Auctioneers in Dorset

Interiors & Collectables 30 September 2017

Date: 30th September 2017 - 10:00

Interiors & Collectables Auction Saturday

Viewing Thursday 10am - 4pm and Friday 10am - 5pm.

Lot Number Lot Description Hammer
1002 Various wooden figures. £0
1003 Three stoneware Penguins. £20
1004 A wooden plaque depicting a brass horse's head. £20
1006 Various ornaments to include a clown and a cigarette box. £0
1007 A Japanese Satsuma vase (af) together with two jugs and a plate. £10
1008 A wall hanging barometer. £10
1009 Three etchings/prints of New Zealand including one engraved for 'Bankes'. People from Van Diemens Land from Cooks Voyages, circa 1790 wood block from Garrans Atlas of Captain Cook and a plate of a Crested Cockatoo. £0
1010 A pair of 4.5" pewter vases made by Liberty & Co. together with a Homeland 7" twin handled pewter vase. £0
1011 Two Bretby figure bookends together with other china items. £0
1012 Various animal ornaments to include cats and dogs. £28
1013 A box of silver plate, pewter and other. £15
1014 A quantity of various cutlery. £60
1015 Various items to include glass paperweights and a Poole Pottery vase. £12
1016 A box of various glassware. £10
1017 A box containing an assortment of metal, chinaware and a Poole Pottery bowl. £10
1018 A box of glasses to include cut glass. £0
1019 A box of chinaware to include the residue of a Royal Doulton Berkshire tea/dinner service and two Country Lane Poole pottery plates. £22
1020 A box containing jars, wooden items, costume jewellery and other items. £18
1021 A box of various items to include Royal Worcester egg coddlers, decorative plates and a Portmeirion dish. £1
1022 A box of glassware to include decanters, vases and ornaments. £10
1023 A selection of glassware together with a lamp and a quantity of David Winter model cottages. £20
1024 Glassware to include two large clear glass vases, four small coloured glass bowls and various coloured ashtrays. £30
1025 The residue of two tea sets Royal Albert Crown china and Wedgwood Devon sprays together with various plates Spode and Royal Doulton. £40
1026 A collection of various glasses. £0
1027 An exterior wall hanging clock. £10
1028 A collection of china and glassware to include two pressed glass decanters, Royal Adderley etc. £10
1029 A single wooden filing drawer with an assortment of toy vehicles, including Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and others. £0
1030 Two ornamental glass boats in bottles together with other items. £0
1031 Vintage RCA 103 Speaker. This is a rare wooden framed speaker with needle point tapestry to the front. This speaker is from the 1920's and is in good condition with the rear side silk a little moth eaten. £25
1032 Two metal garden items depicting a bicycle with flower barrow. £15
1033 British Thompson Bakelite Loudspeaker. Here we have a tabletop speaker in brown effect Bakelite. Approx size - 13" x 15". There is a small break on the bottom of the bakelite stand. £22
1034 Ceramic spice drawers in wooden unit. £10
1035 A large painted chandelier (af). £20
1036 A miniature 14 drawer chest. £12
1037 Sylvanian family items to include figures, a caravan, a shop and a car. £35
1038 Royal Albert tea and dinner sets to include five Old Country Rose cups, Moonlight Rose and Val D'Or. £95
1039 A Huskylock 34D over hang machine. £28
1040 A collection of ornamental bells and other related items. £0
1041 A cuckoo clock with wooden picture frames and vintage postcards. £25
1042 A quantity of china ornaments. £0
1043 A box of china cups and saucers. Includes: Aynsley Pembroke and Henley, Royal Albert Trillium, Hammersley. £40
1044 A selection of vases and other glassware. £0
1045 Two boxes of china cups and plates, examples from Wedgwood, Tuscan, Willow and others. £15
1046 A box of glasses to include Britvic glasses. £0
1048 A small collection of books to include Heidi, Just William and Whitaker's Almanack. £10
1049 A quantity of Ty Beanie Babies from America, Wallace & Gromit figures and Tetley wildlife. £40
1050 A box of approximately 140 AFC Bournemouth programmes, 1984 onwards. £12
1051 A glass top side table along with vintage bottles and tools. £15
1052 A large collection of The British Empire magazines. £0
1053 An assortment of chinaware including examples of Portmeirion and Wedgwood. £0
1054 A box of Rupert the bear annuals and books. £0
1055 A box of dress making patterns and designs. £12
1056 A box of O gauge rail track with other scenery features. £15
1057 Two boxes of videos and DVDs. £10
1058 A collection of board games. £8
1059 Five boxes of books. £0
1060 Glassware to include sweet jars, vases and other items. £35
1061 A large collection of Quimper ware including egg cups, bowls and plates etc. £0
1062 Nine Ty Beanie Kids from America, including Ginger and Boomer. The many lives of Snoopy from McDonald's Australia, including Joe Cool and Chef. Ty Teenie Babies from McDonald's America, including Pinchers and Zip. £35
1063 Various glassware vases, bowls, a decanter to include Royal Brierley. £25
1064 An assortment of china pottery to include Crown Devon etc. £10
1065 A small collection of tools to include Stanley wood planes and spirit levels. £35
1066 A collection of china ornaments. £0
1067 The residue of a tea/dinner service of Poole Pottery's Summer Glory. £0
1068 A collection of fishing rods and equipment. £22
1069 A dog basket together with a picture of a dove and two ornamental dogs. £15
1070 Two boxes of books. £0
1071 A box containing various item's to include the residue of tea sets and other china vases etc. £0
1072 Two boxes containing stamp books and various others. £0
1073 Vintage Columbia Wireless Radio. 1920's and worked on mains and battery power. Wooden cabinet has some age related wear. £20
1074 A box of Christmas decorations. £15
1075 Two metal nodding dogs together with another item. £15
1076 A violin with bow in case. £0
1077 An aluminium camera case containing various cameras. £15
1078 Four wicker hampers. £15
1079 A child's green pressed steel pedal car with plastic parts, spoked wheels and registration '1939'. Length 80cm. F, requires some restoration. £55
1080 A Prinz Magnon Super IQ cine film projector with another from Eumig. £15
1082 Three silver coloured cases, Logicline trunks and flight cases made in England. £20
1083 Six silver coloured Christmas reindeer's. £25
1084 Three silver coloured cases. £40
1085 Wicker items to include a hamper, basket and fishing box. £15
1086 Two typewriters, one a Remington and the other by Halda. £15
1087 Two pond yachts: Star Yachts wooden example; Triang tinplate example. Both for restoration. £22
1088 A framed mirror, painting of a woodland scene and a ceiling light. £0
1089 Two boxes of early books and ephemera. £30
1091 Four boxes of bric-a-brac. £20
1092 A Sony VCR with remote and cabling together with cassettes and a Singer sewing machine (af). £10
1093 A Lamont frame tent. £0
1094 A large collection of ginger jars. £30
1095 A slide projector with cine cameras. £0
1096 A quantity of Poole Pottery Ice green and Seagull tea/dinner service. £50
1097 A Poole Pottery coffee and dinner set with other china. £30
1098 A collection of woollen characters including Rupert the bear and a teddy bear. £20
1099 A collection of ginger jars. £65
1100 A selection of assorted chinaware including examples from Royal Winton and Carlton Ware. £25
1101 An assortment of Kenwood accessories. £15
1102 A large Oriental china dinner service for 8 people. £10
1103 Two JVC speakers. £0
1104 LP Vinyl 33rpm Record Collection. To include - Earl Bostic - Tom Jones - Cliff Richard - Brenda Lee - The Temptations. All in VG+/VG++ Conditions. £25
1105 A Philips hi-fi system. £10
1106 Two boxes of vinyl singles. £30
1107 Two boxes of 78's. £0
1108 A collection of pictures and a mirror. £0
1109 A box of silver plate items. £20
1110 Three boxes of LP's. £35
1111 KB Record Player. Here we have a Starlight Serenade record player from the sixties. Fitted with a Garrard Turntable. £30
1112 A Pioneer stereo system with remote and two sets of headphones. £15
1113 Veto USB VVT-001 Turntable. As new and taken out of box to photograph. £10
1114 A box of LP's. £10
1115 A collection of cut glass wine glasses and twenty Jasperware Christmas plates. £15
1116 Three boxes of books. £10
1117 Three silver coloured cases, Logicline trunks and flight cases made in England. £50
1118 Five gold coloured Christmas reindeer's. £28
1119 Three silver coloured cases, Logicline trunks and flight cases made in England. £50
1120 A Goblin Teasmade, a hunting figure and a model of the USS Cutter Eagle. £22
1121 A William Marples & Sons Ltd builders shockproof spirit level. £10
1122 A Philips television with remote. £15
1123 Five pairs of tall Ewe boots. Two chocolate coloured size 4, one chestnut size 3 and two chocolate size 3. £25
1124 Three African scene pictures together with soap stone figures. £30
1125 Various brass items to include a fire guard, bed warmers etc. £10
1127 A collection of angling magazines together with briefcases. £0
1128 A box of bric à brac including a quantity of playing cards. £18
1129 Two boxes of books. £12
1130 A large mirror with various pictures and paintings and a nude photo. £18
1131 Elevation Acoustic Guitar. This Elevation model No. W-560/N is in Ex condition. £15
1132 A Philips flat screen TV. £8
1133 A Singer sewing machine together with a Carmen hair dryer. £0
1134 French weighing scales. £0
1135 A wicker hamper together with a wooden barrel. £0
1136 A compact portable Sewland sewing machine. £10
1137 A magnifying angle poise lamp with another. £10
1138 A box of books to include National Geographic magazines. £0
1140 Six boxes of books. £10
1141 Three fur coats. £0
1142 A large selection of pictures and prints. £15
1143 Three boxes of books. £15
1144 A mixed lot containing glasses, vases, pictures and a candlestick holder (broken). £0
1145 A collection of spirit decanters together with a punch bowl, sampler and other items. £10
1146 A selection of scalextric track and a car. £0
1147 A quantity of table balance scales and weights. £20
1148 A collection of stamps. £10
1149 Two slide projectors and one cine. £15
1150 Three boxes of bric à brac. £45
1151 Three wicker baskets. £10
1152 Two boxes of books. £0
1153 Three boxes containing Silver Jubilee and other vintage ale bottles. Includes Belhaven Regal ale, Celebration Ale and Youngs' Silver Sovereign £35
1154 Two vases, a lamp and kitchenalia. £20
1155 Three vintage landline telephones. £0
1156 Two boxes of Lott's Bricks with plans. £12
1157 Two bowler hats together with linen etc. £10
1158 A dolls house with interior furniture £0
1159 Various items to include vintage scales, bagpipes and three riding hat's. £15
1160 Three boxes containing various items to include China wooden item's and DVDs. £10
1161 Three boxes of books. £0
1162 An anglepoise lamp together with a tureen, two pictures together with other items. £0
1164 A box containing pool and snooker balls. £0
1165 A soup tureen with a mix of china cups, plates and bowls. £20
1166 Various walking sticks two umbrellas, carved bellows and two copper bed warmers. £15
1167 A collection of children's DVD'S. £12
1168 A retro Fidelity portable record player. £0
1169 5' folding garden lattice spire. £15
1170 A large framed photograph of Barry Manilow. £0
1171 A box of approximately 100 AFC Bournemouth programmes 1986 onwards. £10
1172 DVD'S box sets to include Law & Order SVU Prisonbreak and CSI. £25
1173 A selection of dolls. £0
1174 Five boxes of the Model Engineer, from 1976-1983. Over 730 magazines about model engineering. £0
1175 An assortment of glass and china, together with pictures of urban scenes £0
1176 A small quantity of games, a Greyhound race mechanical game (incomplete), cards , Mahjong and monopoly. £0
1177 A collection of damaged Beswick horses and other decorative china. £0
1178 A quantity of antique interest books, magazines etc. £10
1179 A collection of ornamental figures £15
1180 Oriental headwear in a modern lacquered box. £0
1181 Twelve china ducks with a ceiling lamp and three empty bottles of whisky and rum. £12
1182 A box of clowns £0
1183 A box of DVD'S to include box sets of All creatures great and small, Upstairs Downstairs and Friday the 13th. £80
1184 A box of approximately 100 AFC Bournemouth programmes 1998 onwards. £10
1185 A large collection of ornamental glassware, dishes and cutlery. Includes examples of Stuart Crystal, Dartington Crystal and Kernewek pottery. £28
1186 A collection of framed pictures £0
1187 A Raleigh Solitaire commuter bike with rear carry case. £40
1188 A Cannondale R800 aluminium road bike. Shimano 105 groupset, Look clipless pedals and carbon fibre forks. Size 56cm. £130
1189 A box of costume jewellery £0
1190 Three mantle clocks. £25
1191 A box of jewelled detailing for dresses and dressmaker's hams. Includes dress making patterns and early related booklets such as Woman's World 1931. £25
1192 Two oil on canvas paintings, with a box of song music. £0
1193 A large selection of photographic equipment. Includes a Sony video camera, tripod, various cameras, lenses and projectors. £30
1194 A vintage Ultra television. £18
1195 A box of bangles and bracelets. £10
1196 A vintage Bush portable record player. £15
1197 A carpenters tool box containing approximately 18 wood planes and other tools. £0
1198 Jonah Cassette Recorder. Here we have a tape deck complete with microphone - mains lead - carry strap - ear piece etc. Looks hardly used and comes in a carry case. £0
1199 A collection of trophies and cutlery. £0
1200 Four pictures together with a metal base glass topped table. £0
1201 Various items of Coronation memorabilia from 1977, 1953 and 1887. £0
1202 Four boxes of books. £15
1203 Two boxes of toy cars. £10
1204 A wooden camel seat £12
1205 A selection of ten prints. £0
1206 A quantity of pictures to include one of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, Caroline Princess of Wales. £10
1207 Three boxes of books mostly aviation related. £25
1208 A quantity of Barbie dolls and accessories £25
1209 A quantity of diecast aircraft by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and others. £40
1210 A talking rocking horse £12
1211 Two model gypsy caravans with a horse. £15
1212 Five leaded windows. £60
1213 A Silver Cross pram £20
1214 A selection of children's toys, including a Fisher Price airport and basket of figures. £0
1215 Three boxes of books aviation related. £25
1216 A collection of pictures. £10
1217 Three mirrors £0
1218 A Silver cross pram with attachments. £30
1219 A drum kit Gear 4 Music. £28
1220 A vintage child's bike. £20
1221 A Bang & Olufsen television with built-in video player on swivel stand, (No remote). £8
1222 A wicker basket containing various video cameras £0
1223 A box of military vehicles together with a collection of battle game figures. £15
1224 A box of china plates. £0
1225 A collection of board games £0
1226 Three wooden model motor boats. £15
1227 A collection of fashion jewellery and necklace tree. £15
1228 A collection of watches £20
1229 A box of watches. £18
1230 A basket of buttons and Girl Guide badges. £10
1231 An assortment of watches, cuff links and ephemera. £35
1232 A selection of mainly metal kitchen utensils. £15
1233 Mamod steam engine parts £35
1234 A Seaward PAC tester. £22
1300 A green ammo crate. £0
1301 A domed top woodbound travel trunk. £15
1302 A leather workers storage box. £10
1303 A pot of mild steel spiked fencing chain. £0
1304 A Record scroll saw. £10
1305 A 250mm table saw. £10
1306 Two tool boxes with various hand tools. £15
1307 A large bag of various hand tools. £50
1308 Two suitcases. £0
1309 A Wickes tile saw, as new, in box, 450w. £12
1310 A basket of vintage ceramic and glass bottles together with a pair of vintage bellows. £0
1311 A digital clamp metre. (R64) £10
1312 A Ryobi strimmer with a Gardenmaster hedger. £15
1313 A Ryobi strimmer with an Echo hedger. £10
1314 Two concrete statues of a pug and a dragon. £28
1315 A Rexon 16" scroll saw. £0
1316 A Royal Einhell chainsaw with no chain together with a McCulloch Virginia hedge trimmer. £0
1317 Two suitcases. £0
1318 A wooden tool box with various hand tools. £20
1319 A twin wheel bench grinder. £0
1320 A Hangkai 2hp marine engine. £22
1321 Three demi-johns and a box of various hand tools. £0
1322 A metal cantilever tool box containing various tools. £0
1323 A 254mm table saw by Delta. £10
1324 A cricket shoulder bag with various pads and gloves. £10
1325 A carpenter's tool chest complete with various internal shelves and a variety of vintage hand tools. £45
1326 A concrete statue of a lady playing a lyre resting on top a Roman column. £35
1327 A painted storage box. £10
1328 Two suitcases. £0
1329 Two boxes of various tools. £0
1330 Two painted storage boxes. £10
1331 A box containing various African masks and figures together with rabbit ear bike rack and footpump. £12
1332 A suitcase of climbing rope and safety helmet. £20
1333 A bowling ball carrier together with a AMF bowling ball and cleaners,shoes. £10
1334 A box of screws and fitments together with a bagged car cleaning kit. £0
1335 Three small bags of various hand tools. £15
1336 Four winemakers demi-johns. £10
1337 A concrete dragon laying down garden sculpture. £20
1338 Two baby dragon garden sculptures. £18
1339 A smiling dragon garden sculpture sat down. £18
1340 A sleeping griffen with one eye on the mouse garden sculpture. £25
1341 A domed top canvas travel trunk full of pictures and prints. £12
1342 A dragon garden ornament. £28
1343 A large electric fan. £15
1344 A large electric fan. £15
1345 A selection of basketware. £10
1346 A selection of cast iron signs. £10
1347 A Bionaire oil filled radiator. £0
1348 A Fine elements oil filled radiator. £10
1349 A Delonghi oil filled radiator. £10
1350 A Davla vintage sawbench. £0
1351 A site transformer. £15
1352 A box of various hand tools together with a ammobox. £0
1353 A large wooden storage box. £28
1354 A Macgregor golf bag together with Wilson golf clubs and Greentree woods. £0
1355 A selection of boxed blinds. £0
1356 A Sterling Little Gem mobility scooter. £170
1357 A canvas woodbound travel trunk. £12
1358 A Pro power lathe. £0
1359 Three toolboxes together with two planes and a glue gun and sticks. £15
1360 A box of odds and sods. £0
1361 A Compact Plus folding shopper bike. £45
1362 A pair of Thule bike car racks. £25
1363 A set of three Logicline travelling trunks. £35
1364 A boxed 8ft trampoline safety enclosure. £15
1365 Two plastic folding picnic tables. £20
1366 Disco Speakers and Stands. Here we have 2 x PA speakers PAB 310P - 150 watt. In VG condition complete with a set of tripod stands. £40
1367 A pair of wooden adjustable height saw horses. £28
1368 Two suitcases. £15
1369 An aluminium travel trunk with keys. £20
1369A Tree flags to include a Union Jack, Honduras political flag and a rising sun flag. £10
1370 A boats fuel tank and a small compressor. £40
1371 A four bowling ball suitcase with bowling shoes. £10
1372 A Compact folding shopping bike. £40
1373 Two Logicline aluminium travelling cases. One with keys. £28
1374 A large caravan awning size 15 with fibre poles together with another (no poles). £130
1375 A Henry hoover. £10
1376 A Pro Power 305mm two speed band saw £20
1377 A pair of Liftomatic laundry drying lines . £15
1378 A selection of various flooring. £20
1379 Four trays of various books. £10
1380 Four trays of books. £10
1381 A Snappy disability scooter. £0
1382 A large wooden lock box. £18
1383 Two leaf blowers. £10
1384 A Sovereign strimmer together with a Ryobi strimmer. £18
1385 A Mighty Light strimmer together with a Husqvarna strimmer. £30
1386 A Maxtra brushcutter together with a green strimmer. £25
1387 A Bull Horn brushcutter together with a Gardenland pole pruner saw. £30
1388 A Robin strimmer together with a McCullough strimmer. £10
1389 A Husqvarna strimmer together with a Echo hedgetrimmer. £20
1390 A Ryobi strimmer together with a Flymo strimmer. £15
1400 A teak circular folding garden table. £0
1401 A stone planter on a stone carved base. £0
1402 An octagonal garden table and three chairs. £0
1403 A pair of director's chairs. £0
1404 Various garden pots and statues. £15
1405 A set of four metal stacking garden chairs. £0
1406 A wooden garden double bench. £12
1407 A cast iron garden bench with wooden slats. £0
1408 A child's Viceroy bike together with a folding school desk. £0
1409 Four folding garden chairs. £10
1410 A solid teak garden table with five chairs. £10
1411 A Champion petrol lawn mower. £0
1412 A ladies' Palino shopping bike together with a child's GT Mach 1 bike. £0
1413 An outdoor hutch, with porcelain bowl. £0
1414 A pair of wrought iron driveway gates with a garden gate. £0
1415 A metal lamp post. £20
1416 A pair of iron driveway gates together with a garden gate. £0
1417 Four aluminium and wicker garden stacking chairs. £0
1418 A large tricycle. £50
1419 An electrically driven air pump on its own wheeled trolley. £10
1420 Four teak garden chairs. £0
1421 Six 20ltr jerrycans. £0
1422 An MTD 12.5hp ride on tractor unit. £20
1423 A wooden garden bench. £0
1424 Three painted garden chairs. £0
1425 A pair of concrete planters and a concrete penguin. £10
1426 A stone planter on a plinth base. £0
1427 A Three Ladies columned bird bath. £28
1428 A tin bath of various animal statuary. £0
1429 A garden statue of a heron with two others. £12
1430 A pair of metal garden chairs. £0
1431 A set of four folding teak garden chairs. £0
1432 An Orbita tandem bicycle. £0
1433 A circular garden table and four folding chairs. £0
1434 A domed top iron garden gate 6ft x 3ft. £10
1435 A stone birdbath sat on a three dolphin column. £10
1436 A set of eight folding garden chairs. £0
1437 A set of four teak folding garden chairs with a folding teak table. £0
1438 Two country crafts armchairs. £0
1439 A metal four seater terminus bench. £0
1440 A metal four seater terminus bench. £0
1441 A circular folding garden table with four chairs. £0
1442 Wrought iron driveway gates and a pedestrian gate. £0
1443 A folding circular garden table with four folding wooden chairs. £0
1444 A set of driveway gates together with a pedestrian gate. £0
1445 A staddle stone . £65
1446 A set of four folding garden chairs. £0
1447 A set of four stacking metal garden chairs. £15
1448 A staddle stone. £65
1449 A pair of black painted gates. £0
1450 A Bailey sink. £0
1451 Two heavyweight iron gates. £0
1452 A wooden garden bench. £0
1453 An aluminium oval garden table with six chairs. £120
1454 A heavyweight set of wrought iron driveway gates with a pedestrian gate measuring 122cm x 132cm x 4cm each half gate and 115cm(w) for ped/gate. £20
1455 Three vintage small terracotta garden planters. £15
1456 A set of three graduated vintage terracotta pots largest measuring 85cm h x2m18cm centre girth. Medium pot 60cm h x 1m60cm girth, small pot 36cm h x 1m girth £150
1457 A box of garden animal figures. £20
1458 A box of garden animal figures. £0
1459 A box of garden terracotta clock shells and a concrete dog statue. £20
1460 A large teak oval garden table with six folding teak armchairs. £45
1461 A six foot tall garden iron gate. £10
1462 Three concrete figures. £0
1463 A set of four stacking metal garden armchairs. £15
1464 A metal and glass bistro garden table with two folding chairs. £0
1465 A set of wrought iron garden driveway gates together with a pedestrian gate. £0
1466 A pair of stone planters together with a tin bath and exterior light fitment. £15
1467 Eleven polycarbonate sheets. £28
1500 A reproduction serpentine fronted chest of drawers with open shelf area. £20
1501 A mid 20th century school desk. £0
1502 An oak three drawer bureau resting on cabriole legs. £0
1503 An antique oak occasional table resting on turned legs to triangle base. £35
1504 An Arts and Crafts light oak bureau bookcase with lead glazed cupboard doors. £0
1505 A pair of three drawer bedside cabinets together with two stools. £15
1506 A narrow kitchen table. £0
1507 A white painted shop display cabinet. £65
1508 A nest of three tables together with a stool and a wall shelf. £12
1509 An Edwardian easy armchair with carved top rail. £10
1510 A two drawer tray top bedside cabinet. £10
1511 A two tier occasional table and two chairs. £0
1512 A coffee table together with a magazine rack and a bentwood stool. £0
1513 A pine drop-leaf dining table resting on turned support to quad feet. £22
1514 Two three drawer cabinets. £15
1515 An Edwardian mahogany desk with a single drawer to front. £15
1516 A pine single pedestal desk with pull out shelf under. £10
1517 A vintage chest of five drawers. £30
1518 A pine kitchen table resting on turned supports. £18
1519 Two string seated chairs together with three stools. £15
1520 Three pine kitchen chairs. £0
1521 A white standard lamp. £10
1522 A Schreiber round glass topped retro coffee table. £0
1523 A pair of Country Craft stick back chairs. £0
1524 An aesthetic design drop-flap table, mahogany, possibly after a design by Godwin. £10
1525 A bedside cabinet with single pullout to top. £0
1526 A pine table and wall shelf together with a nest of oak tables. £22
1527 A pair of mahogany Victorian side tables. £22
1528 A large hardwood coffee table. £0
1529 A pair of light oak tables. £0
1530 A set of four railback mahogany dining chairs. £0
1531 A large light oak entertainment cabinet. £60
1532 Two mahogany occasional tables. £0
1533 A black Smeg fridge freezer. £95
1534 A Philips hostess trolley. £15
1535 A modern teak drop-leaf dining table. £25
1536 A set of six Country Crafts ladderback dining chairs. £35
1537 A pine occasional table with single drawer to front. £0
1538 A three drawer bedside cabinet together with a three drawer chest. £15
1539 A two drawer tallboy. £15
1540 Two small pine tables together with a vanity mirror with trinket drawer. £18
1541 A large seven drawer pine cabinet. £85
1542 A bow fronted mahogany chest of five drawers resting on OG bracket feet. £95
1543 A pine three drawer chest with a bedside cabinet and a vanity mirror. £55
1544 A pine chest of four drawers. £55
1545 A medium-sized pine bookcase. £22
1546 Two nests of tables, one mahogany the other in light oak. £10
1547 A beechwood kitchen tiled top table together with four chairs. £18
1548 A modern pine dressing table together with a vanity mirror and a chair. £35
1549 Two bedside cabinets in pine one four drawer the other three. £40
1550 A pine chest of three drawers fitted with military brass handles. £20
1551 A burgundy leather electric reclining chair. £0
1552 An inlaid Indian octagonal tea table together with a vintage ladderback chair. 47cm across the top x 47cm h. £90
1553 A heavyweight pine oval kitchen table. £45
1554 A pair of leather tub chairs together with an ottoman containing two stools and trays. £70
1555 A set of four oak dining chairs upholstered in pink draylon. £40
1556 An Edwardian bedroom chair resting on turned supports to castors. £0
1557 A small pine two drawer cabinet together with a pine table and a bedside cabinet. £15
1558 A white painted side table with three drawers. £15
1559 An oak storage chest with two carved panels to front 1m4cm x43cm x 54cm h. £15
1560 A bedside cabinet. £0
1561 A 19th century ottoman on bun feet with lift up top. £0
1562 A daybed together with two folding chairs a lamp and an office chair. £0
1563 A pine five shelved open bookcase.1m84cm h x92cm w x31cm d.with two fixed and three adjustable shelves. £22
1564 A beechwood draw-leaf kitchen table and four chairs. £0
1565 A three seater electric (two reclining ends) sofa in cream leather. £0
1566 A wingback lounge chair upholstered in a floral pattern. £0
1567 A modern pine two shelf open bookcase. £15
1568 A pot cupboard together with a Kaufmann laundry basket. £10
1569 A three tier open bookcase. £0
1570 A large Chinese dragon rug together with two circular rugs. £10
1571 A modern chest of four drawers together with an oak occasional table. £10
1572 A four drawer metal filing cabinet. £10
1573 A leather office swivel chair. £30
1574 A pair of log topped tables and a two tier trolley. £0
1575 A metal and glass shelved hi-fi stand. £8
1576 A Beko under counter fridge. £22
1577 A Bosch under counter four drawer freezer. £25
1578 A light oak china display cabinet with half panel glazing to top doors. £85
1579 A reproduction mahogany dresser with glazed top. £15
1580 An oak gentlemen's wardrobe. £0
1581 A 50's retro dining suite comprising of a sideboard and formica topped drop leaf table with four chairsand two small tables.. £20
1582 A two door pantry cabinet decorated with floral reliefs. £50
1583 A retro three piece Parker Knoll suite upholstered in green sculpted floral pattern. £0
1584 A light oak glazed corner display cabinet. £20
1585 A large pine wardrobe with three drawers under. £50
1586 A solid oak coffee table. £0
1587 Two tier tea trolley together with a occasional table. £0
1588 A pine two door wardrobe fitted with two drawers under. £60
1589 A mahogany pot cupboard. £10
1590 An old charm style oak cabinet with double cupboard and single drawer under. £30
1591 A three plank oak coffee table. £0
1592 A two door wardrobe with two drawers under. £60
1593 A vintage four drawer pine chest together with a pine wallshelf. £15
1594 A cast iron vintage bedstead fitted with brass finials. £20
1595 A mahogany three drawer desk with green leatherette panels to the top. £22
1596 An under bed storage box on castors. £0
1597 A pine painted chest of six drawers together with a bedside cabinet. £40
1598 A Next chest of four drawers with top drawer having a fretwork panel. £0
1599 A 70's style kitchen table on chrome tapered legs. £0
1600 A oak rush seated stool together with a ercol kidney occasional table. £22
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