshadow palette. (Ref37) £20
1266 Ten packs of Gillette Fusion razor blade packs of four and one pack of four Proglide power. (Ref 11) £50
1268 A large mirror. £20
1270 A Tasco rifle scope w4x40v together with a Simmons Whitetail Classic 1.5-x20 W.A scope. (Ref 66) £30
1271 A pair of Visionary binoculars 8x26AC-4 together with a pair of Miranda 16x50 binoculars. (Ref 4, 40). £10
1272 A boxed Sennheiser CX686G sport ear headphones. (Ref76) £15
1273 A Hawke rifle scope sport HE 4x32 together with another Hawke scope. (Ref66) £18
1274 A selection of cameras, binoculars and lenses; including: Leica 8x32 BN binoculars, Leica camera, Canon G12 camera, Pentax MX SLR camera, Pentax-M 1:1.7 50mm lens, Pentax-A 1:2.8 28mm lens, Pentax-M zoom 1:2.8-4 40-80mm lens and a Pentax-M zoom 1:4 75-150mm lens. £650
1274A A CCTV security system, with storage and two sets of cameras. £95
1275 Two boxed Medela breast pumps a Swing and a Swing Calma. (Ref39) £10
1277 An Apollo kid’s bike. 18 speed with front suspension and a bell. Some corrosion to the drive chain and damage to the gearing. (R19) £10
1278 A Carrera mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension, mechanical disc brakes and front and rear lights. The wheels don’t match, but in general good condition. (R45) £100
1279 A GT mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension, mechanical disc brakes and a bell. Some scratches and rust to the chain. (R47) £45
1280 A Voodoo mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. Good condition throughout. (R48) £150
1281 A Dawes touring bike. 27 speed with mudguards and a customised handlebar arrangement. Damage to rack, in fair condition. (R49) £120
1282 An Olympus road bike. 21 speed with some changes made to the handlebar and gears. Some corrosion and signs of use throughout. (R60) £50
1283 A Giant road bike. 20 speed with Look clipless pedals. In good condition (R51) £150
1284 A Specialized mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension. Miss matching wheels and some signs of damage to the handlebars. (R52) £50
1285 A Raleigh mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension and mechanical disc brakes. In good condition (R53) £60
1286 A Python mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension and a rear mudguard. Some scratches but little sign of corrosion. (R54) £10
1287 A Raleigh mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension and mudguards. Some signs of rust and wear. (R56) £10
1288 A Merida mountain bike. 27 speed with remotely adjustable front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes. Some damage to the saddle, but in general good condition. (R57) £220
1289 A Boardman mountain bike. 10 speed with front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and a rear light. Signs of use all over. (R58) £200
1290 A Carrera girl’s mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension. Nearly new and in good condition (R59) £55
1291 A Viking mountain bike. 21 speed with full suspension and rear lights. Some corrosion throughout (R2) £25
1292 A Hercules folding bike. Three speed with mudguards, a stand, rack and pump. A few signs of rust, in good condition though. (R67) £20
1293 A Raleigh bike. 21 speed with mudguards. Tyres have deteriorated, but in general good condition (R70) £20
1294 A Topbike city 500 ladies bike. Three speed with mudguards, a stand and lock. Mixed tyres, in good condition. (R46) £20
1295 An Apollo mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension and mechanical disc brakes. Missing cable for rear brake and has an 8 speed cassette for 7 speed shifters. In good condition. £20
1296 A GT mountain bike. 18 speed with front suspension. Condition poor. (R71) £10
1297 A Specialized hybrid bike. 24 speed with rear light and toe clips. Signs of wear and tear. (R69) £80
1298 A Specialized mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes (R26) £130
1299 A Merida kid’s mountain bike. 21 speed with front suspension and front mudguard. Rust to the chain and few other signs of corrosion. (R55) £20
1300 A Specialized mountain bike. 24 speed with front suspension and a rear mudguard. Some damage to cabling and rust throughout. (R25) £45
1301 A wood bound travel trunk. £10
1302 Two suitcases. £10
1304 A Makita Chopsaw ls1013.(6). £10
1305 A Dewalt plunge router in case .(35). £65
1306 A tube of various hand tools. (72). £10
1307 A Milwalkee 110v hammer drill in case.(10). £10
1308 A box of screws and nails, boxed. £12
1311 A canvas and leather bound case. £10
1312 An Avery set of digital scales. £12
1313 A portable compressor together with a portable stove. £10
1314 A Dewalt works radio and charger.(17). £40
1317 Four pairs of Scruff works shorts size 30 -32.(34). £25
1318 Two sets of Magnussons chisel sets with a Fiskars axe.(38). £30
1320 A knights fireside set. £10
1321 A socket set with various hand tools. (14). £15
1322 A Makita 18v battery drill together with a Wilko 14.4v drill.(1&23). £10
1323 A Cosmo 1.5hp compressor. £15
1324 A Draper expert socket set in a zipped case.(12). £35
1325 A Parkside reciprocating saw in case.(62). £15
1326 Two wooden storage boxes. £10
1327 Two wooden storage boxes. £10
1329 Two sash clamps together with a metal and glass wall shelve. £10
1330 A domed top travel trunk. £28
1332 A box of mixed electrical wiring. £22
1334 A selection of hand tools with clamps.(15). £10
1335 A Dewalt cross cut mitre saw DWS773.(36). £95
1336 A Ryobi 18v battery drill with charger and case.(63). £10
1337 A box of various hand tools. (16). £10
1338 A Merlin 150 welder with gloves, mask rods etc. £20
1339 A McCullock petrol leaf blower BVM240. £10
1340 A Stihl chainsaw safety kit. £18
1341 A Powerpoint compound mitre saw together with a Wolf planner. £20
1343 Two 110v works lights together with a surveyorstripod and measure,with a sledgehammer. £20
1344 An Echo 8460 brushcutter.(65). £10
1345 An Electra Beckum band saw.. £45
1347 A pair of Mountfield mhj2424 hedge trimmers. £15
1351 A Hilti spit gun together with a Dewalt circular saw. £18
1352 Two Record vices no 52 & no.21. £15
1353 An Axminster dust extractor. £40
1354 Three boxes. £10
1355 A large metal gun cabinet. £10
1357 Two body glove snow boards. £20
1357A Two tents. £35
1359 Ten 32ltr folding crates. £12
1364 Ten 32ltr folding crates. £12
1365 A box of fiberglass repair kits. £28
1366 A crate of safety wear. £15
1370 A Black & Decker wet & dry vacuum. £10
1373 A Jcb petrol hedge trimmer. £12
1374 A McCullock petrol hedge trimmer. £10
1375 A Prp user petrol chainsaw . £15
1376 A Ryobi strimmer. £10
1377 A stained glass window Bar Box. £20
1380 A hot water boiler by Instanta. (a/f). £20
1381 Vintage lanterns and a stove. £18
1386 Two vintage churns and a wire basket. £10
1387 A Titan 1500w table saw. £28
1389 Ten 32ltr folding crates. £15
1390 A Seagull outboard engine. £35
1391 A fish trolley. £10
1392 The Tollgate pub sign. £10
1392A A Kiddicare travel cot as new boxed. £10
1393 The Fox & Hounds pub signs x3. £12
1394 A metal storage box. £10
1395 A metal bound trunk. £10
1397 Two boxes of various hand tools. £20
1400 Three anchors together with a pair of rollocks and brass divets. £28
1403 A Ryobi petrol leaf blower. £10
1405 A Ryobi petrol mulching blower/vac together with a MacCat 435 chainsaw. £10
1406 A metal bound trunk. £10
1407 A Jonsered gt2124 petrol strimmer. £10
1408 A Thomas Kent of London longcase modern clock in limped oak case. £10
1409A Two disability walkers together with a shopping trolley. £22
1412 A four ladies column no top. £10
1413 An otter garden fountain feature. £28
1414 A cast iron chimeniea boxed as new. £20
1415 A ceramic sink. £10
1416 A pair of aluminium garden armchairs. £10
1420 A cast iron ended garden bench. £10
1421 A stone milling wheel. £35
1422 A pair of concrete boot planters. £8
1424 A lobster pot. £15
1425 A Profile Diablo tricycle. £25
1427 A teak folding table with three chairs. £10
1428 A teak octagonal garden table with four chairs. £10
1430 A set of four alloy wheels with tyres 185/65r15/88. £10
1431 A aluminium bistro table with two chairs. £10
1432 A cast iron ended garden bench. £10
1435 A kayak. £10
1437 A rabbit run. £25
1439 Various galvinized watering cans,chicken feeders and a tub. £35
1445 A pair of metal cupboards. £12
1447 A Flymo petrol mower. £15
1453 Three metal steps. £15
1459 Two rabbit hutches. £12
1463 A double garden swing set as new boxed. £18
1464 Four teak garden armchairs. £10
1468 Two uvpc windows. £10
1472 A children's picnic bench. £10
1476 A surfboard. £12
1477 A cast iron water pump together with a fisherman's chair. £25
1480 Three teak garden tables. £10
1481 A metal bistro table with two chairs. £18
1482 A metal and wood slat bistro table with two chairs. £10
1489 Three cast iron and teak garden armchairs. £10
1490 A pair of aluminium garden armchairs. £10
1493 Two Magna women’s bikes with a Universal men’s bike. The Magna’s are 10 speed, one has mudguards. The Universal bike is 18 speed with mudguards. All three bikes have some corrosion and condition as found. £10
1494 Seven fire doors. £10
1496 A large quantity of dexion racking with metal grid shelving. £180
1503 A Chinese style two door cabinet with two drawers above. £12
1504 An octagonal mahogany table on a tripod base. £10
1506 A mahogany breakfront cabinet. £35
1507 A folding table with a chair. £8
1507A A wheelchair. £35
1508 An oak lift top stool. £15
1511 A coir circular mat together with two rugs, one VW and one designer guild Swans. £10
1512 A two drawer kitchen trolley with a tiled top. £10
1514 An oak four drawer dressing chest with vanity mirror to top. £12
1515 A mahogany three drawer chest. £30
1517 An Edwardian two drawer desk with green leather inlay to top. £25
1520 A pine four drawer narrow chest together with a bedside cabinet. £10
1521 A beanbag chair. £10
1523 A modern limed oak cabinet. £10
1524 A Dulcetto phonograph in an oak case (A/F). £10
1525 Two wall shelves together with a two tier table. £10
1527 A reproduction mahogany games table. £10
1528 An oak coal scuttle together with a mahogany magazine rack. £22
1530 A limed oak dining table with four highback chairs. £15
1531 An Edwardian rocking chair. £30
1536 Three bedroom chairs. £10
1538 A vintage rocking chair. £12
1539 A pair of 1970's style tiled top coffee tables. £15
1540 A school desk. £10
1542 An oak vanity mirror with two hinged trinket boxes. £15
1543 A retro two cupboard sideboard. £22
1544 Three chromed stools. £10
1545 Two 1970's tiled tables. £10
1549 An Edwardian two drawer desk. £20
1553 A reproduction hallway buttonback sofa. £18
1555 A mahogany mirrorback. £10
1556 A iron and brass bedstead. £10
1558 A kitchen dining table with four chairs. £15
1560 A pine single drawer cupboard. £10
1566 A large furnishing rug. £20
1567 A pine wall shelf unit. £10
1568 A teak glazed front bookcase. £10
1570 A pair of reproduction corner units. £18
1571 A 70's retro teak sideboard. £50
1572 A small oak cupboard together with a giltwood standard lamp. £22
1573 A Shoprider disability scooter (no charger). £70
1577 A pine chest of three drawers. £15
1579 A blacksmiths copper chimney. £15
1580 An Axminster metal working lathe with a box of ancillary. £90
1581 A blacksmiths swage block and formers. £240
1582 An iron kettle,lead melting pot and scales. £10
1583 A small blacksmiths vice with various hand tools. £30
1584 Electric blowers and motors. £10
1585 A blacksmiths fire pit together with leather chaps. £45
1586 A blacksmiths anvil with cast iron stand. £190
1587 An Axminster white metal cutting band saw model no.100090. £65
1588 An acetylene cutting torch with gauges and a bottle trolley. £28
1589 A large blacksmiths anvil on a iron stand. £260
1590 A large and a medium blacksmith vices. £50
1591 A metal cutting guillotine. £28
1595 An in built oven with separate hob. £15
1596 A Zanussi under counter fridge. £12
1597 A Bosch fridge freezer. £30
1598 A Bosch upright fridge freezer. £10
1599 A Beko upright fridge/freezer. £15
1600 A Beko 6kg washing machine. £10
1606 A mahogany music stand. £18
1608 A pink bedroom chair. £10
1610 A pair of two drawer cabinets. £35
1611 A pine dressing table with a vanity mirror. £10
1613 A reproduction spoon back chair. £30
1615 An oak gentleman's wardrobe. £10
1617 A pine narrow wardrobe. £10
1619 A globe drinks trolley. £35
1621 A set of four nurserie chairs. £10
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